Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1912
Page 5
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-rr; "WHO WROTE THAT 'DON'T JUDGE A M.\N BY HIS COAT' STUFF," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. I WANTTHEM\ CLOTHES, I'LL BE GOOD ENOUGH TO GIVE >rou MINE. / FELLOW I WANT T01 EXCHANGE HfflrS AND J VCOATS NNITH XOU /^M TO HIM ( MEN ; Hfc-S AN \E5CAP£0 CONVICT. PROF'S'NALJffllEGTORY MO-NEY TO LO.V>-. a Will lend on ijouse!:o).'; goods, •S pianos, organs, ptv.itrr uia- * chines. diR 'j.o .niJs jVvic -i ;y -5 J. W. iOrFKV ' S 110 Ar '.-J!) .<.*r:" 3 »-5 « «-5 s- s r -r- fTr a- r- * c- ifl • a •5. Buyal Ty |>e >«rlf «-i .VcKiny *• TS Controls KxclUah-: t'n'e of * * Eujtil Sluudiirti 4j[n-'vrl<r' > * In AUtU Coun .r * S F. If. Kiisslnt.-. Awnt « No.-tlirup JiUil(iliiS tO... A.iR*. • TjptJirriier Jlt 'jn'r- 4Ud MJpi >ll«a « * a S 3- C S n: ^^ i-rii r-- * ft 4 WANTS—ALL KINDS. WANTS—ALL KINDS. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. FOR SALE-^FOR SALE. , WANTED—GOOD LA.ND, WELl. Improved lying near lolu. Will buy half Bectlon or more If wortli tiu; money asked. Give price and full particulars for reply. Owners only. Me.shew & Compcny, Tulsa, Okla. WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phene 461. WANTED—TO REPAIR HlCVCl.KS and slioos. Soino bicycles for salt rhpap. Joss Howanl. I'l.", S. K, n- tiicky street. Phone ll-!r>. WANTED—A GENT IN EVE \V< state to take the state a.!i"nry to .-. metal concrtto .-^idowaik forms: ni'in. y maker. Metal Sidewalk Form ("u.. lola, Kas. WANTEP-SITIWTIOX IN COIN- trv to do hoii^e 'Aork. AdJr -ss i'-o:; 33, lola. W.\.\TED — EXPEKlENCEn HIN- ing room trirl. Pcnn.--ylvan;;i H.i!' I. WANTEH—KAFEIR CORN IN CAR load Idis. 11. it. I'.rannum, Piqiia, Kas. W.ANTKO—.MEN TO LEARN THE b:irt ..T trailo. Here 1.=; tin offer incluijcs tdo!.'; with tuition. .A tnt/tiioi! ll'.al Envcs years of appreuliee?liip. i 'osition.- waiJing in rily or ro;;!!!ry ^'.'.o;is. Write Mohler Iliirbcr CcUfge i '\:!n>;is City, Mo. VvANTE!'—BOY FOR OENJCRAh V, K .k in .<;ori.. New York St-ire. FOi: S.\l.E-:'.'> II.XRRED ROCK c i<4:cr"is; lo S. (" ft: ode Island Red.'<, liiibeit .I ()!in ;?i!, lolG N. JuUtr.-Jon. Phono ;>7y-l. \ V.ANTED—TO TR.MIE A HESI- r'--.~ I':; o;) .M;iiii .<;ire<'t in .T new iiki-:- ':iiii,!u tiiwn for a .uood liorse. P.os U;T, Io;a. V,- \NTKi)- H O r S E W 0 R K V. Y •.vhi:e woman. I'lione S'.i2. V.A.VTEII—MinHI.E AGED WO:.!- i:o!]SikO'iifr nrj e (,in ]>;'.n'i.'n in f;'.i !iily of tliree. i'^'.x ^'l!', loia. W A N T E D—E X P E1; IE NC K D S AI. E S lady in dry goods, at Frishniaa's. WANTED:- TWO GOOD W'lKK horsed 1"50 to poiir.'.is ^^ lola Brick Company. FOR SALE—FOR SALE. TO Tll\l)i;—1 HAVE ONE Sn-ACK'.-; f .'TV "He 12ii-nr;'e fa':i'. to tr:i (!i- 1 \\y I'rM.erl.v. .\d(i'.-c s.-. Virgin;;; ,•.^•••.l;e .fn)i :in. Mo. i''.i: SAEE—r.'-ECC TX.TBATOi!, r.'-v.-; z\-r. CDF i 'f .'v '.-'t, i'iion>. FOR SALE—WIHTK PLYMOUTH Uoek ct.cki-rels. Ep'-'s bought last spring of i'. R. Fishcl, Hope, Ind. Z^'^ North Second. FOR SAIJ:—MY COU.NTRY HOME of Hospital, I 'Vi acres ground, (i .oom house, the finest barn in AUeu county, good cistern, good cellar all I ricked up good, au ideal place to live. Reason for Selling, am located in the West where I have business intercsU^. This place- will make a nice chicken rancli or dairy farm. Call or write, .\. -M. Kopken, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SALE—ABOUT 3 TONS GOOD • IiiviT and timothy hay baled; also fiw tons clover and erabgrass loose.— H. llol .art. P!:one TJ.2. FOI! .SALE CHEAP—HALF INTEK- vst in a Mallen's i-.rc s-od steel motor ' !.(iat. inciiiire of Sparks at Globe or !•:. C. Pli:niiip .g Co. FOR SALE—?ADDLE AND BRI- dle. !ne ,uMe c. M. I.oijan, 411 S. Eini, '(•r piione ST2. rOU S.VLE—AT A IIAP.GAIN, ilY two story niodt-rn re. !flci:ce, 2Mt N. Coitonwood. Iteasciis for selling, leavii;,' 2 IV. Teiins or cash. A. E. P-alliet. FOP. SALE—FINE BLACK .T .4 ,CK with wir.;- points. He is a fine one ar.d will .-ull-cUeaii it sold soon. B. B. Krannum. I'iiiua, i<:^.na. FOR EXCHANGE FOli TKADi:—TWO NICE >:0D- ern hn:nes in Hoilst(;i( Texas to iiade for 100 a^re farm near lola. Win pay cash difference, .\ddreso Box .".j, fola; Kans. F O R S A L E — THOROUGHBKED Barred Plymouth Roek cockerels. Emma -Mueller. Phone !W4-22. FOR SALE—FIRST CLASS CAFE. Tlie best location iu the city, doing a good business, good reason for rXU- iiigi Inquire at Register.. THE REIIIL MTINGS im>\ FOR SALE—ONE PAIR OF BIG n-.are mules; will sell or trade, for > coH.s and youD.i; cattle; could tal!e a good mare as ]iart i,ay. Seven ndles ' ni.rthv/i'si of lola, Kas. E. E. Wheoler, R. R. No. Z. ' ^' F0!{ SAI,E—STOYE WOOD. TELE-i pifon.-' : '' FOU SALE—ROSE COMB RHODE Island Red Cockerel.^. Also eggs, for setting. Louis Wheeler. Phone 3J0. ' FOIl SALE—CHEAP IP TAKEN ;-oon; house and lot. Address *i S. Ohio street. 1 —80 A. 10 mis. from Parsons. Labette county, Kansas. Smooth l.ihd. good black soil, ail tiilalde. O'J A. liroke. Price $50 per acre, mort.s^.-ige 11.100, C per cent. Want good loia properly for equity, lola Land Company lola, K.Hnsas. FOR SALE—I WILL SELL. I'RI- vately, all my farm tool.-s corn binder, new l;i3t fall; also T-h.p. ga.soline en- .^ine. four and two-hole sheller, tram liarness buggy etc. All to be .'Old by '/ebruary 1.5. K. G. Wiiitney, Moraa. FOR .SALE—NEW STOCK CUTTER riding plow cultivator. Iniiuire L. W. iliggins, Moran; Route 1. • » FOR SALE—l"n BUSHEL GOOD seed oats; also some- good wi-.ite seed corn. IIuss Bros., La Harpe, Kas., M. F. D. .No. 1. FOR EXCHANGE. FOR SALE—S ACLES I.MPUOYED farm, by owner. .1. Stevens, Humboldt, Knijs. STRAW—12:L.C PER BALE AT farm. One mile southwest of lola R. A. Kwing. FOR SALE—E.\THA FINE DRIV- ing horse, well bro!:e and gentle. Piione C2. .TOC .S. Cottonwood. FOP. KENT-Fi\'E P.OO.M MOD- ern iKr .ise, 4 closets and irnrrage; 820 Ea.-; .-Hfndison. Paone 27:;F22. C. J. McClelland. FOR S.VLE—ONE COW; FRESH, .in; .N. Founii street. We l-.ave r.rjT .r-^rcs of timber land 12 mile? west of Stanley, flklalioma, on tl.o Fri.-fo R. U. Tiie pine and oak on this tract will more than pay for_ the land. Ram-h and fruit kinds. Price ))!•" :K -re: m trades. $li»00 cash balance time t; per cfnt. WHI TAKER & DONNELL lo'a. Kansas. •S -^ r? w r=- * * % » J )r.,<'. y\. \\VL>' « UI.NTiSr « Rni )|]t \o. >, ><>rl >;riip lildir. 4 Fxtraetton wirt-c'ii , aiti .'ir Lh* • Use of .•-.•itroi:.- Uxid-* L;:tg • Phoufr—Office DJ3; Re«. 8^3. » 3» • * WHY > O T T Have Tour Piano Tuned br »» Experienced Tunur—Duo LI T- Ing in Tour home town. T. 0. Ci>ATSET PInno Tuner and i8.-»pjitr«r . Roberts Music Co. Phone 421 • «IK « 8 : £ e w F. L. B. LEATEIX, JJL ». 3 a Bpecialliea— f.' * •Si F. L. B. LEAYEIX, JJL B. OpeciallieB— Diseases ot the C!;ut Diseases of Children. rkOBc ^i—UUice 117; £«». 147. lOLA STATE BA>K Bl^ Keal Estate and LirettUcJ; AUCT10>£EJi Batlstactlon guaranteed. Wtr»«a pbone at my expense for li&tec K. B. CLAJIK. Iat«f Center Over Com. Sai>ji< FOR RENT—FOR RENT • ^• lN(KKASi:i> INTEKEST \T (IIKIS- TI.W CHIKril SI.KMI 1.-;. Sllllduy School llaiKpiet t« He (;i>ei; Frltlay ( A filing ei TliN Vuel> Notcf 111 In Ilarpe. . IRA B. KLLISTIHEI) OPTir.n TUlsr iiumboidt, K:'. I.M' .•iT'erno n of Ft!., ••y 1.:. ll..r,>', Febru.iry Slli and i"!'-^ OFFICER SEEKS WiCERER .UAitsifAi, o.v i.ooKdiT ron lO- l.A\ ^VIJO inSW'PKARl-I). Ilci. ('. 1". .I'llinsoii Hill Deliver Hire in MidliodKl Cliiireh.- |.,i.s Cily Neus Nidc"*. Buy Your Smeitef Mitts and Gloves At ' Carl & Huntefs FAUJI LOANS! CHEAP MONEY! We represent one of the best Farm i; Loan Companies doing business la the Stiite of Kansas. We can loan on farm.s anywhere in Eastern or Cen; tral Kansas. Our rates are the. lowest ci'd our teruis are the tjest. Call or write us.when la need of a farm loan. Phone HT. TJJK PKTi:i{SO\ LAM» CoyPAW Old Court House lildi;. FOR RE.\T—SIX ROOM HOUSE fv.o blocks from, sriiia.-e; city water. Piione 9S1-1-!. FOR RENT—GOOD SEVEN ROOM iiousB, sriiai! barn, plenJy of gn.<;. Jtl per moatli. Plicae listj. , r^^T AND FOUND. PHlLLfl' UEIUELI llOVi South St. JtiK.VE.SS A.VO SAOfliLBI Oenemi Ucpuiring, Ail KiiS^g 4- LOST- !• \I, • I, i '.,n (• •el\e re\.... ! or l-.VE • :!.il. IJ. \v .ii;s. GI.ASSE.S. oflite and The rf.ival w -t tin-- tian eJiiiri'li ctiniluni' to ti -M -i. Tliiis '\\>•\•^ .'iddilioiis. litv. • I Ills rvi iiini: on "'r -Not only w iil .\ but s )i!i tidid I'-M'-of l(>;:i, ).-• b:irJ:n;; tarnesi work ; succe.-s of tli>' iu^s will eoatinu'' .Mr. li.-ilii); .Ma.\~ f'dlowini; lida f: i.- Di-r: .lle.s.'-j-.^. D;-. Haven, Ge ji ue 1 K ' )Dg. Guy Pt<~ and :i n I I.' r. Ui a! 11' I;; id:' wi;ii ;:i • . n ! n- •:.r\l.i •; • r; ! : .1 r: • I 1 -il,!. - •. i .• I -r... d \\-> n 1> - rn !.• y 1; niv Wilbur «i S:'Mth I'.ioad- 1 • I • ii "i d d-li;;.'; ou^ l _v ill. M, !; While. .Mis. !'". S lliillii I' \ 1' i; \i io I .'dr.-. Uf-r;;-' f.ii I ,1, :'• .1 •, :i' i,.'-; l^nn- d .i.\ .! . n I i •. w' T l,a p • n on • : u y 1. • i. -t Yi^.- K-o 1 :!!'d S '.n .".i'illi i:il, -vl (• 1 , .1: ; • T.L; • i' • \ I:':. .Ii r'.:i:i!- • i. •• ••!•!..d •••< it.e.ils. •. Mo. - ^'; : : ". • - ii::tv -1 'ii-s mi •::]> Tlie " • oil. • i'l • ;i- .1. 1!. Snii:!.V. n:;.r .M- I 'l; a - •.•'•n' fri-nus S^.nnu.^ 1 • 1 1 • - • The banquet that w;; t > 1..- i the losing side uf V.u- II. !'• 11. School class of Ui. M. E. • Friday was poiiljumed io o-: r nc .; Friday at the parsonage v:. .t"'*' fersoa stri-.-t. Tiie ii;oj:;;'ii 1 bid:': ri'liear.-ed tl;is v.<ek and <• ;:!••'•- •ees are busily enga-i-il ; oarl:...; lo: a delightful <-v<'ninu'. Ed Danforth. wlio i.- t:.V:ir.- a i: in tlie school for j' •.>'Iry :r .t:.!!':.! t, :- crs and engraM rs in K^n.-:i- <','\ writes thai lie is enj'>yi;.;r w .: and will probably ;:":sh '• 'o-,: -r within five we.ks. Mr. and Mrs. L. i". (1:irr, "f il:i".ir.a Kas., visitedJlov. and M:.- \' .'. Gc^.d rich tills weHc. —IF YOU WANT Kf;t;s c". riii'.v examine your chick'-ns !l;;it 1 i et l>«'nn<'d during tiu' iiad wi.iiini- see if tliey !iavi> live. If so li'-y :i ;• !< :ige of Dr. Hess's fr.s!;'.n; I.J"I-I- K:' I"' and lime tiiem hialthy and layin'.' i rr;s again. Sold l,iy Waters ^ J>;.rit''.;'!i. Drugs and .Ii -v. elry. Wiiiiam Ward n--.Fort Seott to a-si.-t ::! ;'• ,^ I'artuient of ti:e Wp'crs .v drug store. Mrs. E. H. Tob.i- ui.-id.- a ye.-nerday. -Ail iriusliu.-- arid s::(ei;n:-.~ on ;:d' at .1. R. Smith's. ' Mr. and .Mrs 1) S Srir^-r. T !! Cummings and liaugiit'T. .\li!d'-.d ii lola were 'he ginsts of .\!;. ;iijd L. P. Mnlcom at dinner SundHv. Geort:e Maleo 'ii, who has li. • n iic.v- Ijig trouble will! his ryes for M,ifit time, hf .M ;!i -rday l.,r Wi< !.:!,; take treatments. Word !ro:i: !lie I'enland l-.i n .i on Deer Crec k yesterday was Ici ilii> . ffi.; that Hob'rt Peiiland. wlo r.' injuries in a runaway hist wok, was repor'f.d much better. C. E. Pennigton went to Kansas City last nliihl on business connected witli a shipment of stock. -Ten cent straw ticking for Sc In J. R. Smith's Clearance Sale. ft Ide supper will be given Friday niglif St Salem school house. The IS-montbs-old child of Mr. and Mrs II C'ir-' of :i .ran I • -p'-nd- :n,; Ti- .• :•• ): l': r r. 'li:. A. P!-\v. 1. .Vl?ii. of Filer ld:ii:r) and .1. M. '.Vu::i!i.-. of T.wn F;.!!.-, Idaho, were bt'.drc.-s ^ i~i!iirs in town vt-ssrilay. G.-o-i-e W. rks of lii'irjboliit transa<- •.. d ti'i.-!r.<-~ i.^r.' y.-esi.'i day. ."dis-- :-.dr,:i and iVari B'lri'-ii w.>re 1 . u . ; .Mr. r'.n.l .Mrs. .\r'.h;!r Coi.'' •)i:d:i SiiTMiay. li^r.-ry Kol'.nii.irn and finiiiiy are 'i.< \ 'r.: < y i:,(> L.iury U'.cm soulli ii 't .>:' :'-.r Mr. KoHi-ni^o-n to a.=- \\r. WW: l-ii;;v wj;!. ti.e farm w.-.ric W. \' lUiwfr, of P.,!ldwin. vi = ited .Mr. and .Mr-. A Quintard Sunday. ::. d f;ri>; V. rv •;. - !'.:i::-r;h —Ch.arles Durham, Lovington 111., succreded in finding a positive L.ins for b :(! wetting. ".My linle boy wel till* bi-d every night clear Giro' on the floor. I tnefi several of kidney m>?diciue and I was in the drug SI. ire looking for something different to Iicjp l;iiu when I heard of Foley Ki.tu.'v Pills. Ater be had taken them u\.) (lays we could -ee a ch.ange and when iie had taken two tl-.irds of a liit^e he was cured, "I'hat is about six we'ks ago anil he has not wet in U-d .-ih'-e." J. D. .MuDdis Co. .XrranginU'iits bavi- bei-n m.tde for III.' lii-t loi;i idfli seliool t<>am to go o. e;irn.';t I'li.iay tiiglii for .a g.iiiii with tlx- high s'eho.jl te :.Mi of liial .11;.. Ii l'.a< bo. ti .•a\.'nil ye.-ii'.-i fijliro Cani.-H iKi'-' ha'l a strong tieim, aiid Ha ii I I'.siTit loam !ui:-i won no liiiir- • Is, l .ii ilioy have di'iimndi d a gaiuf so jiislsd iiily Hull Ibo loeahs liave linaily <-(.iisi'Uted. —If your children are subjcc tacks of croup, watch for ih symptom, hoarseness . Give Oh Iain's Cough Remedy as soon cliild becomes hoarse and the may be warded off . For sale dealers. ber- - GAS Cl'iV. ,IAN -lo. ^^r. and .Mrs W .1. I'••ii'lriekH arrli 'd y. aioi il .ay Ironi I 'arr.oliM. (o < tijoy a 1. 'A il ly .s •. I.i- ii wlib ilnir sot! iti .y IlitidrleUa, a t< .a. hi r ill l!o» bii;h sidioi,!. Marshal .lobti I'nil.'r ri -.adV 'Ml a call y. sl.rday ir .itii Chief Colllfid <if lol .i 1. Hi':;- b .iiii to kiep !i (dose v.aleh for an oil! e :i;,y lialr .d man in Ijl .uk. A ei .::i it' sill li (b '.'a'riiifioii stray. al-; ioh. .and I'le reiati i e.^ .an- .anvioui; lo l...ri' of bis w!.. r' al oii;<. \< is b. !'•• d .'h .ai his luinta! i .oiso i.^ nf .'.ad.'1 v.Iii.b aiarjui :ts for his lii.aip;.. ;ir- ;>IK >.'. All.. -a •-• •] Ithodia Va'ichn, form'r- ly or v.' 'ut ':f.v.- of < oilinsviiie. .an' \is;':iu: thiir liroiio- Ciw.rles Vaiiglni and fauii'y e.iid i -.i .diiig on old Iri 'a-id-; 'Ills u -_-.k. Lister Lewman, wlio caHe-l to Rieh Hill on ata (unt of t !ie deat T of iii: uh(I.' .loiiii Li»w ::i :in return.'! to liis home here la .st night. He reports his erandmotlitT who has h'- -n ill as siighrly improved. -V pie social will hi- given next Friday ni.i :ht at Sale.m school hous'.; four miles g.juth of town. Miss .Nellie M .Ncr-? left, todav for .Newton to b .'Kin her duiics as v .aii- ri ss in l!ie Harxey eating hous". '.Irs. ijiorge Abbott is ri'por'cd (mile ill. Dr. C W. .Moor." and son .lay. rn- tum'^d y .'sl.'ialay afior :i pleasant visit wiiii .Mr. and .Mrs. A. R. Kinman ot Coil^nsville. Jlrs. R. li. pl ",".s ;i!itly on- tertained tlie So'.vhm club l.abt ev'n- iiig at h'-r hor?ie on .Nor'h Wall .slrei-t. .•\ftcr the nerdle work r. freslimera.:; were served. .Mr. ;>nd .Mrs. Clyde Stark of lola spent yesterday wiib -Mr.s. Siark'.- moth'-r Mrs. Wliii. bread. J 'ld WiLsoJj oi in town y.-s- t-'iday on liusiiii ss (or.neetid waib hi.s iHii },orly here. .Mrs. R A. Howan and son, after a sbori bur;lj)ess irij. in reiurii'li .'lom.- y .-sterday. v'.L R. Wi St went to Weldu'rday n make som" ImprovempntB on ilie T. E. OKborno place that city. .1. L. Kauffman visited J. 11. Parkhurst It) Lallarpe yesterday. In sojiie Muiniier Hie name of Tome Goes and lanilly was. oinliiod from Hie ilst of thos.' who atie-iided the lire mill's suiipi-r h'.st week. Mrs. T. E. Osborn" Is enjoying a week's visit with her sister .Mrs. Lent of Bronson. Tom Hackctt la in town making preparations to mov.^ his family from Fort Scott to this city. Mr. and Mrs. Wl A. Fiirihor, aifr a pleasant visit in Kincaid returned , home yesterday. Their daughter Mrs., J. h. McCoUam and daughter accom-> p.'inhd lliem home for an liidi finite stay. ."drs. .lolin Slykhonse of lola-t;)). nt vislorilav wKb lor parenfs, .Mr.-'and Mr.s. H. C. Elliott of Norih }UU'. ;-iri'«>. * it. V. C. I'", .lohiis.iii will lei'tur.' tomorrow eviniiig in t!ie Mftli -,>d'sf "liureh. The lie are will be illiisirii'- ed by sty-foptii i .n \iew.-;. Al!io .,!!ii' inustral.\l gon-g, "The Holy ClLy.J by Hunt'-r. Adi;iis,sioii 10 anJ 20 01 iHs. Tickets on sale at Carl & llun- ter'.s sto.-e. i Tbf* Ladies Aid of the Chr'-Dlan ehuich will m-'l ion<orrow afieri>ooii v.i;h Mrs. T. C. H-nry. 1'he fir" boys will :ncil (his i vofiinc in ih - bos? hous.' to install ofliirrs. If. If. Dorrell. of .Moran, was ;i IJusi- nes.s visitor hi r.' yesterday. Farm smdl Gry KANSAS AND OKl.AIIO.V.A l.on Kate; AnnnnI or HemLAnuiia] liitttrest—PrhP'-ye (o PHJ in Full Ifcdured Uiilex ou Kiiy rnsuraact S Old Co^irt Hnuitn (ll'lit. . lult. litis. Tfl Lt;.V.V—FKO.M TO J.I.OOO orlvai • n.'o:;. y mi g.Mid rial estate at <; ta r cent. Apply !u Ewiai,', G .'U 'd «v- Gard. fOSEY TO LO.iy on all xlnds of household good* or Jewelry—anything of valu*. BIgus Pawn Shop, East Side Square. Oflleo In Fruit Store. All transactions strictly con*- deutiai. ."^aorenKi'Io A:; !;n iin.'.-t i'onie, lui phui- Saciaiih :;!(.> A'..' ahh.' p; io. .•iti'l -io:;s to Sa(i':'! Ko!:t:d trip fr Valley, ('jilif., I :ni I". ta.ea. ;iti.| a p:,';',sai.t o:i <i.iih iii :!;'h-: !h'" .•y La-, is al r<';:---<in- . -.'-.v on: IS. E: <'iir- ' :it > l"rlir.:.'.ry I.'.! 1:. t.) hi.yer.s. |-"or lit'-r- •:•»fp * m mmsi «>« * * » » • » 9 •;• Offlof Kci. 9 Phone I'i.'.. Phone 9 r:> DIL J. n. WlLKCIl. « •> Kress lUdg. 9 •I' Successor lo Dr. S. A Coffnias » V SpecIrtL attention to Obntotrlc* 4 * and DiJtpflse of Children. » Foley Kidney Plllg —always give satisfaction bccijuse thPiy alway.^ do i!ie '.vork. J .T. S'hel- nur Bremen, Ga.,'.'iays: "I have jised Foley Kl.dney Pilla with great sytis- faetlon and foi : 1 :.:ere r.lief Som their use than ironi any oilier kit^aey medicine and I've tried aliuosi all kinds. I can cheerfully recomuicnd them lo all sufferers for kidney, and bladder trouble." .1. D. Mundis C$. Hct Springs, Ark, Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs, Ark., with return limit of three niontlis from dair of sale, with atop-over prlvlIeK*'*' going and return on sale evejy day In the year, for 818.60 The one way tare Is |i2.«» E. E. MUNGER. Phone ICO. . atiii. and fun!:., 'iif''i raa! i >n crill C.'.arle.. A Piilier. on lOLA R. R. TIME TABLEH A. T. k 8. F. EAILVTlf t.'^rdy during : ':>r. .1. 1''ose or: Horor iCoU are: Is* g .id", Uulii Koger; : .'.!h gra.l". .Mair-ir.' • Gr'f" ,•; iT- h ura.': / f.-eil Va'it.l iligaest Vi \\ir ..i^; P.oii Ko-.': - Crt.Li- Q-;.; -.isi; ( Of! w ,i. ... Sl: 'ri :I:ii; fi.h ','1. roe.'ived by 'ir school and st? irt. Teacher. .Wo. Puc Agem ^. South Bound. .S'o. 101 —Dally fiisieLiger 1 ;P6 p. « .N'o. 20S-Daily Piigetn^fr 2:41a. za I'Jr. 'JOT—DaliT (except Sundty; Poafec- S'T S:sOp. m .\o UI5-Daily (.-xcept Sunday) Way Freight. Arrlva l'.!:Ol p. m Depart l :OS 9. m Nortli Bound. .N 'i>. 202—Dally P;i3fienKer .2:28 p. m .Vi. 2"! —Dai.'y i \a.--.'-ivi)i:er 2:20 a. a.' No. 20.'!—Daily (except" Sunday> PaKMa- ger 6:30s. in .S'.'>.-'It—faiiy (p.xcept Sunday) Way FroKtit. .\rrive \ a. m. !>©•• part - 1S:0J p. «. Missouri Pacific B. R. Frelohia^West Bound. WAVKIfi.V. .lau. 2U. —.Mr. Roy Perkins, of j-..^,., Te.\as, who has beeu making old .^^'SSOURI VALLE>' SANITARIUM, : W. P. Bell, wi 'I I r's been In Ge'.uva at I lie bed^i.le of hi'; wife's mo-ber. who is dangerou i; i'l. returned f.oiue tflay. .Mr. Boll : • i ..-t3 her condition to be unimprovi'!. and the hop*: of ii":- reeovery to le; slight. - The Allen County Realty Co. Make a cpeclalty of ssllli^jr Allen County Farmi. / We also write Insurance j)f all kinds, collect ronw, pay ta?«8 for Dou-resldenta, and do-a Koneral real eattito bu;ilQei«s. We represent Ibrev ot t|ie bast loan compantea dolnit huitl- neR8 ID Kansas, and sotlcH^a share of the loan bualneAit. and guarantee as cheap mtea HAA quick service as can be had ait)r- wLere. the Allen County Realty d>. R. Ii. Tbompsoa, M ^r. „ OFFICES BLDO. 10^ , I • i '! 11" I i 11 I . neighbors in .\llen County a vi.' was called houie on nceoanl of llie serious; illness of bia fntber." C. F. Perkiiis. .Mrs. .Mack Vaughn's mother am; brother, Mrs. Jlensou ami son, return to Breckenrid'ge. Mo.. .Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rlggs are the proud parent'o of a ne>v uirl. ' Mrs. .1. .\. ,M(>rrisoY\ sje/at several days visiting her moth-r iii lola last week. .Mr. Robert P.'nlaiul v,a.^ hurt in a runaway week. i- A number from here attended the* S. W. Smith .sale south of r .aHarpe. "Leslie Barneii has.a new team <if mules. ,Thu new barn on tiie Surface or Wade farm Is nearly fini.>hed. Mr. II. Bnrnett lost a good young [ miiro recently us u result of her be- p Ing hurt on the ice d'lrlng the cold; H |iell. ! Will Nadler boufilii some young cat-; tie near Lallnrpe Friday. Nrliool Il«!port for Waverly ECbool for month ending .Tarf 5. 19 Pi. Total enrollment ,12; averager daily attendance 11.45; cases of tardiness 6; absentees 11 j mamber of pupils neither absent nor tardy 8. They are: Cecil and Ula Vaughn, Jol^nnie, Mabel and Karl LuBt, Ruth Rogers, l^inai^ Bamett and Msjbel Morrison. Number ol pupils nether abgeat nor^ PassengerE —West Bound. ; 407—Kansas City-Y^tea Center Mall aqd Express (daily) Iv 4;47,p. m. ! 409—St. Ixml.'t-Wichita Mall and Etpresa : (ilally) Iv.. 8:»3 a.' a>. ' Passenoers -r -East Bound. '410—St. Loui .i -t'Cansas City MaU and B«, press fdaily) ar. T:17 p. ra. • 40»—Pt. Tx.el.j-K.'insaB City MaU and Kx- pre.'^j (dallyl ar 8:J» a. m. K. &, T. KAILWAT •K .i South Bound. Bn—Way Freirht,: ""(dall.r e?;pep< I hiivr Just aliipped In ;i car load of burses, mures and mulea from Bfcloit, Kansas. 'I'hcy v.IIl Weigh from 1000 to l.".'") lbs.— fine good f:irnt stock. Two teams of uiarrs, will weigli li'.OO ^ a pair. Some other mares will wpigh^from UUil to If.uo. Hev- ernl are ii. ..vy with foal. J have- thrtH* hl:uU ninro mules, com-' Irig one year old, and one new disc for sale. Anyone wi.shir.g to buj'. sell or exchange, can • see me at once at the lola Horse & .Mule Market,.! block i west of the Santa fe djspot^ J. C. BUTCHER Phone SSa . Rui'dny^ 4:2(ia. m. No. -S -JTTxed Matly'* 4.45 p.m. N'o. 7?<"n>fer Ydally) .- 12:19 p. m i No. 25— Pb'er (dally) 6:50 a_m North .pound. Vo. 24—Psmseng.^r ^dadyi 1:*S p. m Nn. 7«—MIx.'d (dallyV 2;a0p. m •N'l S";-Way Freight, (dally exeept .«u|id!iy> 12:19 p. CI •r .71 and S7S will carry Da.''!i«nc<.r« MOM:Y TO LOAX OX FARMSI I 1 If yon are wanting a Farm I>oaa I let me tcU you about my terras and 1 rates. I handle prl-.-ato and Eastern I money. i C. 0. BOLII.VOER \ loin, Kans. ] 1TA.\XED~CLEA3f WHITE HAGS. Will pay 8 cents u pound. Eegistej; - /

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