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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 15
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 15

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:

2 THE CCHJRR-J0URA. FRIDAY JULY 6 1990 HIGHLIGHTS a a oiwi iuti ooui i 1 A Jack may be the only one able to help. (R) (cc) 10:00 G3 2020 Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke and his battle to legalize drugs, (cc) 10:00 fm American Playhouse "Triple Play." Three award-winning' shorts: "Teach 109," "Ray's Male' Heterosexual Dance Hall" and "Homesick." (cc) 11:00 CD Arsenio Hall Actor John Amos Hard 11:00 GJ Sneak Previews Goes Video Black actors and directors. Midnight Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Guest host; Jay Leno. Talk show host Larry King; actor Jeff Daniels. 12:35 a.m. 3 After Hours England's Rock (music) Museum. (R) 1:00 Late Night With David Letterman Former tennis great Chris Evert. (R) 1:35 CD Joan Rivers Angela Bowie, ex-wife of singer David Bowie. (R) 2:00 Friday Night Videos Bob Nelson and Kevin Meaney present videos by Paula Abdul, Glenn Medeiros and Babyface. (cc): Closed-capttoned for the hearing impaired. Pilot Comedy. A respected actor reluctantly accepts a role as the voce of a talking dog on a TV sitcom, (cc) 8:30 Wall Street Week Louis Rukeyser and guests assess the Reagan Administration tax cuts, (cc) 8:30 Different Drummer Chemical plant operator Elmer Fike takes on the EPA. 9:00 Yellow Rose Return of the 1983-84 series starring Sam Elliott and Cybill Shepherd. The Yellow Rose Ranch is the object of a custody battle. (R) (cc) 9:00 Perfect Strangers Balki's visiting identical cousin, Bart, lures him into an investment scam. (R) 9:00 Washington Week in Review See 8 p.m. listing. 9:30 CD Just the Ten of Us The Lubbock Babes travel to the Virgin Islands with Doosler. (Part 1 of 2) (R)(cc) 9:30 (Q Adam Smith's Money World Profiling inventors and creativity. 9:30 Wall Street Week See 8:30 p.m. listing. 10:00 Midnight Caller Devon is stalked by a psychopath and WAVE-3 I WHAS-11 WLKY-32 I WDHB-41 VCNA-21 WKPC-15 I KET (NBC) (CBS) (ABC) IND (0 IN0 3 fBS C85! Today Cont Thi Morning Good Morning Jim Henson Supersook Sesame Street Sesame Street 8 Com America Cont Muopet Babies Mun World Virtuous Woman S-iify Jessy Little House on Live With Regis fc Movie Word Alive Sesame Street Homestretch 9 Raphael the Prime Kstfu Lee Shoot the Moon Larry lea Math Works 521 Family Feud House Party Marilyn Hickey Muter Rogers Mister Rogers 111 Clsc Wheel of Morris CeruHo Captain Reading I Concentration Fortune Kangaroo Rainbow Golden Girls Price Is Right Home Paid Program James Robison Gourmet 3-2-1 Contact Cooking Marsha Wsrfietd One Day at Richard Roberts Victory Garden Secret City Time Wimbledon Mew Perfect Perry Mason 700 Club Computer Earth Exptored 4 Tennis Stranger Chronicle I Men a Semifinal Young and the Everyday New Yankee Earth Explored Ifc Beetiess Workshop AM My Children Too Close for Heart to Heart Mac Neil lehrer Grass Roots 1 Comfort With Sheila News Hour Musk Festival Bold and th The Jeff ersons Talkabout Clogging at Beautiful Natural Bridge World One Life to Live I Love Lucy Hazel Mystery! Nature 2 Turn Rornpole of Alvin and the Father Knows th Bailey Chipmunk Beet Tennis Guiding Light General The Flints tone Donna Reed Secret City Wild America 3 Continue Hospital Super Mario Police Academy Captain Reading Bros. Kangaroo Rainbow Growing Pains Oprah Winfrey DuckTale Yogi Bear MisteT Rogers 3-2-1 Contact A Batman Chip Dale's Th Jetsons Sesame Street Mister Rogers Rescue Rangers Inside Report Cosby Show Geraido Pun House World of Disney Sesame Street Sammy, the fl Who's th News Silver Spoon Way Out Seel Reading Boss? Rainbow News New News Highway to 3rd Degree MacNeilLehrar How to Talk So 6 Heaven NewsHour Kid Will Listen NBC News CBS News ABC News Win. Los or Nightly Business Draw Report Current Affair Entertainment Wheel of Mama' Family Man Undercover Nightly Business MacNeilLehrer 7 Tonight Fortune Report NewsHour Family Feud PM Magazine Jeopardy) Major League Bottom Lin Baseball Bret Maverick Snoop Full House Cincinnati Reds Movie Washington Comment on A at Philadelphia Black Magic Week in Review Kentucky Dad's Dog Phillies Wall Street Different Week Drummer Yellow Rose Movie Perfect McLaughlin Washington A Circle of Strangers Group Week in Review Violence: A Just the Ten of Adam Smith's Wall Street Family Drama Ue Money World Week Midnight Caller 2020 News Movie Th '90s American 4 ft Ziegfeld Playhouse lli Barney Miller Follies Triple Play Mwl New New Arsenio Hall Sneak Preview nGoe Video Wimbledon WKRPin Inside Edition All American Captioned New Highlights Cincinnati Jb Tonight Show 12:05 Honeym'rs 12 OS Nightline Hawaii Five 0 The Lundstroms Sign Off Midnight Sign Off Midnight 41 1 :00 Letterman 12:35 Abbott ft 12:35 After Hours 1:00 News 12:30 Success 1 2 00 Videos Costello 1:05 News 1:30 Twilight Zn. 'n' Life la- 3QQ Mews 1 :05 Hard Copy Sign Off 1 40 2.00 Movies 1 :30 M. Cerullo 7 a.m. Today Tennis greats Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors preview the Wimbledon finals; singer Tiffany, (cc) 7:00 This Morning Actor Bruce Willis; at home in Chicago with columnist Ann Landers. 7:00 IB Good Morning America Music group New Kids on the Block; opera greats Luciano Pavarotti, Pla-cido Domingo and Jose Carreras. 9:00 Sally Jessy Raphael Actor Kirk Douglas. 9:00 Live With Regis Kathie Leo Recording artist Clint Holmes. 11:00 Home Fetal surgery. Noon Wimbledon Tennis Men's Semifinal. From Wimbledon, England. (Live) (cc) 12:30 p.m. Everyday Singer Tony Bennett. (R) 4:00 3 Oprah Winfrey Women who feel their husbands have friends who are bad influences, (cc) 5:00 Geraido Mothers in prison. (R) 7:00 CD Entertainment Tonight Actor Danny Glover's new movie "Flight of the Intruder." 8:00 Bret Maverick Return of the 1981-82 series starring James Garner as the incorrigible gambler. Bret fights plans for a railroad line. (R) (cc) 8:00 CD Snoops While Chance and Micki are stranded by a storm at an island resort, one of the guests is murdered and the rest become suspects, (cc) 8:00 (3 Full House Jesse takes drastic measures when he feels too dumb to attend a cultural-arts party with Rebecca. (R) (cc) 8:00 CD Washington Week in Review Paul Duke moderates a discussion of national events, (cc) 8:30 03 Dad's a Dog TELEVISION MOVIES KET channels: 21 MurrsyMsyfield. 22 Pikeville, 23 Ellzabethtown, 25 Ashland, 29 Psducah. 29 Somerset, 31 OwensboroHenderson, 35 Madisomrille, 35 Hazard, 38 Moreheed, 46 LexingtonRichmond, 52 Owenton, 53 Bowling Green, 54 Covington, 68 Louisville. PREMIUM CABLE BASIC CABLE CD storer county O-storeroty I HBO I Showtime Movie Ch. I Disney I Cinemax I I WGN I TBS I TNT 1 ESPN I USA I Family Ch. I Nickelodeon I Lifetime I Nashville I Discovery (ID g) ggE) S3 IB (B CD d) CD 53)0) GD (B)0 (SO 8" Wonderful Movie Movie Donald Duck Movie Bozo Gilligan's Popeye Hour Nation's Buai- Jem Wowser Heathclrff Healthlink Wizard of Oz Allan Dad'l Pretenta Paint Your 'aland Cont'd neas Today Adventurea of Quatermain Army Under the Wagon Bewitched Fraggle Rock SportsCenter Cartoon Mapletown Pinwheel Tom Sawyer and the Lost Umbrella Tree Cont'd Express Movie City of Gold Movie Fred Aitaire Bugs Bunny Beverly Muppets Thoroughbred Our House Today'a What Every VideoMorning Metroversity 1 fl Mr. North Animals Are Change fl and Friends Hillbillies Digest Special Baby Knows Programming Beautiful Partners and fl Leave It to Andy Griffith My Favorite Surfer Maya the Bee Parent 9 a.m. -2 p.m. People Dance Beaver Martian Magazine Survival Guide Movie Movie Movie Success Jeffersons Movie Cheerleadlng Loet hi Space 700 Club Eureeka's Day by Day ifl The Sing Caprice 111 ufi Law of the Champ. Castle III Behind the Mississippi Animals of III Lawless E-R Screams Gambler Africa Movie Best of Wait Joan Rivers Getting Fit Land of the Heart to Elephant Frugal 4 Fast Food Disney 11 Giants Heart Show Gourmet i I I Presents I I All In the Basle Trsining Scott Ross Fred Penner's Supermarket Family Workout Straight Talk Place Sweep Movie Movie Lunch Box Movie Geraido CHiPs Movie Bodies in Face the Paid Program David-Gnome Hotel American I The Karate Assassins- Terror of the 1 Silver River Motion Music Magazine I Movie Kid Part ill tion Music Box Tongs I Bodyshaping Name That American Adv. of Unto I Micki 1 Tune Baby Koala Maude Movie News Movie Track and Chain Super Nooiies Jane Wallace Celebrity 4 The A Rescue Field Reaction Snack er Outdoors I Short Film Adventures of Movie I From Keebler Bumper Celebrity Pinwheel Top Card Showcase Huckleberry Hollywood Gilligan'e International Stumpers Chefs Movie Movie Finn or Bust Abbott and Island Elmhuret, III. Wipeout Campbells Today's Cagney Crook and Great Chefs sJ Allen The Year of Costello Special Lacey Chase of the West Movie Quatermain Living Bob Newhart Sportralts Holtywood Campbells Lassie American Kitchen Framed and the Loet Dangerously Squares Music Shop Express City of Gold Vlcome to Movie One Dey at Tom Si Jerry's Movie Baseball Tic Tec Father Knows Double Dare Attitudes Country Discovery on Pooh Comer Those Time Funhouee Fleming Magazine Dough Beat Standard the Got -1 Pound Dering Young Jj Welcome Flintstones Feather Inside the S25.OO0 Father Knows Mr. Wizard's Time Discovery on 7 Pupp's Men in Their Back, Hotter PGA Tour Pyramid Beat World the Got i Babar Movie Movie DisKids Jaunty Yogi Bear Flintstones Movie Senior PGA Press Your Funtown Heathdiff Movie VideoGold Your Health Captain Double Jalopies It's a Dog's Ootf Luck Funnies I Know Why 'i A Friend in Sinbed Trouble DuckTales Brady Bunch Life NorthvUle High Rollers Dlnoeaucers- Think Fast the Caged Discovery Deed 1 Long Island Scouts Bird Sings Field Test Wimbledon Kids Movie Chip 'n' Dele Munsters Classic Dance Party Batman Don't Juat Sit On Stage Mother 'Tennis Incorporated When Time WZ USA There Nature Men's Emperor and Movie Mickey Ran Out Zt Fun House Good Times Batman Inspector American Mother Semifinal the Making the Mouse Club Gadget Magazine Nature Nightingale Grade Jack and the I Dream of Beverly Fraggle Rock Other Side of He-Man and Zorro Can't Do That Supermarket Profiles of 5 ff Beanstalk Jeennie Hillbillies Victory Masters of on Television Sweep Nature I Last of the Ij Newhart Andy Griffith Bugs Bunny 8 ports Look the Universe RinTtnTinK- Make the Rodeo Drive Top Card Wildlife Mohicans -Pals 9 Cop Grade Chronicles Movie Movie Hogan's Jeffersons SportsCenter Miami Vic Movie Dennis the Moonlighting Music Row Rendezvous I Rebecca of The Heroes Mr. Music Menace Video Wimbledon The Boys Movie Sunnybrook Adventures of Bewitched Major League Major League Looney Tunes World Monitor fast Food Farm Baron Baseball Baseball Talea From Movie Munchausen Movie New York Movie Kanaas City Murder, She Dobie Gillia Movie Caiun Bill Burrud's the Crypt The Karats Barfly Mete at Meet Me In Royals at Wrote The Long Country Animal One Night Kid Part III Splash Atlanta St. Louis Detroit Bewitched Summer of Odyssey Stand Mountain Braves Tigers George 9- Movie Movie Cinderella Alfred Hitch- Green Acres Adams Nashville Now American Fast Food Assassins- Movie fl cock Presents Album tion Moontrap RaBradbury Paid Program Donna Reed Movie News Hitchhiker 700 Club Sat. Night Molly Dodd Crocodiles 111 Fright Night Ifl NWA Live The Deadly I II Movie Part 2 Ozzle III Major League Wreetling Movie Major Leagu Hitchhiker Fernwood 2- Esquire Crook and Survivors Harriet Movie Baseball Power Hour The Harvey Baseball Night About Men Chase The Motion Movie Movie The Chicago Girls Chicago Miami Vice Zorro Laugh-In Spenser: For Texaa Just for the 1 Picture When Harry The Trouble Surrogate 1 Cubs at Movie Cube at Hire Connection Record II Met Sally With Giris I I San Francisco The San Francisco Bordertown Patty Duke On Stage 1 Giants Chosen Giants Andrew Dice Movie Movie Movie My Three You're on the Nashville Now Beyond 2000 fJ Clay: The Watchers Assault of Saakatch- Sons Air I Diceman Movie I the Party wan Mister Ed Day by Day "'I Cometh Movie Sahara Heat Movie Nerds 10:00 60 Ziegfeld Follies Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly. From heaven, Flo Ziegfeld envisions a revue with every major star playing a part. (1946) (2:00) 2 a.m. CD Whose Life Is It, Anyway? Richard Dreyfuss, John Cassavetes. A paralyzed sculptor reminisces about his life and argues for his right to die. (1981) (2:00) Vi Movies are rafed on a 1-4 star system. RADIO PICKS Your Hit Parade: Week of Jan. 3, 1953: Gene Autry, Jo Stafford, Joni James. WXVW (1450) 9 a.m. Adventures In Good Music: Classical music for various combinations of brass instruments. WUOL-FM (90.5) 11 a.m. Repeats at 9 p.m. Cambridge Forum: Harvard professor Daniel Aaron talks about the Library of America, a publishing venture featuring American authors. WFPL-FM (89.3) 11:30 a.m. Office Premieres: Stravinsky's "Dumbarton Oaks Concerto in Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 13 in Debussy's "Images for J. S. Bach's "The Art of the Fugue." WFPK-FM (91.9) 12:05 p.m. Down to Earth: "Humor Therapy" with Suzanne Sherman, Baptist Hospital East. WFPL-FM (89.3) 1 p.m. Soundprint: "Housing Now: The Journey Home." WFPL-FM (89.3) 1:30 p.m. Jazz Today: "Thad Jones, the Instrumentalist." WFPL-FM (89.3) 3:05 p.m. Stereo Concert Hall: Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. Moeran's Handel's Oboe Concerto No. Scriabin's Symphony No. 1. WUOL-FM (90.5) 7 p.m. Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: Harbison's "Fanfare for Haydn's Symphony No. 101, "The Berlioz's "Symphonie tique." WFPK-fM (91.9) 9 p.m. Broadway by Night: "Kiss Me Kate." Royal Shakespeare Company revival starring Paul Jones and Nichola McAuliffe. WUOL-FM (90.5) 10 p.m. Jazz Feature Album: Pianist Hilton Ruiz: "Doin' It Right." WFPL-FM (89.3) 10:05 p.m. Late Night Classics: Mozart's Divertimento No. 10 in F. Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. WUOL-FM (90.5) 11 p.m. 8 p.m. Black Magic Orson Welles, Akim Tamiroff. A madman almost changes the course of history when he uses sorcery and hypnotism to destroy his mortal enemies. Colorized. (1949) (2:00) Vi 9:00 (D Circle of Violence: A Fam- ily Drama Tuesday Weld, Geraldine Fitzgerald. A woman faces difficult choices and terrible accusations as she attempts to deal with her mother's increasing senility. (1986) (2:00) Max's best "man." As Max and Gabrielle are married, Tony fights his own feelings for Gabrielle. SANTA BARBARA: In Kareef, Eden and Michael find a UNIB agent who is poisoned before he can give them any information on Cruz. Cruz realizes the pasha wants him to sire a son so that he will have the power of the stone. Derek promises Julia and Mason that he will disappear from their lives. As he leaves the house, Derek is arrested. Brandon warns Gina to be careful regarding her blind act Gina agrees to attend a benefit with Mack. Robert insists to Kelly that the fund-raiser has nothing to do with her; he just wants to help out the orphanage that is on his property. Kelly spots Robert talking to an attractive reporter, Debra Parker, also known as Flame. Lionel searches the Capwell house for the missing paintings. Eden joins the Pasha's harem. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Rex persuades Jill to make peace with Kay so they can be married sooner. Dru is arrested after a videotape of her shoplifting is shown to the police. Cricket opts not to accompany Danny to his concert in Minneapolis. Paul storms out after Cassie informs him that Victor has accepted her job offer. Douglas presents Leanna with an "I hate men" T-shirt. Nathan decides to press charges against Dru. Scott is hurt that Lauren seems to have forgotten his birthday, yet pleased that Cricket remembered. Lauren and Marjorie plan a surprise party for Scott unaware that he has accepted an invitation from Sheila. North America Syndicate SOAPS still active. Johnny informs Shane that Ernesto is still alive and has dastardly plans for the ship survivors. Shane and Patch promise to find Ernesto and the guests. Bo saves Roman from being shot by one of Ernesto's thugs. After the raft is completed, the prisoners decide to try to find Isabella. Shane admits to Kim that he is angry that she is pregnant with Cal's child. Carly urges Tom to start a trauma center. Returning to Salem, Justin and Adrienne warn Carly that someone is after her. GENERAL HOSPITALl While a wounded Colton is lying on the dock, Decker is recalling a time when Colton said he always wanted to be there for him. Ned has one day to straighten out his life or Decker will publicize the affair. At the station, Shep receives another rap message, which states that the knifer actually committed an earlier murder. Recalling his rendezvous with Wendy, Ned rejects Dawn. Ned agrees to help Decker get rid of Wendy. GENERATIONS: Doreen is shocked that Maya knows everything about her past with Adam. Sam, Christy and Kyle are devastated by Brad's death. Christy is determined to find the person who shot Brad. Jason tells Rob that he doesn't want Rob working for Windy City. Maya flees after Adam turns down her request that he never see Doreen or the baby again. Chantal is jealous when Eric attends Daniel's benefit with Suzette Charles. Daniel thanks Eric for helping Maya. Laura wins tickets to Rifle games in the raffle, while Maya wins a car. Maya tells Helen she has broken off with Adam. Paulina and Ken are connected in some way. Stacey continues to investigate Jake and Donna's relationship. Sharly gives the performance of her life when, while pretending to be Sharlene, she convinces her friend, Taylor, that she wants to attend Cass and Frankie's wedding. AS THE WORLD TURNS: Barbara is jealous when she spots Hal comforting Margo over her latest predicament. Lyla is pleased that Margo is pregnant but can't help the way she feels about Margo having disconnected Casey's respirator. Holden admits to Lily that he and Angel are having marital difficulties. Brian returns to Oakdale. Shannon is non-plussed by Duncan's obvious jealousy toward Gavin Kru-ger. Sean does not want Frannie to learn of his past affair with Donna. Gavin suggests that someone may be trying to get Duncan and Shannon to leave the warehouse. Shannon and Colin are horrified when they spot the "body" of Madeline Lord on the stairs. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Brooke tells Ridge that Caroline is dying. Ridge cries after Taylor confirms his suspicions. Sally is horrified that her wedding made the cover of Eye in Fashion. Thome proposes to Macy. Caroline is furious that Bill would publish the photos without consulting her. Margo advises Felicia not to fall for Jake. Margo spots Macy in the pictures. Sally wishes Macy luck with Thorne. Thorne and Macy break off their engagement after Macy admits she is Sally's daughter. DAYS OF OUR LIVES' Jack and Jennifer make love. Patch and Shane learn that the Loretta has sunk, leaving the ship's computer Here's what happened on the soap operas this week: By LYNDA HIRSCH ALL MY CHILDREN: Trevor suspects that Adam is after Natalie's money when Natalie hires Adam to handle her personal finances. Emi- ly Ann and Joey are married. Billy forces Donna to write a "suicide" note. Donna is knocked out in her to escape Billy's clutches. Billy leaves an unconscious Donna tied to a tail pipe, with the engine running. Chuck and Trevor rescue whose chances are slim. Chuck tells Trevor that Donna would never attempt suicide. A conscious Donna is reunited with a forgiving Emily Ann. Donna is later visited by Billy Clyde, who doesn't to press charges. Dixie refuses to give Tad another chance. Ceara Ipersuades David and Lanie to work on the video together, despite their past relationship. Ceara learns that her new friend, Jack, is on the rebound. Emily Ann shuns a newly returned Benny after he tries to explain why he never told her about her real parentage. Tom comfort-Barbara after they learn that the baby may have leukemia. ANOTHER WORLD: Donna and Jake switch the tapes, getting back the one of their affair. Donna later tells Jake that their partnership is over. Matt fights with Josie's obsessed fan. Josie decides she will to seduce Matt after Lucas in-'forms her that he won't help her 'get Matt back. Grant is tempted but refuses to take Snarly from the sanitarium. Grant demands a second opinion for Sharly. 'Snarly makes plans to make John's 'life -bell. Vicky later wonders if GUIDING LIGHT: Roger agrees to help Beth and Phillip. During her discussion with Alex, Holly agrees to seduce Roger in her attempt to bring him down. Doubting his ability to remain objective, Ross tells Phillip that he will have to remove himself from the case. Mindy and Rick cheer up their old buddies, Beth and Phillip. Holly accepts Ross' marriage proposal. Ed's and Maureen's argument adds sparks to the Bauer family barbecue. Nadine turns to Frank for comfort after Billy tells her that their relationship is over. Josh continues to be plagued by nightmares concerning him and Reva. Roger promises Blake he will fly to Costa Rica to help look for Alan-Michael. Lisa asks that Phillip's bail be revoked. Roger is stunned when he finds Holly on his flight The kidnappers send Blake an earring that belonged to Alan-Michael. Reva collapses on the beach. ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Charlotte decides to seduce WhiteyBo in an effort to get information. Tina tells Cord she's decorating Badderly for Johnny, a businessman. Megan agrees to give Marco another chance if he will help her and the others get off the island. Gabrielle accepts Max's marriage proposal. Max's return is featured on the Intruder's front page. Asa vows to close down the Intruder. Tony admits to his superior that he is in love with Gabrielle. Dan storms out of Grandeview when he is unable to handle the pressure of living with Michael's ghost Tony agrees to marry Gabrielle and Max, as he only wants what's best for her. Julia is pleased that her daughters have reconciled. Andy agrees to be

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