Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 1, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1912
Page 8
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' THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1,1912. A GOOD BUYER The successful housewife buys a week's supply of provisions at one time. When you buy goods each day in small quantities you must expect to pay more for them. Make out a list of ' what you need and save 20 per cent. FKIIIAY-SATIDDAT-MO.VDAT ..;j.'.c s 2:.c KXTRA FINK YKIXOW BANANAS, DOZ. 10<^ FINR StNKIST OHANGKS. A DOZKS 33d HIGHKST PATHNT FLOm, A SACK. S1.35 18 LH. IJOX FINK CIIACKERS AT JS1 .25 FINK NOUTHKUN POTATOES, UL'SJIKL SI.25 3 glasses Mustard 25c ]u lb. sack forn .Mt-al ti^ Hefl Syriij), jiail 3Sc AVliite Syrup. l>ail 1 lb. raluiutt liak. Pow{1 ..20c :< boltlp.s ('.•:t.':iii) 2'>c G lbs. Red Onions 2.>c Arlmcklps Coffin. Ih Ji'vi Callon si;-.c Pfache.<, can._-l .jc Gallon size Apricots, can.-^.M! Fine nried Peaches, lb l.>c Swift's Pniniuiu Oleomargarine, per lb. 23c Monarch Oleomargarine, per lb. only 2l>c Armour's Oleomargarine, two lbs. for JJ«}c Good Oleomargarine lb. 15c 10 lbs. Ginger Snaps 75c Idua »ell(>, Snow Ball. Kelley Cream Gold Medal or Congress Brand Sugar Corn. 2 cans for 15c Dozen can.-? 90c Karly June Peas. " cans ._25c I^rpe cans Tomatoes, 'I for 25c Small Tomatoes, can Kjc a cans Pumpkin 25c 'i cans Hominy 25c 12 cans Hominy tfOc Van Camp Pork Ac Beans. 3 cans for 25c Large cans Beets lt)c :i large cans Milk 25c C Hma 'l cans Milk 25c a cans Oysters .'i cEDB Kidney Beans.. 1! cans Gooseberries— 1' pkgs. Mluce Meat f' pkgs. Mince Jleat a pkgs. Seeded Baisins lbs. Bulk llalslns 25c 3 lbs. Prunes 25c 4 lbs. Tink Beans 25c 4 lbs. Navy Beans 2»C 3 lbs. Mnia Beans 25c 4 lbs. Japan Head nice -_-25c 3 lbs. Fancy Head Rice 25c 5 IbB. Broken Rice 25c C lbs. Rolled Oats 25c 7 lbs. Flake Hominy 25c H lbs. Bulk Starch-.: 2flc 100 Clothes Pins KIc Large pkg. Gold Dust 20c 8 pkgs. Washing Powder _-25c 7 bars Lenox or Silk Soap 25c C bars Naptia Soap 25c 4 lbs. Soda 25c Black Pepper, pound 25c Whole Pepper, lb. 25c 3 pkg.«. Macaroni 25c ."> lbs. Buckwheat Flour 25c 3 lbs. Soda Crackers 25c 3 lbs. Ginger Snap.s 25c Japan Tea, lb. 60c Imp. or C. P. Tea, lb 50c I'aekape Coffee, poucd 25c Corn Starch, pkg 5c \'i lb. pkg. Cocoanut 15c Vz lb. Baking Chocolate. -15c .'i boxes Matches 15c 12 boxes Matches 35c 4 .'.c sacks Table Salt 15c gallon Coal Oil ^Oc Stone jar Apple Butter— -25c Red Salmon, can 20c Pink Salmon, can 15p OH Sardines. 7 cans 25c Mustard Sardines, 3 cans. -25c 2."> oz. can Punch B. Pow. 20c 2 15 oz. K. C. B. Powd ..-25o Large packages Oats 20c Good Broom 35c Small..Sour Pickles, gal..-«5c liUl Pickles, doz 15c Fine Mackerel, 3 for 25c in lb. pall Jelly 60e 2 lbs. l>rled Apples 25c 3 Gas Mantles 23o Cider Vinegar, gallon 25e 10-lbs. Pure I-ard $1.25 10 lbs. Compound »0c X^ lbs. Breakfast Bacon 9flc Crushed Clam Shells for chickens, 10 lbs. for 10c loo lbs. for "5c 17 IDti. Ornnulated Snfnir irlth a l ?5 order of otlier grocerici. EllIOTT'S INE SIEEIM DENIES ITS 6UILT ; DECLARKS THAT IT HAS PBOMOT- liD, >0T IJESTKAnKll, TRADE. TOLDHOOSEVELT EVERHHING XOTHI .NfJ WA.S DO.'VE I.\ A rORXER OK TO EVADE THE LAW. RockefelhT and Carnegie Deny That Tlii'j^ Had Any tiling to Do IVllU tbe Organization. (Hy the As.soclatfd Pre.s.s) Trenlon, N. J., Feb. 1.—The Fr.ited States Steel Corjtoration yesterday , filed its answer to the petition of the Federal Government In which the court was prayed to adjudge the steel company Illegal and in restraint of trade. Uroadly speaking, the answer is a ! general denial to the allegations of the ; government. It defends the organi- j zation of the subsidiary companies I denies that they were formed in viola- i tion of the Anti-trust act. claims that I they were a normal and necessary development of the times, and insists i that Instead of restraining trade or commerce they have developed and Increased the same. The answerj begins with reviewing the events that led up to the organ!- ' zation of the present steel corporation and describes how the Federal Steel Company acquired the Carnegie Steel Company, the American Steel and Wire Company, • and others through negotiations conducted by J. P. Morgan and company. Later, when the need for additional ore supplies was felt, the Steel Corporation acquired the properties of the Lake Superior Consolidated Iron Mines. The Steel Corporation was formed and Its properties acquired, the answer declares, for the purpose of effecting economies by Integrating the plants and the processes employed In the manufacture of steel, and to reach the principal markets of tbe United States ani|r«f foreign countries and increase the irado in steel products therein. "if any of the companies acquired by the Steel Corporation," the answer iii'c!are= "has been organized for the purpose or with the effect of restraining trade or commerce, or If they con- •ititiitf-ed an attempt at monopoly or a monopolization of trade or cvommerce neither the organizers of the Steel Cor poration nnr the said cori>oratlon bad any knowledge or information thereof rtiien the .'^ald comiianics were au- iiuiretl." Coniintiing Uie answer recites that the Steel Corporation mado Its pur- pos'r and the details of its organization loibllc in a variety of ways, and •VS'innlpeg, Manitoba, .Tan. 29.—The turkeys of Manitoba may not lay golden eggs but they do the next best thing in opening up what is probablv the richest gold mine ever discovered in Saiiada and rivaling the famous ii'kon if a small percentage of the stories are to be believed which enmnate from the .new gold field at Minitonas. Tl\o story of the ' • - — 1 .K „ r 'l .ric .fmna t.irlfp a Minitonas small nuggets others heard nuggets were found and claims staked. Since then sevf in paying quu as a result The rush dreds froni all parts oi i ^auaua anu lue iimeu - — Mountain, and is in a valley through which flow thousands of small streams from tlie mountain. WEST OF THEiKiVER. .lanuary 31. —Oiir Monday's snow did not amount to niutli. The Hlllmus thre.«lilng machine broke down at John SIckeys and still We are waiting to thresh. Mr. Daniels expects to move south of lola and Fred Beaty w ill farm the place where Daniels now lives. Mr. Hicks got word from Hiawatha that some of his relatives was dead but his eye was too bad for him to attempt to go. His eye is much better now. 'Isaac Beaty experts to get tr> move- before the middle of February to the KGG.S—24c per dozen. POn .TRV—Hens anil pullets !)>>: "jirlng.-- S; old cocks young cocks 7; ducks :i; Kec .-4e 7; hen turkeys ami young gobblers 10; old toms :); guineas 1 ". I ents each. IIIDKS—7'-. to S».-j. HOHSK IIIDKS—$i.r.n to 52.7:.. (Grain quotations furnished daily by ra((|p Arc Reported .Strong, Hilt With ^.;J^,""y\L ^ ^, .Vo Chiiugf in ITlie, and Hogs P.'^T- •^ii;'^ I„„,.r tlAV—JIO per ton. RAFFIU COR.V—r.oc per bushel. i <.'OR.N—Co cents. I CASH WHEAT DOWN HALF CENT WW. RECEII'T.S FROM XOKTHWEST ! HESI'O.X.SIHLE F(»R .SLl'.Ml'. 1 tion at the tijiie it was effected. Only within a few months has any department or responsible officer lof the government criticized the Sttel Corporation as being a combination in re .itraint of trade, or a monopoly. The answer then sets forth that the Steel Corporation has cheapened the production of steel to the consumer; that it has increased its foreign trade from $S,000,oOO in 1911 to $60,000,000 in 1911; that it has not suppressed coniiieljtion; that the number of its competitors In the United States has largely increased since 1901 and that its stock has been sold several times over and is now held by a multitude of small investors in this and foreign countries. Rockcfrncr .Says "Vot Guflly. Mr. John D. Rockefeller, as one of the individual defendants in the suit, denies any and all of the unlawful acts with which the petition of the government charges him and asks to be dlsmlFsed from court. He recites that he never had any active part In the fonrtation or the management of the business of the Steel,Corporation; he protests that the court has no jurisdiction as against hlin In that he Is not a proper party to the suit In question, and alleges that the petitioner (the government) has'no standing In any court of equity. And r «rnpgle Also. The an.Bwfr of Andrew Carnegie Is to the genej-al effect that'he had no part In the irganlzatlon of the United States Steel Corporation and knows nothing aboiit It. fRy the Assocl.Ttnl T "rp.;..<) Chicago, Feb. 1.—Big receipts in the ild weather and expected heat m -es and Elmer Peck will move /'""'^ " where Guv now is , • fii vi lower. May started Jl.0.2^ to Ira Peck came over from Ft. Scott Y^^"^-' ^nMV?^,'- u-'^.^i^- last Friday for a visit with his broth- Clos^May %\M%(a \y, July >M^. er, C. R. Peck, and to tell him of his • ^^1"' ''*' :vij, sT0.nA(n MISEKV EXD.«:. says tliat the attention of the officer* fam he boi^^el^^t nor hean of : northwest, mm weather and expecte ..f the United States government was BeaVwill then mo'^^^^^ now • world's shipments -..ashed whea particuKarly directed to said organlza- m T ^i vtm.r P »1 tm ™ 'lo^-". The opening was a shade to V visit to Ohio. Edna Beaty and baby callnd on Sarah Preston Tuesday afternoon. The Turner brothers expect to go to work right away on their telephone line. The horse buyer that came up from Humboldt Tuesday contented himself with looking at the horses that were for sale but we never heard of his making any one even an offer to buy. Jesse Beaty ary work and steady Job vice. J. M. Preston was called to Strawn, Kansas. Sunday to preach the funeral of an old lady by the navne of Marks Monday. This Mrs .Marks was a Quaker In belief and said her grandfather was one of the colony that came to this counthy with Wm. Peim. "Usin' Ta Gramma?" Tei, Hardd, It Makes Orandma'a Feat Peel Jtut Like Ycjia, Free from Tiredneu, Aohess»nd Coni >r' "Your snpiv nn<l mnmmn, your Brnndtn nnil yuurKriiiidiiiiiiill UHI- TIZ, lliimlil. And you'll U..H It, tiMi. you K .-ttolH 'ii iiinn. Tht-n your fwt *IH m-v.T inirl, or got Urcd. Tbut's wliy wo ull U!io TIZ.'' COR.V—Mav GSiiiff:';; July C7';i; Sept. .CS'i. OATS—May r,2';-;; July 47Ta; Sept. 42"-iT/ 'A. PORK—May $10.20; Julv $1(1.40. LARI)—.May fna.".; July $:?.4Ti/.; Sejit. $9.00. Ciilriigo Livestock. Chicago Feb. 1.—CATTLE, receipt;* n .noO; market slow to steady. Beeves $.1.80 .1^ 6.27>A; heavy $r..90«6.30; TOugh $5.90(0 C.Or>; pigs $4.00'5 ii.35. St. Louis Grain. St. I .ouis Feb. 1.—WHEAT, close: May $1.00-'S>: July 94Vic COR.V—May 64-'S.; July r,R"vj. OATS—May ii3V4: -Inly IGVi- Inak'e.^tion, IfPiirtliiirn. Gits and Dy.-*- ,|]ii'p>ia Will (;o in Fhe Minutes. If yoii had some Dlapepsin handy and . would take a little now your storiinch di-rrcss or indigestion woul vatjish in five minutes and you would feeir fine. Thi.-i !!nrm! preparation will dl- •eest anythinir you eat and overcome a soi£r. out-of-onler stomach before you realizi^ it. If yf)iir me.ils don't tempt you, or ".vi«it little you do eat seems to fill yon. or lays like a lump of lead in • your .'^'fimach. or if you have heartburn, tliat is a sign of indigestion. ' Ask yeur Pharmacist for a .">0-cent take a There belchinp: ith acid no stomach gas or heartfurn, fullness or fieavy feeling in the stomach, nausea^ debilitating headaches, dizziness or. ftitpstinal griping. This will all go. and. besides there will be no undi- • i:esied food left over in the stomach •o ipoison your breatli with nauseous ' odfffs. I Rape '.t; Dlapepsin Is a certain cure . > forjout-ofrordpr stomachs, because it HOGS—Receipts 10.000; market lower. Plu's and lights $4.00fj R.4r.; butchers $(;.l."i'ri 6.45; heavy 9G.2o<S! C.45. The Governments »xt "Moy^, Trenton, N. J., Feb. 1.—With the filing today of the answers of the ; Steel corjmratlon, ItB subsidiaries and of the Individual defendants named In ' the Government's suit to dissolve the ' big corporation, all the defendants ; have been heard from. Tbe next i move for the Government Is to file Its | replication, after which the United States court w ill appoint an examiner i to take evidence. i >0 REASOX FOR DOUBT. by a BUILD PLAXT AT OLATHE. 1 The lola Ice & ColC Storage Company having interested a number of Oiathe people in the project. Is establishing a new branch plant In that city. The building, which has been under course of construction for some time. Is now completed and the machinery, which was secured from tlie old Home plant In Bassett is now- being Installed. Several Ida men. among them Pred Woodin and Fred Freeman, are assisting In the work of Abe new plant at Oiathe. A Sfatrment of Facts Backed Strong Onarantee. We guarantee complete relief to all ' sufferers from constipation or. In ev- ; ery case where we fall, we will sup[ ply the medicine free. Rexall Orderlies are a gentle, effective, dependable, and safe bowel regulator, strenglhener and tonic. They aim to reestablish nature's functions in a quiet, easy way. They do not cause inconvenience, griping or nausea. They are so pleasant to take and work so easily that they may be taken by any one at any time. They Ktinfiii.* nty Oniln. Kansas City, Feb. 1—WHEAT, re- i (^ hits, .'',1 cars. Cash wheat, un- ' (:h anged to '4c lower. No, 2 hard, $1.- ' I f*4 >/4(f/l.ll; \o. 3, $1.02fil.l0; No. ? iwl $l.n (tfri .nOU; .Vo. X DSWSSJ^. (nose—May $l.C»l-;& bid; July ^VA® ' 4 bid. ; C'ORN—Unchange<l to ^ lower. No. .*• : mixed. fiy>i: -Vo. 3. fiCVi'??'"."; No. 2, I • vhfle fi9'>; .Vo. 3. »i7ii.—.May '( ;8!H.(fji.i bid; Julv fi7V.'fi'Si sellers. I OAT.«;—Unchanged. .Vo. 2 white, .2V.•fT••".3^.^: No. 2 mixed .VHA^Sl^. RYE—5»."f'!i Me per bushel. HAY-Steady. Choice timothy |21@ 21': choire prairie $14ffj 14..S0. BROO.\f COR.V—$70'fj 140 per ton. Inir for yon. These large r .O-cent rases of Pape's nir.^iepsln contain more than sufficient to thoroughly cure almost any cas«^. of dyspepsia. Indigestion or any other Ptoiiiach disturbance. 7^ Host ot OS get o'd, feet first. Tbo banians gel utiilc. more woarlsoine nixl paliifuL Corns gel harilir ami more stubliorn ui tho feet becomo inon- t. iider. At a Unv when old people noc.t tln'ir f«-ot uiii^t. tticy can uie them less—unlvsi tlw y TIZ. If you have m-ver us«-il TIZ b«»fore. yotfr first use of It will brine Uick .some of your Rlrlbood days. TIZ wilt luaku your tvot. ft-pl young. ctroiiK unil vllr'>rou^. They'll never be ti'ndrr, ijev> r cluife or aelie. never Bet Kansas Tlty LlTCstock. • Kansas City, Feb. 1.—CATTLE rc- rr.: pts 3 .'iOO; market strong. Native sri ers $.1.40'!; S.2.'.; cows and heifers $*:. on^G.'.O; stackers and feeders t4 f "i.r.O; bulls $3.75^.7.50; halves $3.75 <! ?':.2.i. HOGS—Receipts 11.00(1; market f »aady to 5 lower. Heavy $6.20(3 6- packers and butchers $6.03@ 6 .30; lights $5.60^6.15. Kanias City Prodoce. Kansas City, Feb. L—BUTTER— ; Cr eamery 36c; fir.sts 33; .seconds 32; pa. 'king stock 23 M:1 :GGS—Extras 36c; firsts S3; sec- j om is 23. to healthy activity. ; do U or caq do it liko TiZ. Uont expert- I Rexall Orderlies are unsurpassable ment with otuvr tuinirs; other people ijave and Ideal lor tbe use of children, old done that tor you uud they are aU now folks and delicate persons. We can- u»in« TIZ. not too highly recommend them to all JIJ on a m-w prtncjple--drawa <>• A sufferers from any form of constipa- , fll^:^^"^ exuduiion- that make fc ot! _ , ^ ^ Hon and Its attendant evils. Three ; everrwhn^. i^4-". I'^'^j! speRer, weak, $6.30® 6.40. si .es, IOC, 2 .=;c.. and 50c. Remember ! J'^^^^Tr^X on ^rc'X'? ofS'T; you can obtain Rexall Remedies in . Waiter Lather Dodee ^ Co., Cbicavj, III. at the home of Reverend John Price, this community only at our store—Tbe Reooumcnded brail Drug Stocea, d eparf J They left Immediately for their home, • Rexall Store. Burrell'0 Drug Store , ment and geaeral »xore». five miles east of Chanute. ' West SWe Square. . "— ,— Mr. Raymond Russell, of Chanute, and Ifiss Viva Bennett, of Savonburg. cama to Tola Thursday afternoon and were united In mariage at 2:30 o'clock. Lead and Spelter, .q-. t T »uls, Feb. 1.— I.*ad, slow, $4.15 , Loral Markets. (Pt odure .quotations furnished daily by Cm. bin Commission Company). iOOT, TER—22c per pound. Tonight —at— GRAND Hollingsworth twins stock Company For the best Kansas Lump and Arkansas Semf-Anthracite Coal lola Ice, Cold Storage and Fuel Co. FREE SOUVENIR ^urday, Feb. 3^ China Pfates, Aiuminum Drinking Cups, Green Bowt 's and Cups and Ssucers l.V ADDITIO.V TO U.Sr.\L CHECKS WITH COFFKE TK.\ IH0( OL.VTE .sf.VKI II EXTRACTS rO.\( OA.MT BIHD .SEED <;EL\T 1> E HAIUJAnS THIS WEEK. 1.". Ib.s. best fane Sugar *1.(>0 Best .lapan Hice. 1 lb. cotton h;i:; 5c Best Seeded Kuiolus, jter iiacKaifc He Three lbs. fanilina Iflee 23c Milk, Peerless Bni-wJ. Hord.ij^S tail e:iM -_':rr---!»C Milk, I'cerless |{n:::(l, Horden's small ran '>c Eagle Brand .Milk, Bordi-ii's luri^e eau l-'C 7Nonh Jefferson Plione 336 THERMATIC FIRELESS COOKER The Cooks wiiile you attend to other work. Don't have to be watched, food cannot' !.i;rii. All the juices n.niiiin in the food. THE TOLA FURNITURE STORE TIIOS. H. BOWLUS, President ' J. F. SCOTT, Cashier Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTABLISHED A QUAHTER OF A CEXTUKY. Capital $30,00OJ)0 Surplus $40,00(K00 Deposits $550,000.00 IXTEREST PAID OX TIME DEPO.SITS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB EE.XT lOLA ST4JE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $1230.00 Wt: PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. nORYILLE, Pres. W. S. KAUFMAN, 2nd Tlce Pre*. J. U. CAMPBKI.L, r .isbier. A. W. BECK, Yiee-Pres. F. 0. BEXSOX, Asst Ca^Mer SAFETY DEPOSIT UOXES FOR EE^T. PLAY FLOREXCE TtlMOBUOW. -A Southern Society Drama. ^ :—L ^Change of Program Nightly i4-People-14 Prices . . 10c and 20c Matinee Saturday 10c t- JDQOH OPEN AT 8 OCLOCK i CURTAIN AT S:30 Tomorrow night at the Au'litoriiivi I • the lola Boosters, the new city bask-t ball teain. will play their first tiarw >,ot basket ball with oiitbidirs. nitftiiu: the Florence hish school team. Ev- "ty member of t?:e m-vv ream an f excellent individual n-cord> but the peal strength as a team has not before /been te.sted. The Hoost *TS •.vill apjiear in their new reg:;;ia ar.'l y.'iould draw' a large crowd, as the yisitiiitr team is , known to be very fast. Prelimiriary ; to the. main event, five aspirants for place.s in thp Booster lineup will play • the Y. y. C A. Athletics. Hot Springs, Ark, Round Trip Tickets,- lola to Hot Springs. Ark., with return limit of three months from date of sale, with stop-over priTlleKe* goins and return on aale ever? day In the year, for $18.60 TLe one way fare Is $12 .61 E. E /HUNGER. ' Phune 160. Mo. Fae. Ageat' FOR RE.NT—TWO .VICEI.V FPRN*- Ished rooms for light house keeping: with phone.^ectric light and bath Also one nicely furnished bed room; 302 X. Walnut street. Phone o4o. —Foley Kidney Pills will cure any r?.-" (>." kidney or bladder trouble not ; 'vr ' the reach of medicine. No iiif.!: •:n« can do more. J. D. .\Iun(Jis Co.

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