The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1942
Page 6
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Jltf *? I BLYTHEVILLE "(AUK.)', COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRlt 18, 1942 O'Malley and Welch To Team Up Against .e and Roberts -Tag wrestling will again head Promoter Mike Mero- ne'y's card at the Legion Arena Monday night when big Mike O'Malley and Roy Welch meet Irish Eddie Malone and rough Red Roberts. O'Malley, the "heart breaker of the ring," who is known for his crushing blows to the heart of his opponent, which enable him to win most of his falls, is one of the toughest wrestlers in the circuit. Welch is also a veteran performer who has weathered many a rough and tumble engagement. With these two paired against such as Malone and Roberts there should be no limit to what might happen Monday night when they take up their battle positions. Eddie Malone. met Blacksmith Pedigo two weeks ago using his superior weight advantage to quell the former champ in two successive falls. Even though Malone was much too heavy for the Blacksmith and had things his way most of the time it was very evident that he had improved very much since his last appearance here. Malone's added weight and . his improved wrestling should .make him a very prominent figure in Monday night's match. Rough Red Roberts won over the villainous Buddy Knox by virtue of a disqualification in a recent appearance here. Roberts, using his rough tactics, which have made him famous in local circles, along with the lad from the Land of the Shamrock and his superior wrestling ability should give Welch and O'Malley something to think about. The last time-that Welch and O'Malley stepped. into the same ring they met as enemies with O'Malley using his punishing blows to the heart to end the bout with Welch lying, a helpless heap, on the mat. It will be a different picture Monday night with the two veterans combining their tal- .ent.and various tricks of the trade iii an effort to conquer their formidable foes. j O'Malley will square off against Roberts and Welch will tackle Eddie Malone in wo one fall thirty minute time limit preliminaries. Gets THere First IN RELIEF ROLE, 3 HITS Cpmic Schacht Starts Annual Search for Losing Ball Clubs Ex-Blytheville Hurler Fails To Halt Slugging Of Braves Yesterday BY GEORGE K1KKSEY United rrcss Staff Correspondent -NEW YORK, April 18. (UP)—For a couple of ball clubs that nobody ; gave a tumble to in the advance predictions, the £j>t. Louis Browns and Boston 'Braves are keeping some very exclusive company even at this early date. Unbeaten in four games, the Braves and Browns are fellow travelers with the mighty Yankees. 'Not only are Casey Stengel's Braves leading the national league with a 1.000 percentage but yesterday the put on the best .show in By IiARKY GKAYSON NBA Service Sports Editor YORK, April 18.—Alexander Schacht is getting his paraphernalia together for his annual nationwide search for losing baseball clubs. Al Schacht would be strictly out of luck without the second division, and, I might add, the second division wouldn't do so well without the Pagliacci of baseball. Comic Schacht is a type of business consultant to artistic and financial diamond flops. He bails out losers, has come to be the finest judge of a losing club you ever saw. In five years, Funny Man Schacht has averaged 430,000 paid admissions in the minors at an average of 45 cents a head. You can figure that out for yourself. •'And after June 1, there isn't the slightest chance of my seeing anything but a last place club the majors. It's a shame only | against another second division The Baseball Standing 4,043 turned out for the Beantown opener which the Braves won from the Giants' 4-3, because the added attraction was worth the price of admission alone. Umpire Ziggy, Sears, working himself into a. fine frenzy before anybody could drop a hat, tossed one-third of the Giant ball club right out of the park. Sears Waves 'Em Out With a majestic wave of his left arm Sears gave the triple heave-ho to manager Mel Ott shortstop and captin Billy Jurges and 'Pitcher Hal Schumacher. The Giants' protest resulted from Sears' decision ruling Paul Waner safe at first. Waner had grounded to Whitey who threw to Jurges forcing Eddie Fernandez, at second. The attempt to double up Warner looked so postive that Ott, Jurges and Schumacher rushed at Sears and an angry argument ensued. After Scars waved the three Giants out, Schumacher tried to charge Cochrane Seeks No Track Meet ' With Admiral Charley Wahler, brilliant appren-l lice 'jockey, makes bow on Big Vpple at Jamaica, following phe- lomcnal success at Bowie. He is <£• a produc£,o£ Calicntc. ' t. SCORBOARD GREAT" .'LAKES, (NBA)—Roy Cochran, Indiana quarter-miler, now. a coxswain in the Navy will never forget his first meeting with Bear Admiral John Downes, commanding officer of the U. S. Naval ^Training Station here Cochran re- jceived congratulations for his brilliant showing in track meets from 'the Admiral. "I'd hate to have you running after me," .mused the of- -ficer. Cochran blushed. "Not, as much as I'd hate to have you running after me, sir," he replied. , WHERE'S THE GYM? ; New York.—Dick Murphy ! scored 21 points for Manhattan as City College eked out a 38-35 basketball victory. Murphy wanted to attend City College, but when he went to try out for the basketball team, he couldn't find the Beavers' gymnasium. So he decided to switch to Manhattan. For INSURANCE of all Kinds See G. G. Caudill Agency! Glcncoc Hotel Bids. Ph. 2182 Ark. BY HARRY GRAYSON NBA Service Sports Editor NEW' YORK — Giants' long jun-. ket to the southwest was one of the numerous headaches left Mel Ott by Chillie Willie Terry. The Giants' most disappointing exhibition trip in history—artistically and financially—will in'the future result in their remaining at their base in the deep south longer and starting north later Ditto for their traveling partners the Cleveland Indians. To get.from their Miama training camp to Broadway, the 'Giants rode 5000 miles, which is like going from the Battery to the Pol Grounds via Montuak Point. Th actual distance from Miami t< New York is 1300 'miles. Weather was so bad that th Giants hadn't played in a weel as they prepared to square off with the Brooklyns in (the Nationa League opener at the Polo Grounds The same thing went for th Indians in Detroit. The Giants and Indians estab the umpire but was halted by third base umpire Tom Dunn. The explosions probably cost the Giants the game because when Schumacher left, the Braves shellacked his successor, Harry Feldman, for three straight hits. ClifC Melton came in and stopped the Braves with one hit the last 4 2-3 nnings but it was too late. Ott ind Mize hit homers for the Giants md Nanny Fernandez hit a 400- oot circuit flow for the Braves. Late Rally Fails The red-hot Browns staved off an eighth inning rally to trim the Tigers, 7-6, and preserve their unbeaten record. Rookie Vernon Stephens drove in the winning run ,vith a single. The Yanks won as, more or less expected, but they were lucky to scrape through with a 1-0 decision over the Red .Sox, who suffered their first loss. Jim Tabor's wild throw on Joe DiMagio's grounder set up the winning tally which scored on Charlie Keller's single past Foxx. T. W. O. Judd, Red Sox 32-year old rookie southpaw, held the Yanks to five hits and shaded Tiny Bonham in a pitcher's battle beJore an opening Yankee stadium crowd of 30,308. Every American league game was decided by a single run. In addition to the one-run victories for the Yanks and Browns, the Athletics finally won their, first game, beating Washington. 5-4, in 10 innings and Ted Lyons outdueled 'Mel Harder in the White Sox 1-0 "triumph over the Indians. Billy Knickerbocker's homer won for the »Afs after -Bob Johnson had tied the score with a circuit clout with outfit," he beams. "They don't bring me in unless it's tough." Schacht, gets a guarantee, but prefers a percentage. "Most clubs that book me on a percentage bring me back on a guarantee," he says, proudly. IMITATION'S ADDED TO HIS REPERTOIRE Schacht has added imitations to his repertoire. He does the ; farmer walk of Walter Johnson, the Bob Feller clod hop and Carl Hubbell in long pants. With slight exaggerations, of course. He lifts his foot in hitting a la Mel Ott, and, with a pillow stuffed beneath his belt buckle, plays the pigeon-toed Babe Ruth pointing to the farthest corner of Wrigley Field in the Yankees' world series with the Cubs, and then hitting the ball against the Scoreboard. But the most mirth-provoking thing Schacht docs is him'self as a Washington pitcher. "That's when they get action or the bases," he points out. Schacht has been clowning through baseball since he rode horse into the pitcher's box ii Buffalo in 1913. In Washington he teamed with Nick Altrock. Schacht entertained at 20 con secutive world scries, missing fo the first time last fall when h SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Little Rock . Nashville .. New Orleans Atlanta .. . Knoxville .. Chattanooga Memphis .. . Birmingham .833 .625 .625 .500 .500 .280 .286 .286 Lightning Leatherneck NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Boston 4 Pittsburgh 3 Brooklyn ? 3 St. Louis 2 Chicago 2 New York 1 Cincinnati 1 Philadelphia 0 0 1.000 1 .700 1 .750 2 .500 2 .500 3 .250 3 .250 4 .000 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. St. Louis 4 New York 4 Boston 3 Detroit 2 Cleveland .. 1 Chicago x . 1 Philadelphia 0 1.000 0 1.000 1 .750 2 .500 3 3 3 .250 .250 .250 Washington 0 4 .000 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE New Orleans 4, Memphis 1. Chattanooga 9, Atlanta 1. Knoxville 8, Nashville 6, called eighth. Little Rock 4, Birmingham 3. Al Schacht... Put 'er over. vinced him he could make more, possible. money as a showman than as a coach. For the past five summers, from the middle of May, when the demand for his services starts, until Sept. 1, he has driven an average of 02,000 miles, appeared in every state in the union and province in Canada. He knocked Mexicans out of their seats. HE'LL GET THERE IF HE HAS TO THUMB HIS WAY Schacht has averaged $27,000 -a year at his unusual profession. His overhead is about $15,QOO. Pie did 110 performances in 124 days last season, hopped 828 miles attended Honolulu's own ' little —from Terrc Haute to Wichita- world series. He was the third base coach of the Red Sox in 1936 when many invitations from the minors con- for one of them. He opens at Miami Beach this year, and will appear at Army camps and Navy bases whenevei Schacht was a soldier at Fort Slocum, in New Rochelle, in World War I. He tried to enlist this time, but was turned down oecause he is 48 and hard of hearing. : In his travels, Schacht has averaged five tires a season, has had 29 sets since May 2, 1937. He has enough rubber for the southern swing, will do the best he can from "'then on — planes, trains, buses, bicycle and thumb —any way to get where he is going. "I've picked up a lot of guys on the road/' he beams. "Now it's their turn to pick me up." So, Actor Al Schacht goes his merry way—laughing away, the troubles of second division baseball clubs. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 7, Philadelphia 1. Boston 4, New York 3. Pittsburgh 3, St. Louis 2. Chicago 8, Cincinnati 2. Hal Davis of California, national 200-meter champion, enlists in Marine Corps reserve, will probably be permitted to finish present term before he is called to active service. Today's Games Southern League Memphis at New Orleans. Atlanta at Chattanooga. Birmingham' at Little Rock. Knoxville at Nashville. National League . New York at Boston. tPhiladephia at Brooklyn. Stj Louis at Pittsburgh. Cincinnati at.Chicago. j. r. the family...Observers declare that Monk all but clinched the No. 1 spot by his great wcrk during the drills. ..Considered by many fans icre as the qf the three local football-playing Mosleys, The Monk lished a long-distance record for a postponement when they . hopped nearly 600 miles. . . to Oklahoma City.' While it was thoughtful of Carl Hubbcll . to pitch a barbecue for the boys in his native heath, it was a costly bite for the two lubs. with or without the fiddling of Bill McGee. Banstorming of the kind was profitable before the folks in the got over the gaping I one on in the ninth. Lyons, start- ng his 20th season, scored his 6th victory held the tribe to even hits. VMI MAKES GRIDNAP I Virginia Military Institute has bagged another Blytheville star athlete and student.. .James (Cowboy) Cobb, the daring motorcycle- riding lineman, has received his appointment to the West Point of the South...Cobb, who doubles in the math class room in pinch-hit roles, is considered one of the finest linemen developed, here in rcent years but will have to set quite "a pace to duplicate or exceed the standards set by his Blytheville predecessors...Byron (.The Ripper) Walker not only did all right in the engineering class room but was elected captain of the Kaydet football team his Senior year...He was followed by John Oliver (Bo> Coppedge, another all- Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last minute to have your Tires Repaired—Come in NOW - - Materials Limited Blytheville Tire Co. Highway 61 North — Pho nc 2201 hinterland tage. The Yankees made a go of il when they had Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and later Joe DiMaggio and Joe Gordon, but EC Barrow saw the light and called the whole thing off a year ago. Everything went along swimmingly during the Giants' pennant winning days and when the Indians had Bob Feller, for example, bu the folks in the provinces grew tired of looking at major leagu second-stringers after having been built iip. This spring, Oklahoma City wa expected to get steamed becaus Carl Hubbell was to pitch agains Mel Harder. It's time something new was add ed T and even with legitimate star of current vintage, the signs ar that, at least for the duratioi th? shortest route home is the 'safest, sanest and best. Manager Jimmy Wilson optioned the tall infielder to the Texas League club...Al Barlick, the National League umpire, did get his start in the Northeast Arkansas League.. .Incidentally, Barlick broke AMERICAN LEAGUE Philadelphia 5, Washington 4, 10 innings. Chicago 1, Cleveland 0. . New York 1, Boston 0. St. Louis 7, Detroit 6. Smallest City a War Victim TEHAMA, Cal. (UP)—This city, which claims to be the "smallest incorporated city in the United States," may become the first city in the country to be "wiped out" by the war. The entire population of 175 has signed a petition for dis- incorporation as a "patriotic gesture." Read Courier News want ads. American League Boston at New York. Washington at Philadephia. Chicago at Cleveland. Detroit at St. Louis. AUTO LOANS NO ENDORSIRS NEEDED 1936 and later model cars Repayments On Easy Terms Borrow S100 .. Pay S7.30 Monthly ! Borrow 5150 .. Pay 10.95 Monthly Borrow S200 .. Pay 14.60 Monthly Borrow 5300 .. Pay 21.90 Monthly Borrow 5400 .. Pay 29.20 Monthly (15 Month Plan) COMMERCIAL CREDIT PUN INCORPORATED | (An Industrial Loan Institution) Lynch Building 32] W. Main Street) Phone: 503 appears certain to play a lot of [ into |he spotlight with the distinc- ball this Fall...He barely beat the ion of tossing out the first player last draft deadline, turning the 20- year milestone just four days later, Jan. 4...RUSS momentarily expects to get the call from Our Uncle, despite the fact that he is eligible for his degree at mid-term of next year. TAGGING ALL BASES "Wild Bill" Godwin, another former Blythevillc great now at the University of Georgia, Athens, writes that he has enrolled in the Navy-7 program. Upon graduation he will go to-Northwestern University for a five-months course for his commission...Blythevillc athletes already are scattered to the four points of the world...Here are a few known: Ray Ltirkin is at San Diego, as is James Ncedham ...Clyde (Bud) Wilson and Eugene Hoed are at Brooks Field. ..Buddy Baxter, in the Navy, recently landed Why Don't You Old Duffers Give Up? NOTRE DAME, (NBA)—Golfers, t seems, are born and not made. "Entrants in the National Intercollegiate tournament at the South Bend Country Club, June 22-27, come up with amazingly precocious reports on early activities. Manuel de la Torres of Northwestern gave an exhibition before the King and Queen of Spain at the age of 2. Jack Porter • of Beloit got a deuce on a 157-yard hole at 8. Jack Stoltz, Jr., of Northwestern broke SO at 12. Paul Gibson. Jr., of Beloit shot his first round in 51 with a putter at the age of 9. Gene Fehlig of Notre Dame started at 8 and won • a caddy tournament at 12. Tom Nash of the Irish started at 14 and won a pro- junior tourney at 15. —who is hailed as the "most pop ular freshman ever to hit the VMI campus"...B3's name has graced the honor roll since he has been there...Coach Carney Laslic, who led the Blytheville Chicks to - at Los Angeles. He has been around ...Henry Muery is at the Marine base at Pensacola...Murray Thompson, Herb (.Cue-ball) Chiids, and Dick Burns are in Alaska.. .Albert Ridings is a first lieutenant a of the new season.. .When Jimmy Wilson became too violent over an incident in the Chicago-St. Louis opener Barlick gave him the well known "go-get - an - early - shower" sign...John Sain, who pitched two scoreless innings for the Boston Braves against the Giants yesterday is the same Sain who chunked for Osceola several years ago. He later toiled for Newport...Nashville sold him to Boston this Spring... Ted Lyons, White Sox pitcher, was not born in Waco, Texas...Records list his birth at Lake Charles, La., Dec. 28, 1900...He claims Vinton, La., as his home...He attended Baylor University, Waco, and made the non-stop jump from the Baylor campus to the major leagues, one of the few to achieve the feat. The first U. S. Marine Corps officers' school was established in 1891 following approval of plans by Secretary of the Navy B. F. Tracy. trusted with producing the forward wall, expects the six-foot- five inch ex-Marooner to become nc of WMI's greats...Right now oppedge is on the Rat wrestling earn...In six meets Bo won all but ne match—the last—and of all FOR SALE PLANTING SEED Pedigreed Stoneville 2-B, Pedigreed Stoneville 4-B (Ambassador). Also first year Stoneville 2-B, 4-B and Delta Pine No. 12. Clean and Ceresan treated. 0. W. Coppedge Gin Co. HIGHWAY 18 Offers Harvest Labor I'lan BERKELEY, Cal. (UP)—B> changing high school vacation pc- jriods so that they will fall during the crop harvesting and fruit picking seasons. R. L. Adams, professor of farm management at the Uni vcrsity of California, suggested th labor shortage in those two fie^d might be alleviated. There Is no medical value, ex cept heat, to light which ha passed through ordinary windo* glass. fliers. Jimmy is at Ballingcr. Texas, and Dick is at Missions.. .Sergt. Danny Warrington is at Seattle. Wash., not far from Lieut. James Ace Puckett at Tacoma, Wash.... The Air Corps also include Calvin hings with the Carolina and Virginia were among is mat victims...Next stop for the 25-pound giant is the plebe base- iall diamond...He is a first base- nan and a promising one. too. MOSLEYS AGAIN IN NEWS Pop Moslcy's boys—Herky. Russ \nd Monk—arc again in the news ,potUght... Hcrky. now a family Sou h IHickernut Head) Moody. Max , South Hutchins< ..-r,,,K» T* rt i, a «nmrr T.imt nan. has been accepted for the "Dub" Bohanning. Lieut. Eddie Saliba, locations unknown... Bert Williams, Manila's great basketball star, was grabbed in the last draft and easily passed the physical examination. PERSONALS TO FANS Jimmy Bloodworth. Detroit second baseman, was secured from Washington in a deal that also included WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, April 20, 8:30 p.m Lowest Admission of any Wrestling: Arena in America. Mike O'Malley and Roy Welch Eddie Malone and Red Roberts Also two 1-fall 30 Minute Matches! Mike O'Malley —vs.— Red Roberts Roy Welch —v— Eddie Malone He Roger Cnmer for Bhoop low is on furlough and expects to >c called in about a month—after ic and his family visit with ihc Mosleys for three weeks...Russ rc- :cntly enrolled in the CAA at the University of Alabama and already has soloed in excellent time...His Croucher and Bruce Campbell, Dec. 12. 1941...Little Rock High School track team won its 87th consecutive track meet two weeks ago by sweeping the Arkansas High School Conference mcet...Cy Block, who formerly played second for Para- Arkansas L ltli> OWIXJV.V.I H» ^,»T_*-w»-'w--- , - - - -- _ air work kept him out of most of B°"M in the rhicvo the Spring Tide football drill, and ; Lsaguc .didi no maketlic^Chica o ,'._*..,. u;«, *.!,„ ctovHr,cr i«ffi Cubs...When the Cuo^ .stopped oy mav hi. U, half berth...But it may remain in a i c ft i Culxs i Tiilsa cnroute to the Windy City Notice Farmers Farmers Gin & Exchange Co. 520 N. Broadway Phone 315 lilythcville, Arkansas FOR SALE COTTON SEED Certified Coker 100 Strain 3. Stoncvillc 2-B. Several Tons—Wilds Long Staple R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. Phone 3141 BIytheviHe We have for sale some Stoneville 2-B Cotton Seed in the original sealed bags direct from the Stoneville Pedigreed Seed Co., not just merely raised near the experimental station. Every cotton grower needs foundation seed to save next year's planting seed. We have some first year Stoneville 2-K and 4-K at reasonable prices. We Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton MEYERS BROS.

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