The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on January 23, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 10

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 23, 1949
Page 10
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- J J J 10 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 1949. SECTION 1 - V Hoosier Family Missing Since Jan. 7 Is Sought English, Ind., Jan. 22 (AP) There was considerable speculation in this Southern Indiana community today over what has happened to the Vandiver family of three. Marcus O. Lane, Crawford County sheriff, said he has been unable to find out what had become of the family, last seen by a neighbor January 7. The missing family consists of Thomas Vandiver, 30-year-old World War II veteran; his wife, Beatrice, 44, and the wife's daughter by a previous marriage, 17-year-old Wanda Johnson. The Vandivers, both previously divorced, were wed last August, the sheriff said. He added he had obtained this information about them also: After their marriage they bought a 40-acre farm near Mifflin, a town eight miles southwest of here. The property was purchased at a delinquent-tax sale. Lived With Neighbor. In December the small home on the farm burned and the Van-divers went to occupy a room in the home of a neighbor, William D. Messamore. Messamore told him, the sheriff said, that he returned January 8 from a trip to Louisville and found the Vandivers had gone but had left most of their clothing behind. While looking about the Messamore home the sheriff said he found in a shallow grave the body of a dog which neighbors said had .belonged to the Vandivers. The sheriff quoted Messamore as saying he shot the dog "because it howled." 2 Checks Unclaimed. Adding to the mysterious disappearance, the sheriff said, are two other unexplained circumstances. One is the failure of Vandiver to claim two $20 unemployment-compensation checks. Notice that one of the checks was ready for him was found in his rural mail box with some other mail. The other was his failure to pick up at the Courthouse a duplicate deed to his farm property which he had requested when the original deed was lost in the fire. Notice that the duplicate was ready had been given Vandiver, officials at the Courthouse said. Sheriff Lane said he had been informed the Johnson girl might be located at New Albany but so far he had found no trace of her there. Pennsylvania Woman, 111, Predicts Truman to Make Good Hazleton, Pa., Jan. 22 (JP) Mrs. Mary O'Neill prepared to celebrate her 111th birthday anniversary by making a prediction about President Truman today: "I think he's going to make good," said Mrs. O'Neill, who lives on a mountain called Stone Crusher Hill. Since her last birthday January 26, 1948, the spry little old lady made her first trip down Stone Crusher Hill in two years. Little Rock Fire Guts Downtown Building Little Rock, Ark., Jan. 22 (JP) A spectacular fire tonight gutted a three-story building on Main Street and for a time threatened a major block in the downtown business section. Fire Chief Gann Nalley estimated the damage at $300,000. She went down the mountain to see a new baby at the Ralph Cragle home. About the President, Mrs. O'Neill also observed: "There's a man that fooled 'em. He's a fine man and capable of leading us to peace." Mrs. O'Neill's eyesight isn't quite as good " as it was a year ago she can't thread a needle any more. But she doesn't wear glasses never has. Though she lives with her granddaughter, Nancy O'Neill, Mrs. O'Neill still bakes bread and does other household duties. 3 Face Gambling: Charges. Three men were arrested on charges of running poker games last night. Police identified them Portland; Clarence Heavrin, 26, at 3105 Taylor Boulevard, and Robert Keene, 21, at 1220 Long-field. Wise Parents Provide a Piano Education for their Children v .-.-.. y.v.-. 5- A piano education teaches concentration i. J and mental and physical co-ordination . . . provides y. a fundamental knowledge of music that will broaden their philosophy of life ... will help to i bring more happiness into their lives. For genuine music appreciation, it is important that . the piano your child learns to play is a good C-XvN n piano. That is why so many parents have chosen the Knabe as the instrument for their children. OFFICIAL PIANO OF THI METROPOLITAN OPERA mm Fine Selection of RECONDITIONED PIANOS STCOO Our Stlnway xprts have thoroughly recon- M ditionad these pianos and they may be seen M Up at our warehouse 655 South Third from BAMMOND S0L0V0X It brings to your piano all the glorious orchestral voices. It is fascinating fun for all. Easy to attach to any piano. $375.00. TERMS. Everything In Music 621 SOUTH FOURTH LOUISVILLE Lexington Paducah 1 - M - h i - - ' y f Associated Press Wirephoto. SWEET SORROW l. . . Billie Don Adams, 18, and his bride, Jeannette, 14, hold hands in Los Angeles court as Judge Thomas J. Cunningham orders them to part company. Mrs. Mary Canter, Jeannette's mother, sought the order after they eloped to Yuma, Ariz. An Acid(But Who Can Spell It?) Makes You Man and Not Dor By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE. Associated Press Science Editor. New York, Jan. 22. An acid with a long name was identified today as the carrier of heredity for you, your dog, your house plants, or anything else that lives. This acid forms a large part (25 to 40 per cent) of the invisible threads the chromosomes governing heredity. 1st Positive Link. The identification was reported by Dx. A. E. Kirsky, of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, at a meeting of the American Chemical Society's New York section. The acid is desoxyribonucleic. It had been suspected as the carrier, but today's report to the chemical society says this is the first positive identification. The acid differs from person to plant or animal apparently only in amount. Some species have more of the acid than others. The other chemicals composing the heredity governors are un known. But In some manner their combination with the acid is the reason why you are a human being and why a dog is a dog. Every tissue cell in a living body contains a set of these acid threads. Damage, which breaks the threads, causes mutations in heredity, provided the damage is done in sex cells. The heredity carriers in sex cells are the same as those elsewhere throughout the body. KLEMPNER A GOOD NAME TO REMEMBER WHEN YOU HAVE SCRAP Klempner Bros. 13711379 Lexington Road Louitvill 4, Ky. Phone JA 5391-92 etc Wc FEET HURT? Thousands of foot sufferers have been aided to relief by Dr. Scholl's Foot Comfort Service. This effectiveness is due to the completeness of the Dr. Scholl methods. There is a Dr. Scholl Arch Support, Remedy or other foot aid for the relief of most evry common foot ailment. Come in for Pedograph test of your stockinged feet. Over 100 different Dr. Scholl Remedies, Pads, Plasters, Lastik Anklets, etc., each designed for a specific purpose, 25c and up. Dr. SCHOIL FOOT COMFORT DEPARTMENT J. O. Tittl In Charge 1 ".-n.; mmm Floor Joseph Cawthorii, 80, Old-Time Actor, Dies Beverly Hills, Cal., Jan. 22 (JP) Joseph Cawthorn, whose stage and screen career spanned an era from candlelighted theaters to color films, died last night from a stroke. He was 80. He was forced into retirement six years ago by heart disease. Kroger Names New Executive. Cincinnati, Jan. 22 (JP) Joseph B. Hall, president of the Kroger Company, announced today the appointment Of M. T. Lindquist as general manager of the firm's manufacturing division. He will have charge of 16 bakeries, five dairies, and a milk-processing plant. Grandfather, 60, Vet of 2 Wars, Rejoins the Army Grand Rapids, Mich., Jan. 22 (JP) The Army has one recruit who won't need the new "motherly love" treatment teenage rookies have been getting. He's a 60-year-old grandfather, Cornelius Van Zelfden. The big enlistee, who left the Army last October, says: "I've got more than 18 years so I can retire soon on a pension and have security.'' Van Zelfden saw service in both j World Wars. He's due to report Monday at Camp Breckinridge, Ky. r till (PT 0 (fn rr TOMORROW JAN. 24 10:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 3 BIG SALES DAILY DIAMOND RING FREE! GIVEN AS DOOR PRIZE-NO OBLIGATION BE SURE TO COME AND BID! JEWELRY & LUGGAGE CO., INC. 670 S. 4th St. Opposite the Brotcn Hotel 7 4c-- -1 r r "Don't worry, Mister, Don't worry! I'll gladly pay for the damages with a personal loan from o i r i (Adv.) Keep alive to opportunity . . . Read the CLASSIFIED ADS. 1 Afie ZJ m ami . w-i xi " r if it i h rami . x ml w mm. . ff "7 "Tlw Parting Tomorrow Morning at 9:30 O'clock Some Under Actual Cost CAPEIIART 106 IV. Walnut fiiiishl The "Adam" turnover changer. AM-FM-SW; 30 tubes. Tas $1.39.. NOW C A P E II A UT 2 1 M Mahogany finish. Hepplewhile staling; gravity intermix ehanger. ASl-FMj 11 tubes. 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