Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 24, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1943
Page 6
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ststx HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, Juno 24, 1943 O "elephone Co. lites $8,000 Loss in Hope ; The following statement released fey Southwestern Bell Telephone Cotnpany in connection with the rate henrings before the State De' partment of Public Utilities, gives the company's operating figures for the Hope telephone exchange: "At a hearing in Little Rock on June 22, 1943. before the Department of Public Utilities. W. P. Glark. auditor of the Southwestern Bell Telephone company, testified that the company's exchange rcve- ruies in Hope barely paid the expenses of furnishing service between 1935 and 1942. After payin expenses and income taxes in the eight years, 5647 remained for the owners of the business, a return Of 7'100 of one per cent. The year 1942 was the worst of the eight. with a deficit of $8,092. "Seven years ago, an ordinance reducing telephone rates was passed by Hope's city council but was suspended by the Department on appeal of the company. Similar cases developed in six other Arkansas towns about the same time, and the Department consolidated the cases in a state-wide inquiry into telephone property and earnings. "Rates under the 193G ordinance would have produced even less revenue, and applying these rales the company's deficit for the eight years would have been $72,130 Clark testified. "Earnings in Hope, even under Does a Stretch for Uncle Sam Due to the steel shortage, we must ask you to bring your own hanger if you want one back. A hook can stretch fabric unmercifully. Use hangers for your frocks and coats. Hooks hasten wear. They are conservation enemies. Hall Bros, cleaned clothes are beautifully pressed and pleated. A Trial Will Prove It. HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Phone 385 Dreamed up by the Army Ordnance Division, this car is one of 100 which have been sawed through and elongated to accommodate 15 persons, instead of the five the sedan was designed for. Operation took clace in Seattle. Vehicle has been appropriately clubbed the "Dachshund." existing rate schedules, have been natcrially below those of the com- The lieutenant preferred anonymity but by count of scars and lumps iany in the state as a whole. To seemd to have definitely cinched jring Hope up to the state level would have required $45,502 additional net revenue in the eight-year period. "Prior to today's .hearing, conferences have been held by the department with officials of the seven Arkansas towns, including Hope, to review operating reports which the telephone company had filed each year since 1935 together with studies by the Department's staff. "H. VV. Shcpard, telephone company manager here, pointed out that the company is not asking for rate increases, but is hopeful that the seven-year litigation can be ended so that telephone people in Arkansas can devote their undivided attention to the vital job of furnishing the swift communication service so essential in these war days." The Winnah! With 77 Chiggers Camp Polk, La. (/I 1 )— An Eleventh Armored Division lieutenant recently issued an open challenge to the United States Army to match he championship. About par for chigger bites dur- ng field work here is in the low [ties. Curtain privates have turned up with 00 and 05. But never jefore to the knowledge of chiggcr minorities has the bugs struck 77 imes beneath a single uniform. Jo Work Out Canning School Schedule Persons interested in using the High School Canning Center at any time during the summer months are asked to meet at the Home Economics Cottage Tuesday morning at 9:30 to organize and discuss ways and means for getting the most out of the canning program. The program will be for experienced canncrs, making available to them the use of canning equipment. This will be a very important meeting as the schedule for can- Flashes of Life By The Associated Press U. S. Airmen Score Hits on Jap Cruiser By The Associated Press American bombers flying 2,000 miles round-trip were officially credited today with scoring a direct hit on a cruiser and setting fires visible 70 miles in an attack on the Jananeso base at Macassar, Dutch Celebes., Thirty-eight tons of bombs were dropped. Striking in daylig-ht. on the longest flight yet undertaken from bases in Australia, U. S. Libcra- t»rs pounded the enemy stronghold in great force and returned with the loss of one bomber, Gen. Douglas MacArtluir's headquarters announced. The lone victim went down when a Japanese fighter crashed into its wing. The two fell together. On the land front. Australian jungle fighters bloodily repulsed a third straight Japanese attempt to break through their lines in the Mubo sector, 12 miles from the big enemy base at Salamaua, New Guinea, and killed or wounded 04 Japanese for a two-day toll of 104. Meanwhile, a Tokyo broadcast predicted that the Allies would launch an offensive to recapture One-Time Candidate for Governor Dies Melbourne, June 14 (/I 1 )— John C. Ashley, 58, Melbourne attorney and one-time candidate for governor, died nt a St. Louis hospital early today. A native of Tzard county, Ashley was educated in the rural schools, attended Melbourne High school and was 1911 graduate of the University of Arkansas. He taught school in 1/ard and Independence counties unHl H)14 when, after studying law at Cumberland University, he was admitted to the bar. He soon entered politics and served three terms as state senator, finishing his political career with his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 1!WH. As a member of the Senate in 1934, Ashley was one of the authors of the highway bond refunding program of that year. At the time of his death he; was president of the bank of Melbourne and owner of extensive properly. Survivors include his widi daughter, Ka'lherine, and a Capt. John C. Ashley. Jr., wilh the army in Worth Africa. Funeral arrangements wore incomplete today. The British government pays the natives of Tirah, India, 240,000 rupees a year to avoid banditry. There nre nearly 6,000,000 •icties of clutlvatcd rice. Vic- Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim I- Tlimiaftnda of pnuplM nrn wcnli. wnrn-nul, 6t- hnmtpcl brrniinn they nrrtl mfttielnul Iron plul Vimmln Hi. For iww pnp. vim. vitality, Iry ()»tr(l< Tonic TnblPin todnx. Trlnl Mm CIMI.I llttln. Or HAVK MONKV—Kill rcKlllur SI. >iljn. For Jllll tttitfffr fliivlnufl rwk to yen ni'W, hlu "Krouom}'" fllld,, For sale at all good drug stores everywhere —in Hope, at Cox and Gibbon Druq Stores Goes For A Ride Middle-town, Conn. — "I've just ridden 80 miles from Southington tm my bike and bought a pony," said a childish voice on the tele- , phono to OPA Official Frank C. i Burma in October once the mem- Dwycr. "How am I going to g c l! s»°» ™ins have ended —and warn- him home'.' So to string out what, he thought was a gag, Dwycr said it would be all right for the pony to ride if it was a legitimate change of address, but he would have to son, now RAILROAD WORKERS TRACK LABORERS, both white and colored wanted. Shipment from Hope, Thursday, July 1. Free transportation to job. Rale of pay 55c per hour. Time and one-half after eighth hour and for Sunday and holiday work. Plenty of overtime available. Board only 50c per clay. Lodging free. Bed roll and ration books required. If not farming or employed in lumber industry or other essential work, apply Wednesday, June 30, to RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD Representative at United States Employment Service Office- Hope, Arkansas check on the trip. An hour later a car drew up to his office, a smiling man at the wheel a grinning boy beside him, and a pony which Dwycr swears was laughing in the back scat. record of 77 chiggcr bites ning will be made at this lime. Check Your HAY MACHINERY See us for Genuine Paris and First-Class Repair Service Your McCormick-Dccring Dealer Arkansas Machine Specialty Co. V. C. Johnston 218 North Walnut—Hope, Arkansas—Telephone 257 Wartime Fashion Note Cincinnati John M. Baker, regional war manpower commission director, has lifted a two-year ban against bare legs among women employes of the U. S. Employment service. Said he: "We're at war now. Things arc different. The less hose the girls buy the more war bonds they can purchase." The Undone Villain Los Angeles Joe Jackson, Jr., told police someone had stolen two bicycles he needed in his business He wondered if the thief knc\\ what he was getting. . . Jackson is a vaudeville performer. The bikes fall apart, a piece a 1 a time, finally leaving the riclci pedaling the rear wheel. ed the Japanese that new Allied bombing raids on Japan could e expected. "More than anything, the enemy s contemplating the recapture of iiirma, which is the key to the of- onsive in the Far Kast," the Tokyo radio said, quoting Tomoka/u iori, chief of the Japanese infor- nation bureau. "Our enemies are constantly aking great pains to make plans, especially to carry out raids on Japan Proper from China and the Aleutians," Hori added. Apparently fishing for informa- Lion, the broadcast also declared that the. Allied victory in North Africa had released British fleet units to join American naval power in the Pacific. In the Solomons. U. S. Dauntless and Avenger bombers rained 20 tons of explosives on Ihe Japanese seaplane base at fiekala Bay Santa Isabel island, and othci American fliers raided a new enemy outpost at Bur village 01 Gannonga island. SALE OF 200 CHILDREN'! DRESSES Virtuous War Warsaw, Mo. — Rainfall was heavy for eight consecutive Sundays in this O/.ark community, beams the Rev. H. H. Wagner, First M e t li o d i s t pastor — and church attendance boomed as a result. j "Folks can't catch fish in muddy water," he explained. WHAT HAPPENED TO FLETCHER'S C ASTORIA After seven weeks of intensive work, laboratory researchers have discovered the reason why certain batches of Fletcher's Castoria caused nausea. AAethods of preventing a recur- ence of the trouble are now known and manufacture is being resumed. No Fletcher's Castoria has been made during this saven-week period, and at its beginning the makers issued a nationwide warning to consumers and retailers not to use or sell the product and to return all stocks for destruction. The U. S. Food and Drug Administration has been kept informed of all these developments. Q. What caused the trouble? A. The sugar content of Fletcher's Castoria was reduced to conserve sugar under wartime conditions. A year ago, Castoria was made with this reduced sugar content and was up to standard in svery respect. This year, in March, we again started production with reduced sugar. However, at that time a chemical change—harmless in itself— occurred in the characteristics of the water used in making Castoria. But this change, in combination with the reduced sugar, increased the degree and rate of normal fermentation. The more rapid fermentation retarded normal re-oxidation during the ageing process, resulting in a product which caused nausea. Q. Why didn't normal tests show that something was wrong? A. The changes which occurred were so elusive that they could not be detected by the regular testing procedures —• procedures which had kept Castoria a respected product for more than seventy-five years. In fact, even after the nauseating effect was discovered in actual use, it took weeks of laboratory research to identify the factors that were causing the trouble. Q. What are the makers doing to prevent a recurrence of the trouble? A. Now that the cause is known, procedures have been put in effect which will assure normal re-oxidation of the product. Additional safeguards have been set up. New laboratory controls have been installed. New biological and chemical tests will be applied to every batch of Fletcher's Castoria. Each bottle will be stamped with a plainly visible control number, in verification of these tests. Q. Is Fletcher's Castoria now on sale? A. No. Manufacture has been resumed, but because of the time required for manufacture and distribution it rnay be about two months before Castoria will again be on sale at your retailer's. When it is, you will be notified in your local newspaper. Q. Will the package be the same? A. No. The Fletcher's Castoria now being made will bear a distinctive green band. This green band is for your protection in case any old Castoria has not been returned. The Manufacturer of .Fletcher's Castoria Candini's Sore Arm Due to Get Well Soon RY SID FEEDER New York, June 24 iff) — Some lay Milo Candini's arm is going 0 get rid of its soreness — and hen il's really going lo be tough on American League batters. Not that it's any picnic now. because seven other clubs are find- ng out the Candy Kid is about as Tec with his base hits as your Butcher is with the top sirloin he doesn't have these days. At the moment the Washington Senators' bargain buy is riding along on a string of 49 2-3 innings in which he's gvion up exactly four earned runs — and that's really rationing on the Red points. He hasn't been defeated yet this year and his latest job was a six- hitter against the Yankees yesterday, for his seventh win. Yet as the major league's leading elbowcr walked to the locker room, you could tell it wasn't that easy. "Yep," he grimaced, rubbing his working wing, "It's still sore. 1 can feel it after a game like that. Oil, il's better than it was, but it hurts now." To which you might say, if it hurt him, think how it made the Yanks feel, especially since the Yanks practically g-avG him lo the Nats and now the Senators are only two games away in the American League parade, and the Yanks ar, about as consistent as i.he coffee in a one- •>m. Ihe ciual, »•.- ,armed luncl Winter Ivfore last, Candinals blanked "ir Senators in a grapefruit "••>' ic. So, when the Nats bough! Gerry Prickly from the New Yorkers last winter for Bill 'zubei and $10,(loi), Clark Griffith — who is not called the diamond's old Fox bo'-nLisc of his appetite-—asked Ed Barrow if he'd thro<y in the Candy Kid. Since Milo's "meat hook' had been sore most of 1942 at New,nk. the Yankee proxy tossed him into the pot with pleasure. Well, cousin Ed got his eye-opener yesterday. For that matter, so did a lot of other baseball men. Jap Attack on U.S. Vessel Beaten Off Washington, June 24 — f/l'j— The Navy announced today that Japa nese planes had unsuccessfully at lacked small American warships in the Southeastern Solomon is lands on two different occasions recently. In each instance only a single enemy aircraft was involved. Navy communique said: "South Pacific: (All dates arc east longitude) "1. On June 20th, during the night, a United States light surface unit was unsuccessfully attacked by a Japanese plane in the vicinity of Savo Island. ••'i. On June 22-23, during the night, two United States patrol craft were unsuccessfully strafed by Japanese float planes in the vicinity of the Russell islands. Both Savo and the Russclls are near Guadalcanal. Saudi Arabis is larger than Mexico. Cinderella and Dot and Dash Children's Dresses Sizes 1-14 LOVABLE, tubbable, with a colorful casualness that's just right for school—these dresses arc attractive and original enough for Sunday-best, too! Candy stripes, brilliant peasant colors, bold plaids and checks are the main attraction, in these very carefully made, generously seamed dresses that will wear and wear! Voile, Organdy, Swiss and Prints Sizes 1 to 14. Formerly sold up to $1.98— Now Priced tf 98c We Give Eagle Stamps Geo. W. Robison 6- Co. HOPE The Leading Department Store NASHVILLE

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