Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 2, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1954
Page 3
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Friday, April 2, 19S4 HO M i f A i,tt 0 1 j r A i i A Mi AI //*T1T 1111 r*i I^MP Phoni 7-8431 Between • A. M. and 4 P. U. ;Calendar ] Friday April 2 Mrs, E. P. O'Neal will be hostess to the Rose Garden Club members in her home at 307 S. Hervcy street on Friday, April 2nd, , Jit 3 o'clock. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Way Allen. Exhibit will be a crescent arrangement of iris. Monday April 5 ' WSCS Circle 5 ot the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, April 5th. at 7:30 p. m. in the home Of Mrs. Claude Tillery for their '.'Secret Pal'" party. Each member is asked to bring a contribution for the gifts they have received from their pal and if you cannot Qfe present please send the name bf the member you think has been your pal and your contribution by Another member who is coming. f Circle Three of the First Methodist Church W. S. C. S. will meet in the home of Mrs. Stith Davenport, 202 South Hcrvey, at three o'clock on Monday afternoon, April 5. Co-hostess will be Mrs. W. A. Franks. »Mrs. Ernest Graham will present the program at the meeting of Circle Two of the First Christian Church on Monday afternoon at three o'clock in the home of Mrs. Malcolm Porterfield. There will be a meeting of the executive board of the Women of the Presbyterian Church on Monday morning at ten o'clock. The-Lou Demie Jr. G. A. . will have a program on "Mission Work in South America"' on Monday afternoon, April 5, at four o'clock. The Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church will have a meeting at seven o'clock on Monday night, April. 5. The following organizations of the First Baptist Church will have meetings on Monday afternoon, April 5, at four o'clock: The Beginner and Primary Sunbeams, the Junior G. A. and the Junior R. A. The First Presbyterian Church Choir wlill practice at 7 p. m. on Monday, April. 5. The Hope Band Auxiliary will meet on Monday night, April 5, at 7:30 at Cannon Hall. The executive * Today & Saturday '•* 2 — GOOD MOVIES .— 2 The Frontier Rings with Blazing board will meet at seven o'clock. Circle 1 of the Vfi-' S. ;C. S. will meet on Monday afternoon, April 5, at three o'clock in the, home of Mrs. Webb Laseter. Jr. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Carl Thornton, The Hempstead County Classroom teachers Association will meet at Garland Elementary School on Monday bight, April 5, at seven o'clock. Mrs. James Cross will be guest speaker. Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church will have a meeting in the home 'of Mrs. F. C. Crow on Monday, April 5, at three o'clock. conducted the business session. A very interesting program was presented with each member taking Bart in discussing "Birds." The hostess, assisted by Mrs. Grady Browning, co-hostess, served iced drinks and cookies to twelve members and one guest. Mrs. j. C. Carlton. Mrs. C. D. Lester, assisted byi Mrs. C. C. Bryant, will be hostess to Circle 4 of the First Methodist W. S. C. S. on Monday afternoon at three o'clock. Cirr.le 5 of the W. K. C. S. will meet at 7:30 p. m. on Monday April 5, in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery. Mrs. L. B. Tooley will be hostoss to the members of Circle G of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church at 2 p. m. on Monday, April, 5. Mrs. David Waddle will be co-hostess. Tuesday April 6 The Intermediate G. A. of the First Baptist Church wlill meet at four o'clock Tuesday afternoon, April 6. IS INTO LARAMIE A UNIVCnSAt-INTERNATIONAl fICIURE v )o^ PAYNE-Man BLANCHARD-Dan DORYEA -ALSO- MANOR MONSTER? ...His Power Menaced the World! ' CHAPTER 8 OF SERIAL HE L€ST iPli^Ni • Bugs Bunny Color Cartoon SUN. -MON. ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! Best Actress of the Year RI ALTO • SATURDAY & SUNDAY • Morinee - 25c, Nights & Sunday - 35c, Kjds - lOc -ALSO- * ft prrlng WAYNE MORRIS ELENA VERPUQO • RICK VALLIN Choir Rehearsal will be held at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle on Tuesday at 7:30 p. m. An installation of officers will be held by the VFW Auxiliary on Tuesday night, April 6. Members will meet at White's Cafe for a banquet at 8 p. m. Following the banquet the group will adjourn to the hut where the installation service will take place. All members are asked to call 7-2212 by noon on Monday, April 5, for reservations. Alpha Delta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society will meet in the home of Mrs. H. L. Haaeaan on Tuesday night, April 6, at 7:30 Mrs. Lawrencp'Miirlin will be associate hostess. ." Wednesday April 7 Family night will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on Wednesday night. There will be a pot luck supper at'6:30. The devotional will be given by members of the Youth Fellowship and the Reverend L. T. Lawrence, pastor, will talk on "Stoking the Fires." . At four o'clock 'on Wednesday afternoon choir rehearsal will be held by the members of the 'Carol Choir of the First 'Baptist Churchv Thursday April 8 On Thursday, April 8, the .ladies of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle will hold prayer services at 2:15. The Concord Choir of the First Baptist Church will have choir rehearsal at lour o'clock on Thursday afternoon. Friday April 9 The First Baptist Church Cherub Choir will have rehearsal at four o'clock. ' Mrs. Bertha Martin : •' * : : ' ;Entertained v With, . .,-..•,., '' 'p^rirutey.'., plririer-'/-. •+iy?.f?.\iJ£:$:ii •;: W»tl^i|M\^i.fUa'mB-^ja'i|^He3r iMrsY^tfisttifi'ifer^tt : <with'' S-BirM day dinner on Wednesday, March 31. The table was attraptively decorated with white and orchid iris and was centered with a large birthday cake. After the gifts were opened the 1 guests were served dinner by Mrs. Williams' and her mother Mrs. Burka. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin and family, and Mr. and Mrs.' L. C. Martin and family. Nandina Garden Club Has Meeting On April, at 7:30 p. m., the Nandina Garden Club met in the home of Mrs. Thomas Comoton. The meeting was called to order with the group repeating the club creed. Mrs. Cecil O'Steen, president j Janet McKenzie Hostess To Melody Maids The Melody Maids met on Saturday, March 27, in the home of .Tanet McKenzie with Linda Halbert presiding. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt presented correspondence concerning mUsical theme^ and poems. Barbara Guthrie gave the pro* gram on "Flowers and Music." Sue Cook. Donna Freeman. Toni Thompson and Betty Jo Cox sang "Welcome to the Primrose Flower" and "Swaying Daffodils" accompanied by Mrs. Hyatt. The group sang "To a Wild Rose," "Easter Parade" and "Alleluia Chorus." Kay Ray presented a piano sq- lo, "Wind and Willows;" Mary Charlene Horton played "Taran- t.ell;" Ann Adams, "Scotch Poem" and Carolyn LewaHen, "Shadow Dance." Refreshments were served to twenty-two members. Sunday & Monday at Saenger Pat Cleburne Chapter Of U. D. C. Meets In Strickland Home The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy met in the home of Mrs. J. W. Strickland on Thursday, April 1, with Mrs. W. T. Franks and Mrs. Don Smith as co-hostesses.. Mrs. J. J. Battle led iri the salute to the three flags and the president, Mrs. H. C. Whitworth, led the ritual. Mrs. Whitworth appointed Mrs. Gus Haynes as temporary secretary to act in the absence of the club secretary. A motion was made and approved to carry the relics given the chapter by Mrs. Emmett Thompson, to the Old State Home at Washington before the fourth week in April at which time the Arkadelphia chapter will visit the home. The May meeting of the Pat Cleburne chapter will be held the fifth of May instead of the sixth as orginally, planned. The meeting will be held at the old state capitol and. Judge James Pilkinton will be guest speaker/Following Judge Pilkinton's talk at eleven o'clock the chapter members and their guest, the neighboring U. D. C. chapters in the district," will hold a picnic. ' A very interesting program followed the business discussion with Carolyn Strong /giving, a talk on "Sidney Lanier." The hostesses served. a dessert pjate to the members and two guests, Miss Strong and her mother; Mrs'. Sam' Strong. /. <•' : : ' GREGORY PECK and AUDREY HEPBURN tmdloveVft a scene ftbtn" Paramount's romantic"£otnedy, "ROMAM HOLIDAY.* Saturday & Sunday at Rialto Lesson .P&S&- By Millie i. Gllhiy D. 0. -" What might seem td.,bfe a disproportion ate pirttbf ,Jffc Wfttr^ ord of the life rfdfiStifk M''-ttte Four Gospels is dfevot«tt td" the brief period ot the closlh^ days. This period Includes the over Last Suppef in the' Room, the tragedjr *6f and the triumph -of 'the tibn. There is, however, *'ho dispro* portion. For these closing days were related to all that went before, and what they record is the climax of the life, ministry and sacrifice prophesied in the very days of Mary's rejoicing In het new-born Child. "Yea a sword shall pierte through they own soul also (Luke 2:35) For 1 , with that prophetic word stands the grim reality (John 19:2fc), "NoW there stood by the cross of Jesus HIS mother." Bethlehem and Calvary are one. I had read that statement. about Mary at the cross many times but without visualizing its actually of love and suffering Then, durnig the four years of World War I, I sensed something of its reality. During that time I ministered to a Canadian congregation • and looked Sunday after Sunday Into the eyes of mothers' whose sons WAYNE MORRIS (tight) becomes a Deputy U. S. Marshal in this scene from "THE MARKSMAN," released by Allied Artists. Coming and Going Mrs. Amy Daniel, Mrs. Rucl Davis and children motored to Winnsboro, Texas, on Wednesday to spend the day with their daughter and sister, Mrs Donald Me- Kissack. and Mr. McKissack. Mrs. Troy Polk visited her parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. H; Frazier, in Malvern on Tuesday. fjOf; Forrest City, is spending fhe week in the home of Potential Don Juan Dear Miss Dix: For the entire 13 years of our marnage I have been slagued by one weakness of an rtherwise fine husband. Ken's eyes and mind always seem to be with other' women, thbugh I am quite certain he has never been unfaith- 'ul to. me. Even when we were gong steady^ he flirted . wth other girls' He comments' on'p'rettyjgirls see^ on thejistreet 01 meeU Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. Anth Lusby, Emmet, Susie Hill, Hope, Mrs. Jesse Pierce, Buckner, Otherlene McClellan, Rt. 4, Hope, Discharged: .Virginia Sue Kinsey Rt. 4, Hope, Robert H. Brotherton, Blevins, Mr. Jim L. Brown Rt. 2, Hope, Mrs. Harry Burns, Patmos. • ' Mr. .and Mrs. Thomas G. Jones, Washington; have a daughter Susan Elizabeth born 3-31-54, at 3:17 p. m. Most greenhouses where commercial orchids are grown must be kept very warm, but for some spices, the houses must be refrigerjlt- ed, t Chapter 2 tf 50 m\ .,..*. „ "anqdisn M^unfles Y«» M$ mii JMf dfj$ •^* wf <^ • LEO GORCEY and the Bowciy Boys arc set to crash high society in this I scene from Allied Artists' "LOOSE IN LONDON." -Or DOROTHY DIX a real chance to become acquainted You do owe Bill an opology for be- ing'so nasty, but why not suggest postponing the wedding bells for a longer friendship period. ina'isiQjre' fotf, m4, abd, patj-omziri stoW'n&ghbm'hbed.i shops^whei very attractive clerks are employed. It's always a new one, but theie las been constantly at least one :air:.damsel to draw his attention. I have' an, overwhelming desire to get "even'..-.which I know isn't right. Sometimes;! feel like leaving him, but:we have three youngsters and since in every other respect he's a good husband and father. I hesitate to take that drastic step. While I think about what I could do, I only sit'and cry. BAMBI Safety In Numbers Answer; Don't forget, "There's safety in numbers." Better a married man with a roving eye for many, than a terrific infatuation for one — other than his wife. Your Don Juan just likes attention and also be appreciated. Naturally most girls like compliments and he has discovered that a little flattery will beget a warm smile from his via- a-yJsV Have you tired providing the same attention at home? If he comes in frpm a hard day's work only to find you huddled in a chair weeping.he'l 1 begin to think of the responsive' ladies in the neighbor- lood,stores, and out he'll go for n nit of cheerful chatter. Perhaps if your greeting were more pleasant, e'jd forget about the other gals. Always remember — you're the wife/you have the place of dignity, responsibility and security granted ay the wedding ceremony; all the razing at other girls can't lessen your position. Don't make such a tragedy out of Innocuous actions, "ranted it isn't pleasant to share your husband's attentions", but since that Is the only flaw in an otherwise excellent paterfamilies, learn to make the best of it. Even If you hold it as a tragedy in yoii own heart, don't let the fact become too apparent. Try treating the matter bi£ lightly, and you have a very good chance of curing your Lothario. Dear Miss Dix: I'm 17 and im in love with a man of 28 He' says he loves me, yet he won't take me to parties or dances He loves gay tertai' g<l, have very little pride to humiliate yourself befoie a man. How can you exepect him to respect you? And believe me, without respect there can never be leal love. Dear Miss Dix- Bill and I have been going together for thiee months and planned to many in the fall The trouble is we have frequent arguments, then we break off, but a}ways get together again, We- had our bitterest quarrel! two weeks ago, 4urmg which I said seyera] things tP hurt him. Re hasn't car * me s^nge Should I write and, ap,i - jfm.Hi iAnswei|| ! ,' the'lad'isii't'in 1 Idve Boyle were out in the mud and of France and Flanders. blood I wonder with what measure of reality most of us think of the Cross of Christ. When we think of Jesus, and accord Him pur love and devotion, do we think only of the gentle Jesus the" Christ who blessed the children and walked with His dsiciples through the fields? Does our following end there? Or do we follow all the way , to the Upper Room and the Cross It Is a challenge to us who lead comparatively easy and comfortable lives while many in our own time have to face the test of bitter persecution. I have reacted against conceptions of the Atonement that represent God the Father as forgiving some of His children only > by inflicting punishment on an int nocent Son, Jesus reasoned frorh human fatherhood to divine" > Fa. therhood (Matthew 7:9-11). The idea of punishment, I am sure t Is not the clue to'the Atonement, Nevertheless, there is "a grfcafr mystery / embedded i 'in Buffering and tragedy. ! 'the writer in Hebrews 9:22 says that '"without shedding of blood there'is no 1 re'- mission (of sins)," thougiv\l ibjter the reader to the manner, in which he relates the 1 law of'sea- rifico in the Old Testament to > the sacrifice of Christ in the New.'',' In the Upper 'Hoom, as Jews offered the cup to the disciples, He said, "This is my blood' of the new testament, which is shed to- many for the remission'of slns,"^ A hymn In common use a generation or so ago was William Cowper's "There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood. ",;<ripday; 'I believe, it Is seldom* H$&er, gsung and it s ehf-qly ofe,§4^r0: f recent hymn Perhaj that, ity a there ti warrant pie visualizes with rea) itain of blppd," But to me it has always (jseerned «nomalous vthat "the. hymh Have fallehLMto disus' jvery time " tm " ' pjouring democracy, liberty and the good life of all those for whom they sacrificed. Continued from Page One lie gave me a vocabulary of JO.OOC words. Thus, after his death, was easy for mo to carry on for him. "Poor Frankienswitch.h e did have to die. One of his heart valves simply wore out. That's-the trouble with people. You can't repair them. But a machine can go on forever. A new gear here, a new bulb there — and he's as good as ever. "Take me, for example, I'm a thousand ears old and —> if I do say it myself — I look as if I been built only yesterday." Behind them Adam shifted on tired feet and thought, "old machines ate like old people—- they never quit Balking," "Since Frankenswlteh died,"'Roger said, "I and .(he. other machines have just kept enough pea* pie breeding and feeding to keep us oiled and functioning. There have been no wars. And for; a thousand years there has been a joy, no soriow, no wonder, and no death in the woild —r except, of comse, among people, if you thoose to count them." 'Will the world go on like this forever 1 '* asked Junior. "Ccrtamly," said Roger Robot. 'All a machine \vants to do it) function. Take our chess games, of which sve have played" —'Roger's lights blazed up as he thought back — "exactly 8,312." "Naturally, as J ha,ve 22,6)7 tubes and you have only 8,483 I am bound to win every garne, Put since you play the best yoy can with only a Jimrted number ' of tubes, you have performe4 function— ?>}4 thaf? f}np, "But sometimes I feel ted." whimpered mered Adam, "Well, the next time it happens, you'll be turned out to starve. ,We don't want any changes. Yo\ th e motto of our' machine, civilization: 'Let well enough alone.'' Adam sank to his knces>' anc bogged forgiveness. He explainfc he had done it only because i he loved the little machine anc wanted him to grow up, "Well, he's not to grow up-that would only confuse a ma chine, just as it does people," saj<; Roger, sternly. "Junior, it \s and poured, ft.0ltt|eib| Is "That's 1 Roger, "an<te»W added; "You linij •* *0 -r»- -s--—Br-iT- 'kS TTT know of coto»ftth&B human. b'utt u¥ — •"** y° u >-. much.'tmdeft ecrie^feeling iXfflVitffi ohanfcaU! -5 w-^JIs ' ^The'fin^ldSf'" hancl.rgadJJefMuit am condescending]:: and S¥ -»")#&, r^%jff *jjgtf Ki with regardtaff of

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