Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENINGJ JANUARY 31, 1912. lOLA DAILY REGISTEU Pursued to logical conclusion a wouW Th« lota Daily Rtcord ana <"i« leia Daily wean that the Uuiled States of America should no longer be a Republic, make their campaign. distinctly feel your c^.ld i school District. ! breaking and all the grippe symptotos i j leaving after taking the very flvst; dose. Lawrence Gazette: Every little i lBd«X. THE tUBLLSUlXG CO.^'^^ through^ the agency of repre- — sentatlve government, but should be Entered at 0 >e^ Sg,"^^" " a Democracy, ruled directly by the I>oople without any of i.he checks or Adw«teta«Batc8 ^Bdc Known on AppU- balances which the whole history of • the racp has demonstrated to be ne- By Ca*ri!i;??„"'rj.?S,r^Tt|f-Lanyo„. '='^"^'>- the stability of a nation, vllle, Cohcreto, LaHarpe ana Basa«tt: Is It not perfectly clear that no One Week 10 cents w i .• . i Ona Month 44 c»;nu such r<voli!tion:iry changes as this ! 0»« Tear BV-,;,-^iL.;•••»''•<«» arc involved in the enacim.'nt of any ' P^^'es nothing, shows nothing, One Tear. Innlde cuun'y ..' «.00 one of the statutes cited by the vJa-i ^'"^ ^ll** nn<l ^rhcn It comes to the | nost stuffed up, feverishness. sneez- ponlbility of some men being slightly embarraued,—thst is to say if they BKST WAY TO BBXXK A COLDr COVSTX TREASURER'S REPORT. Statement of County Treasurer, as! ly emDUTassea.—use is to say ir.iney i ^ - _ ,. . lii I . »wi«neni oi uouniy treasurer, as have any preference for believing ^ S^tSrS^Bo^T ^l^^^-^tl^TjlSr^ the platform upon which they are to You will distinctly feel 5our c^ild I ^hS^roUtrlcT ir. ! ^„ , ^ . .. ^ Compound taken every tv.o hours, uTi- whlle the newspapers get astride of a ; ,„ ,^rce consecutive doses are tak.-n., 1. Gen. $ 519.7.5 2. Gen. 119.96 it Is a positive fact that Pape's Cyld ' ^^"-^ 4. Gen. 1 IIIIIII 443!43 4. S. & Co. 33.92 fad and ride It until everybody is i will end ilie grippe and break up l^e j p _ That Is where! most Fevere cold, either in the head ^' - 4i8.26^ sick, sore and tired, the straw vote is now. The straw vote to chest, back, stomach or llniljs. It promptly relievos the most mls- i crable headache, dullness, head aiid Ona Tear, ouulde 13.00 zetto? TELEPHONES: Boalness Offirw IS Society Reivprfrr l> Job and Bindery tvpt 1*1 Offlria' Paper of City of loUu Official Paper City of Baxett. Official Paper of Allen County. Th<> ICsipemcd Gr.z"ti<' will pardon us for obsiTvinK that 'f its able edi- J i pass that half of every paper you pick i r.p is filled with straw vote results, •and every corner you turn you are ! Ing, sore throat running of the nq'^e, mucous catarrhal discharges, «o^,-e- ness, stiffness and rheumatic twinras. met with a straw vote ballot box, the | Pape's Cold Compound is the result of three years' rp-soarch at a cost-of lavrraee citizen feels like taking a more than fifty thousand dollars ^nd tor would give more of his time to the , ' the ^^raw vote contains no quinine, which we have J^". study of history snd less of It to the the ^Uraw ^otc , ^^^^^1^^^.^,^,^ demonstrated is not ef- ]j- invention of fiction, he would not be! ^"'^ ne^-spaper. and starting | fectlve in the treatment of colds" or i"- Gen. „ led into errors which the iu- i r /^^n sfa"rrattr~L"n'd'^: i "^^^^^^ '"'""^ • »-->-^»'«- — ^^-o- i irrotii ^^rdi^irraTe z:^ I few votes more or less stuck In at! else in the world, which will cure yAur fi. Oen. 6. S. & Co. 7.- Gen. 8. Gen. 8. S. & Co. — 9. Gen. . A 9. S. & Co. n. Gen. i 12. Gen. 12. S. & Co. 13. Gen. PRIXCIPLES Wli ME.VSIKES. The Emporia G.nzotte says that: The railroad hours of service law, before The postal savin.cs bank. The railroad safety aiiplianco law The tariff bonrd, Tlie direct election of senators. The principle of tlie currency bill. The chief iirovisions of the Hepburn bill and thi- rourr of commerce bill, Tlio pure food lawi^ The income ta\ ahu'iulnient, were In the l>o)))illat program, and it waflTi to know why, if .Mr. S<'otl volfd tihr these measures In ronKt«ss. as he aid, he should now object'to voting Oil WISH ill»I)(;i'S! i random wiU do the business, and the A ffw mor.- speeds lii- that , result of a straw ballot no more de- which Senator (:•?-;;• I'i'i:s ?:)nde . notes what public sentiment may be t!i.' Soiit'i'A e j; r:^ I-umbcr- ^ '•'^1 'he direction of the wind tells of •he condition of the Chinese armies. men's .AK-(;ciaIion :n V City th" other day will pet lii:n ;•. ii.; r.f votes ; for Govi rtiur iliat n ::!ly u.i not he- j long to him. In i!ie ccur:-• of that emergency si)eeoh the Senator said: •Turnins: to our own business, the , „. , , . , reinil lumbnrmen are weak, because , e«J »orInl8 from tho Newton Kan- thpy are lax in advertising. The news- "an and see what a giddy Jag of Joy papers are town builders and town .vou are missing: iidoi'ier.'*. The place wliere tli inall order lioii^es flouri.«li Is where the mer- If you are a bachelor and there- i foro never had any family experl- nce. Just glance over these four lead- cold or end grippe misery as prontpt- 1}' an dwithout any other assistance, or bad afier-cliecis as a 2.'>-cent packaige of Pape's fold Compound which any -Iruggiit in t'\e world can supply. TO E«HiP .1 iiyyi AT C.VKLYl-E. _., , o do jjouse work were as thick as < ,,anis d(. not advertise Tlje cure for presidential candidates. • • • Buying l>e inn .Md. <.f the mai order house j , . \ ^ upon a ..,an s territory, is ndverti.^inR.' „ipas„r^, Uut all the duties of citizenship are not pleasant. • • • A good IVtlllon for tiyninuMluni K(|uipm?nt Being Circnluted .Inionu: Hoard. The people of Carlyle arc so pleiis- ed with the e.\tenBion work of •'.•.e,lo- .al Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. V. A. wljlch .s being carried on tliere, tlmt they isiUi tl ^:•lu^day that Secretary K, V. 'lei'iy diaw up a petition asking that ,\Ve wish the girls-who are willing} the Hoard cf Directors of the Carl'/le • '— —'- -- --'u-hool distilit decide to iimke an (ip- proprlatlon to fully equip a gyniJia- fiiini ftir In carryH'B <>n tlie ' '"• 'j'"'' • — en; Ion work. Secretary Herry drewj"- ip llio peililem, lind It Is being clr- S 5 11. S. & Co. 18. Gen. ... 19. Gen. ... 20. Gen. ... 21. Gen. 22. Gen. 23. Gen. 24. Gen. ... 2(1. Gen. 27. Gen. 25. Gen. ... 29. Gen. ... :!1. Gen. ... •'.2. Gen. ... .•!2. S. & Co. Gen. ... 34. Gen. ".">. (ien. •W Gen. ... :!7. den. ... 35. Gen. .... •!9. Gen. ... :!;t. s. * Co. . share of the money you e^rn is spent 1 culated this week nuiong tho bd'nrd ; '2- Gen. Did .vou ever notice that when a for eggs and butter. No wonder th' 1 iiembers. it is undei.-;lo.jd that 'tht-1 *j- ^en. lor ine iniuunf i.-i.i<-iiuuiii a.... .v- .ewspaper takes a "straw vote" on Creameries and henerles pay. • • • | board could ojisily make the appro-' ]^ Gen. * any proposition upon which the pa- ""T? " ^^V? V"" children j priatIon. ttnd there is some hope that i j«- Gen. .... ,. , . , , .. , . J from kicking in their sleep we want i a gyir.nasiuin room niav Im inrliftled ! The answer is perf.rily easy: • P-r lls.df has taken a decided stand. ^now it; some remedy other than In the $i4.fOn school bulldlnK. wljiel. Gen. The laws just enumerated are sim- result always confirms the posi- --.ittinK the clilld in the head with an ' plymea-sures of IcgislHtion which do tion the paper has taken? There are ' 'xe Is desired. rot in the least affect the form or i«o reasons wliy this is true. One is iliat as a rule only those who agree in a jieneral way with the views and • policy of a given newspaper are like- , ly to subscribe for if. And in the s"c- . ond place, those who do agree with the paper are anxious to have its po- i sition sustained, so they are sure to j cast tho vote requested; while those who disagree with the paper's policy are not willing to gratify it by re- si'onding to any re <iue8t it maKes, ajid so do not vote at all. That is what niipht be called the psychology character of our system of Rove.m- , ment. The Initiative, referendum and recall are principles which do affect our system of government. Surely the Gazette can understand and appreciate the difference between a (irinciple and a statute. It requires but ten brief commandments to lay down principles that are comprehensive enough to regulate all the relations of men in social, civil and religious life. But the world is crov,ded with books of statutes which have been nid it ever occur to you that if T. R. hnd undeVtaken to revise the tariff the "demuid" for hlin to return to the White House would lack a lot ,of being as vociferous as it Is now? Mr. Roosevelt said once In one of his messages: "I shall discuss the tariff In ; a subsequent message." But he never ; did. Somebody took him out and , showed him through the political ' crnveyard and that settled it with him. it i.i repnrled will be linilt for -.tin' "iiilylt? district this suinnier. Miss Alma GobiU. "v-ecretary of thi- ocal V. W. C. A., and Verne DorSelt if the Y. M. C. A., are making wfSek- ly visits to Carlyle for tlie piirpost' of conductiiig tlie' extension cias-ies. which have been growing sti-a^lly since their organization, great iu?cr- est being shown. Scientific Wrinkle Uoniover Easily Made '.)>. Gen. '.1. Gen. Gen. ".1. Gen. '>."i. Gen. ".•>. Gen. ".7. Gen. '.9. Gen. .51. Gen. C2. Gen. r.Z^. Gen. »>4. Gen. B6. Gen. fi7. Gen. 68. Gen. 70. Gen. of tho "straw vote," and is what frameTt7crrry "thosVprincipies hitoT-''^''" ""'"'^ ^ ^''^^^^^^y speak- , Congressman effect. '"^' °^ '"•'''"^ barometer of ^an Murdock Jackson, Congress- (From Ladies'Favorite Magazine ) i _„ r, c A few dermatologists have long held ! 1^- °- °the serr'et that a certain product,;!, »Jond .. known to the drug trade as saxojite. [ Gen. _. lad the property when used in s<>lu- i L Hon, of instantly reducing wrinkjes. \ny one can readily make this ss^me lolution by dissolving an ounce of jiow 3. Gen. ... 74. Gen. ... 7.1. Gen. ... reil nublic sentiment Th -,t evnl lino . i dered raxblU «in aTaTf pinT^^^ Statutes change with the times and sentiment. explains young were elected on a protective haKel. Bathe the face in this— Hnd ' Gen. .... with conditions. Principles are the '"'^y Kansas City Star's presiden- tariff nln .fnrm nn» ' .... ... tariff platform, one plank of which j note the immediate transformatlim^ f-!'• Gen. ... same, yesterday, today and forever. ""^ ^^^^ ^"f' Ht-, particularly pledged them to revise i The skin tighjens, becomes firmer-j !»• Gen. .... The principles that should govern better than "scattering." If the the tariff In accordance with informa- men'e relations to his neighbor and Star desires to test this tlieory let it tion obtained by a tariff board. But I ,;so rodtice hanging cheeks or double hey seem to fcave • forgotten that I chin. deepest wrinkles at once begin to { .smooth out. Tiiis action will of coqrse I .".4. Bond to his God which were handed down send its post cards to tlie subscrih- from Sinai three thousand years ago ^'^s of the Appeal to Reason and see are as true now as i-hey were then. The; ^^''a' result it would get. principles of government which were . - sound when they were written into j„ former years any Uepubllcan the constitution of ihe United States niTght with entire safety and conslst- 123 years ago, are still sound. , ,;ey announce his candidacy for of- The ejiperience of Greece in the c,,.^, ,,rior to the meeting of the Re- days of Pericles demonstrated that publican .National Convention, feeling when they voted for the Democratic Uill revising the metal schedule and placing It' on an avowedly revenue- only basis. The first formal announcement we have seen In any of the newspapers,— we mean the kind which is placed at the principle of the Initiative, reh-. „:re tliai the platform framed by that, ^^^^ ,he editorial column, endum and recall was unsound, and ,o„vent ion would be one upon which ; by the announcer and paid for every experiment that, has been made pould consistently stand. But In at ,he usual rnte.-appears In the since that time-and they have not ^.-w of what may happen at Chicago cbanufe Tribune and Is signed bv been few.—has confirmed Its unsound year is not that procedure Just ' „„„ „.x,„ „,„_,„ ,„ i,^ „,„v ' •••c.n'us i":> icii. nuui noRfi .,<fl . I,..-)! -T. ,,,o -.1= .1,.. \.r,A "° '° °^ ^^'^'^ Of i the existing steel and iron duties*- of nesS. ;» trine rlskv^' TI<! true fin iiltv. and i .i. v i. jt . , x . . n ... . . « . 'r ' fhc V /.ii<.ii/»jio«-i«» —...» w i„ 1 [},g payne-.-Mdrlch law, i>asFed the When the hands .=how signs of lag- !ng, the skin becoming coarse, erased or flabby bathe them In the sc^lu- •ion. Since tlic recent publlcatioq' of this formula men and women all c ^-er the country have taken advantage of the Information, according to reports with most sati.=factory results. ''- 627.38 133.21 78.59 155.45 19.60 704.29 119.2." . 112.18 . 368.02 - 34.98 : . 161.45 . 259.50, . 287.51. 511.26 . 163.32; . 271.21; .57.70 . 97.15 . 264.11 . 123.89 ; . 187.27. . 170..54 79.32 . 301.41 . 293.36' 69.76 i 190.41 ' . 286.63 I 21.20 ; 282.83 25:').05 .56.31 186..'>7 87.51 261.24 264.36 25.76 223.64 l()4SM, 84.80 40 Si; 384.80 249.57 .99 16.1.19 .57.78 .59.42 .586.37 182.20 322.81 ; 1.53.68 ' 2.58.77 ! 253.78 127.72 168.42 125.38 317.06 113.54 195.09 13.5.83 9.54 415.14 677.15 ; 1092.14 i 292.60 ' 170.31 216.49 I 88.77 ' 140.76 ; 21.84 i 56.40 i 292.2.S _ 824.87 36.32 BAH;iliG POWDER Ahsoiaiely Pur& The only Baking: Powder made fromRoyal GrapeCream ofTartar NO ALUM, NO LIME PHOSPHATE A on Galveston fronts the Gulf of Mexico, "Way down South" in Texas. Where roses and oleanders and palms ^row outdoors in January is a ^ood place to winter in—that's self-eviclent. Galveston, too, has I lotcl (Jalvez—a new million- dollar edifice, located neai- the beach and seawall. You will like Hotel Galvcz, once you enter its doors. A charming southern hospitality is,supplemented by all the luxuries of Fifth Avenue. Go to' Galveston tiiis winter on the Santa Fe. Tlie train service is convenient. The excursion fares are low. For booklet and full information, ask W. E. RALSTON AGEXT Phone 375 lola, Ks. 1 - HOrs)^ P .VSSES TARIFF BILU Throe Knnsji.s In .«nrK<>nt.s Vote flitb the Democrulx on the .Measnre,; Washington. Jan. 29.—The Democratic metal tariff revision, to make reductions averaging 35 per cent ffoni The adoption of these .Jevices would , .ty tis, tis true, that If .Mr. UFol-;j,„ mean something vastly more, than htte should control the convention a ^^.j^j Augtlst! the mere enactment of a statute; It v< ry different platform would be writ would mean a fundamental ^ange in ten than that which would be framed • --the melJjod of making slatvies. 'f .Mr. Taft or .Mr. Roosevelt were In , It Ij evident from Col. Watterson's I Vring"orVuVth 'e7 "ameildments'''"^^^^^^ That is to say, it would' mean a control of it.. In view of this fact it letter that he thinks the Democratlr ' change In our system of government, would seem as If there were Just a party made a Fortunate Escape in the , I ' j '"" • matter of Woodrow Wilson. Rheumatic Pains qiDckly refieved Sloan's Liniment is good for pain of any sort It penetrates, without rubbing, through the mtiscular tissue right to the bone—relieves the congestion and gives permanent as.well as temporary relief. Here's Proof. ' A. W. L AV of Lafayette, Ala.,writes:— " I had r!.tuitatism for five years. I tried doctors and several different remedies but they did not help me. I obtained a bottle of Sloan's Liniment which did me so much good that I would not do 'without it Lr knylhicg." T HOMAS L. R ICE of Easton, Pa., rrrites: "I have used Sloan's Liniment and find it fiist-dass for rheu- t:;il:c pains." ilr. G.G. Jo .VES of Baldwins, L.L, vriics:— "I have found Sloan 's liniment par cxccBcncc. "I^have used it for l;roker. sinews above the knee cap caused by a fall, and to my great satiAfaction 1 was able to resume my duties in less tlian three weeks aftei the accident." The Kansas delegation In the House I of Representatives is full again. That I is to say the Districts are all repre- ' sented. • j ; 69. Bond 441..C 71. Bond -•- 213 £3 78. Bond Cteneva Twp. Gen. ^l-.i "reneva Twp. Road 24^-4C ';ene\« Twp. Bond li>18.iO arlyle .Twp. Gen. 326.5?. •arlyie Twp. Road lOTl.i.j neer Creek Twp. Gen. 3<?T.2.> Peer Creek Twp. Road *fi3.;>9 Csage Twp. Gen. j^^'l't, Osage Twp. Road _-r.— 1341.14 n=age Twp. Cemetery 4..0'> Osage Twp. Bond — l^lfn Osage Twp. Int. 3fi8.6i Marmaton Twp. Gen. S^^-V- Marmaton Twp. Road .— i^"L''' Marmaton Twp. Cemetery — lii>.64 Marmaton Twp. Bond ^l^iA , loin Twp. Oen \\if \ lola Twp. -Road '^Vj -. 'Ola Twp. Bond ^25-iJn v.tmTwp. Gen -— 297.M ' ::im Twp. Road 821.12 •01m Twp. Bond ••:ismorp Twp. Gfn. ^I'll Klsmore Twp. Road „„lr- •nsmore Twp. Bond 9G4.1. 'ireed the Hou?e to a vote on the fjnal j 'luniholdt Twp. Gen. H!!»o- passage of the measure. Twenty'in-j -lumboldt Twp. Road ;iii2.9i "DON"^^URT A BIT"—Tliat is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dent;il work di)ne bv others call upon us. We are In our LaHarpe ofllces EVERY TliriiSDAY.. Offlce hours: 8 to 6..., Sundays In to 12 I. Evenings 7 to 8 ticmse today by a vote of 210 to 309. Republican efforts to amend or debate the bin were brought to a wid- fen end and when Democratic l.eadei I'nderwond refused to permit the of- iurgent Republicans voted for.the measure while the Democratic delegation from Colorado, Representat'.ves Martin. Rucker and Taylor, dlssvtls- fied with the great reduction propcised „ _—, !n the lead tariff voted agalnst.the , cavonburg City S. & A Democratic majority. Among the Re-' publicans who supported the bill, all nsurgents, were Jackson. Murdock nd Voung, of Kansas. . is an excellent remedy for sprains, bruises, sore throat, asthma. No rubbing necessar)*- -you can apply with a bnish. Atmaooclepa. MO0, gSo^ SOo. A $tM. Sloan's Book on Hoises, Cattle. Shoep and Ponltry sent free. Addreae Dr. EARL S. S».X>AN. BOSTON, MASS. I REFLECTION.S OF A BACHELOR. From the New York Press. Ideals before breakfast are very ' frazzled before bedtime. A man who can keep a good reso- , lution never has to make it. Even a woman that snores can object to the smell of a pipe in the house. ! What makes a girl know It Isn't I flattery Is she calls them ,all compll- i ments. The more money a man can put Inti; raising a family the less he can get out of it. SHE GAVE UP : ALL HO^E Pbjrsicians Failed To Jlefp Mrs. (sreen, But She Firjilly Foond Relief in Cardui. Salem Twp. Gen. 66.84 <?.i1em Twp. Road 384.22 lola CItv. W. W. & E. L lOOO.OP lola City Int. Funding Bond.. 1.00 Savonburg City Gen. 86.36 C3.08 81.51 67.21 14.30 201.04 THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK lOLA, K.\>SAS OVER FORTY TEAKS OF CONSE.JVATIVE BA\KI\« IN lOLA Deposlfory for the United Spates, Stafe of Kansas, and Allen Coonty POINTED PARAGRAPHS. . From the Chicago News. The flatterer never lacks an audience. ! Worry is probably the most relent• ?ess enemy of success. Enjoy the good things of life but don't be one of them. A man seldom Improves his time : Ly tinkering with his watch. Hassett Gen. Bassett S. & A. Ra.=sett Park Klsmore City., Gen. T.a Harpe City Gen 1195.60 T.a Harpe W. W. Bond 1.510.17 T.a Harne City Water Rental . 302.00 'a Harpe City Fire Dept. 151.00 \A Harpe City Water Works Maintenance 604.07 1^ Harpe City Street and .Mley ISI.3S La Hari)e City Filtration .05 La Harpe City Judgment .1.? LaHarpe City Water Extension 271.72 La Hat-pe City Sinking Fund Int. - 1086.87 Gas City Gen. 14."..0K "as City Water Bond llft3.45 •^as City S. & A . 75.04 ''.as City Sidewalk 42.00 i City Sinking Fund 11.5.06 OFFICE:; S: L. L. NORTHRUP. President D. P. NORTHRUP. 2nd V-Pres. F. A. XORTHKl'P. Vice-Pre.sident Mi:LVIN FRONfC Cashier. R. J. COFFEY, Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Depcslts Safety Deposit Boxes for Bent YOUR BUSINES.S SOLICITED. ESC31 MeeUe, Va.—Jfrs. J. C. Green oflhls ' c..., „, Kinsa=; IROQS 87 place, says: "I su£fc.-ed with womrmly ' Kansas 18J9S.8. troubles so that I could hardly sit; up. Two of the best doctors In our town treated ne. and I tried different nfcd! clnes. until I gave up all hope of ever ! f'oun'y General 26930.31 Commission on Inheritance Tax 4.5.46 , County Bnnd 6846.95 Highest Market Prices For HIDES and FURS ALSO FINE LUMP COAL FOR SALE at L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 getting well. One day. I decided to try some Car t dul. It did so much for nio th;it I j ordered some inore. and It cured 'j-iel Today. I feel ca \;/^t.s I ever did i:-. ay life. ^ The pains and tho trouble are' all gone. I feel li;.?'.hor pcrroii In Many a woman gets what she wants .. suff.-rrr ft^u! i =:a:e County School Fund.. by saying that she doesn't want It. l n^:;,,., 2n\^^ A lot of married men act as though ^^^^^j;!^"* Cardui ^Mll do for .si... A few dos33 of Cardui at t!>o r'.r'it timo, win cavo m.-.ny a bl^r doctci t-I, 'jy pr-rvcntin;; f'rioas alcUr.ccs. • It tones u:> 1U( nwcus r-.vsirn. helns ma!:o pr.!.? ch^c^rs fresh tnd.foc". Thou 'andn cf v-a:: v.-o::"". hi ye Jicen .cr.toro'1 lo i.c.Vt'i r.v.d hii'i'i'n».-s by ::ln.5; C.irdul. f-r-ir^e yon tr.- It. i they wished Jhey were widowers. Ever notice how much more interesting things are that yotl don't un- ''erslnnd. Truth may be stranger than Action I but magazine writers And It less pro- i fiinble. A fast young mhn doesn't get very, fsr unless his father is willing to pay !:'.<» running expenses. Women are naturally of a clingin'; nature—and so are men. Judging by \ the way they hang onto their money. Condemnations .McCarty & Bartlett O. & G._ 11.50 Kansas Sou. Electric 10 00 Ft. Scott 1. & W. 249S.00 I. C. Wafer Right 118.52 K. C.' & P. 20.00 lola E'ectric 4.on II. C. Purification Plant> 2;i9.32 S'ormal lni>fltute Fund 12.1.' tMl Tax Ac. 2.^31. IS 'cunty Redemption 3 ."rr .5.07 ••.^K^onal Redemption _ 123.31 '^•ounty Road Fund _ 1SK75.32 Owl Creek Drainage Co. 464 .SK ^NOTICE! Tl.f iirc-erit .^-Ii^jiii) i;i local jicjultry .D'.iie.s is duo iiiafnly to the fact that d-.JiitK^ thtr m iin biid \v.';ii!K.-. t!:e risilroiul eoiiipanies found It ditncKii t.-, uu M- ili.'ii- ear.s. Th.'y ;•:<•.ed the jioiiltry east, but did not return empty <:iis—<oi'.si iiueiiiiy .lu iiv;i.I;it)le imiiltiy ear.s are still ill the Kas!. We !.•')•<' to .-^ee i!ie .-;tuati(iu dear up in a few days, \vl:en we will |pr()!iu;ily be nbleild ii:.y yoi: more money for iwultry. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO.. Phone 370 West of Suiila Fe Tracks lola, Kansas 1133.139.49 Dr. Pchop! Dist. No. 10 Gen .„$ ' 4.3<5 It may L.! Ju-t ij2 i".edli;!r,c you y^ool Dist. No. 43 Jt. Gen.. -lOn ..a -i-., , r-.- ^^5f> 130S02.23I :i ,^M:.:i!„r/oV -•^•-^•"^V::T ;:te -Ola Cl-y Park 100.00; ulr.idi'-i I • . .. • 1- ••!!...-r IWaatO' Tax Sale .^c. 15.52.85 Ki.-rnl .\gency 1910 Tax Ac. I 5 l.'.)3 l.".7.sO Tax Refund 4C7.23 C.'.snn under niy iar.d r .r .lari 'S';-. 1912. C. C. AUSHER.\L'>N. i Treasurer of Allen County, Kansas. ^ Tlie juniors of the high school held 1 iii^M-iiii.!; this iifiernoon In the farm- 1 rs' roun; of the court house as the re- Si:::'.U!'-49 ^u'l of a ni 'iDE by Prof. Sawkell that t;:is 2'Jti'. day. ; , ,„o,-, c'jiss meetings will'be per- v :i :te(I i'.t he hish school until the school is dismissed for the day. t

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