The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on December 6, 1992 · Page 198
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 198

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 6, 1992
Page 198
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C7 THE COURIERiJOURNAL, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1992 C 7 MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ', I y .jv HIP flujw fur rift. - !4Ut mummSm 1 g jt : P18570HR13XP 2000 LOWEST PRICE IN 2 YEARS!! STAFF PHOTO BY MICHAEL HAYMAN Roger Wilson, left, equipment manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates, discussed a possible purchase with Chuck Schupf of Hillerich & Bradsby at the Baseball Trade Show at Commonwealth Convention Center. In market for dirt or peanuts? Baseball trade show place to be By GEORGE RORRER Staff Writer Say you're general manager of a baseball team and you want to entertain your crowd between innings. Who you gonna call? This weekend you could walk around Commonwealth Convention Center and take your choice. ' There's The Famous Chicken, of course. Or Morganna, the Kissing Bandit. Or the California Diamonds all-girl softball team. Or a Blues Brothers act from LaCrosse, Wis. Or Allison Bly, the Dynamite Lady, who settles into a coffin at second base and blows herself up. Or maybe you'd take a chance with the new bird on the block, Louisville Redbirds mascot Billy Bird, and his two henchmen. : They're all part of the Baseball Trade' Show, which is part of the 1992 Winter Meetings. Open only to conventioneers, it will run through Tuesday at 2 p.m. Louisvillians are a big part of the show; starting with a big Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger display directly inside the entrance. "It's the first time in my career I've been able to do a trade show and stay at home," said sales representative Chuck Schupp. Billy Bird, recent Bellarmine College graduate Dominic Latkovski, is making a bid for a bigger perch in the entertainment business after working at Redbirds games for three seasons. Latkovski, his brother Brennan and Mike Hamburg booked a booth and played a six-minute videotape of their antics over and over and over. "I think we can make this work," Dominic Latkovski said. "We feel we can put on as good a show as anyone, and we're inexpensive. We've already had a lot of interest. It's a matter of getting out and doing our act." Louisville Manufacturing Co., which makes caps, T-shirts and other items for special events such as the Kentucky Derby, is testing the water in the baseball market. In the second year of joint major league-minor league marketing of logo-bearing clothing and other items, the field is mushrooming. Bill Chafin of the Great Falls Dodgers stopped by P.K. Sports Souvenirs to order 3,000 bows and hair berets bearing his team's logo, and he could've purchased similarly marked baby bibs andor Christmas ornaments. , Want peanuts from North Carolina for your concession stands? They're plentiful, as are Slush Puppies to wash them down. There are baseball cards galore, and The Sporting News has a stunning collection of photographs of heroes of yore such as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Christy Math-ewson and Walter Johnson. You can buy a mural of a photo of Ruth and Gehrig reeling in their catches on the fantail of a fishing boat. Need chair-backed seats for your stadium? You can get all you want, including some from Louisville-based Dant Clayton Corporation. And you can buy convenient cup-holders to attach to the backs of those chairs. You also can find stadium lights, scoreboards of all sorts, dirt for your infield or warning track, and padding for your outfield walls and dugout railings. Need some reading matter for your customers? You can find anything from Baseball America to a new monthly magazine issued by Louisville native G.J. Schureck, the Schureck Baseball Report. Ready for a new stadium? Five stadium architects are represented. Included on their resumes are Buffalo's Pilot Field, Iowa's Sec Taylor Stadium, Oriole Park at Camden Yards and the conversion of Miami's Joe Robbie Stadium for baseball. The FBI yes, the G-men would like to help your team arrange for "bat day," using bats that include a drug-avoidance message. There had been concern that the nippy weather and the location of the Convention Center two blocks away from the headquarters hotel, the Gait House, might limit crowds. That was quickly dispelled when conventioneers streamed through the doors. Baseball business is good in Louisville. Cincinnatians rail at 'carnivores I picking over bones of fallen hero' By BILL GLAUBER e The Baltimore Sun ; , QNCINNAn-Itwasthekindof night a talk-radio host lives for. The telephone lines were jammed, and Bill Cunningham, the self-described "Voice of the People" on WLW-AM, flagship station of the Cincinnati Reds, was on a roll. Cunningham, dressed in a Reds jacket and a stars-and-stripes baseball cap, railed against the national media for "coming into town like carnivores picking over the bones of a fallen hero." Only a few hours earlier Tuesday, baseball's executive council had announced the appointment of a committee to investigate alleged racial and ethnic insults by Reds managing general partner Marge Schott. Cunningham was outraged that "our beloved Marge" is under attack, that "big-city hypocrites want to wash her down the toilet." The callers were restless, too. Mary decried the lynch mob forming to oust Schott. Joe asked how Schott can be told to sell her shares while baseball provides second and third chances for drug offenders. Brad, who wants to talk about hockey, closes by saying, "Marge should hang in there." But Cunningham's coup of the night came with one call. It was Marge. From Cincinnati. "I don't think the good blacks like this," Schott said of the controversy. "I don't think this is good for our coilntry. We have kids taking guns to school. There are kids trained to rob banks at 13, and these are all the things that Jesse Jackson and all these influential blacks should be concentrating on." Aviw from the studio, Cunning-hart warned. "This is great for talk radio,'! he said. "It's like having an-, other, var." i Welcome to the Schott Watch. You might think there would be widespread calls in Cincinnati for Schott's removal as owner. If so, you would be wrong. A TV station reported that 80 percent of the phone calls it had received backed her. Dozens of callers to the Reds' switchboard who support Schott have been advised to contact Milwaukee Brewers owner Bud Selig, head of the executive council. The last 14,500 tickets for opening day went on sale Tuesday and sold out in 65 minutes. Some in the community are trying to broker a settlement that will include new team hiring practices. Schott already has apologized for many of her statements. "We recognize she is a person of her time," said City Councilman Tyrone Yates. "She grew up in a time where these sentiments were widespread. Does she have the capacity to grow and catch up? Yes. The easy path is to say we want her to go. The more constructive path is to work with her." Some fans aren't so optimistic. "Marge isn't going to change," said sales manager Jim Linduff. "She's a crusty old lady and has been that way all her life. She has been an embarrassment. But she doesn't deserve this. The other owners should make her put some minority programs in her organization." Said Cunningham: "A great American patriot is being crucified." IKBSE HOES r : : ' o ; ' . ' - o OUTLINE BLACK LETTERS H-SPEED RATED T0 130 MPH HIGH PERFORMANCE TIRE HIGH SPEED OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION N iis? I Of A SAME GET A FREE TRANSPORTABLEA PHONE WHEN YOU SUBSCRIBE CELLULARONE "Subject to credit approval. Must sign annual agreement with Cellular One of Louisville, Minimum pricing . plan required. Other restrictions may apply. n s S TRANSPORTABLE PHONE WITH THE PURCHASE OF 4 STEEL BELTED RADIAL TIRES STEEL BELTED RADIAL P15S80R13WW' ..$16.88 P16580H13WW 26, P185ff5R14WW 31.88 P19V75R14WW 33 P20575R14WW 34 P20575R15WW 36 P22575H15WW 38 TREAO DESIGNS MAY VARf 'BLEMISHED 70 M $jjT88 AMERITECH ST STEEL BELT PLIES POLYESTER CORD BODY P22575R15BL $4188 P22575R15WS 48.88 P22575R150WL ....56 88 P205fi5R15BL 5188 P205A5R15WS 54 $7383 AMERIGRIPVERITRAC SLOTTED 4-RIB TREAO BEST BUY ANYWHEREI B7SR16 5 GRIP "D" .. 79 88 950R16 5 GRIP "0" .. 84 S8 235A5A16AGRIP 'E" .99 88 rvj' N &R188 GRABBERS ALL TERRAIN TIRE GREAT TRACTION 31X10.50R15WL ....$64.88 31X10.50R15WLT ..70.88 31X10 50R15WL"C" ..79.88 20575R15WI 69.88 23575R15XLWI 79.88 26VKR15WL 79.88 Bltfnithtd : - m mi c IKS $288 AMERITECH ST STEEL BELT PLIES POLYESTER CORD BODY P18S75R14 BLK ...$29.88 P18S7&R14WS 39 88 P20565R15' BLK ...45.88 P20570R15WS 49.88 P21575R15WS 49.88 'BLEMISHED AMERI 550 AS STEEL BELTED ALL SEASON TREAD Z3575R15AMTRAC.$49 8E LT22575R16X 66 88 LT22575H16 "C" 79 8! 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ALL SEASON RADIAL P17580R13 $43.88 P18570R14 52.88 P19570R14 54.88 P2O570R14 58 88 P20570R15 60.88 P21570R14 6188 CLOSE OUT SPECIALS! AMERICIASSICS P19570R13WS $49.88 P2O570R14WS 52.88 VERSA TW P20575R15 GRABBER AT P20575R150WI . XL (BLEMISHED) P23575R15WS... N r mmmmmm COUPON 1 I OIL, LUBE AND FILTER I Lubricate chassis and install up to 5 quarts ol new oil . and a new oil fitter FREE RACING SPORTS BAG trom I I Quaker State with the purchase of a Quaker State ml change Plus $1 .25 lor shipping and handling Back by I mail. See store lor details. IN N ...79.88 NJ $1388E: f coupon n I FRONT END ALIGNMENT I I Set camber, caster and toe-in. inspect Iron) end. . shocks and tires. Trucks and vans extra. I THRUST ANGLE $27 88 1 I TOTAL 4-WHEEL $4788 Spell out your initials with nautical flags' A unique way of personalizing your car while covenng up that unattractive front license plate mounting bracket. Choose a black, gray, white or red plate. 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