Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 30, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1912
Page 3
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' THE: IQLA ^DAtfiYjREGISTER, TUESPAY?'E^yJBNI^K?^• JAN1JARY 30,1912. •a .r [1 • mm lOLJt vs. FLOflENCE FnHMY Of Our^ SIX Great We kindly ask as many of our customers to come in the forenoon as possible and avoid the crowds that are usually here in the afternoon. READ PRICES IN MONDAY^S REGISTER and come. EXTRA SALESPEOPLE TO WAIT 0.^4 YOU! lOLA nOOSTEKS PLAT FLOBEXCE OUTLAWS THIS WEEK. CKj's New Adrertlslng Team to Meet I Strong Opponents In First Game— K. C A. C. Blue Diamonds Sext (Held over from last ^eek). MILDRED. January 25—4Ia^ i ..and Fannie Fern Fergus attMided A, party at Boe SHields Saturday night ai\d spent Stm- day at their ancle's, Rob Ferneaux's. Mrs. McKinders mother is on the sick list The Sunday School teachers for the coming year were chosen Sunday. They are as follows: IFMrst primary, Mrs. Ruth Davis; second primary. r - , , _ . J u , Miss Meribeth Ater; girls intermedl- ence earn is a very fast one. and has ^^ j^^^ J^ ^ j.^^^^ fnterme- 1 been barred from the State High i ^i^J^ jj„ jlg„gfee: young folks class I Mr. Hickman; bible class, Mr. Mene- The first game of the "lola Boosters," lola city basket ball team will be played next Friday night at the auditorium against the fast Florence high school "outlaw" team. The Flor- ; School Basket Ball Association' be! cause of the fact that it contains pro'• fesslonal players In its line-up. Each I player on the team is a star, and the local boys will certainly have cause to feel proud if they win. fee. Substitute teachers: Miss Audra Lienraace, Mrs. Chas. "Sinclair, Mrs. Mann and W. B. May. Miss Vera Olmstead Is teaching the. eighth grade In the school here this • • ni©ii)M (E s Although ten men have been trying > „.-„t ~u^,u..„„„ r',™^- out for the Boosters for the past sev- , ?i ^ eral weeks, practicing earnestly and "^^^'^^„7.^° p„.h,„^ hn„,i.a, faithfully this will be their first reg- . ^^l" ^^IT'jL^J^Vt^.^^^^lf}. uiarly matched game, although some S!;^lf.°*?.J!i'Jl„"\'':a 1" time ago they defcatea the Wichita ^rth/hncST„rV ^ ! high school team in a game arranged , "^.^^ Hum oh rev ^s' very 111 It Is 1 upon a few hours' notice. The llne-up ' ^^^Zninlt recovw jfor the game next Friday night ^"1 ! M ^Jt Minnie Curi^^^^^ for Mrs 'be as follows: Roberts and Fisher, ^ forwards; Fulton, center; A. Nelson ; ""'""'^ * •^""P^^ °' ^^^^ ""onfui^nt'i; ^^^^fh h.„ .h^ • ^"ss Xcllie Bibens and Frank Lacey otr/r 'Srm ^en'of'Se 'S-oT^auSd : ^^^^ ^^on Sunday at Best Lump Coal—delivered anywhere in city. U. S. Patent aid Fidelity Floiir, to dealers only. Feed, Bran, Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeifs. 100 pounds per saek—guaranteed weights. Newlon IVIililiig & Elei^tor Co. PHONE 157 Willis Pereau, Agent i -3 .-'-.v-t.r-'.JN- PERSONS! ni()rnii>K .iliout U o'clock, and his i left hand and arm which lie pxtc-nded to litcak h!s fall si ruck thi- top "f the kilihon stove, and won; burlifd se-i v.Ti-l.v. .VlthoiiRli tilt; burns are of eoiisid'rahli- extent, no seriou.s ro- are feared. .laniesJ Heir of .Heve:al il;!; ill C-lh -.M !'•> lliellll.-. ^nJoUSEHOL^^^^" RECIPES If you have on old recipe for a Liniment, Hair Tonic, or anything , —The W. C. Teats IleaitT Co , ICress Bldg. Office rooms 22 to 24. I .6n .Mailiii !i:t > .•Klerii .i.v du- Itnle- lientteiu 'e, wliirii cit.v lie will lea'.e .-ooih to laW- a iii ('1.!. l><iha. —Fred RoHden, Pprtod Decorator, rhone TisS. Vv. S. .\. fofTaiaii will l .-;i\.- in tl:e iiuii'iiin>; lor Kt. ;.-"i ,.;t uiv a !,a: iness \iBit. —Cr^ Money. R. M. Cunn!r.^haai. Whllo working at Ills food yard on .\onl! .leiTcrsou stroi't toda.v alioul H , i.,.:„„ :i „r, no,,:., t.. i;. vanatia was the vieiiin ot | whatcver, bi'ing it to US and have it filled right Profo.^for C. V. Il^nnis was over Saturda.v eveiiiiii; fr(,::i In,;-.•.!;(].-nee on business. a \ei.v iiainfiil ncfident. !u-eiilelitall.v sie|>|>!iiK on au iigitiirned mill, wliielt eiiiirel.v peMeilateil his left foot. The wiiiiiil i> v 'r.v painful, liul not iicces- s.aril.v seiiuii.s. Toda.v the list of the lola high school team's pames, which w;is dls- •,>!,;.ved liy It. S. As))inall at t!ic recent I.pwreiice-Iola game, wa.s Ining on the wall of the assembly room at thp Uisli school. The list contains fourteen names, thirteen victories and : one defeat. — Mo.-t di?oa.=e comes from pennp. Kill thi: serins and you kill disease, f'onkeys .\ox-i-eide mixes with water . . — i anil kills tlie cerms. For Poultryman^ Jennie neniis. of CJas City, and Stoekiiian and Houspkeeper.-^. For H-pd Cowan, of It.ilrield. «,•!•.> n,ar- sale l .v Morris & Howard. ried yesterday l.v .h--,.],)! i; .^-iiitli ' probate judne. in ,h. iK .l.a,.. cont': ji^. W. X. Ma.son. the new ) dent r.f Itaker rniversity, will lecture here next Sunday nijrht at the Jlfss Bernice narker ai;.l Miss Eva Anderson, of Lawrence, who hnvi' been here for a visit with Miss l .u- cene Spencer, returneii to Ui':r l.ri::;i-.-: yesterday. —It will be to your Interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klauinann. 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 2o9. Play. .M. K. Chiircl! on the Passion —><irth Recital at 1st M. E. church Fplirtnirv .1. Admission 50 cents. with the Purest, Freshest Drugs Our prices the kind that make you our friend. C. B. SPENCER & CO. Drugs, Perfumes, Wall Fnpcr George E. Xicholson is down from Kansas City today on business. W. S. Hurlock left this afternoon for Buffalo ou a business visit. Mra D. H. Mitchell who has been seriously ill for some time is reported to be considerably improved. Mrs. T. H. Cunningham, and little granddaughter will arrive in this city Saturday from Brooklyn. New York", for a visit with her son-in-law, E. H. Bussing. will play a game against a La Har]>e team organized some time ago and captained by Ad. Brennan. all around athlete and pitcher for the Philadelphia Nationals. These five niei. are about as good as the other five, and the double-header will be something In the nature of a test to determine who sliall jilay on the Boosters regular llne-u|). Following are the five don. center; Allen and Murphy, " ''^''^''t*''^ '' D'' —R. H. Antrom, Fainting and Fap- Thone 601. Orlin Stone, wlio frieiids in Kansa Saturday night. has licen visiiinR City. I't'irned Goorpe Gordo;' E. .1. Hondy of ! runabout whl'li purchased frnm lioiise. tiMi:!\- l;oiip"it from ,!la;;.'. t!..- H :'i:-on 'i'" hiit-T !•• . . nlly Hr- (). 1.. (iarlins- Rev. Wilson, of the First Presbyterian C-'nirch at Chanute. filled the ; cring. puljot at the Presbyterian c-iurch _ here last nlKhi. and Dr. S. S. lliischer A. C. Rankin arrived last night delivered a serir.on at the Presbyter- from points in Texas, where he has ian ci.irch in that city. Hr. lliischer been on business, and will remain will remain in Chanute all tliis week here for several days, lieiivering a series of lectures. — guards. The suits of the Boosters, which will be worn for the first time Friday night arc undoubtedly the classiest that have been seen on a local court. The money to buy them was furnished by merchants of the city the team havlns: been orRanized for advertising purposes, and the riierchants who con trlbuted to the fund will be Blven special seats of honor at the games of the Boosters, a certain number being guests of the players at each game. The boys are very grateful for the manner in which the merchants respond to the call and they are anxious that every subscriber be fully repaid. As no dope is obtainable. It would be difficult to foretell the result of next Friday's ganle, but the locals are In excellent forin, and will certainly put up a great Kame. Manager Roberts of the Boosters received a letter Saturday night from the manager of the Blue Diamonds, the star team of the Kansas City Athletic Clul) asking for a game in the near future. Mr. Roberts replied, agreeing to play the team here at any date suitable to the Diamonds; The Blue Dla,- monds are one of the fastest fives In the Missouri Valley, and It will certainly be a rare chance to see them in action^ the home of the bride's mother, Mrs.! .M. .1. Bibens by the Rev. VanBuskirk j of I 'jc Elm. The bride was dressed j in hand-embroidered white Persian lawn and It was a very pretty home | wr Iding.' Miss Xellle 'las grown to j womanhood in this neighborhood and is one of our most popular young la- ] dies and the groow is a highly re.spect- .voung mt^n and the):- many friends,' wish them itU the happines and s-.-c- For HIDES aiid FURS -at- L. KRUPFS JUNK YARD Phone 314 We !in\e "The Pioneer." a fascin- ;:Mni; K;in^as Story tiy Professor .Mc- Kep\. :•. of K. S. A. C. You can't stop reidin--' it—Evans. Uros. Mrs. T. R. Garllnghouse. ot Tope- FAMILY HAIR DRESSING. Renefits the Rnlr of Men, Women and Ciiildren. Get a bottle of delightful refresh- inK P.MtlSIAX SAGE madam and ka and her brother Christopher Han- \ have everybody in the house use It await, of Ohio arrived last nlpht for ' a visit with her son Dr. O. L. darling house and family. —Arf your hen? l.iyi.r.= f>r !').Tf.Ts? Ponkey's I-ayinu Tonir- wi:l make layers,out of ::ii.-!ii. Vt.y ~;i\f iiy .Morris A.­ Howard. The fwo-yr-ar -ri!.! -"ii of Street Cnm- nilssioner Frai k lluller f'.ll this MRS. SGorrs SUFFERING OVER I Doctors Advised An Opera- tibn. How She Escaped : Told By Herself. M IS . Tlirdie Hocli-Wasson. and mo-' —HAVE YOIT SER.V those fine Or- h-r, MrE. lloch. who have been vis- an.^es and Bananas at IClIlotfs. Xoth- iiin;- in California, leave today lor the inK like it ever In lola before. i:ast. .^Irs. lloeh will stop olf in .Mithipan to \isit. and Mrs. Wassoii will !ao<i-e.i f lluilson. New York. They have iioi I'lanned to stop ofl in Jo'a eiiroute. H.OKIDA LANDS Mrs. Thomas Donald of 524 South street is reported to bo in a serious condition as the result of ner\oiis prostration. .Mrs. C. H. Twilley has been calhl .Veur pood cities and transpiirtaliim— to the bedside of her dauphter wlui rcKuIarly. Ifs fino for children as well as prown ups and C. B. Spencer & Co., guarantees PARISIAN SAGE to drive away dandruff stop falling hair or Itchinp scalp, or money back. Large bottle .'>0 cents. "I think PARISIAN SAGB is good as a hair grower. It is good to rid the hair of dandruff and stop the hair from out. It is a beautifler we 'l !'•; a scalp cleaner. I Intend to <•••' '< if tie house. I know It helped iiy il.,Hi."—Hannah Harkness, Mar- liall'own. Iowa. best of soil —no laarsh or swamp land—Price per acre $-•'> lo ?:!"'. Easy terms. Excursion February Itith for further inlormalion call <in rhiirUs & I'oUir. si'rlously ill Humboldt. at her home east of — Barney Brennan of Pliiua is In the city today on business. Btjcknor. Mo. — " For more t!iar a V "ar I suffered agotiies frnm f .Tnal- troulil s and t'n - <!o'tors at last <l:c?'.-}. th <-re T.-a.; no help fcr ir.c u:.'.>-< 1 v.-enl to the il .['it;.! {'It an oper- lilivn. I v.:i.- awlul'.y nt'iiin't that opera- 'iori. and as a last r'str: w.'-ofc to you f '>r sp'-eial advice and 1 i<ud yoj just what I s -jifefd v.ili: bcarinj.^ C' wn pains, backache, .shooting pain? in ray left side, ani at 1 couid not louch my foot to the fi'xr wivii. ut sc-ijaminp. I Was short of bre -th. h-J srr .otiKretl spells, .felt dull and drujrpr>- i.:'. 0.:^ time. 1 couid not do any v.i.'rk, anj ui; hov.' 1 dreaded to have a:i O; K ration. "l received a lotur full of kind advice, which I followed, and if 1 h:A only written her a year a .'To I v .nulii have been saved so much sufTeri'ig. for Uxiay I am a weil! woman. I cm nov,- keepiitj house s^ain end do evi ry bit of my ou -n work. Every one in tliis jiart of t!ie country kiiows it was Lyiiia E. Pink ham's Vegetable Compound tliat has roston. J nitr to health, and everywhi;re I jro 1 rccom- , mend it to suiFtririij women."— Mrs. UzziE ScoiT, Buckner, Mo. Hepotts from point.'? in the (;oii(h are to (I.e etlect that hor'es there are •lyinj; wilh pellagra. ti;e s.v inptoii'.'-, 1 -ir;',' .^>> < iiaraeleristic as ti) he uti- h.istakeable. and that the cc.ise has I" I n I raced directly to staie corn. The disease prevalent in this section. stagijers,' altliouKh directly (race- aide to mouldy corn, does not become •I aiiifest by syiiiptoms at all sniilar ' > these ol' iiellajjra. Tl:e Hoard of .\ssociated Charities had a luectjn^ yesterday afternoon in rile W. i". T I", le.-'t rooi:is. transacted busilie-.-- a»id adjournetl pi;,e dfe. MILS A. II. CA.MPBELL. Secy. .Mr. and Mrs. C. R Voung of 111 South Fourth street are the iiarciits; of a girl born last night. .T.iseph Riley of Kay (bounty, Okla., is 111 the city today on business. Probate .Tiid«o Tliurman of Yates Center Is in the city today on business and pleasure. Aliorney G. R. Gnrd went to Fort , Scott today on le^al business. Attorney Claude Brobst of Chanute. Is in tlie city today on legal business. Fred Smith, of North Oak street was ralnfully Injured in a slight accident to his knee at the Tnlted Iron Wqrks several days ago, but it was not thought serious 'results would ensue. However, the wound has failed to Improve and there now seems to be some danger of permanent injury. her husband (f Mount Ida, are here visiting .hem. The Rebecca lodge Initiated a couple of candidates Tuesday evening and after lodge served lunch to the members and a few freinds. Miss Stella Harkey. of Paola, the .Misses Prentiss, of Baxter Springs. .\rthur Bibens of Coweta, Okla., Dave Bibens of Larned, and Mr. and Mrs. Turner, of Tola, were here to attend the Bibens-Lacey wedding. Mrs. Sam Ewing's niece from Gl- rard Is visiting her. DISTRICT yO. 40. Jan. 25.—Mr. J. H. Nostrand and family, D. H. Beahm and family left for their new home in Palisade, Colo. Tuesday. George Ellis Jr.. is helping iAm Fos ter with his farm work. Mr. J. H. Nostrand and wife and W. B. McKinney and family visited at E. Bayard's Sunday. We hear Mr. Ross contemplates having a sale and moving to California. Mrs. John Beahm returned home from near Buffalo Monday. Miss Lelah Bayard attended the farewell surprise and oyster supper for Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hanks W ed- nesday evening. Mrs. Hanks was formerly Miss Alice Herstlne. The guests numbered about 50 and all report an enjoyable evening. Mr. and Mrs. Hanks will leave Tuesday for Iowa to make their home. There will be a box supper at Pleasant Valley school house Saturday evening, Feb. 3. Everyone Invited to attend. The pnany friends of Mr. Ben Crook of Des Moines. Iowa were shocked to learn of his death which occurred Wednesday. The remains will probably be shipped to lola for burial. Mrs. Charlie McKinney and Mrs. Willie Jensen called on Mrs. Clarence Beahm Thursday. W. B. McKinney butchered hogs Thursday. Mr. Archie Clark came In Tuesday from California where he has lived for several years. Ix)n Foster and family, Wallace Ellis. Ray Bealim and Blanche McKinney visited St McKowen's Sunday. Mrs. RalfHi Ellis and Miss U-lah Bayard took dinner with Mrs. Floyd Flake In lola Tuesday. NOTICE r The present slump In local poultry prices Is due mainly to the fact that during the recent bad weather, the ritilroad companies found It dinicult to move their cars. They moved the poultry cast, but did not return empty cars—consequently all available poultry cars are still In tlie East. We hope to see the situation clear up in a few days, when we will probably be able to ]\ more uion^y.for poultry. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO^ Phone 376 West of Santa Fe Tracks ,191m 9 BROXSOX. Jan. 29.—The men's meeting at the M. E. Church Sunday afternoon was well attended. Rev. Holmes addressed the men. , Mrs. Mary Evans was in Fort Scott Saturday on business. Grandma Ralston, of near Uniontown, who fell and broke her arm j last week Is resting as well as could | be expected for one of her age. Her daughter, Mrs. Henry Nichols, who has been helping care for her return-; ed home Saturday. '• R. G. Grogan has opened a new j racket store on South Main street. ; Mrs. M. M. Cooke left Sunday for: Lawrence for an extended visit with \ relatives. i The temperance lecture at the Meth- j odist church Sunday afternoon was j largely attended. Miss Robins ad-' dressed the meeting. Miss Elsie Hopper, of this place, ^ and Mr. George Sparks.'of Fort Scott,; were married last week in Tola. A number of young people surpris- \ ed Lloyd Collins Monday night in commemoration of his birthday. A; pleasant time was reported. , We jiave some rare bargains in at prices exceedingly low. These are close put patterns so there .will be no more when these are gone. BETTER BUY TODAY •.•15s —Here Is a remedy^^that will cure i your cold. Why waste time and mon- I ey experimenting when you can get a preparation that has won a worldwide reputation bjOts cures of this | disease and can always be depended upon? It Is known everywhere as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and Is a medicine of real merit For sale by all dealers. AETXA FlfillT IS SETTLED. , Miss Elizabeth Fox of the country J. C. Thomas, son and daughter, of j ojght miles northeast was taken sud- Yates Center, came over this morning , denlv III last nieht 1 for a brief visit. Mr. and .Mrs. S. W. I'nderwood of Yates Center are in tlie city visiting I friends today. ,\ hunch of howlers—not the Kec- ] — „rd bowliiur .earn, mind you-went to and Mrs J. C. Saddler, of 0 1 O.tavva Saturday night and w, re de- City. la., are n the city or a visit feated l.y he team of that <ity in a «-ith Mr. and .Mrs^C. W. Batton. .i.ries of three games hy a margin of. , , , t , , ,.vei lins. The Record team has ^- A- "''^h. who has been in Anis• defeaied Ottawa in each of the sever- <on. Ala., for the past two years is ex- games in which the two teams have Pocted in Friday for a visit wi 1, his ed. Th« players who wen. to I ['"rents Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Bush. Mr. Ott wa Saturday night were- Ira Kel-: I>. E. Bush has been il but is lev Waller Decker. ElnuM" Cox, Rob- "ro '-ted to be considerably betitr. denly ill last night with heart iiou- i ble. and for a time was In a very dangerous condition. She was reeorted to be better this morning. If joa wapt special advice write to Lydia E. Flnkhaiu Mcdlilue to. (confl- ilenflal) Ijiin, Mass. Your letter wl'l be opened, read and answered by a i .^"^ ^^''^^ \ Si<;kman. At.,:.. "'After dinner those present enjoyed a woman and held la strict confidence., social time throughout the afternoon. ' ert Hr;:den and Frank Murdock. —Mrs. A. R. Tabor of Crider. Mo had been troubled with sick headache for about five years, when she began taking Chamberlain's Tablets. Sh" has taken two bottles of them and they have cured her. Sick headache is caused by a disordered stomach for which thpse tablets are especially intended. Try them, get well and stay 1 well ,«o!d bv all dealers. Mr. F. O. Butler gave a birthday surprise party for his wife yesterday afternoon. When Mrs. Butler returned from idiurch yesterday nooa sche found I' sumptuous dinner already prepared, and the following friends assembled: Mr. and Mrs. L. Wnlf, Mr and Mrs. Joe Wolf. Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Barber. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Boul- llrs. Charles C. Hepler, ot Woodward. Okla. is in the city for a visit of several days with her sister Mrs. C. L. Cowan. Mrs. Hepler was formerly Miss Nellie Holmes of this city. The auditorium rink is to try the experiment of opening the ring one afternoon evei-y week for tlie exclusive use of women. The first trial of the new idea will be made next Thursday afternoon, when the rink will open at three o'clock. Miss Bertha Doggett arrived today from Independence and In the future will have charge of the Doggett mli- llnery. Mrs. H. Tholen, Jr., having retired from the buslneas. Harry Mitchell, of Washington, is in the city for a visit with bis parents Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Mitchell. (,'onipromlsc Hoard Provided for Rulld ing and Loan Aiisoclutlon. Topeka. Jan. 29.—The controversy among the stockholders of the Aetna Building and Loan Association of Topeka has been settled amicably. A board of directors has been agreed upon among the contending factions, sub Ject to the approval of the stockholders' annual meeting, February 23. J. N. Dolley state bank commia.- sloner, has given out a statement on the matter. The following board of directors has been agreed upon: J. L. Haines of the Biank of Ferry Perry Kas.; William Macferran of the state Savings bank, Topeka; Matt Weightman .treasurer of Shawnee county. Topeka; H. S. Emmerson, banker, Brlt- ton. Okla.: Will Eastman present sec-, retary Shawnee Buildiiig and Loan Association. Topeka. WESLEY CHAPEL. January 25.—Mrs. G. A. Cratwood's cousin made tbem a visit the first of the week and was looking after his farm interests In the Diamond neighborhood. Mr. Hentlng Is doing some carpenter work for Mr. Mack Vaughn. Mrs. Perry Myers visited Jlrs. Love Tuesday. .Mrs. Flack was real sick last week.! iuit is able to be out again. Bra.vton Lambeth bought a buggy at .Mr. Shields' sale. Ixok out girls. C; ri Overton bought the goat at th< .sale. Uidies Aid Society took in ?25.40 af tile sale. .\Ir.s. George Stout h.i) quite a serl-| ~~ , oils accident. She wa.? 'Jjrown out of. We desire to thank our neighbors i a wagon between the horses, end got I and friends f^r their kindness and ' her face pretty badly scarred up. We' sympathy during the Illness and death hope, however, she will get along -^^•^^f^^t^^l^^^-^^ly^rs^ot^n^ -f^^^i"* Crane and Pike Make tlie finest writing paper made In America. We show the choice of their line—some real [«ne^- creations. See the window for these goods. You get the best in visiting cards Invitations, initial paper, ij as cheap as very ordinary stock. Eyansf Bros. The StiiUoneiT Store. ALWAYS WORE STRAW HAT. Aged Eccentric, Who Foand Soeks U B« comfortable, Is Dead. Whittinsville, Mass. Jan. 29.—Chas. A. Austin, who. in his elghty-elitfit Sarsaparilla Eradicates scrofula and all other humors, cures all their efifects, makes the blood rich and abundant,, strengthens all the vital organs. Take it. Get It today in usual liquid form or chocolated ubleta called Sarsatabs^' WANTED—TENANT TO CARE FOR small house on South Ohio street; one acre of ground, fenced; 110 Plymouth Rock chickens; on shares, rent free. Inquire J. W. Coftcy. Vse a mild Rnothlna waah that instanUr •tops the Itch. -We have tiold many other remedlea for akin trouble but none that wa could per. •onallr. ausmatea %a we if the D. D. D. Frescriptlon. If I had .ficsema I'd naa D.D.D.Pre8cripiiw Bnmll't Drag Store, West Side Sqmn right , Talk about crcv dsl There was ! district number 61, for their beautiful some crowd at Mr. Shields' sale.: "oral offering.—R. S. Baker and Thitigs sold very well., grub es- i Family. pcciaily. .1 '—— Wednf-day the 24th being Mr. and : THE TALK OF THE TOWX. Those Mrs. Smith's thirty-fifth wedding an- I 23c Oranges and 10c Bananas at El- niversary sixty-six of their friends I ilott's. came In and gave tbem a surprise. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curly anj) litUe daughter Viola;; Mr, and Mrs. J. Read and Mary; .Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rogers, Ella. Bessie, and Lois;Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hltl; Mrs. Entsmlnger, Rosa and Walter; Mrs. Love, Myrtle and Roy; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stout and son; Mr.' and Mra. Flake. Floyd, Carl. Alva. Everett and Earnest;-Mrs. Hunting, Will. I.<ela, Ben, Beaale and Leonard; Mra. Isaac, Dennis and Frank: Mr. and -Mrs. Cbitwood; Mr. and Mrs. Hlgglns, Marie and Mildred; Mrs. Young; Mr. John Young, Morlln and Harry; Mrs. Matthews. Elva and Esther; Miss Anna Booth; Hazel Wynn; Braxton Lambeth;Barney Perry; Homer Rogers and Claud Tcptter. . Refresbmenta were served, pie and cake , and at a late hour all returned to their homes after wlahlnir Ur. and versaries. who always wore a straw hat died yesterday. Occasionally, when he went out of town Austin put on socks; bat he invariably returned with them In his pocket, saying that they were Tin- comfortable. He wore a straw hat-always because he said it kept the rain I and snow from going down his neck. It Is the nature of women to sailer uncomplainingly, the (UsooiaX9Xt»«n(l fcaiB that acconvanythehMrtntt^of children. Motherhood la thaic <omgni- ing. glory, and they hrara.lta avfar- ings for the Joy that chUd^flo.hCiiiff. Ko expectant mother need nflta,. however, daring ,tta period ot tmtt-' toir, nor.feel-that dtd is In danger when baby comes,* if Mother's niend iansed in preparation of thQt «vent. Mother's Friend relieves tho pain and dlafcomftnt caused by the staafn on'the dUorcat ligaments, ovcrcomss nausea hy action,'prevents backache Bn|| numbness .Af .lisibs and soothes the ' ~ >f breast glands. Its x<^;tiIiar 'Tise fits and prepares every portion ot tba ; lystem for m proper and natural aufag ot the term, and it assures for her a quick and complete reoov* 8iy. Mother's Friend is sold at d^ stores Write for fteo hook for n^eetaot mothers. BSASFX$J> BSOimATOB 00., ^vr- Atlanta, Oa.

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