Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 29, 1976 · Page 11
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 11

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1976
Page 11
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City Council . . '562Y32 COUNCIL MEETING ' April U, 197* The Carroll City Council met In regular session on this date at 5:00 P.M. In the Council Chambers of City Hall, with all members present except Coundlwoman, Wlndschlti; Mayor Schechtman" arid'. City : Attorney Tan Cretl were also present. The minutes of the meeting held In March, 1976 were read and approved as read. It was moved by Bunger and seconded by Schulz to approve the bills as audited. On roll calfall Council members voted aye. Motion carried. HI Way 'Texaco, Ltd., , '• gasoline ...... .......... 1,253.48 Iowa Public Service, elec- "'''" trie bills . . ........... :.fy::,' N.W. Bell Telephone Gom- pany, telephone blllsi^..'' Iowa Electric Light '.-anti'. Power, gas bills _____ V.';:. \ 1,210'.Q9. Stone Printing Company, v • , office supplies ........ vi fV;1,330.05 Plastic Laminating Com- ' pany, 12 maps . . .' ...... .'; : , • 4.20 Peterson-Blddlck Com-' , pany, grass seed ........ •., 190,25 Flam6x ; Fort Dodge, welding supplies ........ Arnold Motor Supply, equipment repair parts .. Standard Office Equipment Company, copier supplies 216.95 Xerox Corporation, .copier <, supplies ........... ..... 308.00 Kenny's 'RUg Cleaning, ;•-' cleaning rug at Golf club .house .... ............. .. Department of Public Safety, Tracls for March Carroll Machine and Welding, equipment repair and supplies ...... Bliss Tire Service, tire repair and tires Municipal Service and Supply Company, parts at sewage plant ...... ...... Kanne Mobil Service, headlight for police car .. ' General Communications Co., walkle talkie repairs 246.80 Law Enforcement Equlp- ' ment Company, I. D. sign Bureau of National Affairs, Govt. Employees Report 256.00 Educational Aids of 'Long • Beach, police department '•(•:'. • supplies , ........ -.. ..... ; '..-', :.172.18 Sleg Fort Dodge Company, >:..,; supplies and equipment parts.:., ..... . .......... '. Dorr Oliver, Inc., wipers ,'•• for clarlfler at sew.ageY.', plant ...... : ........ ....'. '•••• Iowa Department of Transportation, bicentennial signs .................. . . Minnesota Valley Testing Labs, laboratory analyses ........ ......... Fleskes Construction, lockers for Fire Dept. .. Debs Ro'Bo Car Wash, police car washes . . — Metro Uniforms, police officer's uniform .......... Joe's Paint Center, paint and supplies ............ Carroll Assoc. of Ind. Ins. :' 24.75 '.,.•: '53.41 101.28 50.00 36.40 49.15 308.08 4.15 17.00 :.B7.38 • 63.43 109.20 50.00 219.72 25.25 51.24 96.15 Agents, Insurance premiums 443.00 Vogel Paint and Wax Company, street marking paint 780.75 Tom's 66 Service, vehicle towing for snow removal 40.00 •Milk Inspection Trust .Fund, water analyses .. 72.00 Maintenance Engineering, Ltd., lighting at city hall 34.61 Means Service Center, towel services .......... 29.58 Drees Heating and Plumbing, reset pumps at city hall and trenching 72.10 Wittrock Motor Company, •police car repairs 13.25 Wilklns Auto Parts, Inc., shop supplies and sweeper parts 108.76 Joe P. Frank and Son, shop supplies and services .... 51.88 Carroll Ready Mix Company, sr\ow removal .... 270.00 Gibson's, Ice scrapers .... 2.61 Burroughs Corporation, , reprogram computer .... 650.00 'Burroughs .Corporation,. . supplies and Malnt. Contract on computer '.•' 1,790.40 Burroughs Corporation, . programming computer 600.00 Farner Bocken Company, supplies • 43.85 John Whaley Chevrolet, equipment repair and service 209.47 Middendorf Sheet Metal, Inc., oil trays 25.00 Michael Todd and Company, log chain and safety cones 279.81 Neppel Oil Company, mount and balance tires . 5.00 Carroll Supply Company, street marker posts and tennis court repair ...... 180,05 International Chemicals Corp., supplies at sewage plant 467.08 Dally Times Herald, publishing fees ., 276.67 R.L. Polk & Company, two city directories 72.00 3 M Company, letters for street name signs ..'.... 38.16 Central States Turf Equipment repair 10.50 General Excavating, Inc., machine work ...• 981.25 Missouri Valley Machinery Co., equipment repair .. 26.59 National Chemsea'rch, supplies,...;: ;..... 609,75 - Hennlngson, Durham and Richardson, Engineering Services/.. ;-.,.'.... 41678 Quandt's Auto Salvage, shop supplies ..' 7.73 J & J Electric, service at Fire Dept. and Well 11 .: 127.63 Butler Paper Company, paper towels at City Hall 28.70 Paul and. Wayne's, Skelly, : tire repair 4.50 Snyder-Tree Service, trees and stump removal 1,774.72 Interstate Electric Supply, street light poles and light bulbs 1,794.12 Overhead Door Company, oil and adjust doors at C ity Hal I & Garage ....:. 372.40 Reuter, Inc., equipment . repair 17.50 Carroll Lumber Company, supplies and repairs — 326.67 Capital Sanitary Supply, Janitor supplies .. 116.55 Swaney Equipment Company, equipment repair 131.72 Schenkelberg Implement Company, equipment repair and parts 103.10 Coast to Coast Store, coveralls for fire dept. .. 50.45 Coast to Coast Store, 50.98 Lake. View Concrete Products, storm sewer construction 1,704.45 Hach Chemical Company; supplies 41.08 Duncan Industries, parking meter parts • 49.34 Uptown Sporting Goods, triphles 55.80 Sernett Leisure Center; Rec. Dept. supplies 8.90 V.W. Eimlcke Associates, Inc., office supplies .;— 40.71 Michael Todd and Com- • pany, supplies 279.16 Ed M. Feld. Equipment, supplies 155.45 Wittrock Motor Company, police car repairs ...... 589.30 'Jayfro Corp., tennis court supplies .:.-.. '.... 347.21 Farm and Home Store, tractor mower repair .... 124.42 Moorhouse Ready Mix, snow removal and materials ..; 633.96 Carroll Fire Dept., fire calls and drills 774.00 Diversified Electronics, Malnt. and Repair of CAT tower -..-. 250.00 Omaha Testing Laboratories, Inc., Engineering Consultation 82.50 . Foss, Engelstad Hell, Architect's fees Classified Ad Information Dial 3573 All copy far classified ads and classified display ads must be In the Times Herald by 9 a.m. day of publication Monday through Friday. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Per column Inch $1.70 Additional Insertions $1.50 CLASSIFIED CASH WITH ORDER One day, per word 12c Three days, per word 26c Six days, per word 38c CARD OF THANKS 20 words or less $2.50 Over 20 words 10c per word Card of Thanks 3 There's Gold In Your Attic! Card of Thanks I CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank my family for all they've done for me; all my family and friends for their visits, telephone calls, gifts, cards and prayers while I was a patient at Iowa City Hospital. Lawrence Riesberg 3-85-Up Let .the Daily Times Herald help you at your farm sale. From Waters for AAOTHER'SDAY %ssarette f 'TOTEABLES'...TERRIFIC TRAVELERS 1; Free-flowing sleepgowns that pack-up perfectly. •/Wonderful to wear In the space-saving comfort v of Antron® IIJ anti-cliiig nylon tricot. With a versd- ftle'sfre'tch neckline to wear on or off the shoulders. Prettily piped in contrast. Short $10. Long $12. , Both in sizes S-M-'L. v 1 FASHI0N STORE 50th CARD OF THANKS Sincere thanks to. the priests and everyone who remembered me with cards and acts of kindness to my family during my stay at St. Anthony and at St. Joseph Hospital in Omaha. Don Reiling 3-85-Up Announcements CHARLIE BROUJIO 5PEAKlW&.,.I'M COMING TO YOUR NEWSPAPER SOON Announcements Business Services 14 BURPEE SEEDS: You can get them at The Garden of Gifts'. 6-70-tfc ' Effective May 1st IOWA PARCEL SERVICE Will be closed on Saturdays. 157.56 35,918.14 Don'Staniyk appeared before the Council and requested'the use of the area Just south of the Carroll Stadium for the purpose of the Car- -'rbli County Arnbulance Service sponsoring a circus with the proceeds going towards purchase of a heart monitoring machine. It was moved by Knauss and seconded by Bunger to allow them use of the area, providing proof of Insurance is shown and a $250.00 bond is posted. On roll call .all Council members .voted aye. Motion carried. ' Councilman Schulz reported on his meeting with owner; of the Main Tap and The Back Room. A request by Lon Mosman for vacation of Lot 1, Maple Park Addition was presented to the Council. The Council agreed not to vacate Lot 1, but assured him of access to his property on the east. It was moved by Galetich and seconded by Schulz to approve renewal of the following permits: 1.) Class "C" Beer for Gibson's 2.) Class "BV Beer, Inc. Sunday ' Sales for Pauline's Cafe. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion carried. It was moved by Schulz and seconded by Bunger to approve payment of $82.50 to.Omaha Testing Laboratories, Inc. for additional soil testing at Recreation center site. On roll call.all voted aye. Motion carried. .".•'.. Copt. 'c> 1950 Uniled Feature Syndicate! Charlie's a new- i«. comer to our town. You can see him and his heart-warming, funny friends every day in PEANUTS Monday, May 3 CARROLL DAILY TIMESHERALD SPRING HOUSECLEANING? REMEMBER THE NEW HOPE VILLAGE STORES Carroll, Manning, Lake City, Glidden ... Summer Clothes Needed This week's special: Camping Stove & Equipment PROCEEDS FOR HANDICAPPED o-85-ltc the cleaning people whit con* Bathroom tile and grout can be cleaned to look like new Call ServiceMaster 792-2155 U-77-lle HOME INSULATION We handle all types of insulation materials including Rapco Foam. Exact cost given before work begins. Call today. PEARSON'S SERVICE 222 So. Clark, Carrol I 792-3705 14-35-Uc Where To Go Times Herald, Carrel), la. Thunday, April 29, 1976 11 17 Where To Go 17 Personals Red Carpet STEAKS, CHICKEN, SEAFOOD Salad bar every night Free after dinner drink with every dinner Last Week's Winner Mrs._Pqul_Wendl ENTERTAINMENT LD THREE May 1 DERBY DAY KERP'S Saturday Afternoon IRISH Popcorn • by Foxy Conley and GERMAN Roasted Peanuts by All Bernholtz , 7 . B5 .i, c MAY PANCAKE BREAKFAST First United Methodist Church Carroll, Iowa Serving 7:00-10:00 A.M. AAay4 Adults $1.75 Children under 12 $1.25 Good Thingi To Eat 18 WE DELIVER 5 P.M. till closing Phone 792-1280 Soles Help 21 It was moved by Galetich and seconded by Kraus to approve a donation of $2,000.00 to the Little League Program here In Carroll. On roll call, air voted aye. Motion carried. It was moved by Bunger and seconded by Kraus to approve payment to Foss, EngeJstad, Hell, for architect services to date on the ^Recreation Center'Mn'the amount of J157-.56. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion carried. The Council acknowledged the filing of the proposed plat on the Soutndale Addition to Carroll and referred it to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Councilman Knauss presented to the Council a proposal from the Carroll Glass Co., for furnishing and installing an aluminum entrance at the former Library Bldg. at a cost of $1,480.00. It was moved by Schulz and seconded by Kraus, that the Council accept this proposal and that this would end the City's participation in repairs and Improvements of the Dulldtng. On roll call all Council members voted aye. Motion carried. • ' ' • ****.*** >' It was moved by Schulz and seconded by Bunger to approve pay Estimate No. 2 to Peterson & Sons, Mechanical Contractor on the Recreation Center, in the amount of »11,889.00, with 60% to be paid from' Community Development Funds and 40% from Recreation Center Construction Fund. Letter of Credit to be filed in Community Development funds. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion carried. *****-**• There being no further business to transact the Council adjourned.• Ronald H. Schechtman, ' Mayor ATTEST: Leon P. Oswald, City Clerk April 29,1976' Make Plans for Regional ITGMeet The business meeting of the Carroll Toastmistress Club Wednesday evening was devoted to making plans for the regional ITC meeting to be held in Des Moines next month. The club's dinner meeting was held at the Derby. The Carroll and Storm Lake clubs will be hostesses at the Saturday noon luncheon at the regional parley, scheduled for • May 14-16 at the Howard Johnson Motel on Merle Hay Road. Several members expect to attend. Mrs. Marjorie Testroet is the local delegate and Mrs. Evorn Halvorsen, alternate. Mrs. Testroet, president, conducted the meeting. All members participated in table topics, "Signs of Spring," moderated by Mrs. Halvorsen. The next meeting date is 'May 12. TO WHOM it. may concern — Please — do not walk on our lawni use sidewalk. The Property Owner at 314 North Crawford. 9-85-2tp HAPPY 26th, Stan the man 'GRAPEFRUIT PILL" with Diadax plan more • convenient than grapefruits — Eat satisfying meals and lose weight. Star Drugs. 9-80-10tp ;V' NEW LISTING Lovely 3 bedroom ranch on extra large lot. Features large kitchen and dining area on front with a pleasant view, new carpeting, loads of storage space. Basement has 4th bedroom, rec room & full bath with shower, Also included, central air, furnace powered humidistat. Competitively priced. Immediate possession. • . ' JOHN GNAM REALTY John Gnam — Dale Textor ., 207 W. 4th Street 63-B5-iic Phone 792-3815 ACREAGE IN GLIDDEN 4 acres with 2 story, 4 bedroom home and double garage. Includes 2 window air conditioners, dishwasher, disposal & drapes. Just 7 miles from Carroll. Very low taxes. Priced low 20s. HURRY!! • BILL C.OMITO REALTY 792-3805 After 5 P.M. Call: Wayne Halbur 792-2866.- 6 3.B5-2ic SplNAdnrmS' 1926-1976 Downtown Cafioll SUNDAY SPECIALTIES MAY 2 Beef Steak — French.Style Hawaiian Ham Steak •Plusour full menu Serving 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. Don't forget Mother's Day — May 9 For reservations call 659-9132 Birthday Dinners Vi price Must Show ID . Under 18 muit be wilh parent*. Plus free cake wllh reservation for 4 or more. For reservations call 792-9134 We Now Honor Bank Americard And Master Charae. i7.B5.iir Good Things To Eot 18 SALES POSITION with a present and a future. 3 Openings. Excellent opportunity. Average $1,200 to $1,500 per month. To qualify must have car, good educational and character background, bondable. Also, must be aggressive, ambitious & responsible. If you are selected your FUTURE IS SECURE. Guaranteed income to start. This phone call could change your life. Phone 263-4904 Collect "Only quality men and women need apply." 21.43.rlc Help Wanted 23 FRY Every FRIDAY Eve 5 p.m.-9 p.m. PAULINE'S CAFE WANTED: BABYSITTER for two pre-school girls in your . home two nights a week. 792-1273. 23-85-tfc WELDERS WANTED Experienced welders- Good fringe benefits Apply in person ' SCRANTON MFG. CO. Scranton, Iowa 51462 Phone 712-652-3396 23-84-3IC Investments 11 8.0% Interest on. thrift certificates with a minimum deposit of J3.000 for three years at Mid-States Enterprises, Inc., Hwy. 30 & Carroll Street In Downtown Carroll. Phone 792-1250. 11-36-1tc Business Services 14 For Lady Finelle Cosmetics Call Karen Smith 792-4569 . 14-B4-3IC Now digging. . . . . .trees/flowering shrubs, evergreens and honeysuckle. Visit our 20 acres. CARROLL NURSERY .'••'. 14-66-tfc NEED ROOM — storage for your winter clothes? Cleaning, finishing & alterations. Pick up & delivery & shop in car window. HR Cleaners. 792-4333. • 14-73-tfc ONLY 2 DAYS LEFT To Receive FREE CABLE TV INSTALLATION Offer Ends Friday, April 30 Call 792-4800Today CARROLL CABLE TV The Arches Building 104 W. 5th Street Phone 792-4800 CRANE SERVICE available in this area. Call 659-3004. Midwest Marketing Industries, Glidden, Iowa. 14-130-tfc STEREO SERVICE CB sales and installation. Stereo Town. 792-3522.- _ 14-130-ttc NEW CONSTRUCTION All types of remodeling, cabinet making, building garages; farm building repair, cement work etc. "No job too small." WARNKE CONSTRUCTION Carroll, Iowa Phone 792-1 350 or 792-3352 WANTED HOUSE AND FARM BUILDING CLEANING AND PAINTING Cleaning pressures to 8,000 P.S.I. 60-ft. aerial lift truck so height and location no problems. Brush application. Now taking work for '76. call today. PEARSON'S SERVICE 222 So. Clark Carrol 1 792-3705 U-M-IIC A. C. Deloney CHIROPRACTOR 61 9 East 3rd St. Carroll, Iowa Phone 792-2 186 14-247- 1 tc IOWA LAND SERVICE COMPANY MARTIN MATTES — OVE.R 40 YEARS EXPE RIENCE phone (712) 792-9883 Hlway 30 at N. West St. Carrpll, Iowa 51401 i4-Z44.iic TJEFENTHALER HOUSE at PUBLIC AUCTION Sunday, May 23 1:30 P.M. Located in the northwest section of Breda. Legal description: Lot 3, Block 1, Detterman's First Addition to Breda, Carroll County, Iowa. Modern 5 bedroom home with beautiful oak hardwood floors and woodwork. Walk-in closets in each bedroom. Full basement. Good gas furnace. Terms: 20% down day of sale. Balance when clear and merchantable title is given. Possession: Immediate. Taxes to be paid by seller. For appointment to view home or for further information contact: Irwin Stork, Breda - Ph.: 673-4426 or Marvin Tiefenthaler, Early, Iowa Irwin Stork & Marvin Tiefenthaler — Conservators Robert Bruner —Attorney Don Gerken & Walt Johnson — Auctioneers

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