The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1942 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1942
Page 2
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^ rV, ' ** TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)<"COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1942 EDSON IN WASHINGTON BY PETER EDSON,. Courier New* Wiihlh'gten C6rV«s]x>n<lerit • WASHINGTON, Aprfl IS.—The old ideal of how to be a success •was that- every small boy in this country had the opportunity to grow up'like Thomas A. Edison,- in-vent an electric light or a talking machine take out a patent and sit back to live' off the royalties for land and permit the United States M) --'secure full and unrestricted benefits' from these monopoly-held patents. The assumption is that the country now has an oxcart patent law f6r an airplane civilization. Last revisions; oh the basic patent laws were in I9l0 and 1918. REMEDYING THE WRONG To remedy what's wron?, there 17 years, retiring gracefully into. is proposed a new bill introduced immortality and the history books ( by Senators Joseph C. O'Mahoney afte v d'reath. And every genius or j of Cheyenne, Wyo., Robert M. La- crackpot with an inventive frame of' Toilette, Jr., of Madison, Wis., and mind was supposed .to add-a-little Senator Homer T. Bone of Tacoma, .P. S. to his "Now-I-Wy-me's" at night, giving s: to the Founding Fathers who, in (heir infinite wisdom, provided right in the Constitution that Congress be giye'n the power "to promote the ..Pro-', . gress of'Science and'the Useful : '•Arts... by securing lor limited times to...Inventors the exclusive Right to -their respective.". .Discoveries," Amen. But in these times of all-out, ICO psr cent two hemisphere global war for survival/ it seems that this old stuff is all wrong. The patent law presented as tf curse, for certain wicked parties, particularly corporations, have conspired to do inventors out of their just r&wards and, far, worse, to deprive the public of the benefits they might be enjoying if those patents were not held as a mono- ply. Stii: worse, intfny of these patents are held under hidden German control in such a way that the Americn war prouiiction effort -is handicapped because fhe U. S. government cannot now legally obtain munitions manufactured under these patented processes. OUT OF OBSCURITY That—in brief and oversimplified statement—is wnai's behind the current series of disclosures being unfolded before the Senate Committee on Patents. For years congressional patent committees have gone .their routine ways, neglected and ignored. Today, this Senate 1 Committee is revealing- the most sensational stories in Washington. The little committee room on the first floor of, the Senate Office' 'Building is 6vercr6wde'd : to S 1 . R. O. as one lawyer after another 'from the Department of Justice unfolds almost unbelievable stories on monopoly controls of patents on processes .for increasing the production of machine tools ,• magnesium, aluminum, zinc, plastics, munitions—basic materials whicri the United States must have to •win this war. The purpose, or all these dis-. ' closures" is 'tfr bnil'd iip^ a case 1'br revision of the patent law of the Wash. In its present form, what this proposed bill would do is briefly this: Suppose the government wanted to use a patented, monopoly-held process; for the manufacture of magnesium:. The President would be authorized to declare the need of this, material, then issue a license to -anyone to, produce magnesium by this .patented process on payment of designated royalties,' for specified times. Patent owners would ue permitted to Meet Spring's Newest Coiffure --The Easily-Fixed "Smoothie bring suit for payment of royalties', but not for injunction preventing use Of the patented process during the emergency. After such a declaration, no one would be prevented from going into the magnesium production business. In the case of patents held in such a way that alien ownership cannot be established, the government would stil be able to take the patents by condemnation proceedings, making fa'ir compensation. All this is prefty drastic medicine in the eyes of patent holders and old-line patent attorneys. But it is a war measure. From some quarters, however, there may be By ALICIA HART NfiA Service Staff WriUrr Tired of piled-way-up pompadour or curls? Cannot quite mate-up your mW to cut your hair short, yet definitely want a new "fix"— especially now when a really smart coif may be the whole difference between Susan Smart and Mary Plain in their newly regulated frocks? Then here's cheer, With your not-so-short locks, you can be different, and new. That seems to be the hair news of the monwnt on both sides of the continent. The outstanding point about both coasts' new hair fashion is: flatter on top, though not pnncake- [lat, and severe in front, and smooth all around—cnU i g b the "smoothie" coif, if you likv f -! ACTRESS LIKES nRAIDS AND BANGS Hollywood .comes up. with, braids aifd bangs, both smooth. For instance, Peggy Drake, the 21-year- old now making her screen-debut as a South Seas hdle in "Tuttles of Tahiti." 'Needing flowing locks on the stage, Peggy concocted ftn off-stage hairfix that's news. She brushes her front hair forward from a part across the crown of her head. This bang is set in deep waves—deep enough to stay smooth. Back hair the middle. Then is parted in each side is braided, and each little, pigtail is brought forward over the ears and pinned flat above the ears. It's young, fetching and a quiclc complete change. Without Peggy's well - shaped young face and neck, you might heard charges that is the first fmd a less severe new sty i e morc step toward socialization of the becoming—and eastern hairdressers patent laws, or the seizure of pri- I vate property or franchise for the use of the state. MIND YOUR MANNERS t. M. v. •. erf. Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following question.*, then checking against the authoritative answers belOw: i. is it correct to use place Carulher-swiHe Society—Per-seual P. K. O. Chapters Meet. Chapter GV of P. E. O. met with Mrs. M. D. Amburgey with 12 members present. During the business meeting Mrs. Earl Puwell was elected a delegate to the Convention in Kansas City, Mo., next week. The program was in charge oi Mrs. W. N. Rank in and was in the nature of a birthday party, this being the first birthday of Chapter GV. Mrs. G. D. 'Edgerton talked on "What My First Year in P. E. O. Meant to Me." Amburgey, the president. Rogers of Memphis are spending the week here with Mrs. Shaw's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Fields. Red Cross Courses Offered At Osceola told what the organization had meant to her. Mrs. S. C. Neff showed the group the scrap book she is keep- in 0 '. Games and contests directed by Mrs. Rankin were played with Mrs. Start The Day With— 7 A Maxwell House .product, blended by Maxwell House. Regufer Price 1 Ib. 25c 3 m (Watch for week-end* Special) Exclusive at— Pickard's Grocery 1044 Cfeictasawba PB. mats instead of a tablecloth for lunch? 2. Is it all right for a hostess to serve refreshments oh individual trayst? 3. Is it good manners to read a newspaper over someone's shoulder? 4. Should a hostess empty ashtrays before they are filled? 5.. ; Shpuld a.' host see that guests have cigarets, matches and ashtrays handy? ., ... 'What would you do if— You are having printed stationery made as l a gift for a widowed friend— a) Have '"Mrs. iVTtiry Jones" on the piiper? (b) Have "Mrs. Henry Morgan Jones/' printed on the paper? Answers 1\ Yes. 2. Yes. 3. No. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. ] Better "What' Would You Do" ' solution^ fb). have that kind, too. Needless to say, all these smooth fashions call for shiningly clean, meticulously shampooed tresses. If you're working longer amidst more grime, it would be a good idea to shampoo oftencr, and to use a liquid soapless shampoo containing hair conditioner. Our New York expert is just introducing similar to the French Roll fashion of smooth War I "vamps"—that is, the hair is brushed up all around and pinned in a smooth ridge at the center back. But now instead of slicked-up- tumples, narrow and' severe in! front, we have a soft effect in front. It comes from waving the hair deeply, smoothly in front, so that it alls' in a soft puff across the forehead. ' ' Another modifiecl-pompadour has pack hair brushed smoothly across ihe head. Front locks are arranged in a soft, deepl/ waved pompadour which is flatter than was usual in last summer's hairdos of this type. A , third new flatter-topped, smoothie style is done with a "V" part extending from"' the" 'middle of the crown to the temples. Hair of this area 'is brushed forward, perfectly flat; and the ends- are j qurled to form a soft roll on the forehead. The temples are brushed j straight back, and back hair is set in soft, close-to-the-nape curls. An outstanding example of the new Spring: "smoothie" coitTare is shown above. Natural highlights of the smooth, golden hair have been emphasized by a washing with a liquid soaplcss shampoo containing hair conditioner. The coiffure, designed by Stani Mars, is in a sophisticated upswept style. The hair is smoothly drawn to the side and upward, in back. A soft Gibson girl roll, across the forehead, extends around to the sides. S. C. Neff winning and she was [presented with a Friendship Birthday Book as a prize. * « * I'. E. O. Meets. Mrs.- E. G. Roland was hostess to members of Chapter DM of the P. E. O. Sisterhood. A business meeting was held at which Mrs. R. L. Ward presided. Following the business meeting a short program of patriotic music was given. The programs in this chapter this year are based on the less kno\vn Patriotic Songs. • * * Eastern Star Meets. Caruthersville Chapter - No. 4G5 'Order of Eastern Star met Tuesday evening at the Masonic Hall •on West Fourth street. Routine business was conducted with Mrs. L. E. Evenson, worthy matron, in charge. Mrs. Don Davis was elected to membership in the organization. Plans were made for the District School ' of Instruction, which will be held in Maiden, Mo., on Monday, April 27, Several of and the treasurer's report given. Bobbie Ware, assistant in the Mrs. Charles Bonner was wel- | Luxora posloffico. is ill of pneu- One- St. Bernard dog, exhibited in England, weighed 214 pounds. CIVILIAN DEFENSE GROUP ; HORIZONTAL ; 1 Depicted is . insignia- of !. -the U. S. . . Civilian . Defense' ~-^'• Corps. 15 Maintenance.- 116 Toothed on the edge. 17 Pith of a matte*. 19 Day (Latin). .20 Consumed. '21 Sun. .23 Flound%r. 24 Dressed animal pelts. 26 Company of soldiers. 28 Exhaust 31 Bitter vetch. 32 Symbol for chromium. , 33 Hawaiian bird 35 House pet. 36 Any. 37 African tree. 38 Metallic element. 40 Symbol for tin. .41 East Indian .Weight. 42 Saw. -;- .'Answer to TPfevious Puzzle 22 Behold!. 24 Achievement*. 25 Footed vase. 26 Woody plnn^ 27 They are ready in case an enemy uses 26 Short-napped. fabric. 30 Vessels for heating' liquids. 32 They have special training in handling—^ 34 Onerous. 37 Avoid. 39 Mohammedan magistrate. 41 Cowardly. 44 Whey of smell- mi IX. 6 Powerful 45 Commands. explosive 46 Cuckoo. ' (abbr.). 47 Catch. 7 to Alas! 49 Great Britain 8 Exists: (abbr.). 9 New English 43 Load again. 51 Sphere of dictionary $8 Shakespear-. action. (abbr.1. «&•. ean fairy queen. 50 Herd of wholes. 52 Symbol for dictionary (abbr.). 54 Kind of stiver 10 Dry. 57 Trite. 11 Act as host. 58 Rarely. . 12 Type of " VERTICAL poetry. 124 hours. 13 Old Testa- 2 Clolrr measure* -rrient (abbr.). 53 North Amer- 3 Small rolls of 14 Stiare, " ica(abbr) tobacco. 18 Low, "* 55 Bachelor'of 4Leaves out. as a cow. Laws (abbr.) 5 Organ of ll Senior (abbr.) 56 Toward. coined as a new member. Quinton Jerome of Auburn, Ala.. spent last weekend with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Jerome. Mrs. Rose Ashley of Memphis is the guest of her sister, Mrs. C. W. Hoover and Mr. Hoover. \N. B. Ellis, now stationed at Fort Wayne, Ind., visited his parents, Dr. and Mrs. N B. Ellis last week. Mrs. Joe Brady and daughter Jane Marie of Columbus, Ga., ar- Vivod Wednesday for a month':! visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs C. W. Hoover Sr. CSCEOLA, Ark., April 17.—Various quotas of pc-rsons to take the courses in Red Cross First Aid, Home Nuryng, Nutrition and Water Safety have been requested of the Osceola chapter American Rsd Cross by the national headquarters, it was announced at a meeting of the chapter by George Doyle, chairman. The national chapter asks for 379 persons from the Osceola ter- litory to complete the course in First Aid during 1942. Each physician in Osceola and South Mississippi County will be asked to teach as many as two classes between now and the first of the year, each class not to exceed 30 students. It was decided for Osceola proper to ask each church to furnish a certain number of students as follows: Methodist, 75, Baptist 75, Presbyterian 20, Christian 20, Catholic 5, Episcopalian 1. The quota for the Nutrition Division • has been set at 100 students. The sub-district quotas are as follows: Shawnee, Wilson, Whitton, Missco, Keiser, Luxora and Btirdette at 20 pupils rach, with Osceola furnishing 40. The pastors in the respective communities will be asked to secure the students. The quota for the Osceola chapter in Home Nursing is 100 foi 1042. Mrs. Virginia C. Troupe ot Dyess, Mrs. T. F. Hudson of Lux- orn are each conducting a class and Mrs. Charles Rodgers of Osceola is conducting two classes. Eacl will be asked to conduct anothei class during 1942. In addition. Miss Dorothy Roche will be requested to conduct a class later in the senson. Livestock Meeting Set For Hayti On Tuesday CARUTH-ERSVILLE, Mo., April 18.—The PemLseot County Farm Bureau livestock committee is sponsoring a livestock meeting a^ Hayti, Tuesday, April 21. Appear-' ing on the program will be £. S. Matteson, of the Missouri College of Agriculture, and W. W. Faqua, of the Livestock Commission Asr sociation of National Stoekyrds, 111. mourn. MONDAY NITE CLUR. All members of the Monday Nite club were present at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires Monday night for their evening rf bridge games. A salad plate was served and defense stamps were presented to Mrs. Sam Bowen and Russell- Bowen for high score. * .• • SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN SERVICE. Fourteen members of the Meth- cclist Society of Christian Service met at the Church parlor fbr a the local officers were asked serve during the afternoon session at the school. Mrs. Hazel Reppert. worthy grand matron of "the State Chapter, and Mrs. Ella Mae Henderson, grand lecturer. j Kansas City, Mo., will be guests at this out of town meeting. * • * Club Has Supper Meeting:. Members of the Off and On Club met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hawkins Tuesday for a potluck supper, when fried ham was the principal dish. Instead of prizes, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins presented each of their guests a souvenir from Florida. having returned from that state about a week ago. U. S. Marines fought Indians in 1837 when Captain John Harris later Devil Dog Commandant, led Leatherneck force in the battle Annual Boy Scout Drive Scheduled In Pemiscot CAR.UTHERSVILLK, Mo., April 8.—The annual Boy Scout fund du-ive will start next Thursday norning with a breakfast for th?_ ;orkers at the Top Hat Cafe. ames M. Reeves, local attorney, _s directing- the drive in this city. The two CarutliLTsvilta Scout troops are sponsored by the American •egion Post and the Rotary Club. Burton's 411 Service 1411 "W. Ash St., - Phone 953 WASHING - GREASING Rain Checks Given [Cars called lor and delivered! Bargain Matinees Every Day Except Saturday & Sundav. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens G:45 Continuous Shows* Sat. and Soft Listen to KLCN 9:00 a.m., 12:45 p.m., 4:30 p.nt Saturday JOE'S A fUN-TOTIN'FOOL! Missionary Circles[ The two day circles of the Wom*?*• 5'n F - ? iIS ° n and Mrs business nnd Mission study lesson J \ n ? Missionary Union of the Bap- Lickin* Qun-fotin' bandits in a rodeo of rears! I Jack. U/xelle returned last Sunday from a week's tour of the Garden Pilgrimage in .Natchez. Ml«s.. and New-- Orleans. Mrs. Bob Graves and daughter, Judith of Martinsville, Va., is the presided over by Mrs. E. R. Bo:an, president. Mrs. Roy Owen read a scripture lesson/prayers were said by Mrs. R. H. Owen and Mrs. S. B. [•Iczelle. A talk by Mrs. guest of her slstR 1 , Miss -Pearl Mecdhnm on "Kindness" Graves. Wilson Society—Personal son. and Mr. and 'Mrs. W. N. Moris of Lawrenceburg, Tenn.. wsrq ;eekcnd guests of D. N. Morris and amily. Charles Eislander of Arkansas tale College Jonesboro spent the eekend with his parents. ACr. and Trs. P. E. Elslander. Mr. and -Mrs. .$. A. Regenold at- encied the dog races in Nashville, radium. HAN LEY - SIMPSON WED Miss Laurence Simpson of Cave City, Ark., became the bride of Jack Hanley, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S.. Hanley. April 3 at the Wilson Methodist Church with the Rev. Rex 'B Wilkes officiating- in a .single ring ceremony. The bride is a Junior at the University of Arkansas. (Miss Simpson's only .attendant was her sister, Miss Louise Simpson, a student r.t Arkansas Tech in Rlissellville. and Robert Lester of the University of Arkansas was best man. Others present were the bridegroom's- parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hanley and Mr. and -Mrs. Dean Vic. The couple will make their home in Osceola where the bridegroom •is with the Lee Wilson Wholesale Grocery. W. S C. S. MEETS The Woman's Society of Christian Service met at the church on Monday with Mrs. Charles Elkins as program chairmin. The meeting opened mith the song. "We May Not Climb the Heavenly Steps" after which Mrs 'Rex B. Wilkes gave the devotional which was on "Our Times." "What (Has the Bible to Say?" which is the approved Bible study. Mrs Charles Elkins gave an article on "Has the War Stopped Christian Work Overseas?'' A brief business session was held with the reading of the minutes PRESCRIPTIONS Kirby Drug Stores A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the finest, most modern shops in Northeast Arkansas. Phone 3202 Glencoe Bldg. Fred was heard before Mrs. R. K. Owen/ program leader, conducted a study on Missions. The' meeting on April 28 will be held at the home of Mrs. H. W. Spann with Miss Florence Rush as ; co-hostess. * * * Haplist W. M. S. A large attendance was present at the meeting of the Baptist Woman's Missionary Society at the home of Mrs. Minnie Williams' 'enn.. several days last week. -Tuesday afternoon. Christy Burnett, of Memphis, is i tod friends here last week end. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hoover, 'r.. returned Sunday from Pick- ns. Miss., where they attended he funeral of Mr. Hoover 1 :; imele. Lii&ora Society—Personal .uxora P. T. A. Twenty-three members attended he meeting of the local Parent- Teachers meeting Wednesday af- :rnoon at- rhe high school aiidi- ormm. The program consisted of three lumbers by the Luxora band, and discussion of "Health in War and race" by Mrs. John Thweatr. A business session was presided over by Mrs. William Johnson, >nsident. The first grade won the iollar award. * * * V. T. C'. Club Plays Three guests, Mrs. Hays Oowan. Mrs. Lena Gillispie. and Mrs. H. M. Erwin pbyecl bridge with the mem- oers of the N. T. C. Club Wednesday afternoon at the horn? of Mrs. Sam Bowen. A party plate v frozen salad, sandwiches and iced tea was served after the games, and prizes were given to Mrs. Eliott Williams for high, and Mrs. Thomas F. Hudson, consolation. Mrs. T. Tyler and sons, Warren Reports were heard from standing committee chairmen. Mrs. B. O. Wilkins. president, appointed the following us a purchasing committee for kitchen equipment, Mrs. C. B. Wood. Mrs. Allen Posey. Mrs. O. Howton, and Mrs. S. J. Smith. An announcement was., read of the second quarterly meeting of Mississippi County Baptist Woman's Missionary Societies at Manila Baptist church. Friday. April ":4. beginning at 10:30 o'clock. Mrs. Charlie Evans, mission tudy chairman, led the discussion if the first two chapters of the )00k. "Along the highway of Braver,") by Ella Brodus Roberton. During n fellowship period efrcshments wore .served. JOSTUME PARTY. The retiring officers of the Lux- 3ra Book Club entertained at a paghctti supper in honor of the 042-43 officers: Mrs. Hilton Steph- MISOII. president: Mrs. Reuel W. utler. vice-president: Mrs. T. L. Stanford. treasurer; and Mrs. hamp Meadows, secretary, at the home of the retiring president. Vliss Eva George. All guests were •equcsted to appear in their ver- ion of the fstylcs of 1962. • * * Tome Nursing- Class Completed. Luxora's first Red Cross Home Cursing class. taught by Mrs Thcmns F. Hudson at her home was completed Thursday night when examinations were completed. One hundred per cent attendance was registered throughout the six weeks course, marked with high interest nnd enthusiasm. The- members enjoyed a six o'clock Dutch supper at Mrs. Hudson's home Thursday evening. and Tommy, returned this week from a 10 days stay in Norfolk, Va. with Mr. Tyler, on furlough. from U. S. Marines. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Head and childrm. Junior and Martha Nell returned Sunday night following a vacation trip of two weeks louring principal points of interest, in Arkansas and Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith. Mrs S. B. Terry and Mrs. C. B. Wood will attend the Saturday matinee performance at the Memphis Mu nicipal Auditorium featuring Helet Hayes in "Candle in the Wind. Lieut. G. C. Driver Jr. arrived Saturday night from Fort Sill, Ckla., on a 10 day furlough to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. Driver. Mrs. Walter Brantley has rer turned home after undergoing an operation on both of her eyes at a Memphis hospital this week. Wednesday after- icon -at the church. Mrs. Hugh England is chairman of the Lottie VIoon Circle and Mrs. J. A. Dale of the Truex Circle. There was a lice number in attendance. Mrs. R. M. Pierce, program leader of the Truex Circle had charge of the program and gave a Bible study lesson and talked on the subject "Come and Seek." Announcement of plans and programs were made concerning the Southwide W. M. U. Meeting which will be held in San Antonio, Texas, In May. Following the program the two circles met separately for short business sessions. * • • Mrs. W. O. CSevidcnce Entertains. Mrs. W. O. Clevidence was hostess to her bridge club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Clevidence won high and Mrs. Charles Grigory bridgoed. The hostess served sandwiches, salad and strawberry shortcake and iced tea. * » • Mr. and Mrs. Speddy Watson and the former Thelma Ma yes left Wednesday afternoon for San Francisco to get their daughter- in-law and sister. Mrs. Speddy Watscn Jr., who has been quite ill in that city for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Robert White and son, Bill and their small granddaughter, Joyce Adkins drove to Maiden, Mo.. Wednesday evening on business. They stopped in Gideon for a few hours and visited with frienc.s. Mr. and Mrs. John Chaffin Sr.. and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Chaffin and son. Sidney of Hayti, returned Monday evening from Chicago where they had visited with their son and brother. John Jr.. who is in training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Mrs. Elmer Murphy Jr., of St. Lcuis is spending two weeks here with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Leon Flippen. Mrs. W. G. Shaw and small daughter. Billy, and Mrs. G. F. Phone 42 P,o>: Office Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax Inc. Last Time Today 4:00 p. m. Clarence E. Mulford's Pirates on Horseback 7 featuring- WILLIAM BOYD with Russell Hayden, Andy Clyde, Eleanor Stewart, Morris Ankrum, William Haadc Chant. 5 "Captain Midnight" Also Selected Shorts 3al. Midnite Show 11 p. m Charles Winningcr, C. Aubrey Smith, Harry Carey in ieyond Tomorrow Richard .Carlson, Jean Parker Sunday-Monday fat. Run. 2:00 p.m.—Box Office Opens 1:30 p. m. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, JJorothj Larnorir Road to Zanzibar" with Una McrkCy, Eric Blore Shorts and News Too Late to Classify FOR SALE 1940 black Ford coupe, radio, heater. white sidswall tires, seat covers. 13.00(1 miles. Mrs. Herman Groves, 505 W. Main, phone 2138. 18ck25 * for all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Dr. G. S. Atkinson, Manila, will be located in the Lunch Building, Blytheville, after May 1st. Screen Ploy by Oliver Drake, Karen'DeWolf. Froncfi Martin • Directed by CHARLES BARTON • Produced 6y ROBERT SPARKS • A COLUMBIA PICTURE' ,'omedy & Serial "Holt of Service.'' Continuous Showing 1 . Sunday £ Monday A Merry Whirl Of Love CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Prices always lie and 22c ?at. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 6:4V Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Saturday 'Prairie Law' —with— George O'Brien and Virginia Vale with Gaby Corey...The Wonder tabj A COIUMBIA PICTURE' A Chcrlei K. Fetdmnn Group Production Paramount News Symphony Hour Comedv ROXY Bargain Night Every Night Ercepl Saturday. Show Every NigM 7:00 Box Oftice Opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. & Son. Saturday Comedy—"Society HOST Show" Serial—"Drums of Fu Manchii" Chapter 5. Saturday Midnite Show 'Chambers of Horrors' —with— Leslie Ranks, and LiHi Palmer. Sunday and Monday 'Eternally Yours 1 —with— Loretta Young, David Nivcn, Hngh Herbert, Rjiiic Burke, C. Aubrey Smith. * -_^_. Musical Short—"Class In S\ving." Also—Universal News. The Gay Catallero A 20»h C«nhiry-fox Pirtw* Also Cartoon & Serial "The Raiders." Continuous Showing. Sunday & Monday GAY COMEDY-ROMANCE? with o ya-ga galaxy of your mtage, *cr*en and fadio ivoritet! Bitty EBSEN K K O ,.S#>J2 t Patsy' KELLY ALYINO REY and his Orchestra and THE KING SISTERS f roducod b> Cliff REID. Directed by A. EOWAID SUTHERLAND. Screen ploy by Monla Brlc*. Fox News &

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