Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on July 10, 1975 · Page 12
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 12

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 10, 1975
Page 12
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.81 50 Titonka, Iowa June 26, 1975 SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING The City Council of the City of Titonka, Kossuth County, Iowa met in special session on Thursday, J une 26th, 1975, at 7:30 p.m. in the council room of city hall. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Walter Baade with the following councilman present: Edward Boyken, Harvey Heyer and Gene Krominga. Absent, George Schuster and Philip Jaren. Also attending, Jerry Bockelman, Richard Countryman, Gary Hoover, William Amesbury Goerge Uken, Levander Vaske, Rudolph Rahe. Elmer Hellman, Donald Ringsdorf, Glen Larson, William Hellman, Thomas Antoine and Louis Krull (township trustees and clerks) and volunteer firemen Donald Gerdis, Russell Krominga, Dick Gerdis, Gary Sleper, Rolland Fox, Carl Ludwig, Darrell Wubben, Richard Isebrand, Charles Beed and Clerk Alke. Motion was made by Heyer and seconded by Krominga that the bills listed below be allowed. Motion carried GENERAL FUND: U.S. Post Office; Stamps Titonka Telephone Co.; Phone bill ......!...' The Titonka Topic; Printing, supplies Matt Parrott & Sons; Supplies '.'.'"' Myrtle G. Alke; Salary .........'* \ ] Titonka Savings Bank; Federal Withholding Tax Treasurer, State of Iowa; State Withholding Tax . . . . Iowa Employment Security Comm.; PICA Iowa Public Employees Retirement System- IPERS STREET FUND: ' William G. Kiley; Salary Beed Hardware; Supplies Farmers Co-op Oil Co. ; Gas j Jluisman DX Service; Gas B& D Automotive Machines; Starter . . PUBLIC SAFETY: William G. Kilcy; Salary Loren Hansen; Salary Marv's K & H; Gas (police car, ambulance) Huisman DX; Oil change Harvey Heyer; Ambulance calls Rolland S. Fox; Ambulance call Richard Isebrand; Ambulance call, x police Raymond Baadc; Extra police Harm Huisinga; Extra policy Marshall and Swift; Laundry Fanners Co-op Oil Co.; Gas (police car, ambulance) . SANITATION FUND; William G. Kiley; Salary Interstate Power Co. ; Electric bill Beed Hardware; Supplies RECREATION FUND: Titonka Savings Bank; Certified check (pump) Interstate Power Co.; Electric bill Rhonda Heyer; Salary Debra Movick; Salary Laura Boekelman; Salary Conna Hoover; Salary Jean Engelbarts; Salary Titonka Telephone Co.; Phone bill Neal Hansen; Mowing Beed Hardware; Supplies Titonka Plumbing G Heating; Labor, repairs 10.00 4.99 173.92 49.03 138. 1 94. 56.11 288. 73 160.27 202. 13 .96 15.69 29.64 34.42 40.00 474. 85 54.32 14.25 9.41 4.71 35.78 33.89 33.89 1.25 10.27 202. 13 63.74 1.49 721.75 6.00 365.45 217 191 207 4 17 5.00 60.48 93.00 254. 51 122.55 11.70 135.27 69.40 478. 55 21.60 1.96 42.45 26.60 7.00 6.59 1.50 2.23 87.54 10.00 10.00 800.00 N 9.&2 22.84 14 12 60 90 75 Cast Service Engineering; Labor Hi land Potato Chips; Chips Pepsi-cola Bottling Co.; Pop Earl Draper; Candy Iowa Emp. Security Comm.; PICA Treasurer, State of Iowa; Sales tax WATER FUND: William G. Kiley; Salary $ Myrtle G. Alke; Salary Interstate Power Co.; Electric bill North Central Public Service; Gas bill Keith Wilcox; Refund U.S. Post Office; Stamps, postal cards The Titonka Topic; Printing Neal Hansen; Mowing Lena Schutter; Cleaning William G. Kiley; Postage Beed Hardware; Supplies Treasurer, State of Iowa; Sales tax Thomas Bergstrom; Meter deposit refund Etta Reibsamen; Meter deposit refund DEBT SERVICE FUND: Titonka Savings Bank; Interest Coupons (street) $ TRUST AND AGENCY FUND: I.P.E. R.S.; IPERS $ Social Security; Social Security ROAD USE TAX FUND: La Harv Construction Co., Inc.; Gravel $3,327.25 Beed Hardware; Supplies 2.04 Huisman DX ; Gas 13. 47 Farmers Co-op Oil Co.; Gas 8. 50 Anderson Implement; Repair .95 SEWER CONSTRUCTION FUND: Myrtle G. Alke; Salary $ 69.40 Interstate Service; Electric bill 1. 57 William G. Kiley; Postage .82 Minnesota Valley Testing Lab. ; Test 30. 00 Beed Hardware; Supplies 1.19 IIuismanDX; Gas (PU, Lift Station) 23.24 Titonka Plumbing and Heating; Cleaner 4.35 The financial statement of the Titonka Community Farm Fire Company was reviewed and the need for funds for operation and the purchase of new equipment was discussed. Agreements were signed between the Trustees of Buffalo, German, Portland and Ramsey Townships and the City of Titonka that the Trustees shall make a levy of one and one-half (1 1 2) mills against the real estate located in that part of the Township being serviced by the City Fire Department:; said levy to continue from year to year until such time as the $40,000.00 of indebtedness and interest incurred by the City, have been paid in full. Discussed the extra supplies needed by the firemen and repairs needed on present equipment. Meeting adjourned. Myrtle G. AJke, City Clerk. Attest: Walter Baade,Mayor. 17.00 47. 55 90.88 SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING Titonka, Iowa June 12, 1975 The City Council of the City of Titonka, Kossuth County, Iowa, met in special session Where you save does make a difference. Home Federal is a proven, federally-insured savings institution that can offer you the highest interest rates allowable by law. Accounts are insured up to $40,000 while your investments are automatically reinvested to give you maximum earning power. Stop in for details. When you get your tax refund, open or add to your 1 savings account and select a valuable ijlft. Minimum deposit $100. Larger gifts also available for larger deposits. All interest on savings is compounded daily. FSIJC HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN - Algona - Garner - Britt Thursday, June 12, 1975, at 7:30 p.m. in the council room of city hall. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Walter Baade with the following councilmen present: Edward Boyken, Harvey Heyer, Philip Jarcn, George Schuster; absent, Gene Krominga, Also attending, park committee members. After some discussion, the committee was in favor of building the park in the east part of the city. Motion was made by Heyer and seconded by Schuster that the City purchase the lots from Charles Beed and Herbert Klasse in the east part of the city to build the city park. Motion carried. The following committees were appointed to make plans and return to the city council for approval. SHELTER HOUSE: Henry L. Mayland, Warden Smidt, Betty Gartner, Russall Krominga, Violet Buffington and Judy Van Hove. LAYOUT AND PLANNING: Rav Gaul, Allyn Boelman, Lori Schuster, Vcrn Rafdal, Mrs. Henry Van Hove, Joy Boyken and Morris Givens. EQUIPMENT: Bruce Culbertson, Carl Ludwig, Rev. Roy Hjelmaas, Lois Smith, Mrs. William Speicher and Roberta Movick. The City Council and the committees will meet in special session on Monday, June 30, at 7:30 p. m. at the Kountry Kitchen. The City Council and the committees adjourned to go and view the location for the proposed park. Myrtle G. Alke, City Clerk. Attest: Walter Baade, Mayor. SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING Titonka, Iowa June 30,1975 The City Council of the City of Titonka, Kossuth County, Iowa, met in special session on Monday, June 30, 1975, at 7:30 p. m. in the Kountry Kitchen with councilmen Krominga and Heyer present. Also, attending were Yarn Rafdal, Rev. R. Hjelmaas, Russell Krominga, Mrs. Allan Boyken, Mrs. Henry Van Hove, Mrs. Bradford Buffington, Mrs. Roberta Movick, Mrs. Lois Smith, Henry Maylaml, Alfred Redcnius, Charles Beed and Clerk Alke. Mayor Walter Baade requested reports from the following: Shelter House Committee presented a plan for a 2S x SO shelter house witli two fireplaces in the center of the building at an estimated cost of $S, S4S. 34 for material only. Equipment Committee suggested for the play area for the smaller children 3 small swings, small slide, dome, merry-go- round and barrels of fun. .Also, suggested different types of tables, grills, itc. Planning anil Layout Committee reported that the school board will lease the low ground east of the activity field and swimming pool beginning at the county blacktop for development of the park. An entrance to be made at the blacktop to make the ;u'ea accessible to snowmobilers. The shelter house to be built on Lots 4 anil 5, Block 1, Tryon Addition; the small playground on Lot 3, west of the shelter house; the parking area to the east on Lot I, Block 2, Tryon Addition. A fence to be erected on the west and south sides of this area. A roail is to be constructed along the east side of the school ground for use of campers and snowmobilcrs. Tennis courts to be constructed on the school gvaumts east of the swimming pool. The committees were in favor of closing thirl street to traffic from Lot 3 to the east end of the street. The traffic will enter from the south on Tryon .Avenue to the parking area. Another meeting will be held on Monday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Koun'.ry Kitchen, at which time committees will report on information in regard to leveling ground, costs of construction of shelter house from contractors, anil supplies and prices of equipment. Meeting adjo'irned. Myrtle G. Alke, City Clerk. Attest: Walter Baade, Mayor. THE TITONKA TOPIC July 10, 1975 — Page 7 — - -._. Worth Money [Trade in your old Furniture. You are invited to Bjus- troms Furniture. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Established 1925 dnrpetlng, Floor Covering, Largb Selections. Use our easy payment plan. 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It is maintenance FREE, virtually indestructible, carries a 30-year guarantee, and cuts your heating cost up to 30%. This product is being introduced in your area, if you are fed up with the high cost of painting, heating, and maintenance you should write us for FREE information. — Bank Rate Financing Available — - FOR INFORMATION WRITE Tri-County Builders, Inc. ROUTE 2 MADRID, IOWA 50156 ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT Fitonka Consolidated School District, Kossuth, Hancock and Winnebago Counties, Iowa, for the year ending June 30th, 1975. We hereby certify that this report is correct as required by Sections 279.32 and 279.33, Code of Iowa. Copy filed with the County Superintendent and posted or published as required by law, on July 10, 1975. WILLIAM AMESBURY HAROLD E. GARTNER Vice President Secretary Attends Orientation AMES: Gary Brandt, an incoming freshman in the College of Sciences anil Humanities at Iowa State University in September, has been attending orientation meetings on the campus this week. The two-day sessions w ire devoted to aptitude anil placement tests, visits with counselors and planning class schedules for the fall quarter. In the evening, students attended on and off- campus housing anil church orientation programs. By attending orientation .sessions, he will have more free time during the first days of the school year to become familiar with the campus and building locations. SCHOOLIIOUSEFUND Receipts On Hand Last Report S 18,558.76 School House Fund Tax Levy 33,836.93 Interest on Investments 687.29 Total Receipts including balance above 53,082.98 School House Fund Disbursements Total ....... 29,815.25 Balance on Hand June 30, 1975 $ 23,267.73 Djs burscments Principal on Bonds $ 22,000.00 Interest on Bonds 7,815.25 TOTAI $ 29,815.25 $21,000.00 of lhe Schoolhouse Fund balance is invested with the Titonka Savings Bank. GENERAL FUND Receipts Balance on hand last report $112,657.52 District Tax 360,681.52 Semi-Annii.il Apportionment 3,890.66 Federal Aid 15,573.12 General Aid (State Foundation Aid) 162,723.00 Transportation from other districts 469. 16 Special Education Aid 1,800.00 State Vocational Aid 1,393.45 Career Kducation Project 2,586.57 Driver Education Aid 1,410.00 Rout of Buildings 237.50 Interest 5,384.64 Use of services and equipment 262. 10 Sale of supplies ami equipment. 1,827.60 Insurance claims 1,426.56 Other miscellaneous receipts 551.77 Tr.mslVr account receipts 13, 370. 76 TOTAL REG Ell'TS $573,588.41 Total receipts including balance above $686,245.93 General Fund DishursiMiienLs -Total 56S,S>03.89 Balance ou Hand June SO, 1975 117,342.04 Disbursements Administration ; $ 28,927.93 Instruction 317,494.02 Health Service 2,856.25 Transportation 46, 806. 93 Fixed Charges 43 935.94 Operation anil Maintenance 7. <63. 59 Student Body Activities 7,541.48 Community Services 4,902.35 Capital Outlay 12,030.64 Transfers 13,605.49 Title I Programs 17,179.27 TOTAL D1S1HJKSIA1ENTS $568,903.89 $1 1 5,000.00 of the General l-'nnd balance is invested with the Ti- lonka Savings Bank. File following wage and salary payments are gross amounts pai.l during the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1974 anil ending June 30, 1975 and are nut necessarily llx-ir contract amounts due to method and time of payment and extra duties performed. Phyllis llaade; Clerical Aide . . . . Tom Bergslrom; Instructoi Audrey Boekelman; Bus driver . . . Robert Boekelm.ui; Bus driver . . . Allyn Boolm.m, Instructor Darvin Bovvers; Bus driver Betty Brandt; Instructor Amanda Bnms; Office Secret;u - y . . Novella Budlong; Instructor Lc.tnne Clausen; Instructor Robert Darkow; Instructor l.avcrn DeVries; Instructor Kegina DeVries; Sub-teacher. . . . Florence Eclen; Sub-teacher Russell Finken; Instructor Janice Folkerts; Dist. Treasurer . . Arlene Franxen; Sub-teacher . . . . Betty Gartner; Instructor Harold Gartner; Dist. Secretary . . William Cast; Instructor ...... Kathleen Caul; Sub-teacher . . . . Raymond Gaul; Principal Alice' Giesking; Sub-teacher . . . . Joyce Giesking; School nurse . . . . Morris Givens; Bus driver Larry Goodrich; Instructor Eva Hall; Instructor Carol llalverson; Instructor Loren Hansen; Bus driver Ruth Hanson; Instructor I'xlwanl Harms; Custodian Craig I [eyer; Bus driver M irjorie Hjelmaas; Sub-teacher . . Keith Hucsman; Coach's helper . . Mcint linesman; Custodian Steven Hurst; Instructor Anne Larson; Instructor Jerry Martinek; Sub-teacher . . . . Benjamin Michaelis; Instructor . . . Roberta Movick; Library Aide . . . Terry Nelson; Instructor Michael Nuss; Instructor Gaye Ostlund; Instructor Larry Popenhagen; Instructor . . . . Vern Rafdal; Sub-driver William Reif; Instructor Elaine Ricks; Office Secretary . . , Steven Rike; Bus driver John Rippentrop, Bus driver . . . , Roger Rippentrop; Bus driver . . . . Yvonne Rippentrop; Instructor . . , Doris Sathoff; Instructor ...... Stephen Schroeder; Instructor . . , Lena Schutter; Assistant Custodian , Wilbur Sexton; Bus Foreman . . . , Dona Sliroyer; Instructor ..... Jeriene Sleper; Instructor Julie Smith; Instructor Audrey Sonncnberg; Instructor . . Carol Sorenson; Instructor .... Michael Squires; Instructor .... Catherine Stangl; Instructor . . . Lois Steffa; Instructor . Norma Tapper; Instructor Charlotte Thorland; Instructor . . Randall Tjaden; Instructor .... Donald Trow; Instructor Marlene Uken; Bus driver Frederick Wilbeck; Superintendent Janiece Wilbeck; Sub-teacher. . . Shirley Wilcox; Sub-teacher . . . Hazel Akkerman; Cook Kathrlna Everding; Cook Bernadine Gerard; Head Cook . . Harmka Harms; Cook's helper . . Jennie Harms; Cook's helper . . , June Miller; Cook Alice Pannkuk; Cook's helper . . Anne Asche; Sub-cook TOTAL $ 2,720.00 10,614.50 301.25 1,835.57 8,750.48 59.11 10,938.86 4,425.52 2,442.92 8,272.40 466. 66 9, 875. 25 695.72 958.70 5,525.33 310.00 125.00 10,455.70 4,700.00 11,327.55 200.00 17,250.00 362.50 2,571.25 384.50 9,933.98 8,942.03 7,204.22 1,725.00 8,236.20 9,260.00 1,851.80 287.50 163.19 8,155.00 9,204.81 11,974.20 250.00 7,500.00 1,116.55 1,653.00 6,941.60 7,639.00 7,500.00 31.25 7,758.40 3,459.37 1,134.30 1,809.40 709. 95 8,402.20 12,504.00 7,933.40 1,498.72 7,250.00 9,063.59 11,095.40 6,250.00 7,610.00 8,408.30 7,062.50 7,885.50 9,467.40 9,575.20 10,533.48 400.00 647.50 2,225.75 19,800.00 125.00 212.50 2,575.66 1,658.71 3,962.93 521.85 516.15 2,099.40 519.00 116.15 $399,929,81

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