Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 1, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1912
Page 4
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•r THE lOLA gAlLY B^QlSTi!R ,J !mtm^^ PEgRUARY 1,1^12. rndwc XHB BE6ISTKS nmuSHIKG CO. lOLA DAILY REGISl'ER ''«r thow ^vho are for "anybody to TI». lota Dally ftoderd' «Ad iitm Dally fbeat Taft.-they do not deny<bat their " " j activity In Rooserelt's behalf Is due whol)y to their belief that he Is the strongest opponent who cauld be brought against the Presid^it In other words, the men who are noisiest and most cohsplcnons in-the! •Hfemand" for RooseTelt. the men who I are sending him. telegrams telling him | that it is ^is "duty" to become a can- j didate,; the men who are organizing festMed at the lola Fostoffloe as Beeond- Claaa Matter.- Adrertislns Bates.Made Known on ATDU- catlon. By Carriar In. \o\^, Oas City. Umyen .Ilia, C«hcr«te.^i^Harp« and Basaett: On* Weik ..V:.\ 17..........10 oenta On* Month -. 44 eenta ) - — - — „ „ .One Tear v-.4.- ithemselves Into volunteer committees TELEPHONES: Bnsiflcsii Office ^ ,t? Bodety R»port«>r ^t- Job and Bindery Dept 141 Official Paper M City of loia. Official Papir City of. Bawett. orriclai Paper of Allwi County. Official Pap«r Clt Bawett. Ona Taar. inalde county^. .' W -OO , to promote the Roosevelt campaign,—'; One Year, outalde county W -W : t|,eBe men are simply aUempting to; ~~~~~~ ~~ capitalize the popularity of Mr. Rocs- ^ evelt for the advancement of their own private ends. I ' Wll any man contend that the "de- ; j mand" which these men voice Js of; • I tRat high and solemn and patriotic ; j nature which "no man has a right to ; denyr' Doesn't everybody know that i ! deep down in their bparlp, most, if . ijnot all, of these men would rather' ' support LaFolletto than Roosevelt, jand would be suprortlng him today: When some spcclflc work is to be if they thought he had a btttor chance i done for the public and there is one {to ^in than Roosevjll h;:a? Is it not' man better equipped by experience, j^perfertly cipnr that those n.rn are not special training or other qualification ; thinkinc .-t all of r.r.y Krcat public for the doing of it, and the people : service Roosnvelt cm ronri-r but are call upon this specially qualified man thinking only of tl.e advantage that 10 do this special task, then as a mat- will come to them through his noml- ter of patriotlBra he has no right to nation and election? refuse. George Washington had no It is because the utter self-seeking right to refuse the command of the of those most insistent in calling up- DIFFEKENT KINDS OF •DEMAmS.'! ago with seven feet of the i^i^>Iaa des Cygnea under the platform Ii^^he tabernacle ujran which he stood; to make his speech, and when he fiidahed he I took a skiff to the depot. I ^Jrlll re- i qnire something more than'^l^l skiff, I though, iU> get him out of th ^j '^ood in I which he now finds himself.^. • 7 r- — -i Of course it Is no argumenl.-against 'Governor WoodroW Wilson that his iNew York headquarters are.:!at 96 I Wall Street; but suppose it >Vere a 'Republican candidate for- P'tesident I who had.found congenial qna^rs for I his press bureau in the very Jiteart of i "big business!" • ^« j »: Query: Would it take the.;"spontaneous,' unanimous demand ^of the people" to persuade some of governors who arc so busy ^uosting Roosevelt to "permit their ntines to be used" as a candidate for Vi<''«-president on the ticket with him?* Continental armies when it was offered him, because he must have known, as all iHs countrymen knew, that he was better equipped for that kind of a command than any oth"r man. When U. S. Grant was called to the head of the armies during the Civil War he fa^ no right to refuse because he possessed in higher do-; on Col. Roosevelt to become a candidate Is so apparent that wo cannot bring ourselves to believe they will succeed. Col. Roosevelt is near-sighted, but he wears powerful glsses, and he Is not easily hoodwinked. Surely he can see through the transparent sham and false pretense of those who, pretending to him that they arc the gree than any other man the peculiar voice of the people calling him to a traits and talents that were needed in , high public duty, are really actuated that great emergency. These two in- j,y the basest and most selfish of mo- stances^nd they are about all we ,ivcs. Even If he wore blind the hand recall off hand, unless we go back to of gsau ought to put him on guard Washington again and remember that against the voice of Jacob, when the government was organized under the constitution and a President was to be chosen,—his was the only name thought of in that connection—may be cited as illustrations of a genuine "demand" on the part of the Youra for uuJ fotmiiy. Youm (or RT ^at- est leavening S. I power. Yours for never iutliag rebtiLs. Yonrs for purity. Yoora for economy. Youra for everything that goes lo make up a strictly high grade, ever- dependable bal<iag powder. That isCalunet. Try it once and note the improvement in your baking. See how much more economical over-the hish- prioed trust brands, hu-jv maoh l>etter than the chtap and big-can kinds." Calnmet is highest in quality —moderate in cost. Considering the condition ^bf tlie party health, the fact that th\, latest candidate for Governor of is a doctor may not hurt him anjh £^6me Health Club Bj Dr. David H. Reader Laporte, Ind. Received Highest Award— Worid<b Pure Food TII.VT 0>E SU.MFK ANT PREFIX. Before the member.^ o£ the Kansas Day Cluh electfd their officers last Monday tii^^y made them come before the meeting and declare that they; s^ss^s^ people upon one man which that matj ' -.vere •KermbUrans witliout prefix or n^t changed by^changlng the system would have no right to refuse. -uffix." • , , . Buf that "demand" which is care-: '^^'^ '•''••'">• sntprtalnlng feat- of government. The commission form But that demand wnicn is care occasion must have been... _„„ government is nliVleht with fully worked up through an active ! .„ enthuMasm over this °' ""^^^ go^ernment is allVlght with •entlmect as cxpiefEni by ex-Reprc- \ good men running It. But when the entatlvp Scott. ex-Representative Mil: Topeka commissioners frankly admit 'er. ex-Representative Calderhead ox-. t^at they have violated the law. have I'rlvate Seeretarv Faxon and ex-Gov- . , , „ ... ernor Ballev. not to mention a Kcore. "I'^nt '» •I'-nance of It and run •)f others who«p stnndpat brand of the city in debt far beyond its ability H('l"ibllcnnlFm had been responsible to pay, why—the rotten old mayor and -or adding that slt;nlflcani •"•'•nx to, j,,^^^^^^ j^,^ government could heir official titles.—Kansas City Star.' press bureau and with' the aid of s>>If- appointed committees, which Is prompted, on the part of those most clamorous In making it, by motives of selflsh, personal ambition, and which calls a man to come forward and ron- dor a pabllc service which another man has shown himself entirely capable of performing,—which scores of men are able lo perform,—presents a very different situation. This paper does not pretend to question the genuineness of the popu- • larity of ex-Presldent Roosevelt. I'n- donbtedly a very large proportion of the voters of this State and of many other States sincerely desire th:it he should again be made. President.- But is it not equally patent that the men who are most conspicuous in voicing this "demand" for Col. Roosevelt either are candidates themselvep for some office, or are avowedly for "anybody to .beat Taft?" As for those wiio are candidates themselves, is it doing them injustice to suspect that their enthusiasm for Roosevelt Is prompted by itife belief on their part that with Roosevelt at the head of the ticket their own success would more certainly, be assured? And as Quite so. And If the Star had cared to rake ^v«jr the ashes of a little more remote past It might have found another, list of names, at :!s notable as those catalogued above before which "that one significant pre fix" had been placed because of their "stand pat brand of Republicanism." There was ex-Senator Ingalls, and ex- Govornor Morrill, and ex-Representative Funston, and ex-Representative Hanback and a long line of others who were put into the "ex" list because they would not bow the knee to the Baal of Populism. But no one now seems to think any the less of these not have done much worse than llini. „Por forms of governnmnt, let fools' contest; That which Is best administered, Is best." i This paper has received a communication from a"" Chicago press bureau stating that the said bureau* will : be graciously pleased to supply to this paper without making any charge therefor, a weekly letter "dealing wRh political conditions in the Middle West." The sample letter enclosed dealt only with Robert M. Lafy>nette, and he is really not a political condi- "ex's" of the last political generation. ,^ j,,^ Middle Wert; he is mere, and the men who helped to attach that i ,y ^^,„g ^he of- prefix to their titles are not exactly : therefore, are obviously boasting about it now. It comes down equation at last. to the personal Men's natures arc flying under false colors and this paper '^regrets etc., and so forth." Makes your Hair grow long, heavy and luxuriant and we can prove it Get a 25 Cent Bottle Now and Forever Stop Falling Hair, Itching Scalp and Dandruff Hair Becomes Soft, Fluify, Lustrous and Abundant After a Danderine Hair Cleanse Danocrine is to ^the hair what fresh showers of rain and suiuhme are to vegetation. It goes right to the roots, inrigomes and strengtiiens them. Its exhibratiiig, stimulating and life-producing properties cause the hair to grow alMimiantly long, strong and beatitifuL It at once imparts a sparkl;n,rr bnlliancy and velvety softness to Uie liair, and a few weeks* uie will cause new hair to sptoot all over the scalp. Use it every day for a short time, after which two or three times a week will be suificiecft to complete whuever growth you desire. Immediately aitrr apniying ? little dirrine all dandruff «*(,'] disappear, all itrlu'ii;; rt the scalp will erase and there will be no more loose or falling Iiair. If jou wish to double the bcswiy of your hair in teii minutes surely tiy this—moisten adothVtth a little Dandetine and draw it carefully throu;^ your liair, taldiig one stnall slnnd at a liine, this will cleanse the hair of dost, dirt or any fxrisslve oil—In a few moments your hair sv.'il be wavy, fluffy and abundant and pi 'sst t ao incnmpaiable softness, lustre vyi^ the beauty sud glimmer of thie i«ir J "ilth. \ If you care fur J .«^aBliji .I, softfc^ir and iots «<f it surely g-t a 2i cent bot'Ie 4ii Knowle«a*s Vaadcrine from aaf ding «r ttiAtt amata—A read mugtSm amsio ^<tit. .%eaator Curtis sidestepped the Kan- iSi^Day Club meeting today. This is Ae first time he has been afraid to be 'o«id in.that kind of company.—Fort leott Tribune. Senator Curtis "side-stepped" the iCsnsas Day meeting because that day vas fixed by the Senate Committee on f>ensions as the day for the consider- itlon of the Sherwood and other pen- Ion bills, and Curtis remained in l^hington. where he belonged, in or- [er'that the sentiment of Kansas toward the old soldiers might be repre- jented. ^ i REFLECTIONS OF A BACHyLOR. ' Frem the New York Press. f • Rvcrv man In a parade acts tjs If Its all for him. ''; \ ihiii'; that is easy gets ver/ hard •just l )y becoming a duty.' 4 ] A man thinks he's active it- poll' tics when he knows the names-qf two I senators. i It takes a heap of conceit torvn^t to : 'hink that he is better than his'neigh­ bor and everybody has It. A girl learns to estimate meti fro.m ' cturlyinc her brothers and theji not j from studying other girl's brothers. { I'0I>TE1> PARAfiRAPII .Si; , From the Chicago News. ,• i Trouble hunters never comeShome empty-handed. i And all men are alike—except.'those j who are different. '' He who would achieve fame .'must (Tiav the press' agent. It takes a financial artist to.;draw a satisfactory check. ^ A hammer sometimes missoji itr maj;k but a boquet never. r No. Cordelia, you can't keep a secret by puttlnz it on ice. A woman's mtuition enables her to get along without judgment. ' Some women seem to think n t^alnt- cd face should go with a jilctur^ hat WATCH YOl'R HAIR, LADIES Eterni)! VlgllaBee Is the Price of^Lnx- nrlnnt and Radiant Hnfr. ' • If dandruff Kerms are devouring the nourishment, that belongs to Ihft hair It will soon begin to fall. Furthormorc It will losio Its life and lustre anii' will 'lecctn* dull, faded and pven look slovenly. 3 If you have Uny t'pns of dattfruff voi"l ought to go richt to your ftrug- .'Ist today and i,et a bottle of P^felS- j IAN SACK. This delightful a^d re- frcshlne hair tonic Is puannterfjl bv f^. B. Spencer & Co. to kill dafiaruff rf'rm'^. cipan the head of fllthy^;dan- Iruff, .<top falllnsr hair and ittihlne ! -calp or money back. And It Aloe.= lust is guaranteed to do|and 'hat's why It."* sales are so enor.yious ;he country over. PARISIAN SAGF the favorite of refined women.".'Onf '-ottle proves its sui)erIority. Miss Mildred Manley came Iii^last night from K. U. for a visit with: her ;)arents. Dr. and Mrs. .1. B. M^.^ley. until Monday. Yesterday the Jirst -emnster ended at K. U. and th6 .«etu- rlents will be idle until next we^lc. WOMAN DIZZY: PARTLY NUNiB Doctors Did Her No Goo^— Testifies How She Was Helped by LydiaELPiiiIc. , ham's Compound. T Zanesville.Ohio. - " Last fall I hatffe- male weakness very bad, and was i^r- vous and nai de'tm. I was dizzy and Had numb feelings ]and my eyes achedJ' 1 took doctoi;'s njedi- cincs but they?fli.' me no good, so t^c cided to try Lydi^'E, Pinkham's Veg ^isa- ble Compound. taiJ so, and now I |ec) stronger and 'better. I havo told o^r womaa .«h8t Idrs. Pinkham^s mcdici:w.'i have done fof- me and givo yoo pert ih- sion to publish this letter for the gooj^^i others."—Mrs. HULDA EmcKsoN.Jt: Maysville Avenue, Zancsvillc, Obio.f ^ More Proof. Burlington, Iowa. —"For years I sgj- fered a great deal from feir .ule troublesj. _,. ^ „ J , • 1, „ I Ihadawful pains and felt Eicknctirly'ti !1 , .JVhat good does It do to traipse half j ^i,^ tj^^ { Ly,^;^ ,5. P!nkh4'. #«y across the continent and spend ; Vegetabla Compound advertised B.^ ] Jfteen minutes in the office of the heard that it had helped other suflrer)Uij »j Cmtributing Editor of the Outlook if | .vomcn so I felt srjro it .\7o<ild do ir^ when yon come out on the sidewalk I good. Sure cr .ou,"h it dkL Tho again all you can say is that you can 1 5 »tUe helped nc and now I am a ctrorj w'y nothing? To be sure It geU your ^ J'*" ^o^""-- ^ name in the paper along with that 1 ^^5 Agency St, Bcrlington.S : .,f Roosevelt's, but-whafs the use? ; j^c^ r.<> C.r^hTLct § [ I The Register hopes that every farm (er In the county who can possibly do aa will attend the institute meeting w^h will be held In the K. of P. hall ia lola at 2 o'clock. Saturday, February 8. If you don't think It does any good to bold such meetings come and say so and if you can convince everybody to your way of thinking a lot of trouble and some money will be layed; and If you do think It Is good lo bold the meetings come and say so 'o encournge those who are taking a l^t of trouble to keep them g^lng. Ft«TentabIe. Maladiest—A great maj ny persons laugh at the Idea of pre- | ventlon of disease. They say: "Do i yon 8upt >ose anyone is going to be sick Just for the fun of it?" or "How ^ is anyone to avoid being sick if the i disease geh after himr' And yet In- | dubtlable facts and figures show a | frightful percentage of persons who [ die from preventable diseases. Any Intelligent person knows that-; if he goe.s but in zero''weather'with ; his coat off and his collar thrown op* | en and in summer shoes that he Is go- \ ing to get a severe illness—that he , will probably "catch his death" as i the old folks used to express it. Of | course this Is an ext.reme example. ' But where are you going to draw the ; line? There are thousands of ways of ; obtaining disease that a strong, heal- j thy perEon would laugh^t. An old | soldier who has a deep-seated case of I chronic rheumatism said to us a few I days .tgo: "During the war I was that strong and healthy that it seemed as , If a cannon ball would have some trou ! ble hurting me very much. Many a ; time after a long and fatiguing mawh '< of many miles, in the heat and diist, ; when we would go into camp at night, I would throw myself down in the wet grass, that seemed to be the most comfortable pl^e to sleep. Older men [ would say "Yotril pay for that one of these days youngster.' I could not understand why anything that didn't hurt me right then and there, could hurt me years after but I know now. If r had taken the trouble to cool off even in the w.ty that a sensible horse handler would havo us-?d to take care of his horse that had been on a heating dash: dried myself properly and cooled off by sensible degrees, the chances are a thousand to one that I wouldn't bo hanging to this pole of a walking stick, right now, and I wouldn't be having the pains that rack me day and night." This is another extreme case, but let us tell you, careless one, that when you cram your stomach with what you consider lu.xuries, and eat a big meal every time the dinner bell rings, whether .voi: want it or not: when y;;;: , sleep in a hot unventilated room; or even a cold unventilated room: or take alcoholic or unnatural stimu-; 'ants: Use tobacco in any unreasonable way; or become a coffee field: drink water that is not pure, or in- ' duige In any excess, or expose yourself unnecessarily to inclement weath erf no matter bow young and stron,? i vou are, you are laying yourself lla- ; ble to one of the preventable diseasos. | \nd yet there is nothing much more contemptible In personal habit than "molly coddling." The Home Health Club does not -idvlse that by~any manner of ni' ans. llR -temperfite, use common sense, fii;lit for iresli, pure air and the saiiie sort of watt'r; cultivate, good "humor; be kind and helpful; "Do unto oth-rs • as you would that others do tinN)-«J vou," in which the Xaznrene has said, "Is nl! the law and the prophets." and the chances are that a preventable disease will never even reach the nelitl'.horliood of your good health. Club Xolrx. Fremont N.'br. Oear Doctor: Is there any oure for carbuncle? Have been troubkd v.ith them for the last five years. Had them removed •hree times and they are still growing ind very painful I like your new department very much. A carbuncle mo.'in:^ a destruction of the skin and tissues directly beneath ft is most common with elderly or feeble persons, and produces severe constitutional symptoms. Occasionally more than one carbuncle may appear on the body at one time, and if < so the constitutional symptoms are ipt to be graver. Poultice the snot with flaxseed. ; Sprlnklt» over with golden seal. Have an Incision made across the carbun- • cle, which should bo cut deeply and ; then apply the poultice as before, al- j '(tough It should he beneficial for you i to mix it with a little powdered myrrh i and glycerine. Apply around the: edges compound tincter of myrrh. ! Change these poultices every four' hourSi also wash around the ulcerous surface with extract of witch hazel , one ounce, borax one dram, warm water one pint. A small syringe should be used.- The stream will wash [ away all accumulations. While sup-i i puration lasts these poultices should 1 be constantly applied. In order to i keep up your general health and; strength you should have a very i nourishing diet, sufiicient exercise and sleep In a well ventilated room. feels .confideiii of pure aiid wnoiesome foodwlieii us ind BakiHf Powder 1 APiire,GrapeCream^Tartar liimeJJIiospiiile Made from, Grapes mssmsssssssssssssm m NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, K.t>SAS CVER FORTY TEARS OF CO>.SEiiyATIVE BAKKOO VS lOLA Depository for the United SJates, State of Kansas, and Ailen County ' -OFklCIiR.S: U L. NORTHRUP, Presl&fct • .>' D. P. NORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. P. A. NORTHRUP, Vice-President MELVIN FRO.VK. Cashier. R. J.'-eOFfiiey; Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00. SURPLUS $20,000,00 Tnlere:,! Paid on Time Deposits Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent TOUR BUSIKEfrS SOLICITED. J Highest l ^arket Prices For HIDES and FURS ALSO FINE LUMi^t^OAL FOR SALE at— L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD PhonQ.'?14 Best Lump Coal—delivered anywhere in city,. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour, to dealers only. . Feed^ Bran, Short^^^ii Meal and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 pounds per sack—guaranteed weights. NeWcpn MMn^ & Elevator Co. PHONE 157 Willis Pereau, Agent An lola physician was called to ' Tliere is no better medicine made Ail readers of this publication are ^'eosho Falls last night to see Jir. .'or colds than Chamberlain's Cough at liberty to write for information 1 ^''"'c^' resident of that towb^-i Remedy. It lertalning to the subject of health at '.ny time. Address all communications to the Home Health Club, or Dr. David,H. Recder, I.aPorte. Indinaua, with name and address In full, and at :oaEt four ecnts in postage. who is dangerously ill. last night he was thought to be dying, but later l;e rallied, and is now bettor, although there is little hope of his ultimate recovery. acts on nature's plan, re- For a time.' Ileves the lungs, opens the secretions. :'.ids expectoration; and restore's the system to a healthy condition. -For -;ale by all dealers. M-\-^-S WE.AK1NESS. I; |j l.era j;-: rr.en are prons to be parlia! towjr^.! iSos'" l.hey love, unjust toward thoss ihcy hale, servile toward titose a'oovc them, arrogant to thoji below them and ehher harsh or overini'ulgenl lo ihsse in poverly ar^d diiiess it '» to difficult to End anv cne capab.-. of exerdsiiig n r 'J v.' jud-jment v/ith respect lo tiie qiuiilies of others.— Confucius. Ed Stanfleld left last night for Kau- stfs City gfor a brief business vl.sit. .^vUhr friends. Clarence Drlcker left yesterday for Parsons for a visit of several days Ik' the blood is poor and filleJwith tbr poisons from diseased kidneys or inactive liver, the heart is not only starved but poisoned as well. 'There arr many coo* ditions due to impure blood—such as. dropsy, fainting spells, nervous debility or the many scrofulous conditions, ulcers, '(iever-sores," white awellinis,etc. All can i>e overcome and cured by The Ottawa -Republic rememtors 'hat this is not the first time Attorney i Oarrow has been in deep water. He S Vamia? AnlBsit Wet Feet —Wet and chilled feet usually af- =ct ih? mncou.' melnbrane of the nose, •'roit and iuner3. sad la cUppe. bron- •'liSIs or ppenmOnia may reeult. v'ttch earcfitlly raitlcu'-irly the ebility^ this grand okl remedy, in«£ W.V" ""-rfMlIy rattlcu'jrly from the KwtoLl herbs Of oiaTfolS. J'f J. . *Muriic«i«^ "ouKhs give Foley s Honey and ^^S^J'^^f^^f^i^^^' <'-rr-C'XvA. It soothes the in- J^!^- •''^"i ^•••^!n^'•aBoe. aT »d heals the opened the Chanlauqua a few y^m[t^;Tt^^xl « Tal;e no subsntute. J. D. Unadis Co. Dr. Pierce's Golder! Medical Discovery This supplies pure blood—by aiding di)$E»tion, increasing assimilation and inn particji tone to the trhoic circulatory system. Its a heart tonio and a ^reet deal- more, having an alterative action on the liver and liidneys, it helps to eliminata the poisons from the blood. To enrich the blood and increose-Uifrrcd blood corputples, thereby fisedin^ the nerves on rich red blood end doinj away with nervous irritability, take DK Pierce's Goldsn Medical Uiscovidry anci do not permit a dishonest dealer to fnsult your intelligence with the" jast as good kind." The " Discovery " has 40 years ef cures behind it and cootiins ao alcohol or narcotics. Ingreidi- eats plaiaiy printed on wrapper. j'.' Dr. Pierce's Cornn^n Medip:i! Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps to pay cx|)-*nie pf -.Trapping anii inai!in^»/y. Send 31 ooe>cent stamps lor the J ^.-tTic!. cljth-fcound book. Address.- Dr. R.V. Pierce. Buffalo, N. Y. —_ ^ _ msa : '—•——' J. • V J

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