The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on October 6, 1960 · Page 49
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 49

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1960
Page 49
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•B The Salt Lake Tribune, Thursday, October f>, I960 Checking the Channels Robert Young Can Remember S.L. By Richard O. Martin Tribune Staff Writer Thirty years ago actor Robert Young, now known to mi!lions as Jim Anderson on television's "Father Knows Best" show, joined a touring theatrical company in Ogden, Utah. The name of the company was the Moroni Ol^en Players, a group well-remembered in Utah. Mr. Young Mr. Martin played his first performance with the company in Provo, then came to Salt Lake City to play in the old Salt Lake Theater. "I remember I was awed by the Salt Lake Theater," he told me in a telephone interview \Vednesday. "I'd never played in anything but small theaters. I remember I was terrified by the size of the theater in Salt Lake City." He - appeared with the company in Salt Lake for a week, then went on the road for 16 weeks. "IT WAS an unforgettable thrill/' he said. "Nothing has measured up to that, quite, since then. This was my first acting job that paid real money. This ; startled me because I was beginning to think acting was a job that was non- income producing." Since then, of course, Mr. Young's career is a matter of record ... 80 movies, radio and television series and the like. But now, temporarily at least, he's out of a job and he likes it. After six years show, "Father Knows Best," has been dissolved — at least Bobt. Young as far as new productions are concerned. The series now being presented over CBS consists of the best of the shows produced during the past six' years. And Mr. Young is presently pondering just wha't the future will hold, although he's not hampered fey .possibilities. They include another TV series; perhaps a season o£ six hour-long specials; possibly more motion pictures or everi a Broadway play. WHY DID he wind up the "Father Knows Best" series while it was still receiving top viewer ratings? - • "At the end' : of the fourth year," Mr. Young said, "my partner, Eugene Rodney and I, decided to go one more year with the show. Our thinking was geared for five years, partly because the children in ihe show were growing up, partly because we were afraid we wouldn't be able to keep up the quality of the scripts—and because we were both physically tired. "BUT AT the end of the fifth year there was so much pressure that we decided some what reluctantly to go another year. The sixth year was definitely the wind up as far as we were concerned." But the best of "Father Knows Best" will continue running for some time to come. A total of 104 shows have been scheduled for rebroadcast. A THURSDAY night special is worthy of notice if you happen to be a Victor Borge buff (and, for the record, J am). The on Channel 4 at 8:30 p.m. Guests will include Japanese singer Izumi Yukimura ("The Toast of Tokyo"); Kabuki dancers Shiko Yagi and Chushiro Sato, and pianist Leonid Hambro, BOKGE sequences will Include "Pianist to Pianist" in which the musical comedian will conduct an imaginary interview with Franz Liszt; a comedy takeoff on the "Minute Waltz" with Mr. Hambro, and a sketch in which Grieg's Piano Concerto is "popularized" for performance in Latin America by giving it a bull fight character. THURSDAY'S SEASON PREMIERES: Five season premieres will be aired on Ch. 5 Thursday night. They are "Zane Grey Theater" (6:30 p.m.); "Angel" (7 p.m.); "Ann Sothern Show" (7:30 p.m.); "The Witness"-(8 p.m.), and "Twilight Zone" (9:30 p.m.). Channel 7 has programmed two Thursday night programs that should be of general interest. The first (7:30 p.m.) .s "Civic Dialogue — Politics, 1960." Congressional candidates from the Second District, Rep. David S. King, Democratic incumbent, and Republican Sherman P. Lloyd, will discuss "Budgets and Welfare." The question and answer segment of the program begins at 8:15 p.m. The second is "200 Years of Woodwinds," first in a 13-program series in which the development of woodwind instruments will be traced. •Indicates TScst Bot» 5 p.m. 2 Huckleberry i.uund. 4 Bockj- and Ilia Friends. 5 Waterfront. "The Rivals." 7 Tnlc» of roindexter. "Simpleton." Series of programs fnr prs-school and primary children. 5:15 p.m. 7 The FrlcntM;,'" G.:t:-.t. "The Very Little D0£," 5:30 p.m. 2 The Vlklu-j. 4 WuIHybirils. 5 News Report. 7 Continent;!! Chissroom. Modern algebra, lesfon 9. Pair to Mark Golden Date Mr. and Mrs. Lem J. Hall, 2251 Lake St. (740 East), will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Thursday, at a family gathering at their home. THEY WERE married Oct. 6, 1910, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They have been residents of Salt Lake City for the past 15 years. Mr. and Mrs. Hall are parents of two sons, Wayne'W. and L. Jay Hall, both of Salt Lake City. They also have five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Shoot Out Windows Vandals with air guns broke windows valued at §45 at Greater Mountain Chemical Co., 15 S. Jeremy St. (840 West) sometime during the night, police learned Wednesday. j 5 Douglas 5:45 p.m. : ' . . Xc 6 p.m. .>. 4 Today's Xcws nt Stx. 5 Topper. "The Movers." 7 ttcdmun'a America. "Indians of the Great Lakes and Mississippi." 6:10 p.m. 4 Weather • •-.-.. 6:15 p.m 2 Huntiey-Ur:.ik:r.- Xcivs. 4 John Da 1 - 1 :"- . 6:30 p.m. 2 Pony Express. 4 •Gucstiviird, Ho! "You Can't Go! Home Again." Babs Hooton (Joanne Dru) having purchased a rundown dude ranch from profiteering Chief Hawkeye, pleads with her husband to give up the rural life for the cozy asphalt of New York. 5 aZane Grey Theater. Premiere. Cick Powell is host and Ernest Borsnlne stars in "A Gun for Willie." A friendless, poverty- ridden farmer turns to violence In his quest for wealth and stature. 7 p.m. 2 Barlirlor Fattier. "Mystery Witness." Bcnlley <john Forsythc) tracks down a man v;ho saw Kelly's car get hit and discovers he has a mystery witness on his hands. Kelly Is played by Noreen Corcoran. 4 Tlonrm Ee<cl Show. Donna lends Monday Through Friday •Indicates Best Bets 6 a.m. 2 Continental Classroom. Physics. 6:30 a.m. 2 Continental Clans- room. Math. "i &.m. 2 • Dave Garroway's Today. 5 Cartoon Time- 7:15 a.m. 5 Captain Ran.earoo. 7:30 a.m. 4 Today lu the \Vc*t. 4 Lanrrl am! Hardy. . 7:55 a.m. 4 Captain KC and Flxl« 8 a.m. 2 Do-Rc-SIi. 5 I Ixi vc I.ucj-. 8:30 a.m. 2 Play Your Hanrh. (Color) 4 People's Choice. 5 Clear Horiion. 9 a.m. 2 Price Is Right, CColori 4 Small CJ.iinn Coi-rl. 9:30 a.m. 3 World Krrir* Snot- light. 4 Jack L»L»nne Show. 5 Search for Tomor-i TOW. j 9:45 turn. I 2 Pre World Series. I S The Gnldinr Light.: 10 a.77i. j 2 World Series. I (Color). 4 Movie. "High Tension." Brian Donlevy. Glerula Farrcll 5 Mirt-.Mnrnlnr Jlatl- "<•<•. Half hour dramatic feature. JO.-SO a.m. 5 As thr World Turn*. 11 fi.m. 4 The. Trxrtn. 5 ROM per Rnom School. 11:30 a.m. for a I>ay. 5 A r t Unhlcttcr's House Tarty. >'oon 2 Jan .Hnrr.iy Show, ( 'Colon Schedule \ flexible due to ! World Series. ; * About l-Yrcs i S The 'firrionairp. 12:30 p,m. i 2 Ix>rclta Vonnjr. Schedule fle\ihl<? <iue tn World Series ; 4 Xoon Xen s. I 4:30 p.m. ! 2 Topeyr. 4 Brave Stallion. ; 5 I led Three UVM. a helping hand to her son's romance when she finds a love- letter written to him by a giri named Peggy (Nancy Ann DC Carl). ! •Angel. Premiere. New domestic comedy series, costarring Annie Karge and Marshall Thompson. The ueries concerns pretty young French girl married to American architect and problems and situations she meets as she tries to adapt to role of American housewife. This week, "Economy and Housekeeping." ' Tim Written Word. Program about the evolution of the written word. 7:30 p.m. i Ernie Ford Show. (Color.) Singer Gary Crosby is tha guest of Tennessee Ernie Ford. The Heal McCoyj. "That Was No Lady." Grandpa and Luke are embarrassed when Kate (Kathy Nolan) makes herself a sleeveless, backless dress to wear to the church (iance. Walter Brennan plays Grandpa and Richard Crenna Is Luke. •Ami Sothern Show. Premiere. Olive (Ann Tyrrcli) creates havoc at the Hartley house when she decides to continue suffering from a bad toothache rather than see a dentist—un- 111 Katy Introduces her to Dr. Dclbert Gray, whose chalrslde manner has Olive floating on a romantic cloud. Louis Nye appears in the role of dentist. •Civic Dialogue — Politics 1960. "Budgets and Welfare." Guests: David King and Sherman Lloyd. 8 p,ra, The Grouciio tiliow. Groucho Marx comedy quiz program. My Three Sons. 'The Little Rag- picker." A pathetic, dirty-faced 1 p.m. 2 VonriR Dr. JIntone, 4 Day !n Court. 3 The BriRhter Day. 1:15 p.m. 5 The Secret Storm. 1:30 p.m. 2 From The«c Rooi». 4 Gale Storm Show. 5 The KdR* of Xlcht. 7 Tnrlon« Frnnrnis 2 p.m. 2 Comedy rinyhonsr. 4 Beat the Ciork. 5 Pfcember Brldf. 2:30 p.m. 2 Honirmaker'ii Mali- nec. "Sin Town." Constance Bennett. Brodcrlck Crawford. 4 Who T)o yon Trust? 5 Vlden Village. 3 p.m. 4 American Bund- stand. 5 San FrancUco Beat. 3:30 p.m. 5 Burns and Allen. 4 p.m. 2 Bdsrs Bnnnjf. 4 Ahhott and Costelto. ' 5 Comedy Time 7 Russian 11 Tx-«s<in 2 GUESTVVARD HOI I960 Pioneer! Joanne Dru, .as Babs Hooten, Is the reluctant hostess of a very dusty and dilapidated dude ranch, West of nov'-ece'. a 6:30KCPX-4 THE DONNA REED SHOW Take it from Donna Stone- being. a doctor's v/ife has mariysurprises, like learning "in sickness or in health" refers to the whole tc-n! a 7:OOKCPX-4 W E W on KCF»X MY THREE SONS Dad-in-law. grandpa, male housekeeper-cook... that's "Bub!" Riotous family comedy, co-starring William I Frawley. Fred MacMurray 8:OOKCPX-4 urchin named Chip Douglas asks his neighbors for rags. Alarjorle Eaton has a featured part in this episode, •Tim Witness. Premiere. Is'cw dramatic scries in which the most notorious rogues of past .ind present will be Investigated by a committee of Inquiry. This week activities of Lucky Luciano will be spotlighted. C.i.V. Review. Weekly resume of United Nations Activities. 8:15 p.m, • Civic Dialogue — Politics 1960, Questions and answers. ( 8:30 p.m. Bat Mastensoj), "Law of the Land." Mastersoii (Gene Barry) is hired to stop cattlemen from stealing the railroad's barbed wire fences. •Victor liorge Special. Guests are singer Izuml Yukimura of Japan; pianist Leonid Hanibro; and Shlko Yagl and Chushiro Sato, KabukI dancers. . . 9 p.m. 2 Outlaw*. 5 June Allysun Show. "The Dance Man." Story of an Ill-fated meeting between a lonely woman and a young dance Instructor, with Anne Baxter , and Dean Stock well. 7 Hillary 178H. "The Progressive Movement." Lesson 6. 9:30 p.m. 4 Mun JIunt. "A iiose for Willie." 5 •Th« Twillpht Zone. Premiere. "King Nine Will Not Return." Stars Robert Cumrnlngs in an unusual story concerning a World War II bomber lost in the desert. Paul Lambert, Gene Lyons, Seymour Green and Richard Luplno are featured. 7 •ZOO Year* at Woodwinds. "The Beginnings." First In a series of 13 programs In which a famous group of professional musicians traces the development of woodwinds In music through discussion and performance, 10 p.m. 2 News. 4 4 Sfar News. 5 The Xew» at 10, 7 School News Conference. 10:15 p.m. Weather Station. H'cathtr 10:20 p.m. Sports I'inul. Sports on Five. 10:30 p.m. ••Jack 1'aur Shcnv. Guests: James Thurbc-r, Peggy c.iss and Betty Johnson. ' 4 Kencue 8. "Paid in Full." 5 Grand Jury. "Condemned." 1 Russian IJ. Lesson 3. 11 p.m. * Dayton Alien. Th» late Show, Door." "Stranger lit My 11:05 p.m. 4 Big Movie. "She Went to th« Races," Ava Gardner and James Craig. 7:30 ANN SOTHERN DELIGHTFUL CAPERS of a female assistant hotel manager. Introducing Louis Nye as Dr. Delbert Grey, reg. cast member. 8:00 THE WITNESS UNDERWORLD LIFE revealed in "Investigation Into Activities of lucky' Luciano" on this simulated committee probe. 9:00 JUNE ALLYSON TODAY ON CHANNEL 2 SEE... Beautiful Loretta Young stars in a fascinating series of acclaimed dramas, comedies on outstanding human interest stories. 12:30 P.M. CH. 2 DEAN STOCKWELL-ANNE BAXTER star in "The"Dance Man," dramatic slory of an ill-fated meeting on tonight's program. 9:30 TWILIGHT ZONE ROD bERLING . PRESENTS Robert Cummings in suspenseful "King Nine Will Not Return." Premiere program this season. MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY Heart-worming, hilarious com- »dy cbout entertainer Denny Williomj and h'n efforts to mix a caieer with his busy family life. 1 P.M. CH. 2 FROM THESE ROOTS Sarah Hardy, one of televisions bright new stars plays the part of o young girl wirh a mind of hsr own. 1:30 P.M. CH. 1 I960 WORLD SERIES Pitlioursh Pirates vs. New York Yankees. ?:<5 P.M. CH. 2 KEITV-2 THE UNTOUCHABLES Efiot Ness risks his life to knock down the kingpins of evil who rule an underworld empire! Robert Stack stars as the forteraf agent. 5L8:30 KCPX-4 ronn AUTOMATIC IRONER WITH Trie IRONRITE, YOU USE 1/12' AS MUCH EffORT AS HAND-IRONING. TRY IT ONCE, ,YOU'U NEVER BE \V!THOUT IT! SOUTH EAST FURNITURE CO. PONY EXPRESS Grant Sullivan stars In exciting talei of th* «arly danger filled dayi of rh« Pony Express when daring riders risked their lives to carry mail through, hostile Indians, outlaws and nnture'* most violent stormi. 6:30 P.M. CHANNEL 2 with DAVE GARROWAY Exclusive newt tcoops* Interview t v/ilh famous people, women's features, sports. 7-8 a.m.; 11 a.m. to 12 Noon TODAY KCITV Television and Radio Channel 2 KUTV— NBC Channel 4 KCPX— ABC Channel 5 KSL-TV— CBS Channel 7 KUED— Educ. — Listings «r« furnished by .titlorn. If inicciiralc, call tUlion Thursday, Oct. 8 11:00 2 Cont. Classroom 7:00 2 Dave Garoway S Carroon Time 7 Driver Education 7:15 5 Captain Kangaroo 7:30 4 Today in West 7:35 4 Laurel & Hardy 7:55 4 Capt. KC & Pixie 8:00 2 Do-Re-Mi 5 Pres. Eisenhower i 8:30 2 Play Your Hunch 4 People's Choice 5 Clear Horizon 9:00 2 Price is Right 4 Small Claims 5 Love of Life 9:30 2 Concentration 4 Jack La Lanne 5 Sch. Tomorrow 9:45 5 Guiding Light .. • 10:00 Truth or Conseq. Movie Morning Matinee 10:30 . It Could Be You ! 5 As World Turns 11:08 2 Dave Caraway 4 The Texan 5 Romper Room 11:30 4 Queen for Day 5 Art Llnkletter 12:00 : 2 Jar. Murray 4 About Faces 5 Millionaire 12:30 2 Loretta Young 4 Noon News 5 TheVerdfrt is Yours 1:00 2 Young Dr. Malone * Day In Court 5 Brighter Day 1:15 5 Secret Storm 1:30 2 From These Roots 4 Gale Storm 5 Edge o£ NlEht 7 Parlons Francalj 2:00 2 Danny Thomas 4 Beat the Clock 5 December Bride 2:30 2 Homemaker's-Matinee, "The Lady Has Plans" 4 Who do you Trust 5 Video Village 3:00 4 Amer. Bandstand 5 San Francisco Beat 3:30 7 Russian 4:00 2 Bugs Bunny 4 Abbott & Costello 5 Comedy Time 4:30 2. Popeye * Brave Stallion 5 I Led Three Lives 5:00 2 Huckleberry Hound 4 Rocky & Friends 5 Waterfront 7 Tales Poindexter 3:15 7 Friendly Giant 5:30 2 The Vikings 4 Whlrlybirds 5 News Report 7 Cont. Classroom 6:00 2 News-Weather 4 Today's News 5 Topper 7 Redman's America fi:15 2 Huntley-Brinkley John Daiv 0:30 Pony Express Guestvvard Ho S Zane Grey Theatrt 7 Slide Rule 7:00 2 Bachelor Father 4 Donna Reed 5 Angel 7 Written Word 7:15 7 Parlons Fr. 7:30 2 Show 4 Real McCoys 5 Ann Sothern 7 Civic Dialogue 8:09 2 Groucho Show 4 My Three Sons s The Witness 7 U.N. Review 8:15 7 Civic Dialogue 8:30 2 Bat Masterson 4 Victor Borge 9:00 2 Outlaws 5 June AHyson 7 History 9:30 Man Hunt Twilight Zone Symphony 10:00 News News, Weather Utah Education 4 5 7 4 S 7 , 10:30 2 Jack Paar Show 4 Rescue S 5 Grand Jury 7 Russian 11:00 4 Dayton Allen 3 Late Show 11:05 4 "She Went to the Races" *—denotes color Choose World Famous U* Qualify Television — Stereo — Radios See the complete ZENITH QUALITY line at . it...-. HU4-3591 VICTOR\ BOnuE! charged with creating a laugh-riot in his all-new, hoar-long special presented by Pontiac Star Parade! TUNE IN TONIGHT • ABC-TV 910 KALL MN-ABC Thursday. Oct. 6 M timing fi:00 Davis ri:l!U News Miller 6:05 Luc as !M) .News. MHIer TiSONews. Miller S:ou Hemingway S:30Xews, Stiller 9:00 News. Miller 9:05 Grcnkfasi Club i0:00 News Harvey 10:0:5 Breakfast Club 11:00 News Lucas 11:05 Mr. 'B' Show Af tpmmin !2:CO News, Miller 1:00 News, Lucas •J:'jy News. Miller 3:00 News. Douglas 3:05-5:00 Daddy Flo 4:00 News. Douglas 5:00 News, Winerlter 5:03 Bis Pete till 9 6:00 News, Wineriter Erenlni 7:00 News;. Morgan 7:30 Speaking Sports S:OOXews, Morgan 0:00 News. Harvey 9:0511111:00 Barnctt .0:00 News. Douglas : 1:00 ABC News 12:00 News, Bsrnett !:OOS!{:n Off 1160 RSI. CBS Thursday. Oct. 6 Morning i:30 BreakTL Barlow i:-15 Bus of farming 7:00 Campbell News 7:15Marsnall Srrttll 7:45 Barlow News S:IK! S^nsorn 8:311 \2ws l iirvu'nrlt 9:00 News 9:05 Party Line 9:35 Calling Hullywd 10:00 News 3U:Un Arinur Godfrey 11:05 Mouse Party 11:30 Garry Muiire 11:40 Crosby-CIooney 12:00 News 12:lf> Bus of Farming 12:3(1 F«iod News 12:35 Party Line 1:00 Whispering Sts. 1:15 Ma rerKins 1:30 Yg. Dr. Malone 1:45 2nd Mrs. Burton 2:OOBest Se!'er 2:30 Cple. Next Door 2:45 Right fo Hap. 3:10 Marshall Small 4:45 Gordon Owen 5:00 Sports 5:15 Nonsense News 5:30 Mtn. West News 5:45 Lowell Thomas 6:00 Point of Law 6:15 Harmon, Sports 6:30 Rare, Well Done 7:05 Amos 'n Andy 7:30 In Person S:05 Rare. Well Done S:15 Crossroads, U.N. 8:45 \Vorid Tonight l':00 Western Weather 9:05 Public Pulse 10:00 Night Final 10:15 Gordon Owen 11:00 Alex. Schreiner 11:30 Album Music 12:00 Bowen & Jazz 1320 KCPX NBC Thursday, Oct. 6 .Murnini 6:00 NBC iVews Hrly 6:05 Rex Wallgren 7:00 News 7:15Worl<J News 7:45 Paul James S:05 News 10:05 Ed Kemp Til 13 Annrniiim 12:05 News 12:15 Strings Jt Thing! 1:05 Tom Way man 3:05 Roadshow 5:30 Bus. Trends 5:35 Roadshow Evening 6:00 NBC News 6:0o News 6:15 Paul James 6:30 Man on the Go 6:45 Nexvs of World 7:CO World Tomorrow 7:30 Lifeline 7:45 At Your Sen-Ice 8:00 Studio "X" 570 KLUB MBS Thursday, Oct. 6 MornlnK 5:00 News Hourly 5:30 Bill Stern 5:35 Tom Bradshaw 6:30 News. Weather 7:00 News. Moll 7:05 Bradshaw to 10 9:00 News Hourly 10:0o Don Spainhower 10:30 Bob P.ichards Afternoon 112:1)0 News. Moll • 12:05 Spainhower [ 1:00 News hourly ' 2:30 Joe Johnson 4:00 Frankie Frisch 4:05 Johnson to 7 5:00 News Hourly 5:30 Bill Stern Gvenlnj 7:00 Akerlow,Newi 7:05 Mel Evans 7:30 Gabriel Heattcr" 8:00 News, Hourly 0:05 Mel Evans 110:05 Nttc Sounds 1 12:l«. Mi:Mr nil Night SSt IOCAI USTIK& fO TIM! AND STATION PRESENTED BY YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED PONTIAC DEALER KWHO—SBC Sunrise to Simset Concert Music News i:\nEPEi\DEiYrs K.MUK—1230 24 Hours Dsitv Music. News KWIC—1570 S"r.r-se to Surv^ct Familiar M us ie KNAK —1280 24 Hours Daily Music. Kcws KBBC—ieco 6 a.m. to Sunspt Music—Xews—ScorU KSOP—J370 Daytime Western Music. News KSXX— 630 » a.m. to Sunset Music News

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