Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1974
Page 8
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Eight SIDE GLANCES HOPE (ARK.) SfAR By GILL FOX "The way I read it, it says 'take one every three hours till you run out of money'!" OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN WHATf OH,THAT? WELL,Y I KKJOVJ IT N THAT'S WHAT HAPPEWS ./WOM'T/IF 1 HAVE WHEM VOU BUMP TH' \ TO CALL YOU CEILIW 1 TOO MAWV TIMES) MORE THAW IW ONE SPOT.' SHIFT /OKJCETOMOR AEOUKIP A LITTLE AM' \ ROW MORWIMG THAT WOW'T HAPPEM.y THE BUMPlMG WILL BE OM uiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuimiiiiii VESTER.PAYS OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE IF YOU ACT NICE WE MAtf F0R6tT TO TE.LL MRS. TriKT TKE KARPE5T Y0LJ 00 ALL WEEK IS SIGN • ' R7RY0UR UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK! P0N T Tf?V YOUR STING ON LJ5, FREPDIE YOU FOR6ET ABOUT STEAUN' THE ROOM- VJE'RE TOU6HER TWO.!; BUCK, STEAK,' REALLY? LET'5 60 TELL HER ALL WE KNOWj JUST ANTHILL IN THE ROCKIES.' HOWP0WN AT HOOPLE MAMOR- MEEK All Alone Answer to Previous Puzzle FLASH GORDON Friday, November 8, 1974 By DAN BARRY ACROSS 1 By oneself 5 Nobody-^ me 8 Individual 11 Purposive 12 Literary collection 13 Legume 14 Aromatic seed 15 Japanese coin 16 Viscous substance 17 Believers in aloofness 20 Half-ems 21 Circusgear 22 Presidential nickname 25 Melancholy 27 Gradual slopes 31 Hindmost 33 Legal matter 35 Aerial maneuver 36 Sirtging voice 37 Coterie 38 Bondage 39 City in Italy 41 Before (comb, form) 43 Curler's mark 44 Unfavorable 46 Writing fluid 48 Alone 55 By means of 56 Donkey (comb, form) 57 French river 58 Shoulder (comb, form) 59Ex-soldier (coll.) 60 Sidestep 61 At this time 62 Bitter vetch CARNIVAL 63 Telescope part DOWN 1 Japanese copper coins 2 Medley 3 Certain thread 4 Bodies of water 5 Italian harbor 6 Consolidated body 7 Leather worker 8 Chooses 9 Tidy 10 Head features 11 Oriental porgy 18 Russian autocrats 19 European country 22 Unfortunately 23 Indonesian island 24 Kalian noble family 26 Profound 28 Debatable 29 Thrust 30 Graf 32 Invigorating medicine 34 Divest 40 Kecess in a room 42 Glossy paint 45 Solitary person (coll.) 47 Rascal 48 Preposition 49 Verne captain 50 In a line 51 Witty sayings 52 Modern Persia 53 Terminations 54 English river /ys DIDN'T TO MEAT THE CALI6UIA HAS HE WRONG EN00F A HEAT GUH... ...ANPFOUiEP UP THE HISTORY BOOKS' THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP By DAVE GRAUEj By DICK TURNER © 1974 by NEA. Inc., T.M. Rej. U.S. Pal. OH. TURN HERE, LURCH/ / WAIT, CUBBLE-' A „.PERHAPS MV WORKSHOP AND THE MISTS ARE ) THEY WILL QUARTERS ARE COWN\ CLEARING A / BE ABLE THIS ROADWAY/ ^ BIT... -X^f^Jg^ c ifc 'C ' /<S&5 . THE THORN KING'S CAPTAIN EASY A MOWEV BELTl LIKE M05T CON MEWi SHAP BELIEVED IW PLAYIW0 SAFE WITH HIS 0MW CASH! By CROOKS & LAWRENCE DOWN C0UAR--IM A 5LICJHTLV NON-CO/v\PO$CO(OPITlOWl AMP IF T/V\ NOT MISTAKEN, THAT'5- INSPECTOR CHUMLEV PUUIN6 UP 0UT5IPE! I never do get it straight, Harold. Are we in an inflationary depres- l sk>n or a recessionary inflation?" BUT IF HE'S AW IMPORTER, WHERE'S THE LORP YULE 1 ? AT LEA^T HEKEi COUWT OUT THE *lOiOOO HE FLIMFLAMMEP OUT OF, WA5-HJ •C We never take chances — someone always socks us a buck apiece for 'em. One of the funniest things in the comics is how they get one in upside down every now and then. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG Why do YOUR kids always take the courses requiring the most expensive texts? Most elderly people are living on retirement outgo, rather than income. MOWCOAE YOU LOOK SO HAPPY MR.BEASLEY I'M AFRAID SOME80DV BLEW OUT MIS CAMPLES if By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI SHE OUSHTA ROW FOR GOU5RESS C OME ON, NVINTHF2OR. HURRY/ WHY ARE WE RUNNING? WE'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL. I OLVSHT TD PUNCH VOU RIGHT IN THE EYE/ x*r" *• r^ O^x_^_x<-v il-B (FRANK AND ERNEST By HOWIE SCHNEIDER CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS MATCH THt THtY T6LL A % THINK THI5 TALfi 15 ABOUT THE DIMINISHING FAITH IN OUR POLITICAL ® I974 »f »U me I M ntj U S Pjl On \\ H A^E ^ VES, I AM PRESIDENT OF THIS COLLEGEj WHY ? BUGS BUNNY I DONT UNDERSTAND IT... THIS TREE JUST POPPED UP OUT OF NOWHERE / ByHEIMDAHl&STOFFEL SO HOW ABOUT CONDfTlONAL AMNESTV9 ON BEHALF OF ALL /MY FELLOW FLUNK-OUTS, DROP-OUTS, PROBATIONARY STUOENTS AND CLASS EVADERS, I DEMAND A FULL PARDON' PRISCILLA'5 POP OKAY, PETUNIA, N HOP IN AN' LET/S, HEAD BACK T TH GA.RA&E / HMMM/ HAVENT VOU REDONE YOUR _ UPHOLSTERY/ PRISCILLA, DO VOU TMIMK ABOUT BOVS? MY POP SAYS THERE'LL BE PLEMTY OP TIME POR BOVS WHEN 'M 36. _-' SURE, &UT WILL TWERE &E- PLE-MTY Of= BOVS?

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