Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 31, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 31, 1912
Page 2
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•1! THE Her Shouldrr Hag. When Svebrn-goes forth upon Her dally promenade, I^! from her shoulders biatiB a bag Of velvet or.brocade. A costly.fad of fashion frlQged And trimmed with cards dt..fiold. And big enough with rooin t<^parc Hor dainty self to hold. Rut In Its soft, canacIo&!raientIi8, With richest satin linedf^-- A handkerchief and powder puff Are all that one can find. j Because when Evelyn had bought ' This fancy of the minute. She did not have a penny left ! Alas! to carry in it. j —Minna Irving In New York Sun. [ Whether she deserves all of It or ; not fhe . American Woman has been made the subject or much criticism for her thouglitless demeanor toward i the shopgirl. Of course much of the ] selflshness and rudeness one sees e.\- i hlblted in a city department store is ' due to long waits for an opportunity ' to examine the material desired and everyone knows it takes almost as long to buy a spool of thrwul In K:iii- sas City or Chlrapo as it do<,'S to si led a whole wardrobe in a town of this size. Hut shoppers are frequently guilty of heathenish snobblshiiohK toward clerks and nuuli of the criticism women get they are entitled to. Women of leisure who are fainilinr witlt^the trials of a city department store clerk are doing much to awaken folk to seft the need of a new code of shopping ethics, lii WashliiKion, 1>. C. H few days ago !hc club women banquettcd the clerks and asked pome.of them to tell their experiences. One clerk, who had a sensf of humor, contributed the following: "One time a woman came to iny counter and wanted to buy a shirtwaist," said the girl, "1 asked her "what bust," and she looked at me in a siirprised way, and repiii-d tliat she had lieard nothing: Don't let your hands get rough and sore when you can buy a large bottle of ROSE CREAM For 25 Cents AT • STOKE Tbe Bexall Store came in and asked to gee some 10- cent stockings she had s'-en adv^r- llsed. ^\^len I replied we had no 10- oent stockings, she became indignant, accused me of cheating, r iid finally pulled out a paper. She showed me an advertisement of gardiMi hose." Some shopping rules su^;geste:l were: Don't make the girls show piles of goods when you are just "looking around." Don't expect the girls to know what you want unless you ask for it. Don't ask the price of coods which are under a sign telling the price. Don't gel angry when tho girl makes a mistake now and then. THE CKITirS VIKW. Iterlln Tngelilatt. April C. 1910. —Dorotha North had much success with her concert In the Kllndworth-Scharwpuka II a 11, wliicli was increased by t lie cooperation of Alexander Ili-ine- Muiun. Together they sang three duets, which wore rewarded with the most lively applause, cspw- I lally the Scotch Ballnd of Tschal-. I kowsky, which had to be repeated. I This soprano potlsesses a very I .•)Breenl)le voice, as well as imich I temperament fl. 1__ ty and chafing dish spread, Wlilst was tin- diversion for a time and then the girls went to the dining ron?n where Miss Swigart cooked a delicious rarebit and served other good things which comprised a dainty supper. .Mrs. W. S. Kauffman, Mrs. David W. Held. Miss Floy Houser, Another woman Miss Florence Hobart. Miss Daisy Ho bart. Miss Myrtle Wills and .Miss Alberta Munson were the guests, •i- The Y. W. C. A. bowling club will meet tonight instead of tomorrow nipht, so that the members may be at liberty to attend the lecture at th" Presbyterian church. * * • Twenty young women had supper at the Y. W. C. A. rooms last night iirevious to an inspiring talk by Mr. K. V. Berry, Thr subject of the talk was "Cowardice, Power, Ix)ve and Self-control." After the Bible class the business gymnasium class had a meeting. The gymnasium class will have a frolic jiext Tuesday night and lOIA DAILY REGISTER JyEDNESDAYEyENI^G^M^ 31,1912. A WONDERFUL SALE! Mills close out to us mill assorti^ents. Pieces should only run certain yardage; all that is over, the mill sells as short lepgths. ALL 1912 Patterns. Prices lower than ever Don't blame the girls for your own. each member will invite one guest. mistakes. Don 't muss up piles of goods just before closing time. • •:• • ^—Dr. VcMnien. Phones I? and 2S& + * * Mrs. Lillian F. Rice and Miss Grace E. Fisher left yesterday afternoon for their homes in San F *ranclBco after a visit )wlth the former's sister, Mrs. T. S. 3aUie. They will sail February 0. on the steamer Cleveland on a trip around the world. * * * —Dr." Inry M. HnH, Otleopatb. Telephone 120 and Ml. •i' •> • The P. E. O. Chapter completed one «? -S- Mrs. Rex Bowlus is entertoining eighty guests at cards this afternoon. Invitations were issued last week for the function. i •J- • • The Montezuma club will have a d.nnce tonieht in the Clinker Club rooms in the Masonic building. * * * Mrs. I-oule Collier-Cranston, who sang 80 charmingly for lolans last winter In the Grand, under the auspices of the Music club, is to sing a charity concert in Kansas City this \veek. There will be 3,500 tickets Issued free of charge to those who Would be unable to pay even the small est admission fee and 1,000 seats will MILL REMNANTS A. P.. C. Gingham, Lancaster ant! Red Seal Ginghams, 1500 yards worth L5c; 4 tip on sale for •••"v MILL REiMNANTS Androscoggin|: Mills Bleached Tubing. A2 incB, worth 20c, on sale for .1 14c * •15 inch, worth 25c, on sale.. .16c MILL REMNANTS Plain white Dimity, checks, stri])es and plaids, worth up to 15c per yard; on sale 7Xi» for i2t MILL REMNANTS 3000 yds. Sheeting Prints. .V/zC Manchester Percales, worth 15c; for ''v Bear Mills Percales, special S'.'Sc MILL REMNANTS Fine White Stripe and Checked Madras, worth up to |0i|» 25c yard, on sale 1«2^ MILL REMNANTS One lot of Ladies' Rain Coats worth up to $7.50; J| OA your choice vJ.»wv MILL REMNANTS Absolutely fast color Apron Ginghams, worth S'/jc; Zp on sale, per yard MILL REMNANTS 40 inch extra fine quality of Brown Sheeting, worth 7 1 « 12y2C, for iTt MILL REMNANTS Stephens' All Linen (Brown Crash—first shipment of all linen Toweling Mill Remnants the New York Store ever received. They ai*e worth 15c; on sale for 8iC MILL REMNANTS. Ladies' and 'Misses' Broadcloth Capes, pretty colors, values up to $12.50, only a limited num- i>er, in this sale, • each \ $3.98 MILL REMNANTS Toweling, very special, six yards for 25G MILL REMNANTS. Short FleecedJKimonas, broken sizes, e^ch .. 25e MILL REMNANTS. SAFETY PINS— . two cards for 5C MILL REMNANTS Women's Hose, fast black; per pair 5C MILL REMNANTS Rex Bleached Muslin, on sale for 5C Rose Bleached Muslin, excellent quality, worth 10c; . CJ.n on sale for. 0 4U MILL REMNANTS. OUTINGS—short lengths at Mess than cost. quilt, yesterday afternoon and made part of another one at a tWitibf^ par- sell for ten cents, ty at the home of Mrs. P. E. Wuugh. * * The quilts are to be given to the The latest thing in boquets for 'he Board of Charities for some' of Its belle of the dance Is^ a Colonl!:l nr- rieedy proteges. Mrs. Waagh. Mrs. ranpenient of flowers. Rosebuds. W. W. Nelson and Mrs. Ray Taylor camellias and lilacs are tlchtlv put served lunch after sewing was put together with background of lac" aside. Mrs. A. W. Beck sewed with the chapter women all afternoon and her assistance was much appreciated. The members who were there were: Mrs. L. W. Mayberry. Mrs. P. I'. Northrup. Mrs. J. W. Bolton. Mrs. O. O. Stone. Mrs. P. S. Mitchell, Mrs. C. A. Burck, Mrs. Harry Slfers. Mrs. W. W. Nelson, Miss Alberta Munson. The chapter will have a meeting including initiation ceremonies, next Tuesday at Mrs. P. S. Mitchell's apart ments on North Jefferson avenue. —Dr. Wirt oSwpitVh, Tel 4S7. «88. + + + The Golden Link Cluh had fi Kansas Day program yesterday af^rnoon at the home of MrS; D. E. Peck 210 North First street. In addition to tlie members Mrs. C. W. CnrfzBBB> Mrs. George Waggener and Mrs.. Frank Melton were guests. Ten of the m^m bers were present and the afterno'^n closed with a delicioua repast. In two weeks the club, will .-issemble at the borne of Mrs. S. M. Snodgrass. * + + A few of Miss Bertha Swigarfs friends were entertained at her home tact nivht with a party which was a delightful combination of a card par- paper and a couple of stiff lookiag ribbon streamers. All of which bears out the statf^ment that old fashioned | things are the rage. 1 •» * + 1 Rev. S Hilscher is in Chaniite j ' this week assisting tiie pastor of th" i Presb>'terian church at that place with sneclal services. In his absence Rev. O. F. Tichnor, of Carlyle. will | conduct the prayer services nt the Presbyterian church here tonight. * * • A Wichita department store, mind- ! ful of the effect of attractive and sue j gestive environment, has decorated ; several departments with anple bios- , soms and violets for their annual ; white sale which is in progress at i present. Birds sing among the branch j es of artificial flowers and the place Is dellcotely scented with perfume of apple blossoms. + •> * . The annual Easter bazaar which ladles of the Baptist church give, is be Ing talked of by the Aid sooietv and otli.^r members of the church. There will be a ineeting of the soci»ty tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Amelia Anderson, 322 South street tomorrow afternoon to sew on articles to stock the bootiis. MILL REMNANTS. On all Embroideries left over from our big clearing sale, 20% DISCOUNT MILL REIMNANTS. Women's Percale Wrappers, small sizes onlyi values nQp up to $1.25; each MILL REMNANTS. Val. Laces, Edges and Insertions, dozen yards jjg MILL REMNANTS. Hooks and Eyes, two papers for 5C MILL REMNANTS Infant's Hose, black only, in sizes 4 and 4^4; ORl» three pair for Zvlf MILL REMNANTS Table Linen, mercerized cloth, values up to 45c a yard; on sale for 25c MUX REMNANTS Women's and Misses' mus- jQ* lin Drawers, pair luu Women's Gowns, each 39c MILL REMNANTS Lawn WaistSj slightly soiled; " .75c values up to $150; on sale fpr MILL REMNANTS Embroideries, widths 2 to 5 25c inches, Edges and Insertions, six yards for MILL REMNANTS Persian Lawn, 30 inches | n ^ wide, per yard ; IJL MILL REMNANTS Dress Goods, short lengths, per yard , 25G MILL REMNANTS Colored Sateen Petticoats values up to $1.98; on sale for 75c MILL REMNANTS Dress Goods from 1 to 5 yards at exceptionally low prices. SPECL\L ANNOUNCEMENT Just received our new line of "1912" Spring patterns FRENCH GINGHAMSi 32 •JQh inches wide, a yard . . .; .' ^»»« New "1912-- patterns RED SEAL GINGHAMS, a yard jgp SEE us and you'll see better. p:yes tested and fitted by up-to-date methods. and Olin Burnslde. "Church Equipment"—Mr. ; Rowden. I -The Church Choir,"—Mr. • Ellis. ! "Duty of the Church Toward the I Reverend and'*Mrs?'G. W. .c?henard : ^°™"'«"*'>'"-A- Hadgeley and Rev. tooened the tiarsonage last nirht to i ° ^,^5 i :the Brotherhood of fhe Baptist 1 Fred S. A. Miss Joy Hershberger furnished I minute In size and shape. The Ji-n- I la and while here Is the guest of Mr. i The assoola'tion will meet in Tulsa on ties. After spending a - delightful iors had a meeting yesterday aft*r- 1 and Mrs. E. F. Davis. i the twenty-second of February. Miss time at her home Miss Herr took theni noon, wrote the decree, aOixcd ftie ', * •i' * \ Reed is a danghter of Mr. and Mrs.; to the home of Mrs. Hendemm^ S14 emerald and gold seal of their orgsn- i Miss Delia Riley and Miss I.«uella | L. C. Reed 414 North Fourth street. • North Buckeye street, where games izatlon and sent the paper to the st^h-• Varfler will entertain a company of ; Chancellor Strong of the University ; were played. Miss Gretchen-Zedgjer ' lor president. . friends tonight at dinner at the Ridge ; and "Uncle" Jimmie Green of the law , won the most games and received tho The juniors were entertained wHh cafe. [school will be the principal speakers, i prize, a senior hat The'goegts-werd I several ll^ano selections and Mrs. Hershberger, served refreshments. church, which had a pleasant and \ profitable social hour there. A great deal of the time was occunied with comment on church worlf of the p.nst and suggestions for future activity. A summary of the subjects follows: | The juniors of the high school have "The Brotherhood Outlook"—Dr. G. ' sent the seniors a copy of an ofllclal W. Shadwick. | decree which forbids the wearing of "Work of the Advisory Board." Mr. ! hats by boys of the 1912 class nfjer ' M.->ther .'•nd Nathan Burnslde. i 'he fifth of February. It Is a perfect a party last nicht at the homo "of Misses Mary and Martha Marker pn East Madison 8tre <'t. Thirty wore * * + The Y. P B. society will have a meeting tonight at the W. C. T. U. Shepard assisted by Miss Nell Shep- j present The class Is unusually can- i rest rooms. Ofllcors will be initiated ard. Miss Lela Shadwick and Miss | genial in a musical way and the i;e-; and iMrs. A. D. Williamson will pre- j Mayberry of lola and a member of ler Rockwell and Mr. Perry Renner. Among the prominent folk who be- Misses Gretchen Zeigler, Neva Ritt«r, long to the association are Senator j Marineta Fife, Viola Ray, Ella Veale. Clarence Davis, of Sapulpa; Profes- ' Lucile Ritchey, Eleanor Vlnoent, Eth- sor J. W. Mayberrj", brother of Prof, el Harris, Margaret DeMoss Mr. Wal- 'The Young Man in the Church"— T. I Verne Dorsett. i "Ushering in Church"—Robert Wise]orange bands, which are up to the shame too, for the boys have taken great pride in those brown felts with mainder of the school year promltAss to be a pleasant one socially for tjie students. " « « * ; I Miss Trllla Reed of this place who Mrs. J. W. Pyle of Ft. Worth, Thi- \ teaches languages in the Oklahoma as. who is working for the Equitable j State Normal school at Talequab will Fraternal Insurance Company for Sje j bo among the speakers who will take pest Ave months in Ft. Scott, Is :lti \ part in a program to be rendered at lola in the intrrest of the order. Mr*, ' the annual meeting of the Oklahoma Pyle jvas formerly a resident of >\6- 1 alumni of the University of Kansas. sent a paper, "The Story of the Cru- j the' faculty of the Methodist Universi- \ sade." i ty of Guthrie, and A. C. Scott, former- ! sheriff Kerr is making every effort 4. J. + 1 ly of lola and ex-president of the A. j to capture George Young, the negro and M. College at Stillwell. who escaped from jail, last Saturday [ ight This afternoon, the sheriff 9ent Miss Jaunita Herr. ."JOT North Cot- j out cards conUinlng the descrlptioo of tonwood street, a member of the Jun- ' the fugitive' to scores of officer* In lor class of the high school, enter- surroundingi towns, tained a number of the seniors yester i 1 day afternoon with progressive par- —OB. O. 1. COX, Ocallat.

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