Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1912
Page 6
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THE g)LA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVBNINq JANUARY 31,191^. TILL THE TBUE MESyP L P. CEMEXT PLANT IDLE TTSUL WABEUOUSES ABE EXPIIED. SHERIFF. BARNES' REGOm Bellered That Shntdown Tanlght WUl last for Possibly Tito Montbs— Son for Bock Boads*. Three Doctors Failed/ Clinging on tenaciously, even after all the otoer cement mills in this district were closed down the lola Portland Cement Company last night bowed to inevitable trade condi^lftis and bulging warehouses and orderad a temporary shutdown. Two bundled men were "laid off and tonight in additional one hundred will be ap^ti- ; ficd that their services are not vVe- qulred until further notice. - It is'be­ lieved that the shutdown wiU last Jlx- ty days at least. In all, about 300 men must find something else to do fortbe intervening period. There will bopos sibly a little distress but no disaster. On previous occasions there haVe bfen temporary shutdowns and eik&h time relief has been provided for^Ae unfortunate workmen as far W Itlpr^s ixjssible to do so. In this crlsls/'the roclv rond contract looms up big on I lie liorlzon. The county commissioners sliould in.sist if it Is legally possible to do .so, that the contractors who get the jobs employ HOME liAHOIl. There are three hundred men avuilable now for rock roads and all of tlii-m know something about the use of explosives In quarrying and the liandling of rock in >;enernl. Practic- ! ally cxperiencfHl worknien may be employed now by any contractor who (;<-ts this work and it is assumed that | none of the cement plant employes | who are out of employment would turn | down the offer of a Job on the rock roads . The contracts will be awarded •>• witliln a week and within ten days, if weather condition^ continue favorable there should be work for scores of llie unemployed. A.s for the cement plant shutdown i! i.s due slmpl.v to the overproduction of cement. The lola Portland ware liuusps are full and trade conditions must improve and some of it be moved before the plant can again be operated. It is to be hoped that this will not be more than sixty days at the longest The lola Portland holds the enviable record of having kept its mill In operation longer and with fewer shutdowns than any other plant in this part of the country, but even this fwnpany must be governed by trade conditions and the shutdown causes i .j, no more regret among the-employes ' than it does among the officials. Penina*s Work in this Desperate Case the Talk of the County. mix m mi m FUTUBES BULGE A LITTLE.ON AC COUNT OF BUS8IAN BEF0BT8. ' Cattle a Few Points Higher Bat Hogs Not 80 Strong as Yes* terdaf. (By the Ansoctated Fr«as} Chicago, Jan. 31.—Pessimistic reports regarding Russian shipments and lighter Australian offers and light Chicago receipts, boosted wheat^ The opening was %@% lower. May* sUrted »l.d2 to %@%, loss to %@% Waif for Our White Goods Opening Saturday, Feln*uary Bn! ' ' • == ^gg^^s&n 'aa^^^^ ===== HEUTIVES CARE FOB CHILD 67%: Sept €7%. ormer Moran Man ySua Charged wilk Gross Neglect. OAT«i—Mav^lTi- Tiilv i7U- <?ent •'. ^^'^^ Tribune: Presley Elmer, 41^ ^®P*-;Barr. the seven year old son of John I •on-Dxr To- •I--A. «-^«i<:ot:. T „ ' Barr, Who had a hearing before Pro- PORK-rrJan. $lo.<0; May $16.25; Ju--. ,,„. „ „O.,I„„H..„ ..i.. ly $16.42% @16.45. LAR—Jan. |9.20#9.25; May 19.40; July $9.S2%@9.53; Sept $9.65@9.67% Chicago LlTestook. Chicago, Jan. 31.—CATTLE, receipts 12.000; market firm. Beeves |4.85@8.45: Blockers and feeders $3.65 @6 .00; cows and heifers $2.20 ®6.75. HOGS—Receipts 44 ,000; market fair ly active to a shade lower. Lights $5.65 ®0.20; mixed $5.90ft^6.33; heavy $6 .00 ®6.37%; rough $6.OO0«.15; pigs $4 .00I5 >5.35. Mr. n. W. D. Harnes. px>ShcrIfT of Wnrren Counly, Tennessee, In n li'lU'r from SlrMlMnville, Tenn., writes: "I liad throat trouble and hud three dorlors treating nie. All failed to do mo any good, and prononnred niy health );one. I concluded to try Peruna, and after using four bottles can sny I was entirely curc«L'' St. Louis Groin. St Louis, Jan. 31.—WHEAT, close— [ May $1.00%; July 94%. CORN—May 69V6; July G8V6@%. OATS—May 52%; July 46%. Catarrh of Throat. Mr. C. Happy, Hardin, Kay Co., Mo., writes: "1 can safely recommend Peruna as a remedy that will cure all catarrhal trouble.s. "It was of great benefit to me, as it cured me of catardi of the throat, and 1 took a very IfSO cold and had lagrippe last iMbriiary. it settled in iny throat and lungs. I took three bottles of Peruna and It cured me. "1 highly recommend it to all who arc sick, and I am glad to add my endorsement to that of otJjers." SL Lonis Livestock. St Louis, Jan. 31. —CATTLE receipts 3 500; marget higher. Native steers $4 .50 ®8 .n0; cows and heifers $.1.00(0 )6.50; stockers and feeders $3.50 ®5 .50. . , • HOGS—Receipts 9.500. Strong. Pigs great pleasure to test fy to the merits and lights $4 .50®6.3.=J; mixed $6.15® of Peruna as a remedy for catarrh. ; 6 .45; heavy $6.30@6.45. "I suffdred for some time with chronic nasal catarrh, but after fiye • Kansas City Grain, months* treatment, during which time | Kansas City, Jan. 31.— WHEAT re- I used seven bottles of Peruna, I am , ceipts 34 cars. Cash wheat unchang- Chronlc .>usal Catarrh. i Mr. Charles H. Stevens. 122 16th St, i Detroit, Mich., writes: "It affords nie; "MyRDEeiYSlEefCOLUPSE pleased to say that 1 am entirely well.; ed. No. 2 hard $1.05@1.11; No. 3, $1.- there not being the slightest trace of 02%®1.09; No. 2 red, $1.00®1.01; No. -catarrh left Peruna is witiiout doubt 3, 98®99V6. Close—May $1.01%@ (In my mind) the greatest remedy; 1.02 bid; July 94% sellers, known for catarrh." i CORN—Unchanged to %c higher. Aiv r T» Ai r No. 2 mixed, 68®%; No. 3, 67; No. 2 Ask Your Druggist for a Free Peruna Almanac for 1912 white, 69®%; NO. 3 67%®68. ciose —May 69@% bid; July 67% bid. • • — • . j OATS—Steady to Tilgher. No. 2 ^ ' white. 5'3®55; No. 2 mixed, 50%@52. inXKS WITH UKAUTIE.S. Discarded Clothing Aroused Report of Crime. A tramster in the city street depart- nipnt was driving along the road west of lola late yesterday afternoon. About two miles out of town he saw a bundle of clothing near a pile of brush. At first it gave him no concern, but as he drove along toward town he became excited. Someone may have been murdered! Or, maybe, com mUted siilcldo! After these thoughts flashed info his mind, the teamster couldn't drive fast enough A T riving at the police station he told the officers what he had seen. Chief Cof- fleld. Officers Christy and McPherson drove hastily to the spot directed. They found a ccmplete set of wearing npjjarel, but no corpse and no ti^ce of crime. The officers "fell" for the call, believing that the elderly man who disappeared from his home early Monday morning might have harmed himself. The Usual "Romance" Ending. Elyria, Ohio, Jan. 30.—Mrs. Lillian Huntington Dawley, sixteen years old, i daughter of Commodore W. R. Huntington of the Sandusky Yacht Club and heiress to the big Huntington estate jn Cleveland was granted a divorce today from Noyes Rand Dawley, eon of a Charleston, W. Va.. Tjanker, with whom she eloped last April. At the time of their marriage the bride and groom wore students, the one at Briar Cliff and the other at Asheville North Carolina. At a meeting of the Mothers' club in Builders' Chapel this afternoon, Mrs. H. B. Enfield read the poeni. "The Call of Kansas." Mrs. Enfield Is a cousin of Miss Clark, author of the poem. ; RYE—95® 96c per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $21® 22; choice prairie $14@14.50. I BROOM CORN—$70@140 per ton. Kansas City Livestock. j Kansas City, Jan.'31.—CATTLE, re! ceipts 6,000; market steady to 10 cents higher. Native steers $5.40@8.0O; cows and heifer^ $3.00® 6.25; stockers and feeders $4.00@6.50; b(ulls $3.75©3.50; calves $3.50®7.2.".. HOGS—Receipts 16,000; five lower. Heavy $6.25®6.35; packers and butch, ers $6.00@6.30; lights.$.'>.60®6.15. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Jan. 31;—BUTTER— ; Creamery 3Cc; firsts 33; seconds 32; i packing stock 24. EGGS—Extras 36c: firsts 33; seconds 23. I DIDN'T WANT TO GO, ANYWAY— Take it from me, fellers, the girls and women have a lot of fun Thursday afternoons at 3 o'clock when we men folks are barred out. What makes me sore is that admission is "free" for the fair sex only. Skates cost 15c. Still, what's the use of weeping or grumbling? Thursday night we Mere Men will be as good as the best and a nice mixed crowd beats any strictly masculine or feminine crowd. A seven-piece band will play many more than seven pieces tomorrow night. Come and skate or listen, or both. Doors open at 7 o'clock. AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK ^bate Judge Uussell for neglecting bi.s children, died yesterday morning at 7 o'clock at Mercy hospital. An aunt, 'Mrs. George WcCiung, and two uncles, .J. and G. Edmunds, came from Moron last evening, and Vlll take the body i /or burial. The other Barr child, a •girl, will he given a liome by one of the uncles. : The boy was taken to Mercy hospital for treatment when the atten- ; lion of the ai^borlties was called to j ihe conditlonsijk the Barr home, peath resulted from tuberculosis. Thr body was removed yesterday to tiic Konantz undertaking rooms, where it vvas prepared for burial, and this niorning shipped to Mocan, where the funeral will be held this afternoon. The girl, whom the Judge threatcn- (d to take away from the father some time ago, went with her aunt and uncles to Moran this morning, ^lie will laake her home with them. She is V2 years old, a bright and pretty child, who, if given the prosier home, would be a lovely girl. It is said that the father evidenced ISO great sorrow over the death of his ^n and having to give up his daugh-i Facts Altont Indigestion nnd lis liclli-f ter. He has, however, been working ! That Should Interest Vou. since the Judge ordered liim'to a few ] (Says ago. The Barr home has been i Although indigestion and dyspepsia '^T^i^ruL '.If ^.n ^tZ; r«non.a «.n, SO ,.revalent, most people do not The case is in many respects sIm-: ' , ^ ' , .Jar to the death of the Riggins child', thoroughly un.lerstand their cause and j } ere a number of years ago, for which i cure. There is. no reason way most the parents, who had neglected the i people should not eat anything they child until it starved to death, serv- desire—if they will only chew it care- ed one year in the Bourbon county fully and thoroughly. Many actually ail. Probate Judge W. R. RusSell i starve themselves into sickness his morning stated that at the time ; through fear of eating every good-look the Barr child was taken Into the, ing. good,smelling and good-tasting d^arge of the probate court It was I food, because it does not agree with then thought it would be impossible them. for him to survive. When found at The best thing to do is to fit your- t;ie Barr home the child was lying on : self to digest any good food. bed of filth that was almost Inde-i We believe we can relieve Dyspep- acribable. The father had not been ' sia. We are so confident of this fact working and the family had lived that we guarantee and promise to sup ACTUAL STARYATIOX. only on what was taken in to them ipd it is said that the other members Of the family.ate It, giving but little to the sick lad. His condition showed plainly that he had had but little nourishment and it was thought that he would survive if taken to the hos- Ktal. WHAT THE HORSES SEED, setts. •V. Wise Word^of Canflon from the State Agrlcultarnf College. ' ply the medicine free of all cost to ev- i ery one who will u§e it, who Is not perfectly satisfied with the results which it produces. We exact no promises, and put no one under any obligatioii whatever. Surely, nothing could be fairer. We are located right here i and j ient ou Enum Mm IT ill m A Simple Remedy Beautifiec the Hair, Ciirss Dandruff, Stops Falling Hair. What a pivy it is to sea so many people vith ihin, wispy hair, faded or streaked Trith gisy, and realize that most of tlie.-o people mi^ht have soft, gloorv, abundant hair of beautiful color and i';stre ii" they would but use tlic p.oper treatment. There is no r.eccs- 'jity for grny hair under sixty-five years of age, and there is no excuse for any- j one, ycmg or old, having^ thin, stragg- I ling "hair, eith2r fuiJ of dan.IrufF or h.ccvy and rank smelling with ex- ccr:"ive oil. ~ You can bring the natural color Local Markets. I • (Produce quotations furnished dally i by Coghlll Commission Company): ! EGGS—2.".c per dozen. I BUTTER—22c per pound. POULTRY—Hens 9%c; springs 8; '< old and young cocks 7; turkey hens •and young gobblers 10; old toms 9; ' guineas 30c per'palr. i HIDES— 7% to 8%. j HORSE HIDES— 71^ to 8V4. • (Grain quotations furnished daily by 3. D. Ray): [ OATS^Bc per bushel. ; HAY—110 per ton. KAFFIR CORN—55c per bushel. CORN—60 cenU. ! To Have Complexion I That »en Admire Tonight m BRAND HoUingswortb Twins Stoek-Company ••FORGET-ME-NOT" Change of Program Nightly 14-People-44 Prices . . 10c and 20c Matinee Saturday 10c DOOR OPEN AT 8 O'CLOCK CURTAIN AT 8:30 New York City. Jan. 29.—Princess Patricia, cousin to King George of England, is the center of every form of smial entertainment imaginable during her Tisit here and at the nation's capital/ Perhaps the most unusual of ail the social events is the one given by Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson, wife of the famous artist, and recognized as a Judge of beautiful women. She A man may admit, with great so- I phlstlcatlon, that powder and rouge are necessary aids to beauty " writes the Countess of Wenick, "yet deep In his hart he dreams of the woman whose loveliness needs no artificial touching up. Women who appreciate this, who give consideration to the masculine viewpoint, avoid using anything that might indicate their beauty is not all their own. "Such women in increasing number are acquiring the mercolized wax hab- I has invited Princess Patricia to meet New York's "ten most beauUfur wom-'?y applying the wax at night as ! en." A complete list of the guests invited has not been made known, but'"" six at least have been definitely decided- upon. The si:^ designated V Mrs. Gibson as among the most beautiful women of New York are- Mrs. Howard G. Gushing, a Dresdenesque beauty; Mrs.'Henry Rogers , Winthrop a type of the court of Louis XIV; Mrs. Richard Stevens, famous blonde, who posed as Thais; Mrs. Edmund Randolph, dark, of the type of Maxine Elliott; Mrs. Bourke Cockran, brunette; Mrs. James B. Eustis SMEBKICK MAY GO TO PARIS. ilers of the stricken Anhwel and Kwang Su dLstrlcts in China was or- Du uLtinciB in i^nina was or- The Fofiner Governor of Ohio, it Is ganized by bankers and others in the Said, Can Hare the Job. Wall Street district this afternoon. Washington. Jan. 30.— President W. A general committee of seventy-five H. Taft has offered the important post was named with the Rt Rev. David H. of Ambassador to France to Myron T. j Greer of the New York Diocese 6t the Herrick of Cleveland, O. Information i Episcopal church as chairman and (Of the President's desire to name Mr. j Jacob H. Schlft as treasurer. Whlte- , Herrick, formerly a governor of Ohio, | law Reld ambassador to London, form j as successor to Robert Bacon was ob • er ambassador Joseph H. Choate, Pros ' talned here today from excellent au- \ Ident Butler of Columbia university thorlty. I.•>.nd others were chosen as vico- chair It was learned that when the presi-, men of the committee. dent left Washington on his trip to OIL SUIFS TRIAL A SUCCESS. Boat, Hade they would cold cream, washing It off in the morning, they secure, and maintain, entirely natural complexions. Their faces exhibit no evidence of having been 'beautified.' Nothing is added, to the old complexion—the latter la- stead, is discarded. Mercolized wax,' procurable at any drug store—an ounce will do—absorbs the devitalized' outer skin, gradually, almost Imper- cetplbly. The fresh, clear, satiny .tfii- derskin which appears, bears a healthy youthful bloom not comparable with the fixed artificial color," Manhattan, Kas., Jan. 31.—A limited amount of wheat bran, or a handful OP two of old process linseed meal oiice a day would save the horses that are dying, this month in Western Kansas. Even the old timers do hot seem to realize that their horses are starving to death, notwithstanding th^t the owners have plenty of feed. Tlie whole trouble put briefly Is caused by stomach impaction. Only quick action, most Important part of which Is a prompt laxative, will save th:» horse. , President Henry J. Waters, of the Kansas Agricultural College, said: "The substance^ Is leached out of feed gn)wn in a long, dry spell, or ex- nosed to successive rains." This feed, therefore Is not so digestible as in ordinary circumstances. The result Is an impaction of the stomach^and, frequently, death. Advices from western Kansas show that horses are dy- In^ and that the owners do not know why. An* examination would show the hoi'ses' stomachs filled with a woody msfss that came from the feed. '^he simplest remedy is to feed a flmlted amount of wheat bran ,if ob- talpable locally at a reasonable price, or a handful or two of old process Un­ seed meal, every day, right along. The i horses are run down. They need j building up and this will do it These : remedies contain much nutriment and ! they stimulate the secretion of the digestive organs and so handle this wo6dy material." Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets, rake them 4ii?'th^ha^^-"and sJ^nfur is^l^ home and give them a reasonable trial -•I^'^ f./ Q .^in' i ^nni ^l .tf Jo hlf ^Z according to directions. Then if not ^'^^J^^l^S^^ ^JZi satisfied, come to us and get your j,.,] tj-oui,!..- money back. "They are very pleasant ' if troubled with dandruff to take: they aid to soothe the Irritable i.},,^^„ j.pj.,p jf jjair is stomach, o strengthen and Invigorate, .orln- in cclor or coming out, get a the digestive organs and to promote a r ,fty cent bottle of Wyeth's Sagi and healthy and natural bo.vel action, thus i Suiphar from vour druegist, andnoUce leading to perfect and healthy diges- the improverrjcnt in the appearance of vour hair after a few days' treatment tlon and assimilation. A 25c package of Rexall Dyspei)5ia Tablets furnishes 15 days', treatment. In ordinary cases this Is sufficient to produce a cure. In more chronic cases i a longer treatment, of course. Is neces sary, and depends upon the severity of ' the trouble. For such cases, we have ; two larger sizes which sell for 50c and ! $1.00. Remember, you can obtain Rex- j all Remedies In this community only \ at our store—The Rexall Store. Barren's Drug Store, West Side Square. S. R. Burrell, Special Agent, Bprrell's Drug Store. KATY SUED FOR STOCK LOSS. J. M. Dickenson Would Recover $100 From Railway Company. | Cftio he Intended to ask Mr. Merrick •to accept the diplomatic post at Par- Is and In the event of Mr. Herrlck's i declining to go abroad, to invite him i to assume charge of the headquarters < that are soon to be opened in Wash- ilngton Jn furtherance of the Taft ; campaign for re-nomination. WALL STREET HELPS CHIXA, Chinese Rnfferlng WHI be BellcTcd by • Vorement In Kew York. New York. Jan. 30.— A China fam- jine relief committee to work in con' junction with the American Red Cross i in aid of the 3 million desUtute dwel- The Selundln. a Danish Twelve Knots. .Copenhagen, Jan. 30.— The Selandia, the largest oil motor ship In the world underwent a successful trial trip here today during which she. maintained a speed of twelve knots an hour. Leading anish and Britsh experU were on board. The vessel displace* 10,000 tons and is equipped with two mo^rs of 3,000 horsepower each. She belongs to the East Asiatic Company. At their club house 828 North street the^poyal Brothers gave a delightful tacky party last night. All the guests wore comic costumes which provoked much merriment. Supper and games were provided by the hosta and they with their guests made up the following company: Fay and Blanche Snodgrass. 'Yerl Morrison, Inez Fowler, Beatrice Lester. Lois Woods, Nellie Shockey, Leila Severs, Desiie TempIIn, Faris and Howison Frazler, Jake Billbe, JTred Florence. Caleb Anderson Frank Templin and Mllfbrd Langley. Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Jones were the chaperones. Much Interest Is being manifested In. the revival meetings which are being held in the Chanute Presbyterian church by Rer. 8. 8 .Hllscher. pastor of the Presbyterian church In this city. Dr. Hllscher's sermons are drawing a fine hearing at eaich service and '-the Channte Tribune Is publishing ex- cerirts, every evening. STOCK COMPANY IS PLEASIXG. Th« Holllngsworth Twins, Always Good, Are Growing Better. TJie play put on last night by the Holjingsworth Sisters' Stock Company, "Silvia's Marriage," was even bett/?r than the play the night before, Dlwrcons,'' which was the best play produced by a stock company in this city in many a day. Tcnight the play will be a society draiya, "Forget-Me-Not," said to be one of the. best bills in the company's repertoir>. affording "the twins" and Mr. Jewell excellent opportunity for strotjg dramatic work. Miss Maude Holllngsworth having* an exceptionally strong role. Alleging that the M. K. & T. Railway company was negligent in failing to provide proper cattle guards for its; crossing near Mildred and that, inconsequence, four calves belonging to him I strayed upon the company's tracks and were killed by a train, J. M. Dickenson brought suit in the district court yesterday asking to l>e awarded the value of the calves which he fixes at $100. | The calves were killed on October 3, 1911. The plaintiff contends that i with the exercise of proper and ordinary care in keeping the cattle ?uards in repair, the accident would have been prevented. We have some rare bargains in Dinnerware at prices exceedingly low. These are close out patterns so there will be no more when these are gone. BETTER BUY TODAY COLDS YAMSH. Thf game of basket ball scheduled withlthe Garnctt high school team for Friday night has been called off. and it is probable that the locals wlll^o to Buffalo. In the event that the team gbes-to Buffalo It is highly probable that Vhe girl's team will accompany them-for a game with the girls of that city. The game at Gamett in all probability would have been a farce as thi; Colony team defeated them recent!^ and" the Colony bunch was almost blanked by a pick-up. team here earlier in the season. Mri L. G. Stark, 205 South Third street, entertained yesterday for Srs. Clara Delap, Mrs. L. M. StUlwell .and Mrs. Myrtle Karr. The Sensible Overnight Remedy for Sensible People. • After you have upset your stomach with pills, powders and vile nostrums and still retain possesion of that terrible cold do whats thouands of sensible people are doing. Do this: Into a bowl three-quarters full of boiling water pour a scant tea.-ipoonful of HYOMEI (pronounce It HIgh-o-me) cover head and bowl with a towel nnd bathe for five minutes the soothing, healing vapor that arises. Then go to bed and awake with a clear head In the morning. HYO.MEI, does not contain opium cocaine or any harmful drug. A bottle of IfYOMEl : Inhalant costs 50 cents at C. B. Spen-! cer & Co.'s drug store,-and druggists ; everywhere. Guaranteed for catarrh | asthma, croup and catarrhal deafness. | Hct SpHags, Ark, Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit uf three months from date of sale, with stop-over prlvilegei going and return on sale every day in the year, for $18.60 The one way fare Is |12.«l E. E. MUNGER. Phone 160. Ko. Pae. Ifcai PILES CURED a SIX TO 14 DATS. —Your druggist will refund money if PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching. Blind. Fleedlng or Protruding Piles In 6 to 14 daya SOe. yevr bat >'ot Important ansas City, Mo., Jan. 30.— Ellli^t W. Card of Thanks. I We desire to thank our neighbors! and friends for their kindness and i sympathy during the illness and death | of our beloved wife and mother. Alsoi Major, attorney geiioral announced the teacher and scholars of school! ('cfinitelv at the hotel Baltimore to- distrlct number 61, and Miss Lola ale-• day that he would be a candidate for Ginnis. for their Iieautifu] floral of-' the Democratic nomination for gov- feringa.—R. S. Baker and Family. ( ernor.

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