Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 1, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1912
Page 3
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9 ^ We kindly ask as many of our customers to comein thelforeiibohasjbssible^ the'ferowdis that are usually hefe in the after- NOTIONS. ISc Shawl Straps _j. . »C . ir .c Tooth Brushes . 9t . l .'ic Combs - 9c S Uoxes Moiimtng Pins 9e Hair Pin Cabinets. 2 for 9e 15c Rubber Hair Pins, 3 on a ; card 9c 2 Cards best Hooks and Eyes 9c Wire iralr Pins, 10 doz. _—9c r 4 Balls Darning Cotton —9c 2 Papers Best Pins 9c 3 cards r .c Pearl Uuttons 9c 2 cards best Safety Pins 9P • 2 10c Hair No:? -9c 15c and 19c Barretts v9c 15c Beads 9c . 10c Kid Ciirlprs. 2 bunches—9c Bone Collar Buttons, 2 doz 9c 1 lot W'asli Belts, values up to 2iir. ^--9c • 25c Brooches 9«' 2 t:ards Gold Headed Pins 9c 2 Balls Silkatten 9e 15c Ladies' Linen (|:ollars _-.9c Three 5c Wash Rags 9c 25c and nOc Hair Rolls 9c Large Asst Box Hair PinB_-_9c Fancy Turn-Overs, values up to 25c Sc Fancy Collars, slightly mussed, values up to .$1.50..'Jc TOWELS. 10 no;:. Turkish Towels, 15c values 9c 10 Vo7.. Linen finish Towels, 15c values _ . .. 9c 25c HeavT Turkish Towels, fv- •-ry fourth towel . _ 9c S noz. Barber Towels, pair .-9c 50c Towel.-^. < very 4th Towel 9c ' J^ASH GOODS. nimities. Checks and )«b»s — 9c ic!,^ndlntt Linon 9c inch &plend}d Lawns, val- s uptd 20c 9c ng Cloth" »o 1 Swiss 9c raperles, values up to iWo. 9c EniljroMerieB. values up to :9c I DliAPERIES. WhU^'She ^-.9urtain Swisses, 36 Inches «Wet •worth 12'4 and ir,c yard'^ . 9c Curtain Dri^rlcs worth up to 20 .C yard 9c 3G -lH (5h. Ffrt'cy Eciii Curtain J^^^ T'-ic values at 2 yards Teii llalterns Fancy Cretones 9c Best Quality Silkollnes, values up to 15c 9c MUSLINS. nirnred Muslin, 2 yards 9e Cnbl* ached Muslin. 2 yards___9c Fruit of ih eLooni Muslin 9c I/in.sdale Muslin 9c ;:-,ic Cambric 9c X'/ic Heavy quality L. L. Muslin. lyj yarUR-.for 9c .Ml "Of Dur'bcgl quality Muslin 9c K'.oc)kUUi • yard of the best ^i^Viing 9c Kve*y4th yard of the best Tubing • »c .\ Big Monsy Saving Opportunity. MIjXINEItY. This splendid line of Milline*y that wc have been selling at half the mark ed price. 'Club with three of your friends and btiy a hat During this, sale every fourth hat will be, only 9e' One lot <Sl CblMrcn's White .Wash Hats. - 9e. One lot ot Children's Caps, 26 and 50c values 9c PILLOW CASES. 1.5c values, splendid values 9c 20c values, every -lih Pillow Case.-9e 25c values, every 4tb Pillow Case_-»c 50c SheeU, every 4th Sheet 9e 75c Sheets, every 4fh sheet— ^Oe T)Oc SbeeU boDistitched, best quality, every fourth Sheet -—9c HANDKERCHIEFS. Men's White Cambric Handkerchiefs, narrow and wide hemstitched, two for, 9c Men's ISc fine White Handkerchief 9c Printed Pillow Top Hkfs, floral designs In fast colors tl., 9c Men's 15c Pure ijnen Hkfs. 9e Ladles' Pure Linen double hemstitched and embroidery coiber designs. worth 15c at least .-^ Oc I.adles' 15c fine Embroidered Hkfs 9e l^diesl fine White. Handkerchiefs, dou ble hemstitched, 2 tor 9c CHttDREN'S IAPS. One lot of Children's Lace and Em- , broldored Caps to be closed at 9c "KNIT UNDERWEAR, $Q Dozen Ladies' White Swiss ribbed T Vttsts, taped neck and armlets and ^ccmes In large sizes 5, 6, 7. 8, 9, 15c iiy^^^vBlueB 9c X 15c Children's Vests with and without sleeves, splendid values 9c 25c Hea\'y Winter Underwear, every Z fourth garment 9c 505 Heavy Fleeced Underwear, every - faurth garment , 9c best Union Suits, every fourth I garment : 9c ;I^~RIBBONk' ~~ ' one lot of Ribbons,.values up to 10c ya^rt. In this sale 2 yards for 9c On«) lot ot Ribbons, values up to ,25c ynrd 9e Another lot of New Satin Ribbons, in . all colons, values up to 15c 9c Our Table Linens are in a large variety, ranging from the 25c domestic goods up to the Imported Irish Linens at $2.00 per yard. The entire stock will be included in this sale. Buy all you want * Regardless of price, every fourth yard Qp will be, only , v%> We are going to close out everj'^ Ladies' Tailonnade Suit, eveij Ladies' Coat, every Ladies' Skirt, every Ladies' Jacket in stopk during this sale. Get your neighbor to club with you and come, for every fourth garment will be (kp only ROYAL WORCES'^'ER CORSET for 9c We have 50c Cotsets, 75c Corsets, $1.00 Corsets, $1.50 Corsets, ^.00 Corsets and $3.00 Corsets; all the leadipg'-makes with which you are familiar. Club with; three of your friends arid buy a Corset. Duiyng this sale every fourth Corset will be, only , We are going ti close out this entire stock of White Goods to.make room for a brand new spring line. The rej^lar selling prices ran^e from 25c to $1.00 per? yard. Buy as you will A A every fourth yard;w:;ll be c'^ DOMESTIC DEPARTMENT. Choice of our beat grade Prints in this 9c sale at 2 yds for 9c All colors Chambray Bonnet and Dress Ginghams at a yd—9e Yard wide Percale, splendid quality .—9c 12»4c Fancy Striped Ticklng_.9c 15c best quality Cheviots, fast colors 9c 1 lot of Ginghams, values up to 15c 9c I9c Dress SuIUngs, splendid values 9o 7^c Apron Ginghams, 2 yards for 9t Sc Outing, light and darki two yards <.-9c 12%c Outing, splendid heavy, quality 9c Ladies 25c Hosiery, every 4th pair »c Ladles' 50c Hosiery, every 4th pair 9c I^adlcs' tan, blue and white Hosiery, every 4th pair _ -9c Children's Hosiery in black and tan and. all colors, every 4th pair 9c Men's Hosiery, all go In this sale every 4th pair Sc STAND COVERS. 100 Pine All-Llnen Center Pieces every 4th one 9e One lot Handsome I..ithographed Pillow Tops, different . scerfea . 9c- Small Doilies, values up to 25 cents '— —_9c Jewelry Assortment 25c Brooches, Stick Pins, Collar Sets, Cuff Buttons.-.. 9c Handsome gold plated Lockets and Chains 9c Beauty Pins up to 25c, choice 9c Belt Pins, values up to 50cl-9c MEN'S FURNISHINGS. Handkerchlfs, values up to 15 cents 9c Heavy Rockford Sox — X 9e Heavy Canton FlanneV Gloves 9c •Heavy Canton Flannel Mitts 9c Sleeve Holders, 2 pair —9jj Boys' Windsor Ties flc Boys''Linen Collars 9e. Men's Bandana Hkfs. i for _-9c Men's Blue Hkfs. 2 for 9c HOSE SUPPORTERS. Children's Hose Supporters, black and white 9c ladles' 26c Hos eSupporters. every fourth pair 9e Apprentice Girls Wanted in Mfllinery Dept. All of our Fine Dress Goods and Silks that we sell at .$1.50, $1.00, 50c and 25c per yard will be put on the Nine-Cent altar of sacrifice. Pick . any Pattern you likej^.-the price of A A * the fourth yard will be, only. wl/ Sale Will Continue txntil Tuesday Nigh(> ^February 6 We Pay Car Fare 113 East Madison A Grand Collection of Towels, fringed and hemmed ends, plain white and colored borders; Without reserve, your Choice .-. .... (ip regular values at 10c, 12V<iC i5c, and 20o;— Ladies* Black Suede Boots, stage hi toe last, special— $3.00 .sr.tKT.S (•.l.'HPAl<.'> JX IXTKREST OF JiAltlE.S. S,\ TIIOKOUOII TEST. Jacob Montgomery, of Kansas City, was here yesterday for a sliort visit with W. P. Bell and other friends. —Hear Bancroft Tonight. C. O. Pearson 0!,af 01e.«on and Frank Goyette .of EUmore, are in the city today on lm.«infc.-ii. —6% Money. R. M?- Cunningham Mrs. R. R. Manna, who has been vlKiting at points In .\\v .M -xico. Is here for a visit witii Mr .and Slrf. Paul Irwin. : —The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kreaf ^Idg. Office rooms 22 to 24. C. J. Peterson returned I his niorninj: from Kansa.^ city, where he has Lbeen for a brief hiisines \h.n. Mr ^^ent to Mildred t!il.< afii'rnoun on ! business. —It will be to your Interest tr> buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klautnann 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. -Marion Beutner, of Kansas City, was liere yesterday for a brief visit with Miss Hazel BcShear. -J. M. F. .Snodirrass. Piano Tuner.: jl You have time to READ ^ these long winter evenings. Pick out a few of i"' the hundreds of. popular - Books at only Evans Bros. BOOK STOKE. Washington, D. C.,. Jan. 29.—Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, the government's pure Jood expert, is personally investigating baby food of all sorts, because the stork Is hovering over his home. Dr. AVIley's engagement to Miss Anna C. Kellon. daughter of the lale Gen. Kelton. U. S. A., announced last December a'\\fear ago, came as a surprise siolng that Dr. Wiley had experienced sixty 3< ars of bachelorhood. The wedding q\ilckly followed. Mrs. Wiley, who Is HKjddent of the Klizabeth Cady Stanton Sulfrage Club of the District- of Cohwnhia, has for several weeks post been relegating her duties to her col- li'MMies. Meantime, all the Biiffrageltes here are stitching away at all i^iifjfi. of useful and dainty trifles. IKIXK WITH L.VFOLLLTTK. TII.VT 8T.\TE FISH H.VTCIIERY. Wavhinitlon Slale l'roim'sjilve» Dump Him over for ItousetrlL T.nicma, Wash. Jan. 31..—The La- . Koll>'ti(> jiresidenlial boom in Wush- iiicion is a thing of the past. It has collBiJiscd owing to the statewide move lo elcC't Roosevelt state delegations to th< Ij.pnhlioan national convention. , 200 Car Louas of .Material Are on tlic (iround und Work Is Proceeding. Topeka, Kas., Feb. 1.—Two hundred car loads of material have been hauled to Pratt to be used in the extensions to the State Fish Hatchery. Many ear loads of it consists of the FEBRUARY FORMERLY LOXGER. Aui^stus Took a Day From the Mouth and Added It to .\ugusL One 'I hut Will Convince the Most , Speiitlriil loJn Reader. I (!ifn ^s that last arc cures that count., DoaTi's Kidney Pills niake thorough, cures.'. ' • Tbe^i following case is typical. | loj^ residents should be convinced.: The; testimony is confirmed—the ; cure listed. W," B. Kelley, 127 S. Washington \ streptt lola, Kas. says: "I suffered; [j off atfl on for fifteen years from kid- | itcy trouble and I believe it was. ' bm^nt on by hard work. If I did any ' stooping or lifting it was sure to i ' cauSBF a dull pain across my loins, i Heai>!ig Uoan's Kidney Pills highly; , spoken of, I got a l>ox at C. B. Spen-' ; cer L.. Co'.s. drug store, and I had ' not lUed them long before I was free jfrom^pain. I continued taking this ; remcfy and in a few weeks my trouble I was "PorrectPf!. I shall always have a ! good word for Doan's Kidney Pills in ' vlewiijf what they did for me." (Statement given June 6. 1905; .•f TIME IS THE TEST. Mr. Kelley was interviewed on April 27. iplO and he said: "I willingly i vprif;' the public statement I gave ' somfc^years ago. recommending Doan's The word Ftbruary Is derived from ! Kldrt^y Pills. The cure they effected the l.atin ' Fel.ruarlus," the month of '•. in ip>- case has been prmanent. I expiation, from Fcbru.-,, the Roman no*"Save no need of a kidney medi/ festival of expiation, which was held ] cine swhateyer." on Fcbr'.:;ivy l.ith ; Fo? sale "by all dealers. Price 50c. By the rr .lendar of Caesar, Pebru- ' Fostt^r-Mllburn Co., Buffalo ?>. Y.. ary hi-.d £:i days, ; xeept Leap Year, so'o fligents for the United States, when i: hai 30, Augustus took a day Re.iiember the name—Doan's—and from It and added It to his own month take^no other. . ( .\ugust, that it might not have less i ^ days ,::;ih July, dedicated to Julius (pjrsjt Published in the lola Daily Caesar. I'rivlously, August had been ! . Register, Feb. 1, 1912.) called Sextilis, and consisted of 30 ^yotlev of Final Settlement days. The Mtnte of Kansas, Allen County SE. In the Probate Court in and for said Kent Dudley, center on the loin i CouiUy. in the Matter of the Estate high school basket ball team, who has ' of Sfrah Anna Wilcox, Deceased, boon ill for the past two weeks with; Ci^,dltors and ill other persons In- pneu.iionla. Is able to be up and teretted in the aforesaid Estate are around again, and will no doubt Ite'hereiiy notified that I shall apply to able to take part In the next big game with his team mates. X.rirlv all "Progressive" leaders in ,'J'K 21-Inch pipe that will be used In he Stat, havn joined the Itoosevolt carrying water frorn the ."^innescah 423 South street. .Telephone 210. Mrs. E. W. Myler lounty superintendent, wbo has been in the southeastern part of the county insiiectlng the schools returned last night. FOR SALE—ONK WHITE BLUE- eyed Angora cat. Imiuire 41.> North Walnut. Notwithstanding the fact tl:at the ' snow and ice which were on the ground some lime ago arc almost forgotten the ice on the river is still about fire inches in thickness. —Fred Bowden, Period Decorator. Fhone iSC , ^ The eleven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. TJicmas Castle, of the country 6 - inilM ^northwest of lola, while running on the way home from school .yesterday sustained a severe fall and , y it was ijeecBsary to carry him to his ^ home. ; One of his legs, which was Jf painfully hurt, was found on examin- ' ation not to be fractured and his — other hurts were bruises which are not serious. _ FOR SALE—GOOD BICYCLE; nearly new. Inquire 312 South street. Phone <>63. ' movement, whicb also embraces doz: 'hs of men who were for LaFollette : supporters. Followrs of Senator I PflaBflp.«er. who heretofore backed river, from a point far above the hatchery, to the ponds that are already there and those that will be constructed. Great horse bafns— The Qftickest, Simplest Cough Cure ISiaat >ad CJkeapIr MaA« at Hoaie. SsTM Ton $2. the ^-Probate Court, in and for said Conrity, Bitting at the Court House In Iola*i:ounty of Allen State of Kansas,-on the oth day of March. A. D. lftl2 ;;for a full and final settlement of -.SEE THE- n: -.u Malieabie Garland With polished top. This range certainly does far outclass the rank and file of ranges. Come in and see the line and get our booklet!!! I! I! FLORIDA LAXDS .^ear good cities and transportation— liest of soil—no marsh or swamp' land—Price per acre J23 to J30. Easy terms. Excursion February 16th for further information call on Charles & Potter. - STAR DISTRICT. January 31.—Mr. Tlrebaugh sold he land long known as Dickerson's lorth quarter, to Mr. King of Garnett Vir. King will rent it we hear. Frank Dlckerson, of Colony was a . uslness visitor at Wm. Payne's Wed- PuieNutr&ioo,tq>!}u3(&g£ewh( . Forloftatfs, bvafickandGtiitJ^mgi: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hay, a en-ponnd boy, January 25th. Mrs. S. M. Dlckerson and Louise vis- ted with Mrs. Wm. Payne and Miss < i.ena Payne Wednesday afternoon. i Miss Hnttie Emerson left Friday for 1 few days' visit with Mr. Truebloods of Bronson. I J. W. Franklin spent Sunday with \ his, brother-in-law, S. M. Dlckerson, A (pick kadi prepared fa % flSiili. TakeaoMklibite. AikfbrHmlClC|'S. jvof Iff Amy miikim^ FEAST DAT AT ST. TlMOTill'S. ' ohi! n. I - A, n ^^^^ Smices to lie Held «t Spiico'. .o^^ 1 ^""^ '^^fe en _,,al Church Tomorroir: terta ned to Sunday dinner at Ed , Tomorrow the members-of St. Tim- Broulllette s. . o,l,y.g church Will observe the Feast VT 4Pn ' Ernest and Ed Powell's families vis of the Purification of the Blessed Vir- Adnv^lstrator of the Estate ot^rah ' ".^"^ ^' ^- P«>*e"« attended dl- gin There will bo three servicea A^oa wtlcox Dec^^^^^^^ • ^"'^f^^ ^^'"^^y Sunday, during the day. Hbly communion will ' /"f^. J? 1^ 92 I Misses Lena Banks and Bernice he observed at 10 o'clock in the morn, j. Payne made their usual Sunday visit Ing In the afternoon Daughters of .said Estate. ihome. the King will assemble in the church !-rats of this citv have organized a weather will permit.. Dozens of men } nate conrfi in 34 hours. This is partly ; ^ „ ^ ^, - „,;„h„,, ; Uillard club This will prove It is teams from the extreme south- i due to the fact that it is slighUy W and ,>Ir8. George Stewart and child"Sed to to be one of t^^e BI lard *est where crops were short last sum ! tire, stimulates the appetite imdiuui an ; ren, Mr. and .Mrs. J. T. Crawford. ^fKhoM^ for Governor amoKe have gone to Pratt and *in be ; fxcej^^ent,tonic, effect ^^u^^^ th^ drill team of M. W. A. Camp j f'^'iVs Hattle Emerson returned Mon- vestry for a service at 3 o'clock and day. in the evening there will be vesper - Baruck Dlckerson was in Colony worship at 7:30. The last service Monday. : wil] be preparatory to the Sunday A.mute belonging to B. Dlckerson momlrtg communion. After the ev- got down and caught in the stall Mon- ; ening service, at 8 o clock, the choir day night. P. J. Powell and A. L.;''"' practice. ' ' ' EJpierson were hastily summoned by ! and Mrs. Nau arrived home to- pUone and they and Mr. Dlckerson ! "^^y'""om Emporia, where they attend succeeded in getting It up. Its leg was i^d convocation ceremonies. The* tttought at first to be broken but as ''•elr guest Miss Jaliaq. proved-to be badly bruised. Smith of Topeka. who will spend a i few days in lola. • Walter Hahriltoa, G. H. r.«vaney. L. Miss Linda Black. The presented Mr. Black with a i ofnaniented with the liees Became Stiff and gaiiie dei)artment is now under . the Sugar Syrup, 'it keeps 'perfectly, the jurisdiction of the State Univer- ™M a teaapoonful every one, two or I tnree nonra. • Pino U one of the oldest and Best -Hear Bancroft Tonight. Tried to Smoke a Cartridge. Salina, Kas., Feb. 1.—Wm. Brown. Yearn of Severe Rheumattsm i _f The cure of He :irj- J. Goldstein. U ' TJarlon Street. Buston, M/iss., is ar.oth- , er yictorj' by Hood'.s SarRip.iriIIa. • Tills .great ir.odlcine baa nueceeded i;i aiany ca.«^es ivhere others hi • failed. Mr. Goldstein eays. » rnicUtins p:>in. My ki.ees would b- ' .^'^ tobacco in his MVB endwred it to thoaswds of bous!^ ' ' com* as stiff as etiet I tried many ' I 'ocl^^l which there was a 22 call-! >«> the United States and Cima^ It relief, ihcrt took , ber cartridge. When he applied the i J ^Jifil Jj*Pfe^ Pl«a hat heeo • ~- t~ ..lo iMnjtaied often, hot never ro«»Mfnlly. C. E. Newton lays claim to the honor c' being the owner of the most interStsting freak in lola. He has a lemc';!i tree, growing and flourishing, and Jiind you, -right here in lola, de- ?p1tf V the wintry weather, and its brasxihes are absolutely loaded" doWn with,;fruit "V 1 had an orchard of Ive'Year, of Severe Rheumatism i ^ricar Bancroft Tonight ] ^r.^v'^'^'^J^L^J^J^l concentrated oomponnd of Norway white pipe extract, and is rich in Kuaiaool and Rucceeaed m • • ' • i *'* "ther natnral healint; elements. , ^ have utterly ' a farmer, probably crippled himself ; Other preparations will not work la tb|a | 'en)c.{» traes bearing like that one." rs: ."I ouf- for life last evening by an accident i fomula. , | said> Mr. Newton .this morning, "I ..... . _ ._ __ . Ti.- 1. w. f 4v: !~'coul1 retire in a few years." The free . grows' from n Jardihier in the Kewtrn home, standing about twenty medicines without relief, then took -r -V* "''''T" :r i ««JUted often, b«rt never fu^^ Inch.;|i high. Tlje trunk of the trSe la Hoods Sarcapariiia. f.oon felt in.vh match to the tobacco in his pipe the gamnl^otlSb£lttta u^^i'or abort the size of a man's finger, and better, and now consider myself -ti- i cartridge exploded, the bullet going money pramptly refunded, goes with this ttemonf on it. of which their are cured. I re<omiiiei;d Hofwl'd." ' through his right hand- redpe. Yonr ^lugtrist has Pinex, or will Dodors Ds^ TUis for V. CriS Evans. ^-Commlsslainer of Health, say«:{ "There 13 almost DO relation bc- tweeifi skin diseases and'the blood)" The •kin must be cared through the skin. The Kcnna must l>o washed out: and alt aalvas thave Ions: a;;o been found wortfa- lesai The most advanced phyniclaiw of this country arfi now agreed on this, and crlbins a wasir'of wtntei^grcea. •«u' cbocolatcd tobleU called 8ar«at«lis. —Hear Bancroft 'Tonight. today In UFual liquid form or get it for you. If not send to Tho Fioex Co., tt. Wayne, Ind. . fortr'-plx, oy actual count, range In alzeV-from the point of a pencil to th'0 «ise of a bean. tJiyiDoI and other Inirredlenta ftor eczema a' »ther skin diseases. -'.TMS compound i! known OS D.D.D. Prescription lor 3Bcx< JUL • . • Dr. H< Iniee. the well known akin spe- rUiIliit writeo: "I nm convinced that the P.D.n. Ptescription Is as much a BpecMlc fur ecreriia as quinine for malaria. We have bepAprcBcrlblnK the V.lXV. remedy for yearsL Wa, ouVsolvea vouch for tha D.D.D.. Prescription for eczema, and absoInteH' , iniarantee that it wlH take away the The; Itch the instant you apply it. . j If you are sufTcrinB from any faria.of ckin trouble we would like to have yoit come to our store, for we have bad the aftency of this remedy for so -^naajt yeara that we can tell yon all «boqt 1>.I).D. Prescription and bow It .ourea eczema. In fact we are BO sure of what M.D.D. wilt do for you that wa will b«i glad to.let you have a }1 tKittle on our guarantee that It ..Will .cost you nothins unles.1 you And tliat it does the work,'For that toatter a ,trlal bottle for 2Si ought to be enough to absolutely prove tne mcrlti of tha.rcmedy. : Prop into our store anyway and wo win tell you all about this great remedy. \ BCRRELL'S DKUO STOKE—WEST SIDE SQDABE.

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