Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1912
Page 4
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1, - THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 30,1912. lOLA DAILY REGISTER CommonwealOi Auxiliary' organize themselves Into an associa- TlM tola Daily Raeord and ^>ie tola Daily | Publishing' House every morning in a j tion and hire an expert to give them Index. IRE RECOSTEB FPBLISHIKG CO. Xntered at the lola FDstbrflce aa Second- Class Matter. tAdvertlslns Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola, Qat City, Lanyon. vllle, Conoreto, LaHarpe and Basaett: One Week 10 cents oSe Month U cents One Tear JS.OO BY MAIL: One Tear, inside couiiiy It.OO One Tear, outside county {S.OO wheelbarrow. The supply concern was located where the Crosby Bros. Jackson street building now Is. Now a big carload lasts a little more than a week. In this wheelbarrow time the State Journal, four pages, was de-, Ilvered by carrier at fifteen cents per week. Now you get from twelve to j his entire time. This expert came, "nothing but a book farmer," and in tw^enty years the butter output of the cows belonging to that association had been increased nearly 100 per cent. The expert had simply tested their cows, weeded out the poor ones, taught the farmers how to get the { TELEPHONES:. Bnainesa Office 18 Society Reporter I* Job and Bindery Dept 141 Official Paper City of^ Battett. Official Paper of Allen County. the Stnte Journal in Tcpeka Ihcn. .Vow the number is fifty and It costs about fl.OOO every month to merely ilelivcr the (lapers to the regular sub- scrapers In Toppkn. The big advertisers then paid for the total of about 800 copies circulation from twenty cents to thirty cents per Inch for their I advertising. They now pry from forty-two cents to fifty-six cents per inch. Thus advorilsfng docs not cost In Toijeka today, onc-tonth of what it ^ ^ did twenty-five years BED. COMJIOy SEX.SE HRIDHES. Ojt, ^ ^y^^ g^cur lo the romirr that There is one reform miracle at; ,^ ^^^^^ „.., ^.g., ^^^^ ^, work In Kansas, says the Parsons ; „^.,„j, ^^^^^ ^.^.^^ ,1^^ Sun, that you don't hour much about • ^p^g^^ xopcka news-j.prr or se- from the politicians, but It is one of | pu^ed advertising in yorr Toj-cka dal- the most valuable nevertheless. The [ ,y j^^. fl^y^p ntcivrd SO twenty pages every day for ten cents; best results from their feed, arid a week. , I things of that sort. How many farm- It required seven carriers to deliver j ers In Allen county can tell whether an individual cow is making or losing them money? No use talking there are lots of things a ^ County Farmer could do to earn his isalary. iOeOILSCOREO » Eczema Began When Three Weeks Old. Arms, Shoulders and BrcaEt Solid Scab. Boils Broko Oi.t During Teething, b'sed Cutrcura Soap and Ointment, and He Was the Picture of Health. BEWARE THE DEJlOLYMONOMDj Xunihcr of Near Asphyxlnllons Cause for Alarm. W0OD .MAX LODGE ClIAJiGES. \i!ien«!rd Kule Ix Prprautlun Apa!n><t the Future. Chicago, Jan. 28.—The head camp of he Modern Woodmen of .America i ndopted the proiwsed ;)lan. increasing the rates of the society, and closed the fijoismed regular meeting here today. The measure was carried by a vote of ICO to 207. 1 he re rating proposal was made by the head officers after notice from ':iMcen states that they had adopted a uniform fraternal insurance bill "y..: ron was aln;:*. t'irv' w-k'S oM when I nnlioHi a i>.i-:ili 'iii .--.>:;t Iiis rlieck?i, from Wliirli n U'lit: y Kul )Nta :if» CKi;:t;ti. ,V :iiart tiiiic Lft?r, iiLi ariiL^. t ..i .t ;!<lcr.>i cnii ii.-^-ist brohu nLt :;tso, and in % •fv -.v <!.i; ; li'rarac a 5i)llJ nivl cilLJ our far.iily jil:yolctiii who at once jironoiinri'l tls" dl-irase eczfiaa. '/Iir lit lie (tiiew •A -aa rnilcT liis treatment fjr alKMit tlircf nmntlis. liy ti .e It'll ul ilinc, lio Mfiri"! no Ixttir. 1 iH.ramc •lUMurarfl. 1 concrete bridge era is dawning in this ; j, ...j,,,^ ,non.\v as you do to- Btate. County commissioners are real ^^y-, jj everything else so necessary .Jzing that it pays to build substantial loutc as the dally newsrnper cost st> "'''''^^ had been drafted by state In- little there would be absolutely no ground for the common hue and cr.v. Strange isn't it. bridges, and that in the long run It will mean a big savins to the taxpayers. Commenting on this the Topeka Capital says: i A bridge was to be built last fall ' over Tequas creek in Coffey county.' The county commissioners expected to follow the traditions of bridge of hoosting every new publication huilding In Kansas and put up an iron that comes to its desk, but ii makes .surance experts at Mohile, Ala., and hercfore known as ih? "Mobile bi:! iifs notice warned the .society that •crtain requirements would be made, jefore a continuation of business, wo;ild be iierniitted. Figures showing the condition of lie society were presented by head readjustment droi>p.-d the cioctor':- ir,j;ii,. iif. arul o>tn- life insurance mrnctd the uw oi Ciiii.-nia .•v'c;! ami Olnl- mcnl, and in a U.-.»s luiti;. d a niarliid cliamiH. The <:. uptii': on lits clio '<ri was t'.inost healt-*!, ri'1 las -s, ortii.s r.nd breast v.jT,; diejil i':y !•<'!.r. Vtlin: he alK >iit .wvi.a Tii'L.t,..: t..i, ail tr-.i.' cl ttie cczetna Kan rme. "lliirlnff li:-- i.ethinT .-hrif-!, hi- l:e.vl and rare v.'-eli;liken i ... hoi's \v,ii(;i i euxcd wi;t: •iena S,:';! .•••1 OiriU'i-nt. Suitly lie i ;vi : c ••.•.n cua! siilTeier. Diirili!; the if t.-el .'.M-.; ::tlu filM H'e lint.- I dm; • 'l ;he .'i )i :.ii'; i.e::::'- ii, I i; .• I the tM;i .M--' .'ij-:!' i .ii l>:.ii:;irn?. ".illri:-.- ek/. - .• : 'i i'. j .-.uS uA h.- .a.! 'l!,- ;.i:!ri.e Oi i.'i;:;!.';. fiii cn'; Jxil n ...u» "ii -.!.d !.i:;M ::t' I. \u- l.ia<l a ;i:ass o.; .lU.v :-.!s. ! MI Iff! :i ;.rnii*1 > !-al he wniild :ei -f »>-. -...'I. • , .1 I litl i.iiat 1 one n '••L. t .i : .c ..1- .:ra Itf.-'i-I:, s." (.-^i.-,n.d) M;,. 'A\T.: '.v. i...r.j.v. a.M V. St., '•';lorad'j f);.-|nes. t\)[o., .<•'.•;.;. ;•(. I.CO. .\llheU':ti Ci:ll.-i!r,i .Souti nvA ("n!f.;ira Gni::)eiit are .-...h! hv <iii ,t :;:i :t-- lir .l •;. ..i .T.-{ every.'!:,-I. a,.| .s:::n;^ • «..' < .•' . \\ ;i --p .-f tit,.jVii. ' e'; Uie ,-l.i:i li-i:. v. I 'l I"' -.-.1. I.e. :-fri-, • : .•.;;,i:ij;oi> i .j l*^uj Lljelu. i.*'.." in ;-t. LA'-, Xijjtull. or "tin" bridge. They advertised for bids and when the lowest bid exceeded $3,000, a farmer, Wm. Bitts, made a roar. True to his name Mr. Bitts. "took the bit in his teeth," had plans lor a concrete bridge made to last a century or two, contracted himself to «rect this bridge, hired farm hands to ' CORN IS KING. This payer does not make a practice ; iflicers and the sStenient was made •.Iiat in 1014. under present plans, the Ouffe would be unable to pa^ f3t)0- onO.OO'! of its liabilities, or s:bpui S.'iSri on a $1,000 policy. State insiir- peakers :.s a plan not in accord with; '""""^ rr.n*eri;al Insurance ideal.s. an p.\ce;)tion with great satisfaction in the case of a monthly magazine which has just been established at Waterloo, Iowa, called "Corn," and the one purpose of which is to gather and disseminate facts which will result in the production of more corn. Corn is King in the cereal world. A MOtt'.I, !>• THIS (ONVKSSIOX. do the work, and put in his bill. There j it is by all odds the most important is now a fine concrete bridge over , and the most profitable crop grown in Tequas creek of durable construction i Kansas, and this paper will boom any 'which will stand for ages and need no repairs" a dispatch from Burlington says, and the total cost to the county was $665.65. > Mr. Gearhart, the state engineer at Manhattan, the otlu 'r day, made the assertion that "tin" bridges cost Kan^ sas every year over a million dollars more than good and durable brtdges. of stone and concrete. There is no comparison In the durability and looks, or comfort of the use of concrete as comparod with iron bridges. The more solid structures need less repairs and are more easily and cheap ly repaired. They are firm while the "tin" bridge vibrates and sways. Thr "tin" bridge Is a blot on the landscape, where the concrete bridge is a thing of beauty simply because it belongs to the general harmony of nature. But perhaps the greatest con trast is in cost. If the first cost were .the same still the concrete bridRC in the long run would be an immense economy. The Erie Record, speaking of the Coffey county experience, says, "'The Record believes the time has romi when Neosho county should build all her bridges—both large and small— out of concrete. The Record believes that the expense of keeping up the bridges in Neosho county each year if they were built of concrete, would be a sufficient saving to bulla a mighty good bridge each ypar." Kansas can get bridges of far superior character at an estimated saving of a million dollars a year by adopting the concrete policy everj-- where. It ought to be the fixed policy of every board of county commissioners. mapazine or any man or any other creature which, or who, has anything ro offer that gives a reasonable hope of making two ears grow where but one is growing now. ^ As an illustration of the way in which this now magazine is going ibout lis business, w.e notice the fol- owing jirlnciple articles in the number before us: ICvolution of Corn In Iowa. The Importance of the Corn Crop to'Wisconsin. Corn and Its uses on the Daily Table Corn Judging and Seed Selecting The Most Economical Way of Feed- nK Corn to Hogs. The Most Economical Way of Fecd- inj; Corn to Cattle. Corn in Crop Rotation. The Magazine sells for fifty cents I yrar. and if all the numbers are as uood as the first one, it certainly wlli be worth it to any man engaged in the raising or feeding or eating of !-0!n. Goii '.er Uavis, editor of the Con- The plan adopted todaV; which will 'or'Ha Kansaii. nuike.s this cosfes- :.e in force after one year, will In- ^lon: When 1 was about 18 years of -reapc rates of members under r ,4 »«e 1 lived nex door to a iSiiin thaf rears old from ."0 to 100 per cent. •'^'^ artificial log. Ho h:,d a b.y. Members over .^.-1 may not be assessed ""'I'- • f""*'^'^ ''^ '""D^ tc more than $3 each a.ssessment for i perfection. I'ib wife caught me at it each $1,000 and not more than twelve and sno wa.s very angry, and assessments and one special as.sess- ''f •«»'t"''<' ment may be made each year. If thel"^"'"« '"=!>;. wearing n $3 Is Jiiore the member can pay.P''""'^^", ''8 >ourse f. i am. I an he may pay $2. and the other dollar '"^ " >-;'rcrst,t otis. but I have will l,c deducted froin the face of his! .uiock.-d m> policy. cripiiled neighbor. While out walking one Sunday afternoon, more that hlrty-slx years a;;o 1 came across n iirall land turtle, and foolishly, if not An Offer That Involves no Money {wantonly put my li-el on It.s- bacl- IINk If Yon Accept It. ' cni^lied Its shell, so that It nould WHY HESITATEI We are KO positive our remedy will enunilet.e'.y relieve constipation, no •natter how chronic It may be. that wc '>ff-:r to furnish It tree of all cost If It .all.s. Constipation Is commonly catised '. y weakness of the nerves and muscle-- :f the large Intestine. To.exi>ect a not wnlk. The next dayihe iV>ot tha' -rushed the little land' turtle waf -rushed in an accident and the lep iiiiputnted. I am not a dang bit su- •icTstitloiis. although I !iavo ofen wlsh- •d 1 hadn 't hurt that land turtle. The Danger of La Grippe —Is its fatal tendency to pneumo- ure you must.therefore tone up and j "-la To care your la grippe cough:- ticngthen organs and restore •'.icni to healthier activity. We want yen to try Rexall Orderlies :i our guarantee. They are eaten 'nke Foley's Honey and Tar Com- iiound. R. E. Fisher Washington. Kas., says: "1 was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat A friend advlsei* ke candy and are jiartlrularly good I -^ned pneumonia, .or children. They seem to act dl- ' I 'oley's Honey and Tar Compound and I :ectly on the nerves andLmuscles of' I got relief after taking the first few :ie bowels. They Jipimrently have aj loses. I took three Jwttles and my la See to it t^t your gas stove or neater Is coniiectdd with a flue. If, .t i.s not, you ntay furnish a case for the coroner. There have been no fatalities from aaphyxiaclon in lola Kuently but there have been a number of cases in which the victim was rescued just in time. Even though the winter season will not last a great while longer: and more doors and windows will be open as spring approaches It is the tiart of wisdom to take every precaution, though it may be a little trouble to do so. It Isn't the natural gas kills. It Is monoxide gas—odorles.s, tasteless fumes, more deadly than chloroform—caused by lmi)erfect combustion of gas. Those funie.^ are carried away In fliieii. but If then' Is no Hue the chances are that ttiey will b.- • breathed into the lungs of human beings. A little of monoxide will kill a person. Carbon monoxide is not peculiar to •jatural gas. it. Is to be found in coal (ires and artlticiai gas. also. But jiiore of 'the poison cases from it an] .'ound where natural gas is used, be vause then the gas is used far more generally for heating. 01" coarse, no^ ).'ie i.ii:rns coal without a flue to •arry off the smoke and fiuaes, but .lerbocs are not _so careful when it omes to burning gas. / 3 he burning of gas causes carbon in a gaseous form. ^Vhere there is julficienl o.xygen to unite with that •arlion to form carbon dioxide, or .arbonic acid gas, there is no danger .if asphyxiation. But in cold weather vinriov.s not left open. J'eaiile v.11 huddle around a gas stove in a ittie rooia and ther." i:; not i-nousjh .xj-n;en to form cariionic i ga.s. he result Is the cotiibi :iii !5^ ol liic. carbon with the scant supply of i ;\y-, gen to form mouoxId»—that Is twelve ;)arts of the carbon by v.eight wiih sixteen jiarts of oxygen—and that is he gas that kills. A flue would carry off th->,cpr- )us gas providing tlie damper was .lot tightly closed., Several tiiiie.s leatlis have resulted liecaiibe. the lamper was not kept opon. Of courFC- be closing of daiiipers saves gas. hu: t also may cause death. Once you ;et settled cosily down beside a gas . ire you may never know" that your ' lamper was not properly adju.'-ted. ' Vhe monoxide makes one drowsy and le dozes and dies without realizing^ iiat he fs being asphyxiated. A per-' on entering from out of.door.-^ might oUee a slight odor, but not those .I'side tl»- stove., • There is practically no danger from ;as lights, as tI.e amount liiirne<l Is o small tint very little carbon I.s ',iven off. 01? Galveston fronts the Gulf of Mexico, "Way "down South" in Texas. Where roses and oleanders and palms grow outdoors in January js a good place to winter in—that's self-evident. Galveston, too, has Mote! Gaivez—a new million- dollar edifice, located near tlie beach and seawall. You will like Hotel G:ilvcz, once you enter its doors. A channing soutiiern hospitality is supplemented by all the luxuries oi Fifth Avenue. Go to Galveston thi-s winter on tlie Santa Fe. The train ser\'ice is convenient. The excursion fares .tre low. ^ ^ For baij'clct anl full information, ask ,W. E. RALSTON AGEXT Phone 375 lola, Ks. Uanj an Ii'la Household >VIII FIrtil Them So. The Senate Committee has decided that Senator Stephenson did not secure his seat through bribery or corruption. The making of the report •vns a mere formality. It could have ')»-< n done just as well before the nonimlttee made its investigation.— .N'evton Kansan. And Vet—the members of that cora- iiiifee had character enough to command the respect of the States from which they came, that character has not been impeached, they were acting under oath, and they heard the testimony which the Kansan did not !s ii not barely possible that they are •eutral action on the other organs. Tiny do not purge or cause o^her in- ronvcnimce. We will refund your money if they do not overcome chron- or habitual constipation and thus aid to relieve the myriads of associate or dependent chronic aliments. Try 1-:pxall Orderlies at our risk. Three sizes 10c, 2.-»c., and oOc. Sold only at our .store—The Rexall Store. Burrell's Drug Store, West Side Square. rippe was cured." /Get the genuine in the yellow package. J. D. Mundis Co. / .•\ Kans ;;T ; iirious 'o know If ^tht reiKjrt that I 'r 'of. I.. L. Oyche. statr ;Hr .ie warden, was drawing two sal- irli's from the state, one as a university instructor and another as war- len. were true, wrote to the state MKiitor foi information. Auditor Da.•is reiilied that Prof. Dyche is o'l the "aiiprsity i-ayroll as "Curator of .Museum Maminiils and liirds," receiving Increase In .\uniber but Decrease In a salary of $::.Oiio jier year, but re- ATOrage Price. ctives no other salary. yimiE A.MMAL.S l.\ COl'NTRY. ! ; lionost and honorable men, notwith- The Oswego Independent adds this islanding the fact that they are Sena- further testimony: "Wlthing the past! tors of the United States? year the Labette county commissioners, have built only steel and Washington, Jan. 30. — The total i Foley's Honey and Tar Componnd. number per head and aggregate value i —is a reliable family medicine t the various farm animals on .laii-! live It to your children, and take It .ary 1st. with conii)arIsons for 1911. i vnurself when you feel a cold eominp s shown by the govtrnnient. follows: ' "Jn. It checks and cures coughs ant; Horses. 1912. :iO..'i3S.OO; 1911, 20,-! olris and croup and prevents bron- :'TT.0O. .Mules, 10!::, 4.302,000; 1011. i -rhltls and pneumonia. .T. D Mundls Cq ,.:;23.0O0. .iMlch cows, i :i '.2. 2O.ti99,000; | 0:'.rnf tt News: Crant Shorkey ant! lyil. 20.823.UOO. Other cattle. 1912. i 'Vife. of tola, arrived today to visit To have the pains and ache.«' cC a lad hack removed; to be entirely free from annoying dangerous urinary di:-:- ;rilrrs is enough to make any kidney ;urr <rer grateful. To tell how thi^' -.rc .tt ch .THcre can be broi::;;)! about will r.-^vc c-on'.lrrrting worus to hundreds if Ui\p. rta.Itr.--, -MIS. -M. K. Coiniiton, S12 North Che -.t :iut -Street, lola, Kans., says: "A meiu- >er of our family suffered greatly ri.,-?!' weak kidncy.=;. The kidney se- -ftion.^; were unnatural and were a .Mr :c of great annoy.;ace by di-^or- ^ered kii :npy.<;. .After aie;!!cin« '.id been taken without auc•^•o^s, lloan's vidney Pil!.-^ were used ;:ni; thry sonn .jave entire relief. This prepara-ion Is ivorthy of the highest endorseir.eut." VoT sale by all dealer.^. Price ."Op. •'rsu-r-Milliurn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y., sole- agents for the United Slates. Utmiinber the name—lloan's—and aUe r.o other. For the best Kansas Lump and Arkansas Sc'in: -Anth racite Coal lola Ice, Cold Stornge and Fuel Co. J7.20O.0iJO; 1011, ;!;t.679,000. 1912. .•.2.:;G2.00<)r 1011, .-.3,63:i.o( con- 1 Crete bridges, and are pleased at the : great saving of expense to the taxpayers. Heretofore they had followed precedent and contracted with the bridge combine for Iron structures, which soon required repairs." KYKUYTHIXJ HH.'Ii BIT >Kns. Stale Journal: Twenty-six years ago the State Journal's daily supply of while paper was brought over Talking about that County Farmer and referring to the doubt expressed by a Register correspondent as to whether he could really teach the farmers anything: Denmark has been a dairy country always, so It would se< m as If the farmers there,•accord- liii? to our friend, had long ago learned all there was to know about making butter and cheese and things. Sheep 000. Hog.'912 6r..4lO.0UO; 1911, G.".:020.000. 1 The average value of horses in 1911 was $lll.;j.-.. In I9IL' it was 1$04.91. Hogs fell from $9.;iT lo $; mules from J12.-..92 to $120..->0; eows from $39.97 lo $39.39; other cattle went from $20 r.4 to $21.20, and sheep fioui $3.91 to $3.46. Shockevs father. A. C. 0. Sho(;k- v.'who is MI. • » • W. .•\nder.son. .1" lola arrived in OAriiett this after- I'citi and e.vpects to tuake his hoiiii- Mere -«AI"FLK!> in HIS OHX CASK. .Vnn .\rbor rh^hlcftin to Kaltiniore liflspllal for (on.'iultullou. r ^ Try This Home'Made Cough Remedy Woman's Power Cher Man Woman's most glorious endowment ij the power to awaken and held the pure and liccc^t J .^ve ol a worthy man. Wbcn she loses it and st:'l lyves on, XK) one in the wide «orld ccn Linv,- the he::: cgotiy she endures. The v.-.'u scCcrs i'.-ocx vifcak- aess and dercn^cment tf her cpcci;! r.-oniacly organism soon loses the po\r.-r to sway the heart of « man. Her gener&l bealUi suCors and she loses her good looks, her ntcractivencss, her orsisbiiity Bndherpowerandprcst -r'.ettsaT /oman. Dr. R.V.Pierce.of BiAlo,N .Yi ,witfa the assistance of his vidT of cblc ph}-:ici3r.s, lijs prescribed for and cured many thousands of womcc. V.o has dcvis^ c successftd lemedy for woman's ail- aeots. It is known as Dr. Pie.-ce's Favori:o Prescription. It is a positive •pccific for t!ic weaknesses end diccrdcrs pccuHcr to women. It purifies, regulates, strengthens nnd lich. Medicine dealers sell it. No honett dealer will •dvise you to accept a su^x.iicute in order to make a little larger profit. IT M *,Z^S WEAK WOMEN SXaOKG. SICK WOMEN WEIX. Or. Pttrc^m Plaaaat BfHet* ntvicra «c<l ttnarUiea SmctxU, Urer mmd Btrw^.. Ann Arbor, .Mich., Jan. 30.—Unable ! lo diagnose his own nUment, which I But twenty vears ago a certain com-j f'^zLng to other physicians here, I )r muuiiy Of dairy fanners decided ^o\^;Sr^:r:^l^'^\:^Z ^r^^.^ of .Mlchi(.-nn, left loday for a hospital In Baltimore, lir. l)o .Nancrede haf been ill I'or several ueeks. and despitt the best medical condition has grow roKta I.mie, nut D««I th* Xfar^c P >i..i ^'""'^^ R«tond«-4.^ 5fix one p'uitc.f granuli.ted sugr .V with y> pint of warm water, n'ld stii- for : minuteK. Put :i>^ oiiuoeH oi Piaex (dlt) cents' worth) in a pint Iwtti;'; tit.'n ad<! the Su^;ar Syrup, 'lake a iea^i^iulul every one, Iw'u or three himr\. \u\\ will find that this «impL> remedy takes lujd of a c>iu;:h mere .'piickly treatment here hi^ I <f a cough more, vn worse i 'I'?" anvtliltTg else y..u us <-d) \ rJly ends a dei-ii seated cough; „ ^ ~ ; ; , : ot 24 hours. f5i >leniliil, too, for Whoop- To accommodate the large crowd a n,g cough, eroiip, chest pains, hrom -li: :l;e basket ball game^last Friday mght ; tis. and other throat tronhleg. It stiin Tt the Auditorium, Professor Wlllla:r. j uhites the ap |Mtit.! and is slichtjy lax- Harris, coach for the high school lean j alive, which hfclp;j end a cough. , fTjn /i It necessary to get some extra! ^''S recipe in.-.lceT more ami beire: rhalrs, and these he procured from i c^fpa /.^"'P than you could buy r :he Y. M. C. A. The next day a dray- 1 F^f^'"/" It kcei >3 pi-rfoetly •an was.sent to get the.'chairs and! p ^^ex Ts'^the''' The \ewc .st Kabbil Story. lliiy Jaynes walked in from his at:;;, live miles Monday morning, and joardcd the 5:30 a. m. train for lola. He traded for a garage up there some iii;e ago, then traded the Karate ofl 'ml kept one cat for his own u:ie and i?ent up .Monday to drive the ear (i :r.e. Guy says he was out in Kiowa 'narty I'airing the cold .snap to see ,1;: )):other. Ualpll. who li\e:- on a arm a!io;!t seven miles- frf >ni .Miiilin- .illo. (;uy says llie snow was nearly .nee deep and the jackriililiits eai ^ic !> 1') i ;:{i :.'s feed lot by the hiin- lr.!:<. In fai'i they were so thiek ''!:it tliy siiiil Ills brother shot l-'o ililills from lie" kitchen wlnihnv iK.e aif.hl. siimetliiie-' hilling live <ir r,|N at me sliiit. T"!'!^ ""t a ii' •vs|iniier tiiry, bill sl-inght goods from (lay liliiM'lf —Tiiayer .Vews. TlICS. IL TJOWLUS, President J. F. SCOTT, Cashier A^ien Cciieity State Bank- lOLA, KANSAS ESTABLI.SIIEI) A IH'AKTtif OF A CEXTUKY. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus ^0,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 INTEREST PAID OX TIME DEP0.SIT:> SAFETY 2 >EP0SIT BOXES FOH REXT return them. He was not instructed tr:ie^-coi:,i'^Fl >^r :?'^Wn;^ J =s to where to take theni, H belnr extract, and in rici. in pimlati,! an./al. ! thought that he understood. But he the nafira! pine elements v.liichnre =r j (.i-1 not. When be got his wagon load \ healin? to the moii :l>ran/'a. Otiiet prep "Cnres In Every ruse." —Mr. Jas. McCarfory. Mgr. of the 'cMilz Hotel, OninJia, .Veb.. reconi- •lenils roley's Honey and Tar Com- cilnd. because It cures in every rase » I have u*-od^lt myself and I have rec- rniniended It to many others who • ave since I old me of its great curative power In di.=eases of Ihe throat .'•nd lungs." For all coughs and cold? r (s .speeiJKy elTrctlvb. J. D. Mundls Usu j ''s .ipeedily effective J. D Mundis Co igh; i:isid. .Vrrangenicnts have been coniideted to have the game, which the lola high .^C!!Ool second team recently matched \kith the .\rsentinp high sehonl. on iii( V. M. r. ,\. court next Saturday nisht. The tan.e was s -er-urr 'd through a ha 'i .'nee inserted in t 'l -.e I^ansas City ournil sor 'p tiir.e pgn by the local-', vhich .XrgTtine acceit -d. lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $2,5,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 VVi: PAY INTEREST ON nWt. DEPOSITS L. E. IIOKVIM.E, Pres. V . .s. K AlK -UAN, ->nd YIco Prci. J. H. CAnnU 1 I.. < a -hler. A. W. RECK, Ylce-Pres. F. 0. IM:.\.S 0>, .tssL Cu»^Mcr SAFETY nurO .SIT KO'JKS FOR I !E>T. reaay au'ii I (i. he asked somebody about It, anr" ' ao tohl that the chairs belonged a* "i" (Jas City Opera House. Forth- viih he headed for das City, and i ••-s neccFsary, w :T >n Professor Ha'•=: arrived ten or fifteen minutes later lor him to get on a bicycle ant' Me hi:rd to ovprfake the wagon loat* 'I ehairs. Who told the drnjrman Ih; .'il'R In'roduced In Congress grart- ' ir Increase of pension to T. H. K'lod •ii" e",e 1 f i'llina and .Mrs. Lucy E r;ilii. fo-- Tl?" I W"^'^ i 'l" formula. „f sp ,i„a p^,, „f Kll^worth jmo planof wakintrconsh Rvnvp wiflii .-,1 ^ ,,p„gion Mrs. Ellz'ibr'tli •r'l of Moran have been reiiortt-^d fn- THE NORTHRUP IIATIONAI BANK lOLA, KAXSAS OYER FOUfY YKARS-OF I'OXSi- 1! VATO E CAXKIXG IX lOLA Pcpo.»i:ory for the United Slates, State of Kansas, and Allen County OFFIClIHS: (.. r.. .VORTHRUP. President D. P N'ORTHRUP, 2nd V-Pres. F V NORTHUIP. Vice-President .MKLVi.X r liO.N'K. Cashier. I; J. roFFj';Y. Ass' .laiit Cu-^hier CAPITAL $,50,000:00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Pines and sugar syrup (of sirained nonev) has proven ?o ix.nulnr tlirouah- i out the T,nit<-il States ard Cahacta that I '1?^*'"" imitate!. But tli<> n{A. mr- eessfnl formula has ne-.-er he,en eonaled. A jniaranty of absolute snti«fnction, or, money pror.intlv refimded, po«i<? with thiR recipe. Yntir dni'rpst 1ms Piiicx n; 'hair.s belonged at Gas, City? That If i will eet it Tnr v.m. If not, send 10 'Hi PrcC. Harris Is now woridering. j Pines Co., Ft ,"Wayac, lad. • by lensious. the Senate! co:rm:ttee on Interest Paid on Time Deposits Safety Depo.sit Boxes for Sent YOUi: BUSINESS SOLICITLD. .^!^. Clyle Perh .Tit, of lola i;a=sed '"•f^v«rh .O'tnv.a this ivnrnin?. .Mr. ••-•h -ini w-; I' : er;y leatrf»ss.1 f'l the lollT '-r^ bi'ri.TS lerald. €i ;tawa .-o !tawa Por thc qiuckest rcsuIts—The Register Want Column^

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