Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 2, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 86. Succc r to the lola Dally Repliter. the lola Dd.ty Record and the lola OaTly Index lOLA, KAS., FEB. 2,1912—FRIDAY EVENING. Dally Reslster. EsUbllthed 1897. Weekly Register, Established 1867. OIOHIES ANMAL MIMCirAI. Al'lMlOAt n KI.Kl TH>N IS E.SMI1Hia RON II6IIIN THE WEATHER. Korpcnst for KnDxos; rn.sp|(]rd tiirr In oust poiiiftn; Saturday fnir. Temperature: Highest yesterday at 1 p. ni. ?4; lowest this tuorninp at fi a .ni. 1.., normal for today. 2»; ex- I coss in temperntnre yesterday 2 deirrors: excess since .hinuary 1st, 212 (!< i ;r «'ps. I'rorlpltatlon for 2+ lionrs ending 7 :i III. today. (»; deficirni-y in preclplta- iiicn since .laniiary 1st. .<;!• inch. lielalive liuiiiidlty 7 a. in. today 78 ' )!.-!• cent; barometer reduced to sea level ,•{(1.211 inches. Sunrh^e today 7:2i; a.m.; sunset •".;4fi |). in. FIWXCE «OM.MISSIONKU I.IKKS HIS .lOlt. SmlUi JackMMi Onlj \»o«cil Oiipmi- 4 .nt—(oiiiit) OfliriiiK Will AI>o Seek Uc-cUctlon. With but two iii<iiit!:s in wliich to prepare i>eiiii(>iis. MIIIIC iiaine.s and file noininatinn paiicrs with tlie city clerk, the nii;nlci|ial polilicil situation Is beginning to nroiise interest. But one ollii'c. that of I'oiiiiiiissioner of Finance, is to lie tilled and "there are two avowed candidates and one receptive one, so far as iiublicly known. Frank E. Smith, whose term as financial manager of the city corporation, expires in Aiiril, will be a candidatjc to succoea liimself and ho •will be opposed by at l^ast one candidate and po.ssibly otljers. The avowed opponent is Smith .lacHson. Mr. Jackson has been a resident of lola about three years and was .-'n em­ ploye of the Kansas U-Kislature at lis last session. He is enpased in the loan business at present. Frank K. Smith. as everybody knows, i.s a member of the insurance firm of Smith & Travis, and is one of the old residents of ihe city. He Is serving his first term In a municipal office. Genrpe Freeman, an emp'oy^ "f the lola Portland Cement foir.pany, is a. receptive candidate. He has tlie matter of becoming a candidate under consideration, his friends say. and •will make an announcement in due time if he concludes to make the race. Mr. Freeman born in lola and is widely and fa\oraldy known, having taimht In the city schools for pevernl year.s. Xq niunici'ial priiimry ''lection is held in cities of less than in.dii'i po]iu- latlon. Consequently, nil thai is necessary m case one wisb^-.s to befo:u'i> a candidate. Is to circulate a nominating petition, secure tlic sipiianir.'s nt five per cent of tlie qitallfied vm- ers replslered for tb.' e'iction last preceding and fib- he IM liilnii \<i:li the city clerk at b'ast ten d.ivs ''.><•fore the election whiih is h'-ld cm April 2nd. Candldatt's inu.-t lipve re--: sided In lola at lea.-f tuci years prior to the election. roDDt .T r<t 'i<Ir>i tlvo Ilrcninir. While the i)'-itii:irv <ri s''!<'ct candidates for county cifiici-s monfliR ;iiv--. srver:.! cicir* not friiicnv that they will all be candidni.s or tliat there will be no others. Tlie nemocrats will have a ticket in the field and the Socialists are busy casting about for material. They will also doubtless nominate a candidate for Oominlssioner of Finance. Only one Democrat. .1. .S. Walker. Is regarded as an avowed c-andldate .Mr. Walker It Is sfate«i^ will be n candidate for county commissioner. However, any person who may entertain a notion of getting in on the county contest and whose name may not appear in this story need not fel aggrieved. The only purpose of the story Is to suggest that "the water Is fine" and if any one Is thinking of takin ga swim he is cordially Itivited to "come on in." MOTHER FEARS FOR YOUNG Kuplllvp May Have Crawled Into a Hole and Frozen, She Saj.x. County Attorney James S. Taylor received a pathetic letter- from Mrs. Uydia Young, of Olathc. Kas., this afternoon. She Is the mother of Geo. Young, the young man who escaped from the county jail a week ago. "Have .vou learned anything of the whereabouts of my son George Young," Mrs. Young writes imploringly, "i h<>ar he broke jail and got out. We are all afraid that be has crawi'-d into some place and froze to death." Mr. Taylor replii^d that he r»'pretted very much that George had deserted the warm meals and the warm beds which were providc^l for him here ai'd expressed the opinion that Instead of freezing to death, the fugitive wati l^robably kcei)ing warm by keeping on thv move. AUSKAiST BE OEVELOPEO 1'1:F.S11»KNT TAFT DISCFSSLS THK IMtOHLK-H IX A .MESSAIJE. II RAIIROAO MUST BE BUILT KYKN IF THK (JOVEKN.MKNT HAS T«) IX) THE I.MTIAL WOKK. The MesHaue \lso IHsrH :>M'«» Ihe Uh'h Vvsl of Llvlnit and WUvr Ini- IH\ KEI.I EY Yl( ini OK A I VM..| Slepped Into a Fnrnare Til Yesterday Siii>tainlng Itniken Hlhs. Ira Kcltey was the viciim of a fall yesic-rday afternoon whic-li rcsult>'c| In I'is sustaining two bndun rilis on his righi side :iiicl l)rui.-ies al)C)iil ilie body .•ind lie is conlinecl to liis lic-d toda.v, the silver lining to th'- cloud being ilial he wiisu't more .seriously iiijund, Mr. Kclley. in company with 1). W. .Morrow cf tlie fnitcd Iron Works, several I .,,,,1 J F Sw.-irrm. of a K;m.-f:;s fiiy •anciidat'"^ , „il burner compr.iiv. were insptciiiic ba\e already declare:! ili.Mrselves. ! i„.:,,ini; planlf. of Mio K- rrA George Peyn-r.-ir win roul.-t fur 'i iv, f.;v.Iv:inia ho!-!? wlih view to noirinatioii fcr county c'e-.-k He ' out Uic char.c. s nrc •sFar> to want-s th» r:ii '"bl:ran roin^natic-n anil,,. ,„.„i,. ,vj,i, a vi-w to iiisialling oil he wiJJ K.'!i;."eft ("ijihfjf.sci'r 'J*'"! i jir;,'r>; ^\•h« n t!"\v < ri'Ted the present Incnrlnnt fnd iiossilily '>r | „i of ilie I'cniisvivania. it v.-as v TV E. ('. RevnoVN ti. d..f,'at .Mr. Cii-j ,i'.,ri{ ;„„i v,- Kclliy v.arnrd his cor.- berlson said fns afternocin that '<'( | anions lo in- <;:r< ful w lieri- ihi-y s !'!i HUMTY-DUMPTY TOOK A GREAT FALL. was not feacly to inok:- an announc'- ment bUt^fricncis who ar" dose 'o the clerk said that it might be s'afelv stated that ho would be in the primary. Heginnlnc at the ton and going down at the c-oort hous''. every ofTl- cial except Treasurer .Aiishemian has stated that h<- will 1e in the race for re-ncuminat'on. County Attorney .Tames S. Tavlor will ask the peoiile to return him to bis jjresent ofUce. District Clerk .lohn W. Urown wants his present jol' for another term and Sheriff .Hoov.T Kerr is already dis- cus.clnir the s'"iation with his friends. Kerr wa's the next high man at th'> last coiility e'cction and exiiccts to stand soraewlic^re around tliat station •when the vote< are in next N!<\.-in- btr. the peopt- bein' williiT. Friends of .ludge Oscar Fcust state •with much ontimism they liope tliat the judge I'e a capdidate to succeed himself The .ludge is quoted as •"xpressing a -ire to allow i>olitics to remain in ahf.^nnce until i!ie date for the prlmarv a'-'irna'.he-i and makes a jiublic declara-'cin necHs .sary. Mrs. E. W My'or. county suiierin- lendent. will P'.^^O IK- a candidate for re-election. P'~e is having a most su<-- cpssful term i ns<-t;o(il work and no 1.pigments iia-.i , so f:ir been mentioned. •On the sec'i-i i fhior. .ici);n W. l„aiiry •will run aga^n fov ii-i:i<trr cif deeds; .ludge J H wi'! iic a candidate for I'rnbate je r.-and 11 K. Culhortson as abo)|e sta' d. wi'1 ciciuhtless be a candidate to r • .-CMI liimself as c-otin- t.v clerk For trea."^!!-' ' the only name even mentioned c • v 'lic-h the reporter c-oiiM hear was th: • - f Miss Francis Wilson the presen' c'.'imty. and so far as known that was witliout her supge.-- tlon. Others will doulitless be heard from, howevc ". in due time. For Repre.-. ntative in the legislature the nan ('•: of T. S Stover, J. M. Samuel, Frank Nigh. .1. T. Tredway. R. L. Thomp.-cm and C. C. Bollinger have all been mentioned; but s-o far as known wiii;out consultation or connivance with any of the parties to •whom the names; belong. On account of vacancies there will be two coun'.y commissioners to elect next fall, and the probability seems ' to be that the present incumbents, Capt. Travis and Mr. Cubbison. will succeed themselves. At Itast no other names have yet been beard. All of the foregoing are Republicans and. because they have been oientioned in ibe course of this story it II.-li ilii-ri- ;ir.' in I!M- basement two fiiriiacf- i>iis about four feci in diaiii- eic-r and four f -'i -t in depth. In slej)- jiUL' back^ from a switch however, .••fter turning on the electric lights. .Mr. Kellc y failed to heed his own •.".amine and misjudging his disianc'- frofti one- of the pits, steppc-d into it .••.nd. was tlirow-Ti lifavily on his sid" as:'.inst its brick-lined edge, sustaining two broken ribs and n number of painful bruises. He was carried t© his room in the Kelb-y wher- he has remained since. His injuries are no! serious. IMIYS' «A .\«M n 'VM.MT. .Ipiiiial Junior Itiiniiuet of \. M. (', .V. to Ke Held at Ihe Itiiilding. Tlic Y. M. C. A.'s annual bamiuet for its junior memliirs w-il! be held toiiiglii in the gymnasium room of the .Association building, and it is expect- ei| that there will he at least one !i:)nijred bi>vs in attendance. The Carlyle clul. cif the U)cal Y. .M. C. A., whiili I'.i's lieeii establislied recently at ('.•ulyic. will attend lb? bancjuet. and He .en-nd Tichnor. c)f Carlyle, is sc li'-d'i'.ed to g:ve an Interesting •-.ildre.-s on an appropriate subject. Secretary Iteiry. of the V. M. C. A., and nie-n Interested In Y. M. <'. .A w'ork. will also address the \»>y:<. Se'c'ctloiis of instrumental music- will c-oiiiplete Ihe prograjii. .Many of the liarentb of ih" lioys. .-ii tlie? Invltati'iii of the .A.<s')e-i;'tion. will oc-cupy the pal!c-ry tci hear tlie iirogiam atic) to ua!c-h th" bov.^- enjoy tliemsehes. (HIAYES WAS AIQlITTEn. Colored Man rbnrired WUh A>rcault. Ini: KnMlerirksnH Fm-d. Charles Graves, colored, who resides Ml the country about two and a half miles southeast of the city, was acquittec! last evening by a jury in Justice J. P. Duncan's court of the chare? of assault preferred against him by Marshal Frederickson, of Basset;. Mr. Frederickson alleged that on January l.Srh. when he went tc the bomp of Graves to serve papers on a Mrs. Jojinson. who worked for Graves, the latter drew a revolver on bin- ordering him off the premises. Register of Deeds l .,3urv and his •xif^ both celebrated birthdavs yesterday. Mrs. Gt-orge A. Fry also had a double reason for taking notice of the day, it being her birthday. Washington Feb. 2.—President Taft :oiiay sent to Congress a .special ines- saue on the work of the Interior I>e- partnienl and other matters. The greater part of the message is given to a discussion of the situation in Alaska, concerning which the I'rcsi- dent said: "Tliere arc now in .Alaska only two well-known high-grade coal fields of large extent—the Bering River coal field and the .Matanuska coal field. Tl:e Bering River coal tield whib> It has varying qualities of coal from the bituminous to the anthracite Is very much lessened In value and uscful- nes.s by the grinding effect to which in geological ages past the coal measures have been subjected, so that the coal does not He or can not be mined in large lumps. It must be taken out in almost a powdered condition. The same, difficulty does not appear to the same extent in the Matanuska coal fields. The Bering River coal fields are only 2."> miles from the coast. They are within easy distance of an existing railroad built by tlie Morgan-tJug genhcim interests, and may also be re.ichc d through Contro'ler Bay by tlie -construction of other and competing railroads. Controller Bay is not a good harbor, but could probably be made prac- tic-al with the expenditure of consid- c-rahlc money. The rnlIroa/1 of the .Mi)rg;!n-Gii;-'genheiin Interests, running frfiui Cordova, cciuld be made a '•ntil carrylnK road for the Bering Itfver fields-by the construction of a Idanc'i to those fields not exceeding Ml c: i:n miles. It Is practicable, and If tlic c-oal measures were lo be opened up. douhllcfi! I lie branch woiibl he liiiilt. In the jiresent condition oi' 'liints. t'liere Is no ii.otivc to build il-.'- rciad. because there i< no title or op, "rttinlty lo open and mine the c-cal The Matanuska coal fields are a li'nuer distance" from the coast. They are from l.">ii to 2iio miles from the 'mrhor of ,'^ewnrd. on Resurrection i'av. Tiiis is one of the finest l;ar- :'>rs in the world, and a reserva.ion 'as lien made 'here for the u.«e of : e Navy of 'lie Cr.ite:! States. A road .•ii-fnic'ed from S-'ward '.o the Ma- •ani'sV::! coal field- wrulct form part •i" :•, .-y.-tem reac-'iing from tlie cOa?t 'v.t:> III- heart of Alaska, and open the :.Tr-i; interior valleys of the Yukon icd til- Tnnana v.hirli have agriciil- •iirnl a.-: we!? a.s ;.'iea! miner.Tl pos.-:i•.:!it:e-. The .Alaska Central road ha.^ been I onstysi'ted sonie 71 miie.s of ;.Ve dis- 'aiice frcm Seward north to the Ma­ tanuska coal fields, but tlio conslruc- •ir.n beyond tills iias been iliscouraixid. first, by the fact that there has been no iioli.-y adopted of ojicnlng up the coal lands upon which investors could depend, and second, because there .-•eemed to be a lack of financial hacking of tho'-e engaged in the enter- iirise. The Secretary of the Interior has ascertijined that the I>ond!iolders who are the real owners of the road are willing to sell to the Government, and h§ recommends the purchase of 'i:' e.<isting road, sui-h reconstriiciion •cs riiicy be necessary, its continuance to thf; .Matanuska coal fields, and i!;en?e into the valleys of the Yukon and Tlic Tanana. It w-oitld be a great trunk line, and would be an opening 11)) cf .Alaska by Government cai>itul. I am not in favor of Government owni rsh\,i where the same certainty .-!,Td effj-jenc-y of service can be had '•'v private enterprise, but I think the ccmditlons p-c^sentcd in Alaska are of siu-ii a character as to warrant the - Governmem, for the purpose of en' ?ouraging the development of that vast and remaikalile terrltor.v. to build .inel own a tiunk line railroad, which \'. can lease on terms which may he varied and changed to meet tlie growing prosperity and development of the Territory. There was a time, of course, when Alaska was regarded as so far re- moveel Into the Arctic Ocean ny- lo ihake any development of it practh-al- ly impossible, hut for years the facts 'lave been known to those w lio have lieen responsible for its government and every one who has given the subject the slightest consideration lia.s been aware of the wondiTful jiossl- hi'lties In Its growth and developiui-nt If only capital were Invested there and a good government put over It. 1 think the Cnited States owes It, therefore, to .Alaska, and to the people who have gone there, to lake an exception step and to build a railroad that shall open the treasures of Alaska to the Pacific and lo the people w:u) live along that ocean on our west ' em .cast. The construction of a railroad and ownership of the fee do not necessitate Government operation. Pursuant however, to the recommendation of the Secretary of the Interior I sugges: to Congress the wl.s- dom cf providing' that the President :nny appoint a coinii ^ss 'on of competent persons Inc'uding two Army engineers.'^ to examine and report upon the avaiiablf routes tot a itUlrosi}. MORE ni NOL b ATTEMPT MADE TO FREE IMPBIS U.NED REBEL lEADEB. FIGHTING GONTiNUEO 2 HOURS THEIIE IS STIM. DA?i«ER OF TKOriJUE AT JIAKEZ. TexaN liovernor Wires Taft (o Warn .Mexicans to "Shinny ou Their Own Side.'' BUnERYOF BIG GUNS SOON F1-0(K OF AKKE.SIS CO.niMJ. Uyuuniiio dEnind Jury Is About Keudy to Vole'on Indictments. CAN THE GOL BE OOOGING? Lincoln's Birthday Will Hear Heavy Artillery. Some i'resideiit Taft anil Seu-ral of His I'ubuict Billed for Important Speeches. my tlie.' .Vs.-j.K'lat-il ITC.-W) Washirgtoii, Feb. 2.—The lirst heavy guns of the Uepiiblicnn i-iiiiveiitu>ii camiiaigii are to b on the nirlit of February 12th, colii'.s birliiday. President 'taft .s:>i;ik ill .\c\»' ^'oi-k; Attorney (Jc-nc-ral Vi 'lcUersliam .. '; speak at .Milwiiu- kee; Sc-c-fela i y .•.Iac-\'e agh v.-.'cl spenk (By the As.^oe-iatiel I'ress) .; Indianapolis, Ind., Fe'o. 2—Thirty ifidlctiiients or more, growing out of t^e Government's Investigation into tlie dynamite cons|iiracy have been (irawn up and may be voted on by tiio I^'ederal grand jury nc.vt Tuesday, is 'Admitted at the; olfice of the; I'nited States .\tlorncy, Charles W. .Miller, (xiday. KOOSEYELT IS FOR SIKFRAGE IF ' THE WO.UEN WA.NT IT. real pre- lir.-d wlll -THE TKOniLES OF THE RICH. Wealthy Chicago I'lirkcr and His . Wile File Coniiirr Dhorce Sulh clly t:-,. A?si>c-l;ele-il l-|e-.Hs. .\ew York. Fel), 2.- ("iiarles 1'. .Me- Itonalil a wealthy Chicago (iac-k- i i-Tiid a nm-mber of the (inn of .Armour I combaiiy, today liled siiil for abso- iliite divorce his wife-, .Mrs. at U-iii.sing \I.cb.: Senator Towiise-nil. j ,\,„„. Edwards .McDonald, dauulitc-r of elf .Ml(-higan, will speak in I>"troil;: Congressman Kdw-ards of ,Mic-liigaii. Kepre:-e-iiiative .McCall. of .Massac-liii-|._Mi-s. .McDonald has started a i-ounte-r y'l.-i will s)«eak in .Minneapolis; aivl|_silit. l-!e'|in-se-Jilatlve I Hues of .Maine, will ji^ "II I'c.rllaml. [ <;(H-;s OYER TO THE ISEBEI.S. Inj. , l.j''t>iliral in Comniuud of Chinese from i-e>ward u, tue Matanuska coal r Y »U-V^ Besorts. fields ant! into tae 'I anana and \ii-!.- .•,,„„i.i,,i ...... Uoti Vni:<ys. with an c-stiniate of the f S'lli Francisco. Feb. 2.—Ge m-ral xaltie c,t tlie- eyisling paitially con- j .Kua Gai. commander in ciii'-f .-'nictec! r;: = ln);c(l and 'of tlie cost of!(;f t]i,; Imjierial fori-e^. tele.urapb'd to -.•oiitinri:n_' il.c railroad to the proiier "j'y.sident Sun. Yat Sen yesterday lliat points in the vnileys n;>!iird. Tliis j )),.'had dec-ided to join the rfvolutioii- I'ropo.-al Is fini'ier justifieii liy tli" need tliat tlie .Vavy of the Cnited States Ill's r .r a Vc c-iire coaling base His Idea is that Women, and Women Only Should Y'ote on the ^ucn- tlou of Suffi-iigr. ' . ^' (Rv the .As-ffiffalf^fl Press)'"', .\cw York, Feb. 2.—"I beli«|ye lie woinens rights when.ver wome'ifcwnnt It," says an editorial by lloosevMt ui tlie current issue of the Outlook. Tli" article continues: "I heartily-- betTm-e in- enw.tllTy—oi^ riglits as between m-'ii and wonic-ii liut also III the full and empliali" rcc- ogiiltioii of the fact that norm.illy | there- cannot be identity of funciioii. <Uy the- A!)<<cx!lntcd Praiw) .Mexico, City Feb. 2.—An attack was made on the penitentiary at Chihuahua to liberate Antonio Rojaa, who surrendered with ills followers at Moris, in the southern part of the state, where he and his followers had revolted. According to reports received by the department ot the interior, an attempt was also made to release Juan Alator- ro., Antonio Rojas a few weeks ago led a band of insurrcc'ionists In favor of Emiliano Vasquez Gomez. The mob was led by Captain Mendoza, who formerly was a captala of the rural guard but lately was discharged from the service by General Pasqual Orozco. The fighting continued until eleven o'clock when Gen. Orozco who took charge of ^the defenders early In the fight ordered the men to cease firing as the rebels had retreated to a distance which made firing inelTectlve.' Three rural guards Including Captain Sllvario Orozco a cousin of Qen. Orozco were killed. I^ter to the list of dead were added Captain Gutierrez and a sergeant belonging to the defending force. Tho rebel losses are unknown. THe Mob Was Ro)Mil!<cd. Chiliuahua Mex., Feb. 2.—The mob that attacked the penitentiary ]ittro toil.iy was repulsed after two hoUfs of hard lighting. Texas (•orernor Is I'ncaiif. -AiiHtUi|i|L'l'ai^ Vvh. 2.—In a mesBBgo To"PTe'sTtt0W*Vaft todiiy Governor Col (jultt advised the President that If lie--' .ssarv ii" will use- drustlc mofts- luc s Id protect the citizens of Kl Pnso li-om ;i rec-i'.rrence of the conditinns Where women do liot want suit-i ,|„,, pn-valled on the American sido a full alsii as to^'jav. I-:'- coal fields at i; in i!ie .\f».-ih I'a cmglif ;« ler'kc the r-h;:i-a' :ri- c, .Matanii-ka. I'.ncl tl:e jirobleiii of furnishing coal from tliat source for lue-r- c'lntile purposes after re.-ervin:; for Governipcnt mining a sufi'i.- ient (<uan- tity for the Navy." The Cost of Living. Passint; fe-oiii affairs pertaining di- reejly to the nepartiiient of tiie Interior, the Presi(b-nt recommeniis an International Commission to study the co.-^t of living. He said: "Tliere has been a strong movment among economists, business men. and others ii>.tere,-.trc| in ec-onomic Investigation to se-c-iire t!-e appointnic;nt of an inte-:naticmal c .niimi'sb-.n to look in t'l the cau-e f. •,- tl:e high prices of tile nc c-c'ssitie-s c f life. There is no- doubt liu! that a c-cmiiiission could he ajiiiointecl of such iinprejudiceil and impartial iierscms. experts in investi- sration of ecnnoiiii - fac's. iliat a great •'eal of very v:i'u;sble light conic! ie s:;ecl I'l-nn the ri ;'^ons for the high Iirices tint have- so dlMres-^ccl IHe peojiie of tlie v>cirid. and inforiiia.ion given iiiion whi'-'i ac-ri'u i.ii-jht he taken to rediu-e tiie- i-ost of living. Tlie very satisfactory report of tlie'P.ail- w:«y St(i(-k and I!"nds Commis.slon In- 7iry forces and was ready to olaci" 'lis ;ivmy at tiie disposal of Sun-., Th.e information was c-oiitail! d in a caolc- Tlie comniissiiin ' cram to the Chinese Fn-e I'ress to- rage it should' not be forcc-d iipo.i ihcm. / think if would be well to hi the women themsedvea and only wc- men, vole ill some' special elrc-tiOli lo whetlier they do or do not wish l-i vote. "1 do not regard suffrage- as anv- tl'iiig like- I's imirfirfaiii as eitii T i'.;; extreme fricTiels or its r.vtretr.e opponents think, if 111;- movement were tc' t.e' judged only by those- ;'ilv,!e-iil':' 'vho dist-re-iii !l> n-selves and tl-.i'] sex by cie-cjnlcTly antics in pub;i(-. i ! should cc-rt;iniy opi^o:;" i;. "I )>in ic.y lai-|i to v.oi-iaii suffra- r .r the lync- of li'.'- h's! .Iiilia Ward ilowi-, one- of ill'- foreiiib.^t lilizeiis I'f re Jiublic-." NEW REGE.\T FOI! K. A. C. .Waniego .Van Succeeds J. 0. TuIIis, Who Had R<'slc«ed. • Topeka. Feb. 2.—A. T. F^almer. of :Wan;euo. has been appointecl a regen; of the State Agricultural College by •'loiernnr Stiil-bs, and took 'his iilace in tiie board at its meeting at .Man- ;-'Mttan this we.i-k. He was appointed to succeed ./. O. TuIIis of Sedan wlio resigned. RAX'ROFTS LEtTlitK t.'OOD. "Koodoos: Riddles of the .Mind," Were Interestini; and Well Delivered. The lecture of George Gilbert Ban•croft on "Hoodoos; Ridiiles of the Mind." at the First Pi--sb.vtertan church last night according to those ;;w-lio heard it. was one ot; the hest that iias been dc-livered in lo.'a in a long rime. The mysterious anil unknown realms of the mind are inter -sting to all. and the close study of the subject evlden<-e<l fn .Mr. Bancroft's talk last nitht. together with his graphic manner of delivery, held the clos-.-st at- clic-ites how iisefii! an Investigallon of'j'Milion of his audience throughout, this kind can !.. wlu-n undertaken by: Mr Bancroft will give a lecture Sun- men who have lad adequate exper-fday afternoon iit three o'clock in the lence in econoinl- Incjiilries and a lev-; I'resbyterlan elheadedne-;- an^! jiiil!--ii;e-nt correc-tly 1 to apnly houinl [.rinc-ip'es to the facts found. "For .-oiitf yens pa -t tiie high tind^ -tc-aiMly ini-rc asi.iu' c -ost of living has^ been a matter cif siii-li grave imbll'-; c -.ini-ern il -af I c !i em If of gnat puh-i' l!c Interest that an Intornadonal ron-^ ferene-e he pro|i'i-ed at this time for; the jiurpo-e of iiieparing plans, to' be^ -ahmltted to the \arlou.s GoverniiieJtS; Tnr an liiternational Inquiry Into'ht liiirh cost of llilns;. Its extant caii'ses'i effects and pci .-^slble remedies. • } Therefore recoiiiiii> nd that, lo enAlef the President t;) Invite foreign Goy^ ernments to n-cli a conference, to 'I'MJ held at Wa.-hinr.t <jn or elsewhere, IJid Congress provlei" an approprlatipij,. not to evce ~l $2oi'fiO to defray thie expenses of preparation and of par^ rieipation by the Cnited States." •. > The cold wave predicted to arjrive 'ast night, failed to show up. Ttte necessary fall of twenty degrees f<-«rii rs yesterd:iy morning at seven tfll .a minimum of ten degrees or ', failed fp occur the minimum for today :he- ing 1.-. degrees at six this monilng. and so far as this office has lear .tiiid nobody has any comfilaint to QttUit ^i church. HOLLI\<.'SW<»RTHS PLEASE. the "The Ro*e" Last Mght One of Best Yet bv ThN Comiiuny. The Holllngsworth Twins Sloc-k Company i.^i inaiiitiiiniiig the high standard of the- product ions which are being shown at the- Grand this week. "The ilose " last nlflit was fully the equal of any of the previous iil.iys, and soni-i pronoiiiw-ed it even better. "The Cowboy's Sweetheart," a western drama In four acts will be the play for tonight. Manager Levan says that this play will be f.illy up to the others. The d'.-bating iirelim.inarles for the lo'n-Fort Scott contest, which were to have been held yesteriiay morning were postjioned until Monday' owing to the fact that some of those desiring to enter w?re not fully prepared. Yesterday the Clinker Club finished installing electric lights in the pool and billard room in the hdll ot its new quarters In Masonic liall. Arrangements are now being made for better ventilation by altering the front wiadows^and i^^taUia^ electric fans. toda^. COTTO> BROKER A SlICHJE. Another Yictim of the Leirallzed System of (iambling in Produce. lUy the- A.>;s<ie-iated Ple.^si New Orleans, I,a., Feb. 2.—Immediately after the announcement.on th- floor of th-* Cotton Exchange at noon lhat Charles D. Finley, a member of the cotton brokerage firm of Finley & Simpson, had committed suicide news of the f.-iilure of the firm was given out. It is the second failure in two ('.ays. Tlic> firm of Finley & Simp.son had be-'-n in business only a few- months and is not believed to iiave bi-en. heavily Involved. The failure had no effect on prices. Finley, who was one of the youngest brokers in Ni-w Orleans, shot himself in the head at the Ix)uisiana club, only a shore distance from the Cotton Excbang-'. Evidently he had gone li-.c-re from the Exc-Iiange to end his life. I.HPORTA.NT WITNESS DEAD. Circunistiinces of His Death Are Sus- |iIci(Mis and .liiry Hill Iiircstlgalc. If.V 111'- A«.~e,.l:it. ,1 Ft. W^irth, Tex.. Feb. 2.—Tlie grand jury invr-stigutlon is <rx|ipcte(l to be- Kin tills afti-nhoon into tiM> death of F. G Throckmorton, who would have been the c-bic-f w-iiness in the trial of John B. Snc-acI, ace-iised of the cieatli of Cajftaln A. C. Boyi-e. Physlc-'ans wl"> attended Tinockiiiorwrn cb-i-lare ills illne.>i.< anil cieath n-sulted friuii al- (•(iholi'.v poisoning. HOrSE PASSES PENSION MIL. It Carifes I.-.2 .liiliioMs mid^tliolMies St'fctttci'n I'en.sloii .\gi'iM -Ics. cliv III., laV .1 i"les«i Washington. Feb. The Pension apitraprlation Mil.'yjng about a hundred nnd fifty-two million dollars passed the House today by a vote of two hundred forty-five to .^lrty-three. .V prcvi.sion excl.iriinst nensioners who live OH. of the Cnited States was defeated by one hum'rpd .5ix;y to one huncred thirty-three. The bill abolished seventee.": pc-niion agencies. Trr'kotl Jiirv SU1I nnu ^Ioi!. I By th'? .\s-i«::,'ili-»i J''' Independence. Kas,, Feb. 2.~Tlie jury which has been x-onsideriua; the Tniskitt case since 3:25 Tuesday afternoon was' still out at two o'clock ill the battle of Jau:-ez. He asks the l 're ';:id (nt lo notify llie Mexican gov- ernni'-nt not to lire across the border. "My !idvii-es," says Governor Col- ciui'.t in his iness.-ige lo the President, "inciicate serious disturbances at Jau- f-7. opposite- i-;i Piiso. 1 have dls- l.:'i'.'!ed .the ?xt;a lar.ger force as per your suggestion. "1 ask that yci: give directlonaf to tlie War Oeparitr.'I,; lo protcet/the- 'iii7'e -ns of Texas from th" firing of M';:n bandits .-."-ro-ss the border. •I ask that you give notice to the ir,iitin--ers and th" M;xican govcrn- n -e n' iliat ihcy must .not shoof into ri I'aso iis -hey did at tlic> last bat- r'e of Juarez. • if necessary I wii! take drastic sle;s to prevent this recurrence. Plc.'.'.-e advise me." W. S, Clayton, president of the El I'aio Chamber of Commerce tele- •grai>hed Governor Colquitt, asking for protection i.ud describing the conditions there as serious. Fiirhtlne in Cbihnahua rnntirmed. Ill Paso. Tex, Feb. 2.—Mexican Con sul Llorontc, in WI Paso admitted today that there In- fighting In Chihuahua. He Rays part of 'he garrison is in rebellion. Jiir.rez Mntinrers Not Satistiod. EI I 'asa, Feb. 2.—Despite the government's iu-omisc*to provide the al- li-g'-d back p.iy due the soldi ."rs. th'! mutineers are not satisfied. They declare that Madero must assure them tliat be never intended to dismiss their hero. General Pasqual Oro»co, iind that the present custom officiills held over from the Diaz regime, must be rejdaced with "Heroes" of the revolution. Street car communication between El Piiso and Juarez has not been restored. Where Is (•'oinez? San Antonio, Tex., Feb. 2.—The declarations of the Mexican secret service men at Ei Paso that EmIU Vazquez Gomez has reached here from San Antonio. They believe he is preparing to cross to Juarez and place liimself at the head of the miUlneera, Sau Antonio, Tex. Feb. 2.— The dec la.rations of the secret service men at l-:i Paso that Emillo "Vazquez had I'iic bed there is denied here this afternoon. It is asserted that Gomez re -mains In Sun Antonio. Orozret to {Cft into the Fi|rbb ChlbUHhiiu. Feb. 2.—A hundred of Gc-nerai Pasqual Orozco's men under Captain Rosa left on a special train for Juarez last night. General Oroz- ico v.iih several hundred more will I leave today. Kl Paso, Tex., Feb. 2.—The entlrn 'mutinous garrison in Juarez assem- ' bled on the hills outside of Juarez this afternoon in anticipation of tho .•cpproach of troops from Chihuahua. A special train was made up and a body of men taken aboard and started south as scouts to intercept the troops that may be coming. Another Jury Cannot Agree. c By the A!<.^ocl<ited Press) Kansas City, Mo., JJiJb. 2.— The Jury considering the fate of Prank Avery and Earnest Martin charged with using the mails to defraud in the, sale of stock in the Interstate Railroad, was still out at one-thirty toda^

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