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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Wednesday, January 31, 1912
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THE lOLA DAIE5^ REGISTER VOLUME XV. NO. 84. Succeucr to the lola Dally Register, the leu Daily Record and the lola Daily Index lOLA. KS., JAN. 31,1912—WEDNESDAY EVENING, Dally Rralster. EaUbllthed 1897. Weekly Re teglster, Estatilisned iaS7. SIX PAGES WILD FOR ROCK ROAOJIIfeilCT TWENTY BIDDERS IN S»;hT FOR' THE SIX'MILES TO IJt HllLT. QOERIES COME BY TELEPHONE HEX EVEKVWHERK >VA>T fHI >K OK (OOTVS mtMW. K .insjiv ( iflans Will S.nd Mm Uere Toiiiorr«« to Drlxj- Out KonJe of tlie »n |{i>!id«. Ocrasionally oni h'ar- of a Job that is poinp beppinc; .'i>>rp a job t!;al men ar^ boirpinir for. It.i? tho conjitruction of six inik-s- of rack road in Allen county. P'an.^. 6i:eclflc3tlons and eftimatfs are on file !n the office of County Clerk Cii!l)erfson and tlie engineer's copy Is bplnj; worn out by eager contractors who ar«? hopefully scanning and hastily tlaimbins the pages that may mean a profitable job for them. Right nov,- there are twenty bidder? in sight for the contract which is to be awardrd soon after the bid's close February 6. at noon. Thp prospect Is that there will be almost as many more before the time exi>ires. In the scramble there will be half a dozen Allen county contractors pitted against outsiders who have been in the road building business for years and who know every hook and crook in it. The lowest responsible bidder gets the job. Or i>erhaps._there will be several jobs. The county commissioners will accept bids on tUe entire six miles and as small a portion as two miles. It is possible that the work will be cut up in several pieces and three or four contractors given a chance. The guess is. however, that . a majority of the bidders will go after the plum, "whole hog or none.'" .\llen county . has a road . fund of ISO 000 available for building the roads but that doesn't mean that the roads will cost this sum. The bids muet be within the engineer's estimate and no one is supposed to know what that amount is. Aside from letters coming In daily from contractors throuirhout this section of the county, County Clerk Culbertson Is answering telephone calls concerning the work. I'ixis afternoon, a big firm In Kansas City called the ilerk, asked a few qu^-stlons and notified him that they would send man here tomorrow to go over the route of i'.io new roads. The new highways are to be fourteen feet wii'.M and are to be graded, mncademized and tii»-n surfaced with scrt-eninss The road to be built in the districts of fomuils.'sioner Travis and f-Ubbi'^oh win start at the end of North State street and continue north for four m;!e-. In Commissioner Reynolds' district, the road will start at . the east city limi'.j of Humboldt and C'fntinue past two miles. As a whnlP. the improvement Is the largest road building venture cverjin- d»rtaken at'one time in a single county in Kansn^ 1: is being made the subject of many a favorable editorial comment in newspapers throughout the middle wpst and is bringing to the county much desirable publlclt.v. While the new roads will mean much to lola. it will mean as much to the p'KjpIe of the county. Reck roads will bring trade to lola and it will provide the way for the fanner to get his products to market with the least j>ossible cost acd trouble. THE WEITiIER. Forecast for luiiuw Genenillr fab* tonight and Thwradr ; colder Thnnt. day and in north and west portions tonigiit. Data recorded at V. S. Weather Bureau Office: Temperature: Hig'uest yesterday at 2;3t> p. m.. ZO; lowest this morning at 2 a. m. 2"; normal for today, 29; de- firienry in temperature yesterday 7 decrees: tfeflciency since January 1st. 217 degrees. Preclpitatien lor 24 hours ending 7 .1. lu. tot'ay, 0; deficiency in precipitation sin^e .Itnuary 1st, 0.61 Inch. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today. 87 ;>ei* cen!: barometer reduced to sea ;vc' 30 .17 Inches. Sunrisf today 7:2S :44 p. ra. a. m.; sunset EfiGINE KILIEO C J. OOXSEE RIO LEADERS lIRE FOR TAR TH.VT .\.»iS! R.iXCE' HE RECEITED FISO.H :iLL OF THEM. THINKS HIS PABIY WILL WIN lUT T 1: LLS EDITORS THKV MIST »E.\U HRr >T OF THE FIGHT. Switch Kngine ( rii-'iied off liN sit liortoii CoucMti- I'lanI in k. C. Today.—Died I-iitiT. f'nllwl the ln<«nn;en(H Shair'T ^p• omit in His S<^tenil S|M<chc!< ill Ohio Vesterdiiy. Since the fi^.^l news icaciu'd lola a .-econd message stated that , .Mr. Uo.xsee died at the tiwedish , hospital, to which lie was reiiiov- ^ ed. about 3 o'clock. j : : • A lor.g distanc'.' telepUonci message from K. C. Clark, at Kansa.-? City, to Faul Kleiu this afternoon brought the terrible news that C. J. Uoxsee, superintendent of tbi; Horton Coaereie plant of Kansas City, was run' over by a switch engine at t)xe plant aliout 2 o'clock this afternoon and one ot his legs crushed oft at the hip. j .Mr. Po.NSte was removed to a ho.-I pilal imi;iedlai<?t> and tiie nurse stateJ ! alter ihe sargtrons had examined him I that til-re was no evidence of icter- I iujurie.s and held out some hope I that the patient may L ^urvive- the shock can tell delinitely. irtv the A -sorl.Ttr-l Pri 'S«» Columbu.^, O., Jan. 31.—NVIth the iissurance from a majority of the Republican leaders that the state dele- cation to the National Convention wlil be for liiin, Taft ends his visit to his home state at Akron tonight. Com- mitteenian Vorys says the leaders assured the president of their support. Addressing the Ropublican Ohio editors today the President declared h<' believed the party would win in November, but that the brunt of the fight would rest on the editors. Yesterday's Interi'>flnp Pro^ra. Columbus. O.. Jan. 30.—Reviewing th'> achievtments of his administration b.-fore the Columbus Glee Club toni^iit. President Taft drew the line sharply between the "Old Line" Republicans and the "progressives" of his party and said the time was a' hand when the "denunciation on the part of the proeressivps must coaae He ! although only liUi Mr. Iioxsee is a iarge roan, about .".0 j and ih" nation demand facts." years o.d. and resided here for sev-; =aid he had net the slightest doubt eral years with his wife and daugh-j that the Republicans v.-ould vrin out ter on East Lincoln street. He has \ i„ the November el.^ctions. oeen connected with the Horton Concrete Company since its organization and wont to Kansas City when the plant w.-.s moved there. The plant is located in the east end of Kansas City j and has been working of late on a contract in connection with the new I union .-latioa. j No details of how- the accident hap- ' i pened were given, save that a switcii i An cimusing incident of President Taif's trip through Ohio oicurr-d tonight at a luncheon at which Governor Harmon was the President's guest. In his speech the President had some good natured fun at the expense oS the Governor, whom be said agreed with him on many political sub j.cts. President Taft's second day iu Ohio PACKER E.VTS ALFALF.V BRE-VD. SCHOOL »0Y IRilKSTI-D FOR MAK. IMi A.\ l.NFLVJIATOItY Si'KECII. Funeral I'arade Strllier .Vccidt'nt- alij Killed Veterd inr Fear of Trouble. engine in the concrete company's | d -velcped less speech-making and yani.-i ran Mr. Doxsee down. i j mor*^ politics than did bis sixteen The I)o.\sees have been living ot | hour stop in Cleveland. Many R"- ;:m-3 l!n! klyn in Kansas City. REVIVIIL MEETINGS INTEREST EXPRESS LIMITS EXTENDED. Berinnine roraorrow Delirerie^ wiil l»e Made in Siit<H>n more Biix-lis. An order has been received in th? of the Wells Fargo Ex­ press''company and the American Express compa 'ny exiending the delivpry s.-rvice to Itnlndr' eight blocks south of the pres»-nr limit and eight blocks north of th-' uresmt limits. The new districts South—Cottonwood south in Irvin; wpst on Irvin to South: north on South to Vine: east on Vine to (jttonwood. North—Cottonwood nor;!' to Buchanan: Buchanan west Sycamore: Sycamore south to Lin'oln: Lincoln east to Cottonwood. SiMcn r<>nr»T'.Ion>i Reported at tbi i r, B. (hurrh Lu-^t Mirht. ' The revival meetings a' the I'nI-d Brethr-.n ihurch are starting with vub'irans who did not Journey up to t^e northern part of the state ro welcome him dropped In today to have a word or two. and to add somethlnr: to the president's growing information about political conditions hpre. The president spoke at the Junch- 'oii of the Chamber of Commerce on peac«, and dedicated the new federal building with a speech against the judicial recall, during the day. and to- riclit. as tho guest of the Columbus much emot^rapemenf. The m. • It g-, j,,^. are we I a-tended and as' Up lid i - ; „„.„,.j, ,,,, „Veht to the Tippecanr- terest is m.inlfested. Re... W m. ,.,t.,^ of Cleveland. Ho spent the night Shultz pastor of the Reformed church preached the sermon last night, whicli was a brief, pointed and i-oiiviiirir': discourse, followpd by an exhortation bv Rnv. I. B. Prather pastor of the ^ con^recation. after which he gave an reception In a local hotel and accord- spent i in Columbus and will" end his trip tomorrow at .^krcn. In fi<iort Health, hut IIoar«^. Shortly after his arrival he held a invitation for church mombership. In respon .se seven came forward and were received into membership, four of whom he baptized with the assist- i ine to estimates of members of his pprty more th?n 3.000 persons marched by and shook the president's hand. His receptions at th-? chamber of ance of Rev. Shultz. The others had j commerce luncheon and tonight's ban ouet were friendly and the applause was frequent. Columbus was busy with a near blizzard most of the day and there were no big crowds on 'he streets to watch tht- presidential party pass. The alarming reports as to his physical condition that went out of Cleve land last night were discredited today l^th by the President and Dr. Thomas 11.,. Rhoades the army physician tcho Yon Miss a Lot if Yon Dent R, ad j is accompanying him on the trip The the Want P-iee president said that he was far fi;om " ./anted—Ten good 'dogs for the 1 being a sick man and that ths only in- already been baptized, two of whom came by letter. The meetings begin promptly at seven o'clock and close early so that all ages can attend whethfr in school, employed or other wise. The meetings are announced for this week and next week only with no meeting on Saturday nights. TEN DOIJS WANTED (JUICK! farm. Among the many Interesting items convenience he suffered was from his cough and his cold interfering with on the Register Want page today ap- ^js sleep. Dr. Rhoades said the pres- pears the foregoing, which is so un- 'dent was rc-covering from a bron- usual as to attract special notice. I- i chial attack that could be expected to TALKKO t.AS CONTRACT. But rommi-'nners To<.k no Drtinitr Arilon Yesterday. At the m.' rine of thi> city romtnls- sioners y^s'erday afternoon, the proposition '<i nink" a tiermnncnf gas contract wiii; th»i, Portland Pipeline company w; = discussed A tentative or.e ^ here? • Inl?. ig now receiving Its chipf «urnl»' •f c.t\s from the pompa- nVs Oklah'^t-:; line, li at present In pfr :^t Th nonmisoioners debated the subject r .r gome time but failed to reach a defi- ;te conclusion. is a wel! known fact that few well-reg ulated farms are without their "Shep" or "Tige" or "Bull" family jiets. ; guardians against prowlers, hunters and so forth. run its course without serious consequences in several days. Although his ! voice was still hoarse. Mr. Tail spok-' rabbit ; today with less difficulty and ccljghr-d i much less. But what, in the name of all th^ Agricultural Saints, can any mat' want with "ten good dogs for the farm?" The advertiser doubtless Tailted Politics at rolamhntt. The president arrived In Columbus early. Republican National Committeeman A. I. Vorys of Ohio came from know s. and for his sake the Register I Cleveland with him but said there had trusts that anyone and everyone who h.".s a siiare canine will communicate the fact to the advertiser. A MrRDEREK TOO (JLAD TO DIE. not been any political talk enroute, or even at the breakfast tablo. "We didn't Lnlk politics at breakfast," Mr. Vorys said, "we discussed the condition of our eggs." There were other Republican lenders who called to 8e-» the president during the, day who did talk politics and who admitted It. Among them were Congressman Grosvenor, former Senator DlcMr L. C. I.aylln who Is A Kai> in Hanred Himself. Wayne JCas., Jan. 30.—William Holmberg. -'.i ye^rs old. hanged himself In a c'ttle shed this afternoon. He lived wi;h his mother two miles west of Wi'vne. His father hanged himself on the same farm three years ago. The high school boy's club, the organization which was recently Instituted will hold a meeting at the T. M. C. A. tonight to perfect the o-^ sanization. The club starting wtth a membership of twelve is being organized to improve religious and moral conditions among stndenta. BccaaM- He ronsidprn It tin Honor, an Indiana Negro Hay Not Re Hnnsrd. Indianapolis. Jan. ?0. —Because Geo: Davis does not dread hanging, but regards It as a desirable distinction.^. .. ... Governor Harshall may commute his ' generally conceded to share the lead- death .sentence to imprisonment for | ership of th-? Taft movement In, the life. Davis a ne.srn murdered a worn-I stale with Mr. Vorys; l.a>rencp K. an c-.mpanlon In t.nry, Ind. bu cutting . l.angdon. floor leader of the Ohio off !:er bead. He was sentenced to | Ifabom Karschner who has oe hritired r'\t Friday. Warden E-. ! taken an active part In the organlza- J. Focarty of tie Michigan City prls-i tlon of Roosevelt clubs In Ohio ami Then Predicts that Before Long it Will l»e In Comciun I'.se. (By 'he Ai>.<tociated Ptms) ' Chicago, Jan. 31.—Edward Tilden, president of the National Packing •company, surprised his fellow defend 4 »nts in court today by declaring that lie had eaten a breakfast of alfalfa. ."It tasted pretty feood too," said the be»-f magnate. "It was served in the :form of pancakes." "There Is a great future for alfalfa," he said. "I predict that, in five <i:.v- th- .x.s,..-i. t..! f're.s .-i) .years alfalfa fiour will be SO Improved Uwieiice. Ma3^. Jan. 31.—Angelo .\bat It will be in common use. It Is Rcco. a hi::h sc!:.;..! student alleged coming food and may become a sub to i.ave delivered innaniatory speech- sUtute for wheat. When it gets to es. was anc.-,ied today charged wi.h ^ that point wheat will sell for fiftv '''""°8. cents a bushel." I h.irged with Iieing an accessory to n.urder. Ju.-i I 'h J. .'•.ttor of .New lork.- . leader of the t. xtiie .trike. was ar-'MIQCC UCMQV CTH I Til IfiMP re-ted by officers of :ho state police mHnOC llCW I UliLL IflLRIIlU just teforo iiilduigh:. The police s.a-!^ t.on where he is confined i.s clo.iely t g-iarded by niilitia to prevent a po^:-. _ _ sib'e attack by t|;e strikers. LFHE Colonel Swet .'f7 .cr ye .!?t(>nlay granted; THE]THRONE BETWEEN RRES .MANCHr TROOPS WILL SHOOT IF TilE EMPEROR ABDU'ATE.S. And the Chinese Re^olntionlsts AVill Sitoot If It Does Not Abdicate. KDITOK I.SSIES ANOTHER IIA It VK Y. WILSON .ST ATEMENT. Insists Tiiat tio^crnor Wilson ISarcH Not Fiice the Facts ill flic (';i.*e. perr .ilsKlon for a paTade of striker.: | In connection with tlitt funeral today;, of Anna lj)plze. a striker who wasjup accidentally slot ye.menlay. but today- the order wa.-i coiinlf rniandcd l,ecau .si'>_ of tb«; tense .sitiiation. J Armed niilltiaiuen patrol the ."treet..^. under orders from Col. E. I.eroy' Sweetser to sho<.t straight if need be f.^,,,' |^ ''^ c"l4''3 ilcol' Henry to enforce order demonst;^-, ,vL °e o ."^nrouUMo bis" winter" omc tion.s of anv kind. On y three of the, ,., , ... ,,,„,„ „.„, '1,11 .«i„ 1 I. ... ^ Morlda. .'ssueij tbe following state- jiiills were idle todav and It wa.-; as- ... v, ^ „ .1 ?t,'ii=„. ^^-t^^ ti,... 1 - „f „. j-„ - meiit this afternoon on the Wilsoti- serted that a larger nuniiicr of o]Hira-~ -- tivea than yesterday reported work. <ny the As.soci .->t-<l Pre.sji) London. Jan. 31.—The edict of abdication of the Chinese Throne h;:s been signed, according to a mes.-age from Tien Tsin. The court will not quit Peking tjr a month, as Mancbu troops threaten to shoot the royal family and pric If they attempt to leave the capital. NoUiIng Beiinite in Pebiuir. Peking, Jan. 31. — The liup'rla! board announced today tliat the tlirfir e Eo my THE WIDELY KXOWX GiiAM) ARMY MAX STRICKEX SlDDEIiLT. WELL KNOWN MD MUCH LOVEG WAS LEADER FOB MAXT TEARS OF THE MODOC GLEE CLl'B. An Old .Soldier With a Gallant Um* ord and a Prime Farorlte at The Bennlons. iHy the Associated Topeka, Jan. 31.— Major T. J. Anderson, a Kansas pioneer and politlc-' ian was found dead in the bath room ot his home here today. Death was the result of a stroke of apoplexy, which came w^ithout warning. "Tom" Anderson, as thousands ot admiring friends all over Kansas loved to call him, was born In Portage county, Ohio In 1S39. He caidd to Kansas in 1856 and when the wit broke out enlisted as a private in tbe Fifth Kansas. He served gallantly^ thiough ^the entire struggle coinltik out a Major, being brevetted a^fiol- onel upon his discharge. For many years he has been the State Statistical Agent of the Department of Agriculture of the United States. He organized the Modoc Glee Club nearly a quarter of a century, ago, and it became famous throughout Uie country for the splendid music H ren dered at Grand 'Army reunions. Re-' publican conventions and similar gatherings. Major Anderson was warm hearted £-nd loyal, a soldier with a gallant record, and a Republican without guile. His death removes one of the best known of the rapidly passing generation of Kansas pioneers and will b3 motrmed by all who Itqev him. SNEED'S PLEA UNWBITTBX'L^lf. He Shot the Father BeranM the g ^n Ran Away With Bis Wlffc. 'By the .iated Preps) Ft. Worth, Tex., Jan. 31.— After working all night orer Edward Thock morton, chief wltnefes of the wim«- ^ , , , ,• V, , „ I tional shooting of Captain A. O. Boycp decided on a solution 01 the ( - physicians said he would recover and nese troubles, insuring i-eace. It j b" able to take the stand amlnut Jnhn •son let- "? Harvey-Wattersou controversy; Touching the llarvey-Wiisc J ters given out yesterday, i have to WFIT KViiuv R H Mi-vnFVTl ' say that from first to last I have beeu WELL hNOn> R. R. MEN DE -VO. j j^^.,jng ^ot only with Col. Harvey's n I. f 41. u < v I D ... fuli knowledge and approval, but up- Enek,of theSanta Ie,and Poppertoii insistence. From the beein- Mo. Par. Reach End of Road. (Uv the .\s.-oci.-ife <I lT -.i <l Topeka, Kas.. Jan. 31.—W. F. Buck. on his insistence. From the begin n'!:g. he was most impatient of delay, sending a personal representative Santa Fe superintendent of tnotive^ to me at Atlanta in December and power died at San Bernardino today j again at Richmond a week later, urg- on his way to Los Angeles where he. ing me to take the initiative. He Intended to enter a hospital. Buck's | endorsed my statement of the Man- headquarters were at Chicago. Hiawatha, Kas., Jan. 31.—L. M. Pop pert, auditor of tho Missouri Pacific died here today after three days illness with spinal meningitis. Burial;; will be at St. Louis. FOLK IS FROZEN OIT. The Missnnri Ex-f.'overnor tn; tio into Drmorratic Primarii's. I Uv the~.\s -iivi .-:tr>.l pff<} t St. I>ju;s. Jan. 31—Former Governor Folk refused today to participat* In the Demoora'fc presidential !)rima\| ry in St. Ijjuis, .^.-'ying that virtually every member 01 the Democratic primary commlttei^ in charj."' of the pri-" marj- is a member of tlie Ciiamit Clark delegation from his ward. The primary will b" held February hattan club incident, wiring forthwith i to declare it 'Perfect.' and he was with me at the New Willard in Washington up to last Sunday night, sharing all I did. "The refusal of Governor Wilson to s'.il'tiiit the issue of veracity raLsed by hir.ise'.f to a tribunal having due regard for the rights of the parties, will be regarded by fair minded people as^a confession thai he dare not] face the facts. understood that the Imjierial fauii y will abdicate ^Iminedlatt^y if aMo-ved to retain the 'empty titl" and annual pension.s aggregating Sa .UOi>.')00. NA.HED ON HIS HECORD. b'> able to take the stand against Jolja B. Sneed accused of the crime. Indications that the defense plana to resort to the "unwritten law," and intends to attempt to bring in the de•alls of the elopement, were apparent in the argument for a continuance. Sn;AR SCHECILE CO.ME.S XEXT. PROBING THE DYNAMITERS. It Is Financial Transactions of the McNamaras Thev are After. fBv the Assrvilated PrPS«i> Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 31.—In prep aration for the examination tomor- 12 to select two hundred and sixteen j row of Frank Morrison, secretary of delegates to tlie s'ate convention inrj the American Federation of Labor, Joplln February 20. the Federal grand jury today questioned Mrs. L. E. Wallace, formerly a . Ijook-lceeper for the International As- about the coun'rv as I have been do-j sociatlon o' Bridge, and Structural Ing," said the president, "and as some'^ Iron workers concerning J. J. Mc.Va- on reported to the governor today that the condemned man looked forward to bis banging as a mark of honor. An lola man advertised In the Register that he had a little p^vate mon-! ey to lend on good security. He used ) the want ad. page at a cost of a few j eca guest with the president could not many others. Several leaders told tbe president that the Taft clubs would control the Ohio state central committee by a comfortable majority and others that the movement In his behalf was gaining strength. Hamon TuVn LonrheoB Gnest. r-»vernor Harmon, who was a lunch cents, but the results canie In .such quantities that he hurried to the office, asked that the ad. be taken out because he had placed the money, and was being besieged by applicants whom oe could not accommodate. The Register Want page is a mighty useful meeting ground for people with wants to set tosetlier. escape the. political atmosphere, for when Mr. "Taft rose to speak he prefaced his address with a few confessions in which he and Ohio's governor figured, nrucb to the delight of the diners and the amusement of Mr. Harmon, who apparentir enjoyed It as much as tbe president "When a man has been tnreUng other exfculives have been doinR. ther» are times v%hen ihere an unjust siis>dclon that th" journey hai other than olTKial motives. Admits Thfv Talked Politics. ".Vow the ad>;intage I have In coming to Columbt s is that I am buttressed around with reasons for coming' other than poliilca. Here Is a public building that has to be dedicated ' "Governor Harmon and I because of our old and affectionate asfociatinn cold not keep away from each other' upstairs when we got within rpach of each other, even though the propri-' lies require thit we should observe^ the due official relation to each other- that circumstances.suggest, and so wf^ had a talk and we talked politicsf, and. you would be surprised to know Low^ many subjects personal and otheri; wise, we had complete agreement about. Our views of insurgency don'i differ greatly; there la little differem;^' in detail as to p-2r8ons, but as to thf, principle of the thing we are 'aot' Governor Harmon did not contlnn^ tbe eonfessioB. He did sot bare a)t» ovportnnitr. mura's financial affairs. WOMAN IS .WAI;E SHERIFF. iJor. Iladlfj Api>olnl<i Wife of Man IVIio Died u» III* Sufeejisor. (By thf AnjMviateil Jefferson Cfly. Mo.. Jan. 31.—Gov. liadley today cominlssi.->:'.ed Mrs. Nancy Williams as sheriff of Laclede County until such time as the vacancy in of?lce caused by the death of her ht:i!iind is filled by a special election. DARROW WAS A THiHT-WAD. That will be Next Subject of Demo« rratlc Tariff RevLslon.' tBy the .\.i5 <x>lated Press) Washington Jan. 31.— The House Democrats, acting under former announcement will next take up revision of the chemical and sugar schedules. METEBS PLEADS FOR NAYT. \\. IL Child-. Kuruierly of Alien County, -MaKis (.'cm! in Kansas Clly.. —y— Wa.->:;ir.g;on. .Ian. :!1.—Inquiry ;'t the' postolilte deparrnient regarding the nomination of W. R./Chiids of Kansas City. Kan., to succeed himself as postmaster revealed tiie rea.son for tiie rather unusual incident. Neither Kansas Senator had recommended Mr. «";hilds and his nomination was madj by the president on the recommendation of the postmaster general, because of the fine record made by the office durirg Child's administration. Great strides in the matter of handling .the liiails have been made in Kansas City, Kansas, where fifteen tons of mall are sometimes handled in oi:e day, since Mr. Childs became postiuaster and it was because of the excellent business administration that the department recommended to the president that.he be reappointed. In audition to this record every bank and most of the business men in Kansas Cit.v, Kan., have endorsed Childs according to report-^ here. This of has had some weight with the department. Through a mistaken report whicti was prevaleilt liere last week, the naiue of Childs was connected'with a story growing out of the fight over I 'he office when lioworsock congressman. The contiectlng of Childs" name with the story has since been found to be an error and while the story is still declared to' be true, the name of another man. who was formerly po.stm.tster. should have been substituted for that of Mr. Childs. So action ha.s yet been taken on Childs' reappointnienf, but It is said that his friends have rallied to his siinjiorf and are making a determined fiqht for the confirmation of his ap- !K )intn'eat by tbe Senators, and n-s there can lie no objection to him, . ,,, . ., , ^ ^ personally or to his conduct of the^f „';*'^??''y '° » office th.r. 1. litle doubt of his con- 'i; '^f'lh''''" T"^ flrmatioii. 1 '"5 vice-president of the road. He Protests Against Democratic Pro* gram of No Battleships. Washington, Jan. 31.— Abandonment, of the program for two battleships this year brought out a statement fl-om Secretary Meyer today; The action of the Democratic caucus last night also caused activity ill the Democratic ranks, with the result that an- othier caucus to reconsider probably will be called. ••Even with a continuous program of two battleships a year," said Secretary Meyer, "the U. S. will fall a little behind its present effective strengtn, fori tbe reason that In another year four of our battleships buiit duiing the same period will become non-effective. "The dreadnaught type is the warship of the present day. One dread- naught built by a foreign power la excess of the number built by ourselves is equivalent to wiping off our list at one strike the Indiana. Massachusetts,'Oregon, Iowa, Kearsarge and Kentucky." Dead ManN Shoen FHIed. .<I!y the A.-uioclated Prejw) Chicago, Jan. 31.—A. C, Ridgeway, formerly assistant to P. O. Melcher, second vice-president of the Chicago. Rock Island & Pacific railroad, who I „ , „ ^ „ Traskett Jury Still Oat The MHarpe basket ball team, cap- (Kv the Aii*wlate«J Pram) taincd by Ad Brennan which was Independence, Jan. 31.—^The fate of scheduled to play a preliminary game j A. A. Truskett, on trial the second here Friday night with the Rooster : time for the purder of J. D. S. Neel- team aspirants before the Florence , ey, ig still in the hands of the Jurr game called the game off, an.d the j this afternoon. It is believed tbe jurjr locals .have arranged to play in their ! will disagree, stead with the Y. M. C. A. Athletics, i The latter team although composed of younger boys is very fast, and it I would not be surprising if it should j named by Violet Buehler in the hls^ That Is the Rca-^on a Betectlre Gives | win th« game. I ton' of her delinquency, tOld JnvenBe The BaeUer Girl Again. Chicago, Jan. 30.— Charles McCIaIn, for till- Altornpy's Predicament. <Br the A»«x;iiited Pr «M> Log Argeles. Calif.. Jan. SLa ^Darrow's "tigfct-flstcdnesa " with confidential employes was the cause of his nresent position, asserts Samuel ilrowTi, tis District Attorney's chief detective today. He says that Darrow's empioyea came to him for money wbiGb be gav^ and tbey leaked volontarilf valuable information. Judge Pinckney, was held today to the Captain Cox of the American Salva- | grand Jury under bond of $2,000. The I tion Army, which is ihta week holding meetings nightly inp'v"' FYlends' church at LaHarpe rppd^j;.- mt success, the attendance having been good evcrj' n !.?ht. The American Salvation Army has secured a hall on South Kentucky street, and after Saturday night they viU make tbis their bead- qnarten. girl told a junr of bis relatloas with her l)erore she' ran away from ber mother's hotel and was found In New York where she had joined a waiter. Jack Clewne. W. S. Hurlock returned this afternoon from a brief buaiesa visit to Ba^ falo. A

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