The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1942 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1942
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1942 BLYTI1KVILLE, '(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE JN I'm: COUNTY 17, of T. C. Owens tin,... I' ll>< U.V.NVKKY COUKT, CHIUKASAWIU D 1 S T K 1 C T, M1SS1SSUTI A K KANSAS. M stria Number 17, of Missis- ( County, Arka'issub uud V. 0. ilol- Lynch and J. II. Grain, Drainage District Number tijjpi County Arkansas, No. 7775 and Delinquent Luud*, U. A. ,,j' Plaintiffs, Dvfeudauts. All Supposed '!'. I . \>V,', •!!> - v ' ;i in v Vini-> W. i',. Kuy. iifii and T. Ji. '!', Kay.i A. .M. Nini J'atil Shipli-v u^ luvin;;, of daiiLiiiijf, an interest in any of the following d*:air hrreby notified tlutt suit i* iic-iiding in tlic CIuiiH'ory Court :i--;iw VH l>iMrkl of|)i>i C'uunty, Arkansas, to enforce Ihu o.'n.iiu dnunajze Taxes on tin- subjoined list of lands ouch »uj>- s inline having IK- on, set opposite his, or her, or its, lands, together iunss severally din- froiu ouch, to-wil: Ov.'iier . Lot . : . K uf kr, SK : ;!ll Ka\<K S\V U N Description S-T-E Acres 193(1 1940 S\V •r\ Ka Jl. r T. Kr. n<l Uiidi.-y. !<ayil,-r. )-, HiK'hati lli'ili-. K >; <;m. 2..') Lori N !•; :, A SK KW SW SW I_ SK KVj SK W'- NW SK N W _ _ • A NW Or NW SK__ W of H SW SW SK SK Kx 2 \ \ SW cur K of L SW SK K of U SW SK... .-_ '.0 A S&K uf D SKU C l-:5 -\WVt ri-14- K ]<)• 1-1- 8 10-11- S 10-14- S 11-1-I- S 1 I-M- 8 MM 15-1-I ?.">-\\.- <J UM i- y 2s-i-t- <j • 28-14- 'J 21-15- 8 21-lj- b 'l-LVIO H-I.VIO li-lo-l L H-ir,-l I (). l' K. liiit- ,1. W. NK'..; _________ Cor MV SW ____ lxl-IO NW SW ____ ;.',<>• L -M KK ---- ! «K _____ '.._ _____ V!0 to '.il) & '.Jli S: 13 '.I Co.. \M\ :J9 SK-- NK ________ : } l Lot9.\K SK ________ SK __________ NK ________ -nil, Lot 0'. K .".n 1 \V M'l.ll. 1.01 2! il l.iinsinx I-' 1 '' lii.'il Life lux M<-J ; aj-liiud, Lot -I .ililm/ and Loan. K •n, W 22.V Lot 4: 1 , •I,. !•: 22.V Lot 4:5 S:tiii|i. W I'l Lot 9 .11. l.nt -i I SK Dimlati. Lot -Hi SK Oct.-, \v Vz i'"i -»=j wi - : ,-n, bal. Lol 20 SK _.mi Hrt^'rli. hot 17 in. Lot »; 1 N'/L- N'K'/ 4 I'lit: Mown, i,,,, 7 p.lork 1 N* >£ • N K Vk 15. Uai-k-.!;:!.-. l.t :. Blk 1 -N"'^ NK%__ (). C. .Uhi;-'i!i., l.t Hi Hlk. 2 N>;~ NK'/i Jl. 11. 1 l;i!.-y. Li S Ulk 2 NVi: NK'/i Kn^--.':iiii HiiU" Si'MiU. S of 1) SW SW_W. .\L Koyiil. Ki-i S 1 ,:: NW Uol-in-Min ,v Thongs, Yv\ All S'/- NU P;i!ii <'-ni:t,.-, I A SW (.'or SW SW ,|, I. lirll-on. Kx 4(1 A SVj SW Ida '«}\v:-a!J. W I'.liO" W'/i 1- 2 NK & W'- W V. W Vi HK Carrie Uoliit".-!!!. W vi; W >{• NK Kvi'lxn UiK-kiu-i-, W v : i K'rj NK Oscar llin-kni'r, K & W'/•! NK Kiinil Kc;i!ty Co.. S 2l> A X Vj SK ,loli:i I'.ucl.'icr. SW SK /.i.! I',. llarri>on. W i»f UK S'* N'W__ Mi-. A. U. Fairl'iold. W'A SK'/i & SW Vii Cha-. s ( .|, ;i ,;ian. NK NW Carl L'-dniU.-i-. S'-j SK 14 Mr<, |)i»-.•!.• HciKi.TMin. SK SW ,1. M. l-'Yanknm, -V :!:',.47A K KK NW'/t' K. .M Yvninon. Frl. SW SK Carrir .larn-ti. SW Cor SW SW 'IV-iirl M.IIM-I- <M-ari. 1A NK Cor K Va NW Ha-M-ll. IDA NW Cor SW NW_-, 1A SW Cor SW NW Y. Hustiand. l.'J.jA Lot 1 SK NK I'CITV Kst.. N OA SK NW l;t Huffman, W of Lev. Lot 10 SV-: i'nn! K:si.. Lot S SW Ii. H:iTfi,.Ii! K-t.. Lot :i SK SW H. ihnfi-'ld Kst.. WVj SK SW II HaUiclrl Kst.. S C">A Lot '2 N'W SW H. lliitficia Ksi.rSW cur Lot I NK SW i- W !>. NVi/ly. Lnt 1 N'/i C. liuulii-s. Fr! SW -SW CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE noosed Owner Lt Elk 1939 1910 19-11 Allison Addition K Hood :J 1 10 in- n Hi- 15-11 17-tf>-ll 17-1J-11 17-l. r >-l 1 17-lfj-ll 17-15-! 1'. i~-ir>-u 17-l.VU 17-lfi-l L 17-1;V1 1 17-1:')- 11 17-lj-ll 17-l.VU •17-15-11 21-15-11 21-L>-1 1 21-15-11 21-lj-ll 5-10-1:1 •10.00 •10.00 tiO.OO •ID.OO 1J.OO 40.00 •10.00 20,00 80.00 2.50 rj.oo ^Jo.OO .50 •Hi.iu) 10.00 •10.00 l.'.XJ 2.o7 4.."id Lot Lot Lut Lot Lot Lots Lot Lot Lot Lot Lot l.fjO 1.1 1 .) Lot Lot Lot Lot. Lot Lot Lot Lot 10 20.00 .100 1941 -11.80 .o'l 04.00 04.00 12.S.OO 24.00 04.00 (>4.00 :i2.oo .. 128.00 2.10 24.00 24.00 .04 o-l.OO 1.2,; .04 2.2 • 9^7'J 72.11 lo.OH :i;>.-Ju 2.-J.H :u> i 19.7« .19 ..19 .25 .00 y.oo .00 .00 00 .00 9.00 .51) 125.77 . 1:1 ] 1.10 .20 .08 .17 .00 02.7 » .(31 fjt! 125.77 Miller ti Grocjilce Subdivision uyposed Owner M Blk 103D 1910 1U11 jhas. SaudovK N75' o _. ,00 Jack Mitchell Addition }. C. Johiibou W 00' N 1'25' Lot 1 „ .15 .IS Morris Addition M. llurst K ?! 13 Ii __ .„ J.Oi) Iliza Ford W i't 14 li _. .115'. .21J Hicks 5 C 1.40 1.40 l.-Ht Original Survey Town ol Blythevillc Mi- Fall Thompson 1-ark Ir U. .M. AU'i.i'ud Willie Kubnl 12 A: Uk-Mo 1'o^ci' Co. 7 \ '.'.'J '79 Addition 1 i __ i.oo i.oo .00 J 1 .20 :lrn Fif.lH'r ! \- 2 7 ). W. l)a\is S li.'i' 2 -S .21, Rebaeca 1'atterson Subdivision Thud i'iiillips 17, IM l . .;>2 l>iivi« lu'.vjiohis l 'j . .'Jti J. i'. Pride .Subdivision J .2i iinii- M. 1'rid.- b'lorn M. Triuuiu Am. L'n it ed Life l, •_' .10 W. ti. May.- Am. UniU'd i:i Lifi> Jess H. L I i rue ken . llydu I Am. Uniu'd Lit. A. Tu Jj. hll T. M. M. L. A Paiatrooper Takes You With Him On His First Jurtip ' ^''"'••y*yf ftTt "**"*' CT ***** " "" —--''- ' ----- - '' lu U .2:5 By a I*. S. Paratrooper as lold to Corporal Stewart \V. Smith Writ ton tor NBA Service 'I wanted to jump from a plane I wanted to be ;m Army "glamour boy"—u .sky soldier with high leather shot-.s, :v .shiny jump badge and a §50 a month bonus. It hiis been 3d d:iy.s since I .started the inuscie-buildinii special trainiuji routine ihut has' been turning mo into one of Uncle Sam's paratroopers. Now I am approaching the eliinux ol' the course. I'm about, to experieuc;.' my jump Th^ motors four a.s this great Douglas transport- dears UK ground with 11 other recruits and myself. Eiich of us is ready to bail out into .space for rao time I can't help but feel that it's all a dream. 1 ask. my.seU: "What am 1 ciotii^ hero?" U all seem UuHu.stiq. I'm imagining things. No.,.,1 mu;st net a grip on my- .sclf. I must .stop (.his feeling ot liy.stcria. Now, ibo\o all times. miJKt UL- uU'.oiK'.l. I must be cool This is the big where all mv v.'i'.s Llovd Ricliiirds Addition Edwin W '; 7 H ..... Robinson Addition -oil 1 Howurd 0- 1 5.1:5 9- 15-1 3 9-15-1:5 U-];Vi:i 22.10 40.00 40.00 40.00 20.00 40. 00 l'J.80 lti.80 1-2.80 U.40 • 25.150 Hfi.GO •2 I -Hi-10 240.00 1WJ.SO •^O-lfi-10 40.00 :rj-iiMO so.oo ;i"i-i()-io 40.00 27-UMl 28-Hi-l I HO-IO-! I :U-1IM1 25-115-12 19-Ki-i:'. 32-10-1.:: 32-10- in 1i2- 10-1:5 :s2-io-!:: :i2-10-i:i 1.00 2.00 ^1.00 TO! oo 1.00 l.'J.") 0.00 10.00 41.70 20.00 2f>.0'0 L r i.OO 2.00 1.00 __ 12S.OQ 57.00 __ -V5.02 .HO '- ilt'iirii-tiu Clarlt 7 1 .'.in Will SiiK'.-, U 4 LLMIIL C:u Noriiia llgiry Jolmvm II Jim :Madkiu> Taylor Swift V in niv Clmi'iinni 12 A: !on roc .ioiif.s olin Ad kins ohniiii- ttnrr >"u-k Ciirr (I Talc \nii i lia Slicrrod Jlliuu Kri'L-iiiiin iowKrd Tuylor \iiiaiida Nash ^liirie 1'arker I'oia W:m- tllfllS Li.-llllllOllr> vlitli (.irci-ii Vitiandu Niisli \iniindii Nush ."» Buddie Heights Addition 1. K. UUyloc-k II. !.'. 2 .10 .4 in :: Jl a .211 •r 1 7 .20 .2 very test This i are needed. Mj depends upon my cool- .-IK .00 .01 -4K .00 1.05 ____ .90 .IB 12.BO .4H 2.01* 2.88; JS.1'2 11.20 S.OO :i.30 Lulr. Thomas t & •' Di'Hii Can- :t rio-ro oizi.- r:-t. r. Mary Villain) 4 ,\niitii(i:i Truss 4 T 1.0IJ I'liiiiiKi. Ii ii'ks ~ ri _ _ _ Miii-j{-..and- (.'arc-; lli.v.-j'.ni Badcr Addition 1.00 •j l.iKt LOO l.iio :! 2.00 2.00 2.00 (i 1.00 0 1.00. (i LOO M^tc Daniels Addition Supposed Owner Lt Blk 1939 19-10 191 1.00 1.00 .} 9 I.OO 1.00 Sam Barnes Addition 1 .GO .IK 1 l.VM 1 J.fjO _ _ 1 .00 _ _ i: 2.10 2.4 Addition Joe Martin './, 10. 11 gie Kolibins Sunny >{:!.- Kst. Itoliurls 12 in Side .Kll 12 .20 Addition 1 2 .(><) 2 .1)0 U .(ill 1 .150 .HI) .2ft Barren Mrs. \V. I'. O. K. U. SI U. SI o. si ll&U & Lilly Addition man \t A . £ '.,' Ii !:; n i.- 1'. 11; !', .00 1.20 lei H .00 .(50 A. ,v Li/,/iu \Villiiini- Kiln- Dan i 1. I.". \Viiu-h! -I. Sjt Lu 16 11 12 1 I. 12 .GO .150 1.80 .60 (; .. ._. 11 .tin il .»)0 .60 l> 1 1.20 J.20 M Addition 1.80 .GO .00 .00 1.20 .00 .00 .00 .60 W. L. Wright I! Jim 11 ii ward 4 & f> K. 15. lirooks 9 .10 11 Jrf[ Waters 15 Susie Curr fi to '.' Davis First il. rit/.hiininons E Pt 7 17 .23 -J. W. Adams 3 & -t 18 2.UO A. Wolfe 10 & 11 18 '2.00 2.00 2.00 Davis Second Addition Unknown K 55' N '/•: '•( '.'. .4U .-l'.\ X. Jolins o -I 1.40 1.40 W. D. Webb WVd -S -1 .77 .77 .77 Anderson i: Cram 5 5 1.40 Davis Third Addition Slialiei'd «:: I i ha a & ft 2 2.40 2.40 C. Douglas 15 2 .1. Kvrani K'/J a fc 4 ;$ Kquiuiblc Jllilg. & Loan K 10' 7 4 F. JM. Anderson 1 2 4 Mrs. 0. H. Black •wood Da.vis Brothers Subdivision Willie Won-lcy 2 .<: :3 10 2.SO Hale Subdivision F. H. Acton B .46 .4o Hearn. Addition Ncttiu K. Manetl Cic<T<» n. !•:. ii. E. lloljcrts :; Will Do well :< 0. yhonyo 4 Lee Kwinc 5 &• (i G. W. .Murphy U Kli/.ii Bryiuit in G. F. Williams " Annie Walker 10 X- I 1. U. i'. Willinius r.t :Y .._ Vail's Third Addition L'nknown 10 1.10 West End Subdivision Charles it Lmrille Muus 17 Jt IS 1 John Kin}: l!i 1 .1. F. Lun.sford 28. 20 Unknown 1 Lonniit JtHlfrc '•'> W. J'. .Siiiniii.M-all 7 West Gate A. E. Scott • 2 C. H. Layman :; & 4 L. D. Iliicht-y f. Ku I it Leo CM nicy ('• TOWN OF .liO S. II. Bishop Addition 1.4(1 2.10 1.20 1.80 2. -10 5 1.20 1.20 Minnie Sadler All persons and i in said lands, are thev lire ri'iiuiri-rl 0 2 1.00 •orporations hereby noiiiied that by law, to appear within four (4) weeks »ixl make defei to said suit, or the same will be uiken as confessed, and final judgment will b<> entered, directing the sale of said lantls for the purpose of eolleetinj; said taxes, together with the piiymenl of interest, penalty and cost allowed by law. Witness my hand and the seal of ."aid Court, this the 17 day of April. .1942. HARVKY MOKIUS. Clerk of said Court. A21-2K-M5-12 I'll look out of the window The fj round is .serene iintl bcauLifu below. It seems 10 .soothe my nei ves. MOTORS' ROAJl BJUXGS IlUAl.ITY BuL the liammerini-i of those motors. They bring me buck to reul- ly, ^eeinino Lo reach right into the core of my brain. The vivid :nental picture of myself standing ! n the biu doorway of the plane ready to jump keeps coming back to me. I fight it. but its a losing battle. I can't seem to stem the vision of that intense moment, waiting for the command "Go" from the jumpmastcr. Will I be able to ho'.u my nerve, or will I give out at the hst moment? "Stand Up. Number One." It's the command of the jump-master It brings me back to my .senses. My heart beats faster as the leading man gets read to gt> through the ordeal of his first jump. Mine isn't far away. I start thinking of all my paratrooper training. It was much more intensified than my ordinary infantry recruit drill. I recall all the parachute course work that I went through >vhich is supposed to make the actual jumping mere childs play. Those iiours of calisthenics hardened me and gave me cndur- ' ance beyond my \ imagination. Those daily double-time hikes started off as nightmares, but soon I could go for miles without a whimper. I never knew my body could be bent into so many positions until I had finished weeks of physical drill on the Trainasium — that manmade torture device, i crawled upside clown and backwards through its squares of iron pipes, climbed its hand-burning ropes, jumped off its high platforms and ran clown its inclined ladders until I thought I was standing- on my head. But I don't regret one twist, one jump, one rope burn, for I know full well that every bit of. work made my chances of coming through my jumps without considerably better. Urges Physical Course For Flabby Professors CAMBRIDGE, ..Mass. (UP)—If Prof. Karl Sax af Harvard's botany department has his way, all "fat"Hubby, pot-bellied" university professors will take compulsory physical training. ... ••••:••-• Undergraduates began a compul-" sory exercise program April G and . Prof. Sax believes faculty members should join them ii% their four- hours-a-weck workouts. In a letter to the Harvard Crimson, college daily, he writes that- Inst fall a dozen professors eagerly began exercises, but enthusiasm waned «o quickly that only four or- fivc remain of the original group" He doubts whether many of his. fellow teachers would be able to follow the student conditioning program.. Prof, Sax practices what . he preaches. The 50-year-old rugged teacher does his calisthenics at a- college gym twice iv week' \vith his! son, William P. $ax,.a Harvard sophomore. Urges Golf Trophy Funds Be Spent For Ambulances PORTLAND. Ore, (UP)— Ther.e'11, be no more golf trophies for the duration in Oregon if Presideent Oscar Furuset of the Oregon .Golf, association hns his way. He suggests 'that ribbons' tic awarded and the funds heretofore spent for trophies be used for the purchase of tin ambulance for some branch of the armed, forces. , . : •. His training in operating' the risers and hitting the ground will insure his .safe landing. He will •know how to turn himscU so that QIC hits the earth while .facing In the direction the wind Ls carrying him. We had plenty of practice doing that in our ]ihnp:ng on the bin training towers. My first cxperi- •unce riding on the chute, which is controlled in its descent by wires, seems like' child's piny compared to what lies ahead of me. /But it didnt seem so then, can't forget tha-t feeling of height in looking down from its 250-foot top the first time. Nor can I forget when they hauled me up 100 feet on an apparatus that suspended me parallel to the ground and then ordered me to pull the rip cord. ut dropped me 15 feet^/jyjjcrc,,! was brought up sharply "by my harness. It didn't feel so good at first, but I soon learned how to cushion the .shock winch is sup- W'/-j i '•!• I-SO Hcarn Second Addition Mr.s. .Maude Halsteud 7 & 6 Ii 1.20 Hcarn & Perry Mrs. .John Halstead * 2 Mvrtli; Suvier 5 2 .150 .00 Highland Tlacc Addition Ivy Crawford :i 2 .00 *;une 5. 0. 7. 8, 13 2 J. F. Livingston KK W 20' .V 40' 10 Nettie Roberts E V2 1 -I & 1 o Woodburn 1 Shibley i3 & 4 -1 .90 Carrie A. G OHvr R. 1.20 .00 .00 .00 L'..00 3.00 .50 .'.10 .yo .00 -00 1.20 1.20 Liill -^ Lt)r. Co. Second Addition " C. A. )'. K. is. H. Maude Healon 8. 9 A L- Trmnble Tant White 10 10 II .S 1 1.80 .60 .00 1.80 .t>0 .60 .60 .00 .GO .GU .00 1'hillips HVj 7 5:8 12 Hollandalc Addition Button 13 A Sutton 7 & d A .r>o Uneliunan -I C .'IS .5fi J'J ». 1 Shonyo 2 1 •", 1 0 1 10 1 15 1 16 I 10 -I 11 12 .11 ,li _- _- .2t> .2rt Addition .20 .20 .20 .20 -20 --.20 .20 --- -20 -20 .20 .20 .20 .JU .20 .20 .20 .20 -20 .20 .20 --0 Chas. Ch«s. John Mrs. K ',(Hit SSmitli 2, John W. Wnlkcr Hollipeter & C. .Jones Isiah Nt:il lone Thompson less \Vood W. [',. Green 0. Hhonyo Will iSiMnink ijhonyo 'A W. O. Clark (.>. Shonyo Jones I'ascall & Hut': Jim 1/wvve Mark 1?r'mkley 0. Shonyo Mary I'arnrll Floyd :; fi .. Wel'ls * « -Irregular Lots 15-15-11 M. C. (ientry Lot 18 M - > 1 A Irregular Lots 1C-15-11 C. M. Laird Lt 6 NW" Vi W. U. Hill Lot 7 NW _. K. K. RoVc™ Lt 12 NW .. C K. Layman Lt 13 NW Irregular Lots 17-15-11 Unknown Lot 2i SK .40 Am. United Life Ins. Co. K 100" Lot 16 Sli Marck Hntlrr Lot oO Mike -Mt-ratli K .1-5 Lnt U Unknown Lett. 4'.J .SK Am. United Life Ins. Co. Lot 4y Carrie Duulap Lot 4fi James Addition V. Hnrbt-r E 1 - 2 A Walter 1 A __ .80 Lee Subdivision Nannie Pool "> Ceo. M. Lee 7 .28 Chits. Bedford L'» -- .28 Geo. M. Lee I'? .28 .2S Charles Less Subdivision Keswick Corp. fi .20 .20 Marsh Addition .1 A. Harber s :.r i & 2 2 __ W. A. Afflie.k MaybeUe Unknown I* n know n 1'' ( Unknown U) & NOTICE TO CONFIRM TITLE Notice is hereby given to any and all parties who claim any interest in and to the hereinafter described property," to-wit: Lots One to Nine (1 to 9> both inclusive. Block Two (2), of the Ruddle Heights Addition to the City of Blythevillc, Arkansas. That a Petition has this day been filed in the Chancery Court by Mrs. Bessie Alley, seeking to confirm title in her to the above described property. * Said notice being in conformity with Section 10962, of Pope's Digest. Dated this the 16th day of March, 1942. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk. M17-24-31-A7-14-21 2.10 :i.20 2.10 .2U .40 .92 .02 .92 1.IJS Announcements The Courier News lias been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary in August. For State Senate L. H. AUTRY For Representative W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH JAMES G. COSTON County Treasurer JACK FINLEY ROBINSON (for re-election) County Jndfe ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) County Clerk T. W. POTTER (for re-election) Tax Assessor W. "BUDDY" WATSON ifor re-election) Sheriff and Collector HALE JACKSON (for re-election) Circuit Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (for re-election) The plane's slowing up. It jolts me back to the present. It means the number one man is about to 'jump. "Hook up," commands the lieutentant. "Stand to door." The jumper has nis static line. hooked to the long wire running the length of the cabin. The .static line is attached to the chute and will rip the cover off automatically when he leaps, opening the chute to the blast of the airplane propellers. "Go." barks the commanding officer. Only a slight hesitation to gulp down a lump in his throat, and away into space springs the number one man. We watch from the windows. Like clockwork the static line rips off the cover, and the big chute pops out. PRACTICE -SEEMED TOUGH—THEN 7 We appreciate the welcome feeling that hits the jumper in the pit of the .stomach as he is jerked —"that heavenly jerk"—to slow .spced by the billowing of the .silken chute. Now he's probably hooting and howling with glee as he dangles on the end of the big .silk umbrella. posed to Simula i c the actual shock in' plane jumping I thought I could claim I was a parachutist wru-n they cut me loose from the free tower for the first time. ; My big chute carried injury \ me away from the tower, gliding on the wind, but I landed like a feather. I had my heart in my throat at first, but I soon found that there was nothing to it, and from then on I looked foi'7/ard to my next "ride." I tell myself t.hc plane jumping shouldn't be iny more difficult than the tower jumping. The only difference being the height. And the 1250 feet at which I'll leap from the plane will only be further insurance against any mishap, for it will give me more time to correct any fault—time, if necessary, to pull the rip cord on my emergency chute which Ls packed across my chest. But .1 can't quite convince myself. I get an increased feeling of near-panic as I realize my turn is getting so much nearer. The plane is about completing its circle to get in position for thn next jumper to make his exit. I try to recall the many things I learned in my parachute basic course. 'I'm well up on tumbling in the wind. They put me on a chute and turned that, high-speed wind machine on it, carrying me across the field at a fnmtic clip, and still wn.s- able to roguln my feot and collapse the chute. But I shouldn't need much of Lhiit training today, for the wind is extremely mild. "STAND 111" NUMBER TIHIEE" My chuto-piicking training, no Important in tho lii'e of n pani- trooper, will come in Imndy, though, for I'll nave Lo gather my chute nnd repack It this afternoon right niter I jump. 1 suppose I'll be just us busy uftcr I get In my five qualifying jumps. I'll have to letirn how t.o operate locomotives, run nil kinds of other vehicles including j\ tank. I'll be instructed in methods of demolishing tank, cars, bridges, how to cut wires, etc. A pivni- troopcr's schooling seems never to be clone. The plane slows up again. Number two goes. I'm next. The plant! continues on its wide circle course, The plane Ls at the right speed for jumping—90 miles an hour. My thoughts keep racing along. I'll take a good hand hold nnd, on the command I'll give a healthy spring and leap far out. "Stand up number three." My breath seems inadequate us I rise to my feet. "Hook up.','.. .There, my static line is securely fastened. "Stand to door.".. .I'll [iel a good ,.."Go!"...Whoosh...Uggg!l!. Things are confused. Why I'm floating like u lily on a lake. Mj gosh!...I've jumped. Can't believe it. It was nothing.. .But ho\s did I get out of that pltuic?...! am remember the command* "Go" H sounded like u shot in my... 'Did i sin-ing out'/...There seems Lo be .something missing. But the Jerk, i can'L forget that sue]den ( lurch. I thought I hit a uiftc. But I don't en re how hard hey come. The harder the better, There'll never be too hnrd a -ug by ' Unit big bumbcrshoot. Good old silkworm. The Homcstuke mine nt S. D., is the largesL producing nine In the Untccl States. On "Certain Days" of the Month Do functional monthly disturbances make you nervous, restless, high strung,; cranky and bluc-at such times? Then try famous Lydla E. Pink- liam's Vegetable Compound. It's intidc especially for women to help relieve monthly cramps, backache . and nervousness-due to this cause. And In such a scrtsiblc way! With . nature's own beneficial roots and herbs. No harmful opiates. Taken regularly—Pinkham's Compound helps build up resist- - nncc against suchsymntoms.Thou- eands upon thousands benefited! Follow label directions. PLANTING SEED Pedigreed Stoneville 2-B, Pedigreed Stoneville 4-B (Ambassador). Also first year Stoneville 2-B, 4-B and Delta Pine No. 12. Clean and Ceresan treated. 0. W. CoppedgeGin Co. 18 America's Largest Airline Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil Exclusively W. Hov MiUcr & Greenlee Nolsnn \§ 1 .-d Kiisk 12 :', __ 5.40 Subdivision 4 1 __ . _ 17 1 .. .:U) 11 2 .. .20 . ir> Addition .80 .80 Gets Whooping Cough at 8(5 DOVER, O. (UP)—You're never too young nor too old for anything, it seems. Recently Mrs. John Berkshire. 86. became ill with whooping cough—believed contracted from her five-year-old grandson. Men> Women Over 40 Don t Be Weak, Old Feel Peppy, New, Years Younger T»ko Cwtrcx. ConUlna Rcncrftl tonics, stimulant*. often ncrd<il artcr 40—!>y bcxlles lacking Iron, cnl- dum rh^Phatc and VUamln HI. A 73-yenr-oM doctor fTltfa: 'It did so much for pailczita. I took It myself. Kcsniifl were nnn." Ot siwrinl Introdii"- tory -V* ?™ Osirex Tonic Taljleisloilnv for anis 20c. btart, feeling peppy, younger, this very day. For snlf P.t nil t-cmd ,] rni: st(1I v. ,-voiy- wU.-iv in Ulxitii-villiv "1 Kicl.y Pedigreed Stoneville 2-B Cotton Seed in original scaled bass—what is known as foundation seed. It's what you need lo save seed from for your next crop. RKMEMKEU Stoncvilie is big boll cotton and easy to pick. £; We Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton Meyers Bros. Pledge yourself lo buy a dollar's worth of Defense Stamps a week, tf everyone did it would total 61/2 billion a vcar. Do vour narl. Eric 7Vtim?wn ( rtwnrdctx of American Airlines, Inc., whose planes a«c Sinclair o^yr OH America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to lubricate its great fleet of Flagships. Give your car the same protection given costly airplane motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. It lasts so long it saves you money—gives your car safer, quieter lubrication.

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