The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on May 23, 2000 · Page 27
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 27

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 2000
Page 27
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D6 THE COURIER-JOURNAL FEATURES COMICS TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2000 ' 5 1 ! 1 & pwwafwgtetwwwit wwwtarewwMWHyinww wawWuiWtwiwqtKai mmmMM&-mm 1 ; i ? 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 MfH I A GcJSor GoldStar 5,000 Btu, 115 Volt Air 8.0 EER 2 speed fan Thermostat ptshr 'Fixed chassis 18V x 12V 88488 319 Whirlpool 10,000 BTU 450Sq.Ft. 88630 $449 Whirlpool 18,000 BTU 1,000 Sq. Ft. 88700 $598 Whirlpool 25,000 BTU 1,600 Sq. Ft. visa mw w&vmvm mefwfc i i WW IP' m ? Convenient Remofe Contrail 5,950 Btu, 115V Air Conditioner Electronic controls with remote control Fresh airexhaust vent 3 fan3 cool speeds with automatic temperature set Auto timer 4-way air direction 101128 n mlkm mm 1mm fl Protect Your Home Investment! Take Advantage of Our 2 Year Extended Service Warranty with the Purchase of Your New Air Conditioner! A Great Deal for Only 29" 27495 i S ; 1 ESS?!? . :". 2 20" Box Fan 3 speed motor Steel body 22."Hx21VWx 5"D Rounded corners Front and rear plastic safety guard 39574 jjj 55 J 18" High Velocity Floor Fan Durable metal blades 3 speeds: high, medium and low Vertical tilt Front mounted rotary speed control 16626 20" Stand Fan 3 speed 'White finish 'Oscillation for whole room air circulation Tilt head 24."Hx 6S"Wx 24i"D 73127 quipped with G Motor for High-Perormonc Durabili'ryl 501 South Hurstbourne Pkwy. 2 blocks south of Shelbyville Rd. Louisville, KY (502) 394-9400 Mon.-Sot. 6AM -9:30PM; Sun. 8AM -7PM; Friday 6AM-10PM guorontM Our awfyfiny cc'rperrrve (we ff (Tki nd a lower evarydny or Twfiied pfif e 'X nn 'tfaflUai iKrt irm atanykxnl '! omfwrrhji ba ha fm .rt ihxV, wr'Hhuai etr p"- hy H'f wfit-n iChi huy from m Jt,if bung it. rhp co'ipt-'iror i urrenl (id w p I tall Iv letity ,tM' fm ' P" K(J0 'H,yl! (iund CairiAWqe rur J onrrf or ry iwrr rnii( rfiy Civ-fWrtw '( rlt.ieoiif, ckMt ri-it ,.x'"Mt!rl, efeaicince, '7Uiortij" oiwi dnrfiot) yfni ure lijd(i horn ihi oHef lim'Wd lo retisonoWe qyocWufl 'or hoffiefiwter Ofid oneouw rjfd-r riuofifif! for Mih ur-rj rorry (or.lrarton Currenr m sVj'i p'ce. ' feivltr, ovwrf'tiej Jew t odrtMtumJ.rif Prtipyuorrjnffte homysiJ tit a' 1 owe i fetod ofiorts. labor t-han for fjfjdutf iniloWfjhfin Of wdudfrf from our pfics giHJ'fin in ruf iJrjfe with an (nilofl-'d SuIpi rrrKjfrjfll. yV.M!ort lor ctirnptefft dftjili Price duiy toroirpr Woniri 0(J. 000, ( lh:re are mari-al toiiatiom, iieeilote li dvtQ'ii rortJifiy pfotJutf wurfaiiftui. We leior w ffin nijrif to iirrtrf qoaotrfiei. towe's' 2000 Conditioner 135 c.f.m. 1.4 moisture x 14" (R5000J 101084 in 8,000 Btu, EFRIGIDAIRE Whirlpool 12,000 Btu, .n 115V V.v fcv,, M A -wwfltiy vJJ last y ' S 52" Lakeside II Ceiling Fan Bright brass finish 6 rosewoodoak reversible blades 5 light kit 'Diamond design bottom plate 33203 Installation Made Easy We con arrange fne nsfalafion of your new air conditioner and many other itemst Just ask one of our friendly sales associates for assistance. Improving Home Improvement 2930 Fern Valley Rd. Louisville, KY (502) 968-4161 Mon.-Sat.7AM-9PM;Sun.9AM-6PM Simrrul fays fjrf (ryiuch fW wt r-ov Iten frt 'f Ebroin n in wnuUKjfly low pnrp brim oo( iupfiVr 'or a Sfj'K uonity ' 'or o miW tifiic and potj jv"QS oir i vui We moic i-vfy erfin fo hovw '.uffii rjuori'iriej nn hand o iti rttoiDrutifV iintn.ipu'ert demoia rluy prwe iwqvt app'i txie frKjw q.iOntihes life MrMJYlif d 'Profemoflo intn'lolrwi thrcvah Ix.mwd JutxwilrO'.tifi (ortf tontroctor hrenie lumbers: t rw.lCOOIfllAy-MW W 0.V.lo. II Wjmber 058 iOOI-10, 0MH(C W3I, INHI,10;0ofd I60A6, M(f PHJO IMUb, Horn tentvi inc. 61?? 'B ' Dnw Nw, 0 tittle Creel, Ml 490)4, Writer fteoter infoKof on ff on expofiuon lonk u rpquired by iotol code ir wH bt or add-hwd ( harqt ffinf inrlutfcd m thb boiic remote men I labor), f'otmff feet arc additional (not included m the bout rep iatemmt labor). loweV is a registered trademark of LF Corporation wk&m&SMidmm 53 ' ft Whirlpool' 115V Air Conditioner 9.0 energy efficiency rating 3-SDeed fan Adjustable thermostat '270240200 cf.m. 25 yr. sealed system limited warranty 1 01 1 09 Hi Ui ; i Air Conditioner 9.0 energy efficiency rating 3-speed fan Adjustable thermostat '260230190 c.f.m. 2-5 yr. sealed system limited warranty 88547 uo Bulbt Sold Separately Bulbs Said Separately 52" Tebron Garden Ceiling Fan Copperstone finish 5 , weathered oak blades 2 light 120 watt light kit UL listed for wet locations 'Water and corrosion resistant 53221 Bulbs Sold Separately $.1.9 52" Palm Breeze Ceiling Fan Textured white finish 5 textured white blades 'A light frosted glass light kit 3 position mounting system 188 x 15 motor 37105 6651 Dixie Hwy. Louisville, KY (502) 933-0745 Mon.-Sot. 6AM - 9:30PM; Sun. 8AM - 7PM; Friday 6AM-10PM 000501 X' W ') ,4, $ga98 State moves Dear Ann: My 6-year-old granddaughter was being unruly the other day, and announced to her parents that she was going to call 911 if anyone laid a hand on her. We figured she learned it from her teacher. She had misbehaved that morning, and her mother had spanked her. She went to school looking sad, and was questioned by the teacher about the red marks on her hands and legs. My granddaughter informed the teacher that she had been bad and that her mommy had spanked her. Believe me, Ann, the spanking occurred after everything else had failed. The teacher reported the incident to the principal. Two days later, someone from the Office of Children's Services knocked on my daughter's door to investigate. Her family is well-known in this community, and we are a devoted family. My daughter and her husband are devastated. What is to become of us if we cannot discipline our children in our own homes? GRANDMOTHER IN NEW ORLEANS Dear Grandma: I'm all for disciplining children, but when the "discipline" leaves red marks 'Resident Evil - Code Veronica' zips If anything will save Sega Dreamcast from becoming an also-ran in the next round of videogame-console wars, it's "Resident Evil Code: Veronica," a fantastic graphic adventure that brightens up a day the way only a horde of flesh-eating zombies can. The "Resident Evil" series, which was launched on Sony PlayStation in 1996, has delivered three installments each better than the last telling the story of the Umbrella Corp. s unfortunate experiments with a virus that "zombifies" its victims. Set three months after the first installment in which all the residents of Raccoon City turned into zombies "Code: Veronica" follows Claire Redfield and her brother, Chris, through very different adventures. The beauty of this series has always been its long-term payability. Finish the game as one character, play as another. Complete that character's mission, then restart as the first character with all new weapons or costumes. It keeps the game interesting and makes players feel as though their $50 was well-spent. "Code: Veronica" upholds that womEM AiOrjiTJ womett together-, f iTthe iTthe lSTHE fKTHeX LOOKff LOfXKTTWS FAT?! " FAT ( FAT )( FAT M FAT I WOU WWE TO SEE THIS FAT ! ! f J ljj ' v eui the sift wrap I (eiFTW?AP,u.y? ti&n that fVoptc I'so.rMRgoRSrVJiz-1 I ... maybe i ANP STATlONeRY I H 72 -VWi ARE 6oyiN& BOOKS Nfr,ReTrlNKlN, WiLn'-cusr uj FOR ITOVfcR HERE. . f WU TOD?50METHIN6TO E7 ' f r C7 gg siNsiNess i EVERY TIME I COME) I I (HE NEVER RESPECTS MY ) 1 l ( A SNOOZE ALARAAON ) UP WITH ASREAT f mrl INITIATIVE y -A ( I S MY COMPUTER X-C i IPSA ID IMPROVE y2Slfc &3? V-i!gR5 M VwvLV-' S8f IN TME OrTlCETjTy TWAS YOURi Z j S N J - THE BOSS r-VV fVH 'L.JCGREAT IDEA J jwJ shoots it) J J r tt V I I ON&FOR. 1 1 FOR THE I HAP NB FOR g 14, I THE M 1 RCVrp... J r1) THgAP J I I r T in, investigates spanking on a child's hands and legs, it appears that the child has been beaten. Spanking used to be commonplace, but no more. And this is a good thing. Too often, spanking can ANN LANDERS lead to beating. Children should be disciplined through rewards and punishments. There is no reason to hit a child, especially a 6-year-old. If this young girl is giving her parents as much difficulty as you say, I recommend family counseling to find out what is really going on, and the best way to deal with it. Dear Ann: I am a homeowner who takes a great deal of pride in how my property looks. Recently, new neighbors moved in. They have two cats that roam around the neighborhood freely. Normally, this would not bother me, but the cats like to use my flower bed as a litter box, and the smell is absolutely horrendous. I talked to my neighbors about HOBBIES: COMPUTER GAMES By Aaron Curtiss tradition. Both Claire and Chris has his or her objectives and each unlocks different pieces of the story. So players who want to understand everything can plan on spending a month of leisurely horror to play through. The story is way above average for a video game. The cut scenes that tell the story sparkle with cinematic touches. For instance, as another character comes to the aid of Claire, he smashes through a window and sends a shower of glass toward the screen as the camera spins "Matrix"-style around him. Graphically, the game is without peer in its genre. It unfolds in third-person perspective. The visuals are so sharp that players can see their characters blink as they face the camera. The camera pans more often than in past versions, making it easier to keep a character under control dur PUG To dcfZfZAZBP L-A3oR CO$7'S,siOtJ&. NH Will, Not 0&. COIN Cvi4's 1 -''vmw'.. this, and they assured me it would be taken care of. That worked for three days. Since then, they have done nothing to ensure that their cats stay on their own property. These neighbors are nice people, and I don't have any other problems with them, but the flower bed is near my front door, and anyone who comes to visit is confronted by the awful odor. I am planning to put my house up for sale in a few months, and am concerned that potential buyers will smell the cat odor and walk away. Is there something I can put in the flower bed to stop the cats from using it? - CAT-ASTROPHE IN TENNESSEE Dear Tennessee: Call your local pet store, and ask if they have any products to discourage cats from fouling your flower beds. A veterinarian may also have some valuable suggestions. Help is only a couple of phone calls away. Good luck. Ann Landers appears daily in Features. Write to her at P.O. Box 1 1562, Chicago, III. 6061 1-0562. Creators Syndicate ing long sequences of running or fighting. In addition, "Code: Veronica" teems with every sort of unnatural freak the most demented minds in video games could devise. None is easy to kill and players must constantly monitor their ammo supply. The puzzles get progressively more difficult, and all involve a great deal of backtracking and running around to solve. If there's a downside to "Code: Veronica," it's the amount of repetition players must endure before moving on. "Code: Veronica" offers Dreamcast something it has sorely lacked: an adventure that adults want to play. The general public thinks that kids and teen-agers are the core video-game market, but grown-ups spend more money than kids. And when they find a game designed for them, they're not above plunking down the dough to buy the system to play it. It's the kind of insurance Sega, which aims its games at teen-agers, could use as PlayStation2 creeps toward North America this fall. Aaron Curtiss writes for the Los Angeles Times. rriBeetfaYej,

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