The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1968
Page 3
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* Forecast * By CARROLL RIGHTER- to It'xnlu yont loncait, not* ' , opposite d»'w wfelcfc Include roar birth <UU TUESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A wonderful day to put some new plans to work that can bring you much closer to your heart's desire as well as please the mental and intellectual side of your .nature and character merices to bring some tiresome conditions into effect, so be siire to get a good night's rest. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) You have to have a cheery, smiling exterior plus real alertness if you are to get the best results when dealing with others. Be firm, positive, though. Get those personal desires cleared up fast. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) You have to be more on the ball if you want to be happy where romance or social matters are concerned. You need to express yourself in a more modern way. Look up that expert * Metis field about which you are ignorant, but want to be informed. GEMINI (May 21 to. June 21) Don't waste any, time in contacting good friends who will go along with your ideas and plans. Getting together socially with others who can help you to make real progress is a good Idea. Be up • to • the - minute, charming. MOON CHILDREN (June 22; to July 21) Make your plans early and then out to see persons with a positive attitude and a smile on your face and Make those c 1 e v e r .arrangements so that you improve your work. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Some risk must be taken now if you want to improve routines, etc., though more modern methods. A new contact will give you the helping hand you need. Show that you are grateful in some tangible Way. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 2Z) Get figuring done properly so that you can clear up obligations in a positive way. You need to be more precise in all that you do or say. Don't rush so much and you find that all goes more smoothly. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Long conversation with all associates can bring about just HcNantht the right ideas for advance merit in.the.days. ahead, a very harmoniously, too, Takin mate out tonight to some plac brings rapport that has bee lacking lately. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 You are most 'enthusiastic to day and. can get all those du ties behind you in a relativel short time, and very efficiently too. Be objective in showini fellow workers just how yoi want things done. Show kinc ness, also. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21) You need to relax, anc this would be a good day t call your finest friends and g to some place of amusemen together.. Buy that little gift fo loved one that will please tre mendously. Be happier. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) Although you are busy wit other affairs, use your span time to handle those responsi bilities 'at home that make i your own private little castle Put those ideas to work tha improve security. Be clever. AQUARIUS (Jan.,21 .to Feb 19) Stating your idea's to intel ligent associate-and then com bine your efforts so that all:) more comfortable, successfu around you.-Write those letter that are important, but add a few compliments for best re suits. Be wise. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20 Adding a very artistic touch plus a clever practical one tc your surroundings makes oper ations in the future more-, sue cessful. Invite only the righ people in. Stop being a so! touch for others. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be one of those dynamic younj people who will never be bora for lack of something-to do, bu you must teach early to finis! whatever has once been startei or the fine promise here can bi wasted by many beginnings am no results. There is the ability here to sell just about anything so slant education accordingly Our word "Bible" is connectei with Phoenican history through the Greek word "byblos", mean ing book. Salt was once so scarce -and precious that .it was used as money by the Romans. YOUR BEST ASSURANCE IS COULD YOU AFFORD TO BE SUED BY A PASSERBY? If a passerby ever slipped on your property, you xmld be sued. Liability insuraiv,e protects you from such accidents. Asfc about our low cost homeowner's package policy which includes liability. FARMERS BANK INSURANCE DEPARTMENT And Trust Company 108 N. Broadway — Ph. PO 3-8104 You feel BETTER INSURED with MFA ....because YOU ARE! wywr HFAINSURAME ««nt BUELL W. CARTER, Agcnt-607 N. 6th-PO 3-3361 FOR RENT NEW BALDWIN PIANO If A mV« RENT APPLIED TO PURCHASE "Check Our .Baldwin Prices Before You Buy" BOOTHEEL MUSIC CENTER Phon« TU 8-4889 — Kennett, Mo. , JAGOBY ON BRIDGE NORTH « BAST 4543 VJ978 «J93 *108'8 . • AK2 + K9654 Both vulnerable Went North East' South 2N.T. Pass 8N.T. Pass Pass Pass , . . Opening lead— A S VK543 »Q86 + AJ2 WEST AJ1098 VQ82 • 10754 + Q7 SOUTH (D) *AK2 wasted no time with th« hand. At trick two I led a club to dummy's jack. Then I cashed the ace of. clubs and when both opponents followed there were 13 t o p tricks. H al remarked, "You came out all right, but you played the hand like a millionaire and risked your contract. If East had won the first club with a singleton queen, you would have gone down'." Jim : "I remember . y o u r —a distance equal to more than .teaching me this play right aft-;5,400 round trips to the sun. er you got back from the Korean', Despite the variety of foods war. The sure-thing play against j available in this country, stud- all combinations except five in lies made by the U.S. Depart- one hand and lead toward the'ment of Agriculture show that jack. If clubs broke 3-2 you were only about half the. families eat (Art) Courier News — Monday, 3m» V, 1948 •— Pagr Ihnr AT DREIFUS JEWELERS 'NEW YORK (AP) -Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: No wonder our highways seem 1 crowded. For, the first time. in. our history • American motor vehicles this year will travel more than a-trillion miles Jim: "You have told me many times that when you first played in expert competition, the late P. Hal Sims was the best player of all. What was his strongest point? Oswald: "He knew more about the play of the cards than anyone. In those days every expert knew a good deal about squeezes and end plays but, as far as I know, Hal was the only one who knew much about safety plays. Of course, they all knew the very common ones. It was the unusual ones that no one but Hal knew." Jim: "I see you are showing a hand that is cold for seven no - trump the way the cards lie but will only produce six no - trump if South makes a safety play in clubs. Was, Mr. Sims the declarer?" : 0 s w a Id, "No, I .was. T h e game was rubber bridge and I had committed some form of lese majesty, when .1 .opened two no - trump. Hal did not like his partners to bid no- trump, but-that didn't-stop him from'taking me .right"to six. I never in jeopardy. If .either opponent held four you wouid take care of his case. Oswald: "You were almost 20 when I taught you. In line with modern education I assume that you will teach Jim 0. (James Oswald Jr.) before he is 10." What's For Lunch? TUESDAY Snack Peach Half — Graham Crackers Lunch Sliced Bologna Mashed Potatoes Buttered Mixed Vegetables Pineapple-Orange Gelatin Gup White -Bread — Milk The National Education Association is the world's largest professional 1 organization. : ',. .The Danish flag is the oldest national flag in existence. , .Raisins are a nourishing food. .Brahmanism is; another name for Hinduism. William Wolfskill blazed a caravan route — the Old Spanish Trail — from Santa Fe to Los Angeles in 1830. what, nutrition experts describe as a "good" diet. : • Ah Kerchop! Particles expelled by 'a violent sneeze travel at a muzzle velocity of 152 feet a second. Don't forget your hanky, friends. Some girls try to attract attention by wearing large earrings. In Brazil, this is a masculine ploy. Male members of the Kralio Indian tribe believe that (lie bigger the metal discs they wear in their ears the more desirable they are to the ladies. Some sport discs the size of teacups. Americans are trying to drink their slenderness. Five years ago only 13 per cent drank low calories soft drinks regularly. .Now 67 per cent do. Incidentally,- did you know that men usually gain weight around the waist but women gain below the waist? Good ideas/Often.have to-incubate a,longtime;before winning popular favor. An - example: Contact;, lenses. The possibility of this type. Of lens was first conceived way back in 1508 by that universal genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Bowever, eye specialists didn't get around to testing his theory until the latter -part .of the 19th century. . ' Is the small farmer, tradition, al exemplar of American independence, djlgg out? No; but his numbers are steadily diminishing. 'The number of U.S. farms dropped from 4.1 .million in 1959 to 3;25 million-in 1966. However, experts believe that one-man or two-man farms, if fully mechanized, can still compete successfully with the larger operators. Doctors now believe in starting infants on solid foods earlier than was customary a generation ago. One reason; It has been found that too much milk in a baby's diet can cause it to develop an iron deficiency anemia. Worth remembering: "The last word in an argument is what a wife has. Anything a husband says after that is only the beginning of another argument." History lesson: Can you identify the U.S. presidents who bore the following nicknames: "Sharp Knife," "Illinois Baboon'," "American Caesar," and "Napoleon of Protection"? They were, in order, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, U.S. Grant and William McKinley. Folklore: If you wash in water in which potatoes have been boiled you'll get warts. A grease made from bear brains will cure swollen joints and safeguard you from colds. You'll have bad luck all day if you sing before breakfast. It is a portent of good luck for a wasp to fly into your house—that is, unless it happens to sting you. It was'Don Marquis who observed, ."An optimist is a guy who. has never had muck experience." iHodet C410-An«oue While A fine G-E clock radio for only *\T Its the best clock radio buy in town. Fe* hires Snooz-Alarm 8 ' — the clock that gives you 40 extra winks on those hard-to-get-up days. Great 'round the clock performer. Hurryl Stocks are limited- DREIFUS l^/euK&fiA— WEAR DIAMONDS , 3 Ways to Buy •Cash • Charge • Lay-Away Building a New Home, Business or Remodeling? For Quality Floor Service CONTACT Billy King and Charles Purtle PO 3-3540 PO 2-2567 BIytheville, Arkansas FORMICA TOPS, LINOLEUM, CERAMIC TILE, , CARPET Mgftbv Jjpotf Goyp» Chevelle prices not only start a lull $100 less than other mid-size cars- its more car. We've thought of things for Gievelle tfiaf otfier mitt-size ears wool8 life yew to forget. For instance, that taut-lined package above gives you a ride thai rivals bigger higher priced ears. (That's because we thought to give it Full Coil suspension. And a separate frame with a computer-refined mounting system cushioning its Body byfisher.) The choice of engines and transmission* you have is the greatest In Ghevelle's field. Xnd rf you're a performance buff, you'll find we did some thinking on your wave length: black-grilled SS 396's with Turbo-Jet V8 power you can order up to 350 horses strong. You also get more ways of putting your personal stamp on a Chevelle than any oth'er mid-size car offers. Take wheel covers alone. You can order simulated wire ones. Or mag-styl*. Or mag-spoke. Or rally-type. Even so, Chevelle prices start a full $1CM3 under any competitive mid-size cars, How's that for a parting thought! It's like no olhfr savings event your Chtvreltl dealer bos «ye> held. To you it means exlra buying power— on explosion, ei savings on Chevtlles and Qievrotafs. Tc*« ri'look of thts» bonus savings. plans. Thin se» your Ghevre/al deb/en, Bonus Savings t\an f Any Chevellier Chevrolet wW>200-/ip'Turho-PirtV8,Powerg/i'e/e and WnifewoWs. Bonus Savings flan 2 Any Chevelle or Chevrolet with 250-hp Turbo-Rre V8, Pawerglide and while/walk; '' • Bonui Savings Won 3 Any big Chevrolet with 250:/ip Turb'o-fi'r«'V8,Turfc.o HydraMalk and-whilewallt. •• , Bonus Savings Han4 Now, tor thtfrsllimtevir ; big savings on>power disc brakes and powfr fleering : when you buy anyChtvelle or Chevrolet with VS engine, ., Banuc Savin 91 Plan 5 Buy any Chevelle er Chevrolet V8 two- or lour-door.hdrdtop model andaove on .. • , , vinyl top, tiKlrieihelt,wh»*lcoy»n and app»arona» guard tl»mi. ^ ' ,,.,. Happening now at your-Gh'evrclet dealer'$!-a-tremen9eu$-explosien ef extra Buying, power. 'Only thY!ea3er eoulel.meita

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