Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 2, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1954
Page 2
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,*.** HOPE STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS V *, r t bits IrS'bt f i»hen Uw Mast heard KIClAf < NB ww 9 Arkonsaris Are Smoking Less LtTtLte ftOCK f/n — Arkansas smoke d less, but used more t. Ci Church tftet oa Monday afternoon in Ihe home of Mrs. T. G. Mchae Jr. with 3lm Hambright daughter. and new __ . jj{«j e |line and paid more sales tax this; i month thaft they did during' | March, 1953. 4 j The Stct<? Rove-Hie Department MARKETS Judge Upholds Driving Low LITTLE ROCK i.*l —Constitutionality of Arkansas' driver responsibility law was upheld by ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL MrS; B. C. Stivers has returned, - . from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. ! said yesterday that cigarette taxes IE —Hogs 5,200 fairly ]U.S. mediums 32 U. S I[1 [345-35.5 U. S. mediums 32 large'Circuit Judge J. Mitchell Cockrill Standards 31, current receipts 30 1? nVenibtrs and the president, Mrs ter, Texas. f«- E. Logan attending. Price Ramsey and family in Cen- Effective arrangements of japonica and iris decorated the rooms. Mrs. 6. O. Logan, chairman, called the meeting to drder by reading the poem "Prayer" written by Alford a <k the mine, ** pit . opera- j (Stploston W£s ' determined. " A ", officers and offl- > mines division Corp. 'were in* tradegj 1 today, beeo on a round : since the start _• tl. The dead men f ei* of a crew engaged j (dynamite charges in l,tBe. msne to blast the; j,tee, rich vein. -j -ware identified ns ^powder foreman ( En- truck dirver, Ches,. bulldozer operator arGonzalcs- -, -powder Chavez was ser- and^ was' not ex- luttyey were working Hasted, Into, • chunks of i' man wa£\tennyson alter which she directed silent prayer. ! The tninutefc were read by the. Mfss Caroline Andrews is ill at het home. wore the only major revenue source to show a decline —^ dropping S320.833 tinder last MarCh'- cnllecfions. Total income*, from barrows and gilts 15-25 sows steady to 25 higher higher' checks and dirties choice 180-140 Ib 27.25-60 few loads choics No. 1 and 2 under 223 Ib 27.65-75 .cigarette nine taxes during the fi,-st 240-270 Ib 28.50-27.25 few at 27.35 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK (» — A fairly wide mixture of gains and losses per- secretary, Mrs. Alien Gee, and af>- proved. Several circle projects were discussed. Mrs. T. E. Logan announced Pros- byterial would meet in Texarkana April 2? and 28th. Mrs. T. M. Bemis presented the Bible .study: on "Stephen"The First Martyr" based on Acts 6:8 and led in prayer. The conversation period on "Lets have a secret when to write songs Talk About Personal Evangelism" |btU ; we seldom do anything about Teddy'Semis. Son of Mr. and -. Mrs. J. R. Bemis is ill at his home 1053's collections for the ^ corres- oh East Main St. j ponding period. Increases in gasoline, incomp |and sales ir.>tc,= put the, gross col- jltclions for the month at $7,880. figures from months of the fiscal year 270-300 Ib 26.00-50' 150-170 Ib 26.5C-i' 3ist . ed *° d 7 *?. the stock shows a S?12.00Q decrease ' from 27..=.0 sows 400 Ib down 24.50-26.00.moderate tracing. * • ,. . _-___. . i The list cntfupH Songbird Has Turned Into Songwriter By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP — All of us j— SGG2.8G2 above March. 1953. Gasoline faxes climbed to $2,405-,771 this 936,233 increased to S2.233.786 over March's $2170,584. was conducted-by Mrs. S. O. Logan. She* closed her talk with the poem "Something You Can Do." The meeting ad}6urned with sentence prayer, A delectable salad course was served during the social hour. Presbyterian Circle 1 , Meets In McCaskllf Home Twelve ^members of Circle' 1 of the Presbyterian Church met on it, Peggy Lee is the exception. month, compared to $1.- lasi March. Sales taxes lait bOtrs heavier sows 23.50-24.25 17.00-20.50. Cattle 600 calves 700 steers and heifers about steady in cleanup trade prices varying from 18.00- q2.00 cows on commercial find slow sale to choice at weak prices utility and commercial cows 11.50-13.00 few low utility dairy bred 11.00 canner and cutter cows 9.00-11.00 lightweight; sagged around two points at the most while advances) to n point were in evidence. The f market was mixed at the opening, and that state of affairs carried on into the early afternoon. Aircrafts were depressed as were some motors, rails, chemicals, and electrical equipment issues. U. Sjhcre yesterday. The 1953 law provides that drivers involved in accidents in which there are injuries and damages exceeding $100 mtiFt post cash security with the state insurance commissioner. Two suits challenging legality of the law were dismissed by Cockrill. The plaintiffs, George Franklin of Garland and Sylvester Sim- ohs ot Little Rock said they would j appeal. ,„ ]n Does that tell-tale look on your face say changeofh CARDUI MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANCE OF TOD Radio Programs [ shelly canners 7.00-8.00 bulls vea'ers steady utility and commercial bulls 13.00-14,50 cutter bulls 11.00-12.50 few heavy fat GRAIN AND PROVISIONS a '.",",ji Cash wheat: None Corn: No. and No. 2 yellow 1.56" 2 - No. NEW YORK iifl — Selected pro-bulls 11.00-12.00 good and " choice grams, tonight: NBC — 7:30 Bob:vealers 21.00-25.00 odd head prime The blonde songstress h«s'Hope 8 Phil and Alice 8:35 Can 27.00 commercial and low good stepped In-and succeeded in what'You Top This. CBS— 7 Mrs. Keen J15.00-20.00. is virtually a man' world.— the) 7:30 Godfrey Digej-t 8:30.: Thai's Sheep 200 not enought to test market most good and choice in imall lots 24.50-25.50 individual t=ong-writing field. You can 1 count Rich. ABC — G:30 Long Ranger the successful 'gal songwriter onis Ozzie and Harriet. MBS.'-— 7 a hand or two and have somejcounler Sny 8:30 Have a He art. fingers "left over. But Peggy is| . • ;— , turning out. lyrics 'with top com- pdtfers and is all hepped up abort it: '' -' "Eventually I'_d like to give up singing, feycept on records," she Monday afternoon at 2130 m/the saySi j'/l like to devote most of ^corporation, -spokesman!home'of Mrs. Guss McCaskUl with liners were working en.Vtnsek blew wo. age was immediate- j^Tbur f4 X'grbup qt .Arkan- iClrhig their state for the h England industry, "personal contact" J* t Wsf'of the Arkansas P. head ' of the brio] *• contact Com' -group, had bf the >one lett- "about the Mrs, Bob Robertson co-hostess for the regular .meeting. Spring flowers and an outstanding decoration of lilacs and'spirea Were used for decoration. The meting was opened with prayer by. the chairman, Mrs. D. L. McRae. During the business session the minutes were read by the secretary, Mcs.,D, L. McRae Jr. and approved. The Bible study on "Stephen The First Martyr" was given by Mrs. D, L. McRafe Jr. Mrs. Wallace Pemberton presented „ the' conversation period on 'Lets Talk About Personal Evangelism." During the social hour a de* liciods salad course was served by the hostesses. - my. time " to writing songs.' That time may not be far away. Vhen she: was married Jlo guitarist j More than i,ooo'high school and •r>«.._ n i ... _t._ ... _j * "'college youths are. expectedjto participate in the opening day'spro- gram , to be directed by Dr.'Warren Augcll, dean of the School of Fine Arts, Oklahoma Baptist Uni- Jaye Barbourv she' turned out a lumber'of hits like "Mariana' and •It's A Good Day." Recently she finished the prize assignment of penning words for 'Onny Burk^'s songs^ in the forth- versity. coming Walt Disney cartoon fer-i U re, "The Lady and the Tramp."' 'g"C WACRE 18f ION •tor COKCR5 Miss Wynh Become* Bride The marriage of Miss Virginia Ann „ Wynn and Warren Edmond Kinney'was solemnized at-1:30 th« afternoon of March 29 in the First Methodist Church With -the Rever end Warren D. Golden officiating The'"bride is the daughter ot Mr and Mrs. Clifford 'A. Wynn. The bride- groom is fhf son ol Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Kinney. The double ring ceremony v performed" before a setting" of white .blossoms and greenery in the pre sence x>f the immediate familie and close friends. Puring' the ceremony the organ chimes' played softly, "O Promise Me," *• "I ^Love You Truly'' and "Tfaumerei." The couple knelt "while the Lord's Prayer was softly spoken. Given -in marriage -by her brother, Carroll Wynn, the bride Wore a pale pink wool suit with white accessories.* She pinned a corsage of white gardenias at her shoulder. FoUowtag the ceremony the couple left for Fort Sill where I>fc. Warren 1s 'stationed. He will leave soon for New Jersey where he will sail foe .duty in Germany. Ifei. SL Out Of 41 Ing Contests FBOM NOW Baptists Open 3-Dav Session LITTLE ROCK -JR — sas State Baptist Convention opens a three-day singing program here" today with the eighth annual youth Choir Festival. hend 26.00 Utility and good - 22.0024.00 culls 18.00 down small'lots utility and good new crop, 'lambs 22.00-25.00 slaughter ewes 5.00-7.00. The Arka.i- Approximately VOO members of • junior- choir groups, ranging in age he also enacts the voices of ajf rO m eight to 13, meet for tomor- luman, two cats and,a somewbr.' irow ' s festival. '"•' racy poodle that has been namodj _ ^eg'in her honor. ! She'is working on songs for the JPA cartoon firm, makers of Ma- joo and Gerald .McBoing-Boing. And top tuhesters like Nicholas! Brodsky ("Be My Love") and Na-| cio Herb Brown ('Temptation'): hdve sent her melodies to lyri- cSte.' 'I get a big kick out of turning out songs," she told me. "I hone, someday' to give up touring anj Settle'down, 1 don't mind working in- 1 night clubs in fact,, I find it's stimulating musically. And I don't mind living in different cities once I get there. It's the traveling that I-'don'tilike. I'm on the road about 6ix months x*» the year. "Besides, my act, is pretty expensive; I carry , six" musicians with me arid they're all tops fri their field;' There isn't too much profit after they're'paid off." Peggy added that she hopes to resume her movie career, but only if she can find a good story. "I don't want to do one of the light, frothy'musicals with no sense to she said, "I Ilwouldn't know how to act." 1.53-56 No. 4 1.53-54 No 5 151 — 52 sample grade 1.49Vi-52.Oats: No . 1 heavy white 82 No. 2 white taking, although there were no immediate prospects of rain in the drought area of Texas. Switchir-3 from old crop May to July was ex- [tensive. i Late afternoon prices were 50 cents a bale higher to 30 cents lower than the previous close. Miy to July was extensive. Soybeans. None. Barley nominal: Malting 120-62 .feed 92-114. Field seed per 100 Ib nominal: White clover 10.50-11.00 red top 57.00-58.00 alsike 17.501850 timothy. '12.50-13.50 red . clover 27.00-28.00. • J Late afternoon prices were 30 cents a bale higher to 30 cents lower than the previous close. May 34.v33, July 34.49 and Oct. 34.13. JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING Non Cancellable Hospital Policy Home Security Life Ins. Co. • Guaranteed Never to Raise — Birth to 100 Years. No Medical Examination Required. , • Good Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non Cancellable Policy. Call or write your Reliable Agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 POULTRY SND PRODUCE CHICAGO (.¥» — Live poultry steady to firm receipts. 166coops! JT.O.B . paying .prices unchanged! heavy hens 26-28 light hens 18-19! fryers or broilers .22-26 old roost-' ers -16-18 ducklings 26-27. ," Butter weak receipts 1,121,385 wholesale buying prices 1 to 2 93 score AA 57 9 56.5 89 C 55 cars 90 NEW yORKiCOTTpN- /. -.NEW YORKWl'—,Cotton futures Wereirregulirr in.'.cjuief.tradihg today. -Mill and : export covering bolstered 'old - crop * months,; while • new crop7 ; deliveries .sagged , on' profit cents A 57 lower 90 B B 57 89 C 55.V. Eggs weak receipts 15,234 wholesale buying prices 1 to 2 cents lower U. S.larg e 34.5-35.5 — CUSTOM — SLAUGHTERING Anytime, You, Want Beef Processed for Your Deep Freeze -MOORE BROS. Dial 7-4431 QUALITY • FIELD and GARDEN SEEDS • FERTILIZERS, SUPPLIES and INSECTICIDES. We specialize in Willhite Melon Seed and Funks G. Hybrid Corns as well as all other quality items. When you think of seed it's Where you can park while you trade 310 E. 2nd St. Mrs.'J, A. Sullivan of Oklahoma City, Okla, is the the guest of her mpther, Mrs. J. W. Matthews and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby had as their Monday guests, Miss Mattie Royston and Mrs. J. J. Battle of Fulton. Mrs. Madge Burgess and sons, James, John, and 'Joe left Monday tor Berryville, where they will make their home. Mr, and Mrs, Allen Gee Jr., Q and Bill of Hope were Monday guests of relatives and friends. 1 Mr. and Mrs. «. W. Hambrjght returned home Monday night from Beaumont, Texas where they have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. ,i*M ' NTED 50 Used Living Room Suites ^C|e,on(jng? Then you can't afford to miss this big Spring *V "^^^H^ iWr ^TSf ^^^ ^MP PROM $89.95 UP fj^rlood New Suites. AH Suites yie P'SS^st selection ever tp pi?k trgm. We will allow you up trodf in, AMA Doesn't Approve Any Cigarette CHICAGO (UP) — The American,.,. Medical i. Association today '.'strongly condemned" the implication ip. advertisements that it approves any particular brand ot cigarettes. "The unauthorized and medially unethical use of the pestige and renutatio n of the American Med- jcal Association and the Journrl Kent cigarette advertisements currently appearing in the American press and other channels of mass communication constitutes an outrageous example of commercial exploitation of the American medical profession. The implication in these .advertisements that the American- Medical Association authorizes, supports, or approves any particular brand of cigarettes cr combination of claims made in their behalf ..—<• whether pygmy- sized or king-sized,wit h or without filters,nicotinize d or denicotLn- ?d — provides a most reprehensible i nstance of hucksterism. The mariner in which the P, Lorillard Company has extolled its particular brand of cigarettes by reference in its advertisements to the American Medical Association and •he Journal is to be strongly condemned." In New York an authorized spokesman for the P. Lorillaid Company said the firm had no statement to make. Never Aqain Cries French Actress HOW.YWOQP <# — Will Corinne Calvet take sleeping pills again: "Oh, hell no " she told a news conference after emergency hos-i pital attendants had pumped out her stomach. 'Til count the shecpsj from now on.'" j The incident was recorded on the police blotter yesterday as an at^empted suicide but Miss Calvet called It "s stupid accident/' and ?idde4, "| love life." She wore » filmy negligee over revealing n|ght|own when she r&eted ffoorters and ohptogrnph- tf l# hjf )B$vwly Glen home some V Save gas with new, high-powered engines! Only FORD gives you LOW-FRICTION, high-compression, overhead-valve, deep-block engines in ALL truck models! These low displacement Ford Truck engines normally useless gas! Ford's Power Pilot boosts gas economy, too! New short-stroke design cuts power-wasting friction as much as 33%, delivers up to 23% more usable power! Now five great engines—115 to 170 h.p.! V-8 and Six! Save work with new cabs and controls! Ford's comfortable new 3-man Driverized Cabs cut fatigue, conserve energy, with the easiest working facilities in trucking! New Master-Guide Power Steering for most Ford BIG JOBS, new Power Brakes for all } £-tonners, and Fordomatic Drive for all light-duty series—at low extra cost—help drivers get work done easier and faster. », „ r 1 -. . \ : •••• • Save trips with peak payload capacities! Only the FORD truck line gives you such low curb weights for peak payload capacity! New Ford-built tanderp.rear axle with GCW to 60,000 Ibs.! New Cab Forward BIG JOBS, up to 55,000 Ibs. GCW, for 35-ft. trailers. Over 220 Ford Truck models—one right truck for your job! ». f * a now for new fi»m« 80* F.C.A. .t»W Ferd te«l«ry-buW .... , ipucbas05% pyeH-whe^tfttcte

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