Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 23, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1943
Page 5
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS THEY SAY- 'Hcy, Bill, I heard that in order to pay for the planes and tanks and guns America needs for Victory, each of us should be pulling at least 10 percent of our pay into War Bonds." IT'S TRUE-r- "That makes sense lo me, Joe. Those things cost plenty of 'dough and we've got lo have 'cm!" THEY SAY— "Sure, I know tliat. And I've got a hunch our soldiers are going lo need more and hetler equipment than any fighting men ever got before!" IT'S TRUE— " You bct Illc >" will! And 'here's llic way I look at it, Joe. Us guys who can't tolc a gun or fly a plane can at least do our share by. helping to pay for the things our fighters need!" THEY SAY- "It would be hard lo heal thai as a sweet investment, wouldn't it? And when you lend your dough to Uncle Sam, you know he'll make good."- IT'S TRUE— "Say! War Bonds arc bettor th'an dollar bills in your pocket, Joe! Not only is each one an ironclad promise to pay,, backed up by the strongest Government in the world—h.ut il makes more money for you all ihe lime!" THEY SAY— "Supposing a fellow loses some of the War Bonds he buys— or somebody swipes 'em. I guess you want me to believe Uncle Sam will pay off on 'cm just the same." IT'S TRUE- "II(j sure will, Joe! Every War Bond you buy is registered in Washington—either in your name, or your wife's name, or whomever you pick. Nothing can happen to prevent your gelling that money back—.with interest." THEY SAY — "My w 'f c bas the idea, now thai I'm earning more money, thai War Bonds should he the Number One item on our budget— sort of a savings plan for us and the kids." IT'S TRUE — "She's a smart woman, Joe. You're going to need a lot of things when this war is over. And there's no heller way on earth lo gel the money for them than lo save regularly now — • by buying War Bonds." THEY SAY- IT'S TRUE- "Must be a lot of people owning War Bonds by now. aren't there, Bill?" "A lot of people? Listen! Fifty million or" 'em have bought War Bonds—and I'm one of 'em. Fifty million Americans can'l be wrong!" SAVE .S. WAR ..EVERY [The publication of this announcement is made possible by the following firms and inamduals: THEY SAY— "Yeah', you're right, Bill. But we're really not paying tKat'; money to the Government, either. It's just a loan to,Uncle.' Sam until the Bond matures." IT'S TRUE— "That's right as rain, Joe! You get it b~ac£—with" interest.; Every 3 bucks you put in brings you 4 when the bond- matures !" THEY SAY- IT'S TRUE- 'One of the boys in the forge shop was trying to tell me tHati if everybody buys a lot of War Bonds, it helps keep.prices; down." "He's right, Joe. You don't have to be a brain truster to figure that out. Here's how it works: Now that the United Stales is making Avar goods instead of cars and radios and all: the things people ordinarily buy, there aren't so many of those peacetime goods kicking around in the stores. So, if, people with a lot of cash in their jeans start bidding agaiuafc each other to get those scarce goods, up go the prices!" THEY SAY— "Our plant has a Pay-Roll Savings Plan. Sounds lite * handy way to buy War Bonds. I'll sign up tomorrow for 10 percent. Hmm—maybe I can make it more than that. I'll see." IT'S TRUE— "Sure, our plant lias the Pay-Roll Savings Plan. So 'do lots of others. And people who work in plants where the plan hasn't yet been installed would be awfully smart to get one started. They ought to mention it to their union bead, or foreman, or plant manager. Believe me, Joe, you're not making any mistake when you put every dollar yo\i can. spare inlo War Bonds—and then a little morel" '' ' 0% Citizens National Bank First National Bank Ward & Son Roy Anderson & Co. Talbot's White & Co. Hotel Barlow Ladies Specialty Shop Mope Hardware Co. Hope Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Briant's Drugstore Chas. A. Haynes Co. Hope Retail Lumber Yard J. C. Penney Co./ Inc. R. L. Gosnell Men's Store Morgan & Lindsey Western Auto Associate Store Checkered Cafe Diamond Cafe Hempstead County Lumber Co. B. R. Hamrtt Motor Co. Geo. W. Robison & Co. , Saenger and Rialto Theatres Olie's Dairy Scott Stores Rephan's Department Store Hope Auto Co. Allen Electric Service Hope Builders' Supply Co. Wade Warren Ritchie Grocer Co. City Bakery Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. Monts Seed Store Greening's Insurance Agency R, M. La G rone, Jr., & Co. Bob Elmore Auto Supply Hobbs Grocery & Market Young Chevrolet Co, Herndon-Cornelius Crescent Drugstore Louisiana-Nevada Transit Co, Hope Basket Co. Union Compress & Warehouse Co. Bruner-lvory Handle

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