Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 16, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1896
Page 5
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Up=to=Date Styles - FOR Fall and Winter. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. • POPULAR PRICES. That'* He—My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. R4Roy. Rob Roy, The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full o1 the handsomest new stJe shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & KlinsicK 403 Broadway. THE FIRS! nAilONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAJL *25O,OOO. A. J. Murdock, Pre«. W. W. Bora, Ca§h. j. r. Brookmeyer. Af»t. Ca«h. DIBZCTORS: . . . Bur.kinK In ai: Its Departmetitg promptly •nd carefully done. Safety to CuBtomorg and BtookBoWara "mronc B«Mrv« Fund nulnUlned. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1C, 1S9C. •"^^•'•^^^*^^^^ M **^^^** al ^^^^^^ A ROUGH ROAD. Henry Dupengeiser Opens and Closes a Quart Shop. 4 Henry Dupengelser is a Kokomo gentleman who erected a small building at Galveston Saturday, and opened a quart shop therein Monday. Henry Dupengelser Is'now In Kokomo, making -arrangements for the re• moral of his small building from Galveston. The citizens of Galveston •warned Henry, He smiled blandly at them, but wont ahead, Henry thought he 'was right. Now he says, "I vont run a quar-r-rt shop py GaTveston, I he'f het eln nib." He did.have one rub. It was a rub agalnsb the grain. Before he was In business, a day he was charged • on three counts with selling liquor to a minor, and allowing minors In his shop. Another was held against him' for carrying concealed -weapons. One of the eases for selling to minors was 'tried yesterday, Deputy ' Gamble being .for the State, and Joseph Herron of Kokomo representing Mr. pupengeiser. The case went against the^ffi^art siop man, and he made his decision. He will give up the enterprise. THI'S IS Y On fccejipt of ten cents; cash or stamps, a genca'jpus .sample will be mailed of the .most .popular Catarrh . ancI/^a'.i'eveP'i'Cui-''' (Eiy-'s. ' Balni) ^B 'Cream .., •. ...„.. ' ••." "5C'- Warren ST^New Yorfc.'Clty . Kev. John'LiRoid.'vjr.l^of -_Grea't'- Falls, Mont., recommeDde'd'Ely's'bream Balm to me. r/can/eniithaslie Ms.' statement, "It ds ftvposfoval'-cure'' fw -'/catarrh if userf" as 'direot'eal^Hev>Franc!s W. Poole, - 'T^stor .-• 'Geotralli-PTes.' Church, ' ' ' '" "''' '''' See'our--12%c'.and'39c dre'ss '.good They beat anything you .ever..saw,for the'riioney:—Golden Rule. flANY ATTRACTIONS AT RINK Hospital Bazaar Will Furnish Many Pleasant Features. Tonight the Hospital Bazaar, arranged by -the Ladles' Sewing Circle for the benefit of the St. Joseph, hospital, will be opened at the Broadway rink. Big preparations have been made for tlio event, and the affair all week Js, an assured success.' Tonight the Military bund will play for the opening. Tlie adress with'which the bazaar will be thrown open will be made by Mayor McKee. As has been stated, an excellent supper will be served by the Indies every evening during the bazaar week. The hours for supper will be 5 to 7. Between those hoars no admission will be collected at the door. Supper will be furnished n't the very low price of 15 cents, The admission before 5 and after 7 o'clock, will be 10 cents. • Tomorrow, Thursday night, 1he chief/ •attraction prom'isbd-is tlurc'xhibitio'n fancy drill of the Kn'igMs of St. s ,Tohn. Friday evening the- Knights of St.. George will give a display of their efficiency in drilling. The school children will be given an afternoon Saturday, and during'that time, especial attention will be given to -the pleasure of the young folk. The hours will be from 2 to G o'clock Saturday, and a suitable entertadnment will be provided. ' The admission between those hours will be 5 cents. , Saturday night a sleight-of-hand performance wll Ibe given. There will be an address Monday night b'y the Kev^ Fath'er" WelcTimnn 'of G-asi City. Father We.lchman Is 'no fonnance will be given. The'bazaar will close Tuesday night, September. 22d. That evening there wdll be a concert by the Military band, and a contest for a'bicycle, to deter- ; mlne who Is the most popular engineer In Logansport; between Mri'W.' E.'Wid- gebn of the Vandalia nnd Mr, W. H: Green of the Panhandle, will be settled. There Is great Interest In the contest. • • ' JOINT DEBATE. iAbe Miller Wants an Opportunity --Challenge Issued. Editor Journal: '...]'..Dear Sir:' I sent'the. following .challenge .to Benny of the Pharos, .this. week: "B. F. Louthain— Dear Sir: The onslaught you made 'upon me last week .through'^tue 'columns of your paper as a gold bug .'orator, gives mo prestige before the people to_cMllenge you to a joint debate at Clymers station Saturday evening, Sep-. 'tcmbcr 20th, 1SOG. Political questions to be discussed, and issues of the present campaign; I will give you choice •asm, position,. .pivJsi'on of.tl.me^.toT)'e. 'settled' by nic/slinll be equal. "JTou-rs truly,' '''••' "' "ABB MILLER." HAYMAKERS' M •; The- 1 Hayiriakiira 'will gav« a parade- over town tomorrow evening to-advcr- tise their nwsquerade ball to be given at "the Dolan & ^cHalc ball Friday night, September 18th, The' 'parade will be Leaded by a load of.Jiay. "A bond will also take part in th/ parade and ithe members,'--armed with pitchforks, rakes, 'scathes'aid''everything suggestive of haymaking will join' in making the evening a pleasant one. Advance., sale of blankets and. comforts going on at the Golden Rule. J.J; RUN IN THE First Day's Races Were First-Class. ',.,';';.,,. Hot Finishes and Good Time-Considering the Mud. The Card This Afternoon Will be,,;a; Cracker-Jack. . ' ' "<.'..' In spite of tliff very.dubious weather- of yesterday afternoon,' there'was'-a- fair crowd out on the opening day'of tlio fifth annual racing meat .of. We Lognnsport Driving club.. Contrary;rto the hopes of tlie horsemen, the rains, of Monday evening were succeeded.-by: a'cloudy morning, and the track-had' little chance to dry ou't. Dark;'1*1^ masses.of cloud hung". Tow ,,'o'yei; th.o earth and shut out', the., s'uu^ -ra,y_f3 v while tlie wind which blew-fronvtbc 1 ;. West was anything but an• lnvigo.rfl.C-.- ins zephyr; it was raw and chlll'lng;"ari(l took up not a bit of the moisture : wh!cli was *o plentiful on the ' w.ellTW0rk'<?iJ track. The home stretch was' a sea-p'f mud from, the-sixteenth -pole to the wire, nnd no amount of working-suf- lieed to put it in track.ible shape, wliil'e the back stretch was even worse, and : the wonder Is that tlie .time made in the l.wo races which were started 1 was as fast as it proved to be. .A mistake was made in piling onto the track a,-lot of loose dirt, but of course it could-.not be foreseen that, a heavy rain wdnld turn up at the last moment to make the going heavy.. ' There were three races on the program, the 2:40 trot, the 2:45 .pace'arid the Oass county go-as-you-please. But two of'I hem wore run, nnd neither was finished. Four hunts of the 2:40 trot,: and a like number of the County rnce were finished, but as all the- races-are; three heats in flvo, and as no horse won three heaits, darkness compelled laying them over until today. In conseQuence, the races will be started at 1 o'clock tliis afternoon, sharp, and the people who wish to see the finish In these two : events, both of which proved ..to'be' very interesting, must be on the.ground promptly at the time mentioned.- ... There were eleven entries In the 2:40 trot, and but one was scratched, Durango Sprague being afraid of the mud, When the horses lined up for tlie word in the .first heat,' it was seen that Starter GriiJfis would hare trouble In getting them away hi good shape, ns the. mud made it .bad. for the. horses hit-he middle''of the track. 'The ten scored three times be-fore they got the word, nnd when they were sent away, •they were prettiily bunched, with Beau: tlful BoHs on the-pole-and Queen F, Regal Russell, - Prince .Omer, Dr. Dodge, Wilkes Deen, Avalanche, Dr. Wilkes, Renza and Lock'on the outside 11 the order named. 'Behutifur Bells^ could not hold the pole, and gftye.w? to Regal Russell, who led to tlio ftve-." Mgh'ths where he broke, .and-JRenaa. came 'on and won the heat. In; tijhot finish with Wllkes Doen »reond,-::andri •he"field bunched not five fength$J)W<_ tliroughoutthe home stretch:' ''The 1 'second heat was a repeater of.the"first,; :he finish being, hot enough fo .stljr.-the lorsemen. to shouting-. Dr. Wllkes. ; bc--. mved beautifully, in this, heat aud-won : in a driving finish, a nose ahead''.of^ Wilkes Deen. Dr. Wllkes was considered a good tlilng in'the t-mrd^b'ejvt^ nnd the pool sellers ix>^ted hinx<U.;T.VfK ^,,:\vltli'Renza and Wllkes D'eenh'f-efe'S,. money to win". But the Doctor Ipst-'Ms stride -In the third heat:nnd. fln-Ish«Ho. fifth place, with Beautiful'-''Bells'i In 'rout and Renza second: In -the-fourth- icat Dr. WUUes kept ills fee'i'and'tand-.- , \n -i_'t_ • ^i A .Alt VlrtV^Wi'i'-tfll* 1 TUiltoft'' Bxfina Strong Heavy Pants - I2xtra Well Made Pants - = ~!d" Made From Remnants , «u cents for Boys' Knee Pants —Heavy and tough. Real value* • ;l0 r and 75 cents- Only 250 pair Just the thing for school. ITO KRAUS "Of Course .iiffiing ! .-'the-'rrjick:-iii : 2.33.- Tue sum! Fa •'. ••IVW-l-A -; Jit, "•-.••. .' -... .• . . " 5 -I; f •i-l- 1 '' 2-*&" 7 .:-2. '%**•'" l_3' "j? .$'• •J.".,2. d.f,' ,.T-3( •d first in an oyelaslvMni'sh w Deen. -The summary!:....;,... Dr. Wilkes (Gregg). .':..'....;. Beautiful Bells (Coth'man, Ronza (Smith) .--.'. : . .••:..-.'.. Wilkes Deeii' (Legg) ..!..'.?'.. Regal Russell (Bowers) ... Ijock (Bates)' ,.'.'... i.'.-.,- •_•.,.--• Dr. Dodge (McMahon),.;.:...;. ; 5; Jf Qucen.F.(Sl'lllk).':,,.,'.:,.,-.-.9.-,0 ivulanche -(Watt)- . ..-.->•..;-:.- &:•&-•&•>!& 'rince Omer (Henderson) , .dls'-'-y- 1 ''••}>' , Tfmc-2.34%, 2.32%;- .S&W*';;?&/. "\Vinkes Dc*n set'.back; in fourtli'.hfeat; 'i-om second to fourth' place, for,foul-., Tig Regnl Russell in"thc ; sti;etch..j,\,. .:;-.• The county race was ns-interesting. 1 ,.s t-ho 240 trot, and the -time in-'-onei of .the heats was almost as-)'-nst'as the' Fastest lieat 'of that race. ^'There; w'pi-e- five- .'horses, on. thc.^.cnrd,. but' ,,-.Wjll, Vcic'h's 'colt, .Billy, . W".:and-~.JHatr^ Elliott's Cbesloj; were .6cratch.ed,;,-leay-. ng Dallas K,-Frank.Kistler'u. big-grayv- Mary Graney, -Pat -GTaricfy's^'f.pacin^ m'n'rcV • o'rid' Enrr Stewart's .'.TPSteAvSrf ^••'C.A.X'n- ; in. ^Viii" flrcV li^»n!t.''ni«n.nf»t-*s* (,ra-ce." Jn .the "first . mare paced '-the ,mi.lie ' wltlipu t'jn^'K'P'- a'nd'had'a dozen" iengths to '' at- the finish.- In- the-secoiid started out at a- merryrcllp the air before -tue reached, and ! .T. Stewart ciime on,,and won handily frpni JpallaV . Ki.:,',^^. third 'heat was a.repetitlon- ; o£4hpr«ee3 ond, .T .Stewart Ja'nIshtnK..-.'ilW(t-,-:>srttlr Dallas K close up- ' and the ^ mare gallop!^' on the turas:' ; fourth heat tSb 1 - mriie " BteadfeS' and paced the fastest mile . . . .'! ,..•'• 2.-' 1-12 .-. . .'..1 : 3 3 1 Dallas K (Stout) ............ 3 2.2 '3 nie-^W/iv'2.W%,-2:r,3, 2.33%'. (Un- ijed^'h'iaf'oye-.r'run'tiiytheiiext day.) ie'^r-fopif^'-vfaS not started at all, , i .. -today, '. as well h.<i:'.i.h/e r(jgi.iiar,<!.ar<i,- .which gives, a. full Lfitfc«w<JiI':oif good, racing. ' There are c ]j ly . 0 -h,4utTkis--lu. 1 'tbJs event- and the r)fos|p;eCt'' : .'s'tlih : t' : the nice'will.be a hot p{^. r in;ji;dy(tj;yu;-tl'iw-e ts tiie,2'.25 trot Jin4.Jthc;'2t2^ "pace, and a running race, hxil!^dax5i.^-rAday..,i«i .Logansport day (ind.'.n-lm"ost.'ey«o- merchant in the city will close his store and give his clerks ^'filiiipemcnt requests all stock- iioTders 'niid'tjib.ge.'who are holders of complimwitjiry, -tickets lo tie their fickOTS.-Jn-.vhX'ir -button hole, where HiVy'"-Ma.Y^bo-:ix>adily seen, and thus K.-u-e;' tronl)le : '-niUl- 'confusion in identi- j'j-1'n'g''t : ho'se- Si'tFtlcd to' admission. AMER icA. ^Meeting Last- Night- People Turned Away'. eSOT- meetl-ng last nJght a CTojip'gvSiiJffrJca''. waA attended . by a crwfcl ~tji,at. packed the 'school house. i-V rival meeting of free silverM.es was j-ielugi-lield-a. short distance aw-ay, hav- hig'-Ke'e'ii-'arra.necd 1 for. the purpose of i)rcve'ntTul?"- T 'lii<lepe-ndcBt Democrats from ^listening to sound money .ai'gu- nvcijlts^. The'ue^were many who left that meeting fo.-foi'p .the Republican gathering, but- they 'rcould not find' a, place. Popocrats «re ti-j'ing. coercion and in- of this kind wherever there : is' av'soun'd money- meeting, and -'after fh^dgnn^cra.ts.'a : rc.-' I .cqcrce<r' into 'Join- ingVii-tu? pw'ocrati'c "squad," Jfr. 'Top- gun'' "Carter makes a talk. Thus Is mi.se.o'r.a.d.ded to .intimidation. .' TJie;jriee club and the drum corps as- slsteawflie 1 meeting. The crowd present wn,s,ovor 200 strong, and Hon. W. V <ind 'Hon. Geo. W. Steele .were me speakers'. ARGUMEKT. -'J hns "repeated one argu- io<i5lt<*h ffiKMlfr-must consider it •forcible. He pilots in the form of a . standard is a l. hold .on to..'it, ,. -has over declared In if aviir of" gold, .lt-,-:tlie. gold stajS&ard ii-'artelA- thdng^ve; should get rid of it iX i>nc«-It&0«t?.''tfea».lng for- the action ' -. This souiuk pjausi.ble. , Tie man who .tl!e:taa thought 1 he. 'adted for let go. ;-,.'. -T that the single told standard Is not-. : -l'.ho- best' 1 form 'of '";co'un'try, It -by no ' we i 'should adopt a ?,LlWj^sta.iidnrd..'Tt may be ad- '"''"lrn.ble .to re' without ad- a -change by That the change ' : would- result i reason'.,.. No. ua- of. both one of tfic out the"metals " hafiirriov.er vhe«n->:fencto "». disparity .be- trtWL^tU'e'-Tifd nfetiita- as now.'and that fifcl'-fc'ijlmigp 'oj' silycf'Tvill' drive ^gVw'jilin ,reWdliy" be\prx)ven. The si0u of Mr. Bryan:s elec- ,. .•caused., gold 'to be »»- :fronv circulation, as any can see by calling, at a -bank and -Tfie > t<?a1''0!ni'otiall;ists of 'tlie world are >ppp5«ito.thi!' 'cxpef inient' of -this Coun :; tiy"' iryi'ng Dingle Irfnded^to, double the. ,iilji(vX)X,sHv ; e? v . .,Th«, attemijt. cnn only '' ' " . ...-i: years to come.. 'iilre Dotnoeratlc "politicians know this, and- have raised -the cry of free silvet to divert attention from their own ' ' . ' the war, the. and and. »toiooi*>: lundcrtobk - t -rth&. • theories they ' ewe nil ills. From a. remarkable degree o-f prosepriry they great distress. r"lwould not AT thojitedi »n»atry!K«nd too Democratic DRIVING PARK SEPTEMBER 15, i6» 17. 18. $3,000.00 in Premiums. politicians sa.w themselves doomed to well merited oblivion. In their despair the poor politicians looked around for the means of salvation, which had an organization, and could command some votes. They cried: "We have it. Let us have fusion." It mattered not that the fundamental principles of the Democratic party were sound money and State rights, and that the Populists were crying for cheap money and a centralized paternal government. Free trade is dead. Hurrah for free silver! went out the cry. Shout it into the ea^s of the people. Make such a clamor that nothing else can be heard. J-et our fusion be noise and confusion! In carrying out this plan the "Boy Orator" was nominated, and as -a sop to sincere Democrats a bank President and ship owner was selected as his running mate. The sound, common sense of the people can not be led astray by mere oratory, nor can their judgment be obscured for two or three months by noise. The record of the past four years cannot be blotted out. "By their fruits ye shall know them." The bitter fruit we have been eating has destroyed all confidence in the tree. ,"Cut It down. Why encumbrcth it the ground?" W. K. BENTON. PERSONAL. Sheriff McKay of Pul.osfci county was here yesterday.- Robert Rodabaugh is at Rochester for a ten days' stay. *, Mrs. L. E. Ootner -is visiting her daughter at Cambridge City. Charles Kruger of Wiuamac hns reentered Hall's Business college. ,T. D, McNitt and daughter Carrie are visiting .friends at Indianapolis. Freeman WJlson will leave today to re-enter Lake Forrest university. F. H. Ogborn of Lafayette is visiting his sister, Mrs. Pierce of Fitch street. George Custer will leavo soon to reenter law school at Indiana university-^ Miss Anna Belle of East High stree^ has gone to Torre Haute to enter school. \ Mrs. M. D. Butler of Indianapolis is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mary C. Grnff- lin of No. 415 Thirteenth street. Sa.m B. Patterson 'left this morning for, his home nt Ottumwa. Iowa,'after a visit with relatives iii this city. ^ Nellie Stan-ton and Nina .Tustico of the High school class of 'OC ( have reentered school to take a post-graduate course. A. W. Moore, t». V. Darby, W. O. Finch, representing Good Intent Lodge, K. of P.; and W. H. Sumption .and T. S. Strickland, representatives of T. ,T. Harrison Post. G. A. R. : all of Kokomo, were in the city yesterday afternoon to meet the trail n from Chicago hearing the remains of T. L. Wykes, who died at St. Paul Monday after a short, illness. Mr. Wykes had gone to : St. Paul to attend the G. A. E. encampment and was taken ill. dying in a hospital, '.•'.. " The twelve-year-old son of C. J. ; Rauk, the'machinist who lives on Race street, fell fro-m the top of the house Vest-ei-day morning while at play and •received injuries which may prove fatal. Tlie accident was witnessed by neighbors 'Who carried the unfortunate :lir.tle fellow to the house where he suf- • fred intensely. Dr. Jordan was called : ,ind. did all he could to relieve-the pain :bnt his recovery, is. very, .doubtful. Positively the best cup of coffee In .the city at Dykeman's cafe. IA. splendid program .will be rendered;; A3mi«siob 10 cents. Muoson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. standard or excellence. Manr of tb6 "Munson" consider It THE BEST, You will Sod it a valuable assistant In roar .of- . See. Address for partfcnlus THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. ^., 240-244 We«t take St.. Chicago, IIL. -. STATE NATIONAL BANK lOGANSPORT, JJfD.J CSrtPITflL - S20O.OOO jr. F. Johnson, Frealdmt. i.---'' B. W. Ulltry. Vice Pr*flden», H. J. HeltbUnk, Cwhler. DIRBCTORB. I. W. JohMon. B. W. Dllery. J. T. EUlott W. U. Elliott. W. H. Bolder. Buy eAd •»'! QoTemment bond*. Ix ttoaey en penonal «ecurtty and coIUter- tlB. Isiue special certlflcate* of depoelt* beeJrtnc > per cent Interest -when left on» ntr; 1 per cent, per annum when deposited elx nonthv. Boze* In Safety Deposit Vault* of thk tank for the deposit of deede. to»ur*nc« •elide*, mortocea and ether Talluablei, rented at from W to UB r*r year. t CHAS. L. WOLL, i-l UNDERTAKFR >: N» 07 Market f /e*t , Call* Bttended to promptly, to.7 * ,»„ J Onion »nd Mutual tel*phon«M Office,--No. 16; Kwldenc* No. J1L. ^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""^^***^^^^ ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Go to tJie rink-tonight and encourage- a< charitable and worthy cause. ipo your shopping nt tbe Golden Rule- There is where you will flnd the bargains. During Uie excitement tonight do not forget the dance at Dolan & McHalc's hall by the popular Eastend Pleasure- club. Wanted—Good men to work Insurance. Call In tie forenoon and even- j n g S ._PnidcntIal Insurance Company, 320% Market street. Orange Jolly. One box gelatine dissolved in a kitchen. cupful of water. In one hour's time pour on this a cupful of boiling-water^ Stir until melted, then n<ld two cups of? , a etick of cinnamon, the prated: , ind of an orang-e nnd n. lemon, the jnico- of three oranges ami a lemon and a cttp> •of sherry. If one otjects to the win* more lemon juice mav be substitute*.: " Strain •„ through a clofti. »»J 'ponr .<nfci molds.— Brooklyn Kacl'-. ^ _ • ; ; Top»y-Torry. In Albania the men wear petticoats; and the women trousers. The womcra do all the work nnd the men attend to. nothing in. particular. American Hot. Abroad. American walnuts, pecans, hickory nuta and the like were last yenr BW* . abroad lo tihe extent of $115,27*. The a'nertion in London now la whettc « mwriBge. at St. Pwr» wl" ' .'••hloiwble . • ' ' •-''• 1^

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