Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 1, 1962 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 1, 1962
Page 7
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Khrushchev Faces Tough Month By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP SpeelM Corrttpondtnt Nikita Khrushchev has a tough month ahead. And presides on the Kremlin leader may induce him to take risky actions against his better judgement and once again head a nervous world toward the brink. A week from now, the U.S.S.R. celebrates the 45th anniversary of the Bolshevik takeover of power. The Communist leadership likes to have some spectacular success to display for this anniversary.- At. th« moment, it has none. Two weeks from now, the Soviet Central Committee has scheduled an important meeting, It could be a grim session, with the Kremlin leadership facing up to some gloomy realities. No matter how Soviet propaganda paints it for home consumption, Khrushchev backed down in the Cuban crisis and the party leadership is aware of that. The Cuban crisis probably made some high officers within the armed forces unhappy. There are hints of disenchantment with Khrushchev's cold war generalship. There'* an annoying war going on along the Indian-Red Chinese border. It is embarrassing for Soviet policy. Plans for new pressure on West Berlin may have gone askew because of the'Cuban developments. The Cuban crisis probably has made the ..Red Chinese and the Stalinists around the world furi- 'mis. The Chinese once again are denouncing "modern revisionism," obviously meaning Khrushchev's policies. Moscow seems to be running into resistance from the satellite states to plans for coordinating economies of the Communist world under Soviet direction as a reply to the European Common Market. The Soviet government still Young Hobby Club fall Bouquet from HomemadeCattails By CAPPY DICK Cattails are reed-like plants that grow in marshy places. If you have never seen real ones, perh'aps you have seen the small, artificial ones florists sometimes add to bouquets of chrysanthemums and other Fall flowers. Today's fun-project directions tell you how to make the cattails hi" your own home. '"You do it with flock and glue. Flock is rayon dust so fine you can hardly see the individual Apply Glue and Flock Convicted Woman's Marriage Is Revealed COFFEYVILLE, Kan. (AP) — Mrs. Mary Kay Born, of Bartlesville, Okla., free on appeal bond after being convicted of slaying her husband, was married recently to a Coffeyville motel operator, Andrew J. Cook, 33. Mrs. Born, 36, was convicted of first degree manslaughter Sept. 19 in Bartiesville irrthc fatal shooting of Dr. Harold S. Born, a dentist. She was freed on $15,000 bond pending appeal. A marriage license issued in Springfield, Mo., showed Cook and Mrs. Born were married there Oct. 18 by the Rev. Jack West of Calvary Temple. ^ Clean Easy way to Redo any Room! New "Lucite" Wall Paint doesn't drip or spatter like ordinary paints. Needs M stirring, thinning or priming I Just open the can ... dip in ... and start painting 1 Dries in 30 minutes. Clem up with nap and water, Decorating Ideas to Take Home... We'll gladly leml you "0*u Pont Color Scheme Classics". 20 page* of decorating Ideas-large sheets of ail "Luclte" Wall Paint color? -50 harmonious color combinations! CASH 8 CARRY LUMBER CO., INC. 1516 i. Fulton Garden City. Ks. Paints pieces. It can be bought in art and paint stores and usually is available in various colors, each color in a separate container. Suitable colors for today's project are bright gr,een, yellow, red and blue. From a patch of weeds select a few long stems that are a trifle bigger in diameter than a pencil's lead. These are to be the stems of your cattails. Spread paper on your workbench and on it place a little pile of flock — one color only. Brush glue, on three inches; of the stem at one end, then wipe away the glue from the last half inch because real cattails have a section of bare stem at the tin as shown iu the • illustration above. Roll the glued ,area of the stem in the flock, applying an even layer of the tiny particles. Brush glue on the flock-covered section and again roll the stem in tine flock. If this doesn't make the cattail thick enough to please you, apply more glue and a?ain roll the stem in the flock. Continue until the cattail looks real, is smooth and free of holes. Lean it in a safe place to dry while you make another cattail with a different color of flock. When you have made a dozen or more, use the cattails as part of a Wintertime bouquet of dried grain, such as wheat. City Telegram Thursday, November 1, 1962 struggles with agricultural and industrial problems. For the Russians, all this tends to make Cuba part of the whole cold war picture. Failure of Khrushchev's plans there can embolden his critics who disagree with many other policies. R«tt ChlnetA preisure on India's borders obviously has been in defiance of KhrushdieV. It could even be read a a deliberate attempt to place him in an uncomfortable position. Should he side with Red China, he alienates India and the rest of the so-called nonaligned nations. If he sides with India, he widens the Communist schism. Regarding West Berlin, Khrushchev's opposition inside and outside the Soviet Union conceivably Can bring much pressure on him to put up 1 or shut up. He has promised for four years to sign a treaty with East Germany and to end Western Allied rights in the isolated city. Khrushchev .probably will carry the day in the Communist party Centra] Committee, but the pressures undoubtedly will remain. They probably can force him eventually to make some sort of move to justify .his leadership. That would set the world's nerves on edge once again. CHANNEL MASTER'S HOME 'N TRAVEL TRANSISTOR RADIO' A delightful home or traveling companion—with remarkably sensitive reception that brings in weak and distant stations —and big tone that's a pleasure to listen tol Extra long battery life. Channel Master radios, available from tUdtl 6315 iha«n * tnnilittn- MODERN RADIO & TV Garden City memo <z How did your Congressman vote on AID TO EDUCATION? THE RECORD SHOWS Breeding 1 voted FOR assistance to public and other non-profit 'institutions of higher education in HR 8900. Dole voted AGAINST improvement of needed academic and related facilities; This kind of a record affects YOU! Re-elect J. FLOYD BREEDING on a POSITIVE VOTING RECORD in your interest. Braiding for Congress Club, Herbert DrelUng, Hayi, Kans., and Harold H«rd, Coldwotar, Kans., Co-Chalrmen, 10 Pol. Adv. Ohly a gas range can give you exact, precise heat on the top burners. In fact, the gas Burnei with a Brain controls heat so perfectly you don't need a double boiler to keep puddings and hot cereals from scorching and delicate sauces from separating. Your gas range gives you hundreds of heats — from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil. It isn't limited to just four or five tern- -Q T-I f\ TJ TT TTI Q peratures. Turn on the dial and the gas flame leaps to JT Hi \J AT J-i JCj & life with no warm-up. Change the setting and the tern- perature changes instantly. Turn off the" dial and the flame goes out with no "hangover heat." Only with gas are you the boss of the range. D // you live beyond the gas mains see your friendly LP dealer. the burner that does away with double boilers PF.ANUTS HALLO WE EN 15 OVER!! I'VE MISSED IT i!! . MEUPALLNIOHTUlAlTlNe, MiT'fiftEAT PUMPKIN," ME NEVER CAM6! IT WA* ALL TOUR FAULT! I'LL SUE!! STEVE CANYON, THE MATE BE(55 fO WE WITH THEIR AERIAL <30N6 THE CREW Of THE M/CJZOB6-UP6N SHIP MAKE* W.INWIZ SIGNALS TO THEIR UEAPER ON $HCKe OETT7MO NO P6SPONS£,TH£ PATTLEP MATE OPPERS THE ANCHOR RAISEP-ANP STARTS TO /WOVE INTO INTERNATIONAL WATERS... ~» CISCO KID, LEAVE US 6IVE THEM<i9 —ANP THE LEAP PLANS SOMETHING TO LI6HT <f| C*OPS A PREAPEP NAPALM THEIR WAV. 1 _Sll BOMB IN THE ENTRANCE TO THE ANCHORAGE... YOU SHOULP NOT Mfc AWTHIH6 to (v ivrrH He?.' SMSB poison! MICKEY MOUSE BLONDIE »"" DAGWOOD- WILL VOU HELP ME i CAN'T HELP YOU NOW-- * I'M BUSY DOING SOMETHING ELSE WeLL.,A FELLOW CAN BE BUSY • TAKING J - A MAC? .CAN'T HE? BEETLE BAILEY WHAT MAKES THE MOOCHEB SO ' HAPFY PIP ME BORROW A MILLION POUAPS, FROM SOMEONE? BUT HE DIP HAVE A PRETTY GOOP PAY SNUFFY SMITH BALLS O'FIRE!!^ THAT DURN MULE, J//////M. POGO IM THE RYATTS g? PftVg . YOU A\AKB IT A CAPHU "' COACHMAN?^ W6U..JWA5 WHAT PO y THINKINS ' J 66f T PUftlNS ro PRIVB? i ON THB OPPOKfUNHV Of A uicen/wg fog, you ro ACT IN A ON MB AN' M QUft PUMPKIN! you CAN & m COACHMAN.

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