Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1912
Page 3
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V THE lOtiA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESI^kY EVENINiS, JANUARY 31,1912. 3^ :@ioi©ii)i®i®: mmmmmmm Of Our Great S^i^^Perfeoted M; SoyeTr rarifioj^s Londo C^^f. ! We kindly ask as many of our customeris to comp in the forenoon as possible and avoid the crowds that are usually here in the afternoon. READ I PRICES IN MONDAY'S REGISTER and come. t I EXTRA SALESPEOPLE TO WAIT ON YOU! kiCHARDSON'S MY EXPERIMENTS WITH P I PER BAG COOKERY. J* ' KAXSAS WOMEN MEET TOO. They bare a "Kansas ClaV also that Met at Topekn Monday; . Topeka, Jan. 29.— The woitaen of Kansas met 'aiid iefebrtlted the birthday «f the Btate ^wUl »'the husbands talked- politics.. Kansas ..Day clubwo­ men started the moVement to preserve Pawnee Rock and make the old camp Ing ground of tr^ns-contlnental travelers a state park. ' Mrs. Scott Hopkins, Topeka, was elected president; Mrs. George Barker, Lawrence first vice-president; Mrs. C. W. Landis, Os By Martha McCulloch Wllllar<(^ I ^"'"^^ ^?7i?'ILi?.";r,\'"/ ^'^^^^^^ ' oy ^t-Ar'a n .T./>. ^ s<"», Pratt, trcasorer; Mrs. A. H. Hor-; cooking was first brought td » at -jett; Wichita, historian: and the dis- ,lenUon by friends, who, rights or trict vice-presidents. Mrs. C. C. God- •• wrongly, seem to have a high-bi^on dard, Leavenworth; Mrs. C. E. Cor- of my abilities as a cook, I wlmit nell. Kansas City; Mrs. Thomas \ that I was skeptical of its pra^tlea* Thompson, Howard; Mrs. Flora Ken-' blllty. Indeed, I was more than t^kt-^ noy. Emporia; Mrs. Clianning • J I waa rather firm In my belief tl£at it^ Brown, niue Rapids; Grace Snyder, oould not prove out But I wjA In-jf^w'^e'" City; Mrs. Mattle Britt Hale, dueed to put the system to a m »l- """^ ^ ^'"i-'>°ck , and 10 and behold!-the veryJ :|lrstr™-,„„„, ,„j„„,„^ ^.„„„„ ! trial made^me an enthuslBSt^o fellow-[ fragc and the good roads movement | :M®ii)M®ioioioioioioia .1. .(". Mitnn of Ciilcin .v. >iii'nt yesterday visiliiiv' Irieiuls in !ola. —Mall l'a|nr at S|iriu«r's. L r (i.inl in iiiMiiiiil to lio seriously ill. L. L. .Voriliniii left tlil;; iiiornin!; for City for a brief business visit. Mr WiUoniF. nf V.i'S XorMi Syeainoro street i.s reported to be seriously ill witli an attack of imi'mm.nia. —6*^ Money. U. M. CunninRham. .\ltornfy C U. (lanl r'turned last nipht from a sliort busine.-.s vi.sit to Ft. Scott. —The W. C. Teats Really Co.. Kress Bldg. Office rooms 22 to 24. ' Dr. .v. .T. Fulton recei\eil a telesrani last eveninir statins; tluit his brotlier, Dr. .Andrew Fulton, of Kansas City, . •who has been seriously ill for some , time, is mueli worse. Dr. Fulton left\ today lo be at his brother's bedside. —It win be to your Interest t" bay your Flour and Feed of H. Klaumann, 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. Wil4iam Criiler. of riirrry\ale, who has been a< the linsi.iiul for the i):isi two weeks as tl;c i-.sull of injuries sustained in ;in ai lident in that city, is now so far recovered I'lat he is able to be about, and he will be taken to his home In Cherry\ale tomorrow. —Fred Bowden, PerTod Decorator. Ptaoae 786. - Chrfstoiilier Uanawn't. wlio has been here for a brief visit with Or. and Mrs. 0. L. narlinfzh'uise and family. , left today for St. l.ouis for a short ; visit with relatives before finally returning to his home in Defiance Ohio. FACE POWDER AVe carry a full complete lino of pure Face Powder including Java UIre, KIcaya, l.altlat-hi>, Knircr and <>ullct In fact all the good ones. Also I'intder Piifi's, Chaniois Skinr« and .S|miiin'>i. C. B. SPENCER & CO. Druirs, Perfuiiii's, Wall PajMr subject, and the which he haJiUles it. His subject tomorrow night will be especially Interestng. f!. H. Darnold. of Kaleiu townslii|), wa.s in the city today tii meet hi., wife's sister.^.\liss Shipley, of Iowa. , who came iu this afternoon fur a visit. • - YvMorday afternoon a line new . electric-flasher SIKU was put up in front of the Hotel Kelley. 'I'lie sign is a large one. being In sizt; about , ten by four feet, and containing iu Marge letters flic words Hotel Kelloy. - Monte Cushnian who has been here tor a visit of several days with .Mr. * and .Mr.s. Ilert Conley, returned this , afternoon lo lils home In Kansas City, j Harry Davis has returned from a . business visit of .«:everal weeks to ! points In Arkansas. Miss Hazel Zuschnit, of Frodoula, Is in the city visiting .Miss'LIlva KtissoU. Humboldt Herald: The Christian Church cougregatlon decided to call Itev. K. H. Murray of Huinlwldt to tlic jiristorale of the Cherryv-.ile church. The call will be accepted and Kev. .Murray is in iluiiiboldt today iuakins arraii(;enienls to move his family and household ^-oods. —II. M. .Vntroni, Painting and Pap. (•ring. Phone CG4. Tie city commission is holding its rei -Milar weekly session in the city Iniiidiuir tliis afternpon. Onl.v routine itiii'.s of businc; are in the budget, C;iiy Clerk Zlegler said before the uieeiing convened. An oil burner similar to that recent: ly secured by the .Vorthrup Bank was ; Installed this morning in tht furnace i at the Shannon store. The burner is ; of an unusual kind, depending upon ' the jiressure of the city water to force j the oil through an atomi'/.tr into the P I furnace, where It is immediately and i< entirely consiiiiicU, causing an iu- I ' tense heat. Throe lines iii the Register stated that an lola man is in the market for grain. The other day he received a letter from a town in southern Okla- hoiiiti referring to those lines and opening ne.sofiatlons which now prom- i.-e to result In the lola man's handling several car loads of grain from the Oklahoma man. A card received yesterday by W. T. Steele from his son, Fred, who recently underwent an operation for appendicitis at KlrkavIUe, Mo., states that he Is doing very well, and will soon be able to be up and around. He will probably not be out of the hps- pitiO for at least three weeks. The Palace Garage this morning got in the seven new Ford flve-passenger 0~ touring cars which it ordered some 1 lie nino-niontlS-oId son of Mr. and time ago. Several of the cars wil! -Mrs. Cliarles Funk sustained very so- be retained for livery use. and it Is v. re liiirns about the hands and arms imderstood that several of them 'will Near good cities and transportation— yesterday afternoon, when, in its play be sold to local buyers. So far as U best of soil—no marsh or swamp it put its hands against a stove. The known, the shipment of autos rr >celv- land—Price per acre $2.-. to S.'iO. Easy j burns are not serious. , ed this morning represents the lars;- — \ est single order of machines ever rt- —.L -H. F. SnodgRiss, Piano Tnner,! celved in this city. 4i3 South street JTelephone 210. ; _ — I Today is the last day that W. 1 Coffeyville Journal: Earl Switzer i Sparks will hold the position of inan has returned to Coffeyville froin lola ' ager of the Globe store here, v.hich to take his old job as fireman on the he has filled with great success dur- Santa Fe switch engine in the local ing the past two years. He is pre— yards. Since he left Coffeyville sev- ' paring to leave tomorrow for Antlers. Attorney A. li. Cnmi.bpll left this oral months ago he has married. He : Okla., where he will go into partner- morning for To])eka to attend the an- ;,„(] his bride will live at Elm and Mar ship with Dr. O. R. Bushfield, for- nual meeting of the Kansa= .«;tato ijn strtots. • j merly of this city, in the real estate Association, which convent-^ there yc-= j — business. During his residence in terday and loifay. transcript in the case of D. B. ''"s city Mr. Sj.arks has made a host j ~ D. Smeltzer and H. C. Hertwjck "f friends. -Rho will much regret his' C. S. Gannon, a suit to collect departure, but who will wish for him er ot M. Soyer. Since then I liave been dolnfi; all my cooking b^- tb« Soyer method, and each succeeding day more' tbaa «Ter convinces.Ibe that any woman, simply by following Soyer's general directions, and t^lng that good common .sense and 'care which are essential to all good ^ok' ing, can master the Soyer papef^bag method of cooking in a very i^brt time, and will find it a great i^ooa both to herself and to all the i^em- hers of her hoiisehold. Following M. Soyer's general directions for paper bag cookery, I 8t :eed> ily learned that there are sundry ^om- I mandments to be observed while *pur- ! suing his method of cooking. I The first and greatest of ihei^ Is ' J get the right bag, which is ^ade specially for cooking, is poraflned, odorless even when crumblynipisp, I sanitary and to be had in sl.zea^ big enough to hold a Thanksgiving'.turkey, or tiny enough for a single <^op. Next, nearly as important, to grease the bag inside liberally, v^lng j butter, lard, oil, drippings or a very i fat rind of bacon; Further, proportion your bag.slze to what it is destined to hold.' The closer the fit of bag and conb^nts, the better, and the more even^and compact the lay of the food, the less trouble in handling. Use a footed wire broiler, or ifery open grld-shelf,' in the oven. All paper bag cooking is done in the oren. If a gas oven, it must bo lighted ^ght to ten minutes before putting in. the food and kept at blazing heat tthtll the bag corners scorch lightly; then Blacken the heat a third or even Jlalf throughout the rest of the tlm^j of cooking. Be sure to lay the bags In the chren with tho seam uppermost, especially If water bos been put inside. Seams will steam open now and then—lf»the opening is downward there will a leakage and much bother. Finally, it is Important to ren (ember that all manlpnlatlon, seasoi^ng and flavoring of food must be^ attended to before it is put in bags. There can bo no stirring or tos^^ng In the course of paper bag cooking. Xor must a bag bo opened at ftny time during cooking; such action' is absolutely unnecessary If dlrectQ>ns are faithfully followed. :. (Copyright, 1911, by the Associated Literary Piiess.) FLOKID.l LAM).S terms. Excursion February ICth for further information call on Charles i Potter. Mr. and Mr.=. R. F Cole, nf Howard i Kansas, came in Last nipiii for a brief visit with his brother, C. M. Cole, and family. ( Frank E. 'Wood rf 'urned last niirlit from Kansas City where lie has been to attend the annual meeting of the Kansas .Abstractors" .\s .-ocialioR. .At the meeting it was decided to hold tiie state convention at "^'infie 'id on .lune imh and 20tb. Mrs .Frank Wood returneil last ni .irht from a visit of several days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Tult. of Kansas City. Miss Georiria Roliin.-on, who has been visiting wii !i .Mr. and Mrs. I.. L. stiKJeiu of psychology, and audiences Honsler and family, left today for her before whom be has spoken recently home in quenemo. are ardent In their jiralse of ills commission on a sale to the amount of success in Lis newjindertaking. $4.".. and which was tried in the court x,. , of .lustice .Tamos P. Duncan was filed . Secretary E. V. Berrj-, of the Y. M. in the district court today. Judge ' ^- A., is now busy arranging a pro- Duncan awarded the plaintiffs the full i Rra'u for the annual junior banquet, au.'uint sued for which is to be held at the Y. M. C. A. : building Friday night Arrangements . „ -,, „i.' are being made. also, for an orches- (.eon,-e (., bert Bancroft w. I speak i « , tou.oin.w night at the l-resbyterj .'.n > church on Hoodoos or Riddles of the . ^.J,, , . Mind, the lecture being g^ven ""der ^.^^ progVaiu. lie auspices of the ocalY^ « of a number of talks by and ^. \\. C. A. .Mr. Bancroft Is a , i„.„.„„,„,i i„ v « /- A Sky .-ici.iis Giroro Cijnpowder. ' It lua .'tci 'i vi 'iy llttie i ; t !.e lo;ia r'lir lo tlti' s:.:i!l bi.y v.-h .'ii. Iiov.' or wliflr' lil'ewiir!..; v.: re llr-t ;:iai'. • .T .sd of wtai iliey .-ire lus .'ie now. r .ut ll.o fact ire mains tii :.t l!ie cle^; iseil lifiitheii (,'^l^ iio.'e l :r -.t iiadi; iheiii .-lud used th6n iind tli:it <-!v :;i/,e <l tucj-.t .iiii'.-s did i^it liU'i-.- of i!'.. Ill itnr'I Cie i-'Uiteeatb ce^u tury. The skyro :-:;i 'r w:-:: frst iuvef^t ed toward the clo^e of tlie niulii ce^i- lury aiid at that tine v.i.<» used, so it is B .Mid. in India .'ii ;<l < iiira In w.t.r That was long befoi-f th.; Invention guniKiwder. A letter received from the Ft. Scott high school last evening announced their Intention of bringing a base bajl team to this city at the time of tl^ interscholastic contest in March for the purpose of deflating any ba'se ball team the local boys can organiz<>. There is much good material for th^ national game at the high school thij year, and the boy; will at once begin the organization of a team to take th^^ conceit out of Ft. Sco»». were odopted. The toasts were: "Women Then and Now," Mrs. Kus- I tnco H. Brown, Olathe; "Kanaaa with i Variations," Mrs. W. D. Atkinson; | "OeTelopment of Art In Kansas," Mrs. R.- P. Murdock: "Can You Hear the-j West." Mrs. W. I. l.,flwls, Colby. STONY- POIXT. January 29. —M. P. Brandrnbiirg met with quite a bad accident last Thursday while helping Carl Hecken-, "iablo In his well. Tho well Is down twenty feet. They have a rope and ' p.illey to go down by stepping In a ' lou)). Carl went down flrs^ and then .Mellie started down and got about half wiiy when he caught the wron.g: rope and fell to the bottom lilttlng-on ; his side and shoulder, rendering hira j uncon.=cious for a while. The rope' rope thy held to go down and up went j to the ton of the well and Carl had ; lo climb hand over hand and let a tub i down to pull Melile up. He was pret- ' ly badly jammed up but not seriously. As It is he will be laid up for several , Jays. It was lucky his bead did not : strike tln! rock as he fell or break; -onie bones. Tom Washington who is working for S. D. Brandenburg went down to work and chore for him till ; he gets able to work. A .L. Burrlss spent Saturday night with his Sister and family Mr. and .Mrs. George Broughton of Bronson. • Chartle Burrow's wife and children ^ from the state of Washington . last week on a visit with relatives ] and friends. Tbey visited with thehir mother and brothers near Tnlontown 'ast week. Their brother .lohn went; down there last Friday and they came ' home with him for a visit. ' John Burrows and family and his i brother, Charlie, and family visited at: .Mr. Boekover's Sunday. .Mrs. Bockover is a sister of the Murrows boys. A. IJ. Burrlss spent Sunday with Mr. | and Mrs. S. D. Brandenburg. \ Win. Broughton sold the Pinkston i farm last week which he bought a cou- j pie of years ago. Wright and Hall pulled their threshing machine Into Wallace Hall's to- 1 night and they will try and clean up \ what threshing is to do around here. | Wm. Broughton and wife made a | business trii> to lola today. , LO.ST .SLEEP TEX YEARS. Any one who knows Mr. B.P. Sugg, of Tyner. X. C, will tell you that he i :»peaks nothIngj>ut the truth. Mr. Sugg has suffered greatly from sleeplessness and In a recent letter says: "For ten years I have suffered greatly from a nervous aliment which ; •aused me to lose at least three hours of needed sleep every night. "I tried) everything I could find to get relief, and finally one bottle of Vinol gave me more relief than all other, remedies. I am grateful to Vinol for my present good health." Many persons who are in a nervous, run-down condition get so they cannot sleep and this Is almost cer- !aln to wreck their health unless the right steps are taken. Our delicious cod liver and iron .-eniedy without oil, Vinol builds up the body and nourishes the nerves with pure, rich blood, and makes It •possible to get natural, restful sleep. We guarantee that Vinol will do you good (money back if it fails) and if you are weak, nervous and sleepless you certainly should try Vinol. S. R. Burrell. Druggist, lola, Kans. Whin you Wash your ^(farfainsi Strong soap and.soap powders arc riiinoiis to their delicate fibrie. Follow these dircc- 'ttons and your curtains will be whiter and softer than ever before: I. Soak fl.o curt.iiiis iiiio hour in did water in v.liich one • tablesp<«>iifal of Persii to eacli p.iir ot curl:u::s been dissolved. ' ji-^.^' i i "2. Put in cold water. t'> which twotablosp <«iAl2<ij Persll have been added, and liriiig lo a liod. 3. I!"!! for 15 nu'niiles. 4. Rinse thoroughly in war: vatcr. EUrcU .ind place on curt.ijii fraiiies. i 10 cents at Your Grocer's AO 0 Bakecf each morning under saiiitar^ [iconditions goes fai; to help s6Iv6 yoiir housekeeping problems.'' For variety try our cakes, jelly Tolls and hot rolls—fresh daily. bVenn's Bakery — 108 S. Washington THERMATIC FIRELESS COOKER Cooks while you attend to other work. Don|t have to be watched. The food cannot burn. All the juices remain in the food. THE lOLA FURNITURE STORE The Our Way Restaiirant Allen county people will be glad to know that this widely known restaurant will be continued. . •• . Thoroughly cleaned, re-stocked, in charge of competent, experienced hands. I confidently hope to win your patronage by good service, good cooking and courteous treatment. Regular meals servied and short orders our specialty. > • . W. F. WILLIAMS, Proprietor IOC South Washington Ave. lola, Kansas MRS. SPECK IS IMPKOTIXG. At the regular weekly Bible cla'ss o* the Y. M. C. A. last night. Secretary K. V. Berry in the absence of the regjr ular speaker. Dr. S. S. Hllscher. who is in Chanute .-onductlng revival .sen., vices, gave a talk on "Cowardice, Pow! or I>ove and Self-Control." fimS THE SYSTEM OF CATABBH Catarrh is a blood •which' causes a peneral inflammation of the inner linings or uiucotf.s membranes of the l»<»dy. The diseasing of tliese delicate surfacx-s and ti.'^iiues ]»ro<luct 'S all the well known S }nnptom3 of the trouble, sucb as rinjnng in the head and cirs, tight, stuffy feeling in the nose, pains above the eyes, irritation of tlie throat, fioiiietiuics slight fe\-er, and a general feeling of weakness and ill health. Kvcn the lungs become affected by the continual p.issa;.je of impure blood through them, and there is danger of consumption if the disease is alloxvcd to remain in the system. S. S. S. cures Catarrh because it purifies the blood. It goes into thecircnlation and removes everj- particle of tl:e catarrlud matter, making this vital fluid pure, rich and healthy. Then Uie inflamed membranes begin to heal, every symptom disappeare, the constitution is built up and health restored- S. S. S. rids the sj-stera of catarrh by attacking the trouble at its head and entirely removing the cause from the blood, thus making a permanent and lasting cure. S. S. S. is made entirely from health-giving roots, herbs and barks, and for this reason is an especially safeand desirable medicine. £ook on Catarrli and any medical ad\'ice free to all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA, OA. different men Interested In Y. M. C. A work. At least one hundred boys j will be present. The lola Co-Operator. the new So- ciiilist paper, was printed on its own press for the flrst time Saturday, and i nlihnugh the work on alterations to the .M. \V. A. building on North street, in which the offlco Is located. I.s still i under way. thi- offlcn force has hi^en ] broken In to the r>'KuIar run of work which will occiiiiy It In the future. The paper will be^ Issued weekly. j was the nuiflpst day the court ; house has sc<-n for months. \o suits \ were filed in the clerk's office; the ; sheriff had no new papers to serve; the probate judge had Issued no mar- i riage licenses; the county treasurer j received but small payments; the \ county attorney was busy going over : old cases and the register of deeds j was bupv with small transfers. Coun- 1 fy C'erk Culbertson's only 6i)ecial ; business was the answering of In- j quiries concerning the rock road bidfe. ; A Harth CrKie. Wlggs—D 'Auber 's picture was reject- j ed. Wagg—Maybe hanging was too I eood for it .-I'h!Iadelph!a P-eiord. I SUCCESSFUL MOTHEHKOOe metfns more than a fat baby. It means laying the foundation of a strong, sturdy constitution. Fat alone is not enough; ..there must be bone, muscle, braiin and nerves. Scott's Emaision U tfm Aetna of pmrftcHon for Mother and CUU. Plqua ITomnn PromLse.s (o Completely Recover from Sickness. . Mrs. H. G. Speck, of near Piqua, whose mind was found to' be unbalanced at the time of the tragic'drown­ ing of her two small children some Ime ago, is still taking treatment at the hospital. At the time of the tragedy Mrs. Speck's condition was very grave, but she has shown great improvement, both mentally and physically, and there is now some hope for her ultimate complete recovery. EASTER PCST CARDS FREE. Ten Bewlfrhlnirly Beanfifnl Designs. —All >ew This Tear. BOUGHT TICKET TO RICH HILL. ALL DRUGGISTa H-«l I fvant to send to every reader of »he Register fen assorti?d, embossed colored. Raster liost cards, as handsome cards as ever you laid eyes up- .Jfon and without any advertisement up on them. If you prefer beautiful Friendship. Floral, Affection or World's Famous Painting cards say so when you write. .^11 1 ask is that you send me 4 cents in stamps to cover mailing and promise lo show these high grade cards to a few friends. Address K. T. Johns- j tone. Pres., Dept. E 35, Rochester, N. 1Y. Bnms on Lorluier fase.- fBy til- AwicJntfd P FOSJI Washington, J an. 31.t—Detective 4 Burns, on the stand beforp the com- mlttee investigating the election of J Senator I.orimer, opened with a sharp Lj tilt with Attorney Ilanecy for Lorimer. /Burns testified he was employed to >. locate Witness McGowan and not on i the case generally. First Trace of Xoah Grifiitb Foand i last Xlght The iirst trace of Noah H. Griffith, aged 77, who disappeared- from his, home, 15 Xorth State street, early, Monday morning was found last night when the Marshal of .\Ioran tele- • phoned to Chief of Police Coffield that: Griffith had been there Monday after- '. noon and had bought a ticket for Rich ' Hill Mo. The Moran Marshal noticed an el- \ derly stranger in one of the town | stores yesterday afternoon and oh-; served particularly the man's flowing i gray beard and his cripjiled hand.' At that time, however, the officer had ; not heard of the "mysterious disap- ! prarance" and as the stranger seem- i ed iierfectly able to attend to his own ' business did not detail him. A^ the depot. It was learned that the old gentleman, who undoubtedly was Mr. | Griffith, bought a ticket for Rich Hill. | Chief Coffield notllled the Rich Hill : police by telephone but nothing has been heard from them. Eaton, Crane and Pike Make the finest .writing paper made in America. We shciw the <^oice of their line-^ome real new >;reations. See the window for these goods. You get the best in visiting cards invitations. Initial paper, as cheap as very ordinary stock. Evans Bros. Tlie stationery store. Kansas, where he has taken part la a number, of matches d'lrlnff the past — .several >'ceks. winning tUem all. Mc- P. G. .McCoy, the wrestler, who is Coy Is an unusually good man on the very well known In this city, having man for his weight, and Is vexceptlon- uartlclpated In a number of matches ally good at the toe-hold, made fam- here. came in this afternoon from ous by Gotch. He will leave soon points in Oklahoma and Southern for Nevada, Mo., for a series of bouts. i FOUND —LADIES' LODGE PI.V Owner may have same by calling at I this office and paying tor this ad. There is Oaiy One That is USED THE VJOISCSi aWJrft TO CUKE A GOIO IK OKE OMTm ' A1W33-3 remember toe f.Hi name. Look tor this si;;:ui:.urr <>• i.e^j box. 25c.

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