Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 25, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 25, 1943
Page 2
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»*#*> f~f <! j-fj 1 , i HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, June 25, 1943 IbpeStgr m' V fcL.. SstefHa^JofHJCrtv 1<n$». ' , PaW«r and Ate*. H. Woshbum) M Star WrtWlno. 212-214 South Walnut itrv4t# Hop* - Af R. • - C. t. WkLMlft., Pr««te«i« &.H«*(ASHBURM, ttltw and FvfclhMt os s*cand. etoss matter at th« at HOBS, Afkonsos, und«f th« Morth 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press I—Means Newspaper Enterprise.Ass'n. Rate . (Always Payable In v,™ s City carrier, per week I5c; erhpstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Bfayette counties, $3.50 per year; else- JS.50. „,. M«mb«r ot The Associated Pren: The nAssoelated Press is axelus|yely entitled to Use for republicatton of all news dls- chcs credited to rt or not otherwise tredifed in this paper and also the local published herein. N«t!onol Advertising Representative— Dallies, Inc.; .Memphis, Tenn., , . ., ., !ek Butldino; Chicago, 400 North Mich- Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison 1 Detroit, Mich , 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; OIUohoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New lOrleons. 722 Union St.. ' Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be od* for all tributes, cards of thanks, reso- pirtions, or memoriols, concerning the de- Commercial newspapers hold to this Spolicy in the news columns to protect their oers fr6m a deluge or space-toklna me- r'ols. The Star disclaims responsibility Ihe safe-keeping or leturri of any KihsbtTcited monscripts. a «c» • assif led Ads must be In office day before publication. lAII Wont Ads cosh in advance. Not taken over the Phone. 'One time—Ic word, minimum 30c Six times—Sc word, minimum 75c Three times—3*/2C wordj minimum 50c One month—18c word,' mtnmium $2.70 f Rates are for continuous insertions only '"THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER 1 , YOU SELL." For Sale Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — When is a cabinet not a cabinet? The answer is when :his country is at war and the President is Mr. Roosevelt. With the Office of War Mobiliza- ,ion now functioning, it is becum- ng more apparent daily Unit Pros- dent Roosevelt has bypassed most of his cabinet in delegating war- Lime powers. Only three of the ten members of the cabinet by right of office, have real authority at the council tables, and one of these — Secretary of State Hull — retains his importance by personal influence with the President, rather than by cooperative effort in the circle that now is running this war in all fields but that of military strategy. Oddly enough the only two cabinet members who still are powerful are Republican Secretaries — Stimson of War, and Kno.x of Navy. That is because both have done excellent jobs as spokesmen for the armed forces and because in their three-year tenures, the greatest Army and Navy the United States ever conceived has risen to such strength and efficiency. SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith IPIANO — COME AND SEE IT. i ev en list Jones." Harold L. Ickes' star has risen again since we got into the war but that is because of his activity as Solid Fuels and Petroleum administrator rather than as Secretary of Interior. Henry Genthau Jr. still speaks with authority on tax matters but it is considered a certainty here that it will be Economic Stabilizer. Fred M. Vinsonl who wil carry the tax ball for OWM from now on not the Secretary of the Treasury. /rssee Jones has more importance as head of the Reconstruction Finance Corp. than as Secretary of Commerce. A recent chart that included even minor war mobilization agency heads didn't ,™ Priced at $125. See Tom Ellis. K 904 West Fourth. 14-2wks pd. SLIGHTLY USED H A Y N E S Whirlwind ceiling fan. No. 437, Model G. Guaranteed .in good shape. McRae's Hardware or phone 921-J. 21-6tpd. fWHIPPOORWILL PEAS, 2.50 PER b'usheL F O B. Washington. A. N. Stroud,- Washington, Ark. 22-6tch. IY FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, LARGE \barn, chicken houses, smoke 'house, 10 acres of land with 5Va in cotton, farm implements. Just outside city limits. City water and lights. Phone 38-F-12, Mrs. R.,M. Bunkley. 24 : 6tch. f$ONE 1938 ONE AND HALF TON Ford truck, in good condition, good .rubber. Also one pair 1,300 pound mules, harness, and rub- ber.tire log wagon. Will sell separate, Floyd Porterfiejd. ( '•*' 25-6tch. Attorney General Biddle gets an occasional mention as" prosecutor of war frauds, but little more. Frank C. Walker continues to get some headlines as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but few as postmaster general. James A. Farley turned over a smoothly functipning department to Walker and the present No. 1 Postman has been content to let that machine handle the problems of wartime mail. r^tijPicF' 1 •'• y :-^vf«M»y'k ro^?, i<H3 3Y ? CE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 6-25" Wanted to Rent f- TWO-ROOM FURNISHED APART- rhent. Kitchen sink. Hot water, 322 S. Walnut St., Phone 405-W. 24-3tp, Services Offered I AM FREE TO NURSE INVALIDS „ or, to be a companion to an elderly person. Will go outside city limits '' tf necessary. See Mrs. Mary Dougherty, 815 S. Main St., Phone 4Q4.-W. 23r3tpd. -Wonted, to-'Buy Sec. of Labor has lost much authority on matters since the war started and the recent slrenrrlh- ening of the powers of the War Labor Board. Claude R. Wickard has seen much of his vital powers as Secretary of Agriculture, in so far as they apply to wartime food supply and distribution, pass to Food Administrator Chester Davis. Davis, however, is just one of the "czars," and some think that the genera lifood policies like the t'eneral policies of all the "czars" (prices, fuel, manpower. labor, transportation, and rubberl —will be made in the east wing of the White House when James F. Byrnes calls his five OWM colleagues in for conferences. On OWM, too, particularly on Vinson and Byrnes, will fall the- job of refereeing conflicts that arise out of the maze of overlapping authorities in the already existent war agencies. They can't do that by delegating important tasks to the now "inactive" members of the official cabinet. Thalj would pnly be compounding confusion. It looks as if the President's cabinet, for the most part, is waning for the duration. iu OR 40 ACRE FARM; GOOD . U O |J house and pasture; close in. Call r"°IU 768. - 15-tf. BROWN BEER BOTTLES. WILL not buy on Saturdays. Bully's Bar. 21-Gtpd. SMALL; FARM. WILL PAY CASH. Phone 164. 25-3tpd. Notice SE.WING MACHINES. BOUGHT, sold, rented, repaired. Parts and accessories. Adding machine. See James Allen, 621 South Fulton Street Phone 322-J. 11-lmpd. TIRE AND TUBE VULCANIZING, passenger and truck. All work guaranteed. Experience counts. Ted's Tire Shop, 300 East Third Street. 22-2wkpd. FOR ALL KINDS OF REPAIR work, lawn mowers and gas stoves. Call T. B. Fen wick iOscar), Phone 180- J. 23-6tpd. "You shouldn't have rented this room to that butterfly collector!'' OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R. Williams A COUPLE OF SHOP CLOWNS K.IDDIM'THE OLD BOYS--T'-^EY Sf& JfiYri THEY NEVER NEEDED *• ' ENTERTAINMENT 1O KEEP UP THEIR MORALE . ON THE OLP TEN ANt? -HOUR -UH-- SHIFTS; US'- *^:- *'^* • »*M- 4 ••-If '" ^_ l^i' k OL' ALEC 5EZ THEY'RE \ 5I=OILIM' THE PRESEhJT ) WHEN WE: WAS BABfc-S WE EXPECTED A. TIM WHISTLE IN EVERY BOX OF POP CORN, BUT WHEN WE GREW UP WE PlDN'T EXPECT A HULA DANCER. AMD —. GUITAR. WITH vl£A>i VERVJoB/ < 'J) m>yvv CK ^^-s — /—TJ%. s-^. s~?.* n \V \£/ \C~-~ .— ' ^ ! „.«? jse> , ^\ jfr r s f ^*-s .^tWrfj. ^ -\ f'XjjC --- •-. 7 -••- lp <i- ^TO-r ^,7^? oSf.^. jt» I/* 1 : -\^^»^>^ • LW S^i ^G Tff^ T ^ SB?)-- "biivjc lisa! handsome young dcnlisl was clrnl'lccl. Dr. brown is Celling nil liis old ]):ilit'iits btu-k—1 hope hi' (iiK-r.ii'l hold a sjrutise against us for leaving liiiu!" Wash Tubbi Why So. Incurious? By Roy Crane WEIL TAKB tH\5 ROUTE THE MA2I fWTROL WILL PR08ABUV TAKE THE OTHEft FUNNY BUSINESS "Hurry up mid gel by—you guys from Ihc 13lh Bombin" Squadron make me nervous!" THIS CURIOUS WORLP By William Ferguson NAPOLEON PLANNED AN OP ENGLAND/ -IE DKEW UP ELABORATE !'.") PLANS roc CARRYING AN ARMY ACROSS THE ENSLISH CHANNEL IN BALLOONS. ..^^^ ( ^% CO! (i. 1043 BY NEA tr&VICE. INC. f. M. kEG. U. 'i. t J AT. Of F. -it"- 1 CHOKF. A MOTOR. TO KEEP IT PROM DYING, " $3-/f JA<1K CKOOM. SUGAR WAS GROWN IN ANCIENT TIMES, BUT FOR S'rf e 2C//0, NOT SU&AR./ SUGAR DID NOT COME INTO USE UNTIL ABOUT feOO A.D. fo-25 OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople LET <>.YE VJfxRM MOO SLIPPING CLOVMMS FOR M.L.'-— IF ONE OF S'OU EVEi^i BREATHES CLOSE. To i\w SUNBURNED PHN<SIQ.UE VOU'LL "FEEL THE HOOPLE- WE MB f.\ET£O OUT A STOUT CUDGEL,/ $»>>*' BROMZED LlVAB L/XST MESS'S -I X'O STR/^VO MOO TOOK | LOOK SOUR " DlO SOU STAND OMER AN P^KiTo ) ON A SPIT GAME THE: „/ IN V/XLUA-BLB XV BARBECUE FAT _ DRIPPINGS f ' "r>>v V ©;rte ;SOB HE D\O '' Popoye "Doughboy Hooked on the Run!" Thimble Theater AHOV, OLIVE, I GOTCHA MOMEV- NOUU LE'S e IP WIMPS' •STILL. LOVES VA TDID VOU 6ET COME, UJIMPV -D6AR-THOU6H I AM BUT A' PEMNILBSS UJAIF. I <5RALL MAKE 4OU "'' Donald Duck Accidents Will Happen! By Walt Disney ONLY W MY, THAT'S VEF?Y 2 CENTS CHEAP! OKAY, WE'RE M OKAY; BOYS, *DONE WEf?E!y\DOTHE SMIWS' YOU CAN ^ '•"•—• 01 K ^^ TAKE OVER! Blondie Tactful Commando Tactics! By Chic Young WE'RE 6O1N5 TO SLEEP, OUT W THE BACK YARD TON16HT. |H MV TEMT Boots and Her Buddies Huh? By Edgar Martin Red Rider HEAD HURTS ,'\ n REi^Ei s N&EB. )• ANYTHING, \ Loss of Faith By Fred Harmon Alley Oop A Rare Opportunity By V. T. Hamlin HOWD'YOU \ ( MO, BUT I KNOW SYEACUiSEJ / THAT X. Yaj'RE " KNOW WHECS )/ WHEf?E WE'RE HEADING ^JXlI MAKINV \-~> WHERE WE'CE GOIN'? \ MOW. LIES ABCXJT SO r-^" -xVVE HID TH' YOU'VE NEVER ) MILES SOUTH OF MT. If LOOK ...I'M \ROCKET BEEW HERE A ETNA, THE F1_/\CE y/DRAV/>KJGSOU \ EH? IM SICILY BE- ) \ WE AIMED AT f^ \^ A MAP FORE, HAVE J ^L^ FIRST " .YOU?, ,^1 m-- ;-^ VES...AMD"O' \s> WHEG& we MET /BUT ITHOUGHT VrHW's. RIGHT THE OLD MAN WHO TOLD US ) WE CAME HERE ) BUT TO SEE:' ABOUT ARCHIMEDES... AUD 1 DE-f TO SETSUMPIM \ARCH\MEDES CIDED TO GO TO SYRACUSE. I FCCT^ MT ETK1A ) IS A CHASiCE FIRST.... AMD THIS MUST BE ^) TO MAKE TH' /I DONST ABOUT WHERE WE ACE _ r\ POCKET CO// IKJTEKiD " TO MISSi/ ^^/~TT\\ " . 'MT.ETNf ±_COPR. 194J OT Nfft t,rhvlCE. INC. T. M. «EC. u, s. PAT. Off. * ' ^/ Freckles and His Friends All Very Simple By Merrill Blosser YEAM —I C5AVJ OLD AAAN ) BUT I UNDERSTOOD JOMES BOTM BARReis OF J THERE WEBB TWO PAIIxJTY . -^ LOUD REPORTS.' -^ fs^- ^- --%? ./- i£-5ii«^ fHATS RIGHT/ OI-D MMvl JOWES FORGOT HIS GLASSES, AMD BESIDES , HE'S HARD OF HEARING/ P.E FORTS OUT LOUD , SO HE'D KNOWJ ""«?- A- WHAT WE WA<? _ ^/ f — A. 0 V;

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