The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 18, 1961 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1961
Page 6
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1 THE OTTAWA HERALD *> Saturday November. 18, 1961 News Briefs Princeton community club will meet Monday at. 8 p.m. Patrons are asked to bring sandwiches for refreshments. Choice SuiuluV dinner menu. N"rlh American Coffee Shop. Adv. Earl C. Ikenberry. 48, 819 N. Poplar, posted a $50 bond after being cited by police early to:lay on a'charge of being drunk in public, according to police records. Your Prescription Drug Snvdcr Pharmacv, 318 S. Store, Main. Adv. For an evening of fun, see Moicre's "The Imaginary Invalid" presented by Ottawa University Players—Tonight, Sat., Nov. 1.8—Curtain time 8:00 p.m., Ottawa U Auditorium. Admission, Adults $1.00, Students 50c. Tickets on sale at the box office. Adv. The land and water program planning committee will meet in the Coop Monday at 1:30 p.m., according to Don Brown, county agent. MRS. AMERICA FINALISTS — Five finalists in the Mrs. America competition at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., pose on seaside balcony. They are. from left: Mrs Howard II. Schultz, St. Paul, Minn.; Mrs. Donald H. Douglas, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Mrs. .lames A. Rodican, New Haven, Conn.; Mrs. H. Russell Martin Jr., Savannah, Ga., and Mrs. William H. Wendt, Springfield, Mo. Funerals MRS. NETTIE H. DEARING Services for Mrs. Nettie H. Bearing, who died Nov. 13, were held at Dengcl Mortuary Nov. 17. Dr. Raymond P. Jennings official, ed. Pallbearers were Lewis Turner, William Becker, A. C. Morrison, Harry T. Loyd, Gail 0. Nilcher and 0. L. Breckenridge. Mrs. A. H. North sang hymns accomnanied by Mrs. R. L. S!ev- Burial was in Highland Look For Bogus Check Writer ens. Cemetery. Attending in groups were members of the Auxiliary of Franklin County sheriff's officers are looking for a man in his late 20s who uses a telephone directory in his work. The man, according to Sheriff Max Gilmore, uses telephone directories to find the address and telephone number of a "Harrill". In Ottawa, Gilmore said, the Spanish American War Vctoraans | man used the address of James and Hazel Robckah Lodge No. D. Harrill, 930 S. Maple, on checks 175. Proclaims Red Military Might . MOSCOW (AP) claimed today the - "Red Star Soviet Union has rocket warheads equivalent to ino-million tons of TNT, plus rockets that can "lift and deliver any warhead to any points on the plobc." The claims were made by the official military newspaper in an article that denounced Westerners who belittle Soviet rocket cap-, abilities. The article was written by Col. Gen. V. F. Tolubko and was published in connection with Soviet Artillery Day Sunday. Premier Khrushchev announced Oct. 17 in opening the 22nd Soviet Communist party congress that the Soviet Union has a 100-megaton nuclear bomb—equivalent to 100-million tons of TNT. passed at Edminslon's, Rom stedt's, Cheney's Farm Market and the A & P. The checks passed at the three grocery stores reportedly were for $20 each, Gilmore said, with the check at Edminston's being for $13.21. He added lhat the man also is wanted for impersonating an army officer. Another man wanted on a charge of passing at least one bogus check is in custody at Atchison, he said. The man, Steven Samuel Owen III, about 19, reportedly opened a checking account at the Kansas State Bank here Nov. 9, using the name Robert Oakson, then wrote five checks for $10 each, Gilmore explained. "The first check cleared." he explained. Those for $10 each at A & P, Wool worth, Scott's and the Pence Food Center did not clear. He is charged in County Court with drawing and passing a $10 insufficient funds check at the Pence Food Center. Don White, county attorney, said today lhat he expected to file the other charges as obtaining money under false pretenses. Agree With These Fast Conclusions? Highways Dangerous TOPEKA (AP) - Roads were open throughout Kansas today but the Highway Patrol warned that snow is making them slick in spots and potentially dangerous. Only the southeasl section of the state has completely clear high ways. Bridges are particularly apt to be, slick. The patrol gave this breakdown by divisions: Northeast: Snow falling, some slush and slick spots. North central: One to two inches on the ground from Minneapolis north and east. Some slick spots, mostly on bridges, which are being treated; some fog in Mankato area. West and northwest: One to three inches of snow, all roads slick. Southeasl: No precipitation, roads normal. South central: Snow falling in the Hutchinson, Great Bend and Wichita areas; fog near Great Bend. Southwesl: Four inches of snow along the western border and down to one inch in the eastern part of the division; light snow falling from Garden City east; all highways open but slick. Hospital Notes Emissions Roger E. Brink, 727 W. 5th; Friday. Ralph Curby, 420 W. 4th; ilrs. George 1 Hutchison, 810 S. oplar; Saturday. dismissals Mrs. Eugene Demeny and in- ant daughter, 107 S. Oak; Mrs. Leslie L. Johnson, 748 S. Poplar; Friday. Would "Bug" Ocean Floor WASHINGTON (AP) - A proposal to bug the ocean floor with thousands of underwater microphones to warn against submarine intruders is under consideration by the Navy. The underwater alarm system SOO to 1,000 miles offshore, would be forbidingly expensive. A less expensive technique of underwater surveillance also was under discussion this week at a secret Navy meeting on underwater sonar techniques. This system, using the still secret towflex technique, would involve towing the sounding device, called a hy- drophone, from a blimp, helicop- i ler or surface ship. Bv putting distance between the underwater microphone and the towing craft the craft's own noise would be less likely to interfere with the detection device. The three-day conference of the Office of Naval Research at White Oak, Md., was so hush-hush, one participant said, that even the midmeeting cocktail party was classified and the bartenders had to be cleared for security. / The bugging technique would involve planting perhaps as many as 9,000 hydrophones, called bottom-mounted transducers, beyond the Continental Shelf in the Atlantic. The system later could be installed also in the Pacific. Bugging the ocean bottom at depths as great as 15,000 or 17,000 feet would require development of hydrophones capable of withstand- On The Business Side Error The Only Thing One Sees? By DON SHIPMAN As typographical errors have been brought to our attention frequently by readers of this column, we feel these readers and others might enjoy the following: THE TYPOGRAPHIC ERROR The typograhphic error is a slippery thing and sly; You can hunt until you're dizzy, but somehow it gets by. Till the forms are off the press it's strange how still it keeps, It shrinks into a corner and stirs never peeps. or Shipma* The typographic error is loo small for human eyes. Tiii the ink is on the napcr. when it grows to mountain size. The boss, he stares with horror, then tears his hair and groans; The sad sack who okayed the proofs just drops his head and moans. For all the other printing may be as clean as clean can be, But that typoghaphic error is the ONLY thing you can see! In a survey conducted by the Bureau of Advertising, the majority of merchants throughout the country, 79.1 per cent, will kick off their Christmas promotion prior to, or on, Thanksgiving Day. Only 17.3 per cent will wait until December to launch their Minuteman Test Planned CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) —An accelerated Minuteman test- firing program is on tap following the first successful launching of the missile from an underground silo. The 58-foot rocket, a weapon geared for the split-second demands of pushbutton war, darted from the 90-foot-deep pit Friday and raced 3,000 miles downrange. By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-Jumping to conclusions, and how many do you agree with? Most books on how to achieve success are written by people you never heard of before. A woman will believe any man who flatters her beauty, but always doubts a man who praises her choice of hats. If science ever perfects pushbutton weather control, the guy who pushes the button will be the man in America, isn't any kind of most hated There just weather that pleases everybody. Any goal in life is still possible for a teen-ager who studies in a home that'has neither TV set nor telephone. We might never have heard of Abraham Lincoln if he had been born after Alexander Graham Bell. YES, HERALD WANT ADS are bargains. For as little as 70c you can rent an apartment, sell your home, get that bicycle Junior wanted, or SELL OR BUY ANY ARTICLE YOU HAVE OR WANT. HERALD WANT ADS have been proved successful. Phone CH 2-4700 The only admirable trait I know of in heavy gamblers is that, unlike the occasional bettor, they rarely complain publicly about their losses. It seems to be part of their unwritten code to take the blows of chance in silence. A poor man always pays his grocery bill first; a man living ostentatiously beyond his means generally pays his grocer last—if he ever does. The surest way to lose a girl you are courting is to send her fresh flowers every day. The surest way to keep from boring her is to borrow money from her. No woman can ever lose interest in a man who owes her money. It takes more real courage to learn to eat raw oysters than it does to rob a bank. On the surface we like the companionship of those who share our vices, a comradeship often born of necessity. Deep within us, however, we despise them for being as weak as we are. A boss may be telling the truth when he says he doesn't want to be surrounded by "yes men"—but he does want to be partly surrounded by them. There is nothing lonelier or more frightening than to be in power without someone around to assure you that you are wise. Many of us take pride in keeping up with what is going on in Ihe world. But not one man in five over 40 years of age can name three new popular tunes written this year. Most can't even name one. It takes more than honesty for grownup person to keep a completely truthful diary of what he does and thinks. He has to be pretty foolhardy, too. The poorest investor in the world is a man who deliberately seeks happiness by marrying a wealthy woman. I For some reason, a left-handed girl holds a mysterious fascination for a right-handed man. He thinks she may be different from other girls. She isn't. Churchgoers who read astrology books and also carry a rabbit's foot for good luck are merely trying to play both ends against the midle. Optimism never dies. Even in such a cynical age as ours there axe still people who believe the pictures they see in seed catalogues. Deaths ing great pressures. Some of the experts at the meeting said they were not sure thai the plan was feasible. Local Markets Soybeans $2.20 1.83 1.65 .90 1.12 1.07 AARON M. SMITH Aaron M. "Matt" Smilh, 83, 619 Cleveland, died Friday al 2:30 p.m. in Ransom Memorial Hospital afler a two-week illness. A retired farmer, he had lived in and around Otlawa for 54 years, moving from Illinios. He farmed many years in the Rantoul area. After reliring from he farm, he worked as custodian at Franklin County courthouse or ten years, retiring in 1951. He was born Oct. 30, 1878, al Muncie, Ind., and was Ihe son of Aaron and Ellen (Collins) Smith. He married Viola Smith Dec. 25, 1900, in Chautauqua County. He was a member of the United Brethren Church. Surviving are the widow, three daughters, Mrs. Lucile Hayden. Otlawa; Mrs. Euell Baker and Mrs. Earl Allan, Williamsburg; three granddaughters and nine great-grandchildren. One son, Charles E. Smith, aand five brothers and sisters are deceased. Services will be at McVey Mortuary Tuesday at 2 p.m. Rev. Charles P. Knight, will officiate. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery. Wheat Milo Rye Shelled Corn Ear Corn .. Oats 75 Barley 1-02 Butterfat 48, 43 Eggs, straight run 20 Eggs, graded 32, .24, .20 Cocks W Hens 01 KC Markets KANSAS CITY lAP) — Cattle: compared with last week's close: slaughter steers to 50-76 higher; heifers to 50 higher; calves and vealers steady; stockers and feeders to 35 higher; good to prime steers 22.75-26.00; good to prime heifers 22.50-27.00; good to choice and fancy stockers and feeders 32.00-26.50; good to choice and fancy steer and heifer calves 22.50-32.00. Sheep: lambs 50 higher; ewes to 25 higher; feeder Iambs steady; good to prime lambs 14.00-16.00, cull to good ewes 2.50-5.25; good to choice and fancy feeder lambs 10.DO-12.00. Hogs: barrows and gilts to 10 lower; sows to 25 lower; 1-3 and some 2-3 180-250 Ib barrows and gilts 15.75-16.25; 2-3 287 Ib 15.35; 1-3 sows 270-400 Ib 14.00-15.25; 2-3 400-600 Ib 13.25-14.50. promotion. About 16 per cent surveyed plan to start their promotion earlier than a year ago. The fact that sales and profits have been down the past year, and customer resistance in some areas has to be met headon is the reason for earlier-than-usual promotion plans. television and radio sales and service. Rental of formal wear for high school students is paying off for the Sherkow men's shops in Milwaukee. The business started in 1938 as one store with a stock ol eight tuxedos and eight tail coats. Today there are four Sherkow shops located in different sections of Milwaukee renting tuxedos tails and cutaways. Price is im portant to high school students and all the stores rent forma attire for $9.50 This includes shoes shirt, tie, studs and cuff links, as well as the tuxedo. In addition. Sherkow also sells winter and summer tuxedos for an average price of $70. The Dun & Bradstreet Daily Wholesale Commodity Price Index of 30 basic commodities (1930-1932 equals 100) was 271.51 on Wednesday Nov. 15, against 272.83 a week ago. The weekly Wholesale Food Price Index, representing the total of the price per pound of 31 foods in general use, remaining the same as last week at $5.90. This is 2.8 per cent below the corresponding level of last year. The local chapter of the Life Underwriters Association held its regular monthly meeting Friday at the North American Hotel. Otto Schnellbacker and Lloyd Hall, Topeka, spoke on legislation that should be inacted to protect citizens of Kansas when buying Life insurance. The local chapter is composed of agents from a 4 county area. Robert L. Shields, Otlawa, is program chairman of the group. To Ask Bids On Qieney Dam WASHINGTON (AP)-The Interior Department announced today it will call for bids within 60 dayi on the Cheney Dam in Kansas. It will be an earthfill dam of 7.7 million cubic yards. Bids are to be asked next April for the 3.3 million cubic yard Norton Dam in Kansas and the 2.7 million cubic yard Norman Dam in Oklahoma. The proposed bid-call dates and other information were given in the Reclamation Bureau's advance construction bulletin. It dealt with projects in the West which are estimated to cost $130 million. More than 100 jobs art involved. Legate (First Published November 11. l«Mt (Lust Published November 25. l»8i» In the Probate Court of Franklin County. Kansas Jn the Matter of the Estate of Charlie W. Simmons, dejcused. NOTICE OF HEARING The State of Kansas to all Persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed In the above Court by Everette B. Simmons, named at Executor In' the Will of Charlie W Simmons, said Will bearing date of July 20, 1961, and filed with said petition praying for the admission of said Will to Probate and for the Issuance, of Letters Testamentary to Everette B. Simmons as Executor thereof; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 5th day of December. 1861. at l'>:00 »• m. of said day. In said Court, In th« City of Ottawa, Franklin County. Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein Judgment and decree will bi entered In due course upon the »ald petition. Ererette B. Slmmoni Petitioner John B. Plerson Attorney for Petitioner Lead In World Bowl Tourney CHICAGO (AP) -Ed Lubanski of Detroit and Marion Ladewig of As each year passes, more and Grand Rapids, Mich., were lead- HOGAN — Funeral Serv- t ice for William E. Hogan will be conducted from Sacred Heart Church Monday Morning at 10: a.m. The Rosary will be recited from Towner's Chapel at 8 p.m. Sunday evening. Interment in Highland Cemetery. Kh rush Kin In New York NEW YORK (AP) - Soviet Premier Khrushchev's son-in-law is in this country to do a series of stories on political and economic matters in America. Alexei Azhubai, who also is chief editor of Izvestia, a government-owned newspaper, arrived Friday night from Moscow. He said he would work in New York and Washington. more non-food items are being added to grocery shelves, and to customers' shopping carts. A recent study by the Agricultural Experiment Station at. Purdue University, shows nearly 80 per cent of the shoppers in food stores put at least one non-food item in their baskets while 6 per cent have nothing else. In one midwest area where the survey was made, an average of $4.59 is spent for a "basket of groceries," which includes two non-food and 10 food items. Tobacco products lead the list of non-food items in dollar value; soaps and detergents, health and beauty aids come next, followed by "household care" items and paper products (napkins, tissues, paper plates, etc.). If a man shops alone, one out of every five items he puts into his cart will be nonfood. Women shoppers buy only 17 per cent non-food items. In the stores studied, a man shopping alone spent an average of $3.09; his wife, also alone, bought $4.21 worth of groceries. Together they averaged $8.77 and if they brought the children along, the bill ran to $11.47, Supermarkets that make it attractive for families to shop together will reap the benefits. Lee Casida, manager of the Anchor Savings Association office in Ottawa, announced today that the total amount of monev placed in savings accounts in the Ottawa office has reached a figure of more than 11 million dollars as of Nov. 7. This is an even million- dollar gain in savings over the past 12 month peroid. The Malott Hardware and Appliance Store is now a franchisee! dealer in this area for Motorola ing today after the first day of qualifying in the $48,000 fifth annual World's Invitational Bowling Tournament. Lubanski, the 1958 champion, set a new first-day record of 1,390 pins in competition with 128 bowlers finishing their first six of 24 games in the qualifying round. He had games of 245, 246, 269, 224, 171 and 235. Leo Mann of St. Paul, Minn., hit 1,380 to finish close behind Lubanshi. Both bowlers eclipsed the previous mark of 1,367, set in 1960 by Johnny King of Chicago. Mrs. Ladewig, the defending and 1957 champion in the women's division, had 876 for her first four games in the qualifying round. She had games of 211, 215, 201 and 249. Phyllis Notaro of Brant, N.Y., was in second place with 823 pins. Want Ads Phone CH 2-4700 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE 11 a.m Daily Except Saturday—10 a.m. Save lO%--PayCash 10 per cent Discount on Local ads paid by 5 p m. following day. WANT AD PER WORD RATES 1 insertion per word 4« 3 insertions per word lOc 6 insertions per word ........ 15c 26 insertions per word 60c Minimum charge 70c Card of Thanks 4c per word — 70c min. 1 inch Lodge Notices set with emblem $1.00 emblem $1.50 2 insertions no change .. |1.50 Classified Display (Local) 13e per line. Out of trade territory, 5c per word per insertion, no discount Classified Display (National) 20c per lint Special Discount Contract Rates Available RECORD SMITH — Funeral Services for Mr. Aaron M. "Matt" Smith long time resident of Franklin County who passed away yesterday afternoon, will be conducted from the Mortuary Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock. Rev. Charles P. Knight officiating. Interment Highland Cemetery. McVey-DENGEL MORTUARY Ph. CH 2-2323 Postpone Visit To Cemeteries Plans for a visit to Indian Cemeteries by members of the Franklin County Historical Society have been changed, it was announced today. It had been planned to meet tomorrow at 2 p.m., at Chippewa School to go to Chippewa and Muncie Cemeteries. The trip has been postponed and a date will be announced later, it was said. Confidence Vote. BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP)-Premier Rashied Karami's newly formed 14-man cabinet won a vote of confidence in Parliament today. The vote was 63-18. Card jp_f_ Thanks —4 We deeply appreciate and wish to thank everyone who helped so very much during the fire that destroyed one of our buildings. Your wonderful help saved our other buildings from burning. Again we wish to say many thanks.-Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Heidner, Owen Heidner. The Ottawa Elks Urge You to ... Hear . . . ED WILTSE and See . . . "Communism Encirclement" Memorial Auditorium Monday, Nov. 20 - 8 p.m. It's FREE. This message sponsored by OTTAWA 1 * LEADING fUNHAl DIMCTOtt J1NCI 11*1 Blanche Lamb SALE DATES Jack Nelson Phone 4-F-43. Pomona. Kas. Overbrook Llventoct Sale, Ovtrbrook, Kansas. Every Wednesday. Gordon James Phone Feed Store - CH 2-5598 Home - CH 2-1460 Ottawa Market Sale located one mil* East of Main on Wilson, every Saturday. 1 p.m. Nov. 30 — Union Chapel Church donation sale Monday afternoon at on* o'clock, located 2 miles east of Rock Creek School on the Rantoul Road. Ernest Arnold Ovcrbrook, Kansas Phone MO 5-3236 No*. 18 — Franklin County Bale C»., Wilson It Locust, Ottawa, Kansas. Nov. 20 — Everett Vallier, Farm Sail, west edge of Quenemo on Hi-Way «*, at 11:00 a.m. Nov. 21 — Osage City Livestock Sale, Osage City, Kansas. Nov. 24 — Emporla Livestock Sale Co., Emporla, Kas. Nov. 25 — Franklin County Sale Co, Wilson <i Locust, Ottawa, Kansas. Myers Bros. Phone Centropolis Claude-918 Howard—«. Ottawa RFD 4. Franklin County Sale Company XTery Saturday. Locuit b Wilson, Ottawa, Kas. Harold Stewart & Charles Beatty Harold - CH 2-4836 Charles — Lyndon, Kansas Nov. 18 Fr. Co. Sales Co.. Wilson * Locust Streets, Ottawa. Kansas. Nov. 21 — Postponed Sale — Mary A. Barlow Estate, B35 King- Street, Ottawa, Kansas. Nov. 21 — Night Consignment Horg* Sale, Neosho Livestock CommlssloB Co., Neosho, Mo. Nov. 25 — Fr. Co. Salei Co., Wilion * Locust Streets, Ottawa, Kansas. Nov. 30 — Night Consignment Hortu Sale, Ottawa Livestock Commission Co. Dec. 11 — Flint Hills Auction, Hor»» consignment sale, Florence, Kansas. Dec. 11 — Night consignment hors* sale, Ottawa Livestock Commission Co., Ottawa Kansas. Dec. It — Neosho Livestock Commission Co., Night consignment Honu sale, Neosho. Missouri. Printy and Son Ben Printy "Cap" CH 2-1974 CH 2-1201 Community auction tvery Tuiidty night T p.m.. 1136 N. ifmln. Community sale •vjry Tbuitday UM M. Itofe.

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