The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 20, 1942
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 20- 1942 BIATIIEVILLE, '(ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE TIIREK EDSON WASHtNGTON j. By PETER ED SOX Courier News Washington Correspondent _ WASHINGTON, April 20.—YOU will hear more and more about amphibious warfare as this thing goes on. but in this connection th? Marine Corp*' official nose is a little bit harder than usual over all the publicity that the British * for all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Clcncoe Hotel Bargain Matinees Every E-y Ex ccpt Saturday & Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens G:<15 Continuous Shows Sat. and Srm Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m. Commandos have been receiving, and the suggestions that a Commando force be established in the United States. Thq,way the Marines tell it, the Commandos are simply sea-soldiers trained in all the tricks of the British Royal Marines, the only difference being that these new sea- soldiers are cashing in on the tricky publicity of a new romantic name that has caught the public fancy. Furthermore, the Marines want the cockeyed world to appreciate that said Marines know all there is to know about this amphibious warfare, anyway. What it amounts to is the landing of expeditionary forces and the development and holding of beachheads to prepare the way for regular soldiers. Since cur Marine Corps was established' in 1798, it has been called on to make an average of more than two such landings every year. The basic principles of this type of amphibious warfare remain the same, say the Marines, only in this war there are new weapons, better planes, better tanks, parachute troops. What it amounts to is that amphibious warfare has become mechanized. Th? Japs have .shown they have mastered this art of amphibious warfare in their numerous landing operations on Pacific islands, but the Marines say the Japs have no really new tricks. Some information on the training of the Marines for the new amphibious warfare has been given, but most of the detail is still secret. Formerly, the Last Times Today : A Merry Whirl Of Love find Laughs! Baby Corey...The Woejer Baby COLUMBIA PICTURE Phone 42 15o.\ Office Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always llt-23c Tax Inc. A Chariot (\. Fcldrncn Grcuo Production I'lirumonnt News Symphony Hour Comedy Sunday-Monday ?rlal. Sun. 2:00 p.m.—Box Office Opens 1:30 p. in. Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour to Zanzibar' with Una Mcrkey> Eric Blore Shorts and News Dime Nile—All Tickets (Tax Inc.) lie Marine amphibs were known as the Fleet Mobile Force, or FMF. That name didn't stick, so now there are two units, Atlantic Amphibious Corps and Pacific Amphibious Corps. But unless you want to start iv fight, don't call one of these amphibious Leathernecks u "Commando." * * • LUNCHEON LAWS Soldiers on Corregidor and workers in munitions plants will be glad to know that Washington society has unofficially derided that the lunch hour may properly end at 3:30 p.m. The fact was developed as follows: According to Washington etiquette, no guest should leave a luncheon before the guest of honor makes his or her departure. The Archduke Otto of Hapsburg, one of the parasites who hangs around Washington a good bit these days, was recently invited to a luncheon. Being the highest ranking guest, no one was supposed to leave before he did. But Otto had such a good time he stayed till 4:15, thereby keeping away from their jobs a lot of people. Whereupon one of Washington'.s social arbiters opined there ought to be a law that after 3:30 p.m.. anybody can j leave any luncheon without apol- I ogy and no matter how long the guest of honor stuck around. * * » Washington Badinage: Senator Tom Connally of Marlin, Tex.—I resent these dollar-a-year men being overpaid. Senator Harry S. Truman of Independence. Mo.—They're not being overpaid by their companies, but they are overpaid by the government. * * * First it was called the Ait Corps Ferrying Command. Then it was called the Air Corps Ferry Command. Now it is called the Air Corps Ferrying Command again. All of which may confuse' the axis, but no more than it docs Washington. BOND BARRIER Sales promotion managers for the War Savings Stamps and Wai- Bonds campaigns have run onto a peculiar problem in dealing with ,he foreign language press in Amerca. It seems that the Minute Man, he emblem of which is printed on the stamps and bonds and all of the posters and advertising matter doesn't register very well with the foreign born. Only symbol thc-y recognize is the Statue of Liberty. * » W Niftiest suggestion to save tires which the National Inventors' Council has received thus far comes from a genius who proposes that four helium balloons be attached to the four corners of the car to lighten its weight and thus save wear of the casings on the pavement. WRITING MACHINE Tuesday liargain Nights j "I'm innocent of I'll even kill BOXING, WEDDING or RACKET! WHiiorn FRAWLEY Lioyd CORRiGAN Truwcm BRADLEY murder . . . and to prove -it!" 'Strange Alibi' Arthur Kennedy, Joan Perry Added Attraction HORIZONTAL T Pictured Machine, SKatio. 13. Trumpet. 14 Article. 15 Sun god. 16 Cake frooter. 17 Melody. 18 Metallic alloy 20 Rye husky. 21 Covering (zool.). 23 Live coals. 24Elias (abbr.). 20 Opposed to oblate. 30 Near. 34 Yes. 35 Metal. 36 River (Sp.). 37 Runs oil rails. 39 Canvas shelter. W Toward. Loose robe. <1G Wasp. 50 Paradise. 51 Puddle. Answer io Previous Puzzle f)-l Now star. f)f> Simple, 56 Editor (abbr.) 57 Part of "be." 58 Detail, 59 T;ips lightly. l>0 It is used by workers on YliKTICAL ISo. 2 Long ago. 3 Conceited fellow. •1 Glosjsy pnint. 5 Precipitation. G Hotel. 7 Period, of time. JJ Source. 9 It prints with 10 L;md measure, 11 Rip. 12 Sea eagles. 19 Vermont (abbr.). 22 Exaltation. 25 Thick. 20 Tablet. 27 Cereal. 28 Over (pod.). 29 Until. 31 Anger. 32 Beverage. 33 Not cold. 38 Makes amend. 1 3D Vegetable. -13 Refuse of fur fiber. •32 Thought. 43 Nickname for Merlon. •14 Unfastened. 45 Advertisement (abbr.). 4G Rope liber. •17 Short letter. 48 At any time. ;19 Berets. 52 Lyric poem,. 53 Aeriform fuel. 13 27 42 ii 44 56 60 45 Humillon, Marjorip Kclloy, Lulu Cnil't, Honnie Sharp, Bonnie Lynn Kutclll'f, Alma Ruth Jones, Helen Alexander, Alline Biilli'ntlne, Mary l ; Vances Rlcnhurt. Virginia Peterson. Helen Campbell. Robbiu Sue l-^rris, Edna Wells, Betty Wallace, and Margaret Frame. Too Late to Classify For Sale Mo. Crown, hand picked si. Churls seoil corn. Also Dclstu, Arksaw and Laredo .soy beans. At larni Ucweland. W. A. Whistle. A Cordial Welcome Awaits You a I The Beauty Bar One nF (hr i'rn .shops kanstis. UiU'sl, most in Norlhcust Ar- Clcncoe BUIk r . Improved Train Schedule between Blytheville and Jonesboro Sav« tiiti . . . avoid highway annoyances . . . rtlax on your trip to and from Jon«boro or inlermedial* station* on thii n«w, convenient FrUco »chedul»: Down BlylhtvllI* Ar,,, ... Manila At.._ . teachvUU ..,..,„,,*r. . Monett* ... ._......, %T. . Lak« Cllf » Jonccboro 12:15 pra IT.... 1:01 pm Lr.... 1:16 pm Lr. :_. 1:28 pm Lr It48 pm Lv. 2:20 pra Ar Train farw ar» low Read Up _ 9:00 am ,. 8:09 am - 7:54 am .„ 7:43 am -. 7:23 am .„ 6:50 am Ar J,T Service iaf« and dependable Connaction at Jonosboro wllh train leaving 2:40 pm (or Memphij and Intermediate points: and at Blylheville with train leaving 9:14 am for St. Louia and Chicago, arriving St. Loulj 3:45 pm; Chicago, 8:25 pra via Alton R. H. and 9;S5 pm via Wabash. FRISCO LIN ES ISTlOU'S BAN FRANCISCO PYl For additional Information PHONE FRISCO 2383 O. P. HAINEY, G«ntral Agtal Respect To THE FLAG the mvmunv oi in a review, or lowering tin; Flag or when persons present, should— c Flag Jaycee Group At Steele Presents Musical Comedy STEELIL-, Mo., April 20—The Junor Chamber of Commerce ill Steeln i sponsoring a play "Swiin- Out," comedy with music ami dancing t the Steele hi^h school audi- oriuin on April 23 and 24. Miss Helen J. Reed of Kansas City is! director. Those taking part in the play arc CHICKASAW One of the star writers of the Office of Facts and Figures staff took leave of absence because of a •muscular- affliction ... \vliich forced him to wsar his arm in a sling. To inquiries on the cause of his ailment, he explains: "Well, when my grandchildrei gather on my knee to ask me what I did in the Second World Wai- Ill be able to say that I fell out of a swivel chair in the Office of Facts and Figures." c!cd by PAY TAYLOR AisocV.s Prod<::cr, MARSHALL GRANT A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Also Selected Short Subjects Bargain Niflit Every Night Escep* Saturday. Sliow Every Nt^ht 7:flO Box OfTicc Opens (5:45 Continuous Sliows Sat. & Sun. Las! Times Tonight GAY COMEDY-ROMANCE F vciih a gcr-ca gc.lax.y t of your stage, tcreen and rccfio favorites! West IWain Near 21st St. Prices always lie and 22c Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 6:4v Continuous showi Sat. and Son. Sunday and Monday 'Eternally Yours 1 —with— LoreUa Young; David Nivcn, Hujii Herbert, BiUic Burke, C. Aubrey Smith. Music-ill Short—"Class Tn Also—Universal News. Tuesday and Wednesday BUDDY NIGHT 2 for the price of 1 'SANDY GETS HER MAN 1 —starring— I5ABV SANDY with Stu;irt Envin and Una IWerkcI Cartoon—"The Mad Hatter" Mrs.' Grace l^rnrne, Herbert. Hncl- gnis. Helen Rntledgc, Edith Hill. Dorothy Taylor, Clarence Poteci, Bailey RuUedge, Gnslon llrown. Ha^el MfAciains, and Mnr.shall Burroughs. Chorus girls arc Jeanne McCutchen, Jane Hinchey, Kuthryn WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT7 Ct PORE-WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY \3t> Face the /'7«ry, stand at attention and salute —Those present in uniform should render the right hand salute. —When not in uniform, men should remove the headdress with the right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. —Women should salute by placing the right hand over the heart. The salute to the Klnjj in the moving column is rendered at the moment the Flag pusses. Manila News C. W. Tipton left Thursday foi a brief visit in Topeka, Kansas Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Craii and small son. Jimmy, and Mr and Mrs. Ray Grain have returnee to their home in Pine Blufl. afte a visit in Manila with friend and relatives. Mrs. J. R. David of Caraway is spending the week here with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Joe David. Mrs. H. L. King has been returned from the Baptist hospital in Memphis after being confined ,here for the past several days. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Simpson of New Orleans are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Simpson of near Manila. Carl William Tipton, III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tipton. has been seriously ill at his home in Manila for the past several days. His condition is slowly improving. Miss Robert Johnson visited Mr. and Mrs. Hcrshel Johnson of Par- auoulcl this week end. THEY PO EVERYTHING BUT HY- .sfUft&SSv UNCLE SAM'S AMAZING MIDGET SCOUT CARS ARE ROLLING OFF THE LINE DAY AND NIGHT. AND HERE'S THE MAN WHO PUTS THEM THROUGH THE JUMPS FOR THE ARMY- TEST DRIVER DON KENOWER WE'RE DRIVING THESE AWAY, KENOWER ~ SO VOU'D BETTER SHOW US THE TRICKS COME ON OUT TO THE TEST GROUMDS- WE'LL GIVE ONE THE WORKS vou VE GOT six SPEEDS FORWARD- TWO REVERSE Depth Charge Gets a Dolphin ALAMEDA. Cal. (UP) — A dead dolphin, washed up on the shore here, is believed to have been the victim of a depth charge intcdncd victim of a depth charge intended 150 pounds. LAKR Jane HAVOC Baddy ESSEN |Patsy KELLY Thrtc cun« ty GREEHE & REVEL ALYIHO REY and his Orchestra and THE KING SISTERS Produced bv CUfF *tiO D : re:!rd bv A EDWARD SUIHERIAND. Screen plcy by Monio Erica: l-'nx News & Comedy. Tuesday <S: Wednesday | «<•»* CHARLEY GRAPEWIN Cotton Seed We have for sale some Stonevillc 2-B Collon Seed in the original scaled ba.^s direct from the Sionevillc Pedigreed Seed Co., not just merely raised near the experimental station. 1C very cotton grower needs next year's planting seed. foundation seed to save We have some firsl reasonable prices. vcar Slonevillc 2-1* and -1-J5 We Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton Meyers Bros YOU SMOKE THE RIGHT BRAND, KENOWER. CAMELS ARE FIRST WITH ARMV ME THIS IS MORE LIKE IT. NOTHING HITS THE SPOT LIKE A CAMEL I'VE GOT A FRESH PACK OF CAMELS RIGHT TAKE IT EASY KENOVJER.' WE'RE NEW AT THIS FIRST JN THE FRONT LINE OUCH? RIGHT NOW I'D WALK. tO MILES FOR A CAMEL MEAN WALK SWIMMING IN THE ARMY IN THE NAVY IN THE MARINES IN THE COAST GUARD ACTUAL SALES RECORDS IN POST EXCHANGES, SALES COMMISSARIES, SHIP'S STORES, SHIPS SERVICE STORES, AND CANTEENS SHOW THE FAVORITE CIGARETTE IS CAMEL AND AT HOME It. J. EcjEoWiToltaico Coaiiuuy, \ViniUin-tialciu, >orlL Carolina. SMOKERS: IMPORTANT OFFICIAL TEST DRIVER WILLYS-OVERLAND SCOUT CAR DIVISION e smoke of s CAMELS ARE BRAND FOR ME. Tfi€V HAVE THE IVHIPNESS THAT COUNTS AND A FLAVOR THAT ALWAYS HITS THE SPOT than that of the four other largest-selling brands tested —less than any of them —according to independent scientific tests cf the smoke itself!

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