Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1912
Page 2
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a THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EV^klNG, FEBRUARY 2, 1912. i IJfPROVIX: MTIIIK. She's lust as nniurr moldotl lior— N'o i)utls nor paiiii nor iiiid Shp would not roii;;»' for all t !i" \v .ir !d TIiouRli lint ihc ncviT II.HI She Would not use ilic powdi r pulT I think thfv ijill it "p.-arl" •Wl'h such a skin it would lie usi il Hy any other pirl. She's ni'iihnr fals<' nor She's not mado u|)—oli no! On a woman so di'SiTviii}; Whpt praise can wc IM'SIOW? Her sacrllic is noble. Hor conduct all that's rlijht, A vory perfect woman. But what an awful frifiht; —.\ew York Sun. An Atchi.'ion womnn';; friomls have remarked lately that she is agini; rapidly. Finally the womrin confessed to a friend that it wasn't ago. nor a cruel husband nor iinsraiefiil cliirdr'ii that caused crows feet in her countenance; it was a fern. She had an am hitlon to own a fern that would crowd the rest of the family out of the pr.r- lor. and was on .a fair way to success. But.puardiug that fern was causi> for worry. She had to protect it fr.>:ii her husband, her i-hildren and the rat. not to mention ilie cold wave and the neighbor's children. Hut she is throMRh now. the wn 'cked i( '.urs<-lf In rushinc to ilie wimlow- to se,' a neighbor no by. .\s a r.siilt llu're increased h.-'ppiness in that f:unijy. and it is e.\p"i"fd flu' woiiian'^- fri iu!s will soon l"ll her slie look^ I '-li yr.nrs younger. - Atchison Cilobe. * + + —;t.".c values in llandsouie <;!n;.;- liains. In lieauiiral pa!tern .>i .-iiid colors just opened up. S|veelaUy piinil at 2r >e per yard.—Hichardhon'.-. « <• •:• The Sorosis club's annual l)irih'.'.::y party, for which elaborate plans iire bcInK made, will occur at th<- lioiii. of Mr. and .Mrs. Charles F. Scott, 'I'lir;;! day eveniUK. Febru.Try ^'i;;!!!!!. '1 lie committee on cniertaiiimeni been at work for two weeks anl w'iii'e the remainder of the club knov.s nnih- ing of the nature of ih:'ir plans. tV. v are certain of a deliRlitful eveuin .i- cf original pleaeures. Yesterda.* .Mrs. W. s. KaulTniaii. s- c- Tetary of the club, received a !io> containing elRht cant, of clani.s wii;-! will be a part of tl-.e in •nii lor party. The clams are the fjift of .Mr and Mrs. W. U. Wolle. who niovca !< ; Washington several months aire am' •who were favorites with the .Sorosir folk when living IKTC. The clams ; were' canned by the conniany wi-l \ •which Mr. Wolfe is coiii'.i'cted and ih. box contained a card which exiir-s- sed the roprets of the donors t'l.ii they will be unable to aiiend ill" e.-ir- ty.' At the Clinker < liib dance Inniclu President Taylor will ajipoiiit a COMS- ,mittee of ladies to l>lan the Leaji \ t :v. dance to be given at tlie club rooiir- Since company .M has derided to oiiii' their February dance ihis year it h probable that th? Clinker Club's enter lainment will occur on Washinpton's : birthday, instead of ValeJUint's (::.y ; as was suflceE 'eri at •> —.Ml the best brands i;f .Mu.^lin,- included in t.'ie Mv- '.'e< . —I'.iciiari!- son's. * .:• + The At Home rluli bad an espii Lilly tnstruellve priiKV.iU) yestivil .o ;iV leriioon at ilie lioiiie of .Mrs. .Mlvf HouRhlon, the .s.'Neral pa|i rs re\i:i'- Ini; niiiny lliiiiKs <;i Inii r< si nlniu! I'lr "'Igii connirij's am! their people. Pre redlUK the hlslorUal pari of the pro- jrriim Mrs. Fuller condueied M short devotlo"al serviee; .Mrs. Seviuoiir talked aboiil th:- lesson on Kaii .'-a> history .-ind roll (all v,;is n spoiMh •! to with names o^ ii iiions .•iml ilieir capitals. The iMpers were as follows Great nrltain -.Mrs. .1. M. Watson Germtiny— .Mrs. '{anus. France—Mrs. M. I. Seymour. Hiisslan Kmplre Mrs. Hou^liion Italy and TriiioW - Mrs. Ifcffii-r Mrs. S'-ymoiir read :t favorite iioetn. "T|i<? Clianacd Cross" and .Mrs. T.i.\ hii and others added miisie. Th" iinery box was in chart; ei' Mrs. r ..-riii s The following nieaibrr.s of the (.'iih •w-ere present; M <'K ',laii!i 'S iturri' s Hoiiclilon. np ;ird, CotH-ld. Cii;-iM!;!ii Fuller. Oibson, Ui'ynolt?s. SIU-I'K";- Watson. Seymtiur. Williams. Siiii'ioiis Ivowdermilk. Wilson. Wood. HolTin r and Taylor. Jusl received a nice lot of new TALLY CARDS FLACE CARDS and PAPER NAPKINS BURRELL'S The Rrxiill Store West Side of the Square Big Sale Now On In Full Blast! NEW -\Imc. DOkuiiiiiJA NORTL Vriil i^inp: at the Methodisl Clnirch, Monday, Feb. 5th iindor auspices of the Music Club. I. .M. I'.iliner. Mrs. I». .Virlbnii ; iid -Mrs. I-:. I). Shields. In addition tc li" .liib ir.embers wure'several i;uestt vho :iia(!e a lar^e company. Tli' siii : er wi'.s servci! by-.'Miss Mary North; ••up iMid Miss Sena Wlison. .Mrs Miitiebach's uniiiue .srertini; tr !!•• ciub crea'ed niueh nierrimcn; !i:ons.'. 'he cii"st> and pussersby, es- l -y )|;^], slll.IentS. -A iTL-' |il:!(Mi:! coi .iainii '.i; llie nr-eiin'. 'Ccii:' • :!iid i;o up siair .s." was hiin>' ni 111. front 'iour and tiie L -iudenis e ;.(ly loi iini and .•!(!v.'!iiure. serioiis- y CO?. siibr. 1 i.ikin:: the pl .ice b.^ :iorui I '.iii^ e: ii'i.sf ai;ni' some of ilu uoud i 'iiiii :s lo . it in ilie lardei. •:• •:• V Ainoiii; tlie pr.-';tipiial eni-riain Mieiiis Kivi n in I'iiishurc t'or .Mis^ .Marjori.- I,;inyoii and .Mr C. (). Hii •vhosi' weiliiiiiK oeci-rnii Wediier(ia> was diniii r p;iriy at wliiih .Ml'. ;:ie Mrs Kdwin wrr • host .-iii losi. .-s .Mr Fri'l of loht. '.I'uem Ilie i;ue.-,i:;. 'j!..' 1 i. .Mlli,;l. '-;iys I ..1.-; e \.iiiiii; Mr. aii .l Mrs Ivh' ii .Miii I 111" riiiiiied with a iliiiiier a' hi. .Sillw.ll coiiipliiiii iiinry lo Mn I •.ii.Mili -Hill weiplil".^ |i.iriy and : •llllllle r Ol mil (if -loW II c ,lli;.ls. Tie 'iil\.iie illiilni; room «.is Ml with d!' eri 111 Mirielle^ ,ll IMIIS Tile CoIo; il.'.i u.i.'- boiiie oiii in pink and yriei • v.i'l) a te d 111 I' nis Miaklii;: llo- eeii r III lie- ;:ill" o\er v.hieli hiiliv : .veddi 'ii; |p''I Willi sMii'lip ;;s of pin' •ani .iiioi .s :iiid I'enis and liny ur i mil pink e!. eirie blilhs. — i:!e(;anl Vol'. > In the new pr< tl> prii;:; ai.d siiinDi'T a'.'. .-. tS'i value• ellii^:: r-ipidly ;,; .'va yard.—liic-h- ini-on's. •:• •:The •^Diiim T 'l'iil' s ''.rMfcIi of Me W. ('. T. r, as«. Miiiieii ;it liic load ;iiariirs lasi HILIII fo-- .i hoiii ind liHriiiess. Tlie <on.-titii i.iii •-evie .M.i) :ihi! Mrs. •\'i:irrMi ;iii read at; iiiiei-.-siiim sioi.v <\\ i !'i' 'I'eiuiiera;-! ''riis.-i'l. . 'I^U'iitj ii!< iiih'-rs \\'\' pr.-S- I:', nomination the'subject of lo-i'- moui and comprehensive talk:, wei made by .Mrs W. II. Shulls and .Mi-.;.Mary Ilein.sber};. The hostess served tea af'er the Ir- erary events of the afti-rnoon. •»• •:• -J—The eleuaiil line of iir<'i;y Millin- ry gnln'^ at half the niarkeil jira- and the Itli Hat goes for cenis .ii-haru :::'.'ij. . . . . . •* A thif.ble party for the .\. T. T. •liili was one of the i.\iMits lor yes- I 'rday afiernoon and was !;ivi ii liy \iis. T. .A. .loyce at IK r home on .Norih Va.shitijiiin avenue. The ladies se.v- d un;il htncheou was annour.c-.l nil Wire, then si -rved with refresli- uents in three courses by .Miss .Joyce. Mrs. A. H. Hecox and .Mrs. Fred Vr(*\. nan. !loi|uets ol pink .and waiti' e;.r- lations were emblematic of the club The followini; ladii's were pre.sen:: Irs O. W. C.ates. .Mrs. C.rant Itilib •. •Ir.-;. Fred Freeman. .Mr.s. .1. K. I'oweii. Mr.s. A. II. H'^co.x. Mrs. H. H. Sherniai. Mrs. C. M Thompson. .Mrs. T. S '.rackenridce, Mrs. C. K Stebbins Mrs. I. 11. Gladfei;,.-r and Mrs. Orvill, Marsh. —DR. 0. L. COX, Oonlisl. * * •> Miss Mary Faniuhar pave a I'.in.v 'ast ni;;lit for pirls of the II. T. :\! club. •> * —Dr. Lncy M. Hull, Osteopath. I'cIenhoDe nnd 661. •:• •:• .Vine yoiiii:; ladies of the riiile:! •irnliren chufh wrre hostesses at a •e;i ^'ivei! ill the cliurcli vesierday .-if- lernooii. riaintv refres!iiii-nts were •.orvcd. .\ nii.^siciiary proi-ram aiu! a liiett bv .Mis:. I.illie .\i!.in)s and Miss '•Jhia Ff email pr'-eedi-ii luncheon. •> -Dr. .McMlIlen. I'hnnen ti and tti. •> •> I lis \lli;'les. I''eb. 1 Soeji '.^n- nc II II'' l .'i; .Angeles. San Fra iiei.-ii o 111! r.:s.iil. na ar. pliinnlliK a siibiiiri- Mie fill lo be held on Ilie bollolii eil he i,':eaii oil I'.'iialili.i Isl.irid eail.v in 'I .-llell Walii r Hi'wlisDii riiieli.ird. ihe iii.i ill', arl'si is nil .inulii.,.. ilii i|. lails, •nil 111 CI rdiiK' lo llilll the uiiesis are '1 lie iiilrei! ill (living salts eae'.i (iro- id (I villi 1 vvyeii tanks or a 'r tub's I'ai: Hill Island has been i liosrn for he! |e aliiir lieeau .se of llie i \- raoriliiKirj cleaiiiess of llie w .iii;- ni' the r"inark;ilile marine f;ardeii:i It the boMiitn of the sen. V. '» ciiiv V!•}•:, t;ooi». GOOD THINGS TO EAT HALF PRICE SALE •10 Bunches GOLDEN YEIJ/rvV KAXANAS 1 (!« the 20c kind, per dozen lUw "Sunkist" Oranares, 30c kind, ])er doze.T 15c "Sunkist" Oran |3 :es, -lOckind, pea' f]o.':en 20c "Sunkist" Oranges, 40c kind, two dozen 35c "Sunkist" Oranges, 45c kind, peV dozen 35c Large Red Apples, per peck 35c and up S. M. Bigus Fruit Store K.isl Side S«|iiiiro. Teleiilioiic First Door Sonlli of Kress SXon. tiootl.s DellvtTtil. in irOU NEVEB CAN TELL WHEN And .SoiiictiiMcs It Is Pretty Hiird to Tell )Vlio ill .Mimer >i of the Heart, W.o (iliir.loii. • Ol '.lllil.l.. I', o! Ill lilllellel' III II C . VvU. - jilii.i e of tin- lalller ^Tlllli .\llllM ielill glr!.- ul.--liil:. w . n h ;i \e inaiie );iini| at liiieitn cap.'la':. ."^l.e ic, i, (Kiiueti -i- .il lonuer l». -'eiKiiur l-'r.iiiMs ]•: I'll l.;iel| ol :\||.- ;-oiiri. will w .i.^ al o a I'oriiiei- n .ein- iier ol tile liuei .iuii V omm .Meo, ('oni- Ml ' , .line ; 1 : 1 • h-.liis .1' li,' .ew !•: •e. Il h.-j-. ae- llils ' lor . 1.1 l.ii 1 i:: nil. v III <• ai'.l : fi .line•.• iu —Anio.*ki^ yard-wide Ginsliam ir- cluded in the bis ."^ale —Hi .ha: d- son's. Tin- Ti\ur/^d;:y rf.< nie )ii \vtii-> elul was ;;iven a ]in\\ vi 'sieid;,;,- :i|i.r- noon at tjie home of Mrs. .1 C, MiMie bach, which was r-ne of the <!-ri"-s of entertainments th-- eluli is haxiiie this winter Th? jirizes wre won by Mrs. GRADUATE OPTICIAN! Glasses Fitted $1.00 Fp. Mis-ion;ir\ soe;. .i'-s cf il" ra- liufelies :ii.. con>:!i!erinf: sur::esiinn- 'or a r.illy lo inter. <" the L 'eiii.-ral puh- i!i iioiii" .li.d ioreii;ii;- \ork ;i :;i! iner. ise interi s' anion?: 'Iv '111 nilers ol liii" .-oeie'i's. This al'i-r nori; r-; !•-s"n'a; i-. e.-- of the ver::l ii ;!SS !oi::,ry ;i ;'\i'i;iri-s in •o-.'.ii niei ai 'lie hoini of ^trs .1 <). M.ijor lo liis- euss w;iv- ir.i: u.< i'.iis lor l!n nuiler- ializ.'itii a e.r i.';ins. -^ <• — .\"t w Spr'n;: C-.-.t.- and Suits at -plendid show in^r.— ifiiiiardsi.'n's, *••• %* A M.-mha Washing'ori i-a will be siven at the hon:e of Mrs. K. C. K'lns ber;.; on the afternoon of February twenty-second. Fntertaininj; with lier will b.' ladies of the niispionary so- cieiy of tlie Refonned church and a general inviiaiion wi!l be issued for the o<'easion. The vv{re.:lnne)itp and appointments will li<. in patriotic colors. The soci'iy was in session at the home of -Mrs. (Joorsje Stewart yesier- day afternoon: Missionary work which is being done under th«r auspices of iltrt churches of their de- *^ •> The •\"oi:ns Ladies' card club will lie ntertaiiied Thursday tiflernoon. Fi b- uary (ightli, at the liome of Mrs. .1. 1. .\lexander. The party ••ui- i.ouneerl for Friday tifternoon at tii'- .isi mieiing. •> <• •:• .MI- and Mrs. Ro.scoe IJielT.irdson. .Mr. ;ii ,'i .Mrs. Arli-> Cannon. .Mrs. l-.iii- ra IJessler. .Mt's. I. M. .Cannon .Miss Li/./ii Ressli r. Miss Norma ii.-ssler. .Miss -Amies C:innon, .Miss Maline Ilius •lean. .Miss Kalherine .Mills. Mr. Homer Hush. .Mr. Harry Hiiyniaker. .Mr. Foster Goss and .Mr. Archie C:innoi; formed a line party at the Grand tU :i :er last night, •:• •:• V The young people of the ll.-ipti:,! . 1 linieh Were gui sts of Rev. 'ind .Mrs. G. W. Shepard las: night lor a social •>vhie !i w:is a.n informal eniertaii;- :nent of the IJ. Y. P. V. Includinu , 'cenibers of the Pastor's family about : lifty w .-re present. Several games interspersed with music were enjoyu'.. , The supper wtis prepare.! and served i by Miss .Marie Uadgely, .Miss Fdn.i Hall .iiid .Miss Helen Stevens. Mrs. Mary Gard w:.s sev-nty -roMr years old yesii rday and a celi-hralioii of the event given as a siirpj-i.!'' to lur at the home of h<-r son, Mr.. Roll (Jard. The guest of honor jijnl b'lii invi'iii to i;ik" dinner with ;i!ie faillily and when she arrived ,ii ;t!i • h.juse loiiiid not only her r laiiyi .s .issi nihil •! to •.;i-.| ler but a larue iiiitnlier of Ri 'ii 1 Cor; .< I:.di"s as n 11 v.iio iiac! •ined the )virty for l?er 'liie (linn-r table af which the put,: n well s.-at'd w.i.s (enier.'d with ij laf'ie hirileiay cake wl-.icii was decorawd v.iih s.'\eniy-f<.ur caiidNs. .Mrs. Gard re<i iv-d niaiiy reniejn-'s from her guests and other friends and tlo- day was a happy oji'e for all who siiared the party whh her. The guests were: '. .Mrs. Frank l.anib. Mrs. M. K. tlai*k. .MIS. .1. W. Hallard. .Mrs. F. I... liarki.y. .Mrs. .lames I-Tnley, .Mrs .Ahiier Wo<-ril, .Mrs. F. S. Turner Mrs S. 10. V.'iut;! n. Mrs. M. Hildebr^iudt. .Mrs. I)., .Mrs. !•:. P. I.ogaii, Mrs. M. G. Hratil.*. Mrs. K. Fhtnders, Mrs. G. T. N'cwmaji, .Mrs. I,. Sleeper, .Mrs. Ange Pegg, .Mrs Harriett I.. Keagan, Alice Gallagli'T. n-l... I.. —l-HI,!. •• — j r'l .•': 1 inity I If w:- ;i i -.vo i!.'-.'. of ;h • ;; nif.r class ;:oni;ie(l ;url ,:i. fric'lils kno.v li's in-.: > uergy :I:KI devotion to -viiooi .vork will not .itlier n-i were thn ll.Te wli.) be siMiri .-ii Ihoii: li 11'. ' V ih 1.1 :i' ^ ill ; • . P .1,-.' o' ;> ^lu^e -ss, : ills lami- .. ••!! nt brill f I!. i :'t :<>: l> .• The bnsines 'o:..- ted • lio\ ; : :.i: i.r l ''..e :.n •.:,:•• ...- i:; t u; .—-;•:.':; e S.'.e<ts. •:• • + .^;'!s.;e cJnl, will h .-ive ;, href s n.-.ting tomorrow niylit at 7:15 at the home of .Mrs l". K. Wangh to prepare tor tli" .N'orth concrt .Mon- •iiy nigl:'. AH •.\lio have sold tickets are urged lo b,- pr.sent. —Dr. Wirt, Osteopiiili. Tel 487, »8S. T. K. I.MM)i:SK'IK.VT ItK.St I.\DED. To look at C. L. Whitaker.-grizzled and gaunt rind iinslimin.sf. joii would never be reininded of Cupid would , you? It' wouldn't exactly start you to .hink'.ns, of nioonliniil niglits. and low .urce.l ii ^ills and soft whisperings ;n!l w< diiin^ bells and things like that, .voiih; it? .Inst tiie s:.;;!it of "Gld Col. Whit; ker" wouldn't suggest all these •wi-ii pieiiires and t-.iW up tender r.f nil lies of some of your own dear .•e:iil (I:iys beyond recall and .-o on ind SI i.n? 'iVi 'I. t^ia' is le ';ii :~e yon don'I know • iiii Me look.-, a.; if In- h;iil aliinil as iiiie :i 'iniinieni a^ .1 c hi'stniit hoard. \friiilii. and things liJ^- that, one voii'il t!itiik just to look at liiiii would lie jut about as likely to lake their ve;irnini,' lieiirls to him as Hoy would :ie to apin al for syiupatliy ;ind under siiindlng to the bronze cannon out in :he iiubllc s<iuar4> or to one of tlie •orner lamp posts. HIT— When C. I,, in Arktinsas la.^t fall le fell in with an old bachelor .vho took a siiineto him and Invited 'ill! ti make him a \Wn. They spent many happy liours touether. and in • Mie course of Cue long evenings thej" talked about many tilings. "What you really need Is a wife," .Mr. V.'hitaker blurted out one day.— probably when the bread was a little -vorso usual. "Of course." said the man. "bul need •ng :'nd getting are two very different shings." And that set C. I., to thinking with •he r"sult that he recalled one of liis •!iinf.- will) was a widow, and he gave .Man her name. Tiien in his next bti .-ines? letter to ids client he easu- \i\\y remarked that he had met ;i .Man wio attracted him very much. And that Ls how it happened that .Mrs. John Richardson of ;lola. and Mr. C. F. Holmes, of Waldron, .Arkansas, were married a few days ago. Hit tit; story is not niiite finished. -Mr. Wiijtaker happened to teU' tne story the other day to a wealthy old bachelor of hi.= aff|uaintance. and when he got through the bachelor said: "I will give you five hundred Incubators! % We have the very best in both the Hot Air and Hot Water machines. f Most any old incubator will hatch the eggs, but if you are looking for results—if you want; the greatest number of hoalihy .chicks — t h e kinds that spell success in the highest degree— eithoi- a C;YPHERS or a BUCKEYE * Get our catalog today —free for the asking. You have time to St. I-""!;'./;"} m-smltliran Comnilttee ;!oUars to find a%vife for me'." \yill .Support NoniFiife. .Mrs. Philip Helgel-. .Mrs. Scott Gatvl, •:• •:• •:• :of Humboldt; Mrs. l.eiia Hrown, >ir-,;. —nr. Masori. president of Baker O. R. Gard. Mrs. S. A. Gard. Mrs. I.a- rni\ersi-y. will give a lecture on the h'fn^i McDonald, :\;rs. .Margaret Ander- Passion Piay with steieoptii on views ! SO"- Mr-; f>ito Ilillbr:int Mrs. \\<\y tonioriow evening at the .Metlfodist Hard and ihlldren: Mrs. Clark Cif- :-!iuri;i. AduU tickets 2 .-.C. All stu-^-^l''-- " Dalgli. M-ssrs. G. V. f'.ent tickets l^.c. i'lard. John Gard. I.tnile, Caiherln*-. * Uai-hel and .\l:iri G.-ird; Clara Anit.i Most disease comes from uerms. -^'<'"' l^rowii; Spiiicer. Roy an-.l Kill tiie germs and you will . ii''orge Gird; and S. A. Gard. Conkey's .\ox-i-clde mixes with water, + * + and kills the genus. For PouTfr.v-; Glenn Sickly, who is attending the man. Stockmen and Housekeepers. ; be-n received Into membership of the For sale by Morris & Howard, 1 School of .Minos al TTijIlu, .Mo., has St. I.oiiis. Feb. 2.- The city Republican ccmi ;i !;:.e b.v a vote of 2.5 to 1 has rescinded i's recent resolution indorsing <'oIqii.:i Roosevelt for the viresid-^ntial noMiiiatiou and pledged itself 10 s :i !"rori iln' luminee of the .National Reinibii.-in convention. So if you inei -t C. h. and notice a far-away look in his eyes, you lua.r know tliat he is wondering if he did not miss his calling, and if he ought not to have gone regularly into the Cupid, business. You never ran telF IREAD t^iese long winter even- ing.s. Pick out a few of llie fiundreds of popular I)(i(jks at only Evans Bros. BOOK STOBE. FOKKIGNEBS DKi'OSIT :ifO>EY ifrlti>li Siibinuriue Sunk. iny ttie A.'-"<J r'r,-.s..i, Portsmouth, Fug.. Feb. 2. -The Hritlsh subn:arieii "A-'J" sank this morning after a collision with the Hritlsh gunboat "Hazzard" of the Isle of Wight. The < revv of eleven was lost. Pelieied I'ustal S:iriii;;» Hank AtTeeletl .Money Orders. lia> Washin-iton. Feb. 'J.-Internationa! money order business in .\'ew Vork City since the j'.stablishment here of ... _ the postal savings bank shows a de- T>e<ember last_ the business deereused crease of $C.523,4.79 as compared with nearly $3,ui0,i)00. i !ie corresponding period of last year. Postmaster General Hitchcock takes ill.-.-.- fiK 'ires to indicate thaft foreign born r.-s:'!.-nts are now depositing th'ir surplus tiione.v in postal banks :ns!.;.id of si.nding it abroad. N. \v York il ;;e ;i 00 per cent of the ini( r !i :iiioni!! nHii 'ey order business of the country, and during the month of

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