The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon on March 1, 1950 · Page 5
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The Eugene Guard from Eugene, Oregon · Page 5

Eugene, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 1, 1950
Page 5
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I rff NEWS NOTES 'ene Rich C Courson, Donald I1 . and Byron K.. layiur, ibertson ana oy College. ;udalts me recenUy awards trom the Na- -fi r outsdTng freshmen 'fsoPhomore students of the odi. Officers Training corps. e!rlerds were in recognition of "racv in drill and academic ihments tor tau term, comph hmenis lourson is . Broad. i Courson, . ' . 'and a sophomore in engineer-" Robertson's, son of Mr. and ft- -B ta taon. 1032 West Mrs, Jennelle Moorhead, asso elate professor of health education In the. University of Oregon, NEW YORK OT Lovely spent Monday teaching a class in; Irene Rich, 58, married her fourth Oregon State College, sne taugm nusoana mraaay, aim amu S,Ja sophomore in pharmacy W!r'!SSTioth.isasoPho- street, -....ns ana YW. vMh I. Myers, Kn oi fresh- e initiated last week into Phi Rf Sigma, national .scholastic r society. Gribble is enrolled v rSion work and Myers engineering student at Ore-r . rnllpee. gaond J. Kerr, of Vida. who i struck by a car . parent-child relations In the home economics class of Katherine Reed. A marriage license application was filed Tuesday in Bellingham, Wash- by Ray H. Borup and Florence Hatch, both of Eugene, Mrs. Fred E. CrutcMey, 450 Spring Creek Drive, reports that tree swallows seen in the neigh borhood of Santa Clara Monday have appeared earlier than at any time in her eighteen years' residence here. Previously they have appeared between March 6 and 20, according to her records, usually around 10 or 12. Co-op alumni will hold a fireside on the University of Oregon ' '. ! pnsineering. William Wendall Gribble, son of """i".,. MS Pearl street, P- E- or u,rH L. Mvers.' campus Wednesday. The affair 1775 will be at Highland House starting at 7:30 p.m. Guests are asked, to bring bulbs. Townsend Club No. 7 will meet at 8 p. m. Thursday at the David Haggart home, 171 Monroe St. Visitors are welcome. The Gerald DeWain Harfaert Detachment, Marine Corps League, will hold Its formal business meet- r . o-ik tc last week, naa an.inff weanesaay at a p.m. ai me Ilia ruin. .forriav fltlVotoronc Mnmnrisl TlllilrtinS. orppncv oucicuw" - . - . tt ii.l .ifhepe hft .it i in r Bt. Alices Altar ouvic.y ui Springfield will hold an all-day food sale Saturday at the public market in Eugene. bye to her 30-year acting career. She and utilities executive George Henry Clifford, 68, were married in a flower-decked suite of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel where they will make their home. "I tried to mix my career and marriage once before and it didn't work," Miss Rich told reporters. I'm giving it all up this time. I have a real job to do now, just taking care of Mr. Clifford." The marriage was the second for Clifford, whose first wife died in 1935. Miss Rich's three previous marriages ended in divorce. Miss Rich has been a leading lady in numerous stage produc tions and more than 200 films. Her most recent appearance was in a broadway musical hit, "As the Girls Go," which closed last month after a long run After Lifetime of Welfare Work Missionary Quits Bulgarians PARIS flJ.B Of the 46 diplo-.ants. Finally I was told I had to. She bowed her head and rub-mats and members of the Ameri- get out by Mar. 2. bed her forehead as she told of can colony who quit Sofia last just to be disagreeable the the torturing of the pastor of the week after the United States Bulgarian government would not!m-. ronffrPMtlnnaltit Church of H JlnlmnnKl, valstlAnc VFlth -..I 1 1 ..111. ...... U I 5 - - tj " mu&c uu uiftuiuaiii. iv."viw ...... give me all CAJb pcillllb, ttiwiuugii Bulgaria, only one was said to they had ordered me to leave. I leave. 'am very grateful to the U. S. le- She Is Miss Mary Haskell, of gation staff for finally getting my Eagle Rock, Cal., who at 81 has ( papers arranged. The final per-behind her a lifetime devoted tOmiSsion only arrived at 3 p. m. welfare work among the Bulgar-1 Friday. We left on the Simplon- lans, Orient express at 10 p. m. Resting comfortably in her Helped Communists Paris hotel room after a three- iRegistep-Crnard, Eugene, Ore., Wed.( March 1, 1950 Page 5 A Rebate Checks Speeding Up TOO MANY PITTSFORDS PITTSFORD, Mich. U.R Em ployes at Plttsford's post office are getting slightly confused. The hich school English class is ex changing letters with students inj About half of all GI Insurance two other Pittsfords, in Vermont dividend checks have now been "Rnlpnrian frifinris tnlH mpi that day train trip from Sofia, Miss my punishment was light only Haskell recalled her years in Bul-jbecause j had heipe(j Communists garia in an exclusive United Press in concentration camps during the interview. iast War. One of the prisoners I I still feel as one walking in a helped was the nephew of the dream, with the haunting lear ate Bulgarian Communist pre- that I may wake up and find my-:mjer George Dimitrov." self in Sofia," Miss Haskell began in a calm, tired voice. Thinks of Friends Miss Haskell, who lived through World War II in her Sofia apartment, recalled the bombing and Si Heart Hospital, where he been since me atnuci.,. " ill be una Die io sec ....v,.a few days. Lodge No. 11 AF and ui Wm how stated j., , j M. Ames Jr. ion Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. rn he Masonic Temple. Business Funeral services for Irwin neeting will be followed by work Merle Ames, Jr., 13 months, will n the EA degree. Visiting Masons be at the Swaim Funeral Home in Son of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Ames, Rt. 2, Springfield, he died Tuesday. Bartholomew-Buell Chapel Is In tion Colo. He will return to nis cnarge oi local arrangements. fw Monday. ' I Burial will be In Dodge City. L,s1ntnp. City Manager Oren L. King left "ugene Wednesday to attend funeral services for his step-father, E. Converse, at iirana junc DR. CHAS. A. HOGAN CHIROPODIST (FOOT SPECIALIST) : Announces tHe opening of his office 201 Tiffany Bide. Eighth OTd. Willamette Hours: 9 to 5:30 Phone 4-9653 LOGGING TRUCK OWNERS Wc specialize in writing insurance on log trucks. Liability, property damage, fire, theft and all forms of collision are written by our companies. P. U. C. filings made on a moment's notice. Premiums Can Be Paid Over An 8 Month Period. "DreUMNCE B OUR BPSMEW ROBERT C. McCRACKEN Bob McCrackra 83 W. Broadway INSURANCE AGENCY San Huston Ph. 4-4279 EXTM VALUES W MEN'S WEAR Trousers, Special Voluas to $13.95. good selection of trousers and slacks lor verydcry wear. An wool and pari wool, sizes 26 to 50. Dress Shirts, Special Value $1,95 10 $3,9S' "kenon of Madras doth and plain wute, with short or long point collars. Famous brands In "sb U to 17. Sport Shirts, Good Value . $1.Q5 Values to S3.95 In an assortment of plains, stripes and sterns In good quality cottons and mixtures. Sizes S, M, L. aT" Shirts, Special . . . . . 1 , . . i-T, plmn and ,ancy c' S, M, and L. 65c wear. Weal for everyday Wool Shirts Ml Virata -i-i . - . Wv L " m sizes if fo 20. Bm,i L , d te SPrt Gambler, Snap Button and liar Sh.1.. fei 2. .!''wooi::::zz: " ,ooa au wool shirts as low as . .$9.95 ...S5.95 ,.i3.95 STONE'S Mens' Store GOP Women Elect Officers Lane County Republican Wom en have elected new officers to. lead what they hope will be a vigorous program, as primary and general elections near. Mrs. B. M. Bond is new chairman of the group, with Mrs. Tauf Charneski as vice-chairman. Mrs. W. K. Curry and Miss Sally Skene are secretary and treasurer. Serving on the board of trustees are Mrs. Frank Reid, outgoing chairman; Mrs Carl Phetteplace, Mrs. Nels Jorgensen, Mrs. Al Friese, Mrs. Kenneth Nielsen, and Mrs. S. W. McCready. At the last meeting of the group Mrs. Ralph Martin reviewed "The Road Ahead" by John T. Flynn, me executive Board of the or ganization will meet Mar. 8 at the home of Mrs. B. W. Bond. "But when I think of my dear hardship. She said that Russian friends left behind the Iron Cur- yengefulness and terror tactics, tain, I weep. including the recent trials of Pro- Yet when I tmnK or the telegram 'welcome home' just receiv- Sofia. Protestants in Bulgaria num ber only 25,000, she reported. The remainder are Greek Orthodox. Loyalty to God and New York. Employes say they have to look tice at each letter before sorting it. Twenty-seven states have tree farm systems. ciHornd fhic rplinf mnttfllist nron- "The government was generally . agan(ja. Knows War Well kind to me," Miss Haskell said. n.. inhnn ft onmA tn MinnKinf. lt,.,on tho f finH mrl thp MISS HHSKCll KnOWS War WeU. i - in..aiv., : sne neiDea victims oi me muce- . 4i.- Ti. .Idoninn Revolution of 1901. which: with lower serial many things forbidden that I be- was financed by the ransom of m . friohtono T s nfr.niH an American missionary, Ellen even to look in store windows. "My friends said I was under strict surveillance and my dossier In police headquarters told everything about me. I never knew when I might be stopped and searched." The Communist government objected to her aid to the non Records DISTRICT COVBT Overwidth: Charles X Grova. S3. Overload: Clyde R. Boleyn. $2Si Jessie v.. f re stan. f:u; uoren 1. periuns, S2S; Armln U Ward. S15. No operator's license: Charles C Turn er, i Anna uonnston, aa; award F. Rrirlrhart T.-. ... T -...I. Archer. $5: Wayne E. Chynoweth, S.' 'I No PUC nermft Krttii n Hf,nmv $19. 10 suspended! Leo I Dahl, $15. $10 ed from my brother, Henry J. Haskell (eidtor of the Kansas City Star), I'm too happy for words. Miss Haskell, a representative of the Congregational Church to Bulgaria, was dressed In an old but neat black dress, with a knit shawl draped around her shoulders. She said she had left nearly all her clothes, food and furniture to Bulgarian pastors. Her hands toy ed with the cross of Queen Eleanor, awarded her by the prewar Bulgarian government In recognition of welfare services during the Balkan war in 1912-13. Born in Bulgaria 'I was born in Bulgaria in 1869 of missionary parents, you know," she said. "I went home to Ohio for schooling and took degrees at Oberlin College and Chauflle College in Cleveland. But as soon as an opportunity turned up to return to Bulgaria as a teacher in 1890 I left America. I came back been back this time since 1935." I "A month ago I learned that the Bulgarian government was preparing to expel me because of the work I was doing amongst the families of prisoners and Protest- testant pastors, lost the Com- Communist needy, she said. It munists the support of the people also stopped CARE parcels from after the war's end. I the United States because it con- Stone. Miss Haskell was captured and held prisoner by the Turks in the Balkan War of 1912-13. She was in Bulgaria throughout both world wars. Next Friday she sails for America on the Queen Elizabeth to see her family again and enjoy some peace and quiet "I think I've earned it," she said. mailed out and the Veterans Administration believes all will have been sent out by June 30, Kenneth L. Farner, administration contact representative in Eugene, said Tuesday. Farner said that persons whose last three service serial numbers were 500 through the mid-600s are receiving checks. Persons numbers who haven't gotten checks as yet should not write in, he said. Those checks are being held up for more routine processing and will be mailed out when completed. Many persons have been bypassed temporarily, he said. However, there is no reason for writing in if the acknowledgement card has been returned. Those who have not gotten an acknowledgement of application should mail in another card labelled "duplicate." YOU CAN PURCHASE A GENUINE FRIGID AIRE REFRIGERATOR ASK ABOUT IT TODAYI opPLionce co. 2053 E, MAIN TOUR FRIGID AIRE DEALER DIAL 7-3361 OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P.M. SPRINGFQXD i suspended. Burkhart, $5, our adulti In front Ufttt Edward T. 5. without llcensot Anellnff Sears. 30, BIRTHS AT SACKED HEART UUBFlTAXi GORDON To Mr. and Mrs, Guy Gordon, Saginaw, a daughter. Fab. 37. 19M. JONES To Mr. and Mrs. Leon Jones, 1 Rt 2. Eugene, a daughter. Feb, 3T, I960. EASLEY To Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Easley, 3270 Fierce St, a son, Feb. 37, 1950. HE BERT To Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Hebert. 1083 Second Ave. W.. a daughter, Feb. 37, 1980. TOOMEY To Mr. and Mm Robert Toomey. 978 13th Ave. a eon, Feb. 37, 1990. BIRD To Mr. end Mrs. Commodore Bird, 1334 F St, Springfield, a daughter, Feb. 27, 1950. ALLAN To Mr. and Mrs. Alex Allan, w uiiucn ou, a Bun, cent uw. I CLARK To Mr. and Mrs. Forrest : Clark, 359 Jackson St, ft daughter. Feb. 37, 1950. . MARRIAGE LICENSES iviHurice w. hum, si, ana colleen ou Uspie, 30, both of JSugene; Leslie O. Keel- is J suntl Fay Tucker, 37. both of Springfield; Al- er. 32. and Maxlna Veneta; Smith Mountjoy, and Wanda Springfield bert D. Applegate, Jr.. 32, 3185 Potter St id Charlotte Louise Fehly, 24, 876 welith Ave, East; Thomas Boyd Dwyer. 20, and Betty June "Miller" Conway, 19, both of OakridKe; Clinton Lajole. 18, 120 West "J" St, Springfield and Dickie Lou 1 ioomoi, 10, iiuo ryorui oevenm ot., ' Springfield . CIRCUIT COURT Divorce suits filed! Fred A. Baker vs. Llla S. Baker, desertion; Mary Frances Mendenhall vs. Marshall E. Mendenhall, cruel and Inhuman treatment plaintiff requests custody of I minor children. ' Law suits filed: Lela E,thel Miller, Administratrix of the Estate of Chester A. Miller, deceased vs. Henry Relsenhuber, Howard Baker and Mrs. Eva Baker, suit to recover $25,000 for alleged negligence in auto accident Equity suits filed: Horace C Buckingham and Mary H. Buckingham vs. Earl C Hanklns, suit to foreclose land sale contract; Harley O. Cain and Xva A. Cain vs. Cecil L. Rayburn and Floyd B. Ray-burn, Charles O. Langley and Hilda Marie Langley, mortgage foreclosure. MUNICIPAL COURT Traffic light; Luther Boy las, 185 N. Chase, 5. . . Basic rule: Robert E. Lyon, 715 Hiway 99 N., $10; Gerald L. Murphy. 425 Gil- bert St., $35. u t w i No operator's license! Joseph P. Fleming (and accident). 3783 Klncald St. $5. urunicen driving: nuwara chb, (accident) 685 Cheshire, $150 and driver's license revoked for one year. Drunk: John Whitworth, Oakridge, $10; George Wilson, transient. $10; Paul W. Ahrens, post Office Dr.. $10; Gerry Cro-nln. Coburg Rd.. 30 days suspended sentence to leave Uyvm. . Disorderly conduct: Lloyd C Barnes (and assault and battery), 774 Willamette St., $50. MARRIAGE LICENSES . Clarence A. Gehrke, 28, 37 14th Ave. C and Donna Mae Wells. 20. 2024 Emerald St; Roy Chester Norris, 38, Junction City, and Violet Theodora Brooks, 30, Oakland, ore. mRfitrrr rnrmT PrnhRtfK Estate of Edward S. Kerby ceased; inventory, appraised at $4,670.35. f Edward S. Kerby, de- niveirow tnilts fild: Vivian Brldaer vs. Ernest Brldger, cruel and Inhuman treat, merit. BOUNTIES Clifford Beers, Mapleton, 3 bobcats, $5; Wilbur A. Council, Westfir, 1 bobcat, $2.50; Fred J. Hammond. Cottage Grove, 1 bobcat, $2.50; Albert Papenfus, Dexter, 1 bobcat, $3.50; James Stevens, Yachats, 1 bob-rat, 3 cougars, $22.50. BIRTHS AT SACRED HEART HOSPITAL: WHIPP& To Mr. and Mrs. Ray WMpps, 1680 12th Ave, W.t a son, Feb. 24, 1950. FLOOD To Mr. and Mrs. Dale Flood, Walton, a daughter, Feb. 24, 1950. FRICW To Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Frick. 1543 15th Ave. E,, a daughter, Feb. 24. 1950,,r T Mr. and Mn. Bervl FlUgerald. 1002 Fair View Drive, Springfield, a son. Feb. 24, 195a BLAKE To Mr. and Mrs. Chester DiaKe, 4(40 fticenzifj mgnway, a uausn-ter. Feb. 24. 1950. SHELBY-rTo Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Shel-hy, 3996 19th Ave. a daughter, Feb. 24. 1950. HALLADEY To Mr. and Mrs. Dale Haliadey, Veneta, a daughter, Feb, 24, 1950. DEFOE To Mr. and Mrs. William Defoe. Cheshire, a son, Feb. 24, 1950, TRACER To Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Tracer. Rt. 1, Junction City, twins, a son and dnuRhter, Feb. 24, 1050, BARTELS To Mr. and Mrs. Harry BartrK 1434t High St, a daughter, Feb. 25. 1950. CARLTON To Mr. and Mrs. Basil F. Carlton. 1909 Grant Ave., a daughter, Feb. 25. TOMSETH To Mr. and Mrs. Hersey Tom set h, Springfield, a daughter, reo. 33, 1950. GARD To Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gard. 1121 Fifth St, Springfield, a son Feb, 33, 10 VI. FKIESEN To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fries en. 4651 Barger Drive, a daughter, Feb. 25. 1950. AMBROSE To Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ambrose, 1950 prairie noao, a son, reo; 35. 1950. hAlinHTVninnH-Tfl Mr. and Mr. Edwin DauRhenbaugb, Vida, ft daughter. ICO. 23, MTLLER To Mr. and Mrs. John Miliar, Dlsston, a daughter, Feb, 26, 1950. DE LOACH To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Do Loach. SWr Rt, Oakridge, a daughter. Feb. 28. 1950. BONINE To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bonlne, Lea bur gk ft daughter, Feb, 36, 19S0. BIRTHS AT RHOADS HOSPITAL AND CMNIC: DRAGOO To Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dra-goo, 991 Third Ave. Wt, ft aemS rebT 37, WE GIVE "S&H" GREEN STAMPS 740 WIIIAMETTI For Spring . . ron avm feel smarts look smart . . . with these budget-priced fashions! Suit-Dress Whiffle inches off with a BesKorm $95 v Heres' a girdle specially desltuca to make your waist appear Inches smaller. This rayon satin girdle ha the comfortable three-inch waist band that stays np, whether yon walk, ait or bend. Satin elastic vertical itretch front and back, diagonal boned . front. 14-16-inch lengths: ateea 17 to 30. White nylon bra comoi In 32 to 36, A cup! 32 to 40, B cup. $1.50 (Matt and pfcoM orSrg Mtotl Foundations, socoro Woof Repeat Sale! Light-footed Carefree ELFIES $9.99 Brsnd-new shipment of this popular toft thoo favoritot We'ro oof thorn now In rod, green, gray, Golden Wheat, black, brown. Comfort, bio tuede-lilca oppers, with long-lattlnej loather sola and piriO'ltka, they're pointed front and bad. Sixes from 4 to 9. SHOES, MAIN FLOOR tare SkwkiUa (f ' in, Navy! 1 1 ST r fCl I I Werr If at a suit Wear it at a drs In navy, tk Spring favorite You'll Most the dlifornU maker for dreaming up ttili tweet suit. 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