Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1912
Page 6
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6 Down the Trust Most merchants are always kicking about Gro- eries being sold too cheap. We like to sell things cheap. The cheaper we can sell the better it suits us. The more we sell the cheaper we can sell. If you want to hold price^ down give us your orders. HOW ARE THESE FOR PRICES: THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY ^NING, JA NUAEY 30,1912. REPDBIIGIINS CHEER FOR TUFT KA.\S S : A- ( LCB ADOPTS BOUS- husoLCTioxs OF EX:: 100 bunches fine Yellow Bananas. We 1 .ir:;-,lit a hi:,' lot of nno I'.ml aro r.oinK to oflVr tiiiM ;it piicos ijcvcr bcfori! iicud of in loin. Those liana- un:< are . KO'JII SI/C and niuc and y :!(i \v anil will^JHM'P a week v.i :!i(ii ;i .siiDilitiK. \.T!;''?o liana- i-n-- \. i .l vcit;"!- aliont four 11)S. :•) 'he ,].•:•(•:> and at the prices p-.v .-^lliiiii tht ni. liifv are as <!f f.iud as lioans or I'o- f<i':U' luui ;.'i;t a few • :•.-)! (•' ;::(•;.I at ihe iirioe of KH—I^'T i:(./.cii—lOc- - 5C0 dozen fine Sunkist Ovan^^^es. Si,;-- ri-l.-iil fur ^M-. 30C, :M ii.ixi-! in one V'-y <i..:-;..:i ---23(1 • I 1. rOTATOI'S r -.-n i! v.a.-: l.--'. week, • !, \ ' cri and -. 'i vi>. per l''.:i;I;el. 81.-^3 (^Id G!o-y Flour • •••i' -.I'-M 'cy for tllP : .. - Ov'i C.I.'iKV brat'd •; • r i ; J'!: •. want to f .ir I '.ls w .M 'k '•• :,k<- :'. i'. ire on it •. j! l:.. k,. it iv'ivr. OlA) .Y .•••'.••< I'lonr is •'.I .' ;• •• y ; l.irr siild in 11 i!n, s II..1 pi.'ii: <• von '••i 'n (111 Is to ri 'nrn ;.'! ;: ! ;-1 lir iMinfv. Trice •i.; .• I'CKMII .M Ki.ori! — SI. 10 T -'.l ,,y i-, i' -I ;i.,n VI ll>. I 'lii:ir • ;:t VU'.v. . l'.:!'-ni i -'iMiir Vi t 'orn .M( .•\! . ^ 1 I J wi ,, , c,...,..,.!.-),,,! Siitr.-ir 01 ui ;h ;;r "r. ry miliT -.S' I Fine Scda Cracker.s V .'i- i .-i '.e tlie a 'Tvycy for one of thi- l )v -t i^..'!:! Crael-.-rs evor '.:•••]•' i 'l I'.la ;<;vl -.vii' s -n l!ies» !!?•.''; r:".:'.i' cr;ici -'err -:';it t!ie sr.j!ie y'Vr" f l;:'.rc<^-(i f')r oMyr £rr?.des. 'l "iy a !-'>:: of >-e cvnt-kors and y I'l wri n'v»i- n.-e any others. IS poiuul 1JO .\ for Sl.'io ^ V.y raln:iT't Fnl-:. Powd.-2!l«- ;; lol•;!-.•: Cr!t;;np S.'jC i; Ih-. Tied 0 ;roT!?_ Ar--.-:-I-.lf s Cf-ff'-.-. III.. Ci'V"!! ?'7" Periche?. cfip _ f-'c •".•n'r-.n sizf .Aiuirots. can,-1''P I 'ir .r' I^ried Prao!.e=. lU l .'iC S'.v-riv..previiiiiu Oleoiiiarpar- i:;e. lli. 25c Monarch Oleomargarine, per lb. only 20c Armour's Oleomargarine, two 11)H. for 8.%c Cood OlfOmarRarlne lb. loc .-,!» lb. sack Salt 3(lc 10 lbs. Ginger Snaps 7rtC lov.a Helle, Snow Ball, Kelley Cream Gold Medal or Con- Kruss Brand Sugar Corn. 2 cans for 15c Dozen cans 90c Karly June Peas, 2 cans_.25c Lart;e cans Tomatoes, 2 for '2oe Samll Tomatoes, can 10c 3 cans Pumpkin -'>c 3 cans Hominy 2oC 12 cans HoniinjL 90c Van Camp VoAi & Beans, 3 cans for 2.»c Large cans Beets lOc 3 large cans Milk 2.>c C sma'l cans Milk 25c 3 cans Oysters. 2 .50 3 cans Kidney Beans 25c cans Gooseberries.- i'tc •J. pkgs. MinceOIeat l.>c .'> pkgs. Mince Jleat-^ .35c 3 i)kgs. Seeded Kaisins 25c I'li lbs. Bulk Raisins 25c 3 Ibrf. Prunes 2."»c 4 lbs. Pink Beans 25c 4 lbs. Navy BeanSi 2.>c 3 lbs. Lima Beans 25c 4 lbs. Japan Head Bice—2.»c lbs. Fancy Head Rice—25c a lbs. Broken Rice. 25c ' 6 lbs. Rolled Oats :.*5e 7 lbs. Flake Hominy 25c lbs. Bulk Starchy 20c ](M( Clothes Pins l"c I.arse pkg. Gold Dust 20c s plcgs. Washing P()wder-.25c 7 bar.s LCUOA or Silk Soap 25c C bars .Napllia Soup 25c •} lb.«. Soda 25c liftick Pcjiper. pound 25c Whole lVi)pcr, lb. 25c 3 pkgs. Macaroni 25c :b^•. Uuckwheat Flour 25c 3 PH. Soda Cracker.s 2.'»c :; ibH. Glngir Snap.s 25c Jacan Ten. lb. .'>0c lirp. or G. P. Tea. lb Ollc Pacliaue ColTee, pound 25c Corn Starch, pkg J 5c III. pkg. Cocoanut l«'ic '^ lb. I'.aking Chocolate.-l.'Vc ."i boxes Matclios 1.'>C l:; boM's Matches-.. 35c •1 .> sacks Table Salt l,"»c r. !;allon Coal Oil Wc White Syrup, pail 15c I'id Syrup, pail 3Sc Stone jar Apple Butter 25c Ued Salmon, can 2<Jc Pink Salmon, can l.^c Oil Sardines. 7 cans 2,>C Mustard Sardines, 3 cans..25c 2.'v oz. can Punch U. Pow. 2<)c 2 15 oz. K. C. B. Powd._.25c Large packages Oats 20c Good Broom .-35c Small Sour Pickles, gal...35c Dill Pickles, doz l.'iC Fine Mackerel. 3 for 2.'>c i.1 lb. pail Jelly .Wc •J lbs. Dried Apples .-_.25c 3 Gas Mantles 25c Cider Vinegar, gallon 2.'ic in lbs. Pure I..ard $1.25 10 lbs. Compound SMJc 0 lbs. Breakfast Bacon 90c Tito Annnal Banqnet of the Fnmous t Unfnulzatlon Brian Oat Lateut . Tuft Hcntlmcnt. ' Topoka, Kas. ,Jan. 30.—Unanimously, ttinid rouBlnK cheers, the Kansas ; ; Day club yesterday afternoon indorsed ' , the administration of William Howard { j Taft and promised to do everything i j In its power to bring abou^ his re-! • nomination and election. \ i The resolution read: i "We assemble today to celebrate the ; fifty-first anniversary of Kansas's ad- ' mission to the union. The Kansas Day Club is an organiaztlon to promote Re, publicanism, 'Kansas' and the 'Repub i lican party' stand for all that Is great; and glorious in the state, and for all that is pure and priceless and patriotic in the nation. "To recount the three years of mar-^ velous achievements of Presjient Taft's successful administration is to ; give emphasis to one of the most Illus- trous chapters in American history; three years of faithful, courageous, im- , partial performances of party promises of which all Americans may be i proud, and which hostorlans will make imperishable. "His efforts to interest the great \ nations of the earth to join his own ; country in a treaty of permanent i peace illustrates his humanji states- ' man;5hip and is the greatest triumph of diplomacy the past century has recorded. "In recognition of his wise and patriotic statesmanship, his honesty and fidelity to all public trusts confided to him, and his pre-eminent qualifications for the office he now holds we hereby Indor.=e the candidacy of William H. Taft for president of the Unit ed States, and promise to do all in our power to secure his rc-noiiiination and election." 600 Republicans were seated at th(! banquet table tonight, it being one of the lamest assemblages at the annual dinners of the club. EnthUFlnsin was rife. President Taft was lauded by the speakers, and the crowd nlwavK was ready to cheer. "Insurgency" got Or bunch of stiff Jolts ,,,, „ , , most of the Kpeakers hurling thunder- '''r. "f ^f"''"'' WlU bolts Into the "Insurgent" camp. i, "''.'''f t"'','"''""' •*<"«''«-W«''' «« ' Charles K. Scnlti former congresB-; ^ "« Their Hates. man from the Second district was Kclected to make the principal addn-ss " ' at the dinner when word came that 11. Accordlu;; to ln--urance iurn nicm-< F. Dawes of Clny Center, former at- hers of the .Modom Woodmen of Anieiv' torney general, could not attend. Mr. ca In Kansas who h.nvc been lalklni; ol* Dawes's father was Injured In n fall sepedlns frota that order and --tartlnfi' yesterd.ny and la not expected to rc- another fr.-itcrnal Insurance on'er be--' cover. ' ' " Built on the elastic, binged-joint principle --the most scientific, practical and jperfect fence principle known—it yields to great and sudden pressuro but rettunB again to-tho original shape. A strong; tliorotighly reliable aad durable fence. Bailt of largo wires of steel especially edapted to the wear and tear a fence ^^S^^^^^^^j,^-"^ 13 subjected to, being stiff and cpringy but '^^^^^j^^'^''''''^ pliable enough to be easily spliced. Is galva- i ^^^^ mzed by the most perfect kbown proc<^7s and made proof against weather conditions. Come and see the different styles, made to fit all purposes. Test, compare and judge for yourself the structural points that years of ex- _ perience have proven to be mechanically sound and best adapted for all uses of a farm fence. For Sale by BRIGHAM HARDWARE CO. m FORCED THE BSIE RHISf y\. w. A. i\riM: ASK M:(I:.SSAI?Y \\\ L!;(;iSl,ATIO.\ OF jti sT.vncs. • A I'HEXOJIK.VON IN OAS. Dead Gn «iser Cnmo to I .Ffe AViien »»T .Supply was Turned on. Jailor Lee Morrison has ilisToverrd .1 plu nomenon in raiure. It c.-ini'-' about the oilier night when the j.-.i! onici> b'cnnie chilly and the jail w;is liiistlliiK fui'l with which to !t" • J) th'- room warm. . The county has a g::a well in lb" .lall yard and up to the previit v int- r It \vi >8 of •;n(IIclfnt volume lo Ii.lvt llie Jiill. During the recent exirciu" cold weatluT, however, the jras ^-•!V" out In llilK W 'll .-a it did In n<;irlv all th" M -ells In the local (Idd. At Ic;!.-;t. tli T'- was not pressure (iiouuh to sfid ih^ "HEFEeeED SIOGX 10 rr COLLLCiK IJKD HEADS OBGAXIZE ."tiiJecu Ottawa TnUorslty Students Form (he Club. r.MTKI) KA\S\S ("DMC-MT <D.IH'A- .\V <;IMNTS IlK .iir. (amnion .Sl<i(l.h(ilders Today Ve(v rnunii:i(iH>lv for Kquul .Sdick S intra ire. cause of tl# raise In ratfs made las{ f.''"' ''."> ''"'"'"^ An atl.lnurncd le-iiini;: of slc(k- li'ibj. rr. in the I'ail. (j Kansas. Torl- land Cement C()m;-;:!iv was hr Id hi h" oillcc.-i of tile c >)!iiiKiny in Ih;:^ city to <by. Tb.e cbi 'H businr-ss b(for" tlic meetlnc v:'s tt »• question of votirit' Ol'iw.-i. K:is.. .(an. 30.—The "Incan- lit itioiuli' Club" an organlza- 'o include .i'l of the red headed • titd. Its in Ottawa University from • \w llnlil "nearly reds" to the "Bub- -iit io(is," lia:i been organized at the t Cniversity with thirteen chnr- I". :iibcrs. - .\-icl It i- |.o.-<vib!c th.'it the Ottawa . 'i!b will tifiiUate v.itb the Red Head- 1 'iMt.'i nity Willi chapters In B<! V• ;i' of IJ!.. u|iiv(-r.-ltles of the coun- !;\\V 'i'Ji" olllcers of tlie Ottawa club .•ire: I'n sid.'nt. Ni>!son Schupbachj Vice psi-siihnf. .Miss Stella McCand- Kobert ELLIOTT'S m wm IS UKCHUNeED S-JT™ achievements to the party under Tbeo- Th„ »i „- . ''•^'"n turned on full force, dore Roosevelt. He was sufficient un- bv the adjot'rnc- i pV e.i'Tt'he "e.'d ».i"'"r„''''? '""V''^ A'"' to the demands of his day. but every eamn in C^iiicti^:! ^Ir^T^ But in a moment it would come Republican has every him at his word when that under no circumstances would he be a candidate for a third term. "We do not repudiate Rooosevelt When we declare for Taft. too much to say that the tradition favor of a second term for a v.... - -'"J""'""-" mrcitng 01 tne .lead rJand 1 is day, but every epmp in Cliirtiw wa.s maae nece.-.=ary 4ilv •y reason to take ,,V ,a.j,^ of Mo-^wcak •hen he declared bile bill. Tiiis bill was drafted bv ^'n .,(, ])rc- fcrred stock-holders. Cement cc;id !tioTi3 have for so lon:j Ji period complicated the biisiness of '•-very ccmi nt phtnt, in this S 'cfiori that the nianncen".--'nt of company affairs .Jns cnlica for a whole lot of hard work, a lot of tliini;!ng .and scheming. fii ;riT '..;r which men who ptiid re.?I money for i --.'>C< rr^d stock, unless the.v also held coaimon stock Ac the nei-ro who escaped from the county jjiil ;::^t Saturday Diyrht has yielded notinr'!"- in tiie way of a definite clue as y, T^e cificors have notified the i ri'ivO of surrounding towns of the 1 rc.ipo and a close lookout is being ke:>t for the fugitive. It is the opinion of ihe sheriff that Young has not "lit" as yet and tltat the will not until he .uets tafely away from this section of I tie country. Young is t'-.e negro who was arrest- 'f! and sentenced to the county Jail for selling some clothing which had I.etn left with him to be cleaned and ire-sed. Se .tiirday night. Jailor Mor=- rifon sent Young to get a bucket of ctiai. He failed to return. INTKRKST IX ROCK ROADS. rlnle.! of the RpnTihlieaTi nirtv have • v,.. '» '"• ''"^^ t'ie . my office stove. I have had plentv of 'f ".' clples of the Republican party have-National Insurance Convention agreed fa-s e\er since the Portland Pineljne ''net! met every emergency in the past they I to Indorse the hilt •- < >> r sinit uie i oruana t ip< .lue . have carried ^the country through I nl"„^',l^'i*' . . . ';om™ny turned on its Okhthoma _ ion, nobody v.ill ob:kct. When you want a reliable medicine for a cnii^h or cold take ,Charaber- :.iin'? Cough Remedy. It can always be depended upon and Is pleasant and safe to take. For sale by all dealers. Republlcnn doctrine and different; three years. It is declared, every state •STOCK CO.MI»A\Y .MAKES HIT. <'«i:tractor< Over tl>e fonntry Are Asking. Information. .\iivn County's fame as a good roads conjnunity is sweeping through the country. The recent action of the county commissioners in ordering the construction of sis miles of rock I'oads was made the subject of many an editorial in newspapers throughout tl'.e state and the irfiddle west, all contrac- the re- County Information up- fund much a most Iniprovo- .-.round J1.03. Close— V;; Ju 'y yt;">i; Sejit. •>T.~ -: Knn«ns City IJvosfock. .Kan.'^as City, Jan. 30.—CATTLF, receipts 0 ,SO0; market steady to ten up. .Native steers |ri.2."<5iS.OO: cows and heifers $2.90f; 6.2.'»; stockers and feeders |t.O0fi6.25: bulls ?3.7ii@5.o0; I'O;;.n. V-'- May ?1C.40; Ju- calves $3.3O@T.0O. ;.. -..-,7-. . i " ^ HOGS—Receipts l.i.OOO; five to ten LM:U —I'n 5'<'''.- May 43-^9- np- Heavy |6.2.=>'fi6.30; packers, and 4", V: JitlyV'J.t'j; slpt. f.*.72>^." " btitchers $6.05@6.35; lights »5.75(g! the thriteen-year-old :'^"1 ''/"".^^nnd nien-bers were Mrs. Nelson; of South "?^V"'•' ^.O-year Mne each ^A--: Miy ,G7%'r(?i; .'•i ,4; • Jaly 4tiH:Q'%; 0.20. Cliiraso J.heslork. •\ 3'>.—CATTLE, re- ir.aiktt stronir. Beeves —was paid at a banquet to Henry , Clay, in New York, In 1842. Mighty Kansas City, Jan. 30.—BUTTER— costly for those with stomach trouble Olaf Nelson. were enKajred In a friendly Fcuffle, and e ^f /^rts nnde t'e .^nrtlinr -in- kn':|e'w !f r .•rrrotber'be,'.?'':us.°l" ^ nouncomt^rth.^t'1^ he^VoXon 'i -on- ''L'or„ ^ a 1 rlJh^' 'he old rate of insurance it X per cent compounded^to iiay out. But $100 Per Plate ' i '^''^ order has only '^^ipillioii dollars in Kansas City Produce. r^se-rve ' T .L,*^?l th the ord" hunanlty^ls awakening from a false has now in fo'rce l.SOO tnnMon l°llars ^^J^slfkn^lcs 'sin °"ex'st tn of Insurance and if the order went on r'l ,V .^t!. '„!, " 1'. ERIOR! Surface Will >nth. —Lake Su- freczlng over yt time In man'that such ri>'>ened. The ice field open water can few points on 'ebruary at hand Ice making month thai he hnd mad.- and behnld it ^^'^'^ ^i' olFlYss I Sta-; r/or. there Is much reason for ve?v good" Theater of Kansas City. i ••elievirrr its entire surface will be- Sjckness, sin and de.ith do not be- i to the "very good" things which • ' God made, and because of this fact .•cinie solid. factj if they are rral, thoy must be perrjanont therefore they can not be liealed, overcome or destroyed' yet the Jiospels tC/Tch that Jesus laitiisiry was.oue of healing. A Remedy N@ Family Should Do Without St. Louis Grain. St. Lfluls, Jan. 30.—WHEAT, Close: M.-^y $1.00-i; July 'ji'S. COP.%'—May C'<%; Juir CS^i^Si. OATS—May 52V1.; July 46'^. fProdiice quotations furnished daily jfrs. J. H. Randel left today for Ot- 1 "'P " Kansas and it Is believed that •*'rS.^'^'"„ • I where she will visit for the next i'he scciety has figured well and EGGS—31c per dozen. or three weeks with her daughter, i "'^''^ ^"1 more tinkering with i Mrs. H. D. Wiggins. i rates, opposition to the head The tenehlno-nnd rtemnncfnfln„<. matter- how healthy -J. human sin. It is .1 liquid laia'tlve-tonlc, mild, jf.e Ifacning ana aemonstratlons of bc.r.s may h^. it i.i safe to say that anl novcr gripes, is effective on robust BUTTER—22c per pound. many mon:? s a.t-.r Chrf-stian Science make known'today mzny mon:?s a.t-.r i \.itho'.t': 1 pe.,;,!-, una can be given wltb safety to the Hspirltual truth of the promise ; SJ;!??., '-^ ''^ ''^ oth^:r!..7i i.-rar:t. Children like it because of "And these sii^ns sh.ill follow them porair. "'J?'i'='^^^^^ ' I tho'-"tie .qualiUes and because it Is e l,';oiii:r.i-. lii'il lo'liii; i rl-"--'i^"-5- -O the taste. St. Louis Livestock. FA. IX)uis, Jan. 30.—CATTLE re- ceii.ts 3.r.'J0; market steady. Xative Ftrer.s ?4.."0!tl6.50; cows and heifers S $2.00@6.50; stockers and feeders J3.50 65.50. ^ ; , HOGSi-Rerefpts 9 ."lOO: market 5# i JO higi:er. Pigs tind lights ?*.00@' POULTRY—Hens 9c; springs 8; old ; and young cocks 5; ducks 8%; geese i 7; turkey hens and young gobblers ; 10; old toms 9; guineas ID. HIDES—71,4 to 8%. action will practically cease. remedy you any disorder bowels, and J. Henry, '. Bays. Atchl- aa soon be Dr. Altle Pulwider, the Tola pitcher-who i —Persons troubled with partial minii' it snaii not nurt tbem- they in,. i:,=r.„uei:. . . your ip.,;r: :i ,3 ^t.; . -„„ „„„M , was drafted by the New York Giants I ralysis are often very mUch benefited shaU lav hands on the sick a^d they f.'^,',; ... v -..-...'v . ,-/V-^'^rnecessfti^xas ^tho^t HORSE HIDFS-li 50 to $2 75 each : ]l^L\'Z '"^^ ^"1? /""^ ?^ massaging the affected parts fhalr r%oTr'- Yours s^cereV ' n ^^\r:y.:-'^::: o V^lly ^^'^^Sk^"" rcPr^n nStrfnrn.ihJHHM?^'^^^??l!l'*.?P°° A°_ 1° .T^orl^ the I thoroughly when .applying Chamber-! WILLIS D. M-KLNSTRY. TiL,'?;?'^'. »i ^V-"^-^- • ^5-"° i -^r.- rne wishing to make a trial of this .Kansas, Jan. 26. 1912. '" (Grain quotations furnished daily by , team this, season, but will be farmed Iain's Liniment. This liniment also ToD'>-:a nArSkp n«r »,„=i,.i out to the Rock IsKind team In the relieves rheumatic pains. For sale by i ^- '. SlX^n *'"^''''' ! Thr^I league or to the Buffalo, N. Y. I all dealers. I i £:"rJ^ ^-RoKT^'ir u u . ' team the pastern league. Brennan -— - j CORN 60 tT " LaHarpe star performed for the LOST—.\T JEFFERSON SCHOOL ' St. I .011 Ci-.rsful of Its heal'.A O-.TI. .ic h^icre buylns' It In the regular pastern league. Brennan the LaHarpe star performed for the •Buffalo team last season. Lead and .Spelter. LOST—AT JEFFERSON SCHOOL.' St. J.ouis, Jan. SO^Lead gold framed glasses in case. ^ I nVi;;«pelter, flrm^?6.35@€ ft liinedy. Hu-. tl e qu--. ticn of %7i i.-n -.i.- .,r a druj.rtst at'fifty cents'or one remedy to have on hand \£ a'.:-o of v:.i; •• - - - Importance. Tbs laxative 1! ..- :'. !ar:;-e bottle (family size) can -.aiiiple bottle sent to the home

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