Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 2, 1962 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 2, 1962
Page 4
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editorials Draw Pearson Report! Garden City Telegram Friday, November 2, 1962 Are Invited faked Photos Play Election Part SJ S Price of U«d Jumps Yetfr ,.f. the city is inviting Garden Cithms to see 6ur Source of electrical power. > er ,« These generating facilities are new, and are housed in a new structure which has been built ad- •jacent to the Wheatland Electric generating plant 'at th6 west edge of the city. t While most of those who visit the plant will see a " complicated array of machines, dials, valves, switches ; •'• and other such equipment, they will be impressed by ;' the appearance of efficiency. The orderliness, cleanli- ' ness, and newness all radiate the atmosphere of an efficient operation. They will see two power plants — side by side • without a wall between — with a * single control room. Technically, one provides power to a vast rural ; network and smaller towns to the west, while the i 4 other generates .electrical power for only Garden City. 1C.' But the efficiency which doesn't meet the eye is ' -' that one plant serves as a standby source of power for ;/ the other. If the city had constructed a plant entirely P separate from the Wheatland faciliites, and did not inter-connect the two operations, each would have . ». to build a capacity much greater than actually, need-a ed. This is due to the need for standby or reserve ^f" power in event of a break-down or emergency need. - Sunday's open house provides an excellent op, ..portunity to see what has been done with over $2 million voted by the people in revenue bonds. And as they look over the Wheatland facilities, they'f should remember the role the former Southwest Kansas Power Co'., which built the plant, pkyed in bringing power to this community and area. al Boyle Soys; , Kfln. (AP) Americans for Constitutional Ac- (iOITOR'S NOTfi - Drew that he did not participate In the Utt is known In Washington as Birchcongressman, is setting the Pearson is making a political $205,000 loan negotiation. A lot the "flag-wrapping" congressman political smear raw of his life survey of the most important of Californians are asking - "If because of his numerous speeches from Donald^Cameron, Demo- „,„_,„ iur ^ nouwwimi m . election battles. Today's re- hot, why all the secrecy?" wrapping the flag around him. crat of Whittle*, who Is being tlon, Rep. J, Floyd Breeding has port is on California.) He proposed makm* Gefi. Edwin subjected to the same W«d A chafed; "Is op^ed to'every- LOS ANGELES -Joe McCar- Twia of «w hottest cottgression- Walker, currently accused of stir- smearing tactics that defeated thm g bu ' t WM ^ MM and ^ould thy, who first Invented the faked ai battles in Callfoi.:- are ring up riots lit Mississippi, an Rep. Jerry Voorhls in Nixon's makse s i SVe a out of the American photograph for electioneering, against the John Birch congress- adviser to Kennedy oh pgychpjo- first rade for" Congress. In .fact, must be turning In his grave at man, John Rousselot, a~d anoth- glcal,warfare, describes member- Roy O'Day, Nixdttts manager - — • • • er congressman who follows the ship In the United N a I Ions as against Vodrhis, is now manag- " analogous to having a rattle- Ing Rousselot, an order has been snake in Ihe bedroom," fears a placed for 100 phones to be ready plot to "centralize the Girl a few days before election day. Scouts," and has introduced a . . feeach bill to make Andrea Artukovic, in the Nixon-Voorhis campaign, ' Yugoslav war criminal, an Am- to circulate anonymous reports erica!) citizen. that Cameron is a communist. what's happening in California. The faked photos used by Nixon John Birch line, Rep James Utt supporters against Gov. Pat of Santa Ana. , Brown make "McCarthy a piker, utt is being opposed by a One faked photo,, authorized working, young Democrat, by Karl Prussion and circulated ton Shamsky, of Solana ' by 12 Republicans headquarters, wag so shocking that it has now been banned by California courts ansas Democrat said ACA NEW YORK (AP) *. The price of lead rose for the first time in almost a year Thursday when St, Joseph Lead Co. posted tin increase from 9V& to 10 cents a pound. The company's mines in Missouri are struck and it said It is drawing from stocks that are fast running out. Other firms are expected to increase their prices. Lead rose to 10% cents last December but dropped back to 10 without much financial support from anyone. Utt, who has had his wife on the government pay- Artukovic was the Himmler of has endorsed hte opponent, Rep. ....... ,i-»7,, « •. Robert Dole, It - Kan. Breeding ln « f ff days and to 9V4 in Febru- said-ln .a campaign statement •**, Market condition! have 1m- u, «. .«u . „ i Wednesday he wonders If Dole Proved in recent months with Presumably they will be used as Sen Frank Carlson, R-Kan., "has statistics showing a cut in'stocks a very poor record and rating and a rise in consumption, with ACA," .1 L,, r t. « 1.1 11 Breeding said Dole "was ., ' _ ,.. M«anwhlt« John S'rch.type.let. pleased to have tta endorsement Navy Plans Satellite , . until after the election. It showed ro li for $224 a month, seems to Nazi Croatia and Is charged with ^F 8 M r t b « ng w ^ tenu 1 j'f of this group and he certainly Navigation Sv$tem Governor Pat Brown bowing be wel) supplied with campaign the miirder of 600,000 Jews and' attaektag Cameron though edl- had every right to it. . . ' an Cherishes reams of Glory I NEW YORK (AP)—As long as a pan breathes he cherishes some pidden dreams of glor.. When young he usually day- reams about unlikely Jiinigs— uch as finding a million dollars i the street, becoming a baseball Read the novel "War and Peace" all the way through. Visit a nudist colony—purely on a scientific research basis, of course. Be oble to help a teen-age or having, a famous movie *«*"« *"»» he ' home work m 4tar fall in love with him. aigeora. 5 Some of these unattainable goal •fleam hidden in his secret heart .3s long as he lives, although he •€omes to realize how childish they _ . •3re. But ordinarily as a man ad- mfelt all paper clips and carbon the Nixon famdjjjjmt up^ asi jjol- 1 "Ventures his way through middle age, most of \his daydreams be Invent a tasty new food that would automatically convert fat into muscle. Create a substance thai would apologetically before Premier Khrushchev. Actually, the photo of the bowing Brown was clipped from'a snapshot of him welcoming a Laotian girl in the prayerful custom of the Laotians. What Brown and the people of California don't know, however, is that* Richard'Nixon, when he visited Russia, is the man who. actually apologized to Khrushchev for the action of tHe American Congress, according to Khrushchev. Khrushchev told me this story. He said that Nixon had mentioned to him the fact that Congress had Just passed a "Captive Nations Week" resolution calling for the liberation of Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet's satellite states. "Naturally I knew about the resolution," Khrushchev said, "but did not plan to mention it since Nixon' was our guest. However, much to my surprise, Nixon 'mentioned it himself and said that Congress was foolish to have passed the resolution." "Do you mean to say that members of Congress are fools?" Khrushchev said he asked Nixon. "Oh, this is Just a private conversation between us," Nixon said quickly. Howard Hughes and the Hughes Tool Co. which lent Vice President Nixon's brother $205,000 with meagre security, has just made an amazing secret settlement in order to keep details, of the loan and its negotiators quiet. Hughes has agreed to pay $145,000 to Phillip Reiner, the man who acted as dummy for the loan so the public would not know that either Hughes or Nixon were involved. Reiner is the Los Angeles accountant who was made dummy owner of the Whittier loc .which funds right from California's militant Serbs. tors who have checked the signa- SAN FRANCISCO (AP —Vice paper in a thousand-mile radius, thus making it impossible to come almost wishfully practical make unnecessary copies of un rather than, extravagant. Here is: one middle-aged man's catalog of unachieved ambitions: To climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty^ Find a resaonably-priced hair tonic that really would make a fellow irresistible to the ladies. the morning without breathing hard. Listen to two symphonies, and then be able to tell one from the other. Win at least one argument sometime hi his life with a traffic cop, a bus driver and his boss. Find a 'necktie that can't be stained—even if you dip it in a 'gravy bowl. Learn to identify on sight all the flowers, trees and birds a fellow meets during a woodland walk. necessary business correspondence. Find a doctor who could tell a man how, without taking; pills, capsules or potions, he .could every morning .feeling s he'did in 1937. Get a law passed making It illegal for any high school Or college youth to appear in public with a duck-tailed haircut and wearing trousers so tight they look like they were glued to him. Get another law passed making it a felony for any American girl or woman to wear mascara during daylight hours—or purple lipstick at any time. Find some kind of a new, interesting pleasure for middle-aged people that wouldn't leave them feeling tired or guilty—: cause them to put on weight. lateral for the "loan aiij which! was later forfeited. Under the forfeit/the land went to the dummy owner, Reiner, who didn't know wh&t to do with it and kept sending Hughes the $800 month rental chocks from a Union Oil filling station. Hughes, who didn't want his name mixed up with the deal, kept sending the checks back to Reiner. Finally, Reiner got tired acting as the dummy 'and sued Hughes. If the suit had gone to trial, some interesting facts would have come out showing .' YOU MIGHT THINK Carry Nation, the anti- saloon crusader of Kansas, by now would've been the subject of a number of books. Actually, there are only two biographies of her — the second, "Cyclone Carry: The'Story of Carry Nation", has just been published. (Her own story of her life was published in 1907.) ' The new book is by Carleton Beak who spent his boyhood in Medicine Lodge where Carry began her crusade. Many Kansas towns and Kansas historical incidents ate included in the book. IN ONE DAY last week three emergency orders of Red Cross blood were delivered to area hospitals by Highway Patrolmen from the blood sub-center located here. . '+'.**•• IT MAY NOT BE an official finding of the teachers in conclave this week, but it probably is safe to assume that, progressive education and new techniques notwithstanding, the same old truth remains: nothing succeeds like recess. * * * TO DATE] we have ignored and avoided the original what-I-want-for- Christmas lists being circulated among the troops here. We have paid no heed to the enlarged and revised versions. And we haven't been bothered by major Changes of mind. But our oblivion cannot go on forever. One day we will have to make our terms with Santa Glaus and turn all this wishing into Conspicuous consumption. * * * THIS PRE-ELECTION comment from columnist Jack Guinn in The Denver Post: "The main trouble with this political campaign is that the candidates are in an upward and onward rut. Anybody with courage enough to come out against progress would be swept into office by the enthusiastic but nonpartisan vote of people exhausted by improvement." jii/o - j , - , "My opponent Is not even in •——• »...—*«.««« v .» — ,.•*+, Rousselot, the admitted John tures find they ar e unregistered league with members of his own Admiral W. F. Raborn Jr., deputy to vote in Los Angeles County. •-• - ... ... . -. ...... Cameron's office has b e e n ista. He has voted against meas ur e after measure which form President Eisenhower publicly pleaded for." Breeding said ACA "is the most convention Wednesday night that - radical reactionary and right- five experimental navigational sa- Th e nearest move Cameron ev- wmg organization In the country, tellites have been orbited. The op- er made to what some doctors " i&taw painted with the hammer and sickle of Russia, and the word "commie" has been painted under his campaign posters in one of the roughest campaigns Southern California has seen. political party, but has joined a chief of naval operations for de- small hard-core group of extrem- velopment, says the Navy has a satellite navigation system that is almost operational. Raborn told the National Defense Transportation Association consider "socialism" was when he sponsored a bill in the California legislature forcing medical Insurance companies to disclose the quality of their medical treatment. California has quite a few hospitals owned by doctors and Cameron maintained they had a conflict of interest as between earning a medical fee or a hospital fee. Cameron, .who is a California legislator, passed the only anti- doctor bill in California history. The dictors admitted spending $30,000 to defeat him two years sago and they are spending more money in the xace against him today. ttarden City Telegram Published Dally Except Sunday Mid Five Holidays Yflariy by The, T»l«* gram Publishing Company at 177 Bail Chestnut It preaches that farm price sup- eratlonal prototype will be put up are a terrible thing. in the near future, he said. TEtUPnONE OB 6-USS Bill BroWH ^n',,"-..-. Marvin Smith „ Advertising Muurei d. h. Member of the Associated Preu The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for reproduction of all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news end dispatches. All rights of publlcat- also reserved. Terms of subscription By carrier a month In Garden City, $1.65, payable to carrier in advanc*. By .carrier In other cities whert service Is.arallablb, 30c per vreek. By mall to other addresses In Flnneir, Lane. Scott, Wichita, Oreeley, Ham- uton,< Kearay, Grant, Haskell and Gray counties. $7.50 per year; els* where $15.00 per year. Second class postage paid at uarden City Kansas. If Telegram motor carrier service Is required to havn publication-day delivery by mall In cities that have local carrier service, local carrier rntes apply. I This takes skill and practice IT TAKES SKILL TO FILL A PRESCRIPTION To be sure...., see us!! NORMS DRUG STORE 312 N. WAIN FREE DELIVERY SERVICE N/GHT CAllS • Bft 6-4430 BR 6-3231 loan, .c- cording to Reiner. Reiner then 'got an amazing settlement — $145,000 payable over five years — provided Reiner, in turn, keeps his mouth shut. Reiner has kept his mouth shut. But things like this have a way of leaking out anyway. Note — Nixon stated recently "Anyone Else Who Doesn't Believe In The Abominable Snowman?" J. FLOYD O ct6be*26, 1962 resutt ^~£SwJ*5S**** ^teraKanaa*™*^* sincerely your* . ^\ >** POL ADV. « I*t^

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