Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 2, 1912. :®i€iDioioioioia The great response to our Nine Cent Sale Announcement was so great that we are greatly encouraged. We feel, too, that this response by the people was well merited by this store, for this nine cent bargain giving i'> truly phenomenal. Next Tuesday will positively be the last day for the goods are going tpo fast for it to last longer. ys of Our Big 9c Sale \v;.r,Ls amoiiir the items quoted in Thursday's • me e.:r!y and avoid the crowds in the after- ry person in this county to participate feci sure that this unparalleled bargain and most lastini! advertisement this AUDSON'S rr^--'->r»irs-« acr AT-S ''.••r. call "i. ( hiirlt- \ Totttr. TonigK —at— E —T B'.di: . your i;". - .1. 423 .T —rr. d .nil -!!-.;. !.-r I-. !•" m.. I • V •1.1 .n-- Hollingsworth Twins stock Company Cowbcv's Sweetheart i :oH<!i-:;. i 't -rli'.: D 'c -r -ior. • ;- ('• I.- Chanj^c of Program Nightly Prices . . 10c and 20c Matinee Saturday 10c noiii: ni 'K.v AT S ori.ucK CUKTAIN AT r<il:>. and I'.ip- ••^•iuz wi'h h'T fa'iiiT, Jos-ph Mv.i- •i: . (.'f 'A-. r-":r!i< (1 lio:"-- ;.l''rrioo!i. SI.-- '.v.,;; .'i'-<-(jtu ;K '.i;i'-<! V ; -•• f;r!,--r nhrj uiii vi-.; h-fi.r .- T. r -i • 1: vi<:.jri -•:p;*-ii <r. ii'- M. K. ;• i--.-' 1.- • n ],':„•.,] .1 A. A ; ;..!i;is<jn. Ti,'- • >'):..- :o .loiiliii. iroiii F';'.r.-.iji - ••, r. i'ro:ii l';irsoi: K ii.<.i.- ( —Kiir Nail-—Ht^k fisriiri- ••rT rii ill •»-ff< U)*-^ «ir i<\*T. i-tir I'lililMiiiiL* {<>. Ifi.- r. »<• Neither can you build vp your nerves with alccholic remedies. To be Self-Reliant, nerves must have a food-tonic that nourishes and builds up the entire system. Emsilsion ,f I is the World's Stakdard 4 kl ^^^^ Body-Buiider and ^^^f^^^^^ ^^^^^-Pood- Tonic, TRADE-U ARK ALL ORUaaiSTS ii ,v•^\'^ • '.-•'t. ia'-t nit;." ^h- V.': •]•-:• •• art.-;- "i • A Y( r!< I ':•> :•. '. I ir :in- : "V it i; Ml li is •< I.I. •)>• li). FORESTS HELP GIVE HEALTH MitlgatA Heat and Cold and Check Tendency of Earth to Excessive Dryness. Forests contribute to the general healUi by breaking the force of steadily blowing winds. Tbey mitigate tbe heat of summer by the vast amount of evaporation that occurs In their leaves by day. By eight the corresponding condenisatlon of moisture upon the leaves stUl further absorbs the heat on the evaporation of the moisture the next morning. They also promote rainfalls. Thus they check the tendency of the earth to too great dr>'noss, which Is almost as injurloii.« to health as it is to vegetation, for epidemic dlscasf^s are sure to do their fatal work where tho ."nil.water Is below the ordinary standard. Ilonco cholera often pafses a wooded district and revels in a treeless one. There are nunierous ta.ts liko the following: A certain road In India lonU.^i for .«lxty niiles rtiroiigh a dense forest. Further on It runs for nlnt!ty miles through n barrrn plain. Hundreds of persons travel the <-ntire road dally. .Vow, In the fir.<t or wooded section, cases of cholera si-ldoui occur, while within ttie lat'i^r it has been of frenucnt occurronce. One year cholera raged in .-Miahabrid. Soldiers whose barracks were on a Ulll sutlored the most from the; those In barracks surrounded by tour rows of trees much le-ss; but :.<)•- a single c.ise occurred among th"- suMiers whose barracks were in a thicliet. It was the ^-ame the ne.xt year. We All Have Our Troubles but Should Learn to Keep Them in Background. If there Is anything that is Irritating It is the way seme people talk of their troubIe.s. as if they were a kind of a trt^at—not cheerfully, but with a kind of gloomy joy. in a word, thpy are resigned. It is only mighty big humbugs that will say they ar-; lharkful for troubles. Wo may eventually live to see that tht-y w.-re rigl.t and best for us. but at the time it i.» sheer hyprccrisy to waggle oi:r hear'.-i. solemnly and say: "Happiness is a snare, anyhow: it is foolish for any one to expect happiness in this grizzly old world." Tooplo who talk that way don't d"^serve happiness. We weren't put liere to be miserable. The idea that Uie is for suffering and not eiijoyment is, fast being sliolvod. If the I»rd a;*proved of lauieniatlons and tears, I:o would not have put so much in U'.o world to make tis hopeful and happy. There is nothing more common tlian trouble. We all o\ir troul)!r>:-, but it is till- wlso ones of earth tliat kcop their bunlens in tin- backgnniiiil. It 1M runiV'.oti and ch'-.'.p and st-lfl.'^li to bo continually par:id!tig one's grl.^fs and dlsanpoiniinents. Whati-vf-r our lot. we should all learn the wisdom of that lielplul little prayer: "Hidp tnr to win, if win I may; but If 1 may not win. make nie a good loser."—Mar:' Eleanor O'UonncU in Chicago Tribune. The Fountain Source of Pies, The ,Mp!ropoii::>n r'.-ib—usually called "The MiUioii.aire"—c.xpori- men'cd for a half dor.on years with pa.'Jt .'-y. Try rt-i they might, this important branch of ibe culinary service wa> I'.-ji satisfactory. The calce.s, or tarti. were not up to the standard. The pie.; V.-TO impossible Sonio :. • 'i- agr, a natlvr of New Er.g;:in'l ',• • .-L.iinuan of the hoi..-e ^ :..:;•<; Vlien the pastry ghi'St :i v.a;!:o']. he said: "Leave that to : .<- • li.' w. r.- ap to '.Vinsti'd. Conn., and aftnr ni 'ith per.=i;a.--!c!n b.-ought bark with him two maiilcn whom ho had known for yc::r>. lie turned the .Ti loose in thi' .Mi .'Ti 'pd'^'an ki'chen with the direction that they should take order.s f:om no one but himsel!'. TiHlay ih>.- "gi.l.s" are putticc a hu;;dn.'u dcl-ars a. week in the Wlri- <\f<l bank, and thp millionaires are slighting the oihiT courses to get do'.vn to pie.—New'York Sun. .-! K..:.-i .1'. -11 t . li-( u-i t:.. iiiliiv. iii;; r t' tai' • T. II >l iiiili-. n' A H- . •1 W ![ KiMi; V.' .\l.i: IS !i ll .is -iM' r!iiii)'l ;iii I'N •.\\!.: • -I... - ft; r--a:'. r-ir l^turc I ' u I 'n- k-r. H.-l-.-rr l-;,.i ;>.i -i n. T. B.,rl.. r of 'h.- I':,!.:.--- r,;,r..- b-I II i -nsriui '1 tijil:iy •!. ••l.-..i.i! up '!>•• s.-'1 n iii^w i-:irs v. hj. ii ^v.-i- r--- <-.'jvril a! tl;,; j;araj:' from K.TI<:!3 I 'i-v v.-!!'. r.i.iy T(.!iiorro-> .Mr. :Ut-- !r I V. lU iT .'k, oiit I 'll ili^ I -.r- usi 'J by thi ^ar;-'--.- sfnti-.-n. -^r.'l will i .i- r-',-:- i.ronn; tii.' SMuar . >!iot!;i-i- I ii:;!,;:- v.a< u.a.i.- this u:- •-.nuo". ''ii- !:nH-i;;' ••^ 'lit- loKi i;oo-:t(>rs. wiiiiii nitet thf- F'loreiice Ir'gl: SI i.'ioi ba.-ki^r ball t.-.-ut. for a gaui." tuiiight at the auditor: ini The n.-w !ir.e-up is: .'^rryivri and Fi.sher 'ot'-^ard.s; Fulton. <-t-ni--r; Hobt-ns ani Swigart. guards The g.'.iiip will lie tailed at 7:4". Lure of the Author. One wonders why so many novels are written. Ye'. ror;.-:dcr the state- me »t just made by ';:e managers of ti;e play adapted 'mm "B'-n-Hur." Th-y have paid J ::.".i)'-'JO in royalties to "he estat.? of its author acid extirrt to pay much more bt-fore t^e public tlru-s of It. The lo-ik itself" has had % .--.lie of over a mi-lii^n topics, never in a chi'ap form. n::d has probably •arn'-»<l another, quarter of a million for thf author. • .Nfrs. U'icps of rho rabbage Patch." a little book of only '-^O.OOO words, has l;aid to its author as Look and play ab'ut $10 a word, and "David Harum" produced a forti:::(' for the heirs of the man who wrot.' it.. .Aside from the glory of .satlsfaition. every novel- whether man or woman, is expecting to create some day a, "Ben-Hur" or "David Harum." 3- Saturday, Monday andTuesday FINAL WIND-UP OF THE GREAT "SHOVEL f EM OUT SALE. You last chance to lay in a supply of Shirts, Hosiery, Underwear and Clothing at COST and LESS. Below are a few prices for your consideration. All Men's and Young Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits and Overcoats at a Big Reduction! NOT HERE TO BE MISERABLE i Boys' Suits and Over- C0.31S !-5 OH! .•>]2..5<) Suits and Over: coal.-, now . .$1'>;.00 S^IO.OO Suits and Overcoats, now ^?8.00 SS.5" '-'uits and '. coati, now S6.80 $7.-50 Suits ai. i Overcoats, now ,. .$6.00 Suits and Overcoats, now S:5.2.y Suits and Overcoats, now $-1.00 $4.00 Suits and Over. coats, no'vv S3.20 So.Od Suits and Ove'-now Men's Underwear .?1.00 Union Suits 85c .$1.-50 Union Suits.. .$1.20 .S2/J0 Union Suits.. ..'^1.60 ?2.50 Union Suits.. .$2.00 $8.00 Union Suits.. .$2.40 Men's Shirts and Drawers 5()c heavy- ribbed 3.5c 50c heavy fleece 35c S1.(»0 wool garment ..85c .?l.oO wool 8:arnient.S1.15 Sweater Coats. A big as.sort mcnt worth S! and $1.25. Shovel 'Em .^•2.10 ' 0;:c 85c Boys' Knickerbocker Pants .$2.00 Pants $1.50 S1.50 Pants . S1.25 Pants . .Sl.OO Paiits .. 8oc Pants ... 75c Pants ... $1.25 $1.00 ,. .85c ...65c . .60c MEN'S ODD TROUSERS $6.00 Pants now. .So.OO Pants now. .S4.50 Pants now. >S.oO Pants now. Pants now. .$5.00 .S4.25 .S3.50 .S2.25 .$2.00 r)ne-.fifth off on all belter Sweater Coats. We Refund Railroad Fare The M <i<i<l<-liiirk .Vnu UN SIIIUM lli- iiiiil lliiik for (! Wt'vk*. ill ^1 .y th,- rt'iirtiilr-'. .•iMil !>i<- j^iii! i,\<\ • A TU' - '•.;r."ir.i'.liii'.,' • I. ^|<: it •. • .-'l;iir in--' r ;. ! •AM .'i^-liiii k ' ) >' • Ii-- s! • ' 111.-;:;^ Iiitii ^ui ••.•< M':! I •• i| i.i!'-r-. : TII/ ,11 >-cr-!ini; ;) si;; . i-siiM'in t>- v. :ii t..- u. • k>- >'t Hirf<T-. < ,ir- Til s. ;.ri ii ;inH)ii'-' vol- • <n riiivrr,'.' iii-ri.r.v ui.'i :'i>]k !i>r'- lt-i< l-ii'-'! (li.-i ii;.—• III'- r«-:.l ori-jiti if 'li-- ,t:r()ti:ii!;i(.-i: -•i:/-'.-.>ri'ioii. but it •'T;;! 1.- i: i' spnin:; :-<iin t]]. [ MI ()V *-r. il hy n.irur.!'- "h.!: t!:,- w-o Ji !iii'.k ;i!ui o«lc-;" :,ih rn.-i'-m: .•'b:n;ilo!i Mi- :r (i!'-r!ii;int ' (j!,-ilfi.jn ;it t-'is tii;'.>- of .'ir ' r- :i ;!inr :;r;'.y Tli- oU!- • .-;.-t;i. r? i-'j-rrr rii^it :'i - -ii;.-r.-M- '-v.-i-i :n i!i--ir ,';ir!y h"V- :is in;!- h r-.s It is nov . .iiid :it t!-.;it ij-- •jrisin w;.:^ jusr as r-nio;.-. \n rsiirion .lift'T.s -oir.f"^' IKK . :ti rii.- :iili!ii;il iiiv()!v»-ii is ill'•; o.iiii-iiiKk. bin ti-ar. .-\iiort .Hi- •r.iiili.iry sii|-. T-iiition. !)'-!i>>v.-ii ).\ ^'(11- . :< ( '!i<- ^r'-iHuilioj; .•tl". r ••\ .<'!>;• au'l uoii- !•-•-•'.; !.!'<• 'is 111''.'- for aiiot'.'.'-r ks. .:i;.,.ii \.<i.'-ir'-f (or::, <];•• i.'ul •• ;::;)' .••iil it niriin !.,- 'ui< <y. iihiw' \- ^(). s h-'f-k fur :«n !;'0f - Nr. !'iriI ,'-T- - -I 'M;-!' l;!' •<\.- oi...i-:i'ii :r u:'.'-!! Ipy irui'ii;..!! iifi'T ir.;-.' Mill- ;iri(i it -s sii!);.|i-s. i! h-- ivis filli.- :-u:ik< • -i| .-it iji .r.i!''^:; id ',lr--'" . .IjP.S. '\-> . f.- T: ••.I.a is in th.-- f;irt • r -• 'oil--.- ;.- •'.-:> C;:!)'!!: iiri- I 'iiy. if .'''ill-' :• ; r '. iri" 'I-ii: to i;r-)-i?''ho7 'tiii.:-^ Iiir.. l,rii;iry I'ntl :or- Spring Styles For parlor, kitchen or whole house. \t your service with Ufall Panpf , r.r.KW llTiP nf npw ft UU 1 UUI/I a nobby line of new Come in and look them over. You don't have to buy. C. B. SPENCER & CO. Drugs. Wall Paper. Rubber Goods •..Y-p 'rni'i t'lii iiit-.c .-P. in Iionor of th" f>^asr of t'i'> \'nr-;!i afon of th'- bl^ssi^d Virgin. I' i< '>rv.-tl by |.ro('.?ssions uiid £;>'ii• r;;! I 'Js'.ilays ot iiirht.-ii caiull 'S. Th"" i)b^- rvaiu-^ of th.' day -.vas ins:inn. ij in si\;!'. i-f.riu-y in th- . r>'*;;n :if ,':;.-Mi;i;in. i-a .Ti'^ in li'i; ff 'hf P.M- v.i.n of ?.i:ii'-r(-;ili-i. f.if:i;. riy I- i-'i)iat..ii in February • «i!a c-anii:-s TAFT BACK I\ WASHINGTON. ^Fiuiv Imi'rtrtaiit Vj.pointments to be ni.F.s cruED i> SIX ro u DAYS. - Your rlrug:;ist will refund money •f r \7.0 OIXTME.NT falls to cure any case of Itching, Blind. Fleeding oi "rcrnidlne PilPS In 6 to 14 daja 50c .i. il ard is j'Of in soyr.r - For Sail'—I)<'«k liiriiri' litT r> in -VITi lot-i or o^cr. iMrr FublMline <o. l>:i|ier, iv rill- R»"-'- \\'asi;in".''on, F. b. —Ch'frful and aj);>ar. iirly none ih^^ worse for his ".'."I 'l -t-ii!'- ^riji to (Jliio and back Prcs- i I'-ni Ta.ft ^jjj i-.rurn.^d to Washington. 8 ''fr"tar.v Hiil's, m^-i tht> Presi- •'OK! ih=^ I '.altitTi .oro and they were -irl-'iT. iniii.'iliat-^'.y from the fnion ••a'ioTi to th'' Wiiit'^ Hons''. wlipr.> laiich iniiHjriant business awjiit.-d th.^ i 'r -sif!> nt. i:;i.s Thf vacincv on tlip pu[iro::i' on -uT ht^ncli. on.^ cn the circuit bencl: ;.t Chicaeo. a ff^w orl:»'r'jude3hips, fhe aTi.baisadorshii) "o France and many nt'.-r mart, rs to decide, probably with >i the Wi--k. vStili With You! \ cs> we ;ire still going: to continue throutrhout the comine;-year as the friend of the people. Their protection acrainst hiirh'prices and poor quality. Ask our cu.slomers how faithfully we have fulfilled our i)art in the past. Thousands of families will tell you that we cut a half of their shoe bill each year. Why not let us cut Vfuirs down? Prices like these will do it. Come and see and be convinced. I M-Ti's SIfi.e.-; in Tan. Pif-nt uiul I '.iin;;; -ta!. Imttun .••ml I- thf \'-:% lat''^t iii I'.il-a'. i'.i::i!i; l.'^;-.iri;- •'• 'ifcUi.-- tl'.- i.'^a y U'l.rk Sh'"-.-. r- •-••;l:ir j:'. >.••• \ .M. n'.s 'liylit w.-iclit value? .«; $4i''i • II .-ml l;iri-: i-lai k aii.l fan. . - »UI> SUoi-s. r.-milar i2 ••'> . *!I.'.tl From the Ash Tray. Kven the ash of bubby's can be utilized. In what way? Why, as a polislier for gold watches, bracelets and rings, let alon.:> chains and a multitude of other trinktts. TbCs comes from a prominent jeweler, so it must be nearly correct. He even goes to the extent of carrying with him a small case in which be preserves all the ashes from the cigars which he smokes. He says that the grain is so flue that it learea no mark that is discernible to tbe naked eye. !;.)>> .-^h.i.^ ill iiat.'t---. si:n::iftal. vie; kid. uEil !-4.-e; re)?ilar i-.'"" ar..l '.'i value.-; " . !;. v.s' Sho.'- ill 1.; t.-r.i.-. •.;:.r.n;-tal an'l bfi\ calf; r. u ilar t2 val'i.-.< - *l^'>(> lU>y.-.' sdii'l s'o'Id W.-ai Si;o.-s in ^ in;i-.eta! an 1 i.'iv .-aif; r'-;;ii!ar "i> values _.. . ^I.f.) l.a'iie.-^' A'hite f'.i;. k b'ltti.n Bont.s. Iweh ni.b r,).-: v.'^iAar i:..>-> and -i.lae.^ iS.m> at l.ailles' V"!-.'-t ltii't,>ii Roots; r.-i;tila;- H.W values. l.a<l;..-s Ilii'i-m llc.ii- in tan. piit'-nt.-;. sueile and i:iin:ii,-'al. r>-:!ii!ar * : v.u'i'-s - _ i(:i.ts /-.••d!..-' .<lu)'a i:, |,;it.-t'is. i,-uni;;>-;al and vici kid iiill'iin ai.d lai". r '-.L- i!ar $:;'•' v;il ':"S . $1 .98 l.ail:.-.s' Shii'-,^ i;j . i.t:^. -.iii kid. buttou and lace, r.-gUla;- $_• •'.•> \.:IV.'-: - -Mi.-ises llipii Tiij. .Icrk 'V itoois in patents and si;niiie!al. 1 utinn and lace, regular $:.'.'>0 a:ul t:'.>"- lalij'.- -•- '..'S I:; !(i E sizes to 1!'.- »1.:-".; .-i.'.'s to > #!..'>«. .Miss-p Siux s in paients. gunmetal and vici kid, biiftcn and lai-. r-^uiar 5 L '.-".0 val:*---- <I .5fl .Afr--.'- ri.! kill .~!;iies. button and lace, regular il'-- vui.-eS . - - - - - WC Ch.ldr.-ns S .'-i ;>e .-f. regular Jli^O values 50c vici kid Sample Shoe_Store

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