The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1942 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1942
Page 7
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TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1942 .BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.), COURIER NEWS PAGE. SEVEN Lumberjacks ux the Clear * CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for conswu- ttre Insertions: One time per line 10c Two times per line per day 08c Three times per line per day...06c Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line COc Card of Thanks 10c line Minimum charge 50c. Ads ordered for three or six times tnd stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared Ind adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- Bide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from the above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one tune rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Comfortable bedroom. 500 Walnut, 21-ck-U Two bedrooms, for Walnut. Cattle pasture for rent, call 3359. 20-pk-3 Modern 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. Corner Main and Second. F. Simon, Ph. 3373 or 3192. 4-ck-tf Bed room. C22 W. Ash, dial 500. 15-pk-23 3 nice bedrooms. Men only. 1103 Holly, dhil 2348. 1 4-ck-tf For Sale Delsta soy beans $2.00 per bu. F.O.B. Osceola: John W. Edrington. 2l-ck-29 Large Floor Sander per hr ..... 50c Small Floor Sander per hr ..... 25c Electric Polisher— half day ...... 50c We stock E. L. Bruce floor cleaner and finishes. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 551 19-ck-5-l& Two furnished rooms. 621 Chickasawba. Apply in rear. 24-ck-tf Apartment, offices and store bldg. in Ingram bldg. Parkhurst Co 26-ck-4-26 9 column Sunstrand adding machine. Three States Lmbr. Co. Mo. Grown, hand picked St. Charles seed corn. Also Delsta, Arksaw and Laredo soy beans. At farm neaivRoseland. W.' A. Whistle. 20-pk-5-5 1940 black Ford coupe, radio, heater. white sidswall tires, seat covers. 13,000 miles. Mrs. Herman Groves, 505 W; Main, phone 2138. 18ck25 COTTON SEED '; Wilds No. 11 long staple, 2nd year if: pedigreed seed, $6.00 per 100 Ibs. :X Also DPL No. 11-A, first year, - $4 per 100 Ibs. I. L. Fisher, Hol,-• land, Mo. 20-pk-27 •/Pomeranian puppies. Call 713. -.; ___ 17-ck-25 ',: Big Boll Rowden Cotton Seed 5056, Ceresan Treated. Burdette Plantation, phone 782. 17-pk-7 100 Gees-s. J. C. Ellis, Blytheville, Route 1, Box 450. 16-ck-24 SPEED BOAT. DEWITT BUILT, 20 ft. mahogany hull, 81 h.p. grey motor. Excellent condition. $750 See John B. McClanahan, Ca_ ruthersville, Mo. 15-pk-22 Nice large bedroom, close in. Mrs Nolen, 310 Walnut. 28-ck-tf Front bedroom close in. 515 West Walnut. Phone 2327. 5-ck-tf Nioely furnished bedrooms. Steam heat. Gentlemen. Phone 3264. 26-ck-tf men 700 W. they lm '° not registered J'or the 31-ck-tf cira * 1 ' ~°° t'ligibl" lumberjacks in surrounding forests face no, prose- Comfortable Bedrooms Adjoining Bath. 1017 Walnut. Phone 2516. 21-ck-U Nice front bedroom. 317 E. Davis. Phone 3173. 13-ck-tf Furnished apt,. Ph. 2919 or apply after 5:30, 1001 W. Ash. IScktf Koni suy ihe men will be enrolled ns soon as a speclixl reylstrni 1 can ivadi iliem. Burnished house. Ph. 2919 or apply after 5:30, 1001 W. Ash., IScktf Four room furnished apartment. Phone 2109, Mrs. Edwin Robinson. 18-ck-25 Rooms. 125 W. Main, Harry Atkins. 14-pk-5-14 Wanted 3 families for farm Lloyd, Phone 717. work. E. B. 15-pk-23 Dragline operator for small machine. E. B. Gee Cotton Co. 6-ck-tf FITTED BY Doctors J. L. and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS FOR SALE Four-room residence. Close | n . 1'rice SU50.00. §450.00 cash ami balance $12.00 n*r month. Possession at once. Thomas Land Company II. C. Campbell, Salesman ring BlylhCYllle. Tlasler, Stucco, Concrete. Phone 2078 REPAIR SERVICE Radios - Washer Motors - Bicycles GUARANTEED SERVICE Clyde Lfciyd—Horace Wakefield At Parkhurst Co., Phone 96G 23-pk-4-23 Comfortable Bedroom, ' Twin 2 Closets. Steam Heat. Men Only Mrs. J. G. Sudbury, Ph. 2413. 7-ck-tf room 1 apartment, and sleeping rooms, 114 W. Ash. Mrs. Paul Kimbrough. 2-ck-tI 3 room furnished apt. Call 2986. 17-ck-tf Wanted to Buy Steel wheels to fit T-20 Tractor. Paul Eyrum Implements. 23-ck-4-23 mm STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Defoe Furniture Co. 12G E. Main St. Wanted: Used Furniture. AUo you can trade your old furniture in on new. SPRAY PAINTING E. SHEPHERD Phone 2272 Klytlicvillc Refinish Your Own Floors! RENT OUR SANDER! —Phone 515— Tom Little Hdwe. Co. WE FILL ALL DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONEY Stewart-Robinson Drug Co. Main & Luke Phone Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytheville, Arkanxaa SPECIALS! Extractions $1,00 Full Up'r & Lower Flute* $25.00 (Extractions J/ioluded) Try ouv "Own Made" Ice Cream SAVE YOUR ANTI-FEEZEM Reliable sources arc advising; all mctortafe to save their present Hnli-fr««ttc because it is likely there wilt not be another drop on the market for jsnlo until after the war is over. LET US HELP YOU If you will drive; your car to our filling station or service department we will drain your present anil-freeze out of your radiator and block and put it into class jug« so that you may take it home and suve it for use next winter. We will refill the radiator and block with clean water and check for any water leaks. tt'K FURNISH JUGS AND DO THE WORK ALL FOR ONLY 75c ON ALL MAKES OF CARS. Drive Your Car in Today—While the Jugs Last. toy Eich Chevrolet Company "We Repair and Repaint Bicycles" It's yooc! eUquct, in Ceylon, for ;i, hostess to f.reol guests with |»oms made up for the occasion. CONCRETE STORM SEWER For Sale ALT, SIXES Osceola Culvert Co. Phones 253 & (!« D. S. Luney Ed Wiseman Osccolii, Ark, SMALL LOANS On Anything of Value. East Main Loan Co. 306 E, Main — Phone 2660 Arouse Sluggish .Liver, wort off the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that ' sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIRBl'S * ACTIVE LIVER PILLS •WASH TUBES Office space. Thomas Land Co. l-ck-5-1 Comfortable bedroom ad joining bath. 1000 W. Ash, phone 2790. 31cktf Bedroom near bath, hot water. 215 West Kentucky. l8-pk-22 Two 80 acre rarms, one 100 acre farm, one 40 acre farm. E. B. Gee Cotton Co. G-ck-tf Citizens Salvage Grapefruit PHOENIX. Ariz. (UP) — Thirty tons of abandoned grapefruit were hauled to the county dump by August Grunow, independent grower and shipper, because he couldn't find a market for it. It was salvaged quickly by Phoenix residents, who learned of it through a newspaper. Church bells huve been cast in England .since 940. If you want to buy more Defense Bonds SELL US THE FURNITURE YOU ARE NOT USING for casm Also liberal trade-in allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. . 301 E. Main " Phone 2302 AH,-POOR DIABLO! THE OLT? WARRIOR 50 IT 15 WITH ME. ONLY IM PEACE PID WE'OF THIS BECOME HAPPV AND VIRTUALLY FREE. THEREFORE, LET US REMAIN At PEACE ILL. THERE NOTHING TO FOR ALL F16HTIN6 EXCEPT SCARS S.OIIK or I'eace BY ROY CRANE BUT THAT'5 IMPOSSIBLE* THE-JAPANESE... THE JAPANESE ARE 0DR FRIENDS, AMD WISH TO HELP U5. THEV BELIEVE IM ASIA FOR THE ASIATICS. TH16, THEIR COMMANDER HAS ASSURED ME T - THEN WEATTACK7THEM?. THERE \$ NOTHINJ6 LOSE, THUS DO I; TITO " Hy Klass Exterior Paint, gal. $2.50 Linseed oil, per gal 1.45 Turpentine, per gallon 1.25 White and green stain, per gal. 1.00 Brick-tex Siding, per roll 3.75 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. . ,•'.-!—. ... - .. ..,,-•. - 17-ck-5-17 7 tons D. & P. L.-12 Cotton Seed, purity 98, germination 94V-j, delivered to your farm for $85 per ton. Phone 93, Osceola. 14-ck-22 Bicycle built for two. Harvey Lynn Morris, dial 3248. 14-ck-29 187 A.^$75. Good home, 2 barns, gravel roads, 27.5 cotton, 3G corn, 18 wheat. Good black land to good cypress loam. Will grow alfalfa. Possession $6000.00 down. Williams & Kolosick, Risco, Mo. 13-pk-22 Large cafe. C. C. Crarg, Leachville, Arlc. ' 7-ck-5-7 Property on Broadway and West End. S. N. Needham, 417 N. Broadway. 3-pk-5-3 Baby Bed. .Call 2606. 3-dh Fertilizer, dirt, cinders, $1 load, hauling. Phone 3157. : 26-pk-4-26 GOLDFISH MINNOWS — Day or . rught. Huey's Grocery, Highway ;1'1 • 23-pk-4-23 : BABY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom Hatching:. MARILYN HATCH'EKY Highway *1 North. Blylbeville Late Mode! Cars and Trucks -to-1 You Will Find What You Want at Ley EichY Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Chevrolets, Pontiacs, Dodges, Plymouths — Coupes, town sedans and 4-doors. Long and short wheel base, stake bodies, 2 sped axles, 1-2 and 3-4 ton pickups. All have A-l rubber We Never Close Sales Dept. Open Until 9 p.m. Easy G. M. A. C. Payment Plan Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. ALLEY OOP Who Can Tell? ME, AN ALIEN ? WHAT'S ME BEIN 1 A NOOVIAN GOT T'DO WITH IT ? > *~^- MOW LET;S MOT GET EXCITED, MISTER, OOP... ALL 1 CAM DO IS TO SUGGEST YOU TAKE THIS MAT TER, UP WITH YOUR, LOCAL BY V. T. HAMLIiN WELL. HOWPX V THE MATTER DR. WOKJMLJG..AOF THIS CHAP'S WHAT BR\MGS \ REGISTRATION vou TO THE £>RAFT BOARD ALLEY COR.. TAMERVILLE,,. LOPWEY MOUNTAIN} ROAD... ALL RIGHT NOW, WHAT'S YOUR VCOPR. 1942 BY NEA SERVICE. JNC._, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Lard Knows - LUMBER, Mill io Tou. No. 2 kiln dried 4 inch C.M., tnick load, per M $35. No. 3, better than most No. 2, 4 in. C.M., load $28 : per M. 2x4. 2x6. No. 2, per M $36. 6 in. C.M. No. 2, load per m $37.50. Better lumber cheaper. Windows, roofing, doors, etc. wholesale. G! C. Craig, Leachville, Ark. ' - 7-ck-5-7 Land For Sale DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON TYPEWRITERS 118 N. 2nd STREET PORTABLE PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) VOHEki SHE HEARS VOUR SHE WOkJ'T EVEM TALK V. OH, SHE'SV WHY ONOl^/MAD JDOM'TSOU OM THE NAAKE HER SURFACE JTUDh/OUTAND r / DELIBECATELV / BUMP I WTO ( JUME AMD FROSTY ? THAT'S ANi IDEA.' Y HE'S OUT WHERB'D OF A- JOB BBTHB / AKJD MOST /PROBABLY LOGICAL, PLACE HE'D^ DOUGH TAKE. HER / VAXDES ^.^^^=7 i^Miv" SO HE'D HUMT AROUMD FOR TH1MGS TO DO THAT WOULDM'T COST MUCH / WHAT WOULD THEV BE? YOUR LIST/ BUY A BOND TODAY/ RED RYDER The Woman Hater BY FRED TWO CHOICE FARMS Fine 320 acre farm 2 miles south of Hayti. Might consider dividing. Extra good improvements. Also 103 acre tract 6 miles north of Hayti. Extra good land near school and church. 1 mile west of Highway 61 on gravel road. Both farms have electricity. Both farms will grow alfalfa, fine alluvial soil. See Charles W. Reed Jr.. Hayti, Mo., owner. 8-ck-5-8 Farm Needs RECTAL PAIN DECEIVING Rectal pain may deceive you. Examination should be thorough and ty a specialist vrho Knows and understands rectal diseases and made it a special study, a nd avoid, very probably serious trouble later on. Rectal pain may be fro.ii torn crypts often, the beginning of fissures, rectal abscesses fijtnla. or cancer. Inflamed hemorrhoids are always a source of irritation and nervousness. All these ailments, except cancer, arc treated and cured by our office methods. DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic 514 Main BJythJville, Ark. Phone 2021 Bring us your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock serums, vaccines. Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main and Railroad. 10-ck-lO Salesman Wanted WANTED—Reliable man to succeed John H. May as Rawleigh Dealer in South Pemiscot County, Mo. Selling experience unnecessary to start. Company furnishes everything except car. Splendid opportunity to step into a permanent and profitable business where Rawleigh Products have been sold for over 28 y^ars. Good profits for a hustler. For particulars write Rawleigh's, Dept. AKD-27- 10, Memphis, Tenn. Apr. 21-22-23-28-29-39pk Here's a Sensible answer to the car shortage. Make Your Car Last Longer 20 Years Experience in repairing ALL MAKES of cars and trucks warrants our being "SPECIALISTS" in providing Service that is both satisfactory and economical, Our "Job Prices" allow you to know IN ADVANCE the cost nf all repair service. "Keep 'cm running'' WITHOUT overhaul repairing by having us check the followin-r essential items: Tires Krakcs Lights, liatlery, Radiator, Lubrication, Spark Plugs. Wh. Alignment Drive in Today. Save Money and Time PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 453 24-Hr. Service l is^t THE OMLY \ RED? NO-ON^S GOT A DATE, SALLY-' GUS-DUSTEDf., VO)5H-UrA CO?S. IMS BV Nt» SEXVlCt. INC. T. V. BEO. U. S. PAT. Off. BOOTS AND HER RtTDDIES The Right Spirit BY EDGAR MARTI*' 1 COM. i»»2 tr utA'scnvtct. IMC T. M. sec, o, s. PAT, off.

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