The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MARCH 2-1, 1!M9 BLYTHEVTLLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Ex-Red Testifies Against Party Former Official, Now Arch-Critic, Is First On Stand in Trial NEW YORK, March 24—M>|—A 'former high Communist official vho is now an nrch-ciitic of the parly became the first government witness yesterday in the conspiracy trial of 11 leading VS. Communists Louis Biidciiz, former editor ol the Communist newspaper, the Daily Worker, testified that one of the defendants. Jacob Strachel once criticized a statement prepared for the paper "as not givillf enough prominence to Staiin am I the international Communist move | incut." Stachcl aixl Eugene Dennis, an other defendant, continuously sup I ervlscd his editorship of the nail Worker, Buclncz said, adding tha Dennis was one of ilie men \vh directed him to take charge of 11) publication. Dennis, who is serving as his ow attorney, arose to object to till testimony as "entirely hearsay." "Why. he said that yon told him Judge Harold R. Medina rcplicc overruling the objection. Budnez also testified that stacln and Gilbert Green, another defend ant, had told him about, the Scvcnt World Congress of the Communl Party, held in Moscow in 1935. Extolled Stalin Staehel shelved him a rosolntlo e witness said, in which the Congress extolled Premier Stalin as "the beloved leader of the whole proletariat." Budnez. one-time member of the Communist Party "Politburo," now teaches economics at Fordham University. He lias attacked Communist doctrine In lectures and writings since lie renounced the party in 1945 and rejoined the Catholic Church. Budnez testified he joined the Communist party in 1935. Three of the defendants- -Stachel, \ Irving Potash and Carl Winter—[ were identified by the witness as men with whom he was acquainted before 1935. Stachel told him, Bndnez said, that "I'd have to wait for Earl Browder's return from the Seventh Congress of the Communist International at Moscow as to the character of my membership, whether It would be public or concealed, or underground." Later, he testified. Browder told him he was to be "An open member" of the party. Russians Seal It With Rubble it WE, THE WOMEN * Some Gals Hold Jobs On Luck; Here's How to Check B; Kuth Milled NK.V Staff Wrl(«r Using rubble from bomuert buildings, Soviet (orces nre putting up roadblocks like lliis to seal off their sector 61 Berlin to western Gerrnnns The Russians ore also expected to cut the elevated railway, opcrnicd by the Russians for the entire city, us a fun her retaliation lor the new currency reform u-hicu outlawed the Soviet mark in wcsi Berlin. I Hh Trillin y fr'rsco Fmiiu! PERUGIA. Italy (HP) — Bricklayers converting an old bin-racks into a civic uni^eiim discovered a iictir-uerfcclly preserved mld-fonr- leentii century fresco showing tlic Virgin with the in hei aims. The picture will be clcancc and left on the section o[ will where It \vjus found, to be cxhibitcc in the civic museum. Hy Kuth Mlllctl NKA Staff Writer While the experts Hie lURuing over whether or not we lire hemllun nto a ' depression, every wcinnu vho hns to hold down 11 Job in ouler o en I should take cnreful slock of vlint she Is giving her employer in •eturn for a pay check, For quite u long time now women n minor jobs have been able lo not ly not because they did their jobs veil, but because their employers couldtit gel anyone bettor. tf a woman will rvnswer nueslions honestly she oiijilit lo ue able to toll iiilrly well wlicllior she Im.s held her job so far on luck ability: K your Job rtcmanrts .some skill like typiiiR, can yon perform It with speed and nccunicy? When yon have been called on take on .some new responsibility t you assume It willingly, Instead ol protesting It was out of ymir M or porlmps doing it so ixx>rly l ( luul lo bo turned over to sonioiu 1 C!M I ? llnvo you been conscientious, about not letting yonr private HU Interfere with your Job? The HII.SHTI Is "No" If you have had nmny absences for other reasons Hum illness, been Into often, or asked foi time out diiriiiK the day to riu personal errands. Compatibility is Important Unve you Rolteii along well with those with whom you have lo work? Cnn you take criticism from u uporlor without itllblng or mentally hriiKiilUK II off «s bclns of no 1m- ortnnceV Is your employers business really mportnnt to you? Since you were hired have you 'olunlnrlly taken on nny new rc- ponslbllltlos? Are you dolns anythlnu to make •onrself more valuable lo employer such ii.s sludyiniT, learning new skills, or makliiK an effort lo learn nme nbont your employer's business? I)o you keep yonr persona, [roubles to yourself. Instead of mi- londluK tlicin on your boss? 1C most of your nnswor.s nre "Ye* yon have been nmkhiK » secure place for yourself in the working rlcl. If you havo many "No" answers and still Imve your Job—you have been lucky so far. hut remember It Is "boom limes" luck. A camel Is capable of rnrryliiR n load of 500 pounds a distance of 70 miles a dny. Do False Teeth Rock, Slide or Slip? l-'ASTKl-mi mi iniimm'd IKIWMUI lu no MmnKiril uti iipiii'i or town [iluti-n IIOIUH U'l'ltl main Itrinly Ul Illiu-c !-><> 1101 undo slip at nick No gummy uoopy, pn.sly IIIMU ar i^-miK [-'AH. 'i'BKTH l.i .'.Ikilltr,' (inm-neiill Uni* inn «our UliockH "pun,, odnr" dloilUirr biontlii Oia I'AliTKtrril ul nny driiu RKiro 'Amnesia Bride' Happy With Her Second Husband SEA'lTLrc, MARCH 24. (n; _ lmlcvCT kind of ivoniun »h« w«s i'loie slie lost her mpinnry rive weeks iii;o, Mrs. Hci'lls Susden wn.i the kind 01 wimmn wlio ooulo pick n Rood liiisbnnrt, Blia aclcnowlctlKVtl yc.stt'Rlay, Sllll "ncttlnu nrriiiiilntril" with lii'r huslxniil. bus ilrlvcr W. K. Sn«- (U'li, Hit "niinicviln brUlo" .sultl: "Hf'.s Just, tlic kind of man I'd wuiiL for u lnisbiiud." Tlic couple vvns inniTlccl No- irjjibrf, but Mrs. Sut'*'*'" •*•"}'« she dwsn'l icmrinber 11. Hho lo.^l l»'r nmiiiiry vvln'n slruck on (lie lii'iul 1'Vb. H by n .scat cushion droplet ofl n theiiU'r bnlrony by H iirnnk- ]!l:iyliiB yuuiiKHtur. She siiy* Mw cun I'cciill noUiln^ since 104-1. "1 don't rcnicniber my iimrrl It) Will," .she .sulcl, ''but ho Ims bt-rti .such ,i wonderful person Mute tny How To Relieve Bronchitis Crcoimilsion relieves pronipily because Jl ^oc^ ri^lii to [lie sc;\t of [lie irouhlo (o IR-||> lunscn uiul expel £trm bilcn plilcgm diui aid nnuirc (o snuthc and ] KM I [;iw, U'lulcr, Inlttfiucil hroin' inuccnis mcEMluancs.Tcli ymirtlrnn^isi ID sell you a lunik of CreormiUitm \viih tlic nrulcrsnunlini; >mi inline Like the \\.iy Jc quickly allay* llic lou^li nr yini ;ire (o liave your ninncy h.ick. CREOMULSION (or Coufjhs,Chest Colds,Bronchitis rouble Oint I'm certainly glad I'm unrrlcd lo him." Mrs. Sugnen said hundreds ol otters 11-0111 nil over the nation uivo brought siigge.slloiui and of- fered help In trying to orenam* her affliction. Also helpful, she said, we Roberta, 8, and Kenneth, 10, Sugdtn't children by a previous marri«je. t f njoy wtlchinf the sctniry instead of having to watch th*ro«4 DjpoU are so conv«n!(nt-an<J I don't hive to worry about PJrkinrf at J£ the cost of operating your carl •On* W»T Memphis, To mi. SI, l.imlis, Aln. , l.ltllt- Ark. Jurk.vuu, Tcmi. •One VV.iy Sl.r.5 1.35 1.15 3.05 OPJ Ofii OS'D [^Educator Named As Successor to Sen. Brouahron RALEIGH, N C., March 24. (>T>|— Dr TYank P. Graliam. educator and confidant of presidents, will be North Carolina's Junior U.S. Senator. Gov. W. Kerr Scott appointed the 62-year-old Democratic president of the Greater University of North Carolina at a dinner in Chapel Hill. He will succeed j. Melville Broughton who died March 8. There was no doubt in party circles that the Senate would seat him, despite recent criticism of his views on the floor of Congress. A strong civil rights advocate and consistently a plugger for free speech and assembly, Dr. Graham was attacked in Congress only last month. Rep. Hebert (DL-al said the Communist Party had been exploiting the prestige o! the University of North Carolina for years through Dr. Graham's activities. Dr. Graham replied: "I have ahvays been opjxxsed to Communism and all totalitarian dictatorships." Dr. Graham served closely with President Roosevelt during the las-: world war. "Old at 40,50,60? — Man, You're Craz i7I icn fall "01,1." T. AC all rtniR stores everywhere.—In Bbllieville, at Kirby & Woods Drug ! You Are Cordially \ Invited to Visit i The i j Accessory Shop J Feminine Apparel j Mabel Hogan Jessie Srite \ Hotel Noble Bldfi. I Blythevillc. Ark. I Have AT All Times For Sale several tractors and equipment, both new and used 1 have John Oecre, Farmall. Ford and other makes I now havp new Ford tractors anrl equipment readj for delivery at dealers price- I will trade Tor most anvthing von have- Terms can he arranged. See F. C. CROWE I mile south ol Braggadocio, Mo SAVE! SAVE! Speedy! Powerful! Dependable! reel wilh smooth Icvcl- action «nd ami luuklmh. brown onyx ring wiih grips, lhr«-piccc nkc- 12 HP TWIN SEA-BEE OUTBOARD MOTOR 215°° plastic Jow " construction. KX1 yards line cipicity <5O r«nU with «rbor). Conic in and look it over. SOUTH BEND Solid Steel CASTING ROD 495 A rod with plenty of action to "play" sol/tl sit SOUTH BEND OUEN-O-MATIC FLY-ROD 1 REEL SQ.25 A _big, husky alternate firing twin wiih plenty of power for those big loads and a speed of from 2 to 22 mph. Come in and look it over — it'« «omc motor! *I2.0 certified brake hors«. power at .f,00r rp m — One racing. your nsh. One-piece I tip — detachable aluminum handle with screw locking reel seat and finger hook. Plastic and cork grip. 4 ft. <> inches long. A real buy. SOUTH BEND BASS-ORENO 98c with lhre« Ir.lJ. on, what a t • • 1 [ F r • e Gripping, i»^ »nl operating wilh auto- malic line brak* and spring A farnoun ] ur hook*. 3 3 ,t No Backlash With This! Branson GARDEN HOE Ha« a long, iltong hardwood handle lo -which Ih. blads in motal ferrule \\\\\\\\\\\\ qronl tool lor the heqinn«i «» e*peil. Conltolled ipool ipe«d p,evenlJ backloih. Ha« dlrocl dilr» level wind. UOHT WEIGHT, UVH GARDEN RAKE D-HANDLE SPADING FORK Hai 14 tine forged steel • a d and full length hnrdvrood handle. Make Goodyear Headquarters For All Your Garden Needs BLYTHEVILLE 10'J N'i>. Mh 1-iiunc 4)11 GREYHOUND HERE'S A 10-DAY CHANCE TO SAVE! WE'LL PAY BIG MONEY FOR YOUR TIRES . . . . . . when traded-in on new SUPER CUSHION TIRES by GOODYEAR SEA-BEE 1V4 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR A whole of a lot of molar tor H* pif c«. This pa we rful eSngls cylinder driv&« a boat at Hi to 7 mph, ha* hill pilot rarerae, automatic Hitup, ellsnt under* water ei- hauat. and W aell piloting. 2-PftONG WEEDtNC HOE 50c 2 sharp WOCL ing prong« o; one aide and a •traight cutting •dga ior c»Ki- Totin<j, LONO KANDU Everything o tire can do ... Super-Cushion does BtTJtR! •Give, You longer MH.« 8 , * • Makei your car hand)e~easior ~~ Cuts down repair bills Gives you the jmoothost ride you ve over had Mates your car rida than now EASY TERMS 1 AvallabU in All-W.«th«r and Rib Trtidt, New Tires d«llrv» rtw tubn . . . LiftGuardi matt blowouH harmltii. HIGH POWERED and, LOW PRICED! IRESOLUTE > BATTEST • Buy Now and Save! Hem fi¥*"« 12" round of lough, h»at Sliong haad.- HANDY FOR GARDENS, LAWNS UTILITY CART A *turdy, *\99\. general purpcM earrt that holdi mor* than a bushel. Stand* upright on *te«l legi and (iift to ground UT»! for dumping. Mounted on ioHd rubber tii*d Shop and Save Every Day at Goodyear On Your Auto Supplies MARATHON BICYCLE Comfortable riding, easy pedaling 76" Goodyeaf nvxkfc for and girls. They're Kandoot perforroew »od buiU ioc icrvkc wida cheat «op quality bike fe*«mre» — Forged Mem »ad b*fl bearing pcdab. New Departure oc Bencln Strcnmlincd chain guard- 1 Henry duty kick ttand. 1 1'orfxnto slylc hca<llight ' All-readier dies by $3995 Come ki and look them ovttt COlORFUl, COMFORTABLE GOODYEAR FIBRf . SEAT COVERS 10 95 brtjttl oor*n <idd b«ourf to one* and cool oomlort to Tb»T r i> long w«ailn<j, doubl* ««lch»d. and t»lukjiL»a al Mrata podrt*. C^ a M( today. Take Advantage of This, Your Biggest Sayings Opportunity of the year! First Come, 1 st served Goodyear

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