Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 22, 1949 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1949
Page 8
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Sept. 21, 1949 Mason City Globe-G»i«Ue, Muon City, Im. CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX Blast Chris, thought Amenly, he might have come out in the small boat. But Chris waited on the dock, and he carried a red carnation lei. He said when Amenly reached him, "An indicated aloha," looped the lei around Amenly's neck and added, smiling, "I hope it chokes you," and presently led the way to the car. "Terry sends her apologies," he said, and made no other excuse. Driving through the streets Roger remarked, "I'll spare you the usual tourist exclamations. But this is quite a place, Chris. "Where are we headed?" "For my uncle's," said Chris. "Terry and I stay there when we're in Honolulu." "I'm afraid it's an imposition," Roger began, with great correctness, j "It is, indeed," Chris agreed, "but my good aunt is always most hospitable. I'll have to warn you that she doesn't tolerate, even in a guest, the unquenchable thirst, an off-color story, or the type of profanity that is admissible in most places." "Thanks. Have you seen Lilia Gurney?" "Yes." . "Does she know I'm coming?" "She knows. Terry and I were spending a weekend with Lilia and her husband when your welcome cable arrived." "You're quite a boy," said Roger fondly, "shall we swear an eternal friendship?" "I'm not in the mood," said Chris, and calculated Roger's luggage: The suitcases, the inevitable typewriter, the trunk that would eventually arrive on Tantalus. "I'll see her," said Amenly. It was not a question. "Not, I gather, if she can help it," Chris retorted. "Oh, you are in her confidence?" inquired Roger. "Yet she won't be able to help it—will she?" The traffic was heavy, Chris put his mind upon his driving. He answered after a time, "I am not, in Lilia's confidence. All I know is, she likes you better than Tom does. If you see her, it won't be through an/ arrangement I make." "I'm sure you're speaking impulsively," said Roger. "Anyway, women are rr.uch cleverer about these things. Perhaps Terry will be more amenable." "Why," asked Chris, "and I inquire merely to make conversation, do you come where obviously you're not wanted?" Amenly said, "This doesn't sound like bands playing and beautiful women singing in welcome. I might as well be on 52nd street. But to answer your question. I came because it amuses me not to be wanted, by the charming Mrs. Gurney, her ' somewhat excitable brother, by you and Terry. You're all so darned smug," he explained equably. "It irritates me." „ . , "If you think we're smug, said fused her, as she was usually too busy. He even held her yarn for winding. In the early course of his visit, Terry and Chris took Amenly dutifully from Waikiki to the Blow Hole, from beach house to the Royal. He was never alone with them on these excursions. There was always someone who went along, sometimes Cordelia, or, if she could not go, anyone whom they could press into service. "Do come," Terry would say to one of her new friends, "it's so much more fun when there's four!" Lilia, they ascertained, was on Maui when Amenly arrived and Tom, where he worked and belonged, on Kauai. But Jack was a weak link in the defense, he talked ^by the hour to their visitor, over brandy in the library or out on the terrace or over a dinner table. Amenly listened and Amenly said, "Big business has always been extremely interesting to me. I'd like to get enough material to do a series of articles on industry in the Islands. It's time someone did a good and jus job, I think." "Well," Chris told Terry gloomily after Amenly had been in residence for nearly 3 weeks, "he has Jack hypnotized. Hugo, too, for that matter, and almost Aunt Cordelia." . . Jack took Amenly with him on various business expeditions: A plantation here, another there, a trip to Lanai, to see the pineapples, one to the cannery in Honolulu where some canning was done year round, although this was not "the" season, a flight to the Big Island, and a round of plantation Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- I N New Orleans, Frances Parkinson Kcyes, author of Dimier a? Antoine's, is the queen of Bcauregard Houb'c and everything else she surveys In Boston, however, at a Louisburg Square party which she attended with her family, she discovered she was known only as "Peter Keycs' mother." The fourth x young man who thus identified her aroused Mrs K's ire, an operation not to be undertaken lightly. "I am beginning to realize," she remarked icily, "that hero in Boston, being Pete's mother seems to be my chief claim to fame." The young man, vastly unimpressed, inquired, "What is it anywhere else?" * * * A press dispatch from Hampton, Conn., indicates that New England's codes of chivalry and justice remain unimpaired through the years "The young man who accidentlly shot and killed his wife in Thompson on Monday while they were hunting." wired the correspondent, "will be arrested—on a charge of hunting deer out of season " Copyright. 1910. by Bennett C«rf. Distributed by King Features Syndlcata, SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOT! viewing on Oahu. Inevitably Lilia could not remain returned, she away - forever, "Ex- Chris, 1 "wait till you meet the rest of us." ... "So self - assured and integrated," Amenly went on. cept, naturally, Terry- Her assurance was shaken for a while; then you came along and restored it permanently." He paused, and added gently, "I hope." "What do you want with Lilia? Christ asked. "How crude. Would you be astonished if I said I fell in love with her, and find her unforgettable?" "Yes, and no." "Meaning?" "Meaning that she's a lovely young woman, it would be easy for any man to fall in love with and remember her. But also that she is happily married. -.; So you can't marry her — even if you could, it would not be to your advantage. The Petersons have everything but money," Chris said. "A rich man always suspects a poor man of mercenary motives." she had her very considerable duties at the plantation, and Cordelia dropped the brick at dinner one night. She'd met Harriet Peterson at the bank. She hadn't seen her in weeks. Her asthma was better, poor woman. And Lilia was home. Amenly asked brightly, "That wouldn't be Lilia Gurney, would it? It's an uncommon name. Or, perhaps not, here. But, if so, I met her and her brother in Los Angeles some time ago. It would be pleasant to see them again." Cordelia assured him that it was indeed Lilia Gurney. She said, "I'll ask her and Alex to dinner. Tom's on Kauai, he's rarely in Honolulu.' Amenly did not visibly show relief but that he felt it Chris had no doubt. Amenly thought, It's too easy and for the fraction of a minuti wished it were not, wished he could stay another week or two in this great cool house innocent of motive. He could be quite content with these friendly, stodgy people, at whom he could laugh a little secretly. Content, that is, if Chris were not there to watch him, and Terry, remote, pleasant, and unrevealing. He could not regard Chris without envy—he was luckier than Jack, he didn't have to work—nor Terry without rancor. But Lilia Gurney had stirred him as Terry had not, as no woman had since perhaps the first. He'd FIRST" BREED DE.VEi.OPED IK M4ERICA.., KoPI -TRIBE, m DRESS -fUElR. HAIR <O \ MHA^E, <\ rtt- ' of WtU< is KA.-flOHA.l- FLOWER. U.S. 0-21 BOARD AND ROOM SO THIS IS.GOLF AT 'OGOV/AN LODGE" •••'A PUTTING GREEN LAID OUT AROUND 9 GOPHER- HOLES, . ANDVl-US ONE PUTTER/ • FROM TH' LOOKS OF TH' HEAD ON IT, THEY MUST USE IT FOR. PRYING TIRES OFF TH' R1/V\/ \-=^>lt. l^f-^C §*J<. •***=._ ^•af"*"- VSjf. 1 ^** By GENE AHERN 'I'VE LOOKED AROUND "^ FOR GOLF BALLS BUT CANT FIND ONE/ I SHOULD'VE KEPT A FEW OF THE DUMPLINGS WE HAD FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT •••• JUST TH' < RIGHT WEIGHT AND HARD ENOUGH TO SANDPAPER. INTO TH' SHAPE OF GOLF BALLS/ "Have them?" you never harbored Roger laughed. "Terry has told you? But who could blame me? Beauty and a fortune. But it was clairvoyant of her to turn me down!" Amenly was comfortable in the house on Tantalus. He made himself agreeable. He was apologetic and almost self - effacing. . Hugo said he wasn't a bad sort, and Jack was astonished by his intelligence. He hadn't believed that Chris would have a friend—well, Amenly was Terry's friend really —so interested, in the sugar business, so anxious to see the workings, the wheels. And Cordelia commented that their guest was very nice. He waited on her, which she liked, although it con- fallen in love with her as he hadn't, in many years, with any woman, without reserve, with even a little terror. He had tried to rationalize it. It doesn't mean anything except that you're getting old, .so you're scared, you're trying to find your .way back to something that no longer exists . . . For a brief time he had believed, with as near an approach to humility as was possible, that Lilia was interested in him. She liked being with him, enjoyed listening to him, laughed at his jokes. And once she had Jet him kiss her, regretting it at once and saying that, please, he must forget it. She was lonely, she said, looking away from him, and he had been kind. But he hadn't forgotten. He had thought, It's utterly insane but here it is. This is it. After my divorce . . . He thought, Lilia will get a divorce, we can be happy, I'm . making money. I'll make PUTTING GREEN IS JUST FOR. LOOKS «• DAILY CROSSWORD more This had seemed to him to be the most selfless decision of his life; perhaps according to his very dim lights it was. (To Be Continued) NUMSKOU. DEAR/MOAH= DOES I?Ol_l_lM<S MOSS -- CW DEAR AIOAH= IS AM OCTOPUS A CAT WITH EKSHT vies ACROSS 1. Swell or heave 6. Young girl 10. Test 11. Leave out 12. Defensive tree structure (Fort.) 14. Seed covering 16. Sun god 17. Broth It. Negative reply 20. Half ems 22. Those absent without leave 25. C!an (Ir.) 27. Emanate 28. Be ill 30. Decorated first letter 31. Vertebral 34. Mother of Zeus 37. Of motion 39. Fortify 40. At home 41. God of love 43. Ruthenium (sym.) 44. One of several layers 47. Odors 49. A medley 51. An idler bee 52. Short sleeps 53. Chairs DOWN 1. Gazes fixedly 2. Suave 3. Narrow inlet (geol.) 4. Guns (slang) 5. English author 6. Behold! 7. Old wine receptacle 8. Title of respect 9. Serves scantily 13. Certain 15. Fail to win 18. Slight gust of wind 21. Country, SW Europe 23. At a distance 24. Nape of neck 26. Prong 29. Tardy 31. Humorous theatrical sketch 32. Wing 33. Coin (It.) 35. Wandering 36. Entertains 38. Strings 42. Angry (slang) 20 zs 37 44 5Z 5Z Zl 17 •** Z2 Z-? 27 4-7 3ft 42. 24 39 46 ( DONT EAT > THAT-( IT'S DOG FOOD WHAT'S IN THIS CAN WITHOU A LABEL? ^~ \M 1 I'M GOING TO FIX. SOMETHING TO EAT • TUE"SEAWTCH" SUDDENLY FINOS ITSELF CROSSWISE. IN A DEEP TROUGH BETWEEN GIGANTIC. WAVES • Yesterday's Answer 45. Guide's highest note 46. Tea* 48. Extinct bird (N.Z.) 50. Bone (Anat.) WHATS / THIS IN • c a •HE eovji_T! IN THE - RUFWGEPJATOR • 1HE SEATAKES UNUSUAL ... THE TROUGH BE COMES PERMANENT- THIS \SUNCANNY,OAPTA\H... \NE ARE WALLED IN BY WAVES VET THE PATH AHEAD 15 -j- CALhA KINSLEY SWAMP YOU MAY FOLLOW ME! I KNOW! I WITNESSED THE WHOLE EXHIBITION YOU MAY RETIRE TO YOUR ROOMS ••ALL OF YOU! PLEASE DON'T BLAME THE.GIKL5i--l ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY' WE--WE WERE HAVING A LITTLi RHYMIN6 CONTEST. MRS.6WEETL1GHT CLT OH.WELL ....i GOT k / A MICE PIECE OF \ (STRING OUT OF THE \\ v - ^ ^*-L-*~^ HEY! WAIT, PEE-WEE ! B BUDDY, WIS ISASONY/ DONNIf IN tME HANDS OFTMATPUFFlAN.'j— ME ISN'T BEING HURT. NO, BETH, NO! YOU CAN'T • HELP BY<3O1NG EVE GOT TO USE OUR WITS! BUT DONNE MEEDS YOU CAKT HELP HIM THAT WAY.' EVES1 THE TWO OP US COULDM 1 T TAKE HIM FROM THAT DAILY CEYFEOQUOTE—^Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXR is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this example A Is used <or the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apos- trophiea, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation PDX VKMZXN MV PDX IMLYQ JXY, MN PDX VKMZXN MV IMLPD— KHSI. Yesterday's Cryptoquotc: IN OVERCAST TIMES THE VIRTUE OF TENDERNESS BECOMES A CRIME—PROVERB. DlitrlbuUd by KIBK TMturM «rndlc«U HE'S PUTTING UP \ FIGHT" OH, THATS ALL RIGHT, * MRS. WESCOTT..X CAN 5EE JUDY LATER/ LET ^ ENJOY H5KSELF/ NOTHING .'...I... IT'S JUST THAT JUDITH CAN'T SWIM WELL ...AND IT WORRIES ME.' MO.' YOU MUST STOP THEM NOW.' WHAT'S WRONG WESCOTT JUDITH IS GOING FOR CANOE RIDE WITH STEFAN/ YOU CAN STILL STOP THEM IF YOU HURRY, JERRY/ vYMV/ MEBBE SHE'LL ME HAVE A FISH/ WOOPS/SHE'S OVEZTHAR-BYTH' BROOK/ BLACKSMITH'S PAUGWER EMPOAKS HAS DECIDED HOWTO KEEPOA^V BUSY WHILE BLACK: DIGS FOR' THE BURIED TREASURE:.. COUS/U OAKY |>M GOIN' NUTS WAiriN' THIN<33 TO HAPPEN .7--TH6 BIG PARTY is ALL SET Fon MID- NNIE HAVENT ANY MOPS OR.NO7HIN 1 .? ? THATS WHAT . I'M AFJ2AID OF.!' |F ITS A euST I'LLGer ALL, THE BLAME.' PIELAX.' ISNJTTILL MIDNieHr» I'LL, PASS THE SHOVELS r^s? THE PARTV WILL BE" A VVOW" -V YOU'LL GET AU- THE CREDIT.* EVEHV- eooy THINKS YOU TONIGHTS THE" NlSHTM f FOETHS 3io BuKrED NOW y& <3orME COOKEO irup.'/ ^~-A COMING VERV TIMELV, SCORCM .' OUR TOURISTS ARE JUST WAKIMG UP AAJD SNEED'5 SOEE AS A BOIL. THAT HE SLEPT WHILE WE r LANPEP.' GOOP ENOUGH.' 'VE GOT A HEAP START AT SEEING 6OO MILES PER REALLV GETS VOU ^ 9 CAIRO ALREAPV FOR INSTANCE

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