The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1942
Page 3
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' TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1942 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,), COURIER NEWS [LISTS REQUIREMENTS 'FIRST DOG OF LAND'' Local Draft Boards Prepare To Register Men In 4564 Age Group With local boards throughout the- state of Arkansas reporting all in readiness for the registration on April 27 of men between the a<res of 45 and 64 years, inclusive. Brig". Gen. E. L. Compare, .state director of Selective Service, today pointed out that there are only three main requirements for this registration. Director Compere summarized these major requirements thus: (1) Every male citizen and every male alien residing • in Arkansas, other than persons excepted by the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, as amended, who had attained the 45th anniversary of the day of h;s birth on or before February 16. 1942, and has not attained the G5th anniversary of the day of his birth on or before April 27, 1942, is required to present himself for and submit to registration on April 27. 1942. At Designated Place (2) Registration should be made at a "designated registration place of the local board area in which the registrant has his permanent "home, or in which he may happen to be "between the hours of 7 and 9 p.m. on April 27. This registration place may be the office : of the local board having jurisdiction in the area, or other public place properly designated b> that local board. (3) Registrants must answer all • questions asked by the registrar .for notation on the registration card. It is important that the . registrant describe his place of residence in detail as well as give - full particulars as to the address ; at which he will be sure to receive ; mail or -other . communications. * ; Absentee. 1 Provisions \ Anyone who is unavoidably away from his home on April 27 may register at the registration place • most convenient on that day, the director said, but all registrants are urged to make every effort to register with their own local boards to . avoid possible confusion in the future. Any person who must register away from home also is warned to "carefully specify his.home address so that his reg r istration . card niay be forwarded promptly to his own local board. Special registrars also will be provided to register men who cannot ^appear at a designated place because of illness or other incapacity, the director stated, but it is incumbent upon these men to advise a registrar in their local board, area of their inability to at a registration'"place." No Transient Address A registrant who has more than one place of residence may choose which one he wants recorded as his place of residence, but no transient address may be recorded. Director Compere declared, and a registrant who lives on an ,RFD route which goes through ' two states is required to indicate the location of his residence, rather than his mailing address. After the registrant has answered all questions and signed his name to the registration card, he will be given a registration certificate signed by the registrar. This certificate must be in the personal possession of the registrant at all times. Failure to possess this certificate, or to show it to authorized persons constitutes a violation of Selective Service Regulations and is considered prima facie evidence of failure to register. Director Compere pointed out that those who register on April 27 are not liable for military service under the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 as amend- HORIZONTAL I Pictured dog's name. 6 It is a -~-.. 12 Lariat. 14 Weird. 16 Kitchen police .(abbr.). 18 Opposite (prefix). 19 First -man. 20 Symbol for ruthenium. 21 Aetatis (abbr.). 23 Burnt sugar, 24 Peruvian silver coin, 2 5. One -who'; fixes prices. 27 Impede by., ' 'estoppel (law). 29 Passage (anat.). 30 Opposed to Answer to Previous Puzzle T H A T P A D K M P Y 0 R E R Y £ I S E A P R I G O E R M R T £ N A M b. L i A T 0 N E s w IS If Z. ••» A T 1 0 N M R A 1 N & T 1 L & 0 P E N t N N 8 D E N S t § 0 D £ T 3? V T 11 A D $ W E R A fa m & s A S R A R E 1 H E M P •N M K 0 & fc (A R I 3 U N sv T U R ^ 1* P A ™ R i. T E A R E R N S I 3 L N O T E G 1 N H 0 T E V E R T A M S 11 Giraffe-like ruminant. 13 Ventilate. 15 Takes down at one swallow. 17 Relevant. 20 He belongs to President 54 Tractable. 55 Egypt Lin goddess. VERTICAL 39 Species of. pepper. 40 Abstract being.. 41 Poacher. 45 Winglike part. 2 Land measure 39 Courageous. 22 Sets of three 24 Ostioles (anat.). 26 Quintessence. 28 Incline. 33 Visionary. 34 Inhuman. 36 Puff up. •38 Fragrant. oleoresin. 31 Angered. 32 Cupola. 33 Indian. '46 Siamese coin. . 47 Interdiction. 48 Pertaining . to land ownership. 50 Size of shot. 51 State of profound insen- 3 Meadow, 4 Spear. 5 Perfumes. G Wrinkle. 7 Yield. 8 Pope's veil. 9 Timothy (nbbr.). 35 Make smooth. sibility (pi.). 10 Symbol for 37 A judge. 52 Satan. tellurium. 42 Flower. 4a Coal scuttle. 44 Paradise. < 7 Vocative (abbr.). 4952 (Roman). 51 Symbol for cobalt. 53 Lieutenant (abbr.). of the Japanese poputalioii from Wheeler. PAGE THREE f defense areas to temporary reception centers on race tracks, parks and similar {semi-publ&c where ample shelter and adequate public utilities are quickly available. One permanent relocation center has been selected, an Indian reservation in New Mexico. Others are being considered, but one problem here Is that no state wants colonies. But Uu« luckless Japs have to go somewhere, and ,once on these permenant reservations the problems multiply. Shall they be paid? if so, what? Should it be more than the soldiers' wage? Shall they be put to developing areas which will be theirs after The next meeting will be at the church Wednesday afternoon, 2 oVhx-k. Home Demonstration Notes Havt» All Day JVU'Clintr. Mombm oi the Flat Lake Home Demonst ration Club met :tt t In- borne oi Mrs. Essie Davis for lin all day session and Dutch luncheon Tuesday. Mrs. U. G. Slu-ltun was co-hostess. The nini-tmi members and one , 'Visitor, Mrs. Johnny Young, discussed plans tor the; "Bettor Homes" lour. After Mrs. Shelton. gave (he do- votional. die members imsuvmt the war? Or shall they build homes and break ground for others? Snail they be forced labor or free labor? shall they be forced to grow crops needed for the U. S. war effort —. guayule, for instance, or sugar beets or the truck and vegetables needed ns vitamins for victory? . Can they be used in other war production, such as having the fishermen make camouflage nets? Those are just a few of the headaches ahead. WASHINGTON VVI1EWS Government survey of scrap metal situation in New England is expected to show what should be done in other areas.. .. .The waste paper collection campaign is pronounced a success, will be continued In spite of war- lime building restrictions, construction for 1942 may reach $14 billion, against $11-billion, in 1941. .. .. .And a building labor need for .250,000 more men is anticipated. .. 1 ...The- average- number of. eggs [per hen per year has risen from 1 84 hi 1909 to 110 in 1941. And the- 381 million- hens in., the country laid over 41 billion eggs ast year Don't ask who counted. •oil call by tolling what they had inloVo.M for the tour. A demonstration in butter judging wn.s nlvt'u by. Mrs. C. M. Abbot!. Mr.s. M. L. Hawkins ranked I lirst., , Mrs. Garrott Abbott, second ! and Mrs. Davis third. The correct way to make a bed was also demonstrated by Mi;s. Abbolt. A discussion on yurd Improvement was led by Mrs. GanTtl Abbott, yard improvement chairman. Mr.s. W. A. Coulter, clothing chairman, talked on malciiu; housi* dresses uncl inv.ed each .member lo have a dress for the dress revu<\ Mr.s. C. F. Brown and Mrs. J. j. Hums, whoso birthdays occur in April, wen? presi-nted gifts, The next meeting will be held April 28 at I he elub house. A "flying wedge' i football formation. Cubs To Get Charter The charter for the local Cubs of the Boy Scouts ' of America, will be presented tonight at the first pack meeting- at 7 o'clock at First Methodist Church. Ward E. r Akcrs, scout executive, and* Dr. Ralph M. Sloan, chair-' man of health and safety, both of. Joncsboro, will be guests here for the presentation .service, A social hour will follow the pro- Bram which nil mothers, fathers and Cubs, ure asked Lo attend. CARD OF THANKS We thank our friends for (he sympathy extended us during our recent bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. \v. A. Maynarcl Mr. nnd Mrs. .John Hargett. Unequal pressure in automobile tires will cause front wheels to shimmy.? : * for all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glencoe Hotel BIdg. ed. They will be required- later to nil out an occupational questionnaire ' concerning their civilian qualifications and skills, but that is for the purpose ot obtaining information only. Yarbro News today the government has r?o evidence of any actual sabotage from the Japanese-American element ol the population. Espionage, yes. The Japs did plenty ol spying. But no sabotage. THE ARMY STEPS IN There remained the danger that any one of the more than 100,000 Japs still at large might commit sabotage, however, so at this I point the Army took over. Even ' the 6000 young men of Japanese extraction who were in the U. S. military service had to be demo! bilized into the reserves. The 5000 suspicious characters put into concentration camps included most of the leading citizens, the exporters, the big merchants and hotel-keepers. They could hire lawyers and agents to look after private ' EDSON IN WASHINGTON By PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent' WASHINGTON, April 21.—Headaches over the moving.- of some 115,000 Japanese from their no- longer happy homes in Pacific coast states are just beginning, as the final report from the Tolan Committee Investigating National De-1 interests, keep businesses going. Yarbro Group Has Program, Luncheon. Mrs. c. E. Goddard. assisted by Mrs. Zoe Thompson nnd Mrs. Lena Boyd, served luncheon at 12 o'clock Wednesday to members of the Woman's Society of Christian Service, Yarbro Methodist Church. at the Goddard home. The group quilted in the mom- ing. Mrs. C. B. Etchenwn presided over the afternoon session which, was- opeend with group singing by the 18 members and guests who were Miss Virginia Echols, guest speaker from Blytheville First Church, Mrs. Hyde, Mrs. Letha Swain, Mrs. W. A. Stick- mon. Mrs. J. E. Krech and Miss May Swain. Mrs. D. G. Hindman led the devotional. Taking part on the pro- fense. Migration, will show. when, it is issued in a week or so. All these Japanese will be .moved by .the end of May—not to their final wartime abodes, but out of the strategic areas into temporary reception centers. That doesn't solve the problem." In the wake of this mass migration are whirlpools and eddies But the mass of Japanese left included the poorer elements, the fruit and vegetable growers and vendors, ,the fishermen,, the people who took in each others' washing. Tolan committee members and Staff Director Robert K. Lamb give the FBI, the Army and WRA, the new War Relocation gram, "Women' in the Churches", were Mrs. Local George Swain, Mrs. Helen Willis, Mrs. George Bunch, Mrs. E. B, Lloyd, and Mrs. Kate Bunch. Prayers were offered by Mrs. W. A. Stick-' man. Mrs. Hindman and MrsX . L. Joseph /fjfc ASPIRIS*^ illy S LARGEST SELLER AT *4l^ AUTO LOANS NO ENDORSERS NEEDED 1936 and later mode! cars Repayments On Easy Terms j Borrow S100 .. Pay S7.30 Monthly I Borrow S150 .. Pay IO.S5 Monthly Borrow S200 .. Pay 14.60 Monthly Borrow S300 .. Pay 21.90 Monthly Borrow 5400 .. Pay 29.20 Monthly (15 Month PJan) COMMERCIAL CREDIT FUN INCORPORATED (An Industrial Loan Institution) I | Lynch Buildine 321 W. Main Street] Phone: 503 that may not be quieted for months, j Authority under Director Milton About 75,000 of these Japanese' S. Eisenhower, a wholesome pat are U. S. citizens, with all the rights and privileges of any other citizens. So far, the Jap 'citizens have been good. Too good. They have recognized they're on the spot and they have moved out of their former homes without mak- ng any fuss or starting any lawsuits. But without getting soft or sentimental about these Jap- Americans, they are unquestionably taking pretty much of a beating and ths potentialities for claims against the government out of. real or imaginary damages to their persons and property can be rather sizeable. In simplest analysis, the prob- A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the finest, most modern shops in Northeast Arkansas. Phone 3202 Glcncoc Bldg. on the back for the job done thus far. At the same time the committee v/ill not hesitate to point out some of the existing dangers and the troubles that lie ahead. There is no provision yet for safeguarding the property interests of these U. S. citizens of Jap extraction, as the Alien Property Custodianship takes care of non- nsidenis only. Consequently the Jap-Americans' cars, houses, furniture and farms are now threat- end with serious depreciation or destruction, laying the basis for many claims against the government later. THE STATES SAY "NO" The Army now is footing the for preliminary transfers lem has been that it's impossible to tell a good Jap from a i bill Dad Jap. In the hours and days immediately following the Pearl Harbor sneak attack, FBI and the military authorities took into custody some 5000 Japs on whom the finger of suspicion had already fal- j len. They're safely tucked away j tf • • ft AI in concentration camps today and! fVlfuV UrilP NtflfP^ are no problem. The fact is that' I1M W I Ml M 5 "Wilf* PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices For INSURANCE of all Kinds G. G. Caudill Agency Glencoe Hotel Kldg. Pn. 2182 BJytheville, Ark. Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Dont waith until the last minute to have your Tires Repaired—Come in NOW - - Materials Limited! BlythevilleTireCo. Highway 61 North — Phone 2201 Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxwell House. Regular Price 1 Ib. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at— Pickard's Grocery 1044 Chickasawba Ph. 2013 I For your own health and comfort,., Budget your time to include daily Baths The modern woman reiies on her daily balh for more than cleanliness alone. Much more! Foremost beauty experts agree that a few carefree minutes in tub or shower every day help revive low spirits . . B refresh your outlook .» , pep you up all over. 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