The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1942
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1942 BLYTIIKVILLE, '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE EDSON IN WASHINGTON By PETER EDSON P Courier) News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 22.—Paraphrasing a Will Rogers crack of the last war, what Washington needs is more women who will do anything 1 for the cause except marry n co-ordinat.or, The way Will said it was that some girl "confessed she'd do anything for her country except marry a second lieutenant." But that was the last war. which was won by second lieutenants, and in this one the question, so far as Washington is concerned, is whether the war at home'can be won by co-ordinators or will it be czars? Don't call them commissars yet. Commissars are still supposed to be nasty men. The drift in Washington since the war began has been away from the co-ordinator and toward the sequently no real authority. It has been reported BEW would like to absorb Lease-Lend and others. A few new top jobs in Washington are in the making, however, and whether they are to be run by co-ordinators or czars may make a lot of difference. There is to be a new top organization to head up all the agencies dealing with food, and a new organization to direct the information services, and a new organization to direct manpower mobilization. Discussing the manpower mobilization, the Presiednt has indicated he is debating whether a new setup will be created or whether supervision over the old agencies may be possible through a small co-ordinating commitu- Half a dozen existing departments now have their mitts in the manpower melange, Department ot idea that what the country needs j Labor. WPA, the labor division oi LS more cx.ars or, in plain words, bosses. The office of Defense Housing Co-ordinator ha.s been abolished. Charts P. Palmer held that one as long as he or perhaps anyone WPB, the U. S. Employment Service of the Federal Security Agency, the Selective Service boards and the several manpower training agencies. Maybe they can be made- to pull together by a co- THREATENED COUNTRY HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted Asiatic country. 6 Its capital. 12 Water conveyance. 13 Once move. 15 Bachelor of Arts (abbr.). 17 Become weary 18 Dormitory (abbr.). 19 Biblical pronoun. 20Light'tap. 223.1416. 23 Lad. 24 Distort. 26 Primly neat. 28 Slavic. Answer to Previous Puzzle 0 K A P i taH 1 D E A L - j& & p E 3 T 1 IM E N T V,v D A R ;.'-l T ! E R C E S C o ~ A N c R E f\ M >fe V O c A N C E >*'•' D E L E M I A T T A 3 S B R 0 T A U A 1 R A S E A n C E D E MIA R O S C H Q 0 E D N O R A L b D B 1 R A \7 •-p T I M "* f { 15 L O 1 p E L i 1 -rl S T 0 ri A T A ...;' L Y Tf R 0 0 S E V E L H 21 Copying. 23 Pertaining to butter. 25 Incident. 27 Indian pheasant. 28 Taste. 30 Braid. 34 Anger. 35 Island oft its coast, . 3C Its principal western port, SIX Id EETJECBEES This Section Well Represented In Arkansas State Graduating Class 39 Chum. 42 Stew. 43 Hen's product. 44 Metallic clement. 29 Pertaining to 47 Weep. ears. 49 Exist. 31 Civil engineer 50 Run away. (abbr.). 32 New York (abbr.). 33 King's son. 36 European perch. 38 Poker stake'. 51 German river, 53 Toward. 54 Raccoons. 55 Disarm. 57 Dispatches. 58 South Amcri- 16 Cry loudly can animal. 19 Ascetic. VERTICAL 1 Whether. 2 Snare. 3 Fulls in drops. 4 Make angry. f> Yes. 6 Father. 7 Self. 8 Birds, i) He. 30 Within. 11 Hat. 1-1 Solution. 37 Segregate. 39 Urge. 40 Measure of area. •} 1 Lieutenant (abbr.). 43 Decline. 45 Attend. 40 Large bone in forearm. 48 Pronoun. 50 Knemy. 52 Make u mistake.. 54 Civil Service (abbr.). 56 Mother. else possibly could, trying to co- j ordinator," although the Presi- ordinate the activities of 17 assorted ! dent is said to dislike the word government housing agencies with- j now. and the internal row among out having any authority. In j most of these agencies as to who Palmer's place is a boss, an admin- j is to be boss makes one of the livelier serial stories no\v running around inside the palace walls. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN Anything may come out of the istrator, John B. Blandford Jr., who heads a National Housing Authority has say-so. Lieut.-Gen. William S. Knudsen was little more than a co-orclinator when he was head of the late OPM, reorganization of government information service. Army and Navy though his title was' co-director, i apparently will be left autonomous. Either way, he had no authority and but how all the others can or will ' be pulled together, no one has yet decided. Creation of a single agency to in his place today there is the War Production Board with a boss, Donald M. Nelson. WHAT'S IN A NAME? In addition, there are several high-up administrative jobs run by co-ordinatcrs, though they aren't called - that. Archibald MacLeish is director of the Office of Facts and Figures, but has no authority and the best he ca'n do is try to co-ordinate the dozens of non-military, government information services all over Washington. Milo Perkins is director of the Board of Economic Warfare, but hasn't any check book and con- * for al! occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glencoe Hotel Blclg. administer the food program, as in the last war, is also being talked of. Currently, Lease-Lend administration, Board of Economic Warfare, Department of Agriculture, Price Administration, Civilian Supply and the WPB have fingers in the big meat and vegetable pie. All these agencies try to work together when their interests conflict. and liaison men between agencies are everywhere, trying to keep everyone informed on what everyone else is doing. But it's a big government, and to be guilty of to been exactly Utopian or symbolic of the perfect statecraft. Maybe more bosses are needed. * * * TRUCK PATCH Senator Truman of Missouri says private motorists need have no fear of having their cars commander red or tires confiscated.. .But he adds, "No one can foretell what might happen as a last resort in wartimes."... Use of lead in buttons and jewelry has been prohibited... WPA now puts national unsmploy- "meiit at- 3.6 millions.. .Executive a gross understatement, trying run it by co-ordinators hasn't vill Mississippi County .sliulcnt-s OKDlNANCii NO. -147 nvi'ive degrees from Arkansas ' College, .loiiosboro, May 4, U'Curding lo a today from ,of the college. They arc "tobin Ciill and Connie Wallaiv, of .3ell. Kd Wor.sley and Louie Kod- JCT.S. ol Luxora and Robert John<on and LeHoy Brownlee, of BiUvseu. Miss (.;ill will receive a B. s. E. degree with majors in home economics and education and minors in .social science and English. She is u member of the following ry.mi/.atkms. V. W. C. A... Home Economies Club. Art Club. W. A. A,. Alpha 8igma sorority for whk-h .she bus -served as treasurer and corresponding secretary, and Union ol Chile!hood Education. A B. S. E. decree will also go to Miss Wallace. -,vho will have a major in education and minors in homo ecomonies. social science and -English. 'She Ls a member ol Y. W. C. A., of which' she has been vice president for two years. Home economics Club, W. A. A., Art club. Delta Beta Chi sorority of which 'she has been pledge captain and president and A. C. E. She was selected as .senior assistant in education. Mr Worsley, \vho is majoring in business administration, will re- An ORDINANCE REGULATING THE ERECTION, MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF TRAILER -.CAMPS, TOURIST COURTS, ETC. BE IT ORDAINED 'BY THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: SECTION I. For the purposes of this ordinance, the term "trailer camp" or "tourist court" shall m?an any place in which one or more house-cars or house-trailers is allowed to park and to remain over- Might, provided, however, that nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to apply to any housv-car or house-frailer .stored in any public garage. The term "residential district ol the City of Blytheville", which is referred to in this ordinance/ hereby dclined us being all of that portion ol' the said city lying outside of the tire limits as is now established by law. SECTION 2. It shall be imlawl'u for any person, firm, corporation or association of persons to build, construct, erect, maintain or permit lo be constructed erected, or sh:>)l be referred to the City Council of i he City of BlythevIHe, for hearing on the first regular mcct- ;, or i\ special called meeting for the purpose of hearing same alter ten days from the dale the said application for review has been filed with the City Clerk. After hearing has been hnd upon petitions for and against such establishment, erection and maintenance of such tourist court or trailer camp, the City Council shall grant or refuse Issuance of permit as it may be deemed best. SECTION 5. Upon said permit being issued, the suld pcrinilte-o shall bo required by this ordinance; 10 maintain the said premises so used I'or a trailer camp or tourist court in accordance, with all sanitary laws and ordinances of the City of Blytheville, and the State of Arkansas, and that said permit- tee shall maintain a minimum of one shower bath house and one Wins Plaque Again Louis Davis, local manager of Southwestern Transportation Company, has been awarded permanent possession of a plaque given, by the company for . greatest outbound tonnage of any of the company's stations in Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. The award was won by Mr. Davis for January, February and March. toilet for men, and bath house and one one shower toilet for maintained, any trailer camp tourist court, upon any lot. or or parcel of land owned by the said person, firm, corporation, or association of persons, situated in the residential seel ion ol the City ol Blytheville, Arkansas, or so clase thereto as to ereale a hazard or nuisance to the heallh. pence and safety of the inhabitants of suld residential district, until after having filed an application with the City Engineer for a permit to do so. along with all plans and specifications IhiTefor, and the payment of a fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) to cover all costs of prlnt- deparlments of the government issued 7850 proclamations, orders, rules and regulations in the fiscal year 1941...Use of tacks in shoes has been ordered cut 20 per cent-... Ten yellow to brown dyes are here- at'ier reserved for the military. FOR Pickren Cites Long-Time Studies By College Of Agriculture There is not any "best date" for planting: corn in the opinion of J. J. Pickren. county extension! agent. Long-time studies conducted by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture on dates of planting corn show that no best date for planting corn can be determined in advance, because yields of corn are dependent to a large extent on weather conditions, which vary from year to year- Tests conducted at the College's Branch Experiment Station show that in 1928 the best yields with Paymaster were obtained from a planting made on April 15. The yield was 59.1 bushels per acre. Plantings made on May 15 yielded 35.4 bushels per acre, while June 1 plantings yielded 45.7 bushels per acre. In 1934. however, the results were entirely different. The June 1 planting led with a yield of 35. 2 bushels per acre, while the May 15 and April 15 planting gave 20.7 and 19.1 bushels per acre, respectively. The May 15 planting was best in 1933 with u yield of 31.G bushels per acre, compared \vith 21.9 bushels per acre for the June 1 planting and 23.6 bushels per acre for the April 15 planting. Similar results, which have been obtained at the other locations where dates of planting tesis have been conducted, prove that the most practical way of insuring a corn crop is to divide the acreage to bo planted into nt least three parts: one part to be planted early, one part, to bo planted late, and the third part to- be planted at an intermediate dale, the county agent .srtid. Marriage Licenses Five licenses tn wed have been issued during the past week froiv the Blyllicville office of the county court clerk. Names of the couples and the ministers or officers performing the ceremonies, if listed, are as follows: Richard N. Ford of Glencl:\!e Calif., and MLss Lavora Easlcy. o Jonesboro; Melvin William Bum and Miss Merle Bullard, both o Dell, by A. E. Taic; James Thoma GltT>ei - ona MLss Vivian Parkei both o! Blytheville, by G. W. Pot ter; Willard Summers and Mi. 1 Adrey Self.rbol'a or Blytheville, b Magistrate T. L. Cassidy; Johnn Johnson and Miss Sadie Wilsoi both of Blytheville. ing notices, etc., fee to be paid in cash to the City Clerk ut the time of making applicuUon for Forms First Aid School 1 NEWPORT, Ark. (UP)— A Newport Red Cross first aid school for lay instructors has been organized with Charles Hartshorn, field representative of the Midwestern area, in charge. The course will consist of three hours instruction for 10 nights. ceive a B. S. degree Ills minors are agriculture and military science. He is a member of Delta Omega Sigma, of whch he ha.s been vice •resident, Ag Club, Men's Glee lul), Y. M. C. A.. Prc-Med civil) if which he In.s been president or two years. Scabbard and Blade ml Pi Omega Pi. Among the honors he ha.s received were being chosen sponsor o Alpha Sigma from Delta Omega SMpma, cheerleader, R. O. T. C. lonor graduate, and coach for the pep squad thus year. Many outstanding awards have been presented Mr. Rodgers, who will receive a B. -S. Degree with a major in business ad ministration and minors in agriculture anc military science. He has served n. treasurer of Delta Omega Sigm; for,' two years, president of P Omega Pi. historian of Pi Gamnu Mu. reporter and vice president o the Pre-Med club anei Ls a mcmbe of the Ag club and Glee club. On the honor roll for all four years, he was selected the most outstanding beginning accounting student by Pi Omega Pi when a ^rcihiiian; was... chosen —the most Outstanding sophomore student In R. O. T. C., named an honor student on Honor's Day and was promoter of First Founder's clay during- sophomore year; was president of his cl:i.«s. initiated into Scabbard and Bin do and named most outstanding Junior R. O. T. C. officer clurinp; his third year; such permit. SECTION 3. When proof of publication of the application for such frailer camp or tourist court, building permit has been mude, the City Engineer, not earlier than thirty days after the first insertion f such notice, shall issue the per- nlt requested unless otherwise pro- n'bltcd' by law, except where pe- Itlon is filed by one or more citizens, owners of property in the mmcdlnte vicinity protesting the ssvmncc of such permit, and showing that, if said permit is granted and said trailer camp or tourist court is erected, the conduct ol same will tend to dfcreaso the value of property in the immediate vicinity for residence purposes, said petition to be subscribed and sworn to be the complaining properly owner or owners. SECTION 4. Any party aggrieved by any act, or order of the City Engineer with reference to the issuing of permits for the establishment, erection and maintenance of any trailer camp or tourist court under the provisions oi' this ordinance, shall have thirty days from the date of the first; insertion ol notice fo such application in -which to file his petition for review ot such actor order of the City Engineer, with the City Clerk of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, which women for each four house-cars, or trailers, maintained In .said trailer camp or tourist court, and that adequate means of garbage disposal be furnished the temCnts of said trailer camp or tourist court so permitted under this ordinance. SECTION G. Any person violating any of the provisions of this ordinance .shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction, shall be fined In any sum not less than Ten Dollars ($10.00) and no more than One Hundred (,$100.00) Dollars, and each day any tourist court or trailer camp Is allowed to remain In violation ol' the provisions of this ordinance, shall constitute a separate offense. The impasitlon of the above fine, however, .shall not be held to prevent the enforced removal of prohibited conditions. SECTION 7. -Phis ordinance being necessary for the health, pence and safety of the inhabitants ol' Blytheville. Arkansas, an emergency is hereby declared to exist and It .shall be in full force and effect and after its passage. PASSED AND APPROVED this the H day oC April. 1!)42. 1C. R. JACKSON, Mayor. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Letters of administration on the estate of Elijah Monroe Terry, deceased, were granted to the undersigned on, the 8th day of April, 1942, by the Probate Court of Mississippi County. Any persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them, properly authenticated, for allowance, to the undersigned as administrator of said estate, before the end of one year from the date of the granting, of letters of administration upon said estate, and if such claims bo not so presented, they will be forever barred. JAMES TERRY, Administrator, of the estate of E. M. Terry, deceased. Frank C. Douglas, Atty. A8-15-22-29-MG-13 FRANK WHITWORTH, City Clerk ' -1/15-21. Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxwell House. llcg'ukir Price 1 Ib. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive al— Pickard's Grocery 1044 Chickasawba l"h. 2013 FOR SALE PLANTING SEED Pedigreed Stoneville 2-B, Pedigreed Stoneville 4-B (Ambassador). Also first year Stoneville 2-B, 4-B and Delta Pine No. 12, Clean and Ceresan treated. 0. W. Coppedge Gin Co. HIGHWAY 18 Students Vaccinated COOTER, MO., April 22 — All students and teachers in the Cooler district were required to take the .smallpox vaccination at the school Tuesday when a large number of outside patrons also took the vaccination. Two cases of smallpox have already been reported at Cooter and a drive is underway to ! ', , ' prevent .spread of the disease. ' was regimental Commander of R. O. T. C., Cadet Colonel of the Regiment, cashier for the college, business manager for the annual, ono of 10. .students to represent the college in Who's Who in American j Colleges and Universities, a delegate to the national convention of Pi Omega Pi in Chicago, during hi:> senior year. An outstanding student in the Agriculture Department. Mr. Johnson will receive ^ B. S. degree with minors in Biology. After transferring to Arkansas Stale from Mississippi State. Starkvillc, he became a member of the Agriculture football Reads Paragraphs at Gluncc NEW ORLEANS (UP)—Ten minutes a day is all Mrs. Lennox L. sciuad. Mr. Brownlce will receive a B. S. dgrec -with a major in agriculture and minors in biology and cduca- Moak royuircs to keep up with the !'i on - AHc1hIa - s been vice .president of Pedigreed Sloncville 2-H Cotton Seed in original sealed bags—what is known as foundation seed. It's what you need to save seed from for your next crop. RKMKMBiEK Stoneville is big boll cotton and easy to pick. We Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton Meyers Bros. Pledge yourself to buy a dollar's worth of Defense Stamps a week. If everyone did it would total b ] / z billion a year. Do your part. war news. She can read a GOO-page book in three hours without, .skip- piny. She ".scans" words two or three lines deep and reads backwards a,s well a.s forwards, eliminating the end-of-!he-line .shift. I he Ag club and i.s a member of the Glee club, Chuial club, varsity track team. Y. M. C. A., A club and Wesley foundation. Read Courier News want ads. Announcements The Courier News lias been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary in August. For Stale Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COSTON County TTC:<surer JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Jadge ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. W. "BUDDY" WATSON (for re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) >-.*';* Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing Materials Limited! Blytheville Tire Co. Highway 01 North Phone 2201 W GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO MAM TRUCKS LAST LOHGER" CMC "Victory Maintenance" is lots more than just ordinary truck service under a new name. It gives you the proved advantages of preventive maintenance, introduced years ago by CMC to stop trouble before it happens! It give* you scientific new tire-saving, truck-saving features. It give* you ^ periodic repair and replacement items in groups to sav« » duplication of labor costs. It gives you your choice of factory re-manufactured or new CMC engine replacements. If you \ want to make your truck equipment run better, longer ... get the facts about CMC "Victory Maintenance" today. Special "Service Payment Plan" available through our own VMAC \ LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. E. Main St. Phone 519 THE <TRUtfK OF VALUE CMC GASOLINE DIESEL You trust its quality The faste of ice-cold Coca-Cola always pleases. If never cloys. Time and again you enjoy its taste and refreshment with the same surprised delight as when you first enjoyed it. Thirst asks nothing more. Ice-cold Coca-Cola is all you want . . . and you want it all. Phone 2047 BOTUED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY 9^ COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Blythcville, Ark

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