Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 30, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1896
Page 6
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.ABSOLUTELY PURE Quiets Pain. Checks Bleeding, Reduces Inflammation, Is the Bicycler's Necessity. es, Sores, f^f'j I? T-T Q Rheumatism, Burns, Colds, v-' ^ IvJ-*O Sore Throat, Hoarseness, Catarrh, Chilblains, Inflamed Eyes, Wounds, Bruises, Sprains, Headache, Toothache. Use PONDS EXTRACT after Shaving—No Irritation Use POND'S EXTRACT after Exercising—No Lameness •POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT i? simply a marvel. How it cures Piles. What relief from excruciating-pain. 50 cts. SiavGENUINE Find's Extract for^tnuimairts. £uv imitations /erimitctioncura ' POND'S EXTRACT CO., 76 FIFTH AVENUE. NEW YORK. THE GREW SOUTH AMERICAN BALSAM! . .. CUKES.. . iiim j/$ferir RADICALLY CURES It clears tie head of font mucous; teals the jores and ulcers of the head .and throat; sweetens the breath, and perfectly restores the senses of the taste, smell and hearing. Stops headache nnd dropping into the throat. Al:o destroys the germ -.vhich causes HAY FEVER, making a perfect cure in a fev days. Never fails! No fatal case of T,A GMIT3 ever kuowi; where Eraziliou Bat ".3 faithfully used. It destroys the grippe gem: audquickly removes all the after bad effect I UNI FA LIL9 BLE in ASTHMA, CROUP, BROTT- CHITIS.Fl.EraiSY, PNEDMONL 1 ., DYSPEPSIA, RHEUMATISM, TYPHOID ..end. SCABI.ES FEVER, MEASLES, and any disease where there is Inflammation, 1'ever or Conges' ion. Greatest relief in Consultation ever discovered. _ _ _jCures a Fresh Cold m one day. stopi j In £ m'nutes. Scops ringing In tlia head tind relievos doafuoss. Asau Injection rtoV3lu:it)lB In leraiilo troubles, '(''or 0'iro-nrd use lic.ilsCuts, Sores and Burns like magic. !Pre vaatslock-.-awrrocivrouuas. QUICK CURE F0« CONSTIPATION AND PILES. !8» Healing Power is Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medicine In Existence £0 Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or- Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrh. S/.OO BCTTLE EQUALS THREE BOO. BOTTLES. NOMB TESTIMONIALS: IfaaziliJirBalm citre'i me of inveterate catarrh which I had for over 20 ycari ,Itis tbcinoat -wonderful triumph of pedicel science."— Gen.J. Parks Postlcs, ' : J£ itsoap, cold and ihc-v.-orst form of gripp-we have fourr 1 Brazilian Ei.lm invaluable." .—Jua. l</.. S. Soothe, D. D., Pastor Del Ave. Sap. Ch. "Mrs,. Lore has used th« Brazilian Balm and thinks it did her innch good."— Ho.'t. Cluts. £. Lore, Chief Jus, itf-Dtl: "O^e bottle of Brazilian Balm cured a frieud of mine of hay fever."— T/ios, - .... . «i W as verv ' ~" .f ...... ...- ^n T._ ... i..s XK<3'OS>, m wanii in 1'vy oars every .Rj. - ; It is the best th_ 0 ,_,. ...... . „ „ _..... <*! -was worn almost to the grave •with a racking cough that all the remedies and the <3octors iailed to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balm. . It shaW ;io my doctor through life."— Mrs. J. Cal/oway, Pottslown, Pa, "X \vas fearfull; .-nippled up with rheuir.atisui, could not gc'. lay hand to ray head. I took ten 5* ccat bottles of Brazilian Bivliu in .six tconths. Ain now entirely cured rud as nita* TiiJo as I. was ct forty,"— Anson• £;irreU, aged 84. -A lady in Cincinnati -v;as,.t» .-sfficted with asthma that during the v.'iater for seveoteeii years she was unable ti iiZeep lying down, was er.tirely and peraac<;nt2y /-2red with Brazilian Balm. KotD ^b' s ^1^lf' sr:5 B. F. JACKSON & CO., Cleveland, 0, s* • • for sale by the following drujgists: B. F. Keesling, general agent; BeB Wisher, Joinson Bros., W. H. Ttrlnguurst, G. "vY. Hoffniau, D. E. Pryor, Q. A s, H. D: Hattery .nnfl A. R. Kistler. . . WILL BE THE FLAG SHIP. i-*6tiul!liit}- That tlio Oroson, of tlio Plici Station, Will Have This Distinction. .- .4 Herald speekil from Washington says: There is astroufrpossibility that | «te "battle ship Orcg-on when pub in I •eotDmission, will 15t inculc the flag-ship of the Pacific station. The navy department has been advised that the cruiser jJiltimorc, which \vr.s broug-li-t. home 5rcin Cliit:;» to relieve Ihc Pliiloclelphia •oil tins duty, needs repairs which caa- Tiot be completed in much IC.SK than a Year. The rhilade-Ipliia is now being i-iockeil at Mare Ishir.d, but she also accds considerable repairs. T.ear Ad- atiral IJoarilslce, it is expected, will Transfer bis flag- to the Oreg-on, .1) Uioug-h 7ois f[iiartejs are crninpcd. Kcit-hcr the hip >[assachtisetUi nor the battle ' Oregon is supplied with fiag- officer's quarters. . Tliuro are large districts in China •wScrc ' labor is so cheap thnt it can i.i'rdly be reckoned on a monry stantl- «Tci. Thousands of Chinese laborers ;iTco"tj a litte more than a handful of rice •ar so a day, and yet even then there are of niicniployed practical^' C'lionp •J'uiinols. Tunnels a.re pett.ii-ff ehetiper. The oldest of the prwitcst four tur.ncls, the Jfoosac, cost £0 lis per foot; the most -jectot. the Arbcrg 1 , only .about £1 IDs •w>r foot. r.Iiiplo riiruj) lin<J ^[jriK-o Gum. New ICn{jiand'K !n::[i'e sirup crop is w-portcd to be short this year, but the ifrruce gum.crop is s;'.id to be all risjlif in •5ot.h quantity and i|iKil;ty. TullCHt r.Zau S'lno t'oct. jft'scems. in fact, tliaf. putting 4 upon sw'Side-the myths of past apes, the greatest st.-.ttire attained by .1 human "jcir.fj is approximnlel.v nine feet. GoJdcn Itotf. The potden rod, .which was advocated .acme time a£O as the national flower of »ic United States, is emblematic of en- cvmrag-eroent. DISEASES OP THE SKIN. Tfie intense itching nnd smarting hid t to-eczema, tetter, uult-rlieuni, and other f tlio skin is instantly allayed by Clmmbcrlnin'a Eye nnd Skin Ofctnient. Many very bud cases hnve been •iseroLanently ciirccl by it. Jt is equally «fiaentlbr itching piles and a favorite rem- yik- for nore •nipples; cliiippcd i.'ands, cliil- iVost bite?, and chronic sore eyes, gguita at 25 cents per box. ; Chily's Condition Powders, they liatfthbiPcriccdb v.'hcn in bad contli- ooiCj-lpIood purifier and vermifuge. • BRIEF BUT INTERESTING. Tlio Story of an Interview wltli-lhc Grand •OKI '.Ian. The correspondent of a. London paper V.TR seated on the stairs leading from the peers' ;»allery one day, when Jlr. Gladstone happeuod to come downstairs unobserved by him. As the correspondent blocked the way the Grand Old Man said to him, politely: "Will you'lfi'jdly let roe pass?" The rjiicstion nt once suggested a brilliant idea to the newspaper man. He rushe;! to the telegraph ofTice a.nd sc;it this dispatch to his pnper: "Ihncl a .somewhat brief but profoundly-interesting- conversation with Mr. Gladstone last, evening, meeting the right honorable gentleman iu the lobby," etc.. Mr. Gladstone cover denied the authenticity of the hall column of conversation that followed. A MYSTERY OF THE RIFLE. Unaccountable KMuK of Shooting from » Vise. .' Something- that no man understands is why a rifle, clamped in an immovable vise, will not. put a bullet in the same hole every time, even if the wind does not interfere. A correspondent of Shooting and Fishing- tells how he put a rifle of 32 caliberinto a- vise and fired it ten. times, the sights being ahva.ys aimed directly at a mark. The'bulleta went all over a. tour-inch circle at 00 yards. Theoretically all ought to have gone into llift same bole. A man who holds bJs rillc gripped •harG at one time'and easily a,t another will r.ot shoot as well as one who takes tbe same hold ot his rillc every time. The best rcsxilts arc obtained from bench rests when the maji puts his shoulder against the rifle butt. Her nat »n Obstruction. It is a. literal fact, says a, London pa- 'pcr, that the conductor of an omnibus had to press down a girl's hat at each side the ether day before she could get in at the door. The wearer of the cartwheel could not make out what was. ' hindering her from getting in, when the ' conductor, with a polite "Allow me," 1 gently depressed the brim on either side. . • ' [ , L I ' ' A i»K Shark. A shark measuring 10 feet in length is announced as having, "been captured lately in the harbor ol §ydney, N. S'. W. The fish's stomach on being opened was found to contain a large dog's collar,' a .man's coat, a briarwood pipe, sprae coppers ancl'-a great number of safety pins. Dijon, France, has a poplar tree xvith a record that can be traced ,to 722 A. D. Jt, is ].22 feet high'wid 40,feet in circumference at the base. . •'..-..' > •[. . • SHOWS HIS HAND. President Sends Message to House "Vetoing River and Harbor Bill. Thinks It Profligate Extravagance- Congress Votes to Observe Decoration Day. Washington, May 80.— The president Friday sent to !hc hoii^n message vetoing the river und harbor appropriation bill. Iu his message the president says that the bill contemplates the immediate expenditure, of about $17,000,000, and continues: A nioro Stiirltlntt Fenfuro. "A more stnrillnp feature of this bill Is • Us authorization of contracts for river and harbor worli amounting to more than SG2,- COO.OOU. Though the payments on these contracts lire in most cases so distributed that they arc to b<!»mfit by future appropriations", more 'than J3.000.uOO -on their account are Included I" the dlivct upprciM-la- tlons Ot tin: i-omnlnder n'ourly ?2C,( ; OU,OCO will fall due durin;; ihe fiscal yrar ordaipr June 30, 1S9S, anc! amounts sonii-.vhra less in the your Immediately succccrtti.p. A tew con'ti-oci-B of iLllkocharc.cf.ei 1 , c.uihoi- Inod vmc'cr previous statuips, arc- still oiit- Btundlns, and to moi.-t imymc-i.;.< on tlicso mciv than S4,OCO,000 must be .appropriated In the Immediate future. -If therefore, ihi.s I'll! becc.-nea a la tli'c obligations whk-li will lx- Imposed o law, on all- the bill directs numerous surveys and tva^'ratlonii which ...ontcmi.i::te new work ,ml fur tFicr conti-uclH. anrt which por- UL--ly mcr^^d (-:•; -r.ai'.urcs and "Tn vic--v of the obligation Imposed upon n-c bv the constl'.utl.-.ii, it seems Lo me (jalto clear that I only elscharR-c a duty to pur people when 1 inici-'ose my disapproval ot the 'ic^'is'; 1 tton pi-opc^cd. '••f.'L.ry cr the objects for which II appro- nr j."<,>5 .-i-' ;'c ru:r.c;- are not related to the nubile veTrnre ti"0 many of them «ir« nalnably for rlifc benefit oi 1 limited locuilUtis or in tlit r.id of intMvlduiiHntori-'sts. ••I h-aiii from olU'lu.1 sources that there arc Pijnronrlalions contained In the bill to nav'for v/ork wliieli private parties tuvo -ictually as-recd with this government to do. in consideration of tlioir occupancy ot nubile property, ' ' "individual c-coiioiiiy and carolul expenditure lire sti-rlliiK virtues which U-inJ to lira "m! ccnifprl. /economy and the exaction of clear justlhcallon Cor the nppi-o- ii'-lttilon of nubile moneys l.y^tlic scM-vrintij ot tlie people- are n-t only, virtues, but solemn obligations. JJnirriT •i.'oiirruniini; Hi'.' Nation. ••1 believe no srcat.;r 0:il-«er .-.-onfronts us as a nmion than the unhappy deeuder.c'j anioiu;- our people of Kftnuine and trust- wo-tl-v love and lUTuCtion • for our goveni- mc'nt lis the. embodiment of the h!gli«sl ami buKt asplra'ioi"" 1 ' of hiimanlly. ana not as i he slver c.i gltls, and because Its rr,l«s!o:: i.-i il-'f- Jntorc'-inont of exact justice and er,tiali- :y and iwt tl:e alloivar.ee of unfair favor••I hont I may lie perr.iitted to su,';-gost al n ll:ne ivhen the Issue ol'sovernmer.t bonda to n-.iilnuiln the ci-edlt ar.d llnanciul stand- Ir.g of the country is a stibjeei ol' criticism, that the contracts provided (or in tills bill v/ouli create obllffalior.s of the United States amoiinilng: to JL'.uOO.OOO, no less binding tlian its bor.us for tliatsuni." Iluuxe 10 tJl,,s(!rv»: Det'ora^ion Llu.v. Washing-ton, iltiy 5'J.—In view of the fact that Suturrlay is Memorial (lay Mr. Ding-ley (rep., Me.) moved that AVhen the house adjourn Friday it bc<-_iintil Monday next. Agreed to. Discussion was then resumed oil the reports .in the contested election cnseoE Johnson vs,Stok-i:s from the Seventh district of South Carolina. ' The vote on thi^ resolution of the minority, dechmny the contestant Johnson entitled to the sent, IVH.S (k-j'eatcd —yeas. 95; jinys, lO.'i. . Seniiti; Vuri.^t'M t^rtio Alcoliol 11U1. \Vashins-ton, May 2 f J.—By' unanimous eo n so nl the .senate agreed to remain in icssion next Tuesday till til a final vote is tal<cn on the anti-bond bill. The bill for the repenl of the free al coliol cliinse of the Wilson tai'ifl'act ivui then taken up 'and passed without amendment. . . The Semite fjso passed, without nnicndmcnt, the house bill concerning the distillation of brandy from fruits Senator Morgan (dem., Ala.) introduced n bill declavingr any agreement or conspiracy ol two or more person*, one or more of whom is an officer, ag-cnt or stockholder cf a national bank, to briny about nny restriction of the current circulation, or to refuse a payment to depositors in hiv.'ful money, a felony, punishable by fine nnd imprisonment. The bill was rend twice nnd laiJ on tho table for the present. The senate decided not to have a se>- sion Saturday, Decoration day. Birmingham, Ala., May 2!).—The general assembly of the Cumberland Presbyterian church has selected Chicayo as tho next place of meeting-. The locution oC the orphans' home^has been intrusted to a committee of rive, to be appointed by the moderator. JacIcHon Denied u->'cw Trliil. Cincinnati, May 29.—Motion for :i new trial for Scott Jackson, convicted of Pear] Bryan's murder, was overruled by Judge Helm Friday morning, and June 30 'set as the day of execution. A Btay of CO days -vas granted. What Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will, For Balc^by.B. F; Keesllng and GOLD IN DEER'S TEETH. M».n \Vlio found It Now TrylnK "> 1>I»- covt'r u Rlljic. Geld has been foil ml in n variety of cjuciM 1 pl::ucs, among others in the dust slKiken from chickens' feathers, in tie crops of wild tnrki!.ysi, iun.1 between the toes of :i wolf lioiincl. The latest odd pkioe for g-olt! ix as a fil.ling for a tker's leelJi, and it is tolil of in t-liu .\idologist bi' John A. Ilr.vaiit, of Kansas City, Mo. A Kansas Civy taxidermist was found in a H Tl - :lt - stale- of excitement by Mr. Bryant. He bad rrwntly tjot two deer hoiuls for inouni.ing' from Colorado. The Jaws of bot!i door were being- scinj-.i-i.!. iiiK'. tlipn ihe taxiderinist ob- s;c.-rvi-d a |x?culinv substance crustotl on the tu'Otl). TliissoJinji-nt was brownish yellow in color. 111:1! ;ii;st for fool's luck r'ne ir.an scrajiod it off :n:il sent it to an assa.yci 1 . The assiiyer R-ot it luinpof guli'., i-'i.'i'c, j'filnw f,*olil. fi'om Ihe.slufl'i and the tii.xi^oi'i'iiist iiiailt- hnsto to flnci out, l.he proci.-x.' locality wlu'ri- ihe Oecr were killed. Then he jiHkeel about the clci'i- licl;s \vliere t,!io anir.::ils g-ot thc'ir salt. IIu doosn'l linow yet wliulhcr t.he /rolfl came from a salt lid; or from the dust blown onto the {jrass or browse on \vhic:h the deer fod. The tfLxicliirmiist said t.ht:t the tleer wore killed not. more. th;i.n 100 irsilcs from tlic Cripple Creek ijold mines:, and further, that he knows the spot irxnctl.y. 'Uo thinks tha.t if deer can ;ret gold filling for. their teeth in tbe ordinary course of nature, a man cur. ff'-'t bushels of it. Ivc hr..s so mv.eh fait.h in this Hint he is fro:n;j to sell out his biislncss. buy a burro, a prub stake, nud :i iirospcctor's pick, luicl then go t-.j prospectinr; on tbe doers' trails. 'N SICILY, Still rrcr:ili.-at, and. tho Sll-Iil^t Trifle Ur.'n^H Them On, 1~ Slc'ly, yonn-j meji who arc eligible pnrtis h:ive to exerci.se extreme care m their c'.ci!ie:mor toward yor.ttff uiuna.r- ried la'tlics. To dance \vith them so often as to he rcmuj-ked, to atlcTupt to laK; to tihei-.i alone, is, to nse-tbe in- g-er.ions expression of an Italian friend 'of i)i : ::i-, e.\]jfcted to make yon their futuro-in-Iav.'. In tae lower cl::.sses, .sav.s liic Neu- York Merniiry. o vendetta iciiihs if a man pays attention to un ur:i;i". rrU-il ffirl without ma:'ryi.':fr her. Vciulettas are quite prevsleiit s'.ill. 1 focon.! a eliai l ;:f. l tt > i 1 :.stie and rather amusing- story about one the other. day. A j>'«iilei:i:',n's -..-onehman did his purl in a vendetta p.r.d \v:ts sent to prison for a ,r. n:1 — tOuMV hoin.T 1:0 c::.p:lal punjsll- m«in iii Klclly. His miistcr went to -\isit him in prison, i anil ;vs!:P(l if he co-.i!d'i'o ;:::y'.h:i:fr for him. "Ye:i, sijf- 11.01-: if you will pay half n franc a day for i:v.- I ta:: have n better room and better Cocci. a::d a :>havo." He attached most, ir.ip:;] ; :i.::ee lo the shave. 1 f a ma.n s-c-es his l:roi.iic.r belns' murdered, not more t.luin i.n.^one eiie in the crowd 'will he do nnyt.liiii;,' to briujv the of- fei.'cin 1 lo justice. lie may not even •ii-.tiTfi-rf. 'ljut he will take it. ii]>on li!i:-!.-:eir as a siicred duty to kill the mnr- rlcrtr whenever he has him ^t. his mercy. t;.v«ir tht; I'nclllc Cnul.r. \Y-.ushini4-Co-.i. Itay 2!). — The house commerce committee Friday ordered r, favorable report, on a bill'aulhoriziiipr the pos", master general to con tract with the T"Ciiic (Rcr.ymser) Cable company, of iS'ew Vorl;. fnr the construction of. a cable between the United States, Hawaii. .Tap: 1 . n and China, via the -Midway islands. The bill {rives theeompany a subsidy of no! exceeding- .$100.000 a year for 20 yenrs. . Coiivlclcd of Diamond !-ir.us:Kllnc. rhihi.delphia, May 20.— Herman Keck, n diamond merchant, of Cincinnati, was Friday convicted ;ji the United Status ^strict court of attempting to smiifj:- o-le diamonds valued at. $7,000 into tins port, in February Ins!. Counsel for Keck made a motion for a ncv, r trial. Tho LhilicnllMcst Trade. Lead working is the most disastrons 5f a)l trnde-f. to hr.al.th.- . . TiEJIAEKETS. (;r:ilu, rrovisiciis, Etc. CHICAGO, il'ay 20. FLOUIi— Dnll and trifle caslur In tonp. Quotable as follows: Winter— Pater.tu, 5?W)©3.SO: stra:'.;l'.ts, fr^^.SC: clears, ffl.SO ©3 10- seconds, S2.COg2.10: loiv B r:ides. $1.7:, ^•:.00. Sprins — Patents, 53.C003.li5: straiRhts, S2.C.";f2.SO: bakers', S2.1.i'-'.a)J.ao: low gracit-ij, fl.fotuil.K: lie- I/ug, }1.2;@1.«; Kye, 52. 10@-. 30. WHEAT— Moderately active and unact- tloa. May. CT r ;',4? aside: July, GifwS-'Sc; Sep- CCHN— Quint and steady. Ko. 2. ST-lJif*" 2Sc; No. 2 Vcllow, 2S!4<ri,2tVl-i:: June, 27%c; July, SS'AWSS^c and 2S%c; Sepi ember, 2014 @23%c and 23-i.e. OATS— Easier, with moderate traOlnc; May, ]"%£: July,-lS©i£%c: September. lS?i (ij'185tc. Samples lower. Xo. 3, 17Vi?flSVjo: Ko, '3 White, ISlSfi-JSKc; No. 2, li?»QlS%c: No. 2 White, IS-Tie^ic. RYE— Market quiet 'at late .decline In lirices. No, 2 cash, 33c; sample lots, 33^.0 34c; July delivery, £3c. BAHljJSi" — Was easy, but no change noted. Oft'erinss not larirc. Thin quotable at 25@27c; fair \veip!it, but oft' color, 2Si}j)2Sc; good color, -Cair to KOOd wcis'lit, 2BQ>32c: choice, 33c; fancy a shade over. MESS PORK— Offerliifi-s rather liberal and dc-njarul fair, Prices steady. Quota-. tlons ranged ot 17.0507.15 for oush: 57.05(1? 7.15 for May; $7.106)7,25 for July, and 57.27Vi <gi7/iO for September, LARD— Demand moderate and offcrlnR" free. Prices steady. Quotations ransefl at $-J.22 1 / i 'S ! 'l.23 for cash; ».2i:(B'l.25 for May; f1,30@l".32W for July,' and $-M2Vi'!&>i.-l" : ,i for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries, 10@15o ; Dairies, S©13q. LIVE POUL.TKT— Only moderate demand. • Turkeys. TlSHOc; Clilcken's, 7@ Sc; Duclfs, SSi'JOc per pound; Geese, pel- dozen, $3.00@3.00. NEW YORK, May 29. WHEAT— No, 2. Red steady, moderately active; May, «'(JT5C'4c; July, C5!4SG53ic; September, W"!i l &lS." J ^c; October, t5 3-lUc: December, CG%©ii7 ; }ic. CORN— No. 2 quiet. June, 32v/,{fKMc; July, 31 9-10@3-l 7 /(iC; September, 3IJ%@35%c; No. 2, OATS— No. 2 dull, steady. July, 23^ nominal: stfle, 2C@2Se; Western, 21©2So .Stock. CHICAGO, May SO, arket' steady to lOc lower. Fa'.r to best 'Beeves, $3.45©4-36: stoclterr and feeatrs, JS.OO@3.95; mixiifl Cows .am. I'-ulls, *1.50@3.S5; l - exas, SZ.TC^.'OO. HOGS- Market firm to 5c hlRher. UKSt, S325©?,55; rough pueklng:, 52.SDS)3.(j5;.ml:ci:<l' nnd butchers', -?3.1Si5i3.-iO; heavy packing and HOOSIEK HAPPENINGS.' News by Telegraph from Various Towns in Indiana. Gnu lieu FcclH.thu Wlud. Anderson, IJK!., May' 2'J.—The Indiana k'as belt got u slice of the St. Louis cyclone. Amlci'son in puriiculur wasdnm- nyed to the extent o[ thousands uf dol- lavs. Tlie 360x00 feet rotary dcpart- miMitof the Americni! Straw IJo:ird com- pnny's plant wns uoinpleti'ly swept away. Almost every uianufsict'innjj plant in 1ho city it^ badly damaged Although several persons weir injured, no fatalities have been reported. Ln the city the PresUyt'Tiiiii chnreli, pest ollice buildiiiH' and other stmetujTS were h.nlly damaged. In Ihc country srvcral barns were sent Hying, wililu I'nryn- Iiousts wei-y also liadly dainagvd. Crops are prostiatc-d and the tolal loss in this of ur.ty will be'largfc. Reports from li'hvootl. Lapel. Alexandria, Midillflowr., Mnncie. Franliton, J.inwood, Yorktcn. and other ailj.itent inannfaelnrinir Cities show that they ,f.-iri!d little belier than Amli'rson. Tlie force of (he wind in the country was ]jL ; st shown hy the fact that fras ain'| oil di'i-rieli.s v.eri.' ground into splinters Kcsiltercd over the surraunding- tc lory. tid Il(>:ivy Utcrnii.HW in Suloon 1 . Khvooi], Ind., M;iy ^'J. —The )r.di Good Citi/.pns' league has g-ivcn 01 table showing; the total number of f>J- loons in theat.-ilc.1 nly 1.1S05,and shov.- nifj the elTeet ol! one year of Ihc .Nichbi- KO)I lirjuor law. The dcci'f-ase h;is been g-cr.L'rnl, only iiine counties sho\\'in^ r.~>- l-.rrcr.uc. It :£ snk] ir.any ol t!v.'.sc .;'.:\! "ijiiail shops," \vliich v>c: - c Zi'.'~- ^elled by rhc cow la"' l .° ta ^ c olji •'' cci'.s'c or close up. On .Inly 1, IS'J.'i, there were 3,SDn saloons in 1he slate, \vhile now there arc only .1.SSS. Khoivirg n decrease of -IC2, or nearly J2 per Spcrtly Trial for n .Murderer. Albion, Tnd., M:iy 30.—The g-rand jury of lliis county found an indictineiH ;i.5'(iinst Kd V'anipf. the assassin o1 Frank Radfjer. Warner was broughl info court and pleaded not guilty, and his 1-,-iiiiiseJ asked far a ohnnjjc of venue to Wiley county, which was grained, lie was lalion to Columbia City OIK] lodged in the county jail. Tlv regular U'rm of court wilJ nnt convene until Sep- ioinbor, but a special session will be culled during- the summer, when tlie rase will be tried. >-«w Wnnhlc I" Hill Kalsin: Cchimhiis, Ir.d., May 2!).—Ulysses E, M'ejiry, arrested here for pi(.ssin;r raised money, was taken to Indianapolis by (lie United States marshal. ' Henry's scheme was to split a ten-dollar and a one-dollar bill nnd paste the odd sides (Otfeiher. makm:? (wo Icn-doihir bills. 'Although he had passed one and vns caiip-ht passing Ihc wcond. and other money ]:artially split, \vn.s fouud in his possession, lie £c. T tfiis innocence. .He lias been lately an insurance a-rent at Oshkosh, Wis. AttcinplH Jlufdor. Koliomo, Tnd.. May 20.—Mrs. Mary M. Morris, of Center, this couniy. attempted to kill her dans-liter. scn-ii:-ia\v and children," slciilihily njiprcachinff their bedside with a kr.ife to buicher them while'they slept. Slip then tried t(. cut herown (hroal. Mrs. Morris who ;.« S3 years old, wns adjudgi'd insane, and will be taken to the st;He asyiU'.Ti. She was injured by a fall "3 year.-, a^ro, but developed no symptoms of infinity tintil llo^'.•. Her yonng-est child i? 47 years old. Was One or Lincoln's gcbnolmatcs- lioclcport, Ind.. May 20.—Joseph Gentry, aged S-4. a ijioncer of Spencer county', died at Lincoln City, ireenmcfrom Kentucky in JSI.S nr:d settled near Cc:i- Iryville. where Abraham l^incoln lived, He and: Lincoln \verebooncompanions end attended the same school. Mr. Gentry attended the funeral of .Vaney H:u;k?, Abraham Lincoln's mother. For GO years he, lived in 'sight of the Lincoln homestead. Thre<; G);ins I'l:iius Will Hnn. AiKlersou,' Ir.d.. .May 20.—When Manager Holton returned from Chicago he 'announced that the plant of the U:.ion Glass company would not close, as will all other factories in the Western association. He says the DcPanw and vhe Chambers plants at, Alexandria and Pittsburgh will continue to run to the swl of June, us customary heretofore. Driven Insane by Grief. JJoolitlle, "Ind., .May 20.—Lois, the S- ycar-o.Ul ciaiig-htei- of Harry Bclmont, was pronounced insane by a medical committee. The. child's mental derangement is melancholia, supposed to result from the loss of her mother about seven months ag-o. She 1 has cried almost continually since. Storm at Greensburjr. Ch-eensbnrg, Intl., May 29.—A violent storm swept over this city and for a time it was thought the town would be iviped from the face of the earth, but happily no dnmago was done, except to shade trees and several houses, which were unroofed, in the country. Deputy Warden KcslRns. Jeftosonville, Ind., May 20.—Deputy Warden Arthur M.ayo, of ihe stare prison south, has resigned. Tie will take.charge of the Minnesota shoe and leather works, which, will manufacture shoes, etc., iu the prison. Popullftt Nominee for Concress. Evansville, Ind., May~20.—The populists of the First eongressional district held their convention here, and Ecv. Josephus Lee, of' Oakland City was nominated for congress. A Politlchm Snot. ' Brazil, Ind., May 20. — A report reached here that J. Cole Moss, a populist, leader, o.f Ashboro, was shot and fatally, wounded. His assailant was a young- man named Smith.. Fire lit South Mllford. ' La,.Grange, Ind.. May 20.—The general store of John Strayer. three wooden buildings, at Sonth'.-Milford, ten miles east, was. burned. Loss, -$15,000; insurance, small. ''...'• 'THE TRKJihPIl C? Every r.Tr.:] \VIjo Eow Diacovt.ries cf riix::.? AvoIJ r-.::t*.rc Cio V.'oaOcrfnl **Co:::p'cto Miiii «:-.:« Jt." L'.n "Ilcro rt Lift 1-, inforrc.i:!rn frcn n. l.i-h naiiciil source that must ivurk ironiiurj wii-i Uiirt mneriuion of men." The hook fully describes n m«bo<l bywliicb to attain full vicor nnd jnniily pou'cr. A method by wbicll to tii.l all unnatural Drains on 1 Ijc ty To or.rc zcrvocsaoss, lick t' ceir-cc^ti has! v,-c',-:i r.-'nr; ' r of .iriBhtiicffis, buoyant-;,- nr.'l ]"".•.-•. v. r j'o cm-el'orevcr ejects CL' cucei'-X-v- "•' — •.-." r^i. ^7^:•r>•, &r.. Tj rlvefidlEircnc'Ji, flevtfop— .rr.t r.r.I 1 :-? tc every portion uiid orrr-iii of tlic bD'ly, /.;;o ;io barrier. Failure ii^^ossi'oJc, Two tl'.r.wanil references. The book ia jiurely Tnccicnl "TV! fcionti?"'", •lifeless to curiosity seeker: 1 , i::v^iv.^'... iz :_^^i i:iiy v.-hoTieetlit. — , - ••— A dc-;in,iring 3ia~, irto bai .-.—•:;,.'. '.: v.-, i-ra ;if tcr v.-rote : "'.~,"c~,I t:ll vcu that f:rrt ri.-.y i- 020 I i'< ;•.; — - for£C',. I juit bubbled with Icy. I •,r".L'!c<j i^r L-jr everybody nud uil t'jcair.:,- /. '. -_t''.t liad died yesterday, HT:»I :.-.y u.r-v K'-l v;:i.s bnra to-dny. \Vby rlidri'i, vci t: 1 '. r'e v.-'j n I first ivrstc tbut I v.-cu'..l :.=:~.:. ....; Andn'jothcrtlics: "It you flumped a cart Jew! cf ; T . .• ' • :y tet it would jH't brinp; such c!.i:--<.-> :.-••' ~7 li!'u r.rt your method Las done." \7ntolollio ERIE MEDICAL COM?/.:"", ^'•f'':;o. IS". Y.. nfltl a^-k lor the litvi-i bocl; calle-1 "COMPLETE MANHOo'.)." IloIVr. •-•> this p-xpcr, uud l!ic company prctni;ir5io te-'i llo uook, in Denied cnvclopo, •u-ithov.t J*.: 1 .'/ c— r!-:s,ff~vJ entirely free, until i; isvc:;;-: ro- The COAST LINE to MACKINAC TAKE THE-C-K— MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Greatest Perfection yet attained In Bo«t Conitruclion--Luxurious Equipment, Artlitlc Furnisllinir, Decoration and Efficient Service, insuring the highest degree Of , COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TniPs pen WEES BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit $ Mackinac PETOSKEY. "THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Plctureiwioe Alickinac <nd Return, including- Hcol» and Berth*. From Cleveland, J>8; from Toledo, $15; from Detroit, $13-50, EVERY EVEN1NQ Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting nt Cleveland with Earliest Trains for all poi7ils East, South and Southwest nud at Detroit lor all points North and Northwest. Sunday Trips June, July, August end September Onlj. . EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay £ Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ. e. *. «.. DETROIT, MICH. TUs Osiroit and Cleveland Steam Nay. Co. POWDER I bus been tho Rtandari Is more norular io-<inr POZZO.WS I Is v'oo ideal complexion powder—tMw.nUfylnir, T rcfrcsL'.ng, cleanly, li-rellliful Md linrmlcss. Ad«:ica-vu, tnvhiblo protecOon to ilio face. Wlthc Qlftci>iit SriivIIPw «OLI> BOX fa (tiv«-n free ol charge. AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. Going For A Lake Trip? Tou'll fully enjoy all of I& clelta^ti !f y ou take one or the LAKE JIICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRAMSPORTATION CD'S GANT STEAMSHIPS, . Bailings between Chicago and Mackinnc .'.'.land four tlttiM every week. 5 hi, Chicago, < Tho new steel steamship ,'' Daluce. Travels 'twixt i^ H.rbor Sprln s s, c Island, etc. Write for our reading matter, readable ireo, or ask your nearest agent. Address Jos. Bcrolzlicliu, G. P. A. LAKE mien. AND t.IKE SUPERIOR TKAKS. CC. Rush *nd N. Witer St.. Chicago. i u r '>r^<*i. or &ny \^L.ts^ttDittt^ [ B0 , w urlcinrc. J .foa, irritation or ulcor»- i coMMloo, .tion ot in neon i. men- . liy cxpreM, prepaid, for 1.00, or 3 bM.tlni, #.». ilar Boot ou r-.nue»t.

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