Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 22, 1949 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1949
Page 11
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20 Sept. 21, 1949 •Kason City Globe-Rosette, Mason City, la. Soybeans and Wheat Chicago, (/P)—Selling because of devaluation of the pound and related currencies apparently had run its course Wednesday. ' Wheat and soybeans were higher most of the time following the 2-day downturn. Corn was'low- er most of the time however on liquidation of the September contract, in which trading ends Thursday. Wheat closed j to 1J higher than the previous finish, September $2- .09J. Corn was J down to i up. September $1.27;}-3. Oats were t to 3 higher, September 683 - g Rye was up 4 to 1$, September $1.40i. Soybeans were l;f to 2J higher, November $2.27 - $2.27^, and lard was 10 cents a hundred pounds lower to 27 cents higher September $11.25. Produce (Quotations by E. G. Morse) At 10 a. m, Wednesday Eggs, No. 1 50c Eggs, No. 2 t ....... 400 EggS, pUllet :.:..„..;...- 25C Heavy hens •.-...., 19c .Leghorn hens '.'.... 17c Springs, heavy breeds 23c Springs, Leghorns 18c Old cocks, heavy breeds ..... 12c Leghorn cocks w lOc Eggs, at retail 53-GOc Butter, Corn Country .... 69-7Ic Butter, Iowa State Brand. 70-72c * — Blue, black and green inks are used in printing a U. S. one dollar bill. Maspn City Grain _ . At 10 a..m. Wednesday Oats, No. 2 57;, Corn, No. 2 yellow, 10 day s "si.08 Corn, Dec. 15 89c Soybeans, Oct $2 08 CHICAGO GJIAIX CLOSE (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, yV) — WHEAT— High Sept 2.0ST 2.12',;, 2.11-',, 2.0V . Mcy July CORN— Sepl Dec March May July OATS— Sepl Dec March May July 11YK — Sept Dec May July SOYBEANS— Nov .......... 2.27 ',a Doc March 1.271.., l.lG'.o fie 5 ;, 1.44V* 1.40 1.40 ',;. . , 2.27 : ! Low 2.03 ",'a 2.11 2.10',B I.25 1 ,1.15','a Close 2.0D'/4 2.12 1 , . 2.111/4 2.04^;! 1.2.VU l.lS'l, L18 3 ,i 1.20V- . LARD— Sept .......... n.27 Oct .......... 11.12 Nov .......... 10.27 Dec ........... H1.:J7 Jan ........... 10.32 1 .-iO'/., 1.42V:. 2.24 • 2.:>f>> 2.2ti 2.23 11.20 11.C2 10.10 Hi. lf> 111.3D Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) Trend Coed Butchers— 140-150 Ibs 150-160 Ibs 1GO-170 Ibs 170-liiO Ibs 180-200 Ibs 180-100 Ibs 100-200 Ibs 200-220 Ibs 220-240 Ibs 240-270 Ibs >270-30f) Ibs Albert Lea, Mill 11. Steady 330-360 Ibs '.', Good Pock njj Sows— 270-300 11)3 300-:«0 Ibs 330-360 Ibs ... 3GO-400 Jbs 400-450 Ibs 450-500 Ibs 500-550 Ibs $13.50 $14.50 $15.S3 $17.2r. 918.25 SIS.00 $18.7f> SI 8.00 $17.75 $17.00 $17.75 $17.75 $17.00 S1G.OO $15.00 $14.00 $13.00 Austin, Minn. Steady $10.90 $'.2.98 $13.00 $15.75 $17.25 $18.00 $19.25 Sltt.25 SlS.Vo $13.25 S17.73 $17.00 $18.00 $17.50 $16.75 $10.00 * $15.00 $14.00 $12.75 Waterloo Steady to 25c higher $14,75 S1G.25 51H.OO S19.25 $19.25 $19.00 $18.50 S18.00 $17.25 $18.00 $17.75 $17.25 $16.50 $15.50 $14.25 $13.25 Cedar Rapids Steady $17.00 $18.00 $10.00 $19.25 $18.00 $18.50 $18.00 $17.50 $18.00 $17.50 $17.00 S1G.50 $15.75 $15.00 $1-1.00 . 1.43=4 1.40','a 2.27 11.25 11.12 10.27 10.30 CHICAGO CASH GUA1N Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (Jt'i —Wheat: No. 3 red $2.07. Corn: No. 1 yellow $1.30 1 A<(i>1.31 1 .''' No. 2, S1.30@1.31'A; No. 4 $1.25 3 ,iiiY;1.28; No. 5, $1.21©1.23; sample grade $1.10. Oats: No. 1 mixed G4V2(?iU5e; No. 1 heavy white GG'/jfo.UVc; No. 1 white GGc; No. 2 heavy white G«%c; No. 2 white 05'Ac; sample grade heavy white G3c; sample grailu medium heavy white G2f<i C3c; No. 1 heavy special red C9 : !ic. Barley nominal: Malting $Ll!Oif?l 62- feed i)Oi:<!T.$1.22. Soybeans: None. News is formed from the first letters of North East West and South. New shipment of this Allin-One complete filing system and storage space cabinet in grey. Write or Phone Dim. 27" W x 33.V H x 16" D. Inc. 10 South Delaware Mason City Good mod. weiphts Good med. weights Good .sows ........ Good sows Good sows Good sows - - - - Good sows Local Livestock nous MASON CITY—For Wednesday Steady. Good light lights 160-170 $13.75 Good light lights 170-180 $15.75 Good light lights 180-200 $17.75 Good rncd. weights 200-220 $1900 Gcoci med. weiRhts 220-240 $ia!oO Gncd med. weights 240-270 $19.00 Good mod. wcip.hts 270-3(10 $18.50 . aoo-:i30 sia.oo . 330-360 $17.25 . 270-300 $18.00 . 300-330 $18.00 . 330-360 $17.25 . 360-400 $16.50 „ , 400-450 S15.75 Good sows 450-500 $14.75 1^0 hogs received alter 5 p. m. —Jacob E. Decker & Sons. CATTLE MASON CITY—For Wednesday Choice steers and helfera ... $25.00-27.00 Good to choice steers and heifers $24.00-25.00 Good steers and heifers $23.00-24.00 Medium steers and heifers ., S21.00-23.00 Fair steers and heifers $15.50-17.00 Plain steers and heifers .... S14.00-15.00 Choice cows $15.00-1650 Good cows $14.00-15.00 Medium cows $13.00-14.00 Fair cows $13.00-14.00 Good bulls $15.00-17.50 Medium bulls $15.50-18.00 Bologna bulls ' $3G.OO-19.D( Canners and cutters $10.00-13 OC CALVES MASON CITY—For Wednesday Good to ch. veal, 1GO-220 Ibs. S2G.OO-27.00 Medium , . $20.00-22 OC Common S15.00-17.00 c u^ ' S14 . 00 GENUINE SPUING LAMBS Good to choice S'l 50 EWES Good to choice lights $7.00-800 Medium S5.00-G.OO Don't Suffer Another Minute No matter how long you have suffered or how many remedies you have tried for the itching of psoriasis, eczema. Infections, athlete's foot or other externally caused skin Irritations—you can get wonderful results from the use at WONDER SALVE—a war time discovery. Developed for the Jioys in the array- now for the home folks. No acids, no alcohol, no painful application. WONDER SALVE is white, greaseless, pain relieving and antiseptic. No udy appearance. Get WONDER bALVE—get results. It is wonderful. Sola In Mason City by Ford Hopkins, Engler. OSCO Drup Stores or your hometown druggist. LIMITED QUANTITIES 6.00x16 AND YOUR OLD TIRE OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY IOW Applied on Sound Tire Bodies, or on your Own Tires Same high quality tread materials as used in New Tires Same tread design as in New Tires Same tread depth as in New Tires .$79.1)9 MOTOR OIL— 5 S5.HI, Now Onl TAP.r.i: RADIO. Regular !$:il.(ir>. Now Only . ' A NO I.F.AF IMCKl^P C'AKT, regular $«.:)."• S.'..8S ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR. en. ft. size, «-;is S-l».">l> ...S!8H.«H 3 Qnnrl licntprnnr CASSEROLE, rrsular ..nfio NEEDS 122 South Federal Phone 766 Hog Market Prices Down Chicago, (#>)—Steady to 50 cents lower prices prevailed in hog trading Wednesday with the decline going to lightweight butchers. Cattle were unevenly 25 cents higher ,to weak while lambs were steady. (U. S. D. A.) Salable hogs 8,500; slow and .steady with Tuesday's average on butchers over 180 lb. and on sows; narrow outlook for weights under 180 lb.; these around 50 cents lower; top $20.85 for I load choice 230 Jb.; very little over 520.50; hulk good and choice 200 to 300 lb. $20@20.50; 180 to 200 lb. $19<ffi 20.25; 150 to 180 lb. $17@19; sows under 360 lb. $18.50@10.50; few $19.75; 375 to 425 _lb. S17.50e-18.50; 450 to 550 lb. $16@ 17.25; lew odd heavier sows as low as 515; good clearance. Salable cattle 10.000; salable calves 500- steers grading high-gord and better moderately active, steady to 25 cents higher; lower grades uneven, averaging aboui steady with undertone definitely weak; heifers slow, about steady; canner and cutter cows firm; beef cows dull, weak; bulls and vealers about steady; top $34 for 5 loads high-choice and choice to prime 1,130 to 1,250 lb. steers; bulk high-good and choice steers $28.50© 33.25; most medium to average-good grades ?21ig28: low-medium graasers $18.50; good to low-choice fed heifers S12«tl4.50; bulk: common and medium beef cows $14.50©16.50; canners and cutters $12<K14.50: medium and good sausage bulls $17.75(ffi20.50; medium to choice vealers $25028.50. Salable sheep 2~,000; slaughter lambs steady; big packers bearish, however- bulk crop to eastern shippers and local small killers; top $23.50; bulk good and choice offerings $22.50(0)23.50; yearlings absent; slaughter ewes firm to 25 cents higher at $3.50 down to $6.50. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS {Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (J!')— <U. S. D. A.)—Estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday 7,000 hogs, 5,000 cattle and 2,000 sheep. SOUTH ST. I 1 AUL LIVESTOCK {Wednesday's Market) South St. Paul, (U.PJ—(U. S. D. A )— Opening livestock: Cattle 4.000. Draggy trade on slaughter steers, heifers, market barely steady with Tuesday. Scattering good-choice steers, yearlings S2GIJJ29, choice medium weights $29.50, other choice steers hold above $31. Medium shortfeds $22<R24 medium grassers largely $18.50@22, common grassers SlG(«il7.50. Good heifers S25.50@26.50, medium shortfeds $21® 23.50. Medium grass heifers $17.50@20 common grassers $15(f<llG.50, canners-cutters, steers, heifers $12©15. Cows about steady, although some weakness on beef cows. Bulk good $lCfy!16.50, common- medium grades $13.50@15, canners-cut- tcrs 510.50© 12.50, strong weight cutters 513, light canners $10. Bulls stead-- Kood beef bulls $176117.50, medium-good sausace kinds $16(218, cutters, common grades $13®15.50. Stockers. feeders steady, good-choice $21.50©24.50. medium siockers $18(320, common SIS.BOM 17. Late Tuesday choice steer calves $24. choice heller calves- $23. Dairy steady. Calves 1,500. Vealers steady to $1 lower, good-choice $25©2B, common- medium $18©24, culls $14©17. Good- choice slaughter calves $19«?}2I, common- medium $14f(I18, culls SlKgeiS. Hogs 8,000. Steady, top on butchers lo cents higher. Good-choice 200 to 2SO b. barrows, gilts largely $19.85. few selected lots 220 to 240 Ibs. up to $20 Weights under 200 Ibs. $1G.75©19 75' Butchers 260 Ibs. up scarce. Good-choice sows 330 Ibs. down $18.50018.75, 330 to 400 Ibs. $17© 18.50, 400 to 550 Ibs. $15© ?^£ CedC A r Pigs stead y. good-choice .50<fpl7. Average costs, weights for Tuesday: Barrows, gilts S19.45 213 Ibs • sows $17.52, 373 Ibs. Sheep 2,500. Market f.-lrly active. Slaughter lambb- steady to 50 cents lower Two loads good-choice around 110 lb western lambs $23. Bulk good-choice native spring lambs $22.50, medium-good $10@22, common down to around $15 ae n e ^ tcr cwes stea <ly . good-choice .50rff9, common-medium $6.50®B. Feeding lambs steady, small lots good na^ csn S 20 - 50 ® 22 - few good-choice up to $22.50. Good-choice 2 and 3 year old breeding ewes up to $15. New York Stocks Am Crystal Sug ISA Am Tel & Tel 142jf Anaconda Cop 26J Armour & Co 6{- Benclix Aviat 28*Beth Steel 27J Boeing Airplane 19i Chrysler Corp 51J Columbia Gas 11* Gen Elec 37$ Gen Motors 61J Illinois Central 271 Int Harvester 27{Int Tel & Tel 9$- Montgom Ward 52 NY Central RR 1QJ Radio Corp 11J Sears Roebuck 41$ Sinclair Oil 23i Stand Oil Ind 42 8 Stand Oil NJ 69J Texas Co 58| US Steel 233 CHICAGO POTATOES (Wednesday's Market) , (/P)—(U. S. D. A.)—Potatoes- Arrivals 863, on track 140; total U. S. shipments 517; supplies liberal; demand fnir; market dull and slightly weaker Colorado Red McClures $3.25. Idaho Russet Rurbnnks $4.15©4.35. Minnesota- North Dakota Red River Valley Bliss Triumphs ?2.COriT2.70 washed. Pontincs $2.75 washed. Red Warbas $2.05 washed. Washington Russet Burhanks $4.3nr?';4.40. Wisconsin Bliss Triumphs S2.70, Chlpne- wns S2.10(i72.1S, Cobblers $2 2S pecia! Saddle Horse and Pony Sale Saturday Night Sept. 24 — 8 P. M. EAGLE GROVE SALE PAVILION Eagle Grove, Iowa All consignments appreciated LcRoy Unistead, Stocks Snap Out of Slump New York, OP)—The stock market snapped out of Tuesday's slump Wednesday and closed with gains of fractions to around 2 points. Renewed hope that a steel strike might be averted was credited as the main factor behind the buying. Steel, motor, utility, rubber and radio and television stocks were among the strongest but buying spilled over into most other groups as well. Mail order issues held back. Turnover was at the rate of around 1,100,000 shares. CHICAGO POULTRY (Wednesday's Market) Chicago, (/Pi— (U. S. D. A.)—Live poultry; Firm. Receipts 23 trucks. Prices unchanged to 2 cents a pound higher. P. O. B.: Fowl 24®26c; Leghorn fowl 22c- roasters 25@2£Fc; fryers 28®32c; broilers 24@28c; old roosters 20c. F. O. B. wholesale market: Ducklings 32c. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Wednesday's Market) M?^? a8 £', W1) ~ Bllttcr steady. Receipts 527,14A Prices unchanged except "A cent a pound lower on 39 C grade at 55c. Eggs weaker. Receipts 9,192. Prices unchanged except to 2 cents a dozen lower inside on U. S. extras at 60i£G3c. Postman Finds Dogs Friendly Daytona Beach, Fla., (/P)—Postman Johnny Jones, who has been carrying the mail 14 years, has a few observations on dogs: "I no trouble with big ones. People are just scored of their size..It's the little ones that are yappiest and which will chase you. "Ninety per cent of the dogs I've met are friendly: The others are the reserved type, not necessarily mean but stand-offish. First thing I do when I meet a new dog is whistle and talk to QUALITY DIAMONDS ADY'S WATCH SHOP him in a friendly voice. The thing to do is be friendly, but don't push it. "If you're riding a bicycle, remember it's the bike the dog is barking at. Get off and walk until the animal gets to know you. Never act afraid; don't threaten a dog. Don't pick up a stick be- cause you may startle.him intt attacking you. Troubles with dogs are mostly caused by humans anyway. Handle a dog right am he'll respond in a friendly way « Largest of the Egyptian pyra mids has an estimated weight o 5 million tons. This is Our 52nd Regular Visit to Our Many Friends in Mason City 1 CAN HOLD YOUR RUPTURE AND GIVE YOU COMFORT AND RELIEF WITHOUT A "TRUSS"! THE SYKES ORTHOTONIC PRINCIPLE ENDS TORTUROUS "TRUSS" WEARING—LIFTS THE HERNIA UP INTO PUCE —COMPLETELY AVOIDS ANY PRESSURE ON BONE STRUCTURE — WITHOUT STRAPS, BUCKLES OR BELTS — ENDS KUPTURE PROBLEMS FOREVER/ LE4RN HOW—NOW! «* a — Regordlssi of preview disappointments — Htr* is opportunity for RELIEF—i Over 100.000 Satisfied Users—27» branches CoasNto-Coast. At CERRO GORDO HOTEL, MASON CITY Friday, Sept. 23 — Hours: 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Also — Saturday, Sept. 24 — Hours: 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. Only ASK AT HOTEL DESK FOR ROOM NUMBER: SYKES ORTHOTONIC SERVICE 36 So. State St. Chicago 3. III. 102 South Federal Phone 860 FRONT LACED CORSET 498 Flexible Coil Wire boning—for comfort and control! Elastic gores, front clasp closing. 3 lengths. Sizes 28 to 38: • Bra, B-C cups, sizes 34-40. 2.98 What wonderful things Miss Helene * Wards' Expert can do for your figure Come :;; see how the right garment fitted by a New York expert can give your figure new slimness, more style, unbelievable comfort. Let Miss Helene smooth . your foundation problems away. She will be pleased fo give you a personal figure analysis and, if you . wish, select the right foundation for you ; :; absolutely free of charge or obligation. Don't miss this opportunity. Make it a potnf to come while she is here; She'll be here from Thursday to Saturday Sept. 22 Thru Sept. 24 NYLON CORSELET 'Provides unusual freedom and comfort! Boned taffeta fronr, elastic stretch back and reinforced sides. Bra attached onlyja^side seams. 36 to 44. INNERBELT CORSELET 5 95 NON-ROLL TOP GIRDLE 749 Coil Wiring boning, elastic side sections, gores... designed to give extra abdominal control. Short, medium, long lengths. Bust sizes from 34 to 48. Gently boned at top; Slims waistlina and midriff; won't cut or roll over; 2-way control. 3 lengths. Sizes 26-34; • Bra, A-B-C cups, sizes 32-40 l.9t

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