Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 3, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1954
Page 4
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HOU It At, HOM, A ft K A N I A I Mart £* in tittftt tit> Bafor* Publication 44- Ift »*£s. rMHdWid VWft Th» ' 'Aefafcwr-,!* l*qV- tNt It Refldetw: Tnt*« il» Oft* *» M< 85 1.80 150 7.60 1,80 «.0<J ».00 •JO 10.60 4.00 1100 4.60 11.10 1.00 11.00 ED DISPLAY _ 76c per Ineh ..M We per inch ,._, 50e per inch .„ above ore for eon- ilohi.-Irregular or tklp- [takt th« one-day rot*. VMIfl»d advertising copy rted until. 5 p.m. for following day. i rctirve the right M * ml .advertisement* of- jllcatlon and to reject )l# advortuino tub- of "on* or more lettom, f-,«flounn luch 01 hotiMi ••numbers count at on* ,, 'Star will not be reipon- *rror» In -Want Ad* urview tailed to our attention V'nwtfon of ad and LV the ONE lneorr«cl 10NE 7-3431 lESTAR Rent 8 ROOM House. Good location. Can be used as duplex. 812 West 4th. Dial 7*3152. 16-TF FURNISHED 4 room apartment. Electric Refrigerator. Garage. No children, Mrs, Anna Judson, 220 North Elm. Mar. 27-tf COURTSt Salesmen, $2.50 each; Weekly, $17, 2 people, $3. All new. innerspflngs, foam pillows, refrigerated, "Safer" tile. BOLEY'S "Quieter" COURTS. Discount to trucks. Mar, 17-1 Mo, NICELY furnished 4 room apartment. Private bath and entrance. Phone 7-3497. 29-Gt 1899; Prtii 1*27 ittd January IS, 1«2* , i.weekday .afternoon bv .j .fUBLWHlNG CO. :: ; Pa\mtr, Pruldant :', Woshburn, Secy-TrM, T«» Star Building ' " Sfluth Walnut ^ Street, ' . Editor & Publlihtr iJonoi, 'MorvoBlna Editor *Y,«Ho$mer, MeeN. Supt. <J '•*>,'!*," Advertising Manager I'oivjflcond cloji matter at Off|ca . at Hope,, Arkonioi, \et,of ; Morch 3, 1897. ;; of ': tb* ''Audit Bureau , *f ^.Circulation* *> (payable In ad->•',•.;> ' . • In Hop* and nelghbor- i.,vf,,.., t .,j.,>...r..,~., * 13.00 fn's Hempttead, .N«vado, -''ptfyfand Miller eoun- 1,10 ^Vf'**r<*f***4 u t •*••**•***»*»»• 6»50 ..! 13.00 _ , Representative* lies/ Inc.; '-1602 Sterlck M.iTenn,, 605 Texa, %, Texas; 360 N. FURNISHED 2 room apartment, Private entrance and bath. Electric refrigerator. Newiy decorated 321 Bonhen. Phone 7-3553 2-tf UNFURNISHED duplex apartment. 615 South Pine. Phone 7-2816 during day or. 7-3400 at night. 1-31 FURNISHED apartment for rent. Mrs. George Sandefur. 320 North Washington. Phone 7-2125. l*3t UNFURNISHED House. 4 rooms and bath. Nice Garage. See ow- .nor at 1804 South Eim. l-6t 13 LARGE room. Furnished upstairs. Private bath. 203 High street. Phone 7-3174. April 2-tf For Sale BABY Chicks. Large assortment. See these chicks before buying Several varieties. Dannie Hamilton. Mar. 29-1 Mo. MASEY'S Farm. 80 acres and newly decorated house. One mile from town .$20.000. Will sell house and 13 acres, $14,000. Trade for pine timber land. Phone 7-5535. Mar. 10-1 Mo. Hay, Johnson grass & lespedeza mixed. Also some pure lespedeza. T. S. McDavitt. Phone 72118. 3-TF SEE me about your fertilizer requirements. We can help you with your analysis and price. J. W. Strickland. Mar. 22-1 Mo. ONE Ford tractor disc, mowing machine blade. One western saddle bridle. Martingale. Good condition. At my farm on highway 29, 15 miles south of Hope. Mrs. Jack Wise. 29-6t BABY Chicks. AAAA Grade.-All kinds of feed and Groceries. Open 7 days. Phone 7-9903. Holly-Grocery & Market. :' ! 29-6t 40 GALLONS one rheen automatic hot water tank. Price $40.00. 604 West 3rd Street. Phone: '79979. '31-Gt Political Announcements The Star !• Authorized id ifl- fiouaee that the following At* candidate* tot public office «ui> Ject to the action of the Democratic primary election!. Foe Tre«ur«r HARftY HAWTSCml«i CLIFFORD fiYERS DWlGHf R1DOD1LL For County clerk ARNOLD J. MtDDLEBROOSS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYER3 ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. BUTTON Alderman Ward Three. B. L. RETTIQ for Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER Alderman Ward Four JESSE L. BROWN Alderman Ward Two JOHN S. GREENE Wanted IXPERIENCED Waitress. Apply In person only. Mack's Restaurant. 409 East 3rd, formerly, The Snack Shop. '• 18-TF Real Estate Wanted HAVE buyers for all size farms. List today. United Farm Agency. 101 East Front Street. Phone 7-3766. Mar. 10-1 Mo. Real Estate for Sale A REAL Bargain to settle estate. Newly decorated, two bedroom house, one block from school. Good neighborhood. $500.00 down balance like rent. ' F. C. FULLER Days 7-4691 Nights 7-2068 FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 1-tf WEST 7th Street. Nearly new 3 bed room. 100 x 140 lot. Floor furnace, attic fan. Beautiful shrubbery. Will finance F, H. A. LIEBLONG REALTY COMPANY 204 South Elm Phone 7-2228 2-3t EAST 15th, 2 bed room. Carport. First class neighborhood. Concrete floor! Utility house. Paved drive. Close to Junior High School. Priced to sell. Will finance F. H. ,A. LIEBLONG REALTY COMPANY 204 S. Elm Phone 7-2228 2-3t v .., T7;V7.;.1763 |j8fdo.,,, Detroit 2, Mich.; 1 Bldo., Oklahoma City 2, * ^ ;-?p'(; the, Associated Pren: <ajed ,J>rew li entitled ex- if.the USQ for ropublicatlon local news printed In thli >IJ as all.iAP newi . i-Schaefer Tailored" bWARDLAW J*£ontra.ctlng-lndustrlal nerelal . Residential 's Electrical Service .fiNew s Location South Elm, Hope -TE REWIND * ,^SERVJCE g,0n Phone 7-2155 I£E UPHOLSTERY Covers. Also custom erlps; cornices boards rjegd.$, Work.Guaran- &." W, GODWIN '"" 416 West Division Innerspi-lng Guaranteed " f Pay Servjce -*-. • OAVIS ylfled income Fun* |^D<Mlag Fund «s available from 5, Agent " 7.4454 YOUNG* Angus cow with hereford calf. Mrs. Herman Stoy Rt, 4, Hope. On Columbus Highway. 2-3t CASH Registers, adding machines, standard and portable typewriters on rental-purchase plan, C. C, Bryant 320 South Pino. Phone • 7^5809, April 2-12t EAR Corn. $U75 bushel. Parker Rogers. 11' miles , on Columbus 'Road. 3-3t Notice SUBSCRIBE" •tfeJearfcii : n& Complete sports. Other late news. KCMC-TV programs. Eearly delivery. Dale Hartsfield. Phone 7-4610. Mar. 12-1 Mo. WE give the best Trades for your old Furniture. Mar. 23-1 Mo, HOUSTON CITY FURNITURE CO. PHONE 7-2261 BEFORE buying fertilizer see me for prices. We deliver anywhere. DANNIE HAMILTON Mar. 25-1 Mo. NEW Trailor Park. Nights, $1; Weekly, $5; Monthly, $19. Two new tile showers; two new stools, laboratories. Shadier, Quieter. BOLEY'S COURT, Reference Citizens and National Bank. Mar. I7-I Mo. OUTH Washington. 8 rooms. 75 x 220 Lot . Nice neighborhood. Needs a few repairs tb make into nice home. Will sacrifice for $2,500. Quick Sale. LIEBLONG REALTY CO. 204 S. Elm Phone 7-2228 2-3t BUSINESS Opportunity ;• ' . A RARE business opportunity. A •going cash business.;Small jnve?t-: ' ment can be per!: yMr,,;,jvith proper "ma ! tia|!c-. Jjni$it. !j(pWft]or, .Jeaving town. Ask iis 1 ;.; abpujtrtettjiculars/ Can be .Bought; r fpi* ; }cjs'/5 than first year's 'net: iprbfit. 1 iNol local competition. -' '" ~ l "^''RfclALTY COMPANY Phone 7-22<8 2-3t 204 S. Elm IN Beverly addition, five room home - 2 bedrooms. Small equity, 20 years on balance. LIEBLONG REALTY COMPANY Saturday, April 3, 1954 * ' HE ? ? E TT^ R BEHAVE—Don't rub your eyes—it's true. Pretty Blvie Paulsen lifts her 150- pound nusb&nd, Pilon, above .her head with the greatest of ease, during a musicj&l act in Hamburg, Germany. The muscle-packed glamor girl also seems 'to be taking things In stride as she carries on a telephone call-while balancing her husband on lieir lower leg. Elvle claims she gets her strength by eating three spoons of chopped shark's tail for. breakfast. However, she's not strong, or fast enough, to be in two places at once. This; is a composite picture of two of her . most difficult poses. XXII Richards pulled out desk drawers,, found reams and reams of ood quality unused paper, large, manila manuscript envelopes, , :and a large bunch of keys, all neatly abeled. Two very bulky mail-oriier catalogs were in the bottom right- hand drawer. They went through the open door of the passageway, out into! the irilliant -light of the back .yard. 3unn .turned quickly toward- the ence. The cat heads were gone, ad: been 'replaced by a single human head belonging to Vern Bruce. ''Find out what's wrong'',' "Yes. We'll 'be over to talk to ou. in ,a. little while. Richards walked to the gate iri he -fence, found.it locked. He '.'re- timed to -the shed, fitted a key in hie expensive padlock, and opened lie door. One end of the long build- njj was fitted out as a workshop'. Rows of tools hung in handmade acks, and an expensive lathe and lower tools showed signs of recent use. The other end of the shed was pparently a catch-all. ' There wero idd 'lengths of lumber, coils of wire, jieces of plaster-board, three bat- ered washtubs, a portly dressmak- r!s form, .and a curtain pole with UJ-fashioned wooden rings. *'I,:don't like that alley gate be- hg "locked -so much," Richards aid. '^;- : ' / • • ,'..;.•.• ' ' ;.''• ' ..;'.... Richards locked the shed ; door gain. -led the Avay back, inside, up he -steep stairs : to the Stone land.- n'g.;.:.;-: .•''•"••.. ;1 . ; . ;.- ;•..! ••• - "•: iHe'pUt his ear against the dppi 1 6ri:)"8, : i mo.rrtenti: ttyeii sifjecltijd j Sjid ky. aii turafedilhe'ilk ' 204 S. Elm Phone 7-2228 2-3t COX'S Cafe at Fulton will serve Fried Chicken Dinner Sunday April 4th. $1.00 per plate. Drinks extra. i-3t Services Offered CALL Payne Brothers. House movers, insured contractors. Public Service Commission Number M- 1425. 313 Central Avenue, Stamps Arkansas, Phone 3-4481 in Stamps, Arkansas. March 2-lMo. MATTRESS renovation and Inner-, Spring work. Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2622 Mar, 4-tf SPECIAL PROGRAMS special spring classes in progress. Ages 3 to 15. Hours 9 to 7. Phone 7,-3327 KATHARINE WINDSOR TAP & ACROBATIC SCHOOL OF DANCE 104 East 14th Street Graduation Gifts: The easy way, Uqy-A-Wqy. WATCHES pf qNmgkes 7 Mhoon's Jewelry f The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-M30 Or bring Items to Mil* Turner •t Hick* Funeral Horn* Otis Dennis of Hope died at his home Thursday, April 1, Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Funeral services for Mrs. Edna Shaw will be held Sunday, April 4, at Mt. Pleasant CME Church With Hicks Funeral Home In charge Funeral service for Monroe Hardimon were held Friday, April 2, at Davis Chapel Methodist Church. With Hicks Funeral Home in charge, George Delpney has returned to his home in Los Angeles, Calif., after spending several days visiting his sisters, Misses Nathaniel and Paralee Deloney and friends. Pfc. John E. Williamson, son of Mr. and Mrs- John Williamson of Washington Route 1 has . returned from Korea after spending several months. He is visiting relatives and friends,. Keystone Lodge No; 43 will meet Tuesday night. April C,' at -the re- r meeting place. All members asked to be present, City-WWe singing 'will |ie held Bising Star Baptist Church ' .......,,'• tw'p" nieh imo ved !<juicjcl jij. • into he ;ljyingi .i-oomi; Chief Hughe's t,wai(i prawled in an easy chair, nig mouth'open,-his head back. He was norjng'loudly. The metal ash tray t his side was partly filled with oggy cigar butts, and. still another butt floated in a half cup of black coffee, ^Richards 'shook Chief Hughes' shoulder. . . • A; snore was chopped off in the middle and the man's eyes snapped open. He grunted, "Huh" "Wakn up," Mark ordered. Hughes blinked his eyes. "Lieutenant Richards. Guess I must have dozed off. My wife lot you in I didn't hear you ring." "Had 3 Hey." Mark said. "Your wife, where is she" "Lying down in Eddie Stone's room, last I knew. I insisted slip try to get some rest-" The door of Eddie Stone's room was open, the light still burned) Mrs. Hughes slept, fully clothed. A fat book Jim recognized as one of .the volumes of fairy stories had fallen to the floor at her bedside The door of Mayor Stone's room was pulled open and Stone stood there swaying. He was bleary-eyed^ still struggling against the affects of the drug ^ardon had administered. "What — what is it What* are you doing here Why are looking in Eddie's room" A wave of recollection hit him then and all color left his face. "Eddie." he said. "Eddie." Chief Hughes came bustling along the hall. "Look here, Richards, what's going on. What dp you mean corning in like this and upsetting everyone Is something wrong*' "Yes. I'll tell you about jt in>a few minutes. After your wife and Mayor Stone have had a chance to really wako up. That is, unless you have something to tell me" "To tell you What could I. tejl I ^ust got — I just got to sleep a shor.t while ago." He tried a yawn that was artificial. Jim and Mark shut the kitchen door behind them, moved slowly day, April 4, at 2; 30 p'. m. AH Junior pfcoirs ei'e invited. - - - J-odge No. wjll meet keys from his pocket. ."Let's 'see. Here'it is, back door, Nash, i That ought to do the trick." Richards had the 'key pojrtted at the lock when the door was flung open. A burley man stood there' and the .45 revolver'he held leveled* at Mark's chest looked as big as a cannon. , - Nash wantpd to see a little proof of identity, .was. satisfied with :a quick look . ,;at Richardls. badge. He .said. "Come on in."- He put-the Devolve away 'in a kitchen table drawer.' "Now • maybe. I'11-.find out what's going oh; around here:",- . "You: worked-last-.night?! -•.,*• 'Yes.;. I ;got; home- only a' few minutes ago.' Nearly ,got. run .down by an ambulance, as, -I" turned •':into this street," You .have 'any report oh prowlers?' . •.','.':> '.;'•' : .'.'••"'. • 'Prowlers? What, makes' . you think of' that?"!, ' V ' . '.'.' • ••;"' •.:''. ;..-'! ,'La'st week or so, :when I'd come horrie in the morning,; I've had the feeiing sorneone ; had.' ;be'en in ,my ' ' ' " * ' bachelor, and I've 'been told that anyhow Don't get me wrong though. Nothing has been missing, nothing really disturbed: It's just, a feeling: I've had that someone, has been sndbping afpiirid. -.Until last night- it was;-just ; aifeeling. Now !t 'know." ',-.'"••'•• - : -' ; ;.,''-j "'•;':•";":<'. "•';. "Ho.w c an.-. you be sure ?'-'XT -,'. •••;' '* ..' : ''A : ! single'-little ;trap,".Nash ;, said He! 'pointed'.' to . a broken thread hanging, from, the "t6p;;of; the kitchen door. "Someone opened, this back. !;dobr ( ",whUe|. !fy fyasji-.-gone.' Thefe'S • '•' ahoth'er. i |pr.0ke,n'' ; li thread Spnleolie' litse^'th^i.frQht'-'sta.lrs. last whan .1 came : home.'!> - ; V' 1 '-'-'-- f •. i apartment. Im ' a maybe I'm• .fussy!'. Nash 'had -heard ..about ' the vdeath of Eddie Stone. , -"Didn't: pay . much triided. He knelt down, took out his knife and'used the little blade to dig. ' t "End. of an insulated wire," Jim reported. "Seems to go down through the floor." He pried with the -blade. -'More than 'one wire, ' he said. 1 'Maybe we can trace it below," Mark said. "It might be'part of •9n :old radio aerial." ^ "Dp you think Eddie Stone used this tower room?" .'Perhaps," -Mark said, "but we know for sure he wasn't up here last night.. And someone was. >Tashs little traps prove that, even if'you want, to discount the steps we heard on that stairway." OVT OF DOORS wit* to come is a training. Un- By Joe Stetson Teaching a dog basic problem in til a dog can be depended upon ;o come promptly whenever called IB is a nuisance, especially in the field. Many owners go through a "natural" training routine. From the very start their dogs are encouraged to come when called and the cheerful word and encouragement' .hat follow seem to be ample reward. Those who have never known a stubborn dog or a dog whose desire to hunt or to investigate new territory is stronger than his desise to please, probably wonder about this phenomenon, but ust let them own such a dog and hey'll no longer question the tac- ics of the other owner. Among iome of our finest gun dog pros- lects we find the greatest reluc- ance to be inhabited. The "hard leaded dog is often the hardest lunter. Training a reluctant dog to come is a check cord job. Check :ords or cotton cloths line up to 0 feet in length should be used. I usually coil the line in the eft hand and pay it out with the ight. If the dog starts for some hing — another dog, a bush, a cat — I let the line run freely until he dog is a few feet short of the object or the end of the line, and hen give the command "come" f the dog continues, I repeat the command and fetch him up abruptly. : There were no "signs of wires i Nash's 'apartment, although there was", a handy bit of molding which might have concealed them. .Richards, however, was not ready to do ' any carpentry work until he saw some good reason. .. In the Stone apartment a similar bit of molding. was in a corresponding position, but Mark was more concerned with the three people. A husband and wife who showed sighed of strain, and a father who, though: still numbed with shock, seemed, to have collected himself to. a great extent. , And' none of the three would ad- fnii to having heard any sound during. "the night which would have told of occupancy of the overhead apartment. ..'. ..-.-. . •'Mfiirk Richards;,: said bluntly, 'Mayor' Stone, '•I'll express my sympathy. And then. I'll 'ask. some questions.' Questions which have to do with the death of your son." . The bluntn.ess cleared the air.. It brought put into .the open the thitigs gave: all the';;father)' aj-j composure 'he- :hati< beeri':ia(ikjng.';^; ' ' •' : ~-"-'"i"'> r ' : , Mayor 'Stone 'Sai'dl ^1 don't understand Eddie's' part- in it. But I'm .willing to take an oath, that if Eddie did. anything. wrong he was led , __________ _ . ______ o ._ ,._ AV;VI attention !. though. You 'see I'm 'into it. by someone else. You — ....... ..... maintenance 'engineer, at the' H6H Block. My -!chief. : assistant Is. on his vacation .and, I have iquite; a crew toj'kpep busy. Cleaning the building" 'ybuyknow;.' Like I said I work- ed!^wp shifts. Heard some: talk .but j: rdidn't pay much attention. A few more questions produced the "information that Nash's jcb \s supervising the cleaning crew of ',scrub women an dianitors. He wh'is'tied a little when Mark told him of the shooting of Gaylprd Mansfield, • • . • ' "Do you have a .22 automatic'-"' "Nope. Only that old cannon you saw," Nash grinned. 'And,.' as a matter of fact'," it • won't shoot. I figure just the size-of it is -protection enough;" • •' : • Mark asked, -'You'know :of any reason why anyone would want to kill Mansfield?" • : , Nash's eyes narrowed. "Don't suppose I can tell you anything •you don't know on that score. Mansfield and his next-do.or neighbor, Vern Bruce, weren't on good! .terms. • On account of those ca(,s. i'dpg now, that! is something else again. Never trust a 'man who likes cats, that's a motto,of mine. I think JVJansfield set a few ; traps in his * , Anyway ' up the ste.ey stairs Jim Spok if non.e of th^m heard shots, there was the ambulance?, And we and your crew weren't trying to keep from making any noise. You'd think one at least of the three of a\vake and curious." would have been think so idghiKW^ r I^.J $v^"* " -*" -»-*--- know about my son. He was handicapped; . mentally. His mind had never grown to keep pace with the growth of his body. But he was a good boy. I thought he was a happy boy." . Richards nodded. "You said that Eddie must have been led into this by someone else. Do you have any idea, any faint suspicion even, who that someone else could be? If It happens that, he is going fast enough and you can fetch -him up short enough to flip him over, so much the better. It needs but one or two decisive stops accompanied by the command, to tell an intelligent dog on the idea of what will happen if he doesn't stop. Some dogs will respond to the command and the following encouragement to come right to you. This, of course must be rewarded by praise, U the dog does not come in, then the line should oe pulled in rapidly as the; com-: mand is repeated. Once in, thel dog should be petted and encour-' aged. After working with the check cord in the yard, the dog should be taken afield. Here, however, it might be more practical to let the cord trail. When you wish the dog to come, get hold of the end of it and give the commanc Praise a favorable response, but meet a reluctance wit ha fast overhand return by cord. Always greet him favorably. Never chase a dog tha» gets loose or otherwise runs away frofr you. That can only raise your blood pressure and lower your dignity. (Distributed by NEA Service) Bobcats Turn to Track The basketball season has com- plelced and the Bobcats turnec out one of the finest teams in Hope High School history. They finished with 26-3 record for the season. Garnio Hatch, tossed in 601 points to lead the Cats, in scoring for the season. He made both all district and all statte. Sonny Griffin followed with 396 points and Charles Halbert with 225 points. Tlihe Track team has been working out now for a couple of weeks. They have seven returning lettcrmen from last years squard and quite a few promising sophomores. The golf team has played one match and was defeated by Avk- delphia last week on the Country Club golf course. Spring basketball practice started last Monday and Coach Thompson reported that some 30 boys turned out the first day. f Good Weekend Fishing in State LITTLE ROCK (m— The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said today that weekend fishing prospects are good in these counties: Baxter — Lake Norfolk black bass. ; Boone — Bull Shoals Lake all fish Garland —Lake. Hamilton, bldck bass and; ci v appi4 Lake Ouahitti, black -b^sS. :': :; i:j'ji i 1 .' Johnson 1 ; - L Ayka'nias .River, catfish. '' V' Lonoke — Clear Lake, bream and crappie. • Marion — Bull Shoals Lake,all fishing . Phillips — Storm Creek, bass. Pike —Narrows Lake, brearn, bass and crappie. Mixed Swimming in Kansas City Pool KANSAS CITY Wl — Kansas City's Swope Park swimming pool, closed the last two years, will open "Lieutenent Richards. ' Stone June 12 for a11 swimmers, regard- said, "I have no idea. More than yard a whila* "the. cats stopped, cbming pye'v and u.Sin'g his yard." ; ..." • iH'jchords tppk. out hi?- bundle of fysys. again, found the one marked Tower Room, found-it unlocked, the door easily. "A narrow flight, of staii s, almost as steep as a ladder, led upward. " . .'Richards bent down; and,.rubbed 'a finger across the lowest step. There was no dust. "Somebody's been up here. ' -• • Only a portiop of the large, attic was floored, the section which led to another closed doo.r. ] I ' ,The same key unlocked this door ajso, let them 'Jnto a room wh,ioh, iff as immediately yc cognizable as ilje Jower room of .the old house. H^ci'f:, the floor'was, so clean as to appeaV polished, The tab,le'and Uje two chairs, held no dust, in distinct contrast to the dusty and cob- w.ebby wii)dow'g. V that. I can't even imagine what sort of person .would be capable of such a thing. I can't imagine anyone being that foul. How could anyone use my boy like that?' It sounded .stilted, it sounded sincere, and to Jim it sounded as if the mayor were keeping something back. "Could you. tell us if there wai anything different about your son lately? 1 ' Mark asked: "No. No, I wouldn't say so. I told you he was *— happy. He — was a great one for games, good about amusing /himself during the times I had to be away." "Did you know he had been playing garage at fhe old filling station which belongs to Mr. Hughes—to Chief Hughes?" "No. i didn't know about thai. Eddie Joved secrets. He could less of race. The decision was announced yesterday by the Park Board Under- a decision by Federal Judge Albert A. Ridge on May 7, 1952, segregation at the pool was ordered eliminated unless another pool with equal facilities was built at the park. The decision was upheld by the U. S. Court of Appeals and the U. S. Supreme Court. Officials have said construction of another pool was out of the question because of lack of funds. Three Negroes who were denied admittance to the pool in 1951 filed suit against the city. City officials closed the pool pending court litigation. Firm Audits Bring in $196,600 keep them too. He Mayor Stone nearly broke down 'when he realized the exact -truth of his statement. Eddie Stone had kept a secret, kept it until death had stopped any possibility of his -telling. (To Be Arkonsan Highly Commended ^ HALE.VCplo. WPI - Tho commander afp tjhe Army's recent Exercise Ski'- jqmp yesterday praised the menwn p participated Jn the largest whiter maneuvers since World W$r II.' "Nature can't Uck the soldier who is well-fed 3 nd Jias tt\e knpw- h9W f ," said Maj, ,Gen« Charles L. ' ' ' LITTLE ROCK — Door-to- door audits brought the state an additional $196,600 in three months, Revenue Commissioner Vance Scurlock sai dyesterday. He also saidtha t accounts receivable of $449,684, which the state would not have located otherwise, also were established by the audits. Businesses in 19 communities have been surveyed since Scurlock instituted the business-by-business check by field auditors. The commissioner estimated that about one third of the firms audited were not paying their full taxes, freqentl.v because of ignorance or regulations or careless reporting. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Chicago — Bobo Olson, 15D'/ 2 , San Francisco, outpointed Kid Gavilan, 155, Havana, 15 (for world's middleweight title) Philadelphia — Tommy Kirk, 155, Philadelphia, outpointed Johnny Ciccarclli, 149'A, Wilmington, Del. 7 Melbourne, Australia —Marshall Clayton, 143 ] /1, Washington, D. C. stopped Augustino Argote, 412'/i, Spain, 6. Baseball College Baseball The College of the Ozarks 4, East Central State Teachers Olda 3. University of Arkansas 13, Bradley, University 111. 8. Nat'l Bkb Tourney for Deat at Kansas *ity. First Ro,und Little Rock 70, New York W. : ': Soviets Try Continued from Page One . too. But France is still stalling about approving EDC. Np\v Russi a suddenly proposes the'-United Spates join the 32-natiou secmiity: group;, fctig^dsted by Molotov;,' ;^fid, : -say'^: ' : Rti$sia, may consider joining NATO. If this sounds at all reasonable to this country's European allies, it will make more trouble tor Dulles. The Russians may have had something else in mind in the way of trouble for Dulles too. The French, tired of fighting the Communists seven years in Indochina, want peace. This week, a month before going to Geneva to talk to the Red Chinese about peace in Kore a and Indochina, Dulles bluntly said: Talking to the Chinese Communists at Geneva doean't mean this I country recognizes them as the legitimate government of China and the United States opposes their taking China's seat in the United Nations. The Cinese Reds reportedly want to get into the U. N. if they thought they could trade off American approval for their seating in U. N. in return for peace in Indochina, Dulles' statement may have Dlocked them. Now the Russians hit back at Dulles by muddying up the waters for him on the NATO issue. The French may have been in- •itated by Dulles' statement on Red China so far ahead of time. "f they look on Russia's proposal about joining NATO as a way out for them from joining EDC, they may be irritated some more at Dulles'rejection , If so, that's gravy for Molotov. Vhile it was still March 31 when J news of the Russian proposal was eceived in Washington, it was al- riost April Fool's Day in Moscow. C Legal Notice the 5ijth Airborne Regiment frprn Ft. - IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS VIQLA SPRINGS ! PLAINTIFF WORNIA SPRINGS DEFENDANT* WARNING ORDER W The defendant, Wornia Springs, is hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Viola Springs. WITNESS my hand as Clerk, and the seal of said Court this 8 day o| April, 1954. Gan-ett Willis

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