Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1974
Page 6
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Pape Six SIDE OUNCES HOPE (ARK.) STAR By GILL FOX O 1IM tw K*. «c. T« *•« US M «*• 11-11 "Get up, George! The birds are up, the children are up, prices are up ..." OUT OUR WAY By NEG COCHRAN I WEED SOM& SPEKJPIM 1 VwELL, JUPGIWO FROM YOUR MONEV 50 1 THOUGHT I'pJ APVERTISEP RATE tt>SM. C. .START MVOWMTAX1 srr~1 THAT AFTER VOJVE PUSHEP ABOUT A DIME'S WORTH YOU'LL BE REAPV TO GIVE UP TH' BUSINESS AMD START SOA/1ETHIMG ELSE.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE OUR CEASE-FIRE DIDN'T LA.5T LONG— SHERK 6RA.BBEP THE LAST PIECE OF CHICKEN OFF THE PLATTER THIS COULP BE RISKIER OPENIN A-PORT HOLE ON SUBMARINE, BUT LET'* TIP OFF THE MAOO.R'. THIS MORNING HE JUMPED THE LINE OUTSIDE THE SHOWER! BUT IF WE. TIP OFF MRS. HOOPLE THAT JOB 15 A FAKE, HE'LL 5PILLHIS HORROR STORIES.' HE MAJ0R CAN'T BE EVICTED- EEK&MEEK Light Answer to Previous Puzzle FLASH GORDON November 11, 1974 By DAN B4MY ACROSS 1 Electric light 5 Result of being in sun 8 Source of night light 12 Slate positively 13 Australian bird 14 Taj Mahal city 15 Feminine name 16 Atmosphere (ab.) 17 Paper measure 18 Name tags 20 Jewish ascetic 22 Wary 24 Relating to place 28 Portable light 33 High cards 34 Sun 35 Operatic solo 36 Residents of (suffix) 37 Common contraction 38 Speech defect 39 Elaborate dwellings 41 Quench thirst 42 Close by (poet) 44 Kind of measuring system 48 Taper 53 Handle 54 Adherent (suffix) 56 Historic periods 57 Remain 58 Southern general 59 Houston and namesakes CARNIVAl 60 Territories (ab.) 61 Unhappy 62 Used in printing DOWN 1 Sharp point 2 Iris layer 3Give permission (o use 4 Boast 5 Pester 6 Amount (ab.) 7 Numbers 8 Heavenly body 9 Curved molding 10 Algerian city 11 Title 19 Building addition 21 Along with (prefix*. 23 Girl's name 24 Secular 25 Eight (comb. VlCKI HOLDS, OFFCWGULA'S SOLDIERS, BENT OM REVENGE,.. form) 26 Letters 27 Helper (ab.) 29 High in stature 30 Assam silkworm 31 Take a chance 32 Back of neck 34 Patterns for tracing 40 Vietnam (own 41 Spanish lady (ab.) 43 Took part in a drama 44 Tall spar 45 Grafted (her.) 46 Former Russian ruler 47 Given off by sun 49 Bird's name 50 Heavy wagon 51 Lighting device 52 Being (Latin) 55 Body of water WHfM ABRUPTLY, THEY FALL BACK., ' - ill .1 •! [^•••n—a-tr-*- J ~~ rr by DICK TURNER © 1974 by NEA. Inc.. TM. Rtg. U.S. Pat. OH. I think people are adjusting to the higher grocery prices ... we haven't had a crier all week!" The season fast approaches when the number of pumpkinheads exceeds the number of politicians. BLONDIE There's nothing like a good Old Fashion to remind one how badly most bartenders make them. I CORA WANTS TO HAVE A SECOND WEDOINS CEREMONY TO RECREATE THE HAPPY, ROMANTIC DAYS OF OUR FIRST ONE By HOWIE SCHNEIDER rr US5& TO Be Lire, \UD THe PURSUIT OF HAPPIAJESS ,' /OOWJ JTS CIVIL RIG.HTS FRANK AND ERNEST SS^wsSP'MSS! By HOWIE SCHNEIDER By HEIMDAHL &STOFFEL [BUGS BUNNY CeOWCANpI HAVE MONEY TO BOY A te HEIRTOCALI<5ULA!S TUOOWP ' ' - — THRONE.' THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP BvDAVEGRAUE YOU'RE AS PALE AS A GHOST, BOOM / / THAT WHAT IS IT? ,-, -HE PHONE, MARKO. .. HE SAID THE COMPUTER UP AT THE UNIVERSITY SAVE HIM THE SAME INFORMATION OURS DID SO THAT MEANS OOP] YOU MEAN AND ORVILLE ARE ];3Jg£KE LOST SOMEWHERE / GONE.»TOR CAPTAIN EASY CONFOUWP IT:' OF COUK5E I'M LORD YULE:... WHO OO X LOOK. LIKE? By CROOKS & LAWRENCE WE JUST COULPN'T TELL. FOR THE TR0UW.E WA&-- THERE'S SUCH ft CLO&E RB$£MBU\MC& BETWEEN YOU AMP THE CROOK WHO P05EP f& YOUR COU5IN, PIKK VAH PUVER,! THAT MANIAC 1 . A T(?UE VAMPIRE I5N'T SAFEAROUNP HIMJ,,, E'$ THE TREACHEROUS CAP WHO LEFT ME IN THI£. FUPPLEP COWPITlOWi By CHIC YOUNG K5 ARE YOU SONG ALONS WITH IT, BOSS ? TMIS TIME I GET A CHANCE TO SAY *I DON'T" OH/ ABSOLUTELY/ WIMTKROP ByDICKCAVAUl THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION IS * BENJAMIN FRANKUN." WHAT AM I GOIN4O TO DO WITH A UFET/AAE OF &OOGALOO OH...ER... THAMKYO-i VEFY/WJCH By LARRY LEWIS CAMPUS CUTTER MOST OF THEM (A/ERE OPPOSED TO THE IDEA ...UNTIL THEV FOUND OUT IT MEANT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEETINO OR NOT /MBETIN© THE IC\ I'M SURPRISED THE FACULTY AGREED TO HAVE THEM IN THEIR CLASSROOMS FACULTY PAYROLL/ ByALVERMEER PRISCILLA'S POP HEY, JENKJY l_U! THAT'S KJO WAY TO TACKLE! YOU OO IT YOUR WAY AND I'LL DO IT MINE!

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