Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 3, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1954
Page 2
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HOft STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, April 3, 1954 Between I A. M. and 4 t>, ti, w^^/ .... Metho- Monday, home I ''fast , a , eonir 5bu- "received *attnot 3>o"u think has been a .contribution by Who is Ffrst Metho- '©t»S, will meet Daven- at three aJterxioon, Ap- Will- bii 'Mrs. W. have a program on "Mission Work in South America'* on Mr/;day afternoon, April 5, at four o'clock. The Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity. Baptist Church will have a mooting at seven o'clock on Monday night, April. 5, The following organizations of the First Baptist Church will have meetings on Monday afternoon, April 5, at four o'clock; The Beginner and Primary Sunbeams, the Junior G. A. and the Junior R. A. The First Presbyterian Church Shite Department Is Criticized LONDON 1 Itf) — Two leading British newspapers criticized the U. S. State ' Department today for hasto in rebuffing Russia before Consulting Western allies on the surprise Soviet bid to join NATO. The editorial comments f ollow- Gd debate : 'm Parliament yesterday in whv'ch Foreign Secretary Eden ec ho>ed the U. S. rejection of the Sovic t offer and opposition Laboritc Herbert Morrison do manded the Western allies . get together in the future before taking decisiotis on Russian offers Affecting 1 them jointly. «. Brando, Studio End Differences HOLLYWOOD «P) — Actor Marlon Brando and 20lh Century-Fox Studio Choir .will! practice at 7 p. m., on have settled their differences. rtteut Graham will pre- rogram at th£ meeting of ot the First Christian i. Monday afternoon at ^ 0ck In the home of Mrs, Ow-3?arlctfield> ( e a meeting of the ,*»b0ard of the Women of iS»j;tertan Church on Mon- ntas at tea o'clock, S J ( i * f , Jr» Gr, A. - will t' M e A- T HE ff ••:•'" . » /ipru. The Hope Band Auxiliary will meet on Monday night, April S, at 7:30 ot Cnnnori Hall, The executive board will meet at seven o'clock. Circle 1 ot the W. S. C. S. will meet on Monday afternoon, April 5, at three o'clock in the homo of Mrs. Webb Laseter, Jr. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Carl Thornton. The Hcmpstead County Classroom teachers Association will meet at Garland Elementary School, on Monday night, April S, at seven o'clock, Mrs, ,Tam°s Cross will bo gur.st speaker. Circle 2 of the .W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church will have n mooting in tho home of Mrs. F. C. Croft on Monday, April ?, at throe o'clock. ~. THE. WORLD! \\t PLANET" An installation of officers will be held by the VFW Auxiliary. on Tuesday night, Apnl 0. Members will meet at White's Cafo for a banquet at 8 p. in. Following the banquet the group will adjourn, to the liut where the installation service will take place. All members are asked to call 7-2212 by noon on Monday, April 5, for reservations. Alpha Delta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society will moot in the hqme.of M,rs. U.. L. iii-Mon. telMY . WINNERS r Actress of Year |p'» «, .„ ^f^fH 1 *' f ' Mrs. C. D. tester, assisted by Mrs. C. C. Bryant, will bo hostess to Circle 4 of the First Methodist W. S. C. S. on Monday afternoon at three o'clock. / Circle 5 of -the W. «, C. S. will meet-at 7;30 p. m. on Monday Ap- iil 5, in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery. Mrs L. B. Tooley will be hostoBS to' the members "of Circle 6 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church at Z p. m. on Monday, April', 6, Mrs. David Waddle will be co-hostess. Circle 1 of the First Christian Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Haymond-Robins at three o'clock Monday afternoon, A?>ril 0. Tuesday April 6 The Intermediate First pt <$D G» A. of the Baptist Church wlill meet r o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Rehearsal will be held at the Hope Gospel Tuesday at 7:30 p. Tabernacle on m. . , on Tuesday night, April 6, at 7:30 Mrs. Lawrence M.irlin will be asso- The studio announced yesterday that it has ' dropped a two-million- dollar bros ch of contract suit against hira and he will report June 7 for! the film "Desiree," with Jean Summons. Brando failed to appear several months ago for the start of "The Egyptian." 'He turned up In New York, whera he was under care of a psychiatrist. The studio now says it and Brazi'do will share costs of the delay 071 that picture. Brando returned here for the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Msr- lon Brando St., who died Tuesday. Gen© Tierney Back to Studio for Work HOLLYWOOD OPi—Gene Tierney today interrupts her rendezvous with ALY Khan at Rosarito Beach. Mexico, her'studio says, to resume work'.at Mojave, Calif., on a movie. Twentieth Century-Fox said yes terday it wa,s sending a private plane to bring the actress to the film .location. Attendants'-at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. 17 milt's south of the California border g said the prince might remain 'here three weeks! Miss Tierney told newsmen Tuesday.''they will wed Within six months, probably in France. • Indochina, on the equator, has only 45 minutes difference between the shortest and longest day of the year. oiate hostess. Wednesday April 7 Family night will be held at the First: Presbyterian Church on Wednesday night. There will be a pot luck supper at 0:30. The devotional will br> given by members of the Youth Fellowship^ and'the "Reverend L. T. Lawrence, pastor, will talk on "Stoking the Fires."- At four o'clock on Wednesday .afternoon choir rehearsal will be held by the members of the Carol Choir of the First Baptist Church. Thursday April 8 On Thursday, April 8, .the ladies of the, Hope Gospel Tabernacle Will hold prayer services at .2:15.. The Concord Choir of the First Baptist Church will have choir rehearsal at four o'clock on Thursday, aftevnppn. Friday April 9 •The First Baptist Church Cherub Choir will have rehearsal at four o'clock. DOROTHY DIX Moiher-In-Law Dear Miss Dix: Before my hus- jband and I were married. I was I aware of his mother's disapproval i of our plans, but put it down to her 'desire to keep her last boy home, jl sympathized with her and wasj [sure it would be a matter only of lime before everything would be solved. I know, also, that she con- sicler. 1 ; me immature. However, we were married, and I did everything possible to win her approval and affection. My husband thinks I'm Stage-Struck Girls NEW YORK I/Pi — Two stage- struck college girl-5 accomplish^ wrist u?ed to be every red-blooded ]-k:'s ambition — they joined the i 11 » •„ * ^ •*".- D i"'.',";circus for a night as clowns, actually afraid to visit his family] . .... I must admit they are all very kind ! No one was tho wiser until t.o- to me when I'm there — including|dny. when Kay M*tchell o- bf,n his mother — but I seem to sense Lake City.and Bri Murpny ot Dun- their antagonism. F. D. Answer: How much of your "sensing" I wonder, is due to the fact that you assume all mother-in-law are bound to be antagonistic to can, Wyl).. told how they slipped into Madison Square Garden for Wcdnosdciv' r; opening performance and cavorted on tho lanbark in homemade clown suits. The girls — Kay is a graduate 9 the University of Utah and Bri of Though Paris stresses the tiny hat this spring, designers also show some medium brims. Dotted black-and-white surah is used (left) for Breton by Jacques Fath. This same designer docs tiny toque in flag blue felt (right) that is typical of the doll-sized hat worn straight across the brows. Crowns have shrunk to a couple of inches this-year and hats are anchored by wired grips ul either side of the head.—By ROSETTE HARGKOVE, NBA' Staff Correspondent, Paris. their sons' wives. This assumption is responsible for much of the mother-in-law-daughter-in?law trouble. Brown University — live in a tiny Even though a mother may be re-j apartment above a 52nd street ja/z luctant to have her son marry, for j cabaret. They hnvo been haunting one reason or another, most of; casting officosfo r flago and telo them accept the situation in good ; vision jobs for months, skimping on grace .and arc more than ready to welcome the now member of the |family. Suppose you take this as i your assumption, rather than con- I I/ruing to presume the reverse. I {think you'll find your change of view will altar your impression of the attitude of your husband's family. Learn to accept their fricnd- jliness at face value; don't continue to search for dark under currents. Extrcm e s Are Rare Of course, there are mothers who will always resent the women their sons married, just as there are young wives who will never be reconciled to the fact that they a'ren't the only females in their husbands' lives. Bui these extremes are rare popular conceptions to the contrary. Mothers and wives usually are scn- | sible enough to realize that each jhas a place in a young man's heart ! and, in their mutual love for the food and living rn-iinly on hope. Naturally, they -applied for clown jobs when the Ringling Brothers Barnum &Bailv; y circus hit town., Pat 1 Valdc, tho impcrturbnb^ t performance manager who slar^f each circus act with a shrill blast of his whistle turned them down That merely stiffened thoir determination. They scraped up $2.40, bought six yards of blue and orange chintz, and fashioned baggy pantaloon suits. On Wednesday night they paintod their faces with white clown makeup, big red grinning mouths and j walked three blocks and aero A Broadway to the performer's entrance of the Garden. Hearts pounding, they slipped in without a hitch and for the no;:t acquire affection The relationship Small fry will walk in the Easter parade this year wearing fashions patterned closely after mother's.' For little sister (left), there's a navy rayon faille redingote with deep open neckline arid soft roll collar. Box*jacket suit (right):.Jpj;: big- s;ister?ifc,iiii slate' blue rayon flannel. Princess coat for little sister has stuped rayon-anfl-acetate taffeta lining that matches her Easter dress. Bodcaw Residents to Hear Talk on Poultry Breeding April 5; Other Activities Planned TODAY AND SUNDAY "Matinee - 25c, Nights & Sunday - 35c, Kids - lOc It's a RBPPING RI9T of Noble Knuckleheads and Nutry Knights! HUNTZ NAIL WAYNI MORRIS IUNA YKIBPMQO • RISK VALWN The Nevada County Poultry Association will hold its regular mon- Ihly meeting at the Bodcaw Agri Duilding April 5th, at 7:30. A treat is in store for all those •interested in poultry. Dr. McClung head of the areeding program for the big Ar- jkansas- Poultry Breeding farm at Fayetteville will show a film on poultry breeding and ' discuss problems facing both the broiler and commercial egg producer. ecting and accordian. The- buses will run and hot lunches will be served daily. Students Red Gross Donations to the American Cross: Red man, they soon for each other. doesn't become perfect in a week or a month but time and patience invariably work out a satisfactory result. Do take a more objective view of your in-laws, Frieda. Trv four hours they capcrrd, and cavorted under the tumbled dancing spotlights as thousands of paying customers laughed and cheered. The deception may have been helped along a bit because dozens of celebrities also joined the circus United Cerebral to win their respect and love throu- for the night as gh your own charm. Jon behalf of the [Palsy fund. Dear Miss Dix: I'm 32 years ijld That was one of the reasons they and in a position to realize a lifelong_desire to take guitar and singing lessons. I have a nice voice, but wonder if it's too late for me to study music. JENNIE .Answer: It's, never too late to study anything. You may never see your name in lights, but since your desire is to entertain yourself and your friends, you can surely acquire enough skill for that. Dear Miss Dix: Ned and I went together for six months. He gave me all his awards in basketball and his school letter. Everything was fine until I showed him some poems written to me by another boy. He left me that night and hasn't called or written since. Do you thing I should write and ask the reason for the trouble? Answer: You were tactless to Hope Previously reported $3,626.85 . •!>. it 1 • 1J.I.*.. V il_/VlOiJ A \-JJ\Jl Vl^V.t. lJU, U^U. UtJ are invited to start making ar- |Mrs _ D . p. Watkins Hope 50c Mrs. rangements now to attend andj johnnle Grcen $1 Cash 50c ^ ic(i boarding places will be provided, Robimon 2 5c, Mrs. Steve Carri- for those who find it inconvenient to drive. gan Jr. $2. Mr. ..and Mrs. W. J. Whitman S5., The Sponsoring Committee plans I F _ j. 'Mason $1., P. B Hoote SI ' to offer the kind and quality train _ j. . |. Blackwell $1.', Paul Haley $10. . . ., . one . would g et in the Stamps j S e taa Simpson $1., Louise Daugh- Bill Stewart and Willis May have ^hool;in Dallas or elsewhere. The erty ?li> Mr . and Mrs. Miles Laha their sexed Hi-Line pullets to grow Commlttee ls: v - C - < Red) Brown, !S2 .. White - s Ca{e S10 . Burkn'.s Sh oa for cage layers. Each will have a 1,000-cage 'layer house. The Hi- Line's where ohosen for their higher productivity and because they have been bred toward eliminating blood clot in eggs. Mrs. Floyd Munn and son „. . „. . , I$2.. White's Cafe $10., Burke's Shoe Chester Daniels, Alex Boswell. andj st ore SI., W. S. Williamson $1., show the poems; by so doing you [probably led Ned to believe that 3'ou considered poetry a greater talent than basketball. Your action was tanamount to showing love letters from one man lo another — an absolutely unpardonable error. Do write — but instead of arbitrarily asking what's wrong, assure him that the poems mean noth ing to you now and are triva compared to athletic awards. T. J. Silvey. The Bodcaw High School base- ;Chas. H. Benson S2., Appliance Repair C., $1, Arkan Court S2, Byers Gulf Service $1., Mrs. Aline K. ball team lost to Emmet 13 to 12iYoimg S5.. Mont's Seed Store Si- last Friday. This was the second i 50. loss for the team as they lost Chester Daniels are among the new growers who are producing either hatching or commercial eggs, Washington C. F. Wade Gilbert $1 Gilbert -SI.',' Though the courtesy of State Police Troopers Travis Ward and Guy Downing, drivers test were given to the drivers in Bodcaw School and satisfactory grades were made by This is the first school team and Mrs. they have been handicapped by not! Mrs. . having a field on which to play; [Mrs. Buster Gilbert $1., . however, after this week lack of a ; Mrs. Johnnie Thompson $1., field will not be an excuse as Miss i arid Mrs. Earl Thompson $1., Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and and and Mr. Cabinet Favors Poet Treaty ROME (/P) — Prmier Mario Scel- ba's coalition Cabinet approved today a billtoratify the European Defense Community treaty. A spokesman said the bill, providing for Italian participation in a six-nation army that would include West German troops, will go before Parliament early next week, did it. they,said. Marelene Dietrich was ringmislress for the night, and "we all but swooned when we got close to Miss Dietrich" Kay said, As for Franchot Tone, who also donated his talenta: "We just trembled." When it was over they ran home through a wet snowfall still dvessi^j in their outlandish rig. and collapsed with laughter in their apartment. There was just one minor mishap — Miss Mitchell's head butted Miss Murphy's left, eye in one of the clown routines. Miss Murphy sports a shiner today. \ Light exercise usually heightens your ability to hoar, but havy ercise can decrease it. There are 37,100,000 married couples in the Unitod States. Before the turn of the century, gasoline usually was called naptha LOOK! SPECfAL! SUNDAY SPECIAL |, CHEESEBURGER n K With Trench Fries O«*#C* Watch for different special each day. DAIRY QUEEN SNACK BAR East 3rd Street _ . _ . -- • -** ~ •- T"*J -'--.. rv ^_\fiv- J-tiiJJtilil^-lIt L.CJ.1 .1 V lit A L WUt, *Y Bessie Bean has granted perrms- and Mrs. Edgar Taylor ?)., Mr. perhaps simultaneously in bo<! sion to use a strip of ground adjoin- and Mrs. C. E. Boyce $1., Mr and ! hous»s ing the. improvised field on the Mrs. Pete Allen SI., Mr. and Mrs. i \v**i fWm..,,,,- =,,,1 <i, D M.,<I, ing the improvised field on the school grounds. This will give ample room for a nice field. The com- 17 students, Lagene Morhead. got munity team will also use the field. top honor with perfect score. Lagene Morehead, Robert Smittle, Jimmy Lewis, Jimmy Daniels, Betty Sue Hairston, Billy Bob Spenser, Clifton Butler, Junior Tomlin, Marie Richardson, George Otwell, Betty Cook. J. R. Bensen, Chester Miller, Joe Brown, Morris Dean Vines, Jerry Dillard and Donald 'Jyc. The Bodcaw Improvement Club voted to co-sponsor the annual Alumni ge.t-tp.-gethqr to be held Father's Day, June 20, 1954. An interesting program is being planned for the Homecoming Day. _ _ r _ an rs ws Germany and ^ Neuj> • ?' oY 0l V ie o. $1 V/r Mr ' and Mrs - | orlands have completed ratification E. A. Steele $1., Mr. and Mrs. L. and Belgium's bill lacks only the A. binyard 50c, Mr. and Mrs. R. signature of King Baudouin. Tho E Long SI Mrs. J. J. Byers lOc. ! parliaments of France. Luxem- •t, T Mr! Bristow SI.00. Colored Mrs. Havannia Flowers SI.. Mr 50c, Donation 50c. Hansel Mitchell and Derol May were presented their Junior Fii-e Warden and Junior Deputy Fire Warden Badges at the Club meeting Thursday Night, These wardens havfe been active during this school year and have been responsible for the removal of several fire hazards around school They condemned the Gym before basketball season because only the frqnt entrance was unusable and if a fire should have broken out. in the front of the building the .occupants would have been hemmed, in, This was corrected befpre they lifted the restrictioa. / TJif annual Singing Sphool will be hejd at Bpdcaw July }2-30th. Horace Kennedy wpl head the ' Volunteers will, meet Saturday to move the fence back and level the field. Thanks to Miss Bean. The Bodcaw Club, sponsored by the Improvement Club, will have its first get together under its new organization Friday Night, April 2. The group, including represent-j Lane $1., Mrs. Susie" Arnett""$l" j^f atives of the youth group agreed to (Mrs. Chanie Blake 25c. Addle Nash! make it a membership club with an- — - •• - nual dues of 50c under 21 and §1.- | over 21. Badges were selected and' ... „. *,„„ each will get their badge from the I Jim Rowland "$!.', b7 E7"6dom o|"jc rnment secretary at the beginning of<Gus Davis SI., Mr. and Mrs Sam'" vote ' each get-to-gether, and guest bad-iMcGill $3.. Sam Weaver §1. Herges will be given to all guest. This i bert Cox $1.. Jim Moore 51., Da- will aid the entertainment commit-.vis Weaver $1., O. A. Bright SI., gan 50c, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. McEl- tee as well as provide a record of j Robert Cook $1., Brooks Shults $2.,! rOy $1., Louis Presley 50c, Curl those attending so that they will be; Miss Ina Logan $1., Agee Gilbert i Jackson 50c, Total $3,750.70. covered by.the accident insurance. !$!•. Mrs. Paul Cornelius $1., Hoyj -_^zzrr~—.— — _Among the types of entertain-j Cox $2., Cecil Cox $1., Mrs. Claude! JT^ " 'I*".""*' ' ,'-'.,—I— ment selected and ready to go are: 'Wilson 75c, Mrs. T, H. Seymour' Fulton Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cox. Jr. $2..! Will jj ve . members, have delayed ratification. Though Scelba's government has majority in both houses of Italy's the legislature road of treaty is expected to be long and hazardous. j It was understood Scelba may | stake his middle-of-the-road gov- on the issue by pinning a vote of confidence to the EDC bill. — CUSTOM — SLAUGHTERING Anytime You Want Beef Processed for Your Deep Freeza L MOORE BROS. <$ial 7-4431 JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING NEW Non Cancellable Hospital Policy Home Security Life Ins. Co. • Guaranteed Never to Raise Rates. • Ages — Birth to 100 Years. • No Medical Examination Required. • Good Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non Cancellable Policy. Call or write your Reliable Agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 | ' badminton, volley ball, table ten-!$2.00. sehop) for m ed the, a, third consecutive :pvi(|e nis, shuffle board, soft ball, base-| ball, horse shoes, checkers, rook, flinch, Chinese checkers dominoes, radio and record player. Colored Ned Brunson 25c, Eddie Hendrix $1., Mr .and Mrs. Sam Hendrix SI., Jeweldean Baker 25c, Estella Al- A refreshment bar will be operat- len 50c. Leo Bryant $1.. Carl Cared in the Home EC Cottage. The Recreation Committee headed by Ed Martin and Mrs. Syrena Whitten, Co-chairman with Nolen Caudle, Mrs. Ben Trahah representing Little Bodcaw H. D. [rigan $1., Mrs. Rebecca Nelson Is $1., Mr. and Mrs. .D-JTt Essie $1,. Mrs. Siberia Hopkins $1.. Mrs. Mattie Jones $1., Mr. and Mrs. Bates McCain $1., N,orman Wilson $1.. Mrs. Bebbe Wood SI., Mrs. Lucian Club; Mrs. Bill Jones and Mrs. j Sloan $!„ Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Ed Spencer, p. T. A.; Hansel Mit- Palmer $}., Mrs. Docia Beasley $l.j chell and Jerry Dillard; FFA Ro-'Mr. and Mrs, Lige Aubrey $1., Mr. bert Smittle and Joe Brown, 4-H B,etiy Cook and, Peggy Bailey FHA; , Butter «ind ai Trudie Ward, and Mrs. Geo, Calvin $1., Mr. and Mrs. Hart Ferguson $1., Mtjor Bgles Charlie James QUALITY « FIELD ond GARDEN SEEDS • FERTILIZERS, SUPPLIES and INSECTICIDES, We specialize in Willhite Melon Seed and Funks G. Hybrid Corns as well as all other quality itepis, { When you think qf seed it's

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