Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY RE(ilSTER, FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 2, 1912. lOLA DAILY IiI:^GISTER '.f tiers wrre ad.Ircssed by Mr. Cop- taken In all history In the direction of Th« iela Dally Record and i"ie loia Daily P^r to every one of the "atandpat world peace; these are some of the , I leaders" mentioned In the foregoing : things the Chicago platform must THE BEGISTEB FUBLISUO'G CO. ^^'^"'^ peculiar twist of i contain no matter who Is nominated, 1 reasoning docs the Capital arrive at: and would St not be a singular con- Bntered at the^ Ma*^.'''* " Second- conclusion that what Mr. Capper i clusi^, a ridiculous non seqiTitur —. ! did with perfect propriety/becomes a j an absurd anti-climax If after "point- AdrerUsln« Rates^ade Known on Appli- heinous offense when dufpllcated bj j ing with pride' through a column or -- - more, to the splendid nnhlpvements of know this administration the i)Iutrorm Senator Huffman? It would be interesting to SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In Jola, Gai City, Lanyon- *' " " . <;hnii1>l «»nnf>liii1r> with Vine, Concreto, OWHarpe and Bassctt: what warrant the Capital has for snouia conclude wiin ^lS'^SS,-:::::::::::::::::::::::lJ^eJ!S ch.-,rsiMg ,hat the eument of the par- ••TuiiRKFORE. v.e deem the 8SS¥^ ....... V.M ,„j,„oncd Tom W:.^sU>fT at «ho made this unparalleled record on. Tear, In,lde^couMt":.= «.no ,h,. primary bolted th,- .ick-t at .he unworthy of fiirth.. conhdence and One Tear, outside cmi::;. I3.U0 TELEPHONES: Business Of fire n Society Reporter IS Job and Bindery Depi HI Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper dtv of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. electinii? Does the Capilal imugisie Present to the people of the United ih:it Goveinor Slui>bs would have been States th:.t Groat I.rader, that Fear- ie-ele<tpd. even by t!i.. reduced ma- ''^s.i Champion, .Ic. vie. jr.riiy which the n-i'.iriis showed, if, those who s'.ipported lir. \Vai;staff in the primary ),ad vol. d against him "''"S^. but no one has ever been at the polls-.' I>o.s the Caj.ital im- ""'"^ '"og'c"! and inconsistent as .nglne tliat any Republiean candidate '"""""""t''one m^^n on another man's for Governor r;;n be elected this year "Republican conventions have some times done some rather unaccounta- without the su!ii>ort ai th" yolls of •"••that elcmi nt of tiif i.iriy" wbich its editorial so praii;itr,i::"y ir.-.ilis? Is its editorial inrr!'!• ! ui st rve notice on tlK'in that thi' i,v.i: r cf i'.io Capital do's !if)t (Usirc 'h-ir E -.irrc "t cither at <.\\' I riniarii s i r t!i' j :;!!s? A PECILIAU KDITOKIM.. Senator Hiiflman praitically left the quest ion ol his (landidacy for Gov ernor to tlic standpatters postmasters and ex-coni ;rpRptiicn who for siv- eral years have coi:;i)rised the Kansas Day rlub. The announccnK -nt of liis eandi'lacv was not made until he had held consultation with tip- leadi-rs of the stundiiat faction of the party, ana a few hours before tli<' iiiiripil Ir.-i;- doubts llii.t tlii quet hf is.sued a simi.-d siateincnt of publican .Vallonal Coi:vi-:iti,>n will be his candidacy. Whether l.r.Huflmaa . |t !,er PreMd-nt Talt or .•x-I'resldent would run or not. u;:s in short, d.- „ termined by smli and coui:- K"os «'V <lt. Havlni; R .-.nlly .iilven its selors as ex-Goviriior Bailey, K. it. reasons for helirvin;; lliat Ihi' ex- record. And that statement presents the situation as we see it. There are Innumerable reasons why Mr. Taft should be renominated; the foregoing are some of the reasons why, in the judgment of this paper he will be. There i.s Dawes, ex-Congressnien .Miller, ('aid- Presld-tit would not lie tlie nominee nturis now to sit lis rrasons for be- I'residenl will erhead and Scott, J. H. Adams of Hut- ^j^^^ H.-uistrr vei ler, ex-District .Mtormy Dean, <.f Marlon, and oth .T prominent leaders =' of of the element of tlie Repulilican liar- lievin^ that tin ty who brouf;lit Tom Wagstafr as a The ediior of this pajnr in an inter- candldate nvo years a^o. and who at- i,, TOJM ka Stat.' te rWacst.-in was ovtTwheliniiigly-di - , , , ,, , f.ated at the primary, bolted the li.k- '""rnMl us-d lliis l.uiKua;;-: et in the election. Dr..Huffman is a n ;;.inl the noniiniilon of Pfsi- Btronger candidate than W.acstaff, a ,,p„, .p^,-, j„,able. Not that I more expirnnced man with a beltrr ... , -. record. In fact we would have said minimize in th.- least the popularity that he is too broad a Uepuhliean to of Colonel Roosevelt. General Grant become ,i candidate of a small fac- wag popular, yet he was not nominat- •—T———— .Maybe you think you know what it OK M'K J.lTl ATMIN. means to work right i-long and never probab..' no one who l:«ve any "let-up?" Wfll, there is •oi:'!iic" of the R"- Captain Henry Kitig of the St. l.ouii. Globe-nemoeral. He \\<iit to that |ia- l>er from tlie Toin-k.i Capital in 1S.S4. That l8 twiniy-elght years ago, and liir. regular job during all I 1 P si' years h::8 b<en to get to his on '.c^iibout 'lOon, sjicnd the afternoon writing editorials, go to his dinner about six. b'>. come back to the olllce about eight and slay there unlil one o'dck in the morning. T.alk about the "dcmnllioii ^'lind!" .Nobody but a n"wsi>n,ier man really knows what tlwisc words UK an! Why is the soda cracker to-day such a universal food ? People ate soda crackers *in the old days, it is true —but they bought them from a barrel or box and took; them home in a paper bag, their crispness and flavor all gone. Uneeda Biscuit—soda crackers better than any ever made before—made in the greatest bakeries in the wprld—baked to perfejctidn—packed to perfection—kept to perfection uiitil you take them, oven-fresh and crisp, from their protecting package. Five cents. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY TOE NORTORUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, KANSAS CYEU FORTY TEARS OF CONSETtVATIVE RANKING IN lOLA Depository for the Inltcd SJnte.s, Stale of Kansis, and Allen County OFFICERS: L. L. NORTHRUP, President D. P XnTiTHKUP. 2nd V-Pres. F A. NORTHRUP, Vice-President MELVIN FRONK. Ca.->h;er. R. J. COFFEY, Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 , SURPLUS $20,000,00 Inlorest Paid on Time Deposits Safety Depcsit Box«-s for Bent TOUR BUSINESS .SOLICITED, For HIDES aiiil Fi :R3 ALSO FINE LUMP COAL FOR SALE at L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone nu —OF- lOLA and Fort Sc ut, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your deotal work done by others call upon ua. We are In our Lallarpe ofrice:J'EVEUY TflCRSOAY. Offlce hours: 8 to (J _:.Sundays In to 12 Evenings 7 to 8 • ion that, in spite of the fewness of their numbers, insist on dictating noni inations and platforms or bolting the party."—Topeka Capital. Remembering that the owner of the Capital is a candidate for Governor and presumably desires and expects ed for a third term. "But the political logic of the situ- p.lion which will confront the Chicago convention, even if tlu-re were no iiuestion of the third term, will com- Howard Courant: Senator Hrislow s strenuously in favor of a presidential jirimary in Kansas this year. Last year he was ferninst a primary to choose a nominee for Congress in the Second District. Still, no one can say Senator Bristow is inconsistent; i Talking about the significance- of straw votes, think what a gauJy icn- dorsement of Eugene Debs .for President the Appeul to Reason could get by taking a poll of its subserib- fOLD RREAkS IN FEW HOURS. .Snjs . „ ,,. ... I 'el Mr. Taffs nomination, in niy i^^^.^^.^^g : ers! ^o receive Republ.e|.„ votes. >, is d.f- judgment. Did you ever stop to think. j„ ,,.3 ^^.^gment will bring about the of the kind of a platform that convention would write? Well, about two- thirds of it will be taken U]) with a recital of the achievements of the Taft ;!dpiiii!stration. "One after another of the jiledges ficult to understand, either ti>.r> jiolit- ical acumen or the sense of iiropriety which dictated the foregoini; editorial. The writer of tliis cannot speak for any of the orfiers whose n.insis a' • nientjoned above, bat for himself I'.e can sary that Senator Huffman did not consult him upon the iiuestion of his candidacy for Oovernor. lie could not. have consulted Mr. Dawes, cither, for that gentleman was not in Topeka cii Kansas Day. He might have spok^ n to the others n .ini^'d, individually, about his ambitions; but tin- constil- ends he most desires. Last year he . wanted to betit Charley Scott—this year lie wants to beat Taft. Top"ka Suite Journal: made ifi tin- platform of VM\% wj^l be Huffman of Cherokee county, now t!>a! recalled in order to 'point with pride' lio lias announced his candidacy for :o the fact that Wvy have li-en ful- the Republican nomination for Gov- lill.'d. Th" reforms Institufd in the ernor, is styled in certain quarters as •i('n;inistrai!c.n of the various dejiart- being a Republican of the iiltra-stand- Did that wirm week or two the latter part of .January fool you into tliinking the winter was over? Dont you remember how it has alwiiys Senator ''"o''*'' j"st the same way? (iueer about that! i!>rnts whereby millions of dollars l.ave iK'f-ii saved and the business of 'h" govrrniiient plac<>I on a hT:.';;:Kss tation with all of then togeUier ini- ,.,.,„,„„,,. :,nd cfllciency wi'' be cited. The triumphs of the adiiiin- !~tratioii in the variou!-. and diTuiilT editorial was plied in the Capital's not held. But suiiimse P(nator Huffman h;:d mentioned the matter of liis candidacy to the gentlemen iiam^d, v,h reij would an offensi- have 1,. '-a r</i;i;:r- ted? This writ-y h::s r:::!:fr a distinct recollection of rei iving a !• t- ter from his old frii-iid—and his pn •- ent friend—.Arthur Canper. a.-kh".: whether lie ilinusili' he (Mr. Capl'<'ri siiould become a catiriidate fur Gov :nor. The chances are lliat similar ii:it variety. Oii!\- ;i year ago, thou.:;h. ivlirn tlie legislatnr." was in ses-^ioi;. 111! wa.-i accredited as being among the leaders of the S:i:bb;-i and insur.uent taction in llie st:ite. It IS a pretty well-to-do farmer flu 'se days who can affonl to eat his own butter and eggs. POINTED I'AI;\;;RAPHS. liildoniatie emergencies which Iiuvt ;.ri.-^'n d;:rln.g the past three • !iereby i!ie (idinina'pce of til > fnit'"-: riatec at t!ie coiKi-il board of the na•!('!'<; iia.s In I n a^ain and ::c::in made i' .ir: tie e:i,riiio.!s evN iif irn cf or.i i!i imi :r:e':e, l::r!;e!v tlirotii;!^ the rf- :';ri • r.l a re(>re..i:iiz'd nipicnnatic and ' ! •;!il;.r serv ic- for whiili ilii.; .Tdiiiir "I 'lien i< ri Kt«'nsilde: ;he arbilra- ••(Ki ire.llieS. the lciii;esl step ever Tliis jiaper fidl gr.->arly i-ompiiiiietit- •U tlifi oilier day when a man in at,- county sent in half a dozen suii- .scriptions "jest as an evidence of Lvjod will and because we want to s- wlial tlu' Register lias to say abo'i; various thing.;." \Vli:i; a good exaiii- j-'e ilial would hi' for oilier iiieli ill oll.e." coiiillies to foilin'. ! T!ie Scdalia wlio s >nt his v 'o ihe I\;insa!; City Slar with the sug- KtiiMi that "If tliis country cannot uei along witlioul Roosovidt. sooner she goes to the di-mnitlon txiw- wows tlif befii-r. he'll die sometime," didn't miss the kernel of the anti- third term argument very far. "San?:!rt" Cr-.^r^n -re r"owed to f«I!y matifre on tka tree. Tl^iy r"-" n p- tf. cily <!'.' IT:CU ^ flcvcr. utterly lacUin;: in riun;' rr ; j-j Ii:;.vc hctl to put up -.'••:!; 'P i'.:c r--:. K.'.:': or-:: • • j ". -_,";ct, ifully pick- Ci •-::.i :>ac;.-i I y r!-jv .;..:•.;. }'.\ -y ".•;:.:!k;.-t'' I r;:;-t be .-.'c-'l.• S Cv." i-: ::,-. •.•.-rrr';)er. <^*Tn \ F..r ;;:.! vrap::-.-; i • ' •• , '.- :i .' 1.-;::: pud r .re y^"^ f^v.;:i -rply yo.i %-.tU l..:, : . -s ! i;.>:;:::f::l fruit. M-W-^ Of course Standard Oil has been "ilissol'ited," broken up into its original fragments, eacli of which is in \'iolent competition with tlie otlnr. :;nd all that. But we notice t!i;it wln-n Standard Oil announced tin- other da.r that the price of refined oil would be advanced twinty-live cents »-barrel, it w;;s advanced ail right. I'-rot'i the Chicago .Vev.s. Kicl'.es do not make :i man iKijip .v: ft is wiiat he st,.|s out of llein. All women love a lover, hut mO.-;- married m Ml f'-el porry for him. In the miitrimonla! ."ame tir-re urr lots f;f kis?i 3 and n::!iiy r.era:'-h< s. ; •'veptually evr;-y .\(;rean •,Iis:oV(ir that her niirror ir.n' v.!;;,! it on- was. 1"lie more ri >i;!t ;vfs in;;n has t-- •asi'r it is for liim I:) apprecitilc friends. There is no reasfin why a wonU'ii s'lniilihri III- li;ier>sled i'l lui.iness'jl it is her ou 11. • .Most men uoiild rather ih'ir wives credit for what they dn Ih.ili Jn. !,iisin give them nioiivy. The man wlin is Katisried''vi>l! Ii;;n- aelf never worriis im aecoimt of hi.* neighbor's estim;;le of him. ': When people bet-in to s:iy 10 a w<.'- inan: "How young yon arr- looking," i's a sign she's geiiiiiu old. if a leap-yiar girl li:is mon-y M burn it is dilfn'iili lor iier to find « young man williim to fiirnisli a ni.-iteh Quinine Isn't Effecliie i:i Ih< ' ^ Cure of Colds and (irlppp. It is a positive fact that a dose of •; Pape's Cold Compound taken every \.\ two hours until three conseciitivf | ; :!oses are t.tki n will cure grijipe or break u;) tlie most severe cold, either in the luad .chest, back. .= t(.raach or Hmhs. You di .-iincfly fee! the cold hreak- •ag a.nd all tlie disagreeable grippe -y:i!lit -i;!.- having after the very fir^; i •'us.?. !' ii.imptly end-- tiie most miserable hradac'.ie, di'IIne.rS, head am' nose stiiffec; up. fi >erisJines.-'. sneeziiiL -ore t!iu;;t. running cf tiie no-e. mii- I •rn" (atarri-al discharges soreness j :M::n'^; and rheumatic twinges. ; rai:e".- Cr.];l Compound is the re.=i)'- i if tl:: •• .M:;r.-' rcseareh at a .-o.'-t c •iinre ti:an rif :y tliou.-and dollars ar' ••ontains n;) qii'nine. wliich we !ia\ •onetr.shely deinonstrated n;ii < i• j 'eetive in tl'e treatment of cob's c: 1 rrime. j Ta!:e i!:is h:'r:'.;'e!^s Crmpound ; .; 'l!'e-ie 1. w;i:i t|;p Vnowlei'.ge t!r! i '•i ;r i> r') ril!ii r med:.-ine made any- i where e'.-.- in tl-e w.ire.:. whirl; w!' cure yii:!.- e;.!dor end gr:iii>e iri.c;! THERMATIC FIRELESS COOKER ('links while yoii attend to o'le : 'I'lie lu-'.! cani.ot Ii ;:rn. All l!- j: THE lOLA FUiCNITURE STORE 've:l- Do;!"t ha'.e to be watched, •i s ieii:;ii!i ill the food. s |iif,::;p:ly ani! wl;'.:.•,'it any otiier a.- '.-tanee or • f i-effe-ts as a 2.'- •tl p.'i.•l:n:;e r !' P.njip's fidd Con::'ii^il. wl'i'i I'.nv dri'ggi.-t in t'f vorli": cati siipi !y. R.VY's I'KTT '-u: s:!()iv i:i ;; M:F». ; sliowin.g. After visiting !ie;- ( v.r.l j days. .Mr. Kay will go lo liau^.-:- <'i y !o make arratigeiiieiii.^ lor p; oc a .•, a new outfit. —':i.-!;ar(i-ons are now gettinjj :i :.v ; .!• tile greatest wlilte sale in i;: i'-y of r:;cir .-tore. .-\nii()uncn- iii ; w it 11 ill!, later. .'•ASTKa I'OSV r\KI ).S KKKi:. REFLECTIONS OF A RACIIELOH, ::t on thc:a.' S( ii.ilor liraily, candid:ite for Con- gr. ss, has an editorial to show tlial Ihe loss of a man's liAme St:iti- or eouiity does not r^ecessarily put him o;:t of !lie lunniiiu-. .^n.-ihing the mat :• r up in Douglas? ! Jiv.r.'i;i;)": vr-r i K'A re-.--ji.)::',;'i ;3 I ..: - rr;-:::-)niv:;:;;;rr?, . V.:. . r^.: :i<'. .:.r.a tl.crn lit',.; : y:l :.-:';;i -.j.-.-x':- :-. • ] i -tv.l-.t. !.••.>.3' e .h .'iiilili r .r .l : p'vn • ... a 12 -a {Ij Fruli E-Ju:e f .r L-'^ Wrappers I 7 • :'! ivj i-ix:-:,.-. i .<.i ;;.::t —--iii::::^ ; r.' '••T.!i.--.;*fT..-. r ..'I ' -f v.r;;r ^f-i •. cai-n:">''nt < . <J :i.-h lii'Ci, -s.i; y .« cL.; ^ ;• ii. Jc. t.'.cr - O. ,1c 1 r. T. nbiL • r- 111> •y • ' I: From th" .\'ew York IMi ..s. A bad temper nevf r :•• is any fr':m staying unmarried. Paying for a eolle;re education of 41 boy seems lo rank as :in invest;nent about with buying mines^ The reason a i;irl kin>\\\s she is U'C er going to have or wear false teeth is her mother does and nolmdy dis/ it. ^ The biggest imagination a m:in evey shows is thinking be I>;is :is mue^ fun at a political lu-iling as he could going fishing. ,• .\ \>onian may not know how to throw a stone sirairht. but when i> eon:es to driving ii.iils -about the house, h'r hushanil c .in't tough ber-^ esr-ecially wlien he l;iu)ws he can ' PI'il RIM 'n Talkif- Vir Pii i'-rt'K i:>'>:<rii\c<l T'«c -i ''!y Nighl. ''hi'iii S It:i>-. foriTie-tv" a partn. with .leirv Iteilwell in the r 'al esia in !lii:i city b -i who fur tl ,. t ve -ir h • . lieer, .>•. I',, road wit' a SIKIW consistlp:: of tn 'Uitig and inn-, ne ii'etnes ••an" '<•< Ve.-ti -rday. at' viji rei";ii! i'l il e .iiy fcr ji few dav- ' b ''-i ;ie-;;- :'!ii| |i> • 1 visi wi'' •j. '!] ;;av reinrt- liiat short •y r.fti'r giving his show in tliis ei'' •eier.i' 'lavs ••."CI lii-; "ntire ()::tfi •ot;?i .-iliig cf I lies .-I 'll ii 'I'er jiar" phernalia nf a v;iliie in the neigl liorh.'od of II eiiii. were iT .tirely de •:treve:| Iiy H the wlilili i;eeiirred i' • nieti;re show t -K' Tlie cla.v night a* a'''<aw. Olcla . where he was flic- To Dcrkon tlio 'Ha'r and Reslo.'-e C.'-ay and Faced Hair ;u Us K:.!'ir-! Coicr. K:illirr strruige, isn't il, how many ecdiiicians ihere are right now, with more or le:;s trouble of thidr own. wi;o think that Roosevelt needs somebody to help him play his hand? The word "irile" sounds as if i' meant snapjiy, smart, bright, crisp, new and all that sort of tiling. But it doesn't Various exi-haiigeg are :.d- moiiis:u -.r to consult the dii iioi:;:r\. '1' And still, If a frbnd of ours wer" :. Ueimbliean candidate for Governir ve wt;u!d ii>ucli rather hi- should line he ;;ood Will of (lie Kiiiisas Day • t'o'.vd ilinn lis opposition. 1 il,: iiy til.' vay. jinl cff tlie bat con yi;u nni:;e ihe "Roosevelt policy" hich Tail failed lo carry out? (OUI.D HAVE S\VKD M(>NEV. > You can save money by spending i[ rifiit, a-^ well as by layin-.: i! aside. U For instance tiiere are iminy peop!- who dfi not biiy the riiilit medi.-ine foV tlieir ailments, and \'.\y out many ilol-' lars before thev leain ji"^t what 10 da Mr<. Alev. Diini;-..-. of Malone .V T. knows this now ; • say-s: ".\ very ::eavy cold j":;;4il on my lungs lu.-i •••.inter and fo ;t!:r« months 1 couglieii •'m =t ci>n.-:a!:i!y. .\t night I coiiU'l i ardly --(^ any .-^Ic-p I tried severa.' tici:;e.- liiii none (if tiiein did iis'' ,':< ;;,)od Then I t'.iiii'-'i't I would u-" '•'Ini'! and ti began <• help my coir-:; !: o :i| aliiueit fir.-t iliis-e. "1 no! cimg!i :it a!l now. I ( IT; Il. 11 Will and ha\e' L -ained :.'uc'; -iriT.'-i'i. I." rcc-iu: • I I:. ok yir.ii. -plemfd tonic " \V: ep 11 •! Iicv Vln..! for your cough, r • l,i;!'d .^ol| in .1:11 are getlin.(f :J .-t rt-:eei!y tl.iui e:in lie hai^ind '!1 :.'• rred 10 fxpi riiiient with any ihery Wo giiarantie Vinol to" d* ..111 y rt] and will glv," back your e-puy if yea are no' well sati.'fled. g:- i:. Burrell Druggist, lola, Kans. ,; j It is ca.=ier to i.-e.'^;--- tbe color of tiiL' h;;ir t :il :r:t;o it, although it Is |i'v...ib!', t) {•-•U!. O-Jr grand-^ U';:' ::t • •! liio r.ecret. They miide a ti.:i," ai'i their dark, !l't-;sy I '^• l',:i ;c r t' r n.i Idle life wa; I <» l{ewilrlii»!:Iy Heaiitiful I>e>i::Hv Vil \e„ Tl^N Year. j 1 wan; to y.T-i to i\e:-y r.-'iui'- . . I rU" i ;i -gi.-*rr 1" ••.-.'•1 • li .1, e;i::.e. , I. I -olored, K;isier |;o-: •••:ri;.- a^ l,a:r'- onie ca:i!s a~ .1. ii •.•- la'd "^i- 1:;n and without .inj :!'!\e;-;iv aieni a: n tfti 11; If yon jirefer biaiitil'i! Krienilshi>. •'loral. .VfiK-tioti nr \\..:!iis l-"a 11101 - ':!intin^.' cards say so n you v.rit' ill 1 :i.-k is that you semi me -1 (-^-a;n .'•tamp.-i to cover iiiailii.g aail proie- e :ci silo-.v tllese iiiL'il :ri^:ii!e .".-ir':- • a li-.v frienil.-^. .\;hi:^e^.s c. T. .1. -•;,ine. I'ns , Dept. HIJociie.-tei V. Y. BRUTAL HUSBAND DIVORCED. of 'le Tied Ills H ile li. .nnU -s and Drou- Her Aboul Field. Kansas City, Feb. 2.--.Mrs. .May "lioate was given a ilecree of div^rc ' rorn hr-r iiusband Uifayette Choat'. yesterday by Judge Walter A. Piiwe!'. 'Iso alimony of i'.i per week for h< •• wo boys. The decree does not prr- id.' th::t tlie' ha;;b:iiid can see h: . •Iiiblren at any time, for, accordin;; o the evidence, he never c;ired to. .Mrs. Choat" obt;iined her divorce 0:1 he charge of cruelly, testifying t!:: r iter husband hud tied her h.inds In- •lind h-r.baek anil drove her with tl'- •nules to the harrow around the field, 'tl summing up the ease .ludge I'o-.-.e!l .'Xcoriated the busbiiiid. reinindiir': him th:it such things could have hap- •lened in past ages, but in the present nlightmen" he was out of date and very much at vari;uue with though* iid conditions of the pr. sen: ila.-. Women were not owned as <!ia;;- !; he j:idge impress-d iiioii .Mr Choaf •nd then came i!ie i|.:i ree giving he wife asked for, th- t no i-liildr"!! •id $3 a %M 'ek judiJ -'ieiit against her lusb.'ind for llieir inaiiiien.iiice. KANSAS n.\S NEVER SO COLD. r Ii.>;r i r:r.'.'-•t f-)!!o>.'.-;:!^-Euic . ;i. ,•>»<':: . •,. ;^;^ .:i b is tlio advan- V • , V L -'i- ; .. '. Ill •.: :.t it oail jjet 8 .!..•- :; - i-.r;;^.--t; ,n called Wj.-thV ' ,. e ^,~.ji:.hur •;'-•.r I '.cTr .'jtly. As 8 innuurv Weniher limke I'eoon!-. :!• I).; .ir'il r .'Steer ti «s prep- | Eurthiiiiuki-s Recorded. •>:•.<'.•: ; vjLtly su;>v'ri;r tot':'or :^;:^i3ry ! Lawrence. Kas , Feb 1 The r. f-e ' !i '. L ; • i -'Ui!-3 by o^jr j..-rar .i !.'7ir >i5K'rs. {of cold weather of th.- !.•.-• mon.h. • 'i: • '•••.•lii ^-i be-;vty of tJio hair 1 n at the imiversiiy oi K:iiis:is b;. 'npHE Best Thing fo.- J. washing greasy overalls with the least amouni of time anti labor is To get the best pos.sibis results follow these directions : 1 —For each pair of overalls use two tablespoonfuls of Persil in cold water; let soak ail niglit. 2 —Rinse twice in cold water. 3— iioU out, starting in cold water. Boil 30 minutes, rinse in warm water until clear, wring, and hang out. aiul I.,-;; :• Ccaa'Mi . -.dir...'..;sit t;rcv.'._ _ I ..raldy below; ,-.rl it:.:{ro ;T :yonrarjr:gist 1 „„. j..,„„i.ry. t!,at of r i :d „ ... .... J —„.„,^.... , .i..,i,,|i,rv. t:,ai o! r ••• : I'l 1 lov,^- t-Tdav. ». I w.iiri.'.'3y«ur money back i-mperatui. . i i.:'.'. Du:jii-,: u.vcua>:ic> ;.i-;::.-^Jafu-raf.-iirtrial. |„,„ ,„„,„„ ,,„.,j.„ , .ni,.,;.!;, s or « li I'.i!r:c!!. :'p< cial Agrnt, IIlIrrel^^ : .shocks were r<((,rd-d l.v il." i'i.,in'.-' jiiiig Pioie. • I graph. _ By using Persil you save yourself a lot of im necessary time and labor, which is usually wasted when ordinary soap powders are used. . lOc At All Grocers • dxVGtN 1:^ I-

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