Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 1, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1912
Page 7
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"WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THAT CYCIX)NE STRUCK US," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. /^^NTTOGCT f EVEN WITH A BOXING IHSTRUCTOR. ANO A WHIRLING DERVISHER IS THE MAN I NEED. Mir^it DIREGTORIE mmwvmm-»'i& m « $ «« » «« $ Wm lend tm honaehoia' eoote. pianos.; JUNIUS, «?iwhis ma« chines. nTain'dfads ami ^ewetr/. « J, W-eOPFEf- « 110 Vorth Street. Boyal Typeirriter Xgeocj « Contiol«-Bxcla«ve«al«» ol th» 9 Basil Standard Tjp**rf»» 9 ' " in Allen County « ' ^lai m mtang, Aiftkt * iRrftlH-uir BnlWIng- loW.Ttatoa. <r 9 l^pewilter Bepoln and SiptfllM • S 9 '9 9 9 9 9 999 9% ^ « » * • 9 <* 9 DESTIST 9 BooiA Ko. J, Morthhip BMfe. ^ 9 Extraction without pain by tba • 9 nse of Mtronr Oxide CUa • 9 Phoa »-0 (flc« 65Sr Roar 861. • 999 99 999999-99999 •« WANTS-ALL KINDS. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. WANTKD-WOon TO SAW WITH '• TIlADB-1 HAVE ONE 80-ACRE WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH f^^^ 120-acre farm to trade buti saw. Phone 461. , property. Address. 252» Vlr- ~~' ginia Avenue Joplln. Mo. WANTED—TO REPAIR BICYCt,ES ^ -! and shoes. Some bicycles for sale ' FOR SALEJ—30-EGO INCUBATOR, cheap. Jess Howard. 105 S. Ken-I new; also one bicycle, cheap. Phone tucky street. Phone 1145. i 609. WANTED —EXPERIENCED DIN- Ing room girl. Pennsylvania Hotel. WANTED—EXPERIENCED SALES lady in dry goods, at Frishman's. WANTED—MIDDLE AGED WOM- an; housekeeper and companion in family of three. Box 269, Io)a. WANTED-MEN TO LEARN THE barber trade. Hero is an offer that includes tools with tuition. A metnod that saves years of apprenticeship. Positions waiting in city or country shops. Write Mohler Barber College Kansas City, Mo. WANTED—TO TRADE A Business lot on Main street in a new Oklahoma town for a good horse. Box 107, lola. WA.VTED—I^WNDRY WORK TO do; 719 South State. WANTED—WHITE WOMAN wash and iron; 309 w:..^Iadison. TO ; FOR SALE—FIRST CIJ^S CAFE. ! The best location In the city, doing a good business, good reason for selling Inquire at Register. i FOR SALE—MY COUNTRY HOME : west of Hospital, 17% acres ground, 6 room house, the finest bam In Allen .county, good cistern, good cellar all bricked up good, an ideal place to live. '. Reason for selling, am located in the West where 1 have business Interests. This place will make a nice chicken ranch or dairy farm. Call or write, A. M. Kooken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE—ABOUT 3 TONS GOOD clover and timothy hay baled; also few tons clover and crabgrass loose.— H. Hobart, Phone 782. FOR SALE—SO ACRES, IMPROVED farm, by owner. J. Stevens, Humboldt Kans. FOR SALE—STOVE WOOD. TELE- FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE—FOR SALU •FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, MY ' FOR SALE—NEW 1300 STRAUSS two story modern residence, 21» N. I piano at lialf price or will trade for Cottonwood, leavinr c'ty. Balllet. Reasons for selling, Teima or cash. A. B. FOR SALE—ONE PAIR OF BIG mare mules; will sell or trade for cows and young cattle; conld take a j good mare as part pay. Seven miles northwest of lola. Has. E. E. Wheelfer, R. R. No. S. FOR TRADE—TWO NICE MOD- 1 ern homes In Houston Texas, to trade for ICO acre farm near lola. Will pay cash difference. Address Box 52, lola, Kans. FOR SALE^THOROUGHBRED I Barred Plymouth Rock" cockerels. Emma Mueller. Phone 994-22. I —80 A. 10 mis. from Parsons. La: bette county, Kansas. Smooth land, good black soil, all tillable. 60 A. broke. Price ?50 per acre, mortgage 11,100, 6 per cent Want good lola property for equity. lola Land Com' pany lola, Kansas. fat stock of equal value of taken soon; 614 South'Walnntr* • LOST AND FOUNf>. We have 597 acres of timber Ihnd Ifi miles west of Stanley, Oklahoma, on the Frisco R. R. The pine and oak on this tract will more than pay for the land. Ranch and'fnilt lands. Price $3.00 per acre; nojrades. ?1000 cash balance time 6 pef cent. WHITAKEB.& DONNELL lola. Kansas. FOR SALE—I WILL SELL; PRI- vately, all my farm tools corn .binder, new last fall; also 7-b.p. gasoline engine, four and two^hole shelleF, team harness buggy etc. All to be sold by February 15. E. G. Whitney, -Moran. LOST—PAIR OP EYE GLASSES. Please return to Register office and receive reward. R. Walls. LOST—AT JEFFERSON SCHOOL, gold framed glasses in case. Phone 44 or 149. FOR RENT—FIVE ROOJC MOD- ern boos*, 4 closets and garrage: 826 East Madison. Phone »7»F22. C. J. McClelJand. ... FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—SIX ROOM HOUSE two blocks from square; city water. Phone 989-14. FOR SALE—400 BUSHEL GOOD seed oats; also some good white seed corn. Huss Bros., La HarpCi Kas., R. F. D. No. 1. ! STRAW—12 V4C PER BAL3 AT i farm. One mile southwest of ttila,-R. phone 1049. FOR SALE—FINE BLACK JACK I Ewlng. with white points. He Is a fine one and^wlll sell cheap If sold soon. B. B. Brannum, Piqua, Kans. FOR SALB-ONE COW; F^ESH. 316 N. Fourth street FARM LOANS! CHEAP MOK£¥! We represent one of the best Farm Loan Companies doing business in the State of Kansas. We can loan on farms anywhere in Eastern or Qen- trial Kansas. Our rattes are the low est and our teiins are the best Call or write us when in need of a farm loan. Phone 87. THE PETERSON LAM) COMPANY Old Coort H«age BlAg. . • THE DAY'S NEWS AT LAHARPE WOMAVS (LIB ORfi.WIZED .V>D ACTIVE WORK BEt.lX. Mr. John OhKosl's 82nd Borthday | Plea.<<antly RcmembcTed by a ' Host of Friends. ; IRA B. FRANTZ REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST Humboldt Kas. .Moran, afternoon of February 6th and all the day 7th. I^ Ilarpe, February 8th and 9th. GAS AGAIN THE TALK IN GAS THE COURT'S DECISION REPORTED ELSEWHERE 1> THIS PAPER, Personal and \«'ws Nolos of Interest' to Everyliody WIio Llvesi In i (ius. i division of tho Social Purity Orsiinl-. ^^^^ ^^^^,^3 ^.^p,^p^ ^,gy zation. which will be known as the J it jg probablo that a few now state: Woman's Club until another nam.' is texts will be choson Mr. and Mrs. ' definitely decided upon mot Tuesday 1 A""" And-rson are visiting at the; afternoon in Ute Rest Room and took | Ander..on and Uoyer homes this week. ! further steps in the way of orpinizinp 1 They will leave shortly for Parsons j Buy Kaffir Corn For Yoor Cbickens -At- Carl & Hunter's The large attendance at the meeting and the earneistness in the way the ladles take hold makes one believe the organization will do great things. The officers of the club are: Ptesi- dent, Mrs. AV. C. Kester; Vice-presi- to make their home. T. H. Julian of Iniontown visited • W. J.'Waters and family yesterday. I —2a'r off on all Horse Blankets and | Lap Robes at HInes' Hardware. j Mrs. C. J. Halm is visiting in Un- 1 GaH City, Feb. 1.—After a few days rest the gas situation has once more become the central topic of conversa- ' ^M^^^—««^— tlon. The case of the city of Gas ver- ; bus the Natural Gas company will i Stanley, and family. Mr. Grahath will probably come to a climax today. The ; arrive tomorrow to enjoy a ijeek 's arguments in the case were completed i visit. last week and Judge Foust who. has j At a recent meeting of the fire boys, had the case under advisement since; S. I. Long and Otis Pitts were iaken then, will render a decision today.'. In as members of the department The situation is familiar with most i .Miss Georgle Foster, formerly of dent, Mrs. A. J. Sheckler; Secretary,' iontown this week. Mrs. William Moore; Treasurer. Mrs.-.^ The 10 months old son of Mr. and J. R. Smith. Mrs. Kcster designat- Mrs. F. E. Seliman :s reported ill with \ ed a Membership committee .and a pneumonia Vigilence committee and divided the 1 The Aid society of the Methodist j town by wards. The Chairmen of the Membership committee for the various wards are—First ward, Mrs. F. E. Remington; second ward, .Mrs. Adn Halley; third ward. -Mrs. . Thomas Lelghty; fourth ward, Mrs. C. W. Friedley. Vigilance committee chair- church is quilting this afternoon in ; the church. j W. O. Lenhart of lola was a pleas- mt visitor here yesterday. Bert Patten has returned from an 'xtended trip over western Kansas. The Colgin family wishes to ex- everyone. The city Is asking that the injunction, which compels the company to furnish a sufficient flow, be extended until a satisfactory agreement can be reached. Judge Foust la also considering the case of Mr. Fleming, a citizen, against the company, who Is testing the their moves. Gas but now of Wellington, who Is visiting in La Harpe spent yesterday with her old friends here. Word was received here yesterday that the school house at Collln^vlUe burned to the ground Monday night. Mrs. John Bowling and daughter, legality of' -Miss Carrie, of Geneva, and Mts; Roy • Bowling. of lola, and Mrs. E. E. Wright of this city, were the ^esU of Farm V Lpanm KAKSAS Aim OKLAHOKA Low Batei AnB«al or SeBtAsnaal iBtemt-^Pttrfleffe to Pay lii PnU Bedoeed JUtM on Fire In«iinoie«I ReMoCunninghani Oid Court HoiM Bids; S M- GENET.1. February 1.—Mrs. N. C. Wells returned home yesterday after a week's stay In lola. Qute a'number attended the Hamilton sale yesterday. Everything sold welL The Congregational ladles serr ed dinnbr which was a success. Childs and Bozemon shipped hogs from here to Kansas City Tuesday night P. O. Irwin, of lola, attended the Hamilton sale yesterday. Last night was our fourth lecture course given by the Rlckett's family. It was a tnusical entertainment and was fine. Mr. and Mrs. Bud -Sherwood will give a party tonight In honor of James Sherwood's birthday. The dance given by Mr. and Mrs. I Alva Hart Friday night was well- mt- ; tended and a good time reported by all present Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mabie visited with Mr. and Mrs. George SherwoOd of county line district, last Sabbathl The friends and neighbors of Mr: and Mrs. Chas. Hook will give them a farewell party Saturday night They are going to move to lola this month. Mrs. D. D. Spicer has received many callers in the past week. Miss Bess Spicer, of Parsons, is j here visiting relatives at present Mrs. Sn^ne Tarman of lola visited a few days here this week. We tiBcelved a card from Mrs. Noah Settlemyer of late who Is now visiting relatlTes in South Carolina. She says she Is enjoying good health and a splendid time and will not be home until spring. Talk about hen's laying! Why Mrs. Bob West gathers nearly five dozen a day. Who can beat it? 9»«(B»«9 «»««•«••••« IB WHl HOTr • 9 Hare Tonr .Piano- Tmtftt- fer a Ezporlenc^A Tnner^rOno lAt- a Ing injfXtt home town. " a J T .<I.CAirAI8BX 9 Plan* Inner and- Bepikw <• 9 RoberU Music Co. Pliona 411 s « • a F .X. B. LEATSLL. KB. « IpicUitlatf- a D&tesee of tbo Cbm. a Biaeases of ChUdna. a nones—attlee Befc ]d7. a lOLA. STATS: BANK BUX> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat ' I, I f leal Satato and titea^ AUCTlOlfEBB BatlBtaetloB vaamovmMnnm pbOBo at mr expenae for dataa BTB. CIARK, TttofOeMer Dt^GHk. Do you know that more real danger lurlfis in a common cold than In apy other of the minor ailments? Tue safe way Is to take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, a thoroughly reliable preparation, and rid yourself of the cold as quickly as possible. This remedy is for sale by al).dealers. The Sonnd Sleep of 6ood Health —Is' not for those suffering' from kidney aliments and irregularities. The prompt use of Foley Kidney Pills wilt dispel backache and rheumatism, heal, and strengthen sore, jfeak and ailing kidneys, restore normal action, and with it health and strength. Mrs. M. F. Spalsbtiry, Sterling, HI., says "I suffered great pain in my back and kidneys, could not sleep at night,,and could not raise my hands over my head. But two bottles of Foley Kidney Fills cured me." J. D. Mundls Co. - SOQth 81' •ABMESS MSB SADDXIU fieMMl Bepairbr, All KtM* J• ••••••v^•••* ^ • OB ialhtfinda of BOtiaeUUdn^ • • or>wriryu^ytlltar,« • • Blgna Paw^' Kiot), <aat MW « • BtpitNf. Office Id tmx vm*. • V All transactions strictly oo^ 4 • dentlaL . , . . ^ lOLA a R. TtME TABLBS PBDIT£B?S ODDS Ain> EKDS SALEl men—First ward. .Mrs. J. I.. Sliearer: i press Its sincere thanks to the friends second ward, Mrs. Mercer; third ward; md neighbors, who so kindly assisted Mrs. William Moore; fourth ward, j luring the Illness of Mr. Colgin. Mrs. C. A. Brownloe. The meeting? ' Dr. DeWHtt and father of Ft. Scott 1 are to be held in the afternoons ot 1 visited C. W. Graen and family yester- j every second and fourth Saturday of 1 day. each month. This date will give the , Sherman McGlnnls of Ft. Scott will school teachers and ladies from the here tomorrow for a visit with the country a better opportunity to at- ^ i. L. and S. E. McGlnnls families, tend. A number from lola and gas will The Men's branch of the Social j attend the revival services at the Purity organization did not meet last . Christian church this evening, night A meeting will be held next j Mrs. George Cole of South of town week and officers nominated. I is reported quite III. —Don't forget the wall paper dis i Mr. and Mrs. John Kohler were the count at Watersi Danforth's drug guests of Mr. and Mrs. Tip Williams The ladies of the Christian church met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. T. j of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hackett C. Henry and decided to give a chick- ' West First street, yesterday.' en pie social on Washington's birth- i day. A number of Gas City friends will be soro' to learn of the death of Mrs. Sacremento Talleff Calif., Lands. As an Investment and a pleasant Andy SechtTng forme'rly of here btit I home, ho pla«!e on earth equals the store. Maybe LaHarpe can t'ive some light as to the disappearance of Mr. Noah Griffith an elderly man of lola. Mon- yesterday south of town. Yesterday was Mr. John Ohlfesfs S2nd birthday anniversary. To show their thought fulness of him, his ma- day evening an old man with a long }-ny friends In LaHarpe and vicinity, beard, blue coat, black overcoat .nnd | mailed him beautiful birthday postal' derby hat stepped into a barber shoji • cards. He received a large number. on south 'main street and asked the direction and distance to .Moran. He drew himself into conversation and after a few minutes talk decided to get hi? hair cut and beard trimmed. He paid for the work and told the barber he was going to Morrn. The C. F. Ashley, who has been suffer- ; ing with neuralgia of the face Is re-' ported some better today. I H. J. Nellfon of lola was a business visitor here yesterday. Sir. and Mrs. Frank Cole of How- 1 ard are the guests of O. Holt and I agent at -Moran said such a man nr- ' family for a few days. rived thi're b'lt remained only a short time. He bought a ticket Tuesday morning for Rich Hill. The description given by the barber t;illles with the description sent out from lola. Wm. Newman and D. R. Porter' were in Moran yesterday. 1 , Dr. and .Mrs. F. P. Stapleton are the proud parents of a daughter born | 'Tuesday evening. Mr. Jelly and family are moving to; Mr. Sears the photographer Is In St Joseph, Mo. ICiifauIa. Okla. this week on business. ' Prof. J. I-. Shearer expe <t8 To go W. S. Armstrong and family will to Emporia tomorrow to attend the leave tomorrow for St. Joseph, Mo., annnal state meeting of the sujierin- to make their home, tendents and principals of ptibli.- A. J. Sutton Is spending a week with schools. A long program is in store frltnds in Erie, but the most Important topic is the C. W. Burns was in Elsniore yester discussion regarding a change of a day on business. I now of Nevada, Missouri. Heart failure was the cause of the death. She leaves a hiKband and a son and dangh ter to mourn her death. The son is In the navy and was unable to attend the funeral. Mrs. Sechting was a sister of Bert Hatten, formerly of here, but now of CoUlnsville. Mr. Hatten stopped off here between trains last wek called to Nevada on account of her death. Mrs. Clinton Blartin met with a painful accident yesterday while cutting bread. Working In haste caused her to cut the Index fin^ger of her left band quite severely. She will be unable to do all her household duties for some time. A number from herejwiil attend the rerlval meetings this evening at the j Christian church in La Hari>e. ! Mrs. A. Z. Batterton went to Fall > River yesterday for a short visit with | relatives and old friends. 1 The city council met yesterday af-' ternoon In regular session. The usual \ bills were allowed, after which the j time was spent in discussing the gas : situation. Their attorneys. Oard and ' McClaIn, were present J. J. Re ^an, of Oswego, Is In town : today on bufiness connected with the Natural Gas company. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Pitts and Mrs. Rosa Corns and daughter are mov- '• Ing from South Taylor street to 306 .Vorth MeRea street. Gas City had a pleasant caller from : south of I .,a Harpe Tuesday evening. C. R. Carmain has sold bis team to J. C. Butcher, of lola. .Mrs. Ollle Graham, of Springfield, III is the guest of her brother. F. L.! Sacramento .Valley Lands at reasonable prices and easy terms. Excnp- sions to Sacrjtoento • February 16th. Round trip fi-ee tb buyers. For 'literature and further information call on Charles k Potter. ) An Epidemic of Con^hln? —Is sweeping over the town. Old and young alike are affected, an(i the strain is particularly hard on little children and on elderly people. Foley's Honey and Tar Compound is a quick, safe and j-eliable cure for all, coughs and colds. Contains no opiates. J. D. Mundls Co.; Tbe Begfsfer lias In stock *\&a\ 8«00 odds and ends Statements. ' To clean an dor stoe& room' we wRl print and faV In 500 lots for— itXM tstigkT maaattn at stUI less rote. 7040 Pay Enrelopes, bearj Manila, ^niUtfd, ete.^ not printed, per t&on»i and'-;^Il.—.—: — $1 .51 Qdds'and ends of Milk Tickets—an| coloi^per hiindfcid,' printed, while thef Kst : Me 4S0 So. 6 supping ,Tag Enrelopes; to nse 09 & shipping tag with blU sealed on Inside 60e SOO. .^ntelopfes, patent card iSfe'daiVTrnV 'Viilc'd'Leii^^ The Allen Couniy.RaltyCd. Make a specialty of selUqg^ Allen County Farma. . Wo also -write Inanranco of all kinds, collect rents,-pay taxes for non-reaMente, and do jt general real eatato .business. . We repr^enl tb^M'ttf the best loan coifapitiitea doinic bral-' ness Kariaai a'nd.'sollcir . share of the!loan business. Mnd guarantee as cheap rates add qqick serrice aa can be had anywhere. The Allen Coanty Realty Co. ' R. L. TboaiHeB, Mgr. OFFICES '?yA:iB BLDO. IQLA PRAIRIE ROSE. January 30.— Mrst Judith White who Is visltng at Mr. Knapp's was quite sick a few days last week. Robert Rogers took dinner one day last week at Sam Stanley's. L. P. Edwards is moving a house i from La Har^e to his eighty acres just west of the one he recently sold to Elmer Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. T. 0. Miller were Sun-, day visitors at Walter Wood's. W. J. Duggan from south of La Harpe, took dinner at R. L. Rogers Friday. Cliff Isaac and family spent Sunday at John Stuteville's. Mrs. Moss returned to her home in I Bronson after a week 's visit with her 1 printed daughter, Mrs; O. T. Nolan. ! 700 Ko. 6« odds and ends £nT«i* Harlan Isaac spent Monday night i opes, some linen, ct^., prfnted_$1.00 with Loren Rogers. | Some Card Board and heaiy Corer Mrs. Mabel Smith and little son vis- 1 Paper at almost yonr owA pnee. Ited Thursday and Friday at Grandpa' Bailey's. Miss Leta Ford spent Tuesday night with her aunt Mrs; Lena Miller. Mr. RIestoffer, of La Harpe, took dinner ht R .li. Rogers Tuesday. Ruth Isaac, and Leanna Nolan have been having chicken pie. I Floyd Cox expects to have a salej February 22 and move hack to Missouri. I Mr. SuUivan and family . Intended \ leaving Tuesday- for Mississippi where they will make their home. Carl Tlco and Clarence Miller attended a box supper at Independence Saturday night No. I part No. 20»^»«tlir Na 204f-DaIlr. North THP BEGiSTEB FDBLISHDiCr CO. \ —Here Is a message of hope and good cheer from Mrs. C. J.-Martin Boone Mill, Va., who is the mother of fighteen chll^rn. Mrs'. Martin was cured of stomach trouble and conatl- iHitlon by Chamberlain's Tableta after five years of suffering, and now recommends these tablets to the pub- tic. For sale by all dealers. and taanr era b« rand, withaot • nntfrsl oamiiiaK 1 MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARIUM. AICHiaON, KANSAS No. 20t^.^Dall7 (eXcepTSandaT) Na ^liltiaiiy' * Vtt^t* 'eSaia.j)' Freight; Arclver -U:U A _ part w.....:ll.-W pu'sB. 49S-Xoeal (4any,«x. Sato ar ;.k ..8i8eSl •Wwt Beuatf.^," • iteii^Centet laS an* 407—1 Bspctaa- etj ^i ^-jWfe&ite' lAcd' iaia' . (daflyy ar;.vT....T!!?<JSV£ l>.*-g-BAHWAT ' 9r*(rtit.-. (dally T baVe iviiVmppM in^i dht lload'of hort6s,ladr6>* and mtile* p^from BeWlf,-Kansas, TTiey wllf' ef^h from 1000 to l&OOlbs.—' Ihef good fal-m stock. Two lams of mares, ^lll weigh 2B00 I pafir: Some other mares wllf iirW^h from 1400^ to 1500. SeV- >ral are heavy with foal, i haTO" ;hree black .mare mtiles, coitl-^ ing one year old, and 'one'.noii/^, lf*e for' sale. Anyotie 'wlshteg* ;o'buy,'sell ot exchange, can* lee me'at' brie* "ht"the lola' Elbrse.ft Mtil6"---«^* ^-f--^ tfeat of the 9 Momer TO IOAH OTX Fj^iii^; If you are wanting a PannLom • 9et' me tell you about my terms and •i ¥ates. I handle private and Eastern • teoney. •NOi.5T*-Wmy*l?Bl«hV (dally .*ST1 anS 'E7S wdl eanr MaMnaors C. 0. B0IXIN6BB Iola« Xanii How Coldi Arfecti the XHta<9|. r ^L>^ —^Avold-taking-ooid It^oor.W^i^. re sensitive. '<kil(teon«a8t»tkokld^' ifa, throws too-ma'e&'vMK'^npdn.* lejm, and weakeaa thabr aotltmt- Ser- luk kidney- trouble and eyea.. fright'* tseiuiev^^lt.: Strengthen yw=: Idiieyi, gel rid the pain and'sorer"- lieas" "build them iip by the tUnfllr osd of Foley Kidney Pills. Tonle la action, quick in results. J. D. Una- dis Co. i

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